Ashley Feathers EDRL 477 Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Literature Circle- Connector

Text-to-Self In chapter 1, page 1, I had an immediate personal connection. The text says, “To coax rice out of the stubborn land, the fields had to be flooded with water”. I automatically thought of my family who lives in the Sacramento area. My aunt lives near Yuba City and there are rice fields surrounding the area. When I was little, we would drive out there and I asked my dad why there was water everywhere instead of fields. He responded that they were rice fields. They had to flood the fields with water so that the rice would grow and be prosperous. So when I read that portion of the text, it was easy for me to visualize that mental picture since I had seen rice fields so many times growing up. Text-to-Text On pages 31 and 32, Minli is getting ready to leave and go on her journey to find the Old Man of the Moon. She packs her ‘survival kit’ and leaves her home. This reminded me of the book The Higher Power of Lucky. I had to read this book in another class of mine and Lucky decides to run away. When she is getting ready to leave, she packs her backpack full of necessities that she will need on the run. Minli and Lucky both are leaving home (though for different reasons) and pack their own version of a ‘survival kit’ that they will need for their journey. Text-to-World While reading about Magistrate Tiger I knew that he was a cruel and evil man. But when I got to page 86 and read the part about the joyful happy family, I knew that he was very evil. Then I read, “I personally will get the secret of happiness and punish that family of lowly dogs! So the next day, with Magistrate Tiger and his entire army prepared for destruction, the emissary left the way to the home of the happy family.” When I read this, I thought of the cruel leaders that our world has had before in the past. I automatically thought of Nero, who murdered thousands of people, mainly Christians. I thought of Domitian, the Roman Emperor, who was blood thirsty and enjoyed killing. I thought of Shi Huangdi, first self-proclaimed ruler and emperor of China, who killed anyone who opposed himself. All of these famous rulers and leaders have impacted the world around us. They were cruel and evil rulers, just like magistrate Tiger. Text-to-World and Text-to-Text. I was not sure how to classify this connection, so I put it as both! It is more like Text-to-movie. On page 120, I was reading about Minli wandering around the merchants and seeing an old man beggar. He was

wrinkled and poor and dirty (the king undercover). He was begging for food and Minli bought food for him. This whole scene reminded me of the movie Aladdin. The Princess is wandering around the market incognito and Aladdin is the poor dirty man who needs food. The roles are obviously switched and do not match identically, but the entire scene reminded of that children’s movie. It was a great flash back moment for me to remember watching that movie as a child. Text-to-Text On page 145, Dragon is waiting for Minli to return from the city. Meanwhile, Dragon meets the Lions, the Guardians of the City. The little cub starts laughing out loud because “He (dragon) is funny! Big dragon trying to tiptoe like a mouse!” I thought of the book The Lion and the Mouse, the well-known fable. I was thinking about how the mouse is walking very carefully in the tall grass and trying not to make a disturbance. He of course is very small and could get away with it, except he disturbs the Lion! I thought about a dragon trying to do the same thing and it was very comical in my mind. The mental picture it created was rather funny.

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