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The website designed in HTML . Bibliography OBJECTIVE The purpose of preparing the term paper is to create a website on Jammu and Kashmir tourism. System minimum requirement 4. The main motive of this website is to provide the .Content:1. Objective 3. Introduction 2. gardens which are the mesmerizing places for the tourist to watch for and be whole-heartedly the heaven in the world. Feature 5.Websites provides information about the tourism of Jammu and Kashmir about lakes. Screen Shots 6.

Srinagar offers delightful holidays on the lakes with their shikaras and houseboats. This place was earlier called 'Srinagari' or Purandhisthan. perhaps. Central Asia and China. with a bleak terrain of barren mountains. Jammu & Kashmir Amongst the three regions of Jammu & Kashmir State. HISTORY OF J&K TOURISM The state of Jammu & Kashmir is a region of widely varying people and geography. It is the land of snow clad mountains that share a common boundary with Afghanistan. Jammu was the stronghold of Hindu Dogra kings and abounds with popular temples and secluded forest retreats. In the south. some still little explored. make Ladakh one of the best living traditions of Tibetan Buddhism in the world today. The Brahmins who inhabited these areas admired and adorned Buddhism too. Jammu.whole information about the places that makes the state. a visiting place for the tourism. Jammu and Kashmir. offers the widest diversity of terrain and beauty. Jammu is a transition zone from the Indian plains to the Himalaya. Trade relations through these routes between China and Central Asia made it a land in-habited by various religious and cultural groups. Tibet. Kashmir’s capital city. Hilltop monasteries and a colorful way of life. From the regions of Kashmir Buddhism spread of Ladakh. China and Pakistan. Ladakh is the northern most province of the state. The foundation of the settlement of Jammu is at- . Nature has lavishly endowed Kashmir with certain distinctive favors which hardly find a parallel in any alpine land of the world. completely at one with the surroundings. Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost state of the Indian Union. Known for its extravagant natural beauty this land formed a major caravan route in the ancient times. The entire region is pocketed with lakes and valleys. It was during the reign of Kashyapa that the various wandering groups led a settled life Buddhism influenced Kashmir during the rule of Ashoka and the present town of Srinagar was founded by him. India’s fascinating northernmost state consists of three regions differing in topography and culture. Various traditions co-existed till the advent of the Muslims.

Rs. Rs.36 sq. Bus: J & K State Road Transport Corporation as well as some other State Road Transport Corporations (Delhi.4. Hindi.2065 (Y). Delhi 586 kms. Winter.2865 (J). Madras and other main cities in India.1300 (I). played an important part in its development. on N. Tongas. the land of unsurmountable mountains. Himachal Pradesh) service Jammu to and from various major places in North India providing deluxe & ordinary buses. Scooter Rickshawas. HOW TO GET THERE • • • • • Air: Indian Airlines connect Jammu with Delhi. is connected by good all-weather roads to all parts of India. Matador Mini Buses and City Bus Services available.Amritsar 243 kms. Rainfall: 107 cms (June to September). Languages Spoken: Dogri. Min. Haryana. Katra 48 kms. Delhi. Winter. so beautifully evidenced in its various shrines and temples spread throughout the region.2. is connected by rail to Calcutta. Rail: Jammu Tawi.5.Max. too. Srinagar 305 kms. Manali 428 kms. Tourist Taxis.Jammu Tawi Rs. In 1730 AD. Fare: Calcutta-Delhi Rs. Other Taxis. Punjab. Uttar Pradesh. Rs.20. Leh and Srinagar. Clothing’s: Summer.23. Local Transport: 1A.2900 (AC-I). Best Season: Throughout the year.3445 (Y). now renowned as the Pahari School.Light cottons. Ladakh is the abode of rare Kiang & highland Yak. Bombay.Max.Heavy woolens. Altitude: 305 meters. Some of the road distances are: .9. Min. Leh its capital city lies at the Tri junction of the historic silk route from Sinkiang to West Asia and to the plains of India. Ladakh Beyond the Kashmir valley lies Ladakh. Delhi-Jammu Rs. Rs. . Temperature (deg C): Summer.4797 (J). it came under the Dogra rule of Raja Dhruv Deva and Jammu became an important centre for arts and to King Jambulochan of the 9th century BC. Religion. Road: Jammu. Kashmiri. the railway station to reach Jammu. Chandigarh 436 kms. and fascinating monasteries.39.4.H. English. Area: 20.350 (II). Fare: (Approx) Calcutta.

Winter . Manali 497 kms. The 100 feet cave is very narrow with an average height of 5.Max. Rs. which is connected by Indian Airlines to Delhi. but during the winter season the route is often blocked by snow-fall.Rs. operates buses between Srinagar & Leh Fare (approx): Super Deluxe.100.Altitude: 3500 meters.Adhkunwari (3 kms) Adhkunwari .5 kms) Ban Ganga .5 kms) Charan Paduka .225. Rs. Min. Fare (approx) : Calcutta-Jammu Rs. The shrine can be visited throughout the year.Rs. Rs. Fare: Delhi . Kargil 230 kms. Srinagar and Jammu. Bus: Jammu Kashmir Road Transport Corp. Key long 380 kms. and B Class.324 (II) Road: Leh-Shrinagar National Highway officially opens from 15th May to 15th November every year (depending on weather condition). Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. Railings have also been installed for protection. In the cave there are images of three deity’s viz.Ban Ganga (1.125. Vaishno Devi The holy cave shrine of Vaishno Devi is situated in beautiful races of the Trikuta Mountains forming a part of the lower Himalayas as in the state of Jammu & Kashmir at an altitude of over 5000 feet. the Mahakali. Route from Katra to Vaishno Devi: Katra . The pilgrims are allowed in batches through the cave.2002 (Y). Min Best Season: May to November. .Rs. How to Reach: • • Air: Jammu (62 kms) is the nearest airport as well as the nearest railway station. Temperature (deg C): Summer .1057 (I). Road: Jammu-Katra 48 kms (by road) and Katra-Vaishno Devi 14 kms (on foot).1271 (AC-2A).Bhavan (8 kms) The 14 kms track from Katra to the shrine has been relaid and tiled. TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION • • • • Air: The nearest airport is Leh.Charan Paduka (1.Leh Rs.2787 (J).Max. Rail: Nearest railhead Jammu (690 kms) is connected to all parts of India.5 feet only and has ankle deep water. A Class. By road Leh to Srinagar 434 kms.

English.3445 (Y). Min. J & K Information Centre.2238 (Y). Amritsar. Calcutta-700013. Winter. water-front gardens.7. at first hand.Cottons/Tropical.A newly constructed exit makes the process of going out of the shrine easier. throughout the day. Best Season: Throughout the year. and they journeyed acroos the tortuously hot plains of India. Rs. Rainfall: 529 mms (Mid June to Mid September). Temperature (deg C): Summer. now collectively known as the Mughal Gardens. Tel: (0191) 43803. • Air: Srinagar Airport (14 kms from the Srinagar city) is connected by Indian Airlines to Delhi. 47757.Max.L. Jammu-Tawi Railway Station. Fare: Calcutta-Delhi Rs. Tel: 2485791 Srinagar The Mughals aptly called Kashmir. Buses leave for Katra from the General Bus Stand (Jammu). Min.-1.3 sq km. Delhi-Srinagar Rs. HOW TO GET THERE Note: All foreigners entering Jammu and Kashmir State are required to register their arrival and departure with the Foreigners' Regional Registration Office located at the airport and in the city.10. And here they laid.4797 (J). Vir Marg. though winter months are quite cold. Today's Srinagar is a pleasure resort for the tourist who can experience. 12 J. Winter. to summer in the cool environs of Srinagar.9. Ahmadabad. Languages spoken: Kashmiri. Hindi. Paradise. Srinagar's many formal. of Tourism).730 metres (approx).5. the Mughals and the British to it. Chandigarh. Altitude: 1.180 001. Clothing’s: Summer. the peculiar beauty of the valley that has attracted the Chinese.Max. Taxis are also available from Jammu.Heavy woolens.6.Nehru Road.3. Journey time 2 hours. Jammu. TOURIST INFORMATION AT JAMMU • • • Tourist Reception Centre (Dept.29. Area: 103. Jammu. Leh. Rs. Government of Jammu & Kashmir. Tourist Reception Centre (Jammu & Kashmir Tourism Development Corporation). Tel: (0191) 49554. Urdu. with great love and care. Bombay.3106 (J). . During peak season buses are also available from Jammu-Tawi railway station.

• Local Transport: J. Corpn. Chandigarh 630 kms etc. Tourist Reception Centre.350 (II). Kargil 204 kms. Tourist Reception Centre). • Road: Srinagar. • Bus: J. Grade: Moderate. Season: Mid-June to Mid-October. Gulmarg 52 kms. State Tourism Deve. on National Highway. Helicopter Service is also there as Local Transport (J&K Tourist Office) TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRE • J & K Government Tourist Reception Centre. & K. State Road Transport Corporation and other State Road Transport Corporation and other private bus connect Jammu & Srinagar as well as all the major places in State and in the country. Matador Mini-Buses. Tourist Taxis (J. & K. Leh 434 kms. Scooter Rickshaws. Jammu 293 kms. Tel: 31521-29. City Buses and Shikaras are available. Tel: 77303/05. Rs. HOW TO REACH • • Air: The nearest airport Jammu is connected with Delhi. Fare (Approx): Calcutta-Jammu Tawi Rs.2900 (AC-I). Fare: Calcutta-Delhi-Jammu Rs. Delhi 876 kms.1300 (I). Srinagar and Leh. is connected with all the major places in India and in the State. Pahalgam 96 kms. .Rail: Nearest railhead Jammu Tawi (293 km from the Srinagar city) is connected to all parts of the country with mail and expresses trains. Rail: The Nearest railway station Jammu is connected with all the main cities in India. 73468. • Amaranth Trek Altitude: 3880-4218 metres. Rs. State Road Transport Corporation's Coaches (at Tourist Reception Centre). Shervani Road. viz. • J & K Government Tourist Reception Counter. Tel: 76107. • J & K Tourist Development Corporation. & K.5510 (Y). New Airport.

-P2 max. So software can run on internet explorer.System Requir ement to r un:As the coding which is used to create this website is HTML. Mozilla etc. Detail required infor mation .I7 Features:1. 2000. 4.4 GB Processor.min. configuration 3.-500 GB Ram:-min-128 MB max. WINDOWS 7 etc Hard disk:-min-40 GB max. X-P. Attractive Run on min. User Friendly 2. Operating system: It can run on WINDOWS 98. Helpful for tourism pur pose 5.

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kashmir mation/culture-and-histor y/histor WWW.kashmir tourism.aspx?id=83 http://www.html www.jktourism.Bibliography: .org/inside.

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