Filipino Melon Bayabas I. Layunin Nakabubuo ng pandiwang nasa aspektong naganap o perpektibo.

3. Pagtatalakay Ano ang salitang – ugat sa pawatas? Ano ang panlapi? Anong pagbabago ang ginawa Upang maipakita na ang pandiwa ay nasa aspektong naganap na. 4. Paglalahat Ang pandiwa sa aspektong naganap o perpektibo ay nagpapakita ng kilos na tapos ng gawin. IV. Pagtataya Isulat ang aspektong naganap ng mga sumusunod na pawatas. PAWATAS magsaing lumaban magbunot kumalong magasikaso V. PERPEKTIBO


Paksang Aralin Pandiwa sa Aspektong Naganap o perpektibo Bagong Binhi 3 Pluma 3 tsart, plaskard

III. Pmamaraan A. 1. Pagsasanay 2. Balik – aral Pagbalik aralan ang pandiwa. B. 1. Pagganyak Pagpapagawa sa mga bata ng kilos. Pagkalipas ng ilang sandal, itanong kung ano ang kanilang ginawa. 2. Paglalahad Pagtalakay sa pandiwa aspektong naganap perpektibo. PAWATAS kumain magsaka NAGANAP/ PERPEKTIBO kumain nagsaka

Takda Ibigay ang aspektong naganap ng mga sumusunod na pawatas. 1. mag asaran 2. kinamay 3. sinira 4. maglaba 5. magsanay

sa o

Evaluation Find the missing number. IV. Present: one – half of the 14 pencils are sharpened. 1/5 of 50 = II.3 textbooks. Agreement Complete the number sentence of the following. Generalization To find the fractional part of a number. Subject Matter Finding Fractional Part of a set/region BEC PELC II. divide the whole number by the denominator. 1. Review Express the following fractions in lowest terms. ½ of 14 = 7 2. 1/7 of 21 = 3 4. Do the same procedure with papers. 1/6 of 24 = 3. Discussion How many encircled? How many drawings? 1. 1/5 of 15 = 3 3. number . 5 8 25 32 B. 1/5 0f 20 = 2. regions activity set helpfulness III. Presentation Arrange 14 pencils. Guided Practice Observe the sentences. Let pupils encircle 7 pencils. ½ of 18 = 3. pencils papers were have 3. A. notebooks etc.Mathematics Melon Bayabas I. 1/3 of 30 = V. ¼ of 16 = 2. 1. Procedures A. 1. 1. 2. Objectives Find the fractional part of a set / region.

Assignment What safety measures can we do to protect plants and animals from the sun’s heat and light? II. Discussion What is the effect of sun on earth’s temperature? What vitamin do we get from the sun? What is the effect of too much heat and light on plants and animals? V. . 3. Objectives Infer that the sun gives off heat and light to the earth.Science Melon Bayabas I. The temperature is hottest in the morning. The sun’s heat and light does not affect man’s activities. 1. pictures III. 3. 1. Subject Matter The Sun Growing Up with Science and Health 3 Science Health and Environment 3 chart. Presentation Discuss how sun’s temperature changes time to time. 2. Evaluation Write true if tea statement is correct and false if it is not. 1. B. 4. its effect to living things and human activities. Generalization Temperature changes because sunlight strikes at different angles. Animals die of heat and dehydration when exposed to too much heat from the sun. Review Review the previous lesson about the different types of clouds. Procedures A. IV.

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