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Victam Asia - Product Showcase

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Asia Awards 2012
The Victam ‘Award for Milling - GRAPAS Asia 2012’ is awarded to the company displaying the most innovative and economically beneficial equipment, process or service at GRAPAS International and Victam Asia, February 2012, Bangkok, Thailand. Grain and Feed Milling Technology is honoured to sponsor this award for GRAPAS and Victam and thanks all companies making application for the award. “While our task was to identify an outright ‘winner’ we could not help but notice the difficulty the judges had in making their final decision and we therefore asked the judges to acknowledge ‘highly commented’ and ‘commented’ in addition to the winner,” says Roger Gilbert, of Perendale Publishers Limited. The winner of the 2012 GRAPAS Innovation Award was Foss from Denmark with its ProFoss Online Analysis which the judging panel said had, “True in-line capability and a very great potential.” It was the product that swept the pool of innovations coming from the grain milling industry and on display at the exhibition. GRAPAS is the name given to an exhibition within an exhibition on flour, grain, rice and pasta milling at Victam Asia in February 2012. The GRAPAS Asia 2012 Award trophy is held aloft

We are a leading silo manufacturer in the world market. We are known for providing high quality products, European standards, 450 gr/m2 galvanized steel. Symaga produces silos reaching capacities up to 25.000m3 with flat-bottomed silos, and 2.700m3 with hopper silos. We offer short delivery times, an excellent price/quality, and a tailor-made customer service during all the phases of the project.

SILO/STORAGE TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEMS Agromatic Switzerland showed their key product, the silo/storage temperature monitoring systems now in fully digital technique with digital sensors in 2-wire technique. This system with fix installation can ideally be combined with wireless sensors. The wireless transmission of temperature data has great advantages with regard to reduced installation costs for the system, especially in existing silos. The systems manufactured by Agromatic are fully compatible which means that existing relais based equipment can very easily be updated to the new standard. All monitoring systems allow modular construction with equipment for very small up to very large plants with more than 27’000 sensors.

GHM HAMMERMILL Large grinding chamber with capacities from 5 up to 60 tons/hour depending on, type of product, perforation of the scree and humidity of the product Application area - The milling of derivates and or combination of derivates and grains in the animal feed industry, petfood industry and fishfeed industry Features - Maximum installed power 350 kw, suitable for grinding onto a grinding hopper and through total aspiration, interchangeable screen cassettes, central inlet, two directions of rotation, two speed motor, frequency driven motor for structure grinding, temperature sensors on main bearings and grinding chamber, two separate grinding chambers for fine and coarse grinding, screen surface up to max. 3.2 m², maximum 8 rows hammers
The judges said the application of effective on-line instrumentation linked to control systems can make a very large contribution to the profitability of a continuous process industry. “Most cereal-related industries for both human food and animal feed milling are continuous processes. The ProFoss appears to offer a significant improvement on previous online instrumentation. “Although it uses well-proven NIR technology it offers great practical The winner of the 2012 and functional advantages by virtue GRAPAS Innovation Award of its ability to continuously measure was Foss from Denmark with its ProFoss Online Analysis parameters of cereal grains and ground products without interruption to the product flow. This true in-line capability has very great potential,” the judging panel said.

Silos Cordoba has developed a new model of silo with 41.25m of diameter and 35.774 m3 of capacity. Each silo has 34,70m of total height. These are the biggest silos that has ever been assembled by Silos Cordoba and the biggest silos assembled in Europe.

XTREME DUTY (CC-XD) ELEVATOR BUCKET Tapco Inc.’s 508mm x 254mm (20" x 10") Xtreme Duty (CC-XD) elevator bucket — with 26,837.64mm (1,056.6 cubic inches (rated at industry standard of 110% of water level) of actual capacity — runs at speeds up to 940 fpm. The 508mm x 254mm (20" x 10") CC-XD features a 15.875mm (5/8") thick rounded front. The buckets are made with 35%-50% more resin throughout, and are available in nylon, urethane and polyethylene. U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-compliant resins are standard in polyethylene and urethane.



FDA-compliant nylon resin is available by special request. For SPECIALIST more information, contact Yassine Abbad at 1 314 739 9191 or 1 800 288 2726 or visit

4B BULLDOG (NEW PRODUCT) CONVEYOR BELT MISALIGNMENT & RIP DETECTION SYSTEM The Bulldog is an electro-mechanical system designed to detect dangerous misalignment of the conveyor and also detection of belt tear damage. The switch triggers an alarm at 15º and a shutdown of the machine at 30º. The Bulldog is easy to install and does not require any calibration. It comes with nylon rollers as standard; stainless steel rollers are available on request.

MYCO-AD Myco-AD MYCO-AD AZ AZ and Myco-AD are mycotoxin binders produced in the USA and exported to the global SPECIAL NUTRIENTS, INC. market for application in poultry, swine and cattle. THE MYCOTOXIN SPECIALIST Each shipment of Myco-AD AZ is tested in vitro by an independent lab (Trilogy, USA) against Zearale- (UN)LOADERS GRAIN SHIP MYCO-AD AZ AND MYCO-AD none, Fumonisin and Ochratoxin, currently theitonly How is possible to combine high quality, constant technology advancMyco-AD AZ and Myco-AD are mycotoxin binders produced in the es, and price product supported by swine type of testing, whichcompetitive? The answer is specialization or concentration that Myco-AD AZ and Myco-AD are mycotoxin USA and exported to the global marketexported to thebinders poultry, for application in produced in the USA and global represents the highest quality control in constant in standard development in a focused product. and cattle. market for application in poultry, swine and cattle. This is the winning formula Each shipment of Myco-AD the tested in vitro byBoth products have had in vivo trials AZ is industry. Each shipment of Myco-AD AZ (Trilogy, USA) against Zearalean independent lab of NEUERO, offering the performed. only the is tested in vitro by none,independ- Ochratoxin, currentlyMYCO-AD an Fumonisin and best economical and techniproduct supported by that type of testing, which ent lab (Trilogy, USA) against quality control standard in represents the highest cal solutions. This makes it MYCO-AD AZ
Zearalenone, Fumonisin Both products have had in vivo trials the industry. and performed. Ochratoxin, currently the only SPECIAL NUTRIENTS, INC. product supported by that type of testing, which represents the highest THE MYCOTOXIN SPECIALIST quality control standard in the industry. Both products have had in vivo trials performed. 25 years of experience
25 years of
Myco-AD AZ and Myco-AD are mycotoxin binders produced in the USA and exported to the global market for application in poultry, swine and cattle. experience of Myco-AD AZ is tested in vitro by Each shipment an independent lab (Trilogy, USA) against Zearalenone, Fumonisin and Ochratoxin, currently the only product supported by that type of testing, which represents the highest quality control standard in the industry. Both products have had in vivo trials

The Buhler Group of Switzerland, with its Dolomit rollermill, was runner-up. “The rollermill is the basic principles of the four and eight rollermill have been established for over a century. Nevertheless, the incremental improvements in design, Thai company Agentis Innovation materials and manufacture received a commendation for its have resulted in enormous Queue-plus software gains in efficiency,” added the judges. “The Dolomit rollermill offered provides a ‘state of the art’ product which can be applied across a broad spectrum of the milling of cereals for both human food and, to a lesser extent, animal feed. “In addition to its claimed practical merits the Dolomit rollermill has good aesthetic design which will suit it for modern food manufacture.” “Although each of the products offered for judging provide clear benefits and advantages to one or more milling processes, they are generally the result of evolutionary improvements and are not in themselves truly revolutionary.

possible for a rapid return of investment for our clients. Examples are the Multiport Shipunloader M600 for 600t/h in all variations like stationary, on rails or on rubber tires. Or the Shiploaders with capacities up to 3.000t/h capacity.

25 years of experience

HYDRAULIC UNLOADER The new compact hydraulic unloader is able to unload the most difficult to flow materials from flat bottom silos with a sweep diameter up to Ø10m for discharge capacity up to 200cu.m/h. All the design was focused to reduce the energy consumption to the minimum while offering high efficiency and low maintenance costs. Fully tested in Morillon factory, this “Plug-and-play” solution guarantees the customer a very quick installation and easy start-up.

“It is our recommendation therefore that in judging, weighting is also given to the breadth of fields in which they can be applied. The recommended winner and runner-up are both products that can be applied to a wide range of milling sectors and thus they will thereby contribute more to the industry as a whole,” the panel stated.

Others awarded
Four other companies submitting products for consideration resulted in two ‘highly commended’ and two ‘commended’ awards from the judges. Dutch equipment manufacturer, Van Aarsen received a ‘highly commented’ award for its ‘Automatic Screen Exchange for GD Hammer Mills. “Automatic screen exchange on a hammer mill is a distinct advance on normal operating practice and which will improve overall feed milling plant operating efficiency and safety. Screen changing is typically a laborious procedure which this innovation will address. The animal feed industry can achieve improvements in its utilisation of plant by applying this device,” the judges stated in their summing up. Also coming ‘highly commented’ was the Batch Call Optimiser from Norvidan Overseas A/S of Denmark. “Plant control systems which optimise the utilisation of the plant are of ever increasing significance. Norvidan are offering an impressive facility to ensure the optimum use of parallel lines of a process to ensure maximum output and thus best economic return,” the judges said. The two companies receiving a commendation for their submissions were Morillon of France for its ‘All-in-one Hydrascrew’ and ‘Queue-plus Software for Feed Plants’ by the Thai company Agentis Innovation. The hydraulic drive for the HydraScrew discharge screw is advantageous due to its good torque characteristics – “a commendable innovation with fairly wide opportunities for application as flat-bottomed storage grows in importance,” said the judges. “Queue-plus, from Agentis Innovation, as described is an innovative software development which will provide material benefits for the feed miller and his customers of bagged products. A reduction in traffic congestion and turnaround time resulting from the improvements in scheduling is a major objective for a plant operator,” concluded the judges.

AO ZON PREP® AO ZON PREP® immunoaffinity columns offer an easy and cost effective way to extract, purify and selectively concentrate aflatoxins, ochratoxin and zearalenone simultaneously from a wide range of food and feed commodities prior to detection by HPLC or LC-MS/ MS. The analysis of all six toxins is performed in two separate HPLC runs, one for the simultaneous detection of aflatoxins and ochratoxin in conjunction with a KOBRA® CELL and the other for the detection of zearalenone.

The Format Foundation
Students studying animal nutrition – in institutions that deliver relevant degree or higher level courses - may soon benefit from the support of a new foundation, set up by Format International of the UK. The Foundation will make the company’s latest software packages available at the organisational level to lecturers and students which will save universities money and provide them with the most up-to-date teaching aids. The launch of the Format Foundation coincides with the recent launch of its latest suite of software called Format iNDIGO™ . “At Format we’ve always tried to do our bit, whether that be charity, community or educational work,” says the company’s marketing manager Dan Evans. “For several years we’ve run a Classroom Partnership programme with a handful of academic institutions on a paid-for basis. “However, the current global economic climate is presenting challenges on a much larger scale; challenges of funding, employment and competitive advantage. So, in establishing the Format Foundation, we hope to make a lasting contribution to our industry sector by helping develop the future of formulation,” he adds.

CONSERFRÍO® GRAIN CHILLER Consergra, S.L. is a specialist in grain conservation, and manufactures the CONSERFRÍO® grain chiller. It’s a modern, highly energy-efficiency cooler which helps to conserve a wide variety of grains, seeds, oily and granulated perishable items stored in silos and warehouses. Its use, independently of climatic conditions, prevents shrinkages of weight, rotting, insects damage and toxin build up. The conservation with the CONSERFRÍO® is natural and highly costeffective, the pay-back on the investment is extremely fast. Our units, installed all over the world preserve millions of tons of grain every season. Our product range covers from 40 up to 500 ton per day, per machine. Consergra, S.L. puts their 50 years experience at your service!


VEGA HIGH PERFORMANCE GRAIN CLASSIFIER Efficient cleaning, high throughput rate, and low energy consumption. With its new solution for cleaning and classifying of wheat, rye, oat, rice, maize, and barley Bühler combines several advantages in a single machine: a high throughput rate, a compact and robust design as well as an easy exchange of sieves. Furthermore, the machine has a considerably lower energy consumption than comparable solutions on the market.

Quantum XT
ECONASE XT Econase XT is the first and only intrinsically thermostable xylanase enzyme on the market. It is a successful example of an enzyme which has been specifically developed for use in pig and poultry diets based on corn or wheat. In trials, the product has been quantitatively analysed in feeds conditioned up to 95°C (203°F) for 30 seconds followed by pelleting. It also shows outstanding efficacy in animal trials.
Quantum XT is a third generation phytase which: • Works across the pH range found in the upper GI tract • Is intrinsically thermo-tolerant so begins working faster than coated phytases • Delivers significantly improved nutrient utilisation • Consistently improves performance for a greater ROI
The AB Vista team work together to achieve outstanding results. As a leading international supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for the animal feed industry, AB Vista realise the importance of individual performance alongside strong teamwork, both within your business and with your suppliers. Visit our website and contact us to find out just how being part of a team with AB Vista could benefit your business.

Quantum XT has superior gastric stability, a highly targeted mode of action and intrinsic thermo-tolerance. It goes beyond increased phosphorus uptake to release the full nutritional value of your diets.

The AB Vista team work together to achieve outstanding results. As a leading international supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for the animal feed industry, AB Vista realise the importance of individual performance alongside strong teamwork, both within your business and with your suppliers. Visit our website and contact us to find out just how being part of a team with AB Vista could benefit your business.

THE QUATUOR II The Quatuor II from CHOPIN Technologies is specifically designed for impurities control. It is the only fully automated cleaning and separating device with rotary sieves. In 60 seconds : Clean and separate the impurities from the grain Sort the grains based on their size Weigh, Calculate and print the rate of impurities and broken grains. Results compliant with reference methods: NF EN ISO 658 / NF ISO 5223 Quantify the rate of impurities in grain is knowing the quantity you are really buying and scare your business transactions

MEETING THE WATER CHALLENGE We are now faced with increasing water scarcity due to climate change and population growth. The Government already intervenes through regulating water abstraction. New legislation will affect all farmers who extract water from local streams or rivers. Due to this potential need to store water on-site, Bentall Rowland’s is launching an economical range of water tanks to assist farms to become more environmentally friendly and help prevent the depleting water supply in streams and rivers.

Finase EC
Finase EC is our second generation 6-phytase from E.coli, meaning that it is highly active under the conditions found in the intestine in the short time that it stays in the gut. Finase EC results in: • Improved phosphate availability • Improved further phytate-bound nutrient availability • Reduced environmental impact from phosphate excreted by poultry • Improvements in live weight gain • Improvements in feed conversion ratios
The AB Vista team work together to achieve outstanding results. As a leading international supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for the animal feed industry, AB Vista realise the importance of individual performance alongside strong teamwork, both within your business and with your suppliers. Visit our website and contact us to find out just how being part of a team with AB Vista could benefit your business.

OBIAL MANUFACTURING FACILITIES Grain Storage Solutions - OBIAL, one of world’s leading companies of Grain Storage Systems sector was founded in 1981 and started manufacturing. The facilities are fully automated for having the latest technology for grain storage systems and cover 55000 square meters of 1million square meters open area which is located in Aksaray. OBIAL Total Solution Platform - We aim to re-interpret the relationship of manufacturercustomer according to today’s conception of global business and manufacturing and construct a platform which serves a total solution which is strategically collaborated. Our Total Solution Platform aims to prepare the best and the most economical product which provides the needs of customer within the factors such as: Climate, Kind of the grain and Loading/unloading mechanisms which determine the design of storage systems.

The Bastak 10000 uses a powerful vacuum engine to store grains (such as wheat, barley, paddy, rye and oats) as well as heavy products (such as corn, bean and chickpea) pneumatically (by vacuum) in 2-6 seconds into the sample collection container which is at the laboratory. Sample amount can be monitored through the transparent window, and if required sample amounts can be adjusted. Oscillation amount of its powerful and heavy frame is reduced much by means of 4 support sheets of 120cm. The Sampling boom has a full range of motion (right, left, up, down, forward and back movements ). This allows the device to scan a field of 8 meters in total, with the sampling probe able to move through 240 degrees. The Bastak 10000 is a more powerful, faster with silent running with a greater longevity when compared to electrical systems. Outside dimensions of the device are 90x90x400 cm. The device operates at 220 V, 50 Hz. A warranty of 1 year and a spare parts warranty of 10 years are provided exclusive of usage faults.

GRAIN STORAGE SYSTEM Mysilo uses the most narrow corrugated steal sheet in the world and with its ever-growing technology, Mysilo stores your grain in the best possible conditions. Mysilo effectively protects your investment and meets different customer needs in over 50 countries with their products suitable for special requirements in different regions.

PROVEN GRAIN AND FEED SCREENING SOLUTIONS Mogensen Raw Material Handling has the proven experience of over 50 years supplying screening and sizing solutions to the Grain and Feed industry. The fully enclosed lightweight range of screens have become an industry standard and can be supplied with up to two decks and three outlets, therefore a diverse range of applications can be meet.

PROSIDTM MI 700 ProSidTM MI 700 is a concentrated non-ADR mould inhibitor for feed and raw materials. Consisting of a combination of propionic acid glycerol esters and propionic acid, ProSidTM MI 700 presents a technological breakthrough in the area of preservation. The combination has shown: • a very high impact on yeast and mould in scientific trials as well as practical tests • low evaporation, which means long-term effects and considerably less smell than pure propionic acid • low volatility

Pictured: Two screens with spreader feeders destined for export markets.

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