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Ferragina Alessandra
graphic designer cell +39 3495901626 alenike@gmail.com

Nice to meet you...
Nice to meet you, my name is Alessandra Ferragina and I’m a graphic designer based in Italy, I have a Bachelor degree of three-years in Industrial Design and a Master of Arts degree of two-years in Visual and Multimedia Communication. I want to work in the fields I love: graphic design, illustration and photography; in particulars I’m looking for an international creative agency to make an abroad job experience, because I love living in new places and facing new challenges. As a graphic designer I’m good at using the Adobe Design package softwares: Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and Premiere. Moreover I’m able to manage editorial layout and vectorial illustration, I can work in the production and post-production of videos and photos too; as a graphic designer and illustratore I’m collaborating with a creative design blog www.creazina.it (a young collective of Italian designers). I have a personal deep passion for photography, both artistic and commercial ones: I followed courses-stage and I applied at different contests, I’d like to apply myself as a photographer, sooner or later. In conclusion, under the web design knowledge, I can say that I have a basic experience using html, golive, css, but most of all wordpress. I can speak a fluent English and I’m familiar with Spanish. At the moment I’m working as a graphic designer at the fashion brand GasJeans in its head quarter in Vicenza, north of Italy: my usual tasks are developing graphics for advertising campaign, promotional and events materials (invitations, t-shirts, windows poster and visual merchandising), web content (like newsletter and banner graphics), preparing presentations for the marketing and the communication department, editing catalogues (fitguide and shopping-guide and preview show materials) and more. In my free-time I make no-profit works for no-profit association, in particular I’m working to a project for the reconstruction of the town of Italy affected by the flood on October ( you can know more looking at the blog I made about: www.ricreaimo.wordpress.com ). If you want to know more about me and my works please contact me, Have a nice day,


Alessandra Ferragina graphic designer cell +39 3495901626 alenike@gmail.com

Personal informations:
Surname Name Tel. e-mail nationality date of birth

Ferragina Alessandra (+39)3495901626 alenike@gmail.com italian 29/08/1985

Work Experience:
November 2011 / in progress Graphic designer at Grotto s.p.a GasJeans in Vicenza Workshop of photography in Fès with Erik Kessels and the editors of 1000wordsmagazine Collaboration “exhibit 2010” workshop at the IUAV University, in an university assistant function, in collaboration with the “Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo di Milano” Workshop Participation, IUAV event “Teach me“, in collaboration with the Dutch design office KesselKramer with Dave Bell. Workshop LAB09 “Architecture faculty of Venice, IUAV”. Multimedia works: I worked at the blog, managing post and editing video, moreover I was the photographer for the photos of book of the LAB09 (Marsilio Ed.) Graphic design stage at “NeutroStudio” Via Dante, Geneva 16100 Training practices of analogic and digital photography, photographic studio in Genova: “STUDIO 18 of Silvestro Reimondo” Septermber 2011 January 2010

Education and training:
2008-2011 MA Graduation in Visual and Multimedia Communications, IUAV University Venice Grade obtained 107/110 Industrial Design Graduation (Bachelor) Faculty of Architecture, University of Geneva Grade obtained 110/110
Main subjects professional abilities obtained: Interaction & Industrial Design, Multimedia communications, Graphic design and advertising, Photography, Video-editing and flash animation

September 2010


July 2009

September 2007June 2008 September 2007June 2008


Science bachelor graduation Scientific Undergraduate Pacinotti Institute (La Spezia ) Grade obtained: 83/100

Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/cv

Participation at the photography competition “Young photographers” promoted by Canon Photographic publication in the Domus MAGAZINE. I did not win but my poster has been chosen for the exhibition at the Danish O. Premiere. Very goog knowledge of Wordpress (for managing blog). edited by Marsilio. “Poster for tomorrow”. September 2010 edition. Florence Participation at the HP competition of creating a flash videoanimation. Project presentation of “Interaction Design TUULI “ for the ”Festival della Creatività de Florencia”. of Copenhagen.N. related to violence against woman. graphic design competition about the right of education. Indesign. Basic knowledge of Autocad. Final cut and Camera Raw. about the workshop LAB09 and the exposition of the video animation project.N. poster contest for the O. finding interesting contents and sometimes writing posts) No-profit project: with other two designers I made up a contest called Ricreiamo (litterary: let’s recreate it) to help the reconstruction of the cities of my hometown after the flood of october. Illustrator. 3D studio max and Cinema 4D Operating system: Windows and Mac. December 2011 May 2011 November 2010 September 2010 July 2009 September 2009 June 2008 Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/cv . Golive. Flash. 3/09/2009 In collaboration with the “Polytechnic architecture faculty of Prague” Publication of my photographies for the editorial project “Workshop09IUAV”. “Say no to violence against woman”. a young designer collective (making covers for posts. Skills and competences Mother tongue Other languages Italian English / high level Spanish / base level Computer skills ECDL Certification Very good knowledge of Adobe Suite: Phothoshop.Collaborationscompetitions January 2012in progress October 2012in progress Collaboration as graphic designer and illustrator with Creazina blog.

Graphic Design Contest / Poster for tomorrow http://www.org/ Poster designed for “Right to Education”: a social advertising campaign organized by 4Tomorrow Association.posterfortomorrow. Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/poster4tomorrow .

eu/entry/169615 Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/say no to violence against woman .Graphic Design Contest / Say no to violence against woman The UN organization called the 2011 as the year to say no to violence against woman and.create4theun. in many cities of Denmark (Copenhagen too). my project has been chosen as one of the few to be exhibited at the Danish O. as a graphic designer. Even if I did not win the contest. http://competition. I entered the call with two posters about it.N.

Video-animation Contest / hp video contest HP made a call for entries in 2010 to design a short video which objective was to explain the main problems in being a pc user: the target was young children and begginner users.youtube. The video has been made up using Flash and Illustrator under the supervision of my Professor Riboli Davide. http://www.com/watch?v=jP_0xESixo4 Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/HP video animation contest . Among the subjects my contest-mates and decided to make a flash animation focusing on the virus effects and what to do in order to delete them from our pc.

Accademic project Professor Camplani Enrico Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/book covers .Graphic design/ Cookbook series covers Designing the layout for a series of cookbooks. font size and colours. I tryed to produce a visual cohesion under the graphic design aspects: treatment and cropping of the images.

The only requirements are a mobile phone and be in the right mood for it.Interaction design/ App for a smart phone Instant Carnival is a role-play game that allows you to take part in Carnival event with your friends or other groups of players.interaction-venice. It’s suited especially for tourists.com/projects/iuav08-09Lab1/ projects/instant-carnival/ Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/App for a smart phone . Accademic project. but everyone can enjoy it: don’t worry about your shyness or to be recognized because you can get a paper mask for free in the most important information centres in Venice. Matteo Catacchio and Kui Wang. supervised by Gillian and Tabor Smith. I designed it with Giuseppe Burdo. http://www.

moreover I worked as a photographer for the book of the exposition edited by Marsilio.com/ Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/blog & photographic-book for LAB09 . http://laboratorio09.wordpress. Supervised by Massimiliano Giammaichella. The blog was made up using wordpress.Blog and Photography for IUAV Lab09 I enjoyed the summer architecture workshop at IUAV: I made photos and videos for the blog posts and for the magazine contents.

www.it ex.teachme. expandable card 50m Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/KesselsKramer Workshop .ADV campaign for turism Kessels Kramer workshop in Venice “50m turistic guide” is a concept for an unconventional turistic guide designed with the intention to move the turist’s eye away from the obvious and conventional turistic spots to something really local and interesting that is only 50meters from there: it forced the point of view of the traveller to change direction and try something else.

poster of 50m project covers for the cards of 50m project Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/KesselsKramer Workshop .

wordpress. www. The project is intended to be a double-contest (graphic contest and ideasprojects contest) for raising funds and finding out interesting solving-problems ideas for the cities of my home-town that have been flood on october 2012.Ricreiamo/ no-profit projects I found a no-profit venture with two friends of mine. The contests are now closed and the projects are under evaluation. designers too.ricreiamo.com blog poster for universities and schools Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Ricreiamo No-profit project .

flickr page: the photos are a tool for the participants to take a look of what is the result of the flood and to find out solving-problems projects for the commercial and the public spaces of the cities. Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Ricreiamo No-profit project .

Creazina blog covers I’m collaborating with Creazina. http://www. As a graphic designer and an illustrator I made the covers for the posts.creazina. suggest interest topic and sometimes I write the texts too. arts and photography that is manage by a collective of young italian designers.it/ Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Creazina blog . a blog about graphic design.

Some examples of the covers for the posts of Creazina blog. Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Creazina blog . the other are the onse that you see inside the single post page. the smallest are the ones for the preview page.

Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works . making the instore images (the ADV creativity is not mine. preview collection exhibition.valentine’s day. interactive pdf presentation for the marketing department and intern magazine layout (monthly). I follow the Guide lines of Satellite Studio) _creating materials for the website and blog such as banners and newsletter (mine creativity) _social media (facebook and similar) images for the timelines and similar stuff for the page of GasJeans. GasJeans Honda and all the single GasJeans Shop. BBB expo and so on (in this case also images and graphics for the wall of the stands) _presentations for inside/outside communcations: layout and editing of fitguide for the preview of the season collection. _other stuff: communcation-materials for the shops for promos and labels.Graphic Design/ Works for GasJeans From november 2011 I have been working as a graphic designer for GasJeans. The main works I made are: _materials for the ADV Campaing preparing pages for magazines and billboards. _promotional materials for events and for exhibition: creating graphics for t-shirt/newsletter/invitations such as: s.

Adv Campaign double page single page Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Instore images Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Promotional materials outside (closed) outside (open) inside (open) Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Graphic design for stand-walls Mosca expo / definitive choise Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Graphic design for stand-walls Mosca expo / another option Spring Summer /SS2012 Spring Summer /SS2012 Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Banners for the website Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Facebook page timelines Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Newsletters esecutives and other ideas Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Newsletters esecutives and other ideas Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Newsletters esecutives and other ideas Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

Valentine’s day graphics for the shop-window graphics for the t-shirt / idea SIMPLY LOVE graphics for the t-shirt / chosen DIGITAL PRINT LARGHEZZA / WIDTH: 28.7 CM ALTEZZA / HEIGHT: 14 CM SIMPLY LOVE Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .S.

such as the highlight monthly magazine.Other works Due to GasJeans privacy policy I can not insert in my portfolio the intern communication material. the pdf-layout presentations or the aw 12-13 fitguides. Ferragina Alessandra/portfolio/Gas works .

com alessandra.Ferragina Alessandra (+39)3495901626 alenike@gmail.ferragina .

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