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REDVision Computer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a diversified IT solutions company offering world class B2B application services since 2006 to help organization exceed its technological expectations in India & Abroad. Our competencies lie in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Development and Maintenance. We offers a mature and seasoned team for implementing ideas in real business. The team's exposure in software implementation, Product ranges starts from Wealth Management ERP system which is currently used by more than 340 CFPs and MF Advisors across 75 cities in India who are providing professional advisory services to 92000 satisfied Online Portfolio users across the globe, which makes Wealth eoffice one of the India’s largest Online wealth management software providers, other product ranges from financial website development, Financial tickers & Financial Planning software. With diverse implementation exposures, REDVision Technologies has good grasp over Financial Domain & Technologies and quality implementations are mandatory for us.

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Wealth Eoffice Wealth Management Software

Web Makers WebSite Development

FP Samurai Financial Planning Software

Financial Tickers Tools & Calculators for Website

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Why REDVision eoffice?
• First Software in India builds according to „No Entry Load‟ scenario. • Wealth Management with Financial Planning Model keeps you ahead of competition. • Ideal for Fee based Advisory model to increase earnings. • Multiple products in a single portfolio, makes you a true „Wealth Manager‟. • This software have capacity to handle AUM of Rs.3000 Cr & more than1 Lakh Clients. • Each client gets separate wealth account login to check net worth online. • Auto SMS/Email Funds Valuation, Insurance, FD & Postal Maturity & Birthday to Client. •100% web based, Freedom to access your eoffice from anywhere in the world.

Individual Wealth Report

Products covered in Wealth Management System o Mutual Funds o Equity o Life Insurance ( All Companies) o General Insurance ( Includes Health & Vehicle ) o Post Office, Bank FD Report on SMS/Email Wealth

o Bonds and Debenture
o NSC, KVP, PPF, MIS, RBI Relief Bonds


Extended Wealth Report

Strategic Advantage of eoffice. Information = Opportunity
Now you know:• How much Bank FD, KVP, Bonds, PO, LI, GI, MF, Equity, Health Insurance client have from other Advisors. • You know when these products are getting mature • With the help of this information you can suggest better alternative you offer. Business Logic:-

More Cross Sell = Bigger Market Share

Family Wealth Report

Family Member‟s Portfolio

When you click on Show

User Friendly Reports Navigation

Family Wealth Report is one view wealth summary of every member in a family, its shows the individual portfolio details when you click on show button.


Customer Satisfaction Determines Business Success
Customer Satisfaction Perceived SIP Services


Expected Services

Customer Expectations Some Fact about Customer Behavior

are Normally Not Very High

66% Customers are lost primarily due to indifference in Services 14% Customers are lost due to dissatisfaction 96% Customers don‟t complain… they choose another advisor.

BUT…Your Job is to Surprise Them

Customer‟s “WOW” Level is :- “Doing

The customers whoWhat They Haven‟t even imagined”!!! feel poorly served will tell between 8 and 16 people about their negative experience. A WOW customer introduce you with at least 3 new customers. A new customer acquisition is ten times more expensive than to keep a current customer.
- Bain & Company Research


Mutual Fund Transaction Report: Know Your each Transaction

Folio Master: Get Instant Folio Information


A Common Problem: At the time of transaction Advisor don‟t know about Joint holders, Bank account & other details, they have to call Account Statement again & again. Here is all information on a click

MF Know Fund Houses you promote, their profit / loss, Dividend paid or Reinvest, Current value & absolute returns.

Wealth Eoffice Uploads CAMS, Karvy, Sundaram, DWS and Franklin Templeton Transactions Automatically from Registrar on daily basis without any manual intervention.

How this system works? Cams Karvy Sundaram
Uploaded at 7.00AM


Franklin Templeton

Daily Transaction Files

Automatic Update at Your Office

Get Freedom from Daily Manual File Uploading, Give more time to Clients instead!!!

Life Insurance Policy Holding Report


Following Features Included in Life Insurance Management Module

Life Insurance Management

Enter New Policy Get Due List For LI Policies Paid Premium details of Policies Update Or Delete Policies Entered Previously Get LI Transaction details of each client Get List For LI Holders


General Insurance Policy Holding Report

Following Features Included in General Insurance Management Module

General Insurance Management

Enter New Policy Get Due List For GI Policies Enter Policy Renewal details Update Or Delete Policies Entered Previously

Fixed Deposit Investment Report


Following Features Included in FD/Bond Management Module

FD/ Bond Management

Enter New FD/Bond FD Maturity List View/Update Or Delete FD Details FD/ Bond Holder List


Post Office Investment Report

Following Features Included in Post Office Management Module

Post Office Management

Enter New PO Business Postal Maturity List View/Update Or Delete Postal Details Postal Investor List


Direct Equity Holding Report

Following Features Included in Direct Equity Management Module

Direct Equity Management

Enter Bought Equity Details Enter Sold Equity Details E Equity Holding Report Equity Transaction Report Delete Equity Transaction

Step 1
Clarify Your Present Situation Step 6 Monitor and Review Step 2 Identify Goals and Objectives

 Created with International practical Approach especially for “Indian” Clients.  More focus on simplicity with comprehensiveness to address client‟s need.  Consulted by Team of CFPs, CAs, MBAs, having combine Work Experience of more than 100 years.  Huge plan storage capacity because you may review plan of a single client 100 times in next 10 years.  It‟s Online: Access from anywhere any time, no geographical limitation.
Step 3

 Unique 6 Methods for Life Insurance Need Calculation.  Ample space to add products suggestions and recommendations in the plan.  Retirement Corpus utilization table to make clients comprehend the post retirement cash flow scenario.  Self Developed „PERP Method‟ to calculate exact amount of monthly pension at the time of retirement.  PDF Conversion & storage facility.

Step 5
Implement Strategies

Identify Financial Problems

Step 4 Recommenda tions

Financial Planning Software

Save & Submit to Generate Tabs for Primary Financial Plan filling FP Data

6 Methods for Life Insurance Sum assured Amount Calculation

Unique “PERP Method” to Calculate accurate Pension amount. Add more details

Define Fee Structure Primary of Contents Table Financial Plan
This is a part of “Letter We are on Front Page of ofwill help you and It is It Understanding”, your Financial Plan. always to view the areas clients recommended toPrimary Financial Plan A agree in theafinancial covered with client on a thing like Diagnosis somefee structure in plan. various heads and Report for a Doctor. signed it up to avoid Now the Financial any confusion in Planner‟s work starts here, future. you can add recommendations, Suggestions & solutions The Fee structure is for improvement in with generated along financial health and on “Letter of different Goals, Will will Understanding”, it Creation, AssetFinancial be saved with Allocation, Life Insurance, Health plan, So that you can Insurance, Retirement view or review any time Planning etc. in future.

Income & Expenses Suggest a Will. & Asset Liability Networth
This page will be view is one sight added Your Doctor always ask of client‟s entire when you click on the about what drugs you are monthly income check box in the and already taking before expenses with pie personal information prescribing new one, chart. head you have under When “Suggest a same way you must to suggest on expense Will”. analyze current asset cutting it is always allocation and till what better to have a extend these asset can expenses distributed help clients in view for better achievement of goals. understanding.

LiabilitiesAnalysis Asset Allocation Ratio & Networth Analysis
Asset Analysis helps you Ratio Allocation analysis Liabilities Analysis sheet forms the symptoms of in finding foundation of givefinancial plan. In on any a brief overview fact, Financial Disease, so that EMI out flow,the right total determining corrective you can take outstanding, rate of loan mix of stocks, bonds, actions on time to and liability holder which cash andin the same. improve other asset is useful in taking various classes may be your one Ratio Analysis includes decisions regarding of the most important 1. Reserve/Surplus Ratio priority in loan investment decisions. 2. Saving to repayment. Surplus Ratio Before reaching any 3. Debt Worth Shows The Net to Income Ratio concrete decision Would How Much Money it is 4. Liquid to Networth must to Everything be left ifanalyze what Ratio client already owned, Owned was convertedFP 5. Solvency Ratio Samurai and used to pay into cashprovide analysis 6. Debt Asset Ratio on all debts. off Asset Allocation, Return Efficiency level,

Expected Return Delivery,
Asset Liquidity Level.

Health Insurance is one A financial plan should Life Insurance need of the important factor of cover all areaslikeyour Calculation is of financial planning for financial needs and diagnosing the patient your client. In the recent should result in the and finding the survey, it shows that achievement but main deficiencies, of your India has the highest goals. The scope should part of solution is to number of diabetes cover areas such as riskin suggest the medicines, patients in the world. management and same way life insurance insurance techniques that analysis will calculate the This section not only would protect your goals sum assurance amount provide any health against the unforeseen but in Recommendation insurance can suggest calamity. need details section you

Health Insurance Life Insurance Analysis Recommendations Analysis

but scheme name, type, the also give you panel We Provide 6 Methods of to add policy yearly and sum assured, details Life Insurance Need recommendation which Premium and tenure, also Calculation which gives
will be savedmultiple you can add you scope to protect permanently reason to in your policies outstanding Income, and

desk. suggest the & Expenses loans, Goals policy in the last. etc.

Research Software is a storage area This sectionhas shown that Retirement hasis necessary very Goal Planning section choosing right asset with unlimited capacity important disclosures, you important Goal in Financial give a separate roadmap class has highest impact which can save all Financial can insert/edit/delete Planning, Client wants a foolof your each goal with on points FP Samurai Plans of clients from First yoursreturns,also. proof pension plan with cash Advisor‟s gave each plan to u featured and of flow statement review end till the Recommendations, Goal recommendation panel there is life. can one click email You also Generate planning also includes which panel which will sending compare current Financial Planning Includes: Retirement Plan in PDF “This Goal has Been asset well drafted email send anallocation with Format much pensionon the - Find how by clicking required PROTECTED” Seal if tobuy/sell Action. attached your client with with the help insured by Client. “Generate Final Report” in goal is of PERP Method. Financial Plan in PDF the last of the page.Fund Contingency Goal Planning Includes Format.Arrangement a - Gives a corpus needed to form following retirement kitty. Goals:
- Child Education

Retirement Plan Storage Financial Planning With Important Disclosure Goal Plan Analysis Asset Allocation Post Retirement Cash Flow and Recommendations and Recommendations Recommendations

Here FP Samurai makes difference of creating a

- Gives Complete retirement - Child Marriage contingency fund amount utilization cash flow that - Retirement Planning arrangement separate for will be near to zero at the end of life. - House & Car Planning

husband & wife (if both to household monthly living expenses.

- Holiday due to lack of * Image is fadePlanning are earnings) according - please go for & other Goals space, Self Educationlive demo for

actual look & feel.

What will happen when…

Your Client investing Rs.100000 for daughter‟s marriage & want to switch to Bond fund when the amount grow to Rs.200000 anytime in next 5 Years, How you will remind him. Automatic SMS & Email System Your client want to redeem money when he will get profit of 20%. Your client want you to remind him when the NAV of a fund reach to Rs.15.
Trigger by Achievement for a particular Many client didn‟t know that they have completed 3 Years in Tax Saving Funds (ELSS). investment

Do you remember Jan 2008 when your clients were getting huge profits but you couldn‟t book it.

Set Triggers/ Alerts on SMS

Set Profit Booking Trigger

Set NAV Target Trigger

Set Target Date Trigger

Automatic SMS & Email System

• • • • •

Birthday & Anniversary Wish to Clients. Life Insurance policy Maturity Reminders. General Insurance Policy Renewal Reminders. FD/ PO/ Bond/ Debenture Maturity Reminders. Set Monthly Schedule of MF/ Wealth Report on SMS/Email.

Inform Your Clients at Speed of Light. Reduce business expenses & service time.

“You have to do Competition, only when you are similar to others”

Automatic Lead Generation From Your Clients
Get New Customers, Without Any Hard Work

Online Reference System +5 +25 +125 + 625 You How You +5Work: 125 it will +25 + When your client „Logout‟ from eoffice You +5 +25 He Will be Asked “Are you happy with our services?” You + 5 Clients There will be 3 Options “Yes” or “No” or “Close”. If Client Click “No”, then he will reach to Feedback. If Client Click “Yes”, then these text will appear “The Best Way to Thank Your „Wealth Manager‟ is provide 5 references” Your Client Will type Name of his friends & mobile numbers in the given fields & Click „Send, his friend will get SMS:‟ January April July Every Reference contact details will be stored in you December software.


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is my data secure? A: Yes, the Linux server which is being used is SSL Secure & Certified by Cyber Security Companies like:

With these certification the Data is more secure even more then your PC. Q: How I will Get After Sales Support? A: Wealth eoffice is 100% Web based System, Queries Execute Directly From Server, So most of the time client will not have any problem but in case if Client have any Problem it Can be Rectify Without Any Physical Visit. Q: I work from office as well as from home, can I work from both places? A: Wealth eoffice gives you freedom to work from any part of the world, the only thing which is required is a system with internet.

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