May 4-5, 2012
Lisbon, Portugal

The Global Pro-life Unity Summit Calling a Meeting of Leaders
Around the world, the Personhood is the cultural and legal recognition of pro-life movement is the equal and unalienable rights of human beings. rallying around efforts to The Dominican How can we support one recognize the basic rights of Republic, Hungary, Poland, another? How can we human beings and protect Portugal, Colombia, Mexico, partner in order to advance life from conception to the Philippines, the United the culture of life together? natural death. States, and so many others That’s what the Global These monumental are leading the campaign Pro-Life Unity Summit is all efforts will change the for the culture of life. about. You’re invited to join course of those nations in We share many of the us as we explore ways to the 21st Century just as the same goals, struggles, and partner together in mutual end of the slave trade experiences but also have support of the value of changed the course of much diversity. What can human life. civilization around the turn we learn from each other? of the 20th Century.
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Summit Agenda A Time to Share

“After fertilization has taken place a new human being has come into being. It is no longer a matter of taste or is plain experimental evidence. Each individual has a very This summit will be a time to share experiences, strategies, and plans. We want neat beginning, at conception.” to hear about your unique struggles and Dr. Jerome Lejeune, the father of modern genetics goals. Each organization will have an opportunity make a presentation to the rest Grassroots Mobilization - motivating volunteers of the groups in attendance. Here are some - database mobilization ideas that you may wish to incorporate in - developing leadership structures your presentation:
Global Pro-Life Movement - fostering a culture of life - addressing abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research - preparing for new challenges: cloning and trans-humanism Legal Issues - using international law - responding to frequent legal changes - sharing broadly applicable legal arguments Social Media - utilizing social media - from social media to databasing - using and sharing technology Fundraising - successful fundraising - processing payments Political Strategy - influencing public opinion - lobbying international organizations - resisting external pressure - leveraging political commitments Telecommunications - automated surveys - contact databasing - conference calls - global pro-life database Public Relations and Media - press releases and interviews - gathering media attention - utilizing pro-life news - coordinating media internationally Religion and Prayer - discussing the spiritual aspect of the life movement - developing a global prayer network

Why Lisbon?
Portugal is in the midst of a petitioning process that would guarantee the inviolability of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. The Pro Referendo Vida campaign has collected nearly half of the signatures they need to convene a national referendum to protect life. The Global Pro-Life Unity Summit will call attention to their movement and show the international support for the Portuguese referendum. In fact, Portugal is part of a larger counter-cultural movement across the European continent that is promoting the dignity of human life. Holding the Global Pro-Life Unity Summit in Lisbon will allow leaders of similar movements in neighboring countries to easily attend and access international support.



Press Information
Cultural news outlet will carry exclusive coverage of the Global Pro-Life Unity Summit. Details and updates from the conference will be available at the pro-family, pro-life website and on their Facebook page at: Please direct questions regarding the summit to Josh Craddock: To learn more about Portugal’s pro-life referendum or to lend your support, please contact Rodrigo Castro:


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