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SPECIAL REPORT: Spring Is In The Air
And so is the dander, pollen, and other allergens…
Skipping outdoor exercise during allergy season? Our allergy tips can help get you active outdoors. If you have allergies, you might feel like outdoor exercise detracts from your health more than it adds. Exercise is supposed to make you feel good. But if a quick jog or a bike ride leaves you wheezing, sneezing, and feeling miserable for hours afterwards, how healthy can it be? Don’t let this be you all season long! But all of us -- allergic or not -- need to exercise regularly for our overall health. And the good news is that you can, even if you're exposed to outdoor allergens. The key to exercising outdoors with allergies is to be prepared. Here's a quick checklist of things that any athlete with allergies should know. • Allergy Tip: Check your calendar. Pollen seasons are predictable, although they might vary by a few days from year to year. So if you know that you're allergic to ragweed, oak, or other outdoor allergens, find out when the season starts in your area. Once you know, you can prepare. Allergy Tip: Check the weather. Information about your local pollen level is available on the Internet or in your local paper. If pollen counts are supposed to be particularly high on a given day, you can play it safe by staying inside. In general, pollen counts are highest on warm and breezy mornings and low on cool and rainy days. Check @ Pollen.com You should also pay attention to the levels of ozone and other pollutants, since they're common irritants for people with allergies. Exhaust from cars and trucks can also cause problems for people with allergies, especially if you live in a city or exercise along a busy road. info@corcoranheating.com • Allergy Tip: Choose the right time of day. According to many experts, the time of day you choose for outdoor exercise matters. "If you can, exercise in the morning or late in the evening," says Portnoy. "Most pollens reach peak levels around noon or early afternoon." However, Portnoy cautions that during pollen season, the count is never zero, no matter what time of day. So be cautious. Allergy Tip: Sometimes, opt for less intense activities. If the pollen count or pollution levels are high, skip your usual jog or bike ride and choose a less intense form of exercise. Why? The more stressful the exercise, the faster you breathe; the faster you breathe, the more allergens and irritants you inhale. So instead, do stretching exercises, or yoga, or weight training. Any of them will give you a workout without increasing your risk of allergy symptoms. Allergy Tip: Change your clothes and shower after outdoor exercise. During pollen season, your clothing and hair could be covered with pollen. So when you get home, it's not a bad idea to strip off your clothes and toss them in the laundry. You could also take a shower to rinse off any allergen left on your skin or in your hair.

Unique Holidays
1st - International Fun At Work Day (no this is not a “FOOL”) 7th - World Health Day 11th - 8 track tape day-good luck playing one though! 27th - My Lovely Wife’s Birthday - Happy Bday Linds!

Monthly Awareness
National Humor Month! • Figure out what makes you laugh and do it (or read it or watch it) more often. Surround yourself with funny people — be with them every chance you get. Develop your own sense of humor. Maybe even take a class to learn how to be a better comic. Be funny every chance you get — as long as it’s not at someone else’s expense!

Sports Corner
1st, 5th, 7th Playoffs:

1st, 2nd, 5th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 15th, 16th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 25th, 26th,

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April 2012

Allergy Tip: On bad days, exercise indoors. Most of the time, exercising outdoors should be OK. But sometimes, when pollen counts or ozone levels are high, or the weather is so cold that it irritates your lungs, exercising indoors can be a good temporary solution. Just remember that indoor exercise has its own allergy risks. In fact, huffing and puffing on a treadmill down in a dank and dusty basement could expose you to more allergens or irritants than you'd encounter outdoors. So make sure your exercise equipment is set up in an area that is clean and mold-free. If possible -- and seasonally appropriate -- use an air conditioner to provide ventilation without letting in pollen and other outdoor allergens and irritants. “There are a myriad of new options for ventilating and cleaning up your indoor air quality. Call, email, or tweet us to discuss your situation and ways to get your air quality in control. We have seen our clients allergy medication costss cut in ½! Each space and home is different and understanding where you may be having issues is the most important component to getting your environment in check. It may not always be as simple as simply changing your filter or running you’re air conditioner.” - Corcoran Team

Article Update: Green River
An update from a river-dying reader of the Cozy News Two miracles appear that day, the river turns a perfect shade of green something that many other cities have tried but have not been successful at doing, and the second miracle by starting with the color ORANGE giving the impression that river will be ORANGE only to convert the river to that true Irish green. We believe that is where the leprechaun comes in. As the late Stephen Bailey has said, the road from Chicago to Ireland is marked in green. From the Chicago River to the Illinois River, then to the Mississippi, up the Gulf Stream and across the Atlantic you can see the beautiful green enter the Irish Sea, clearly marking the way from Chicago to Ireland.

Some say the river always stays
…Today this miracle is created by Mike Butler and his crew, which he claims to always have a little help from a leprechaun who seems to just appear at this time each year.

The important thing is not to limit your life because of allergy symptoms. Too many people allow their allergies to whittle away their lives. It doesn't have to be that way!
By R. Morgan Griffin WebMD.com

If you were watching this for the first time you would think this is a mistake or a bad joke. You see the dye is ORANGE and its initial color on the surface of the river is ORANGE and you would think to yourself what heathen would do something like this. After a moment or two you then see the Thanks Mary-Beth! true color magically appear. http://www.chicagostpatsparade.com/river-dye.html

And The Winner Is…
David Verner of Patten Power Industries! We work with David on Commercial grade generator products for businesses. David and his company are the local representatives of Caterpillar power generators. They work directly with building owners to understand the demand needed when businesses experience one of the numerous power outages we face in this climate.
How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles: To solve a Sudoku, you only need logic and patience. No math is required. Simply make sure that each 3x3 square region has a number between 1-9 with only one occurrence of each number. Each column and row of the large grid may only have one instance of 1-9.

All it took for David to win was referring us to a business in need of our service and expertise. Same rules apply for the next drawing with a ticket given out for every testimonial, referral, or 10 tickets for every raving fan video. Entry takes only minutes, and you determine your odds with no limit to referral entry tickets. Plus every referral nets YOU a gift as well!


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Cozy News

Comfort Hotline: (847) 397-5888

April 2012

Charcoal Grilling Tips & Facts
Charcoal grills are the "hands-on" griller's grill. Since they're often less expensive and more portable than gas grills, charcoal grills are the definitive social tool of summer. If you get a rush from building and controlling fire to produce flavorful, rustic food, then a charcoal grill might be the choice for you. • Charcoal grills are the only way to get authentic smoke flavor. Since charcoal grilling is cooking over an open fire, it lends a greater versatility of smoke flavor to dishes. On a charcoal grill, you can add wood chips, for example, to the charcoal bed to infuse a different smoke flavor into meat; gas grills don't get hot enough to burn wood chips as successfully as a charcoal grill. Charcoal grills cook food quickly. Charcoal grills run hotter than gas grills due to their more direct heat source. Though a hot charcoal grill can risk burning your food, a carefully-watched and controlled charcoal grill can cook food quicker than a gas grill to the same delicious result. A tip to get your charcoal grill going: Starting a charcoal grill is a mixture of know-how and sheer will. First, pick a spot protected from wind and be sure the grill vents are open before settling your grill. While there are many tools available The coals are done when they burn white hot to start a charcoal grill (electric fire like this starters, briquettes infused with flammable Top 5 Must-Have Tools for Safe agents, etc.), all it really takes is a little Grilling consideration of your coals. Build a pyramid formation with the coals over a non-toxic lighting fuel, such as newspaper 1. Instant-read thermometer or non-toxic lighter cubes. (If using liquid 2. Long tongs fuel, never pour lighter fluid onto a lit fire 3. Grill brush as it can travel up the fuel stream.) You'll 4. Sturdy metal spatula know the coals are ready when coated in a 5. Heavy-duty foil light gray ash and you can comfortably hold your hand about five inches above the Grill Tools People Want (But Won't grill lid for about two to three seconds. Buy for Themselves) Grill Tools Whether using charcoal or gas, you'll need to get to know the intricacies of your grill and the cooking styles that come with it. Here are a few tools that can help (and a few to make it fun in the process). 1. Silicone basting brush 2. Spatula with a beer opener in handle 3. Silicone barbecue mitt 4. Grill grids, toppers and woks 5. Flexible grill light
By: Caroline Wright - foodnetwork.com We take pride in creating cozy snobs!

Okay, fine you caught me with your fancy camera phone sleeping on the job! But what you think is -Franklin sleeping is actually me guarding grandpa from distractions in his office! The busy season is upon us and it is up to me to make sure he is distraction free to help as many people as possible. As some of you may know running a small business is no easy task, especially when people’s health, safety, and comfort are at stake around the clock. It takes a well-oiled machine to run so smoothly. A team that includes “people” like Murphy and me, but mostly ME of course, to help out in any way we can. In this case I wanted to be ready to spring into action at a moments notice! Some call it sleep others call it standing by, but its really just tomato tomatoe if you ask me! Back to holding down the fort!

“P ro blem I had was I got a n ice bi ho us e. D urin g the day if it got 8 0 deg re es or mo re , the sun would b eat on the win dow an d it n ev er got cool at nigh t n o matter what we did. We had fo ur diff eren t h eating an d air guy s out who all said th e eq uipme nt was big e nough an d could n ot fin d an y proble ms. I was abo ut ready to put tin tin g on the win dows until I me t the Co rco ran ’s. I do n ot kno w ex actly what th ey did, but they f ix e d it. All it to ok was o ne visit for them to inv estigate an d en gin eer a so lution , an d o ne visit to impleme nt the solution . A so lutio n that did no t re quire ne w or addition al eq uipmen t! I can now sle ep throughout the n ight WI TH my wife in stead o f pushing her away.” -M arty P .


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Dedicated To A Healthier Environment
A quick and cheesy joke for you!
So three guys walk into a bar… No, this is not a lead into another cheesy joke, but rather a reminder that April is National Humor month. In honor of the month I just want to remind people just how important laughter and humor are to your physiology. Doctors have done studies proving that the art of smiling and act of laughter have been linked to better health. The act of laughter changes your state of mind, helps release important serotonin, and exercises hundred of facial muscles. Not only that, but people who laugh everyday can increase their time on this earth! I know that with all the doom and gloom in the newspapers and on TV there is no better time than now to laugh. Even if it is just standing in the mirror and making a funny face until you can laugh at yourself. Try simply smiling at random people the next time you walk down the street, you’ll love the reaction and interaction you get from people!

One day a scuba diver was enjoying the aquatic world 20 feet deep. He noticed a guy at the same depth he was, but he had on no scuba gear whatsoever. The diver went 20 feet deeper, but the other guy joined him a few minutes later. The diver went down another 25 feet, but minutes later, the same guy was there too. Confused, the diver took out a waterproof chalk-and-board set, and wrote, “How are you able to stay under this deep without equipment?” The guy took the board and chalk, erased what the diver had written, and wrote, “I’M DROWNING, YOU IDIOT!!!” Funnycleanjokes.com

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