CURE Dis – In – Tegrati – On Brooding chaos

Plainsong. The only colour is light. Blinking ice luck keyboard spots in regalia bury sunburst Smith down the shadow mirror. This time swirl is due to the flames guitars raise.

Pictures of You. Popsicles blur the taste of broken lips. Vacillating melody arouses from memorial bushes – cuts through so long I almost believe an entire world ruined for the translucent fading of recurring gems.

Closedown. Dissonant funk rumbling the lower echelons of basses strums heartstrings catching unease in the eye. Within this sense a moody prelude to running out…of time. Seamless keyboards in frantic stasis – uselessness.

Lovesong. The shadow mirrors bouncy disposition. In stoned allure connected desires escalade BAUHAUS cities moonlight hides from sight. Notwithstanding words the crimson moon is wrapped around Smith sparing no bodily parts.

Last Dance. He’s so glad you remember his old endlessness further into decay. Echelons falling under (unfolding) contradictions. Spare creepy Funk PRINCE. Strange fascination – shadowy Smith saves tires. Unassuming Smith sends waves of subconscious postcards. aggravated sprinkles tourniquet COCTEAU’s But I’m Not – lilting textures. End as it begins. First the Lovecats then Shake Dog Shake now Spiderman down the throat. Lullaby. Taming pathos down. intolerant mode. Vocal afterthoughts open mouths for disposability. Remnant buzz-saw predates mechanical syncopated violence. We so alike. senses in sterile non-fulfilment. . Professional downer Smith more real than his sharp confidences allow for. dragging feet adrift. Icebergs go. combed hair lost in the wilderness. The Same Deep Water as You. Digital cathedrals make abrasive beds – Smith’s despondent vocals. Desert search for minimalist romantic redemption – THE CULT¿ No CURE for despair. no respite. Before useless resistances. Gallup’s frail JOY DIVISION figureheads. Fascination Street. Boiling water amidst skirmishes of cells. MJ would consider recording – if not SIOUXSIE. Prayers for Rain. Kiss me goodbye. Programmed drumming and portable standstills for an old COCTEAUS’ twin.

less commanding. Pushing faces in memories of somebodies. Understated detachment just another drunken fault line. Cat from Japan Smith moans holds his breath lodging for the shameless kiss of vanity.Disintegration. File under: Dis – In – Tegrati – On Related CURE reviews: 1981’s Faith http://www. Gigantic vignette percolating unassumingly. Propulsive perception revolves readymade. pretty in pink miniatures touched from a distance. Emptier thumping is delivered – autopilot BUNNYMEN. Dripping in melodic cascades. Chamber sullenness demands haunted SUEDEheads. Epic sweep threatens to encapsulate all disintegrating . Savage screams can’t salvage dissimulated…enthusiasm? Homesick. Bagpipes. Melancholic outpouring. In bittersweet malaise morose acrimony a walk away from wariness.epinions. Disintegration purrs…goodbye. A Letter to Elise in advance – never quite saying the intended.

com/review/Upcoming_Release_5_6_by_The_Cure_602517642256/cont ent_463994850948 Tracklist: * * * * PLAINSONG * * * * 1/2 PICTURES OF YOU * * * 1/2 CLOSEDOWN * * * * LOVESONG * * * * LAST DANCE * * * * 1/2 LULLABY * * * * 1/2 FASCINATION STREET * * * * PRAYERS FOR RAIN * * * * 1/2 THE SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU * * * *DISINTEGRATION * * * * * HOMESICK * * * * (UNTITLED) .epinions.2008’s 4:13 Dream http://www.