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Dehradun Course plan Objective/Goal: Marketing management course enables a student to understand the fundamentals of marketing concept and the role marketing plays in business. case studies. The course methodology thus encourages students to explore for themselves the role of a marketing manager and the boundaries of marketing. Course Outline  Introduction to Marketing Management  Analyzing Consumer Markets.Aug-Dec 2010 Page 2 . opinions gained through prescribed readings and articles. Objectives:  To understand key marketing concepts and its application to different markets  To identify factors and processes essential for designing marketing strategy  To analyze and evaluate the implementation of marketing concepts and strategy to firms Course Methodology: The teaching methodology includes power point lectures. Interaction during lectures is encouraged and therefore each student is also expected to add valuable inputs during lectures by sharing his/her knowledge.UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES College of Management and Economic Studies. presentations and projects. articles group discussions and presentations. market segments and target markets  Scanning marketing environment and market research  Brand management and New product development  Pricing strategy and objectives  Integrated Marketing communications  Sales and Distribution  Strategic Marketing Course Plan. case studies discussions. Students should be able demonstrate their comprehension of marketing concepts and knowledge by applying those in their written exams. The students would be given assignment/project which would enable them to apply the marketing concepts and marketing mix elements practically and illustrate those through a written report and presentation. This course enables a student to understand the „Marketing mix‟ elements and the strategies and principles underlying the modern marketing practices. Students are expected to study the topic/assigned chapters before they come to class.Atul Razdan .

Dehradun Course Outline Sessions Topic Readings Pedagogy Module 1 Marketing Management concepts.June 16 2008) Lecture and Discussion 1 CASE STUDY 1-Coca-cola India. Value chain Additional readings: “Marketing myopia”. Course st Marketing in 21 centuryMarketing Mgmt. SWOT analysis. strategy formulation Holistic Marketing Orientation and Customer Value CASE STUDY 2. Additional reading: “Divestiture: Strategy's Missing Link”.fastcompany. Scope of Publication Year: 2005 DISCUSSION AND CASE ANALYSIS 1 Market oriented strategic bp-reports-on-worker-injuries-illnesses- Course Plan. and Wouter van Rossum (HBR. by Lee Dranikoff.. pg 31-32. Kotler.Atul Razdan . business mission.Aug-Dec 2010 Page 3 . Koshy & Jha Marketing Mgmt. by Theodore Levitt (HBR http://cb. March 2006) Group Discussion DISCUSSION AND CASE ANALYSIS 1 Additional readings: “BP Reports On Worker Injuries. Analyzing Marketing Opportunities Corporate and business unit strategic planning. James A. Jennifer. segmentation and marketing environment (11 sessions) Lecture: Chapter 1 Defining Marketing Lecture: Understanding 1 st for 21 century -pg 3-30.To Drill or Not to Drill. Source: Arthur W Page Society (www. Should Oil companies be allowed to drill in the arctic? Chapter 2 Developing Marketing strategies and Plans. projects discussed.Narus. Keller. Kotler. 1 Marketing concepts. Tim Koller and Antoon Schneider (HBR May 2002) Lecture and group discussion 1 Additional reading: “Customer value prepositions in Business Markets by James C. market research. Chapter 1. Implementation. Additional reading: Marketing SpotlightCoca-cola.Anderson. policies regarding case marketing tools. Argenti. Koshy & Jha orientation. Building customer satisfaction. Marketing Management. Value delivery Process. Paul A. marketing Should Coke take up leadership and create higher standards for food and beverage safety? Authors: Kaye. Keller. chapter 5Introduction and Marketing Management 116-141. value & retention.hbsp. assignments and marketing. Kotler and Keller. Core competencies. Illnesses at Oil Disaster Sites” http://www.harvard.UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES College of Management and Economic Studies.

Koshy & Jha Chapter 8-pg 198-223 Lecture Course Plan. Keller. segmentation. and Rob Lachenauer (HBR April 2004) Lecture and Group discussion 1 Identifying market segments and selecting target markets Positioning market offering. Jr. 1 Porter‟s forces of tedxoilspill-brings-ocean-renewableenergy-experts 1 Gathering information and scanning the environment Analyzing Macroenvironment Economic.fastcompany. Keller. marketing research process Marketing Management. Marketing Mgmt Kotler. April 2010) DISCUSSION AND CASE ANALYSIS 1 Conducting marketing research. Marketing Management. Kotler. Dehradun at-oil-disaster-sites “TEDxOilSpill Event to Bring Together Renewable Energy. Koshy & Jha Marketing Mgmt. socio-cultural and Demographic environment CASE STUDY 3 Marketing Management Chapter 3 (pg 6186) Kotler. product and brand management Dealing with the competition. Ocean Experts” http://www.Aug-Dec 2010 Page 4 .Atul Razdan . Koshy & Jha Chapter 9-pg225-247 Project approval/discussion Analyzing competitors.Five killer strategies for trouncing competition By George Stalk. Lecture Discussion on Project on innovation in product/service development approval discussion 1 Google in China (Harvard Business School. Keller. Kotler. Additional reading: Competitive strategies. Koshy & Jha Chapter 4 (pg 86-113) Lecture Approval discussion on Project innovation in product/service development Module 2 Marketing strategy. “Hard Ball”. Keller.UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES College of Management and Economic Studies.

Rajesh J. Director. Adapting the price Lecture and Discussion 1 Marketing Mgmt. Kotler. Sept. Dehradun 1 Product Life cycle. Koshy & Jha Chapter 14. Mahindra and Mahindra Marketing Management.VP. Developing new products.Atul Razdan .pg 336-3365 Group Discussion 1 Managing product lines and brands. sales and distribution management Additional reading: CASE STUDY 4:Johnson & 1 Johnson’s ‘Camp Baby’: Great customer relationship management or Public relations fiasco?(ICMR Center for Management Research. TOI Brand 2. Creating iconic brands in Indian market by Rahul 307-335.UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES College of Management and Economic Studies. Keller. Developing pricing strategies. Kotler. Koshy & Jha Chapter 11-pg291-305 Additional reading: “Darwin and the Demon: Innovating Within Established Enterprises” by Geoffrey A.Moore (HBR July 2004) Lecture & Discussion MID TERM EXAM 1 What is a Brand? Product and Brand relationship WRITTEN EXAM Multimedia resource: Creating Iconic brands in Indian Market 1. Kotler Keller Chapter 12. Hyderabad. Keller. India) “What Service Customers Really Want” by Dave Dougherty and Ajay Murthy (HBR.Aug-Dec 2010 Page 5 . managing services Pricing: Understanding pricing objectives. Product life cycle marketing strategies Marketing Mgmt. Chapter 366-399 Lecture and Project approval discussion Module 3 Marketing communication.2009) DISCUSSION AND CASE ANALYSIS Course Plan.

channel design decisions. communication objectives. Koshy & Jha Chapter 17 – 455-483 Chapter 18 – 484-515 Lecture 1 Managing marketing communications. Scott Cook and Taddy Hall. Christenson. Dehradun Marketing Management.UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES College of Management and Economic Studies. Keller.Aug-Dec 2010 Page 6 . Kotler. Advertising and sales promotion Marketing ethics and corporate social responsibility CASE STUDY 5 Additional reading: Marketing Malpractice: The cause and the cure. role of marketing communication. Project Presentation Project Presentation Project Presentation Project Presentation Revision FINAL EXAM Lecture and discussion 1 1 1 1 1 WRITTEN EXAM Course Plan. role of marketing channels. by Clayton M.hbr. Keller. pg 401-429 Additional reading: What is the right supply chain for your product? By Marshall L. CASE DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS 1 1 Designing and managing channels. Koshy & Jha Chapter Complan vs Horlicks: Comparison Advertising and question of ethics (ICMR Center for Management Research) Marketing Management.(www. Fisher (HBR.Atul Razdan . sales management. Kotler.

cases studies and multiple-choice questions. Write up on Cases (It is a group submission. Instructions The Elements Of Case Analysis – Basic Structure • Analyses cannot exceed 4 textual pages in length. graphs. etc. do not count). and they must be mutually exclusive. the course name and number – A 4-page maximum analysis that discusses the key strategic issue. INTERNAL ASSESSMENT (30%) of the Internal Assessment A.Atul Razdan . two alternatives for an issue could be to a) buy the competitor. and implementation/action plan – A 1-page financial analysis (in an appendix) whose results are included in the analysis where necessary (but almost always in the recommendation and implementation/action plan sections) – All work must be submitted as one integrated document ready to be opened. alternatives. plus at least one additional page of written financial analyses in an appendix (tables. Unannounced Quizzes: 10% B. the date. – Alternatives must be strategic.UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES College of Management and Economic Studies. MID-TERM EXAM: 20% Questions may be in the form of short notes. FINAL EXAM: 50% Same format as mid term III. Case analyses will not be read or graded beyond the 4th page • The basic structure should be as follows: – A cover page with your name. For example. The best write up of each group will be considered): 10% It should be carried out as per the instructions given. charts. Dehradun CRITERIA FOR EVALUATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF MARKS I. the case name. or b) not to buy the competitor – obviously the organization cannot do both. recommendation. II. You will usually develop Course Plan.Aug-Dec 2010 Page 7 . Work submitted in multiple pieces will not be accepted • An Alternatives section (typically 1 – 1 ½ pages).

if ever. Rarely. This section describes how the organization should go about making the recommendation happen. market share. with rationale. Dehradun 2 or 3 alternatives in an analysis. is “do nothing” or “continue to do what they are doing” a strategic alternative for a case – For each alternative briefly detail the alternative (1-3 sentences) and then: • • Discuss 2-3 strategic advantages of the alternative (1-2 sentences for each advantage) Discuss 2-3 strategic disadvantages of the alternative (1-2 sentences for each disadvantage) A Recommendation section where you select 1 (and only 1) alternative from the list above as the recommendation (typically ½ .Atul Razdan .). that will serve as the basis of the decision (2-3 sentences) – State the recommended course of action (from your list of alternatives) and possibly provide a little more elaboration of the recommendation beyond its description in the alternatives section (1-3 sentences) – Describe why the recommended course of action is the best alternative and the weaknesses of the other alternatives that prevent them from being selected as the recommendation (2-4 sentences) – Describe the goals and objectives of the recommendation (2-5 sentences). Items to include (this is not necessarily a complete list): – Description of specific activities that need to be undertaken – Assignation of responsibilities – Costs of each activity – Timeframes for each activity Course Plan. fill in using sound business judgment. 2) appropriate specific goals (profit. etc.2 pages) – this answers the question of “how should the organization go about achieving the recommendation”. This is in many respects the most important part of the entire case analysis.Aug-Dec 2010 Page 8 . This must include: 1) a stated time frame for achieving.¾ page) – this answers the question of “what should the organization do?”: – Describe 1-3 key decision criteria and/or assumptions.UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES College of Management and Economic Studies. This section needs to be described in as much detail as possible given the constraints in the case – when you are missing specific data. 3) expected costs and benefits • A section discussing the Implementation/Action Plan (typically 1½ .

Failure to include a financial analysis will lead to an automatic deduction from the final grade. Dehradun – Measures of success/failure for each activity – Possible coordination issues – Possible obstacles/impediments that need to be considered/dealt with to successfully implement the recommendation • A Financial Analysis on a separate appendix page (1 page). Understand the application marketing concept to the respective domains 2.1 to 6. given the constraints of the financial information available in the case. is severely limited. For example: – [simple statement of fact] The debt-to-equity ratio has been increasing during the past three years – [definition as discussion] The debt-to-equity ration has been increasing during the past three years. The financial analysis should be approx. indicates that the company cannot use much more debt financing to pursue future growth plans • Information derived in this appendix should serve as the basis of much of your thinking/insight in the body of the case. or fails to take into account the financial aspects of the case. especially in the recommendation and implementation/action plan sections. Apply entrepreneurial concepts and make a proposal to market a product or service in specific domain Course Plan. This is caused by the company‟s vigorous plant building during the past three years and because management has chosen to take advantage of the relatively low interest rates in the debt market. and will likewise be reflected within your grade Project & presentation on innovation in product/service development in domain area: 10% Objective: This activity will help you understand/develop: 1. Develop creative abilities/skills for entrepreneurial venture 3. combined with the recent rise in interest rates. no matter how brief the financial information is presented in the case.UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES College of Management and Economic Studies.Aug-Dec 2010 Page 9 . which means that the company has been using more debt than equity to finance its operations – [financial analysis] The company‟s debt-to-equity ration has risen from 1. this high ratio. However. compared to its industry. Any of these sections that is inconsistent with. The financial analysis should be an analysis. All case analyses must have a financial analysis. not a simple statement of facts.Atul Razdan .4 from 2007 to 2009. 1 page of textual analysis long.

Apply the marketing mix in an integrated form to the domain 5. Students will attend the class section to which they are registered. After a particular announced date submissions will not be accepted. ISBN 978-81-317-1683-0 Additional reading: Harvard Business Review.Atul Razdan . 13th Edition. Students are expected to follow general norms of discipline and exhibit maturity worthy of a post graduate professional student. Disagreement and debates are encouraged. Newspaper: Any national daily. Instructional Material Textbooks: *Kotler. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely. Students should be fully prepared for each class as mentioned in the session plan. 3. Late assignments would be graded after awarding negative marks (-2@ per day). Students are required to submit both soft and hard copy of this project Course policies: 1.Aug-Dec 2010 Page 10 . Dehradun 4. Intolerance for the views of others is unacceptable. 2. Journals of Marketing. Jha. 7. Keller.UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & ENERGY STUDIES College of Management and Economic Studies. Koshy. Pearson 2009. Students would be required to submit both hard and soft copy (to be posted on LMS) of their assignments and projects. Forbes. 6. Mobiles to be kept in silent mode during lecture and punctuality (not permitted in class after 10 minutes and marked absent) are a few of the numerous things expected as part of that maturity. Students will respect the views and opinions of the colleague. Business week. The Economic Times Course Plan. Fortune 500. A South Asian Perspective. Business and Advertising. Marketing Management. 5. Laptops are required to be closed and put away unless required by faculty. Unprepared students will be penalized in their internal assessment which will substantially affect their final grades. 4.

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