Proyecto DataMart Comercial

Víctor Orellana

Mario López Urzúa Junio 2011

836 employees 3.4% March 31th.A. and the average FX rates of $1.2 22. 2 .8% 15.Itaú Unibanco at a Glance Leading position in Brazil through key competitive strengths (1) Over US$100 billion market capitalization 109. endorsements and guarantees.8% 16. Source: Company 2Q-2010 Quarterly Report. Figures were converted in USD using the FX rate (BRL/USD) of 1.534 ATMs in Brazil Brazilian multinational Major provider of finance for the expansion of Brazilian companies The best talent pool in the Brazilian financial system Consolidated Financial Highlights(2) US$ Billion December 31st. 2010.982 branches and 29.7% 47.2 201.1% Itaú Unibanco S. Source: 20F as of 12/31/09 and Company 2Q-2010 Quarterly Report.9935 and $1. 3.7412 and 1. respectively.5 7. 2011 477.8015 for 12/31/09 and 6/30/10. 2010 Total Assets Total Loans(3) Stockholders’ Equity Recurring Net Income ROE (Average Equity) Annualized Efficiency Ratio BIS Ratio 453.7965 for the FY2009 and 1H 2010.9 211.1 2.8 24. Market Capitalization as of October 18. International Credit Ratings Short-Term A-3 Long-Term BBB F-2 BBB Notes: As of December 31. Includes sureties.1% 48. respectively. 2010. Source: Bloomberg 1. 2.3 36.7 39.

and a global distribution capabilities.A. Banco Itaú Chile Banco Itaú Argentina S. Banco Itaú Europa Suisse S. Office Itaú Unibanco NY Branch Banco Itaú Europa Intl (Miami) Itaú Europa Paris Rep.A. Banco Itaú Uruguay S. (Hong Kong) Itaú Unibanco S. (Dubai) Itaú BBA Shanghai Rep. Itaú U. (London) Itaú Europa Frankfurt Rep. Office Banco Itaú Europa Luxembourg S. Office Itaú Ásia Securities Ltd. Banco Itaú Europa S. (Brazil) Unibanco S. …. Office Itaú Asia Securities Ltd.K.Securities Ltd.A. Cayman Branch Itaú Unibanco Holding S. (Lisbon) Itaú Europa Madrid Rep. Cayman Branch BIE Bank & Trust Ltd.A. (Brazil) Banco Itaú BBA S. Tokyo Branch Itaú Unibanco Tokyo Branch Itaú USA Securities Inc.A. Office Itaú Unibanco S.Itaú Unibanco: Global Presence Itaú Unibanco has a strong presence in South America…. 3 . Banco Itaú Europa S.A.A.A. (Brazil) Banco Itaú Paraguay S. Itaú BBA NY Rep.A.A. . (Cayman) Itaú Unibanco S.A. Nassau Branch Itaú BBA Nassau Branch Banco Itaú Europa Bahamas Itaú Middle East Securities Ltd.A.A.

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