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APRIL 27, 2012










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A P R I L 2 7 , 2 0 1 2 I S S U E 1 7 V O LU M E 3 1 ON THE COVER Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 SPECIAL COUPONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 WINE COUNTRY NEWS Northern California Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Wineology by Len Napolitano . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Wine Country Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-18 WINE COUNTRY GETAWAYS Overnight Accommodations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 SUISUN VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32-33 Suisun Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 NAPA VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35-45 Downtown Napa Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 St. Helena Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 Napa Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40-41 Yountville . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43 Calistoga . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .44-45 SONOMA COUNTY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46-59 Sonoma County Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46-47 Russian River Area Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Downtown Healdsburg Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 Sonoma Valley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52-59 Sonoma Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52 Sonoma Plaza Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55 Glen Ellen & Kenwood Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .59 MENDOCINO & LAKE COUNTIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60-61 Lake & Mendocino Counties Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 LIVERMORE VALLEY Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62 TREASURE ISLAND Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63 SANTA CLARA, SANTA CRUZ & MONTEREY COUNTIES . . 64-66 Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz Mountains Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Salinas Valley Wineries Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 WINERY LISTINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67-78

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intelligence for the Wine conSUMer by Len Napolitano

What is the relationship between wine and the weather?

The whole issue of the weather and its effect on winemaking is about a wines overall quality, flavor, richness, age-ability, complexity and even cost. A bountiful harvest could mean an abundance of wines at great value. A spoiled crop may mean increased prices and limited availability of good wines. There are always exceptions, and it is very possible to find great wines from not-so-great vintages, and vice versa. First, winemakers speak of climate zones, which are geographic regions differentiated according to the average amount of warmth above 50 each year. This part of the weather equation is steady, with minor variation over the long-term. Therefore, knowledge of climate zones helps a grape grower determine which types of vines to plant. For example, cooler zones are known to be best for growing Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, while warmer zones have proven beneficial to Syrah and Zinfandel. The other side of the weather story is the one that can stress the winemaker as much as the grapes the weather conditions in any given year, regardless of the climate zone. No two years will have an identical number of days of sun, rain, fog, mist, hail, frost and wind. Whats more, the timing of these unpredictable events throughout the growing season of March to October can mean the difference between a perfect vintage and a horrible one. Thus, wines are identified with the vintage year information critical to wine buyers. With the help of Vintage Charts, you can compare vintages of any major wine-growing regions, which, in effect, is comparing the weather from year to year. If you buy your wine at wine specialty shops, vintage charts are normally available for reference, if you ask. When it comes to wines from California, our wine region weather is fairly good and consistent. In dry periods we irrigate the vineyards. But European vineyards depend more on the weather and wines from France especially can vary greatly from year to year. So what kind of weather will produce a perfect vintage? It starts with rain in March, but as of April, is practically rain-free. The days are warm, the nights are cool, and the summer is long and mild. If the days get too cold, the grapes will ripen too slowly, sometimes never fully maturing. This will increase the tartness and acidity in the wines. If the weather is too hot, the wine tends to be flat and heavy. But the real devastator is rain during, or nearing, harvest time. This excess moisture will dilute the juice in the grapes and may even cause rot to form on the grapes. The period from mid-August to October is critical to grape growers and winemakers, as they must continually measure the ripeness of the grapes in making their decision on when to pick them. They hope for continued warm weather and will shudder at even the threat of rain, as heavy rain at harvest time can ruin an otherwise great growing season.
Len Napolitano lives in San Luis Obispo County and is certified in wine by the Society of Wine Educators, Wine & Spirits Education Trust and Chicago Wine School and continually gains knowledge from his frequent contact with California winemakers. More information is on his website, Send your questions about wine to: or by mail to Len Napolitano in care of Wine Country This Week magazine. Wineology is a registered trademark of Len Napolitano.


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CalEndaR oF EVEnts | WinE CountRy this WEEK

ongoing Napa Valley Wine Train napa,, 800-427-4124 Apr 26: Piano Bar Sing Along ongoing Taste at Oxbow Wine and Chocolate Pairing napa, taste 5 chocolates with 5 wines, $20, 12-7pm Sunday thru thursday 12-9 pm friday and Saturday. reservations recommended. 707-265-9600. ongoing Live Music Fridays at Taste at Oxbow napa, time varies, 707-265-9600, ongoing Seminars & Tastings at Merryvale Vineyards St. helena, 10am-6:30pm,, 707-963-7777 Merryvale tasting, $15 reserve tasting, $35 Wine Sensory Seminar, $45, fridays 12pm or by appt Wine & cheese experience, $45, by appt Sommelier grand reserve tasting, $65, by appt ongoing FRidays-sundays Barrel Tasting & Tours at Reata Barrel tasting: 11am, 2pm & by appointment, tours by appointment napa,, 707-254-8673x119 ongoing Jefferson House Reserve Room Tasting at Monticello Vineyards napa, reserve Wine Seminar, corley family napa Valley $25 rSVP 707-253-2802 x18, ongoing V. Sattui Winery St. helena, 9am-6pm, no appt. necessary,, 707-963-7774 classic tasting, daily, $5 Premium tasting, daily, $10 food & wine pairing, Mon-thu, $18 Artisan chocolate & wine pairing, Sat-Sun, $25 italian Marketplace with 200+ cheeses Deli with panini, sandwiches, crabcakes & more Weekend BBQ, wood-fired pizza, oysters, mozzarella bar 2 acres of tree-shaded picnic grounds ongoing FRidays-sundays Food & Wine Pairings at Etude Winery napa, 10am, 1pm & 3pm, $35, $25/members, 707-257-5300 ongoing Rombauer Vineyards St. helena,, 707 963-5170 friday-Sunday: open by advance appointment only Monday-thursday 10am-5pm tasting $10 Wine & cheese Pairing daily by appointment only, 11am, 1 & 3pm, $25 ongoing Tours and Tastings at William Hill Estate Winery napa, 10am-5pm, by appt.,, 707-265-3024 taste the napa Valley, $12 taste the Silverado Bench, $20 estate exclusives, $25 intro to William hill estate tour and tasting, $25 the William hill estate experience tour and tasting, $40 ongoing Tours & Tasting at ZD Wines rutherford, rSVP 800-487-7757, traditional tasting, $10, daily 10am-4pm Premier tasting, $15, daily 10am-4pm Private group tasting, $20, by appt cellar tour & tasting, $25, 1pm weekends & holidays, M-f by appt Vineyard View tasting, $40, Sat-Sun 11am, M-f by appt Abacus tasting, $600 for 4-6 people, by appt Wine train, $180 ongoing Vineyard & Winery Tours at Raymond Vineyards St. helena, 11am (by appt), $15, group tours available (by appt), 800-525-2659x620 ongoing Tours & Tastings at Andretti Winery napa,, 877-386-5070x227 individual tastings, $15 Private Winery tour & tasting, $20/person by appointment Vineyard tours, $20/person by appointment ongoing Tasting at Grgich Hills Estate rutherford, 9:30am-4:30pm, tours at 11am & 2pm, $10 Wine library tasting/$30, Barrel tasting on most fridays 2-4pm, 707-963-2784 ongoing Tastings & Tours at Artesa Winery napa, rSVP, 877-224-8309, Vino con Queso, Wine & cheese experience, $40 Daily guided tours Vines & Wines, A Vineyard tour, $40 ongoing Tours & Tasting at Black Stallion Winery napa, 10am-5pm,, 707-253-1400 regular tasting, $10 reserve tasting, $35, Sat-Sun Artisan cheese additional $7.50/person ongoing Educational Tours & Wine Tasting at Castello di Amorosa calistoga,, rSVP, 707-967-6272 regular tour & tasting, $25-$40 reserve tour & tasting, $35-$50 tasting only, $10-$25 Young adult tours, $15-$20 napa Valley neighbor Program Private ViP tours ongoing Tastings at St. Supry rutherford,, 800-231-6116 Vineyard to glass, Saturdays, 2pm, $50 St Supry historical tasting, Sundays, 2pm, $50 cellar tour, fridays, 2pm, $50 Dollarhide library tasting, daily, $25 lu library tasting, daily, $25 ongoing Wine tasting Experiences at Benessere Vineyards St. helena,, by appt 707-963-5853x105 Personalized Wine flights, daily, $10 Vineyards Walking tour & tasting, M-W, 10:30am, $15 fudge Pairing experience, Sun, 10:30am, $15 Barrel tasting, rSVP, tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $20 Barrel tasting & current release, tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $25 Barrel tasting & Vertical, tues, Sat-Sun, 11am, $25 group tasting, Sat-Sun, 1:30pm, $15 ongoing Joseph Phelps Vineyards: tastings & seminars An opportunity to participate in a wide range of excellent seminars. 1 hours 11am daily; 2:30pm, Monday-friday & 2pm, Saturday & Sunday. $40, except insignia Blending/$60, free/wine club members. terrace tastings daily, $25 rSVP, 707-967-3720, details insignia Blending Wine Aroma challenge Single Vineyard cabernets napa Valley rocks Barrel seminar ongoing tours & tastings at Clos du Val napa, daily 10am-5pm,, 800-993-9463 classic tastings, $10: fee waived with purchase of a bottle wine. reserve tastings, $20: fee not waived with purchase of a bottle of wine. tours by appointment with 24 hour advance notice ongoing satuRdays & sundays Cooking demonstrations at the deBaun theatre St. helena, culinary institute of America at greystone, 1:30-2:30pm, $20 With a sample of the recipe and their greystone wine,, 707-967-2320 ongoing Visitor Programs at Robert Mondavi Winery for details,, 888-rMonDAVi x2 the Signature tour & tasting the Wine tasting Basics the exclusive cellar tasting tasting Beyond the Basics the harvest of Joy tour & lunch ongoing ViP tasting & artisan Barrel Factory tour Bourassa Vineyards, napa, Mon-fri by appointment, $15 mid-week special Mention this listing,, 800-499-2366 ongoing tastings at silverado Vineyards napa,, 707-259-6611, 800-997-1770x611 Saddleblock Vineyard tasting, $75 library tasting, $75 Daily tasting room flights, estate/$10, Premier/$20 Public tours & tasting, 10:30am & 2:30pm, $15 Private tour and or tasting, 15-25 guests, $20/tour, $25/tour & tasting thiRd satuRday oF thE Month Bacchus that Rascal clos Pegase, calistoga, free, 2pm, Multi-media presentation history of Wine, 707-942-4981 ongoing satuRdays napa Riverwalk with historian george Webber 2 hour tour with tales & lore of old town napa, 10am, $20, 707-251-8500 sECond sundays second sunday supper Club AViA napa, napa, 5:30-7pm, $110, 707-224-3900 ongoing napa Valley opera house 1030 Main Street, napa,, 707-226-7372 Apr 20: Women fully clothed Apr 21: lisa loeb Apr 24: tuesday night flicks, San francisco Apr 25: Montreal + california guitar trio Apr 25-26: the Acting company, comedy of errors & Julius caesar May 3: Keola Beamer & raiatea helm May 5: VoenA, Voices of life May 8: Seldom Seen cinema, tell no one May 9: four Bitchin Babes

Daily: Valley first tour Daily: grgich hills estate Winery tour fri-Sun: Domaine chandon Winery tour Sat: Valleys only evening Winery tour Mon-thu: Ambassador Winery tour April 26: Piano Bar Sing Along


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WinE CountRy this WEEK | CalEndaR oF EVEnts


CalEndaR oF EVEnts | WinE CountRy this WEEK

ongoing Wine tasting at Back Room Wines napa, 5-9pm,, 707-226-1378 ongoing di Rosa napa,, 707-226-5991 ongoing until June 10: hung liu, new Work April 28: Spring nature hike May 5, 19: Spring nature hike ongoing live at uptown theatre napa,, 707-259-0123 Apr 25: craig ferguson Apr 27: chris isaak May 4: David Sedaris ongoing FRidays Friday night Pulse tastings AcMe fine Wines, St.helena, 5-7pm,, 888-963-0440 ongoing FRidays Bubbles Bar at 1313 Main napa, 9pm-12am,, 707-258-1313 ongoing Friday night Winemaker Events JV Wine & Spirits, napa, 5-7pm, $2,, 707-253-2624 ongoing tasting Events at Wineries of napa Valley napa town center, napa, check website for times & prices, 707-253-9450 ongoing WEdnEsdays Winemaker Wednesdays at 1313 Main napa, 6-8pm,, 707-258-1313 ongoing thRough aPRil 30 Napa Valley Arts in April Various events & locations in napa Valley! aPRil 19 Film screening: amadeus napa Valley Museum, Yountville, 7-9pm, 707-944-0500 aPRil 21 Andretti Winery Celebrates Wine & Cuisine with Lunch Join chef chiara lacoviello in the courtyard, napa, $70, 12pm, rSVP, 888-460-8463x229 aPRil 21 Lobster Fest at V. Sattui St. helena, 6:30-9:30pm, $99/member, $109/guests, 707-963-7774 aPRil 21 2008 Lot No. 1 Cabernet Sauvignon Release at Louis M. Martini Winery St. helena, $30/members, $40/guests, 866-549-2582 aPRil 21 Cabernet Blending Event at Beringer St. helena,, 707-963-8989x2036 aPRil 21 Cooking Class Join chef Sean otoole and clos du Val Winery cedar gables inn, napa, 4-8pm, $160, 707-224-7969 aPRil 21-22 April in Carneros hospitality de los carneros. Visit participating wineries! 10am-4pm, $39/adv, $45, aPRil 22 New DARE Releases & Paella Party at Viader Deer Park, 12-4pm, $60,, 707-963-3816 aPRil 26 the art of Costume design napa Valley Museum, Yountville, 7pm, 707-944-0500 aPRil 27 Sunsets on the Silverado Bench at William Hill Estate Winery napa, 5:30pm-sunset, rSVP required, 888-909-9463 aPRil 27-29 stags leap district Vineyard to Vintner Various events & locations, aPRil 28 Spanish Dinner at Artesa napa, 6:30pm, $90, club Member event, 877-224-8309 aPRil 28 !WAR Arts in April Benefit at Hess Collection napa, 3pm, $100,, 707-255-1144 aPRil 28 Farmers Market Lunch at Acacia Vineyard napa, 11am-3pm, $40/members, $50, 707-226-9991x2 aPRil 28 Kitchens in the Vineyard home & garden tour tour kitchens in the napa Valley, 9:30am-4:30pm, 707-258-5559 aPRil 28 3rd annual hall Cabernet Cookoff hAll St. helena Winery, St. helena, 11am-3pm $60, $48/members,, 707-967-2657 aPRil 29 Peju Art Exhibit Reception rutherford, 1-4pm,, 707-963-3600 aPRil 29 Entice your senses wit sonoma-Cutrer culinary institute of America, St. helena, 1:30-4pm $80/club cutrer members, $95/non-members, 707-237-3466 May 4 14th annual Cinco de Mayo golf Classic Silverado resort & Spa, napa, 707-967-8038 May 4-6 Women for Winesense grand Event Various events & locations in napa Valley. May 5 Wine Club Pickup Party & Cinco de Mayo at Acacia Vineyard napa, 11am-3pm, free/members, $20, 707-226-9991x2 May 5 Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at St. Clement A club Member exclusive event St. helena,, 707-265-5000 May 5 Cooking Class Join chef Brian Whitmer and girard Winery cedar gables inn, napa, 4-8pm, $160, 707-224-7969 May 5 World of Wine robert Mondavi Winery, oakville, 5-7:30pm, $150, 707-255-0966 May 5-6 Rutherford Passport to Fiesta Visit 11 wineries for food & wine! $75, $60/Sunday only May 6 3rd Annual Wine Auction on the Lawn at Charles Krug St. helena, 2-5pm,, 707-967-2200

ongoing Live Music at Centre du Vin ledson hotel, Sonoma, 707-996-9779 Apr 21: Jess Petty Apr 28: Dan Daniels & Joyce grant May 4: cinco de Mayo celebration, luna itzel ongoing Private Tastings at Viansa, 800-995-7470 italian Wine & cheese Pairing,10:30am, 12:30pm, 3pm by appointment, $10/members, $25 reserve Wine & food Pairing, 10:30am, 12:30pm, 3pm by appointment free/members, $45 ongoing Reserve Wine & Food Pairing Private Tasting at Viansa Sonoma, 10:30am, 12:30pm, 3pm by appointment, 800-995-7470, free/members, $45 ongoing Carneros Bistro & Wine Bar Introduces Thematic Wine Program honoring great local wine makers. Plus, each thursday, 6:30-8pm celebrity winetenders. the lodge at Sonoma, rSVP,, 707-931-2042 ongoing Vineyard Walk & Photography Workshop at B.R. Cohn Winery glen ellen, 10am-1pm, $45, $35/members, 707-931-7924x123 ongoing Exclusive Wine & Cheese Tasting at B.R. Cohn Winery glen ellen, 11am & 3pm, $25, $20/members, 707-931-7924x123 ongoing Private Wine Tastings at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery healdsburg Pick of the Bunch five wines, 6-8 people, $20-$40pp by appointment,, 707-433-6700 Scentiments test your Smell Memory White Wine lovers wines paired with Artisan cheeses King of reds wines paired with dried fruits and chocolates Matchmaker wine and food pairing PreVail tasting wines paired with Artisan charcuterie plate cabernet terroir tasting comparison wines from different elevations ongoing FRidays, satuRdays & sundays Taste with the Count at Buena Vista A 45-minute tour and wine tasting, 11am & 12:30pm, $20 A 90-minute taste with the count with reserve Buena Vista wines in the counts lair by the count. 2pm, $45, rSVP, 800-926-1266 ongoing Wine and Food Pairing at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery healdsburg Matchmaker, learn the art and science of matching wines with the perfect food. 6-8 people, $35pp, by appointment, 707-433-6700 ongoing Free Guided Winery Tour at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery healdsburg Monday-Saturday, 10am, by appointment, 707-433-6700 ongoing Group Private Tastings at Ferrari-Carano Vineyards and Winery healdsburg includes 5 wines, 9-25 people in underground cellar, by appointment. $20 per person,, 707-433-6700 ongoing Terroir & History Tour at Chateau St. Jean Kenwood, A visit to chateau St. Jean lifts all of your senses. complimentary, 11am-2pm,, 707-833-4134


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WinE CountRy this WEEK | CalEndaR oF EVEnts

ongoing Food and Wine Pairing at the Mayo Reserve Room 9200 Sonoma hwy, Kenwood, Daily, 10:30am-6pm, 7 course food/wine tasting $35, reservations recommended,, 707-833-5504 ongoing Wine Experiences at Chateau St. Jean Kenwood, ten person minimum, 2 hours, $50, by appointment, 707-833-4134x5258 cinq cpages Blending Seminar, eight person minimum, 2 hours, $75 cinq cpages component tasting, eight person minimum, 1.5 hours, $25 Private ViP Wine tasting, 10:30am, 1 & 3pm, $25, 1 hour Box lunch Prgram with tour ongoing Tours, Tastings & Seminars at St. Francis Winery Santa rosa, ten person minimum call for more information & reservations 888-675-Wine(9463)x255, charcuterie, daily 11am-4pm, $25/$20 club members Wine & food Pairing, $35/$28 club members ongoing Guided Winery Tours at Gloria Ferrer Sonoma, 11am, 1 & 3pm, $10,, 707-996-7256 ongoing Wine & Food Pairing at Kendall-Jackson fulton, Special reserve food & wine tasting, 10am-4pm, $25, 707-571-7500 ongoing sundays Domaine Carneros Sparkling Brunch at the Fairmont Mission Inn & Spa Sonoma, 9am-1pm,, 707-938-9000 ongoing sundays Sunday Brunch at the Centre du Vin ledson hotel, Sonoma, 9am-1pm, 707-996-9779 ongoing WEEKEnds Wine & Chocolate Pairings at Fritz Winery cloverdale, 10:30am-4:30pm, $5 tasting fee covers the pairing, 707-894-3389 last thuRsday oF thE Month 50 Mile AV Vintner's Dining glen ellen, Barrel tasting & old Vine Pinot noir & Syrahs from Ashton Vineyard. foods sourced locally. 4-7PM,, rSVP, 707-935-3456 ongoing thuRsdays Thirsty Thursdays at Anaba Sonoma, enjoy complimentary cheese & crackers to pair with your wine tasting. 4-5:30pm,, 707-996-4188 ongoing thuRsday sunday Unique Food & Wine Pairings at HKG Tasting Room glen ellen, 12-6pm,, 707-938-7622 ongoing WEdnEsday-satuRday Live Music at Cellars of Sonoma Santa rosa, 7:30-10:30pm,, 707-578-1826 Wed: ricky Allan ray thur: Dustin Saylor fri: John Pita Sat: robert herrera & Billy Kingsborough (they alternate every other Saturday) sECond thuRsday oF thE Month Comedy Night at Cellars of Sonoma Santa rosa, 8:15-9pm,, 707-578-1826 ongoing Moondance Cellars & Orchard Station Wines glen ellen, Paired with Wine country chocolates truffle tastes, $10, 707-938-7550 ongoing thuRsday-satuRday Michel-schlumberger Winery green tour healdsburg, 10:30am, $25, 800-447-3060

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CalEndaR oF EVEnts | WinE CountRy this WEEK

ongoing Monday-satuRday Robert young Estate Winery Vineyard tours & tasting in a Remodeled grape gondola geyserville, 11:30am, $10, box lunch provided for $20, 707-431-4811 ongoing FRidays & satuRdays Come Crush With us at icaria Creek Winery Winemaker Jeff Smith leads a tasting of bottled & barreled wines, rSVP, 707-486-9623 EVERy WEdnEsday & satuRday santa Rosa original Farmers Market Santa rosa Veterans Building parking lot, 8:30am-noon, 707-522-8629 EVERy FRiday MoRning sonoma Valley Farmers Market Depot Park, Sonoma, 9am-noon, 707-538-7023 EVERy othER WEdnEsday the art of Winemaking Workshop Petroni Vineyards, Sonoma, 10:30am-12pm, 707-935-8311 ongoing Cooking Classes at Ramekins Culinary school 450 West Spain St, Sonoma, check website for schedule., 707-933-0450 ongoing spreckels Performing arts Center rohnert Park, 707-588-3400,, 707-588-3400 May 11-13, 18-20: legally Blonde, the Musical ongoing Wells Fargo Center for the arts Santa rosa,, 707-546-3600 Apr 20: Mike Birbiglia Apr 22: Pops tribute ladies of Motown Apr 27: rhythmic circus Apr 28: Kenny rogers May 3: Psychic/Medium Karen Peterson May 6: American Philharmonic Show 5 ongoing live shows at hopmonk tavern Sebastopol,, 707-829-7300 Apr 21: the Mother hips Apr 25: Michelle Shocked Apr 27: Ser la Muse Apr 28: Baby Seal club May 4: Zen road Pilots ongoing thuRsdays Winemaker thursday series at Big Bottom Market guerneville, 6-8pm,, 707-604-7295 ongoing FRidays Music at Vino di amore tasting lounge cloverdale, 7-9pm,, 707-894-6166 ongoing satuRdays swirl, sniff & sip (aka Wine 101) Big 3 Wine Bar, fairmont Sonoma Mission inn & Spa, Sonoma 10-10:45am,, 707-938-900 ongoing thRough EaRly sPRing 2012 16th annual sculpture Exhibit FinalE at Paradise Ridge Winery the Sculpture grove can be seen until dusk, followed by a glass of wine on the winerys veranda, with its spectacular view of the sunset. 11am-5pm, daily, 707-528-Wine ongoing thRough May 6 laughing Matters healdsburg center for the Arts, healdsburg, 707-433-5786 FRidays & satuRdays in aPRil Music at Vino di amore tasting lounge cloverdale, 7-9:30pm, 707-894-6166 ongoing thRough JunE 4 the Wall show Wall hung Works by 8 sculptors A new leaf gallery, cornerstone, Sonoma, 707-933-1300 aPRil 20 Tapas on the Terrace at Gloria Ferrer Sonoma, 5:30-7:30pm, $35, $29.75/members, 707-933-1999 aPRil 20-22 Gloria Ferrer Celebrates Earth Day Sonoma, 10am-5pm, free, 707-933-1953 aPRil 20-22 a glass of Cabaret 6th Street Playhouse, Santa rosa, 707-523-4185 aPRil 20-28 2012 spring dance Concert Sonoma State University, rohnert Park, 707-664-2353 aPRil 21 Earth Day Celebration at Rodney Strong Vineyards healdsburg, 10-11am, free, rSVP, 707-433-0904 aPRil 21 Earth Day at Rodney Strong Vineyards healdsburg, 10-11am,, rSVP, 707-433-0904 aPRil 21 Sea Ranch Lodge Winemaker Dinner featuring gustafson Vineyards, 5:30pm Sea ranch lodge, the Sea ranch, 800-732-7262 aPRil 21 Get Zen Event & Sauvignon Release Party Matanzas creek Winery, Santa rosa, 12-4pm, 800-668-5887 aPRil 21 Earth day Celebration Benziger family Winery, glen ellen, 11am, $60, 800-989-8890 aPRil 21 Barrel tasting Festival landmark Vineyards, Kenwood, 12-4pm, 707-833-0053 aPRil 21 Complimentary Concert series landmark Vineyards, Kenwood, 1-4pm, 707-833-0053 aPRil 21 Earth day Dutton-goldfield Winery, Sebastopol, 10am-4:30pm, 707-827-3600 aPRil 21-22 April in Carneros hospitality de los carneros Visit participating wineries! 10am-4pm, $39/adv, $45 aPRil 21-22 66th annual apple Blossom Festival ives Park, Sebastopol, Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm, 707-823-3032 aPRil 22 Earth day Celebration inman family Wines, Santa rosa, 11am-4pm, 707-293-9576 aPRil 22 8th annual Petaluma Footrace Petaluma Marina Business center, Petaluma aPRil 22 Chardonnay & Croquet Sonoma-cutrer, Windsor, 11am-2pm, $35, $25/members, rSVP, 707-237-3489 aPRil 22 Earth day & Wellness Festival Windsor town green, Windsor, 707-838-1252 aPRil 22 Earth day Complimentary Estate tours Quivira Vineyard & Winery, healdsburg, 11am & 1pm, 707-431-8354x224 aPRil 26 april sunset supper DaVero farms & Winery, healdsburg, 6-8:30pm, 707-431-8000x1 aPRil 27 Balletto Vineyards Winemaker Dinner Santa rosa golf & country club, Santa rosa, 707-588-2455 aPRil 28 Ledson Winery Futures Release Barrel Tasting Party Wine club Member event, 6-9pm Kenwood,, 707-537-3823 aPRil 28 Belly dancing at Vino di amore tasting lounge cloverdale, 7-9:30pm,, 707-894-6166 aPRil 28 indie Rock Concert: Fruit Bats gundlach Bundschu Winery, Sonoma, 7pm, $15/adv, $20, 707-938-5277 aPRil 28 31st annual Butter & Egg days Downtown Petaluma, 10am-5pm aPRil 28 Wine & Food Pairings thumbprint cellars, healdsburg, $15-$35, 707-433-2393 aPRil 28-29 Big Bottle Sale at Chateau St. Jean Winery Kenwood, 10am-5pm, 707-833-4134 aPRil 28-29 23rd Annual Passport to Dry Creek Valley Visit participating wineries in Dry creek Valley! 11am-4:30pm, $120/2 day, $70/Sunday only, aPRil 29 spring antique Faire Downtown Petaluma, aPRil 29 J. Rickards Vineyards Winemaker dinner Village inn & restaurant, Monte rio 6pm, $48, 707-865-0565 aPRil 29-30 steppin out with the healdsburg Chorus healdsburg community church, healdsburg, 707-495-5620 FRidays in May Music at Vino di amore tasting lounge cloverdale, 7-9:30pm, 707-894-6166 WEdnEsdays May 2 oCtoBER 17 Wines & sunsets in Paradise Paradise ridge Winery, Santa rosa, 6pm, 707-528-9463 May 5 Cinco de Mayo robledo family Winery, Sonoma, 12-3pm, $30/members, $40, rSVP, 707-939-6903 May 5-6 annual Chapel hike nicholson ranch Winery, Sonoma, 10am & 2pm $45/members, $65/general, $25/under 21, 707-938-8822


WinE CountRy this WEEK | CalEndaR oF EVEnts

May 5-6 7th annual invite your Friends to Roche Weekend roche Winerys tasting room, Sonoma, 707-935-7115 May 6 Cheesemaking & Cheese tasting Class with sheana davis crme de ricotta & Paneer Spring herb Molds Sonoma Valley inn, Sonoma, 1-3pm, $45, 707-935-7960 May 10 Winemaker dinner series: a. Rafanelli Sant restaurant, fairmont Sonoma Mission inn, Sonoma, 707-938-9000 May 10 Jennifer Bethke lecture: the iconography of Power in Russian Visual arts Sonoma country Museum, Santa rosa, 6-7:30pm, 707-579-1500 May 5-6 Spring Hopland Passport Visit 16 participating wineries! $45/adv, $55, 800-564-2582 May 5-6 35th annual John druecker Memorial Rhododendron show & Plant sale Mendocino coast Botanical gardens, fort Bragg May 12 15th annual Boonville Beer Festival Mendocino county fairgrounds, Boonville, 800-207-Beer May 12 Mothers day Brunch Mendocino hotel, Mendocino, 707-937-0511 May 12-13 Mothers day high tea the lakeport english inn, lakeport, 707-263-4317 May 13 Mothers day Pops Concert Soper-reese theatre, lakeport, 3pm, 707-245-0577 May 18-20 15th Annual Pinot Noir Festival Anderson Valley Winegrowers Various events & locations in Anderson Valley, 707-895-Wine aPRil 27 Muscardini Cellars Winemakers dinner with Michael Muscardini Perbacco restaurant, San francisco, 7pm, $125, 707-933-9605 aPRil 28-29 treasure island Flea one Avenue of the Palms, treasure island, San francisco, 9am-4pm, 415-898-0245 May 8 8th Annual Pink Out! SF ros Avengers & Producers (rAP) Butterfly restaurant, the embarcadero, San francisco, $35/adv, $45, 707-495-0831 May 19 7th Annual Uncorked! Wine Festival ghirardelli Square, San francisco, 415-775-5500

EVERy sECond satuRday Food & Wine Pairings Mcnab ridge tasting room, hopland,, 707-744-1986 ongoing skunk train fort Bragg,, 866-457-5865 May 13: Mothers Day Brunch ongoing FRidays tuscan Village Music art series terrill cellars, lower lake, 6-9pm,, 707-994-3354 aPRil 15-22 Earth day husch Vineyards, Philo, 10am-4pm, 800-554-8724 aPRil 21 Earth day Festival Solar living center, hopland, free, 707-472-2450 aPRil 21 Earth day dog hike Saracina Vineyards, hopland, 10am-1pm, 707-744-1671 aPRil 21 noyo Food Forest 6th annual Earth day Festival fort Bragg high School, fort Bragg, 12-6pm, 707-964-0218 aPRil 21 Earth day Celebration frey Vineyards, redwood Valley, 707-468-7936 aPRil 22 Earth day Celebration Yorkville cellars, Yorkville, 11am-2pm, $10, 707-894-9177 aPRil 22 hendy Woods Benefit navarro Vineyards, Philo, 12-3pm, 800-537-9463 aPRil 22 Kronos Quartet gualala Arts, gualala, 7-10pm, 707-884-1138 aPRil 28 Wildflower Brunch clear lake State Park, Kelseyville, 9am-noon, 707-279-4293 May 5 18th annual heron Festival redbud Audubon Society redbud Park, clearlake, 8am-3pm, 707-263-8030

ongoing Marin Center in san Rafael, 415-499-6800 Apr 21: the romeros, royal family of guitar Apr 22: Debbie reynolds May 6: the Performing Arts Academy of Marin May 6, 8: Marin Symphony, Beethoven & the Bridge aPRil 21 22nd annual great Chefs & Wineries firemans fund insurance company, novato aPRil 28 10th annual artists of issaquah show issaquah Dock, Sausalito, 11am-5pm, 415-331-8989

ongoing the Walt disney Family Museum the Presidio of San francisco, San francisco, 415-345-6816 Apr 21: improv for Animators Apr 27-29: look closer, concept Art for cinderella Apr 28: film, cinderella Apr 28: improv for Voice over ongoing seasons swirl four Seasons hotel, San francisco, 5:30-7:30pm, 415-633-3838 ongoing thRough aPRil 22 Matter + spirit, the sculpture of stephen de staebler de Young Museum, San francisco, ongoing thRough JunE 3 arthur tress: san Francisco 1964 de Young Museum, San francisco, 415-750-3531 ongoing thRough JunE 17 the Cult of Beauty: the Victorian avant-garde legion of honor, San francisco, 415-750-3531 ongoing thRough JunE 17 Childrens Books from the Victorian Era legion of honor, San francisco, 415-750-3531 ongoing thRough august 9 the Fashion Word of Jean Paul gaultier: From the sidewalk to the Catwalk de Young Museum, San francisco, 415-750-3531 aPRil 22 Treasure Island Wineries' Passport Day check-in at Bodega Wine estates, San francisco $60, before April 15/$40, aPRil 24 Chalone Vineyard Wine tasting & dinner campton Place, San francisco robert cook, Winemaker, 415-955-5574


aPRil 28-29 22nd annual Pacific Coast dream Machines show festival of Magnificent Machines half Moon Bay Airport, half Moon Bay, 650-726-2328

WEdnEsdays thRough aPRil 25 3rd Annual Berkeley Wine Festival the claremont hotel club & Spa, Berkeley, 6:30pm Apr 25: Justin Vineyards, $125

ongoing Bankhead theatre livermore Valley Performing Arts center, livermore, 925-373-6800 Apr 20, 22: Swan lake Apr 21: edgar Winter Apr 27: Mariachi Sol de Mexico Apr 28: Alonzo King lineS Ballet May 1: Shelby lynne May 4: lara St. John & Beethovens 9th May 5: Almost elton John May 6: Beatles concert experience May 8: the capitol Steps ongoing Wine Cave tasting Experience Wente Vineyards, livermore, 4pm Sat/Sun, $10, $5/wine club members rSVP,, 925-456-2405 ongoing thuRsday - sunday Wine & Cheese Pairing la rochelle Winery, livermore, 12-4:30pm, 925-243-6442 aPRil 21-22 triValley Conservancy Eco tours concannon Vineyard, livermore, 12:30pm, $10, 925-456-2505

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CalEndaR oF EVEnts | WinE CountRy this WEEK

aPRil 22 Earth day Wente Vineyards estate Winery, livermore, 11am-4pm, 925-456-2450 aPRil 27 Ruby Friday ruby hill Winery, Pleasanton, 6:30-9pm, $10, 925-931-Wine May 2 First Wednesday street Party Main Street, Downtown Pleasanton, 4:30-10pm, 925-484-2199 May 5 Cinco de Merlot cedar Mountain Winery, livermore, 12-4pm, $8, 925-373-6636 May 5 18th annual livermore Valley Wine auction livermore Valley Winegrowers foundation Wente Vineyards, livermore,, 925-321-8338 May 8 spring garden tour Wente Vineyards estate Winery, livermore, 10:30am-2pm, 925-456-2450 May 11 Winemakers dinner to the nth degree Wente Vineyards event center, livermore, rSVP 6:30-9pm, $109 including wine, $89/members, 925-456-2450 May 12 B.y.o.B. - Fill your own Bottle cedar Mountain Winery, livermore, 12-4pm, $8, 925-373-6636 May 13 Mothers day Picnic, 925-447-8941 J aPRil 20-22 Wildflower show Pacific grove Museum of natural history, Pacific grove 10am-5pm,, 831-648-5718 aPRil 21 st. Marys By-the-sea annual spring Book sale St. Marys By-the-Sea episcopal church, Pacific grove 9am-2pm,, 831-373-4441 aPRil 28 Wine Country Tapas at Hahn Estates Soledad, rSVP,, 831-678-4555 aPRil 28 Just Run! Just Kids 3K lovers Point, Pacific grove,, 831-373-3304 aPRil 29 Big sur international Marathon carmel, 6am-1pm, May 3 in your own Backyard series: Meet the Queen of Quince Sip, Swirl, Savor & learn, holman ranch tasting room, carmel Valley, 6pm, 831-659-2640 May 3-6 32nd annual steinbeck Festival national Steinbeck festival, Salinas,, 831-755-4721 May 5 the Quail Motorcycle gathering Quail lodge golf club, carmel Valley, 10:30am-3pm, 831-620-8887 May 5-6 santa Cruz Clay 2012 Bargetto Winery, Soquel, 11am-5pm, 831-475-2258 May 13 Mothers day Brunch Bernardus lodge, carmel Valley, 11am-3:30pm, $75, $32/5-12yrs, 831-658-3400

ongoing sacramento River train, 800-866-1690 Apr 28: great train robbery Apr 28: Sunset Dinner May 5: great train robbery ongoing Mondavi Center for the Performing arts U.c. Davis,, 866-754-ArtS Apr 18-21: the Bad Plus Apr 19-22: the improvised Shakespeare company Apr 22: empyrean ensemble, Songs, Whispers, tales & Utterances, new Works for Voice Apr 23: the Shins Apr 25:Subra Suresh Apr 28: lyris String Quartet Apr 28: Maya Beiser Apr 29: Uc Davis Baroque ensemble& Davis high School Baroque ensemble May 2: San francisco Symphony chamber ensemble May 6: Uc Davis Symphony orchestra May 9: Patti Smith

ongoing satuRdays $5 Wines by the glass Winterhawk Winery, fairfield Wine & complimentary pizza 1-6pm, live music 2-5pm, 707-428-6977 sunday nights Date Night at Mankas Tapa Bar & Steakhouse fairfield, $49/couple for a 3 course dinner, 707-425-3207 sunday nights Grand Master Tasting at Mankas Tapa Bar & Steakhouse fairfield, $29/ dinner & tasting, 707-425-3207 aPRil 27 25th Annual Solano Wine & Food Jubilee nut tree complex, Vacaville, 6:30pm, $75/adv, $100, 707-646-3133 May 12-13 Champagne & treats Wooden Valley Winery, Suisun Valley, 11am-4pm, 707-864-0730


ongoing tasting Room tuesdays Santa cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association, the fairmont San Jose, San Jose Winery representative will pour & be available for vine talk. 5-7pm,, 800-441-1414, 831-685-8463 aPRil 22 J. Lohr Down to Earth Celebration J. lohr San Jose Wine center, San Jose, 6-9pm, $75, 408-918-2176 May 5-6 16th annual a la Carte & art live music, arts/crafts car show & much more! 10am-6pm, free castro Street, Mountain View,, 650-964-3395 May 19 Cork Equity #36 at Guglielmo Winery Bottle your own red wine! Morgan hill, 408-779-2145


ongoing thiRd thuRsdays sweet thursdays at Cannery Row Monterey, family fun, music, fine dining & discounts, 4-8pm, 831-649-6690 ongoing sunset Cultural Center-Carmel carmel,, 831-620-2048 Apr 22-23: Monterey Symphony, concert 6, from fertile ground Apr 25: te Amo, Argentina Apr 26: Mariachi Sol de Mxico Apr 28: 1964the tribute May 3: Authors with Authors ongoing live Music at KRMl Radio the eastwood Building, carmel,, 831-624-6432 ongoing thiRd thuRsdays Monterey Museum of art Monterey, evening of music, wine and hors d'oeuvres, 5-7pm, 831-372-5477 EVERy tuEsday Focus on Monterey County Wines cepage Wine Bar, rancho cellars, carmel, 3-8pm, 831-625-5646 EVERy WEdnEsday Wine down Wednesdays fortino Winery, gilroy, 5-8pm, free,, 408-842-3305 ongoing thuRsdays Exploring Wine learn more about wine & wine appreciation, taste local wines too! carmel ridge Winery, cannery row, Monterey, 4-6pm, $40, 831-324-0035


ongoing thursday night Music series Bargetto Winery, Soquel, enjoy music, food & Bargetto wine! 6-8pm, 831-475-2258x11 aPRil 21 Passport Wine Tasting Visit participating Santa cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association wineries. 11am-5pm, $45,,831-685-8463 aPRil 28 Morgan hill downtown spring Wine stroll Downtown Morgan hill, 1-5pm, $25/adv, $35, 800-487-9463 aPRil 29 Rivers of Chocolate Festival the Mountain Winery, Saratoga, 1-5pm, 408-741-2822

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Anderson Valley Winegrowers Host Annual Pinot Noir Festival

Tickets are on sale for the 15th annual Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival, to be held May 18-20. The event, which is put on by The Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association (AVWA), will feature a grand tasting that highlights 40 producers pouring just one single variety from one appellation (Anderson Valley Pinot Noir and Pinot Noir ross). The Pinot Noir Festival weekend kicks off on Friday, May 18 with a day-long technical conference aimed at members of the trade and avid Pinot consumers. Conference topics include wastewater management, a Boonville vs. deep end Pinot tasting moderated by Michael Mina Group Wine Director Rajat Parr, a Cerise Vineyard focus tasting and more. The technical conference will be followed by a casual, outdoor barbecue at Husch Vineyards, with pulled pork sandwiches and other BBQ delicacies, a live band and plenty of Pinot Noir. After a press tasting on Saturday morning, the grand tasting at Goldeneye Winery in Philo will showcase Anderson Valley Pinot with a latin beat. Pinots will be paired with classic Mexican dishes like fig mole chicken and a group of local women will be making fresh salsas and homemade tortillas during the event. There will also be live music and a silent auction to benefit the Anderson Valley Health Center and Hendy Woods State Park. Participating wineries at the grand tasting include: Balo Vineyards, Baxter Winery, Black Kite Cellars, Breggo Cellars, Brutocao Cellars, Champ de Reves, Claudia Springs Winery, Copain Wines, Couloir Wines, Drew Family Wines, Elke Vineyards, Esterlina Vineyards, Expression Wine, Foursight Wines, Frati Horn, Fulcrum Wines, Goldeneye Winery, Greenwood Ridge Vineyards, Handley Cellars, Harmonique Wines, Husch Vineyards, Knez Winery, Lazy Creek Vineyards, Littorai, Londer Vineyards, LuLa Cellars, MacPhail Family Wines, Maggy Hawk Vineyard, Navarro Vineyards, Phillips Hill Estates, Philo Ridge Vineyards, Roederer Estate, Roessler Cellars, Scharffenberger Cellars, Standish Wine Co., Toulouse Vineyards, Twomey Cellars, Waits-Mast and Zina Hyde Cunningham. On Saturday evening, May 19, local wineries will host four winemaker dinners in Anderson Valley and on the Mendocino Coast. This years dinners include: Roederer, Goldeneye and Fulcrum at Roederer Estate; Baxter and Navarro Vineyards at The Philo Apple Farm; Scharffenberger Cellars, Phillips Hill Estate and Waits-Mast at Scharffenberger; and Esterlina, Greenwood Ridge and Champ de Reves at the MacCallum House in Mendocino. The weekend will conclude on Sunday, May 20 with open houses at Anderson Valley wineries, featuring special tastings, educational talks, music and food (a list of winery open houses can be found at Tickets for the 15th annual Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival can be purchased at For additional information about the event, visit the AVWA website at, call (707) 895-WINE or email







Open Thursday through Monday 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Final seatings at 4:45 p.m. 9200 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, CA 95452 (707) 833-5504 |

As you are traveling through Kenwood, there are many wineries to visit and its easy to feel overwhelmed. Mayo Family Winery has made it simple for you with two locations. The Mayo Family tasting room in Glen Ellen is casual and a great way to get acquainted with their wines. However, if you want to fully experience their wines they offer a seven course food and wine pairing at their Reserve Room located right in downtown Kenwood. As you walk into their Reserve Room, you are met with wonderful smells from the kitchen. Executive Chef J. Clayton Lewis is there to greet you and entertain you for the entire pairing. The Reserve Room is unpretentious, comfortable, intimate and Sonoma casual. Their main focus is a sensory exploration that allows guests to share the delights of Mayo Family reserve wines paired with delicious bite size portions prepared by Chef Clayton. This seven course pairing menu allows you to taste their reserve wines and pushes flavor boundaries in neat, composed dishes. First, wines are poured and explained so you can sip on those while Chef Clayton and his sous chef prepare the first trio of food pairings. There is also a handy printout of each wines flavor profile that is there to guide you on this sensory journey. Each pairing is personally served by Chef Clayton and he tells of his inspirations for these dishes and also why he has chosen the specific flavors to match each wine. These seven courses compliment the Mayo Family reserve wines and together were a perfect match. All the foods served contain different components that you normally eat but with a twist that made for fun pairings and allowed you to see how their wines can be included with your everyday meals. Their wines are made to be enjoyed now and each one can stand alone or pairs beautifully with food. After you have indulged in this elaborate tasting experience, you can join any one of their six wine clubs for year round enjoyment of



Mayo Family reserve wines. Chef Clayton is a very knowledgeable and fabulous host. He is engaging and while I didnt know this was an educational event, I left feeling enlightened. After all the tasting notes and advice, my next pairing will be enhanced and I will be able to allow the scents and flavors to come through with both food and wine. This is a luxurious food and wine experience that is a must when visiting wine country. Mayo Family Winery produces small lots of single vineyard wines under the premise that the worlds most interesting and highest quality wines must come from a singlevineyard. Founded in 1993 by Henry and Diane Mayo, the winery has two winemaking facilities in Glen Ellen each fitted and equipped to produce particular types of wines. Their son Jeffrey along with winemaker Michel Berthoud, continue the familys heritage of producing single vineyard wines. The cost is $35 and reservations are recommended especially for their weekend hours and can be made by calling (707) 833-5504 or visiting their website. Their new spring menu is set to begin sometime in April and I cant wait to try it! Chef Clayton has said he is going to show us what wines will go with the foods we like to eat when the weather heats up. Mayo Family wines are sold exclusively in their tasting rooms and online and since they have an extensive wine list including a sparkling wine, everyone will savor this trip.


WinE CountRy this WEEK

a special Evening with Chris hillman, herb Pedersen

A Benefit for the Mendocino Coast Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation presented by WineSong, The Coast Radio (KOZT) and Visit Mendocino County
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer/ songwriter, Chris Hillman (Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Manasas) and singer/ instrumentalist, Herb Pedersen come to Fort Bragg for one night of magical acoustical music to benefit the Mendocino Coast Hospital on May 26 at 8 p.m. at the Cotton Auditorium is at 500 N. Harold, Fort Bragg. Doors open for the show at 7:30 p.m. Dinner is available prior to the show benefiting the Fort Bragg Senior Center at additional cost. Tickets to the show are $25 advance, $30 at the door. For more information and to purchase tickets visit or call (707) 961-4688. Tickets to WineSong 2012 will also be available to purchase at the show. Chris Hillman was one of the original members of The Byrds which in 1965 included Roger McGuinn, Gene Clark, David Crosby and Michael Clark. Along with frequent collaborator, Gram Parsons, Hillman was a key figure in the development of country rock, virtually defining the genre through his work with the Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers and later become the leader of the country rock act, Desert Rose Band. Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen have collaborated musically for more than forty-five years. Their history together goes back to the early days of the folk and bluegrass movement. Before the show, concert goers will have the opportunity to enjoy a Mexican feast at the Fort Bragg Senior Center (proceeds from the dinner benefit the Senior Center) adjacent to the Cotton Auditorium. Mendocino Coast Hospital Foundation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to raising funds for the Mendocino Coast Hospital. Its mission is to help the small rural hospital provide the best possible medical care to residents as well as the many visitors to the Mendocino Coast. This year WineSong 2012 is Friday and Saturday, September 7-8. First, the 28th Annual Winesong will offer guests the opportunity to get an insiders view of Anderson Valley Pinot Noir on Friday, September 7th as Winesong and AVWA (Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association) present An Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Celebration hosted by the Little River Inn. On Saturday, September 8th, guests can stroll through the enchanting Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens enjoying a spectacular array of wine and food from 100 highly acclaimed wineries and 50 top notch Northern California restaurants. The spectacular wine celebration continues on into the Auction Tents for the always entertaining Live and Silent Charity Auctions. The Hospital Foundation has raised over $6 million in Winesong generated funds which has enabled the Hospital to purchase essential medical equipment and improve services. Visit for details.

April 20

Grgich Hills Estate

May 18

Hartford Family Winery

June 22

B.R. Cohn Winery


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What could be more fun on your wine country getaway than to be whisked around in an authentic replica cable car with a professional tour guide at the wheel? Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley now offers two different full-day wine tours in vehicles modeled after late 1890s San Francisco cable cars. All aboard! While competition for the regions tourist business is healthy, and imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, company owner Tom Buck says, we are the original Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley. The project began in early 2007, and finally came to life in 2010 when Bucks team finished their first cable car restoration. Due to the demand for additional tours, and the increase in private charters, we are on target to add more motorized cable cars this year, added Buck. The new season for the trolley also brings a new alternate tour route: The Valley of the Moon Tour! On rotating days, guests can choose either the new tour or the original Sonoma Valley Tour! Or, take the tour on two days and enjoy two completely different experiences. Similar to the Sonoma Valley Tour, the Valley of the Moon Tour also features Sonomas history, but is more focused on the current winemaking families that have helped make Sonoma Valley a premiere wine and food destination. These daily tours run from 10:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Your tour guide will pick you up from most major lodging in Sonoma, or you can hop aboard at the Sonoma Plaza. Either way, be ready to enjoy a day of sightseeing, wine tasting and fun! The trolleys friendly and knowledgeable guide will take you to four exceptional wineries known for their great wine and warm hospitality. Each tour also includes a catered picnic lunch from the famous Girl & the Fig restaurant in Sonoma. They have consistently provided what many have said is simply the best food theyve ever had on a group tour. Lunch is served family style so that everyone can choose from a variety of sandwiches, side salads and desserts. Local historian and actor George Webber is the official voice of the Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley. Between winery stops, enjoy his upbeat, whimsical style and stories as the trolley takes you through Sonoma Valleys rich history. Some of the historic landmarks on the tour include Sonoma and Swiss Hotels, General Vallejos Soldier Barracks, Mission San Francisco Solano (Sonoma Mission), Bear Flag Monument and General Vallejos Home and State Park. The trolley stops at four wineries during each tour two historical wineries and two boutique family wineries. While the Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley operates all year, the spring season 2012 is kicking off with some new winery partners, including Ravenswood, Benziger and Paradise Ridge (to name just a few). Loyal partners from the tours inaugural year include Buena Vista, BR Cohn, Mayo Family and Sebastiani. The Sonoma Valley Wine Trolley is available for private events. As May and June approaches, so does wedding season! Many brides have chosen the Wine Trolley as their vehicle of choice for wedding pictures, and for shuttling guests to and from hotels and the wedding site. The Wine Trolley is also perfect for group wine tours, and is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and PA, including iPod/iPhone connections. The trolley recently hosted the Bay Area Travel Writers Association in conjunction with the Sonoma Valley Visitors Bureau. Delighted guests enjoyed a trip that included brunch at Estate restaurant, and a private wine tasting at VJB Estate. Tickets for wine tours are just $99 per person (winery tasting fees not included). Purchase tickets online for the trolley at or by telephone, toll-free at 1-877-WINETROLLEY or locally at (707) 938-2600.


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Rutherford Appellation Wineries Rutherford Passport to Fiesta

In honor of Cinco de Mayo the Rutherford Appellation Wineries will hold their spring passport event, a Rutherford Passport to Fiesta, on the weekend of May 5th and 6th. Eleven wineries will offer special tastings and comida to those who purchase a two-day passport for $75 or a Sunday-only passport for $60. Each winery will offer a unique tasting experience such as barrel samples, limited-edition wines or tastings with the winemaker, all accompanied by festive Cinco de Mayo fare. Participating wineries include Alpha Omega, Beaulieu Vineyard, Conn Creek Winery, Honig Vineyard & Winery, J. Moss, Peju Province, Pia Napa Valley, Raymond Vineyards, St. Supery Vineyards & Winery, Sawyer Cellars and Tres Sabores. Who doesnt love a fiesta? says Regina Weinstein, Director of Marketing and Retail for Honig Vineyard & Winery. This should be a good weekend for guests to come to Rutherford in the heart of the Napa Valley and enjoy great wines paired with wonderful food. Were ready for a party! As always, profits from the event will be donated to a local charity. Passports may be purchased online and will be available for pick-up at the Rutherford Grange on Saturday, May 5th. For more information or to purchase a passport, visit the website at

About Rutherford Appellation Wineries

Rutherford Appellation Wineries was established as the direct to consumer marketing arm of the Rutherford Dust Society ( to educate the public about the significance of the Rutherford appellation as Napa Valleys preeminent grape-growing area. This consumer-focused organization was created to promote the uniqueness of the area and encourage visitors to experience personally the quality of the wines produced in this special place.

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Reminding Us All That Old Napa Never Left!
BY JoSh Stein

st. ClEMEnt VinEyaRds

open daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 2867 St. helena highway north, St. helena, cA 94574 Advance reservations and Wine club Questions: 1-866-877-5939 Same-Day reservations: 707-265-5000

Surrounded by Cabernet vines, on a knoll at the base of Spring Mountain over-looking the upper-Valley, sits the 1878 Victorian mansion which houses St. Clement Vineyards. Originally built by Fritz Rosenbaum, the man responsible for furnishing the homes of San Franciscos Guilded Age, the property went through a number of winemaking owners before it was purchased and renamed in 1976 when local opthalmologist William Casey bought it and built the stone winery behind it. The name pays tribute to Caseys ancestors who helped found the state of Maryland, the cross in the St. Clement logo coming from that states flag. Its hard to find a more magnificent example of the Old Napa idea of a grand winery. The exterior is surrounded by gardens with picnic areas and shaded awnings, allowing for spots to stop and savor: the Patio and Bistro Terrace, the Winery Terrace with its antique fountain, the wisteria-covered


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Pergola all harken back to a more timeless sense of the Valley. Stepping into the house is stepping back in time, to an age of quiet kindnesses and elegance. A grand staircase greets you upon entry, dividing the bottom of the house into the two tasting rooms, and a small childrens playroom resides under the stairs themselves. One gains a sense of the Valleys history simply by looking around. Equally, its the focus on vineyard location and matching site to varietal which has given St. Clement the edge over others in the Valley. Long-term relationships have been key in developing special vineyards from which to source the best grapes as no single property can do it all. Carneross Abbott Vineyard is perfect for Chardonnay and Merlot because of its fog and breezes. South Napas Bacigalupi Vineyard offers consistent growth for the Napa Cab bottling. Verhey Vineyard in Atlas Peak provides ultra-concentrated Cabernet grapes while Gamble Ranch Vineyard between Yountville and Oakville presents amazing Sauvignon Blanc. Rutherfords Star Vineyard supplies the backbone for the Oroppas Cabernet with St. Helenas Bale Lane Vineyard providing aromatic Sauvignon Blanc and Tournahu Vineyards two different Cabs because of different soil types. The hills are equally showcased, with Howell Mountains Steinhauer Ranch giving Cabernet and Mount Veeders Progeny providing Cabernet and Syrah. There are lots of wines to enjoy, ranging from Napa Valley whites and reds to a half-dozen single-vineyard bottlings of Cab. Winemaker Danielle Cyrot allows each to showcase its varietal pedigree while not losing the sense of place for the grapes. The Chardonnay and Sauvignon show careful, detailed winemaking, and the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are some of the best, especially at these pricepoints, in the Valley. The single-vineyard Cabs really show off Napas locations, with distinct differences in wines from the different areas of the Valley. Additionally, the winerys flagship release,

the Oroppas Cabernet, named for then-owners Sapporo, has been showing off the finest of each vintage within St. Clements combintorial wineblending for more than two decades. The variety continues in your tasting and touring options, most which the winery suggests or requires you to make reservations for so that theyre able to make the experience personalized and special. The Introduction to St. Clement Tasting can be poured on the patio in nice weather, providing amazing views to pair with the wines. The Discovery and the Reserve Tastings take place inside the main bar in the house. In the intimate Oroppas Tasting Room, you can experience the Stand-Out Single Vineyards Tasting or the Oroppas Tasting. The Stand-Out Single Vineyard Tasting lets you experience the similarities and differences of these special bottlings. The Oroppas Tasting gives you the opportunity to try and compare multiple vintages of the Oroppas. All of the above can be supplanted by Cheese or Chocolate Pairings or Boxed Lunches again, let the winery know ahead of time what youre looking for and theyll take care of the rest. Still looking for a reason to come visit? There are several upcoming events which should do the trick! April 21sts Oysters and New Releases Party will pair the bivalve with wines, including the new Sauvignon Blanc and two new winery-only exclusives. The Cinco de Mayo Fiesta will be bringing in the Valleys greatest food trucks, and late-Mays Memorial Day Passport Weekend promises exclusive access to five of the North Bays greatest wineries this one shouldnt be missed! There are even two different clubs, with a reds-only option, too, so you can have access to both the wines and these kinds of experiences all year round. As you can see, theres a lot going on up just past St. Helena. Do yourself the favor: pick up your phone and give the kind folks at St. Clement a call right now youll be glad you did. Enjoy!

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Andretti Winery Celebrates Italian-style Wine and Cuisine with Chef Chiara Iacoviello at Its Fabled Tuscan-inspired Vineyard and Estate in the Heart of Napa Valley
In the heart of the Napa Valley, legendary race car driver Mario Andrettis Tuscan Villa Estate is home to a 42-acre vineyard, winery, barrel-aging chai and an Italianate dining room. The property is modeled after a rambling Italian village, reminiscent of the home of its founder. Here, visitors can tour the winery as well as savor the essence of Italian-style wine and cuisine, prepared by Andrettis own Chef, Chiara Iacoviello. Seasonal favorites, favoring local ingredients prepared in a central-Italian style, offer guests a unique combination of old world-flavors and modern-day pleasure. Four-course dinners or threecourse lunches with wine pairings are available on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year. Andretti Winery is renowned for its portfolio of fine wines featuring traditional regional varietals, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, as well as luxury Italian varietals, Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio and Dolcetto. A sample menu might include a first course of Bruschette al Carpaccio di Funghi (toasted bread topped with marinated mushroom), second course of Risotti ai Mirtilli (savory risotto with blueberries), third course of Polpettone al Limone (Italian meatloaf stuffed with cheese and prosciutto, with a lemon sauce) and dessert of Salume di Cioccolato (traditional chocolate and cookie roll), all paired with Andretti wines. At Andretti, dinner is served at 7 p.m., lunch at noon. The price for dinner is $95 per person; lunch is $70 per person, both with a 16-guest maximum. For dinner, the evening begins with a chilled glass of white wine in the beautiful Fountain Courtyard. Visitors are then led into the Tuscan House, where Chef Chiara Iacoviello presents and describes the evenings menu. Her seasonal favorites are paired with the winemakers own selections. After dinner, guests can tour the historic winery and enjoy a barrel tasting. The elegant fourcourse dinner concludes with a dessert wine. For lunch, the afternoon begins with a chilled glass of white wine in the beautiful Fountain Courtyard. Visitors are then led into the Tuscan House, where Chef Chiara Iacoviello presents and describes the days menu. Her seasonal favorites are paired with the winemakers own selections. After lunch, guests can tour the historic winery and enjoy a barrel tasting. The elegant threecourse lunch concludes with a dessert wine. Upcoming dinner dates are Friday, May 25; Saturday, June 9; Saturday, July 14; Friday, August 3; Friday, September 21; Friday, October 26; Friday, December 7; and Saturday, December 15. Lunch dates are Saturday, April 21; Saturday, May 26; Saturday, June 16; Saturday, July 28; Saturday, August 4; Saturday, September 29; and Saturday, October 20. To make reservations, call Tenaya at 1-888-460-8463 ext. 229. Reservations should be made at least 48 hours prior to requested dates.

Chef Chiara Iacoviello

andREtti WinERy open Daily 10 a.m. to 5p.m. 4162 Big ranch road, napa, cA 94558 (707) 259-6777 |


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New Overnight Kits Help Visitors with Spontaneous Stays

Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in Downtown Napa to Offer Overnight Kits to Walk-in Guests
Lodging properties in the city of Napa now offer complimentary Do Napa Overnight Kits to guests looking to book a same-day reservation. Hospitality managers often find that day-trip visitors leave the city at the end of the day, despite wanting to stay overnight, because they havent packed for an evening away. We often find that day-trip guests think about staying the night after theyve experienced a full day enjoying the city of Napa, said Sara Brooks, chairman of the Napa Tourism Improvement District. Were offering same-day lodging guests these Overnight Kits to make them feel welcome and make it easy for them to stay the night on a whim so they can savor the entire Napa experience. The Do Napa Overnight Kit is equipped with almost everything a visitor will need to stay the night. The Overnight Kit includes: An overnight shirt for sleeping; Do Napa canvas tote bag; brush, hair bands and a mirror; contact lens case and saline; 29 cosmetics face products for the ladies also available at Cake Plate Boutique; lip balm; makeup remover; Woolite for delicates and deodorant. Anything not included will be available at the hotel or bed and breakfast where guests are staying, making it easy to stay the night in Napa. Do Napa Overnight Kits will be available at select properties in the city of Napa that are members of Napas Tourism Improvement District while supplies last. Local bars, restaurants and the Napa Valley Welcome Center will also have information about the Overnight Kit to distribute to visitors. To check availability, visitors should inquire at the front desk or call ahead on the day of their visit. Participating lodging includes: 1801 Inn, 3 Palms Napa Valley, Arbor Guest House, Beazley House, Best Western Elm House, Best Western Inn at the Vines, Best Western Ivy Hotel, Blackbird Inn, Candlelight Inn, Cedar Gables Inn, Chablis Inn, Churchill Manor, Discovery Inn, Embassy Suites, Hawthorne Suites by Wyndham, Hennessey House, Inn on First, La Belle Epoque, La Residence Country Inn, McClelland Priest House, Milliken Creek Inn, Napa Inn, Napa River Inn, Old World Inn, River Terrace Inn, Wine Valley Lodge, The Meritage Resort & Spa, Westin Verasa and Wine Valley Lodge. For more information or to search lodgings in Napa, visit Napa is also on Facebook at and Twitter @NapaDowntown.

naPa VallEy naPa VallEy
PinK Mansion 1415 Foothill Blvd, Calistoga

look for more lodging options on

sonoMa County noRthERn
VintnERs inn forty-four spacious rooms and suites with balconies or patios; surrounded by vineyards. 1-800-421-2584 4350 Barnes Road, santa Rosa CaldERWood inn An historic Victorian inn in the heart of healdsburg 25 W. grant street, healdsburg

the perfect napa wine tasting experience. Valley or forest views from each room, lavish breakfast and afternoon wine tasting, large indoor heated pool and Jacuzzi, in-room massage and facials available. 1-800-238-7465

BRannan CottagE inn Six spacious, comfortable rooms with garden views, private entrances, private baths, queen-size beds and a refrigerator. two mini-suites have sitting rooms with televisions as well. Air conditioning and ceiling fans ensure comfort during summertime visits. Down comforters and fireplaces for cozy and romantic evenings. 109 Wapoo st, Calistoga (707) 942-4200

1-800-600-5444 707-431-1110

FaiRFiEld/suisun VallEy
hilton gaRdEn inn 2200 gateway Court, Fairfield (707) 426-6900

sonoMa County southERn

lEdson hotEls luxury hotel situated on historic Sonoma Plaza. Six individually decorated rooms with king-size bed, whirlpool baths, fireplace and balconies. Appointed with antique grandeur paired with modern amenities. (707) 996-9779 480 First street East, sonoma

CandlElight inn Private baths; tV/phone and Ac; two-person marble jacuzzis and fireplaces; balconies or decks; three-course gourmet breakfast, hors doeuvres, wine and sherry in the evening; luxurious 30'x60'; swimming pool 1045 Easum Drive, Napa 1-800-624-0395

sonoMa County Coast

inn at thE tidEs Bay views, walking distance to shopping, restaurants; swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center, sauna; rooms with views and fireplaces; massage available; continental breakfast 1-800-541-7788 800 highway one, Bodega Bay

holiday inn EXPREss hotEl & suitEs 316 Pittman Road Fairfield

(707) 864-3797

MontEREy Bay/CEntRal Coast

lonE oaK lodgE Within minutes to aquarium, wineries, Monterey harbor, shopping, taverns, restaurants, etc. 1-800-283-5663


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8th annual Pink out! sF Ros tasting, May 8

Featuring New Category Players Such as Bachelor Ben Flajnik's Envolve Ros and Croft Pink the Worlds First Ros Port to the Iconic Chteau DEsclans Garrus Ros, Pink Out! SF Celebrates the Continuing Rise of Fine Ros in the U.S.
The 8th Annual Pink Out! SF fine ros celebration will take place on Tuesday, May 8th in San Francisco. In tandem with Pink Out! SF Ros Avengers & Producers (RAP) is teaming again with , TasteLive the worlds premier online tasting community to host a live, interactive Webcast from Butterfly, with wine bloggers joining the tasting remotely from around the U.S. The virtual tasting is sponsored by CellarPass and will feature four select wineries to be announced in the coming weeks. Over the eight years that weve produced Pink Out! SF weve , witnessed winemakers, retailers, restaurateurs and U.S. consumers enthusiastically embrace fine ros, said Joel Quigley, RAPs director, who also heads up business development for TasteLive. RAP is proud that weve played at least a small role in the growth of the category though our annual event and public relations efforts. Once again, well be showcasing new entries into the market, as well as venerable ros producers from around the world. The Pink Out! SF celebration at Butterfly restaurant will feature an extensive walk-around tasting of 40-plus classic still and sparkling ross from throughout the world, accompanied by delicious appetizers, chill DJ grooves and the TasteLive Webcast. Chef Lam of Butterfly restaurant will present ros-inspired PanPacific appetizers from sustainably and organically sourced ingredients. Guests are encouraged to wear their most fun and entertaining pink attire. Tickets are again expected to sell out in advance and are available online only at Participating wineries include: Amorosa Bella, Carneros Wine Co., Chteau DEsclans, Chateau Roubine, Cornerstone Cellars, Croft Pink, Dashe Cellars, Dunstan Wines / Durell Vineyard, Ellipsis Wine Company, Envolve Winery, Freixenet, Gloria Ferrer, Isabel Mondavi Wines, Kristine Ashe Vineyards, Lasseter Family Winery, Midsummer Cellars, Muscardini Cellars, Peju Province Winery, Pisoni Vineyards, Segura Viudas, Tedeschi Family Winery, Think Tank Wine Company, Truett Hurst and VML. Butterfly Restaurant, is located on Pier 33 at Bay Street, The Embarcadero, San Francisco. Media and trade tasting is from 3 to 6 p.m.; credentials are required. Consumer tasting is from 6:30 to 9 p.m.; TasteLive broadcast begins at 6:30 p.m. Tickets: $35 online advance / $45 at door if available.


Wine Tasting in

suisun VallEy
Visit Vezr Family Vineyards
Vezr Family Vineyards is one of the more picturesque and inviting of the Suisun Valley wine region. Owned by the famously friendly and welcoming Frank and Liz Vezr, the winery is a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of their more well-known neighbors over the hill. With a climate that boasts of sun-drenched days and sweet foggy nights, the grapes of the Vezr Family Vineyards enjoy near perfect growing conditions. Their winery is best known for the luscious Petite Sirah that they produce, as well as their hearty, fruit-forward Zinfandel and a little known, but magnificent blend, La Salette. While lacking the big name appellation, these wines are by no means also-rans. In fact, the region is rated as the oldest and best in the State of California by the U.C Davis University. These are seriously good wines. The Vezr Family Vineyard tasting room is located in the tiny village of Mankas Corners. The town was originally established by a local miner in 1846. Hints of its old west history can be seen in the old general store and surrounding buildings. The tasting room is open seven days a week and no appointment is necessary. The ten dollar tasting fee is waived with a wine purchase. But, to really get the most out of your visit, opt for their VIP Barrel Blend Tour. At a bargain price of $35, this tour is well worth the extra investment.

suisun VallEy


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The Napa Back Road

Its a Silver Celebration for 2012 Solano Wine & Food Jubilee
The 2012 Solano Wine & Food Jubilee will celebrate its 25th anniversary when the event returns to the Nut Tree Complex in Vacaville on April 27. In honor of this silver celebration, event organizers promise an array of enhancements that should make the Wine & Food Jubilee already Solano Countys must-do social event of the year an even hotter ticket to obtain. The Solano Wine & Food Jubilee is the primary fund-raising event for the programs of NorthBay Hospice & Bereavement, and over the past 24 years the gala affair has raised more than $2 million. These funds have enabled NorthBay to provide physical, emotional and spiritual care for the terminally ill, allowing these patients and their families to live their final days as peacefully and as comfortably as possible. The Jubilee, as the areas premiere food and wine tasting event, will offer ticket-holders an opportunity to spend hours tasting an array of sweet and savory foods from the regions most notable restaurants and food merchants, paired with pourings from numerous top-flight wineries and breweries. There are also several exciting new 25th anniversary twists planned, including a raffle with $35,000 in cash and prizes. The top prize in the raffle is an Electra Glide Ultra Limited motorcycle in Vivid Black donated by Harley-Davidson ($23,999 MSRP), and $11,000 in additional cash prizes. Making this deal even more enticing is the buy two, get the third free offer. The 2012 Silent Auction is sure to include many 25-themed items, including such things as signed movie posters, an entire start-up wine cellar, sporting event tickets, exotic jewelry, artwork, travel opportunities and wine-tasting events. The Time Bandits, the areas most popular and in-demand band, returns for the 2012 event. This nine-piece rhythm and blues and rock band is known for their mastery of dance tunes from the 70s to today, and they may be joined by several special guests. As in the past, the event will be held under an enormous tent, through a joint arrangement with Total Home & Garden Show. This year, the show will be held at the Nut Tree the weekend before the Jubilee, from April 20 to 22. This large venue means there will be plenty of food, wine and brew vendors on hand. Organizers will also offer a limited number of VIP Table for Eight packages that include many of the benefits afforded VIP ticket-holders early admittance, special treats on arrival, and access to the VIP Lounge for $1,000. This reserved package must be purchased before March 23, 2012. The Solano Wine & Food Jubilees Presenting Sponsors for 2012 are Patt & Al Shaw, Dr. Lee Freeman, Burger King Restaurants, Golds Gym, Iron Steed Harley-Davidson and the Nut Tree. The event benefits NorthBay Hospice & Bereavement, which provides its services to all regardless of their ability to pay, and includes access to an integrated program of physical, emotional and spiritual care for the terminally ill. Sponsorship opportunities are still available, and for a minimum of $1,000 a sponsor can enjoy early entrance to the Jubilee, an invitation to a private reception at the event, hotel accommodations and limousine service. The Solano Wine & Food Jubilee, a black tie-optional affair (denim discouraged), gets under way at the Nut Tree Complex beginning at 6:30 p.m. Tickets, for those ages 21 and over, must be purchased in advance and are $75 each, or $100 at the door, if still available. To purchase tickets, call (707) 646-3133, or go online at

Dont Miss Suisun Valley Wine Country

If this is one of your many visits to the wine country, you are no doubt looking for something a little different. So why not change things up and take the road less travelled through Suisun Valley The Napa Back Road. We all no doubt have our favorites, but we are always looking to one up our friends back home. Yes, that never ending search for something new and refreshing, but still preserving all that made you first fall in love with the whole Wine Country Experience. If you are staying in downtown Napa, do you realize you are just approximately 15 to 20 minutes away from a valley that preserved what Napa was in the 1960s? However, the wines at such places like Vezer Family Vineyard and the Blue Victorian Winery take advantage of both the old traditions, such as 100% hand punched down wines, along with implementing the important new techniques learned from those great California winemakers over the last 50 years. This Suisun Valley has been a long-time held secret in the wine country. In fact, many of the locals try to continue this secret, simply because it is where they go to still experience those old feelings of days gone by. Suisun Valley is where you can find wines that would sell for over $150 a bottle at the popular better known tourist destinations in Napa, for $30 to $60. These same wines have 94, 95 and 97 point rankings and medals from the greatest national and international competitions!

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Small Production Big Acclaim
David Fulton Winery, a historic Petite Sirah producer, has announced more high accolades coming in for their Petite Sirah 2008 Old Vines, from their St. Helena Estate. In addition to medals already awarded from San Francisco Chronicles International Wine Competition and the 2012 Womens International Wine Competition, theyve now received 92 points and two more medals, both gold. 92 Points from Wine Spectator first announced in their Insider A MemberOnly Biweekly Publication. Here is what they had to say: Fragrant, with pretty violet and huckleberry aromatics that show details of licorice and blackberry. The black cherry, spicy tobacco leaf and cedar flavors are rustic and muscular, but still extremely charming. Drink now through 2018. M.W. The first of the new gold medals was awarded from The American Fine Wine Competition held in Boca Raton, FL. The second medal is from the 2012 San Diego International Wine Competition. These are two very well respected wine competitions by both people in the industry and consumers, alike. The 2008 Old-Vines Petite Sirah holds true to the many previous releases of elegance. This vintage provides a wider range of bright, high-tone fruit flavors emanating from the expected deep, dark color of the varietal. Youll find pleasing aromas of blackberry, fig, cinnamon, dark bakers chocolate and licorice along with flavors of red cherry, boysenberry, raspberry and distinct vanilla on the palate. With soft tannins, this is a round, velvety, silky wine that will not need much cellaring to enjoy. We have one vineyard and make just one wine here at David Fulton Winery. Our total production is only around 400 cases a year. (The Valleys largest winery produces around nine million cases a year!) We hand-sort our grapes three times before fermentation and have a three-year aging program before release, says Stephanie Trotter Zacharia, DFWs Director of Winemaking. If youd like to visit, were proud to not only pour a couple of vintages of our Petite Sirah for you, but also pour Sauvignon Blanc, Zinfandel and a Riesling style wine called One Last Kiss from our neighbors Scott & Jana Harveys winery. Their world-class wines are otherwise not available for tasting here in the Valley. The David Fulton Winery 2008 Petite Sirah is grown in the historic St. Helena estate vineyards planted in 1860. David Fulton also built the towns first stone wine cellar under the winery next to it just one year later. He also invented the famous Fulton One Horse Plow. This exact location is where the wine is still made today in much the same, old fashioned way. The vineyard and winerys current owners are David Fultons great-grandson, Fulton Mather and his wife, Dink. The grapes are picked each year and sorted along with wine club members, friends and family, by hand before fermentation. The fermented grapes are then pressed out in a traditional basket press and the wine aged for nearly three years in thin-staved French oak barrels. The resulting wine is consistently highly acclaimed among their peers and a favorite referral among Petite Sirah fans. In addition to two vintages of the award-winning Petite Sirah, they offer tastings of Our Sweet Petite, a Port-style wine. All have very limited productions. You should note that the winery doesnt have any commercial signage, so youll have to look for the address (825 Fulton Lane) to enjoy the winerys private setting!

daVid Fulton WinERy & VinEyaRds One Vineyard, One Wine, Made Right: David Fulton Winerys Petite Sirah 825 fulton lane, just four blocks east of hwy 29, in napa Valleys historic St. helena open for tasting friday-Monday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment (707) 967-0719 | find them on facebook and twitter: @DavidfultonPS


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Take a Sky Tram to Good Times!
BY JoSh Stein

stERling VinEyaRds open Monday-friday 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 1111 Dunaweal lane, calistoga, cA 94515 (707) 942-3344 |

Few wineries anywhere directly control more than 1,200 acres of estate vineyards, and fewer still can lay claim to acreage from across the complete range of Napa Valley sub-appellations: mountainsides, various spots on the Valley floor, Carneros and Calistoga. And only one can lay claim to a green sky tram which takes you 300 feet above the Valley, giving unique views and striking architecture with which to enjoy the wines: Sterling Vineyards. Theyre proof that great things in the wine business truly do get better as they age! A legacy of five decades of stewardship continues today as the winery was one of the first twelve to be certified as a Napa County Green Winery by the Napa Valley Vintners; Sterling has also received Napa Valley Green Land certification for its sustainable management, water conservation and fish-friendly farming across all of its estate vineyards. Even the tram is solar-powered! This commitment to doing things the right way naturally extends to the winemaking after the grapes are grown. Whites are harvested at night, going directly to press as whole clusters to preserve


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quality. Reds are brought to the crush pad in small boxes and are hand-sorted before being destemmed and innoculated with native yeasts. Reserve wines are given even more special treatment in the micro-winery-within-the-winery built in 2008. This 10,000-case facility across from the caves allows for whole-berry fermentations, barrel spinning for micro-fermentations and multiple small lots for best-of-the-best bottlings. That commitment to ensuring a legacy of quality is present in every release, and given the variety of vineyards and locations under its direct control a true rare luxury for the winemakers in todays modern global marketplace its not a surprise to find wines to appeal to all tastes and lifestyles. Indeed, there are the Napa Valley wines for which the winery is well known; the Single-Vineyard releases, which highlight the unique combination of variety and place within various parts of the Valley; the Cellar Club wines, small bottlings of club-only exclusives; the Vintners Collection, which shows off other Sterling Vineyards in California; and the Reserve wines, individual, special and rarely bottled. All are available to taste at the winery, and many can only be found there altogether. Beyond the tram and the wines, there is plenty more to enjoy while on the property. The layout of the Greek island Mykonosinspired white stucco walls allows for wandering amidst famous artworks and prints, architectural details and, every once in a while,

a random turn reveals breath-taking views of the Valleys narrowing northern quadrant, with the Mayacamas and Vacas in extreme proximity on both sides. Every quarter-hour, eight bells recovered from Londons bombed out Church of St.Dunstans-in-the-East accompany your movement around the winerys facilities. Self-paced by design by utilizing motion-activated flatscreens, the general admission tasting and tour covers the tram ride, the tour, tasting of five wines and a souvenir wine glass. For those wanting exclusive wines, there are also the Reserve, Sterling Silver VIP and Sterling Gold VIP options, which will taste you through reserve wines, single-vineyard, limited-release and premier bottlings available nowhere else. The goal is for visitors to be comfortable and able to enjoy everything the winery produces. Half a century ago, Sterling Vineyards was founded with the ideal of growing grapes in the best locations the Napa Valley had to offer and then producing the best possible wines to showcase those vineyards in an awe-inspiring setting. Lots of folks have come and gone in that time, and the winery is still here, doing what it does best: making wines that speak strongly of their sources. Come find out for yourself what more than a quarter million others annually do therere great wines still to be had after all these years up in Calistoga at Sterling Vineyards. Go and enjoy you wont be sorry!

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Women for WineSense Grand Event

Sip the Wine, Savor the Moment, Share the Experience
In its 22nd year, Women for WineSense holds its biennial Grand Event on May 4-6 in the Napa Valley. Attracting participants from across the United States, wine professionals and enthusiasts pack this sell-out event of 250 seats at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in St. Helena. Attendees enjoy behind-the-scenes knowledge of winery operations at some of Napas most premier wineries. They will also enjoy vertical tastings with Cathy Corison, food and wine pairings with Andrea Immer Robinson, and panels on transitioning your career into the wine industry and millienal wine professionals who grew up in winemaking families. A Welcome Reception at Robert Mondavi Winery kicks off the three-day event with a Grand Tasting. On Saturday choose from 15 winery tours and exclusive Vintner Dinners from Idell Family Vineyards, Linked Vineyards and Raymond Vineyards. At the CIA on Sunday, the day is filled with educational seminars, the WWS luncheon, Women in Wine awards, and the always-popular silent auction. Attendance is limited. Registration offers inclusive All-Access Passesare $260 members; $310 nonmember. Single-day prices are also available. Proceeds from the event will underwrite Women for WineSense educational programs, activities and professional networking opportunities for women in the wine industry. For more information visit

st. hElEna

n a P a



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Getting to Napa Valley
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Getting around Napa Valley

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Legendary hospitality with hard-to-find, world-class wines.

4 miles north of St. Helena

1091 Larkmead Lane

Open Daily 10-5 (707) 942-0859



Welcome to

In a verdant valley full of wineries, vineyards and tasting rooms, the Jessup Cellars tasting room is something different. The wines are excellent, the people are friendly (while also being efficient and knowledgeable about their wines, art and hospitality in general). But there are some things you will find when you visit that set Jessup apart from the rest. As any staff member will proudly proclaim if asked, Jessup is all about the experience. Walk-in visitors are welcomed at the tasting bar, but for those seeking a more intimate occasion, the by-appointment semi-private tastings are the way to best enjoy the tasting room and staff. Taking place within Jessups art gallery, visitors get to enjoy a range of wines available only from the winery in a relaxed, no attitude environment. In fact, if you ask the right people around the Valley, youll hear the same response: its the staff at Jessup, their willingness to answer any question, their joy at getting to share what they love about the wines, which really makes the distinction To make it all the more enticing, a platter of cheese, chocolates and

JEssuP CEllaRs tasting RooM open daily 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (the last seated tasting at 5 p.m.) reservations in advance are needed for seated tastings. 6740 Washington Street, Yountville | 1-888-537-7879 | (707) 944-8523


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mixed nuts are part of these seated tastings, and are included at the reasonable price of $20 per person which is waived with purchase. When you taste you will be offered five wines, including, most likely, a Napa Valley Chardonnay, a Zinfandel and a Cabernet Sauvignon produced using Napa Valley fruit. There is also what they call their Table for Four from Napa Valley, sort of a bonus offering at the end. In addition to the varietals just listed, they make a Merlot, a delicious Sauvignon Blanc (the second of their total of two whites), Petite Sirah and two ports, one from Cabernet and the other (a personal favorite) from the Zinfandel grape. They also offer three red blends you should consider: Juel, Table for Four and Mannys Blend (combining Zinfandel and Petite Sirah). There are nine reds and those two whites in all. While always known for their reds, executive winemaker and talented California native Rob Lloyd, who received his masters in enology from that home to famous winemakers, UC Davis, is proud to have elevated their two whites to world-class status. To a level where they can now compete with any Chardonnay of Sauvignon Blanc produced anywhere. And all of the wines are made at their state-of-the-art facility down the road in Napa. You might consider their popular wine club: My Jessup Cellar. Jessup wines are very small in production and sold only through the tasting room and Jessups popular wine club. Most visitors opt for Jessups twice-yearly club, which includes one full mixed case (12 bottles) shipped twice a year for 25% off retail. It is fair to say perhaps even an understatement to consider a visit to this charming tasting room with its fine wines, gracious wine country hospitality, collection of art, handsome dcor and casual feel is a true treat for all of the senses. To be able to sit, sample their exceptional wines along with a bit of food in such a setting, where you learn in such a way that it feels as if you are simply absorbing knowledge instead of just being taught, is wonderful way to spend an hour or so here in a small town that is a beacon to wine lovers and gourmets from around the globe. And, it certainly warrants planning ahead and making that slight turn off of busy Highway 29 to experience it all for yourself.



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BY AlexAnDrA chArSleY

Calistoga Balloons lighter than air Experience

Calistoga Balloons is a unique and intimate flying experience over the scenic northern end of the Napa Valley. These flights are more rural in nature, providing pristine views. Experience Old Faithful Geyser, the dramatic Palisade Cliffs, Mt. St Helena, as well as spectacular views of world-renown landmarks, vineyards and wineries including Chateau Montelena the winery that put Californias Napa Valley number one in the world, Castello di Amorosa the authentic 12th century Tuscan Castle-winery, Sterling Vineyards a hilltop winery via aerial tram, along with Bennett Lane Winery, Envy Winery, Vincent Arroyo Winery and more. Calistoga is a unique destination whose vistas will remain with you for a lifetime! Your adventure begins just after sunrise, between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., when hot air ballooning flight conditions are best and the morning sunlight enhances the natural beauty. Guests meet at the historic Railroad Depot at 1458 Lincoln Avenue in friendly and quaint, Calistoga and off to the mornings determined launch site. After the crew inflates the balloon, guests hop into the wicker basket. Once everyone is in, the hot air balloon is ready to go and you begin your gentle ascent. After about an hour of enjoying the breathtaking views of Napa Valley, the hot air balloon will be navigated to a landing site, then your ballooning party is transported to the historic Calistoga Inn for a celebratory Champagne brunch! Your magnificent flight and Champagne brunch costs only $239 per person.

Calistoga Balloons 1458 lincoln Ave, railcar #15, calistoga, cA 94515 (707) 942-5758 | 1-888-995-7700 on facebook and twitter



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Sonoma County Wineries

sonoMa County | WinE CountRy this WEEK

alEXandER VallEy, dRy CREEK VallEy & Russian RiVER



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WinE CountRy this WEEK | sonoMa County

Historic Tasting Bar Beautiful Alexander Valley Views Superb Hand Crafted Wines Open Daily 11-5 8015 Hwy 128 - Alexander Valley 707-433-3303

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sonoMa County | WinE CountRy this WEEK

d o W n t o W n


With this ad, expires 04/30/12. Certain wines excluded. Can not combne with other discounts.


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WinE CountRy this WEEK | sonoMa County

Sonoma, Napa go Head to Head at Dueling Vintners Croquet Tournament

Based on the results of Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Areas Dueling Vintners Croquet Tournament, Pinot Noir is in a dead heat with Cabernet Sauvignon, with each varietal having won three out of the past six matchups. Whether or not this follows oenophiles buying patterns is another matter, but it means that this years Napa vs. Sonoma showdown has a lot riding on it. When it comes to driving wooden balls through wickets, Kosta Brownes Dan Kosta, AKA the Premier Pinot Pusher of West Egg has got the edge over Napa, winning three battles in a row. However, last year, in his friendly rivalry with Schrader Cellars Fred Schrader for the coveted trophy, Fred, The Kahuna of Cabernet took last years game and brought the trophy back to Napa. If Dan loses to Fred again this year, then tradition says that he will have to find his replacement for the next year, ending his four year run in the tournament the longest anyone has had it. Kosta adds, Im looking forward to playing with my good friend Fred, and raising money for this great

Croquet Invitational schedule and details:

Saturday, May 19, 2012, 10:00 am 5:00 pm 10:00 am Savory tasting on le Boulevard north American croquet open finals 12:30 pm courtside luncheon Dueling Vintners croquet exhibition game 1:30 pm live charity Auction 4:00 pm Sweet tasting on le Boulevard Silver chip Wine tasting ticket Price: $200 per person, $2,000 for a table of ten

cause. I love his wines and his friendship. The competition between Napa and Sonoma county wineries is a bit overstated at times. But make no mistake; Sonoma County owns the croquet court. Watch out, Fred! The Dueling Vintners Croquet Tournament is one of the highlights of this years 9th Annual Croquet Invitational and Charity Auction hosted by Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area. Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards has been the home for this event since its beginning, and guests enjoy watching a professional croquet tournament before the Napa and Sonoma vintners take to the court. As guests enjoy an

elegant lunch paired with wine under courtside tents, they show their regional preference by holding up paddles marked with either Napa or Sonoma. They also get to enjoy the friendly banter and jabs that Kosta and Schrader exchange over microphones, while they switch between sipping wine and lining up their shots. Wine has been a part of Dan Kostas life since he was five years old. As a child, he listened while his father poured and discussed wine at the dinner table. After 15 years working in fine dining, Dan and partner Michael Browne established Kosta Browne Winery. Dans wife Allison is also a member of the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Areas Board of Directors. Fred Schrader caught the bug a little later in life, after attending the Napa Valley Wine Auction. Soon after, Fred cofounded Colgin-Schrader Cellars. There he worked with the husband-andwife winemaking team of Helen Turley and John Wetlaufer, before starting his namesake winery Schrader Cellars.


sonoMa VallEy | WinE CountRy this WEEK

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sonoMa VallEy
W i n E R i E s


WinE CountRy this WEEK | sonoMa VallEy

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sonoMa VallEy | WinE CountRy this WEEK



A Perfect Fusion of Delicious Wines & Art
BY ABigAil P. ZiMMerMAn

ChaRlEs CREEK VinEyaRds tasting RooM and gallERy 483 first Street West (on the Plaza) in Sonoma (707) 935-3848 |

What happens when two life-long lovebirds plant a small vineyard at their place on Sonoma Mountain? A legendary label is born. Bill and Gerry Brinton planted their first Sonoma Mountain Estate Vineyard entirely with Merlot. Once Bill sold his fresh juice business, the couple expanded their wine production in 2002 from home-consumption and gifts to officially producing premium wines on a commercial scale. A direct descendant of John Deere, Bill brings to winemaking a generationsdeep commitment to quality, value and integrity. He and his wife Gerry successfully work with Winemaker Kerry Damskey to sculpt each wine into something remarkable. Damskey brings over 30 years experience, a famed UC Davis education in Fermentation Science and countless gold medals to Charles Creek Vineyards. All wines at Charles Creek reflect this exceptional partnership. Tasting wines from Charles Creek could not be easier. Located on historic Sonoma Square, the Tasting Room boasts close proximity to some of Sonomas premier destination restaurants and shopping. Whether novice or wine aficionado, all lovers of fine wine are welcome at Charles Creek. Knowledgeable staff is ready to guide you through todays menu and explore your palate. Chardonnay lovers? You are in for a very special treat. Make that a huge treat! Charles Creek Vineyards is thrilled to announce that their 2009 Las Patolitas Chardonnay from Sonoma County has won Best Chardonnay in California from the 2011 California State Fair. This wine is fermented in French oak barrels and sourced entirely from famed Sangiacomo Vineyard in Carneros/Sonoma Valley. With only 50% malolactic fermentation, this


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engaging fruit forward wine retains the elegance of classical Chardonnay but also revels in crisp Carneros acidity and bright, tropical fruit notes. Charles Creek only produced 597 cases of this wine and priced at $25 per bottle, it is sure to go fast. I picked up a few bottles myself! Something also unique to Charles Creek is the opportunity to taste a vertical of Chardonnay. Chardonnay is one of the original wines produced by Bill and Gerry in addition to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Today, the Tasting Room pours upon request back-to-back years of Chardonnay. It is a real treat to compare different vintages from this celebrated winery. Also on the list, try Charles Creeks award-winning Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Napa Valley Ros and a whole host of Cabernet Sauvignons. More than 20 gold medals and best of class honors have been awarded to the wines being poured today in the tasting room.





35 East Napa Street, Sonoma (707) 935-1200

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sonoMa County | WinE CountRy this WEEK

BY chArleS neAVe

MoondanCE CEllaRs open Daily 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 4901 Arnold Drive, glen ellen, cA 95442 (707) 938-7550 | www.moondance Dogs are always welcomed and appreciated.

I have a theory that if one person recommends a spot (a restaurant, for instance) you consider it. If another person does the same, it is a possibility. But if three people say basically the same thing, then you would be foolish not to go. This is what happened with Moondance Cellars in Sonoma. So I went, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I could not be happier that I finally made the first of what I know will be many visits. Located in Glen Ellen where you run across history and Jack London memorabilia everywhere you look (he built a home here, just up the road) it has a space in the handsome brick-red Jack London Village building. The three things I was told about this quaint tasting room were that the setting was charming, the wines excellent and (over and over again): the people in the tasting room were as friendly as you could possibly imagine. And, I am surprised to admit it, being a born skeptic, they were right on every single count. Inside the tasting room, down a couple of steps, youll notice the exposed wood beams, the painted walls (red brick colored, of course), a couple of caf tables and chairs, the L-shaped wood bar, and art esthetically placed here and there. Next door, through an adjoining door, is a chocolate shop, and often the tasting room offers chocolate samples with their wines (with the collection of the Sonoma Valley Portworks label they also pour). Under the Moondance label which is art in its own right there is an addictable Russian River Sauvignon Blanc, a well-balanced Chardonnay, a limited production (five barrels made) Pinot Noir and an award-winning Zinfandel made from handpicked grapes grown in three small vineyards. Every wine they craft is carefully selected, well considered and happily offered. And, while you are there, be sure to ask about the Sonomic Vinegars they have (and the free recipe guide) as well as their excellent mustards. So, what to say in the end? It is friendly, relaxed, casual and, in a wonderfully multi-sensory way, one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have in this part of wine country.


WinE CountRy this WEEK | sonoMa County

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sonoMa VallEy | WinE CountRy this WEEK

Former Winemaker and Proprietor of MERUS, Mark Herold Joins Forces with B Wise Vineyards in Napa and Sonoma Cabernet Project
Winemaker Mark Herold has teamed-up with independent winery B Wise Vineyards to produce cooler climate Napa Valley Coombsville District Cabernet Sauvignon. After selling MERUS wines and producing alternative wines under his Mark Herold Wines umbrella, Mark Herold has returned to Napa's Coombsville AVA in search of great Cabernet. Sourced from vineyards in Napa's newest AVA, including Caldwell Vineyard, the wine will be bottled under the B Wise Vineyards label named BRION starting in the 2010 vintage. Herold will also be making Cabernet Sauvignon from the B Wise Vineyards Sonoma Estate under the BRION label starting from the 2012 vintage. B Wise Vineyards is in the Moon Mountain district of Sonoma Valley, a pending AVA. A trend-setter from the outset, Mark Herold has bridged the gap for Napa Valley winemakers to seek out new Cabernet vineyards in neighboring Sonoma Valley.

About B Wise Vineyards

B Wise Vineyards is an Estate vineyard and winery located adjacent to the famed Monte Rosso Vineyard in the foothills Mark Herold near Sonoma, California. Founded & developed in 2002 by Brion Wise, B Wise Vineyards encompasses 20 acres of Estate vines. Specializing in premium red wines centered on the Cabernet Sauvignon grape from unique terroirs, B Wise Vineyards produces 300-500 cases of Napa Valley Cabernet in addition to 3000 cases from the Sonoma Estate annually. The tasting room offers you the unique opportunity to honor the passion of wines culture and aesthetic properties. It is open Wednesday through Sunday 10:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Come taste a selection of red wines at 9077 Sonoma Highway, Kenwood, CA 95452. For more information, call (707) 282-9169 or go to


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WinE CountRy this WEEK | sonoMa VallEy

KEnWood & glEn EllEn

W i n E R i E s


MEndoCino/laKE Counties

Welcome to


WinE CountRy this WEEK | MEndoCino/laKE CountiEs

hoplands springPassportWeekend is May 5-6

Gateway to Mendocino County Serves Up Local Wines and Seasonal Foods
The twenty-first Hopland Passport Weekend takes place Saturday, May 5th, and Sunday, May 6th. At the gateway to Mendocino County, the small-town hospitality showcases the regions finest limitedproduction, estate wines served up with an array of local and seasonal dishes. A full description of the weekend entertainment, menus, lodging and tickets is available at Destination Hoplands new website, From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day, sixteen local wineries will pour new and library wines paired with fresh, homegrown foods grassfed beef and wild rice salad, grilled tri-tip smoked over oak barrel staves, wood-fired pizza piled with prosciutto and fresh greens. Tickets to the event are $45 in advance, $55 the day of the event, and entitle Passport holders to enjoy the local abundance, specially discounted wine sales, door prizes, art exhibits and musical entertainment. Designated drivers are admitted at no charge. Shuttle service is offered door-to-door from local hotels on Saturday only, for a $20 fee. The shuttles will circulate to the participating wineries throughout the day, at 30-minute intervals. Participating wineries include Brutocao Cellars, Campovida, Cesar Toxqui Cellars, Graziano Family of Wines, Jaxon Keys Winery, Jeriko Estate, McDowell Valley Vineyards, McFadden Vineyard, McNab Ridge Winery, Milano Winery, Nelson Family Vineyards, Parducci Wine Cellars, Rack & Riddle, Saracina, Terra Svia and Weibel Family Vineyards. For more information, contact Destination Hopland Association at 1-800-564-2582 or visit

Zina Hyde Cunningham Takes The Gold at 2012 San Diego International Wine Competition
Zina Hyde Cunningham Wins Two Gold Medals
Zina Hyde Cunningham Winery is continuing with medals earned in 2012 wine competitions. The winery won two gold medals at the 2012 San Diego International Wine Competition. The 2008 North Coast Condeal and the 2008 Redwood Valley Carignane were the big winners. I couldnt be happier than to win these awards with Zina Hyde Cunningham, enthused winemaker Steve Ledson. It is absolutely the time to head to Anderson Valley and taste these incredible wines. The 2008 North Coast Condeal has aromas of ripe Fuji apples, soft spice and red fruit with a palate of cherry, strawberry and chocolate. This meritage finishes with eucalyptus, mouth coating tannins and a hint of coffee. The wine is available online for $48. The 2008 Redwood Valley Carignane is a deeply concentrated red wine with bold flavors of blackberry, plum and dark chocolate with subtle touches of white pepper and herbs on the finish. The wine is available online for $36. The long, rich Cunningham family history started in Mendocino County in 1865 where Zina Hyde Cunninghams heirs brought his vision of producing the very best wines from his winery and vineyards. Today, you can still enjoy this legacy by visiting one of the most beautifully designed old buildings in all of Mendocino County. The Zina Hyde Cunningham tasting room is located at 14077 Hwy 128, Boonville, CA 95415, open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. For more information, call (707) 895-9462 or go to Visitors can enjoy a bottle of wine along with picnic fare from the Boonville General Store in the beautiful picnic grounds. A few games on the bocce court rounds out a perfect Anderson Valley afternoon.

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Wine Tasting in
On behalf of the Livermore Valley Winegrowers Foundation, you are invited to the 18th annual Livermore Valley Wine Auction, Winemaking a Difference, on May 5. This event continues to aid local organizations that improve the lives of children in the community. This year, the auction will help provide healthcare, food and arts education for local children by supporting ValleyCare Foundations Mobile Health Unit, Open Heart Kitchens School Lunch Program, Bankhead Theaters Youth Programs and Livermore Valley Education Foundations Arts Education Programs. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised more than $3.5 million dollars for worthwhile local organizations. The 2012 Wine Auction will be a stunning evening, black tie optional, featuring local wines, a fabulous dinner and exciting live music. The event will be in the Barrel Room at the Wente Vineyards Estate Winery, and 350 guests are expected. The live and silent

liVERMoRE VallEy Wine Country

18th annual livermore Valley Wine auction, May 5

auction will feature spectacular packages, including exclusive tours and tastings, travel experiences, rare wine vintages, large format bottles and special collections of wine. For information about this event, contact: Brandi Addington, Auction Manager at (925)

liVERMoRE VallEy
W i n E R i E s

321-8338, email or visit www.LVWF .org. Livermore Valley Wine Country is a visitor's haven where you'll enjoy irresistible wine country hospitality. As the winemakers, friends and family who founded our 40 plus beautiful wineries, we invite you to come taste our award-winning wines, visit our friendly tasting rooms, and experience our enthusiasm for making all of our guests feel like old friends. Livermore Valley is only minutes from San Francisco, San Jose, Walnut Creek and Oakland.


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Wine Tasting on

tREasuRE island
Zinfandel, Syrah, Tempranillo, Petite Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Sangiovese, Petite Sirah, Mourvedre, Gewrtraminer and Chardonnay among others. Enjoy unique activities at each winery from special food parings, music, raffles and drawings, barrel tastings and, as a Passport guest, most wineries will offer special discounts on select wines and merchandise. Upon check-in at Bodega Wine Estates, youll receive your passport book and commemorative glass. The Wineries on Treasure Island will provide a hop-on hop-off shuttle to transport you among the wineries with a special valet service for your purchases. All participants must be 21 years or older. Designated drivers are encouraged and receive non-alcoholic beverages. This Wine Passport Sunday is limited to 300 guests so early ticket purchase is highly recommended. The events all day, all inclusive pass is $60.00. Early bird purchases up through April 15th are $40.00. For reservations and tickets go to, San Francisco Event Calendar under April 22nd or visit

Celebrate Extraordinary California Wines during treasure island Wineries Passport Event, april 22
Imagine 365 acres of man-created land just where the San Francisco skyline is its most spectacular. Now add a community of urban winemakers who have brought Sonoma and Napa County grapes to you and youve got yourself the ingredients for an all-toofun afternoon. However, the winemakers of Treasure Island will be taking the fun just one step further on April 22nd. Enjoy a quality afternoon as this wine-growing community comes together to celebrate the grape and the extraordinary fruit that defines California as an idyllic wine-producing region. The Treasure Island community of wineries has come together to offer a wine tasting Sunday with all the fixings. Passport guests will have wine tasting access to wineries including Knightswood Vineyards and Winery, Stein Family Wines, Hoffman Family Cellars, Fat Grape Winery, Kendric Vineyards, Sol Rouge, VIE, The WinerySF , Treasure Island Wines and Eristavi Family Winery. This amazing group of wineries has joined together to offer guests award-winning wines representing varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon,

tREasuRE island WinERiEs

BodEga WinE EstatEs 751 13th Street at Avenue i, treasure island, San francisco fri, Sat and Sun from 1 to 6pm, 415-525-4154 Free tasting for two with ad A collection of family wineries the venue promises a truly unique and enjoyable wine tasting experience with spectacular views of the City. Bring your lunch/picnic to enjoy with wine on the terrace. Knightswood wines are crafted to allow them express the nature of the vineyards' locale, giving voice to the elements of sun, wind and rain unique to each. Stein Family Wines Got honest wine? We do. Our wines celebrate being alive and show lifes creative essence. We make sure the folks who grow and make it enjoy some of its dreams, too. Why? Because fair is fair. Great wines made the right way: thE WinERy sF 200 California Ave. Bldg 180 N, Treasure Island, Daily 12pm-5pm 415-SF -JUICE The Winery SF brings the California wine experience to San Francisco. It's 20,000 sq. ft. winery, tasting room, and event center allows visitors to experience the winemaking process first-hand while enjoying award-winning wines from Napa, Sonoma, and beyond. Tours available by appointment.

Eristavi Family Wines (at treasure isand Wines) Mon-fri 9am-5pm, Sat 12-4pm 95 9th Street and Ave i, treasure island, Sf; 415-394-9463 tue-Sun 12-5:30 pm Fat Grape Winery 1080 Avenue M, treasure island, San francisco; 415-388-8318 opening Soon Hoffman Family Cellars 751 13th Street at Avenue M, treasure island, San francisco Sol Rouge 200 california Ave, Bldg 180 no, treasure island, Sf, 415-Sf -JUice open daily 12-5, tours by appointment Treasure Island Wines Mon-fri 9am-5pm, Sat 12-4pm 95 9th Street and Ave i, treasure island, Sf; 415-394-9463 VIE (at the Winery Sf) 200 california Ave, Bldg 180 no, treasure island, Sf, 415-Sf -JUice open daily 12-5, tours by appointment

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MontEREy Bay aREa


Welcome to

Traveling from Monterey


trAVel tiMe MileS (Average) (Peak)

Sonoma county Santa cruz San francisco Paso robles Santa Barbara

170 42 113 116 238

3 hrs 45 min 2 hrs 2 hrs 4 hrs

3-1/2 hrs 1-1/4 hrs 2-1/2 hrs 2-1/4 hrs 4-1/2 hrs

Traveling from Santa Cruz


trAVel tiMe MileS (Average) (Peak)

Monterey San francisco Paso robles

42 45 min 1-1/4 hrs 73 1-1/4 hrs 1-3/4 hrs 136 2-1/4 hrs 2-3/4 hrs

WinE CountRy this WEEK | santa ClaRa/santa CRuZ/MontEREy CountiEs

Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Spring Passport, April 21

The Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association invites you to enjoy the wineries of this extraordinary appellation! As a Passport holder, you are welcomed to explore this unique viticultural region and get acquainted with the incredible diversity of the wines and winemakers therein. Passport wineries will be open on the third Saturday of January, April, July and November. Most wineries are open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., (call to confirm) as well as during their regular hours. Each season brings something new to the vineyards; from pruning in the winter to crush in the fall, wineries are bustling with activity year-round! Passport is your opportunity to meet the talented winemakers of the Santa Cruz Mountains and to see where and how they produce some of the worlds great wines. Some of the wineries are not open to the public except on Passport days and many pour special wines or barrel samples on these days. A lot of these wines are simply not available anywhere else, so if you find a wine that you like, please buy a bottle or two. Without sales, these special tastings cannot take place. Many participating wineries are off the beaten path. For best results, use the map provided by Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers as a rough guide only and read the directions for each individual winery. At each winery you visit, a page of your Passport will be given a unique commemorative stamp. You must have your Passport with you in order to participate in the tasting. Passport benefits are good for one visit to each participating winery and are for use on designated Passport days only. Passports do not expire until each winery has been visited once. During Passport Day you can also enjoy discounts at local participating restaurants. Participating restaurants offer specials such as waived corkage on Santa Cruz Mountains Wines, 10% off on dinner and much, much more! Restaurant pages are located in the back section of each Passport. Although there is a prize for completing the Passport, the true reward is discovering and enjoying the great wines along the way. Take as long as youd like. Completed Passports will be honored for as long as the program endures, hopefully for many, many years. Purchase a Passport for $45 donation by calling (831) 685-8463 or by going to the website at Each Passport covers tasting room fees for one person at all participating wineries and is valid until completed. Passports are also available for purchase at any participating winery on Passport day, while supplies last. It is strongly recommended to call ahead to make sure they have Passports available. Each Passport requires a $45 donation which includes one visit to all participating wineries! The passport program is a limited invitation to visit private wineries that are not open to the general public. Reasonable accommodations will be made for disabled individuals, if requested at least two weeks in advance. Many wineries have limited access and parking. Before hiring a stretch limousine or bus, call the wineries your propose to visit and make arrangements. For participating wineries and restaurants, visit

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santa ClaRa/santa CRuZ/MontEREy CountiEs | WinE CountRy this WEEK

spring Passport on the summit to sea Wine trail

Get out and explore the Mountains for Passport Day, where youll find a plethora of new wines to discover at the Summit to Sea Wineries. Burrell School has a special Spring Fling four-pack, chocolate truffle sampling and a close up view of the estate Chardonnay vines leafing out in all their green glory. Up at the top of the mountain, Loma Prieta will offer samples of Pinotage, that crazy-wild wine that Denzel Washington enjoys in Safe House. If you want to know what it smells like, come stick your nose in this! The 2009 and 2010 vintages of Pinotage have racked up a phenomenal 13 Gold or Platinum medals between them! The 2010 Pinotage just won gold at the New World Wine Competition. This is the 7th gold or better for this wine, and it's just a youngster. Poetic Cellars invites you to come taste the terroir of Livermore vs. Santa Cruz Mountains with a side by side of two Merlots. Move over Cabernet! There is nothing quite like a monster Merlot. Katy also invites you to taste her zingy springy new Zinfandel, and the everpopular smooth crooner, Serenade, a tasty blend of Cab and Syrah. Grab a few jars of Jeanne Jellys, made from Poetic Cellars fruit snatched from the fate of the crusher at harvest. Theyre all plenty delicious! Try them on toast or brush them on pork chops or chicken before grilling. Pair with the related wine and youve got yourself a doubly delicious combo! Dont forget Dancing Creek is open for Passport day at their Branciforte Creek location.

Springtime Wine Stroll in Saratoga Village

Perfect Mothers Day Outing!
Dress up and wear your favoirte hat, then stroll through the beautiful streets of Saratoga for its annual Springtime Wine Stroll, Saturday, May 12, from 2:30 to 6 p.m. Wine will be available for tasting at more than 20 shops and restaurants. Live music, gourmet food, art, flowers and candy will also be available. Stop by the Chamber Bottle Booth to purchase your new favorite wines. Tickets are $40 in advance, $45 the day of the event. Purchase tickets online at For more information, call (408) 867-0753.


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naPa VallEy
1313 Main 1313 Main Street, napa; 707 258-1313 fri-Sat 11-12, Sun-thu 11-10 A Dozen Vintners tasting room, 3000 highway 29 north, St. helena; 707 967-0666 open daily 10-5 aCaCia Vnyd 2750 las Amigas road, napa; 707 226-9991 x2 open by appointment only: Mon-Sat 10-4, Sun 12-4 Acme Fine Wines 1080 fulton ln, St. helena; 888 963-0440 Daily 9:30-5 Adastra 2545 las Amigas rd, napa; 707 255-4818 open by appointment only Aetna Springs Cellars 7227 Pope Valley road, St. helena; 707 965-2675 open by appointment only Ahnfeldt Wines Uncorked at oxbow tasting room, 605 first St. napa; 707 927-5864 Wed-Mon 12-6,tue 12-8 Allora Vineyards 3244 ehlers lane, St. helena; 707 963-6071 open by appointment only Alpha Omega 1155 Mee lane @ highway 29, rutherford; 707 963-9999 Daily 10-6 Altamura Vineyards & Winery 1700 Wooden Valley rd, napa; 707 253-2000 open by appointment only Amizetta 1099 greenfield road, St. helena; 707 963-1460 open by appointment only Ancien napa; 707 255-3908 open by appointment only Andersons Conn Valley Vineyards 680 rossi road, St. helena; 707 963-8600 open by appointment only andREtti WinERy 4162 Big ranch road, napa; 1-877-386-5070 open daily 10-5 Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours: Public tours daily at 11am & 2 pm (Private Tours for 10 or more), Educational Programs Antica Napa Valley 3700 Soda canyon, napa; 707 257-8700 open by appointment only Ardente Winery 2929 Atlas Peak rd, napa; 707 226-7669 open by appointment only aRgER-MaRtuCCi 1455 inglewood Ave, St. helena; 707 963-4334 open daily 10-5 Wine Tasting, Gift Items, Picnic Area, Arts Exhibit, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Food Pairing Ariel Vineyards 1312 town center, napa; 707 257-9731 Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 10-3 Arkenstone Vineyards 335 West lane, Angwin; 707 965-1020 open by appointment only Arns 601 Muno road, St. helena; 707 963-3429 open by appointment only aRtEsa 1345 henry road, napa; 707 224-1668 open daily 10-4:30 Gift Items, Children OK; Call for Winery Tours at 11 & 2, Vineyard Tours, Food Pairings August Briggs 1307B lincoln Avenue, calistoga; 707 942-4912 fri-Sat 11-7, Sun-thu 11-5, tue by appt. B CEllaRs 400 Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 709-8787 open daily 10-5 Back Room Wines 1000 Main Street, napa; 707-226-1378 Mon-Wed, Sat 10-7, thu-fri 10-8, Sun 12-7 BaldaCCi FaMily 6236 Silverado trail, napa; 707 944-9261 open daily by appointment Ballentine Vineyards 2820 St. helena hwy n, St. helena; 707 963-7919 open daily 10-5 by appt Barlow Vineyards 4411Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 942-8742 open by appointment only Barnett Vineyards 4070 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 963-7075 open by appointment only BEauliEu VinEyaRds (BV) 1960 St. helena hwy, St. helena; 707 967-5233 open daily 10-5 Beau Vigne 6795 Washington St, Yountville; 707 947-7058 Mon-fri 11-8, Sat-Sun 10-8 Behrens & Hitchcock 4078 Spring Mountain road, St. helena; 707 963-1774 open by appointment only Bell Wine Cellars 6200 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-1673 open daily 10-4 Benessere Winery 1010 Big tree rd, St. helena; 707 963-5853 open daily 10-5 Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Food Pairings BEnnEtt lanE 3340 hwy 128, calistoga; 877 MAx-nAPA open daily 10-5:30 Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyard Tours, Educational Programs, Food Pairings BERingER VinEyaRds

Tours & Tasting Daily 10:00-5:00 Call ahead to schedule tours & private tastings, 866-708-9463 2 for 1 Reserve Wine Tasting in the Rhine House with this ad Save up to $25

2000 Main Street, St. helena | Bialla Vineyards 4088 Atlas Peak rd, napa; 707 227-2293 open by appointment only Bighorn Cellars 3105 Silverado trail, napa; 707 226-8569 fri-Sat 11-4, tue-thu by appt Black Cat Vineyard 1075 Shadybrook ln, napa; 707 321-0866 open by appointment only Black Cordon Vnyds 4155 Dry creek rd, napa; 707 226-6860 open by appointment only Black Stallion Winery 4089 Silverado trail, napa; 707 253-1400 open daily 10-5 Blankiet Estate 2360 california Sr, Yountville; 707 963-2001 open by appt Mon-Sat 10-4 Boeschen 3242 Silverado trail, St. helena; 707 963-3674 open by appointment only BouChainE VinEyaRds 1075 Buchli Station road, napa; 707 252-9065, 800-654-wine open daily 10:30-4:30 Gift items, gardens, vineyard walking tour. Call ahead for: Safari Tours at 10:30am, educational programs, food pairings & bringing pets.

Bounty Hunter Rare Wine Co. 975 first St, napa; 707 226-3976 Sun-thu 11-10, fr-Sa 11-Midnight Bourassa 190 camino oruga, napa 707 254-4922; 800-499-2366 open by appointment only Boyd Family 4042 Big ranch road, napa; 707 254-7353 open by appointment only Bravante Vineyards 300 Stone ridge rd, Angwin; 707-965-2552 open by appointment Wed-Sun 11-4 Brookdale Vineyards napa; 707 258-1454 open by appointment only Brown Estate 3233 Sage canyon road, St. helena; 707 963-2435 limited, by appointment only, closed Sundays Buehler 820 greenfield road, St. helena; 707 963-2155 open by appointment only Buoncristiani Wine P. o. Box 6946, napa; 707 259-1681 open by appointment only Burgess Cellars 1108 Deer Park road, St. helena; 800 752-9463 open by appointment only Ca' Momi Winery & Enoteca 610 first St, napa; 707 257-4992 open daily 7:30-9 Cade Winery 360 howell Mountain rd So, Angwin; 707 965-2746 open by appointment only Cafaro Cellars 2591 Pinot Way, St. helena; 707 963-7181 open by appointment only Cain 3800 langtry road, St. helena; 707 963-1616 open by appointment only Cakebread Cellars 8300 St. helena hwy, rutherford; 707 963-5222 open by appointment only Calafia Cellars 629 fulton lane, St. helena; 707 963-0114 open by appointment only Caldwell 270 Kreuzer lane, napa; 707 255-1294 tours/tasting by appointment Cali 351 965 Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 942-6200 open by appointment only Calistoga WinE stoP 1458 lincoln Ave, #2 calistoga; 707 942-5556 Daily 10-6 Cardinale Estate tasting room, 7600 St. helena hwy, oakville; 707 948-2643 open daily 10:30-5 Casa Nuestra Winery 3451 Silverado trail no, St. helena; 707 963-5783 open daily 10-5 CastEllo di aMoRosa 4045 north St. helena hwy (hwy 39), calistoga; 707 942-8200 open daily 9:30-6 Gifts, Children & Pets OK; call ahead for: Winery & Cave Tours, reservation recommended Caymus Vineyards 8700 conn creek rd, rutherford; 707 967-3010 open daily by appointment Ceja Vineyards Tasting Room 1248 1st St, napa; 707 226-6445 Sun-Wed 11-6, thu-Sat till 11-8 Celani Family Vineyards 2230 Big ranch rd, napa; 877 ArDore1 open by appointment only Chappellet Vineyard 1581 Sage canyon rd, St. helena; 707 963-7136 open by appointment only Charbay Winery & Distillery 4001 Spring Mtn rd; St. helena; 707 963-9327 open daily 10-4 ChaRlEs KRug WinERy 2800 Main St. hwy 29, St. helena; 707 967-2229 open daily 10:30-5 Charnu St. helena; 707 963-6045 open by appointment only Charter Oak Winery 831 charter oak Ave, St. helena; 707 963-2298 open by appointment only Chase Family Cellars 2252 Sulphur Springs road, St. helena; 707 963-1284 open by appointment only Chateau Boswell 3468 Silverado trail, St. helena; 707 963-5472 open by appointment only Chateau Montelena 1429 tubbs ln, calistoga; 707 942-5105 open daily 9:30-4 Chimney Rock Winery 5350 Silverado trail, napa; 707 257-2641 open daily 10-5 Clif Family Winery 1312 Vidovich Avenue, St. helena; 707 968-0625 open daily 10-5 by appointment Cliff Lede Vineyards 1473 Younvtille cross rd, Yountville; 707 944-8642 open daily 10-4 Clos Du Val 5330 Silverado trail, napa; 800 993-9463 open daily 10-5 Clos Pegase 1060 Dunaweal ln, calistoga; 707 942-4981 open daily 10:30-5 Conn Creek Winery 8711 Silverado trail, St. helena; 1-800-793-7960 open Sat 11-5, Sun-fri 11-4 Constant-Diamond 2121 Diamond Mountain rd, calistoga; 707 942-0707 open by appointment only Continuum Estate 1677 Sage canyon rd, St. helena; 707 944-810066 open by appointment only Corison Winery 987 St. helena hwy, St. helena; 707 963-0826 open daily 10-5 by appointment CoRlEy FaMily EstatE 4242 Big ranch rd, napa; 707 253-2802 open daily 10-4:30 Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Wine Tours, Food Pairings Cornerstone Cellars 6505 Washington St., Suite 7, Yountville; 707 945-0388 open daily 10-7 Cosentino 7415 St. helena hwy, Yountville; 707-921-2896 open daily 10-6 Covenant Wines 1241 Adams St, St. helena; 707 963-3887 open by appointment only Crocker & Starr St. helena; 707-967-9111 open by appointment only Cuvaison Estate 4500 Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 942-2468 Mon-thu 11-4, fri-Sun 10-5 Cuvaison Estate 1221 Duhig road, carneros (between napa & Sonoma); 707 942-2455 Mon-thu 11-4, fri-Sun 10-5 by appt Darioush Winery 4240 Silverado trail, napa; 707 257-2345 open daily 10:30-5 David Arthur 1521 Sage canyon road, St. helena; 707 963-5190 open by appointment only

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WinERy listings | WinE CountRy this WEEK

daVid Fulton WinERy & VinEyaRd
eSt. 1860 - JUSt 400 cASeS/YeAr ProDUceD

Old Vine Petite Sirah now available for tasting.

Savor the estate Petite Sirah on the deck or in the cool historic winery. Picnickers and friendly pooches welcome.

open Weekends, friday through Monday 11 -4 825 fulton lane, St. helena 707-967-0719 Del Bondio Wine Co. 1333 Bella oaks lane, napa; 707 963-2805 open by appointment only Del Dotto Caves 1055 Atlas Peak rd, napa; 707 963-2134 open by appointment only Del Dotto Vineyards 1445 St. helena highway, St. helena; 707 963-2134 open by appointment only Delectus Winery 908 c enterprise Way, napa; 707 255-1252 open daily by appointment Diamond Terrace 1391 Diamond Mountain road, calistoga; 707 942-1189 open by appointment only doMainE CaRnERos 1240 Duhig rd, napa; 707 257-0101 open daily 10-6 Gifts, Children OK, Winery Tours, Vineyard Tours; Call ahead for groups of eight or more Domaine Chandon 1 california Dr, Yountville; 707 944-2280 open daily 10-5 Dominari 620 trancas Street, napa; 707-226-1600 open by appointment only, 10am-4:30pm Duckhorn Vineyards 1000 lodi lane, St. helena; 707 963-7108 open by appointment, 10-4 Dutch Henry Winery 4300 Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 942-5771 open daily 10-4:30 Eagle Eye Wine 6595 gordon Valley rd, napa; 707 427-1600 open by appointment only Eagle & Rose 1844 Pope canyon rd, Pope Valley; 707 965-9463 open by appointment only Eagle Trace 680 rossi rd, St. helena; 707 963-4665 open by appointment only Eeden Wines 3505 Spring Mountain rd., St. helena; 707 337-5526 open by appointment only EhlERs EstatE
Join us in our historic stone building and beautiful olive grove. Open daily, 10:30 to 4:00 $25 for a current flight tasting Enjoy our limited production 1886 Cabernet Sauvignon (95 points) All proceeds benefit cardiovascular research. For reservations, call 707-963-5972

3222 ehlers lane, St. helena | for reservations, call 707.963.5972 El Molino Winery St. helena; 707 963-6021 Elizabeth Spencer 1165 rutherford road, rutherford; 707 963-6067 Elkhorn Peak Cellars 200 Polson rd, napa; 707 255-0504 Elyse 2100 hoffman ln, napa; 707 944-2900 Envy Wines 1170 tubbs ln, calistoga; 707 942-4670 EtudE

Weekdays by appointment only open daily 10-5 open by appointment only open by appointment only Sun-thu 10:30-4:30, fri-Sat 11-5:30

We invite you to experience for yourself our family charm. 2 for 1 Tasting with this ad (Save up to $25)

1250 cuttings Wharf road, napa | open Daily 10am-4:30pm 707-257-5300 | Failla 3530 Silverado trail, St. helena; 707 963-0530 Falcor 2511 napa corporate Dr, Ste 115, napa; 888-402-Wine Far Niente 1350 Acacia Dr, oakville; 707 944-2861 Farella 2222 n. 3rd Ave, napa; 707 254-9489 Fleury Estate Winery 950 galleron rd, rutherford; 707 967-8333 Flora Springs The Room 677 St. helena hwy So., St. helena; 707 967-8032 Flora Springs Winery 1978 Zinfandel ln, St. helena; 707 967-6723 open by appointment only open daily 10-5 open by appointment only 10-3 open by appointment only open by appointment only open daily 10:30-5 open by appointment only

FoliE a dEuX 7481 St. helena hwy, oakville; 800 535-6400 open daily 10-6 Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK Fontanella Family 1721 Partrick road, napa; 707 252-1017 open daily by appointment 10-4 Forman Vineyards 1501 Big rock road, St. helena; 707 963-3900 open by appointment only Franciscan Vineyards 1178 galleron rd, rutherford; 707 963-7111 open daily 10-5 FRanK FaMily VinEyaRds 1091 larkmead lane, calistoga; 707 942-0859 open daily 10-5 Gift Items, Picnic Area Frazier Winery 70 rapp lane, napa; 707 255-3444 x107 open by appointment Freemark Abbey 3022 St. helena hwy 29 n., St. helena; 707 963-9694 open Daily 10-5

Frogs Leap 8815 conn creek road, rutherford; 707 963-4704 open by appointment only G Cook 264 n. fork crystal Springs rd, St. helena; 707 963-7760 open by appointment only Gargiulo 575 oakville crossroad, napa; 707 944-2770 open by appointment only Gemella Wines napa; 707 261-9855 open by appointment only Girard Winery 6795 Washington, Yountville; 707 968-9297 open daily 11-7 Godspeed Vineyards 3655 Mount Veeder rd; 707 254-7766 open by appointment only Goosecross Cellars 1119 State lane, Yountville; 707 944-1986 open daily 10-4:30 gRgiCh hills 1829 St. helena hwy, rutherford; 707 963-2784 open daily 9:30-4:30 Gift Items, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours By Appt. at 11 & 2, Food Pairings Groth 750 oakville crossroad, oakville; 707 944-0290 open by appointment only Guffy 1390 thompson Ave, napa; 707 258-2532 open by appointment only Guilliams 3851 Spring Mountain road, St. helena; 707 963-9059 open by appointment only Gustavo Thrace 1021 McKinstry St, napa; 707 257-6796 open daily 11-7 hagaFEn CEllaRs 4160 Silverado trail, napa; 707 252-0781 open daily 10-5 Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Wine Tours Hall Rutherford 56 Auberge road, rutherford; 707 967-0700 open by appointment only Hall St. Helena 401 St. helena hwy So, St. helena; 707 967-2620 open daily 10-5:30 Hans Fahden Vineyards 4855 Petrified forest rd, St. helena; 707 942-6760 open by appointment Hartwell Vineyards 5795 Silverado trail, napa; 707 255-4269 open by appointment only HdV Wines 588 trancas St, napa; 707 251-9121 open by appointment only Heibel Ranch Vineyards Pope Valley; 707 968-9289 open by appointment only Heitz Cellars Tasting Room 436 St. helena hwy 29, St. helena; 707 963-3542 open daily 11-4:30 Helena View Johnston 3500 highway 128, calistoga; 707 942-4956 open by appointment only Hendry 3104 redwood Dr, napa; 707 226-8320 open by appointment only hEss CollECtion 4411 redwood rd, napa; 707 255-1144 open daily 10-5:30 Hill Family Estate 6512 Washington, Yountville; 707 944-9580 open daily 10-6 Honig Vineyards 850 rutherford rd, rutherford; 707 963-5618 open daily by appointment Hope & Grace 6540 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-2500 Mon-Sat 10:30-5:30, Sun 11:30-4:30 Hopper Creek 6204 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-0675 open by appointment only Hunnicutt Wines 3524 Silverado trail north, St. helena; 707 963-2911 open by appointment only Ilona Howell Mountain tasted at Burgess, 1108 Deer Park road, St. helena; 800 752-9463 open by appointment only Inglenook 1991 St. helena hwy, rutherford; 707 968-1161 open daily 10-5, appt recommended J. Kirkwood Winery 1020 Borrette lane, napa open by appointment only James Cole 5014 Silverado trail, napa; 707 251-9905 open by appointment only James Creek 2249 James creek rd, Pope Valley; 707 965-2646 open by appointment only Jarvis Winery 2970 Monticello rd, napa; 1-800-255-5280 open by appointment only Jax 3468 hwy 128, calistoga; 415 446-9505 x102 open by appointment Jericho Canyon Vnyd 3322 old lawley toll rd, calistoga; 707 942-9665 open by appointment only JEssuP CEllaRs 6740 Washington St, Yountville; 707 944-8523 open daily 10-6 Art Exhibits; Call ahead for Food Pairings, last tasting at 5:30pm Jocelyn Lonen Winery napa; 1-800-255-5280 open by appointment only John Anthony Vineyards 1440 first Street, napa; 707 265-7711 open daily 10-2am Joseph Phelps Vineyards 200 taplin rd, St. helena; 707 963-2745 Mon-fri 9-5, Sat-Sun 10-4 by appointment Judds hill 2332 Silverado trail, napa; 707 255-2332 open daily by appointment only 10-4 Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children Welcomed Juicebox 45 enterprise ct, napa; 707 254-1212 open daily by appointment only 9-5 Juslyn 2900 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 265-1804 (Poured at Silenus Vintners) Winery open by appointment only Kapcsandy Family Winery 1001 State lane, Yountville; 707 265-1804 open by appointment only Keenan 3660 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 963-9177 open by appointment only Keever 26 Vineyard View Dr, Yountville; 707 944-0910 open by appointment only Kelham 360 Zinfandel ln; St. helena; 707 963-2000 open by appointment only Kelly Fleming Wines 2339 Pickett rd, calistoga; 707 942-6849 open by appointment only Kenefick Ranch 1371 lincoln Ave, calistoga; 707 942-1004 thu-Mon 11- 5 & by appt Kent Rasmussen 1001 Silverado trail So, St. helena; 7070 963-5667 open by appointment only Kenzo Estate 3200 Monticello road, napa; 707 254-7572 open by appointment only


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WinE CountRy this WEEK | WinERy listings

Krupp Brothers 3267 Soda canyon rd., napa; 707 259-1198 open by appointment Kuleto Estate 2470 Sage canyon rd, St. helena; 707 302-2209 open by appointment only Ladera 150 White cottage rd So, Angwin; 707 965-2445 open by appointment only Laird Family Winery 5055 Solano Ave., napa; 707 257-0360 open daily 10-5 Larkmead Vineyards 1100 larkmead ln, calistoga; 707 942-0167 open daily by appointment only 10-4 Lava Vine 965 Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 942-9500 open daily 10-5 Lindstrom 5994 Silverado trail, napa; 707 226-6289 exclusive tastings by appoinment only Lokoya 7600 St. helena hwy, oakville; 707 948-1968 open by appointment only Long Meadow Ranch & Farmstead 738 Main St, St. helena; 707 963-4555 open daily 11-6 louis M. MaRtini 254 St. helena hwy So. (hwy 29 ), St. helena; 707 968-3361 open daily 10-6 Gift Items; Call ahead for: Wine Tours at 11 & 2, Cellar Tours, Food Pairings Luis Ochoa Family 1307 lincoln Ave, calistoga; 707 341-6780 open by appointment only Luna Vineyards 2921 Silverado trail, napa; 707 255-2474 Mon-thu 11-4, fri-Sun 10-5 Madonna Estate Winery 5400 old Sonoma rd, napa; 707 255-8864 open daily 10-5 Madrigal Vineyards 3718 n. St. helena hwy, calistoga; 707 942-6577 open daily by appointment 10-4 MahonEy VinEyaRds taste at oxbow, 708 first St, napa; 707 265-9600 Sun-thu 112-7 Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK fri-Sat 12-9 Mario Perelli-Minetti 1443 Silverado trail, St. helena; 707 963-8310 open thu-Sun 11-5 Maritas Vineyard napa; 707 259-5313 open by appointment only Markham Vnyds 2812 St. helena hwy 29, St. helena; 707 963-5292 open daily 11-5 Mark Herold Wines 710 first St, napa; 707 256-3111 open by appointment only Maroon Wines napa; 707 257-3040 open by appointment only Marston Family Vineyard 3600 White Sulphur Springs rd, St. helena; 707 963-8490 open by appointment Mason Cellars Oxbow Tasting Room 7l4 first St, napa 707 255-0658 open thu-Mon 11-5:30 MatERRa 1426 Main Street, St. helena; 707 244-4600 call for hours Mayacamas Vineyards 1155 lokoya rd, napa; 707 224-4030 open by appointment only McKenzie-Mueller 2530 las Amigas rd, napa; 707 252-0186 open by appointment only MERRyValE VinEyaRds 1000 Main St, St. helena; 707 963-7777 open daily 10-6:30 Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK Call ahead for: Wine Tours Sat & Sun at 10:30, Educational Programs, Food Pairings Michael Mondavi Family 1285 Dealy lane, napa; 707 256-2757 Mon-thu 12-5, fri-Sun 11-5 Midsummer Cellars 771 Sage canyon rd, rutherford; 707 225-4367 open by appointment only Milat Vineyards 1091 St. helena hwy S, St. helena; 707 963-0758 open daily 10-5:30 Miner Family 7850 Silverado trail, oakville; 707 944-9500 open daily 11-5 MJA 647 greenfield rd, St. helena; 707 963-3394 open by appointment only Modus Operandi Cellars 45 enterprise ct, napa; 530 219-6199 open by appointment only MontiCEllo VinEyaRds 4242 Big ranch rd, napa; 707 253-2802 open daily 10-4:30 Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Wine Tours, Food Pairings Moss Creek Winery 6015 Steele rd, napa; 707 252-1295 open by appointment Mount Veeder Winery Mt. Veeder; 707-967-3993 open by appointment only MuMM naPa 8445 Silverado trail, rutherford; 800 MUM-nAPA open daily 10-5, last seating 4:45 Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Wine Tours MurphyVineyards 395 crane Ave, St. helena; 707 963-2516 open by appointment only Myriad St. helena; 707 287-1630 open by appointment only naPa CEllaRs 7481 St. helena hwy, oakville; 707 944-2565 open daily 10-6 Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children OK Napa Valley Farms 929 Main St, St. helena; 707 963-8011 open by appointment Neal Family Vineyards 716 liparita rd, Angwin; 707 965-2800 open by appointment Newton Vineyards 2555 Madrona Ave, St. helena; 707 963-9000 open by appointment Neyers Vineyards 2153 Sage canyon rd, St. helena; 707 963-8840 open by appointment Nichelini Family 2950 Sage canyon rd, St. helena; 707 963-0717 Weekends 10-5, weekdays by appointment Nickel & Nickel 8164 St. helena hwy, oakville; 707 967-9600 open daily by appointment Nord Estate Yountville; 707 945-1094 open by appointment only OBrien Estate 1200 orchard Ave, napa; 707 252-8463 open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5 OShaughnessy Estate Angwin, 707 965-2898 open by appointment only Oakville Ranch Vineyards 7781 Silverado trail, napa; 707-944-9665 open by appointment Olabisi 974 franklin St, napa; 707 257-7477 open daily 12-5:30 OnThEdge 1255 lincoln Ave, calistoga; 877-668-4334 Sun-thu 10-5:30, fri-Sat 10-8 Opus One 7900 St. helena hwy, oakville; 707 944-9442 open daily by appointment Orin Swift Cellars 1352 Main St, St. helena; 707 967-9179 open by appointment only Outpost Estate Wines Angwin; 707 965-1718 open by appointment only Page Wine Cellars 6505 Washington St., Suite 7, Yountville; 707 944-2339 Daily 10-6 520 california Blvd, #20, napa; 707 944-2339 open by appointment only Palmaz Vineyards 4029 hagen road, napa; 707 226-5587 open by appointment only Paloma Vineyard 4013 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 963-7504 open by appointment only Paoletti Vineyards 4501 Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 942-0689 open by appointment only Paradigm 1277 Dwyer rd, oakville; 707 944-1683 open by appointment Paraduxx 7257 Silverado trail, Yountville; 707 945-0890 open by appointment PatZ & hall 851 napa Valley corporate Way, Ste A, napa; 707 265-7700 open Wed-Sun 10-4 Peacock Family 3100 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 967-0770 open by appointment Pedemonte Cellars 1620 S. Whitehall lane, St. helena; 707 933-8352 open by appointment only PEJu 8466 St. helena hwy, rutherford; 707 963-3600 open daily 10-6 Peter Franus Wine Company napa; 707 945-0542 open by appointment only Pheonix 3175 Dry creek road, napa; 877 374-6364 By advance appointment only Phifer Pavitt Winery 4660 Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 942-4787 tastings by appointment Mon-Sat 11 & 1 Pia Napa Valley 8060 Silverado trail, rutherford; 707 738-9328 open daily by appointment 10-4 Pine Ridge 5901 Silverado trail, napa; 707 252-9777 open daily 10:30-4:30 PlumpJack Winery 620 oakville crossroad, oakville; 707 945-1220 open daily 10-4 PoPE VallEy WinERy
Estabished in 1897. Experience 40 acres of history. Turn left and go back 100 years!

open daily, 11 am to 5 pm 6613 Pope Valley road, Pope Valley 707-965-1246 Porter Family Vineyards napa; 707 265-7980 PRagER WinERy & PoRt WoRKs 1281 lewelling, St. helena; 707 963-Port (7678) Pride Mountain Wines 4026 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 963-4949 PRoVEnanCE 1695 St. helena hwy, St. helena; 707 968-3633 Quintessa 1601 Silverdo trail, St. helena; 707 967-1601 Quixote 6126 Silverado trail, napa; 707 944-2659 RayMond VinEyaRd 849 Zinfandel ln, St. helena; 707 963-3141 Gift Items, Children OK; Call ahead for Wine Tours RaZi WinERy With a boutique-winery touch, on the Silverado Trail Everything we know is in the bottle. Schedule a tasting daily 10:30 am to 5:30 pm 3108 Silverado trail, napa Valley (707) 224-4299 REata 1 Kirkland ranch road, napa; 707 254-8673 Regusci Winery 5584 Silverado trail, napa; 707 254-0403 Relic St. helena; 707 967-9380 Revana Family 2930 St. helena hwy, St. helena; 707 967-8814 Reverie Winery 1250 Diamond Mtn rd, calistoga; 707 942-6800 REynolds FaMily 3266 Silverado trail, napa; 707 258-2558 Rios Wine 1334-B lincoln Ave, calistoga; 707 942-1376 Ritchie Creek 4024 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 963-4661 Road 31 Wine Co napa; 707 649-1200 Robert Biale 4038 Big ranch rd, napa; 707 257-7555 Robert Craig Winery 625 imperial Way, napa; 707 252-2250 x1 Robert Keenan 3660 Spring Mtn. rd, St. helena; 707 963-9177 open daily 9-5 open daily 10-5 open by appointment only open by appointment open by appointment open daily 10-5 open daily 10:30-6:30 open by appointment open by appointment only open by appointment open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-4 open by appointment open by appointment only open daily 10:30-4:30 open by appointment open daily 10-5 open by appointment open by appointment open daily 10-4


WinERy listings | WinE CountRy this WEEK

Robert Mondavi 7801 St. helena hwy 29, oakville; 707 968-2001 open daily 10-5 Robert Sinskey Vnyds 6320 Silverado trail, Yountville; 707 944-9090 open daily 10-4:30 Robinson Family Vnyds 5880 Silverado trail, napa; 707 944-8004 open by appointment RoMBauER VinEyaRd 3522 Silverado trail, no, St. helena; 707 963-5170 open daily 10-5 Round Pond Winery 886 rutherford rd, rutherford; 1-888-302-2575 By appointment Rudd Winery 500 oakville cross rd, oakville; 707 944-8577 open tues-Sat by appointment Ruston Family 2798 Spring St, St. helena; 707 967-8025 open by appointment Rustridge Ranch 2910 lower chiles Valley rd, St. helena; 707 965-9353 open by appointment Rutherford Grove 1673 St. helena hwy, rutherford; 707 963-0544 open daily 10-4:30 RuthERFoRd hill 200 rutherford hill rd, rutherford; 707 963-1871 open daily 10-5 Rutherford Ranch 1680 Silverado trail, rutherford; 707 968-3200 open daily 10-4:30 Saddleback Cellars 7802 Money road, oakville; 707 944-1305 open daily by appointment 10-4 Saintsbury 1500 los carneros Ave, napa; 707 252-0592 open Mon-Sat by appointment Salvestrin Vineyard 397 Main Street, St. helena; 707 963-5105 open by appointment Saviez Vineyards 4060 Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 942-5889 open by appointment Savour Saint Helena 649 Main St, St. helena; 707 968-5445 open daily 10-8 Sawyer Cellars 8350 St. helena hwy, rutherford; 707 963-1980 open by appointment only School House Vineyards 3549 langtry rd, St. helena; 707 963-4240 open by appointment Schramsberg 1400 Schramsberg rd, calistoga; 707 942-2414 open daily by appointment 10-4 Schweiger Vineyards 4015 Spring Mt rd, St. helena; 707 963-4882 open by appointment Sciandri Family 50 Kreuse canyon rd, coombsville/napa; 707 277-4999 x3 open by appointment only Seavey Vineyard 1310 conn Valley rd, St. helena; 707 963-8339 open by appointment sEQuoia gRoVE 8338 St. helena hwy 29, rutherford; 707 944-2945 open daily 10:30-5 Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Wine Tours, Food Pairings Shafer Vineyards 6154 Silverado trail, napa; 707 944-2877 open by appointment Sherwin Family 4060 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 963-1154 open by appointment Signorello Vineyards 4500 Silverado trail, napa; 707 255-5990 fri-Sun 10-5, Mon-thu by appointment Silenus Vintners 5225 Solano Ave, napa; 707 299-3930 open by appointment only Silver Oak Cellars 915 oakville crossroad, oakville; 1-800-273-8809 open Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 11-5 Silverado Trail Wine Studio 3105 Silverado trail, napa; 707 226-8569 fri & Sat 11-4, thu-tue by appt Silverado Vineyards 6121 Silverado trail, napa; 707 257-1770 open daily 10-5 Sky Vineyards 1500 lokoya rd, napa; 707 935-1391 open by appointment Smith Madrone 4022 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 963-2283 open by appointment Sodaro Estate 24 Blue oak lane, napa; 707 812-4848 open by appointment soMERston RanCh tasting RooM 6490 Washington, Yountville; 707 944-8200 Daily 10am-10pm soMERston VinEyaRds 3450 Sage canyon rd, St. helena; 707 944-8414 Daily 10-4 Spelletich Cellars 425 gateway rd W, napa; 707 363-5757 open by appointment Spottswoode 1902 Madrona Ave, St. helena; 707 963-0134 open by appointment Spring Mountain 2805 Spring Mtn. rd, St. helena; 707 967-4188 open by appointment st. ClEMEnt

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2867 St. helena north, St. helena | open Daily 10am-5pm 707-265-5000 | St. Helena Wine Center 1321 Main St, St. helena; 707 963-1313 Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5 St. Helena Winery 100 Pratt Ave, St. helena; 707 967-9463 open by appointment st. suPRy EstatE VinEyaRds & WinERy 8440 St. helena hwy, rutherford; 800 942-0809 open daily 10-5 Stags Leap Wine Cellars 5766 Silverado trail, napa; 707 944-2020 open daily 10-4:30 Stagecoach Vineyard 3267 Soda canyon rd., napa; 707 259-1198 open by appointment Staglin Family 1570 Bella oaks ln, rutherford; 707 944-0477 open by appointment Stags Leap Winery 6150 Silverado trail, napa; 1-800-395-2441 By advance appointment only stERling VinEyaRds 1111 Dunaweal lane, calistoga; 707 942-3344 Mon-fri 10:30-5 Self-Guided Winery Tours, Gift Items, Children OK Sat-Sun 10-5

Stoneheath Winery napa; 707 257-0701 open by appointment Stonehedge Winery 1004 clinton St, napa; 707 256-4444 tue-thu 12-6, fri-Sat 12-8 Stony Hill Vineyard call for directions,St. helena; 707 963-2636 open Mon-fri 9-5 by appt only Storybook Mountain 3835 hwy 128, calistoga; 707 942-5310 open by appointment Sullivan Vineyard 1090 galleron rd, rutherford; 707 963-9646 open daily 10-5 by appointment suMMERs EstatE 1171 tubbs lane, calistoga; 707 942-5508 open daily 10:30-4:30 Gift Items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food Pairings Summit Lake 2000 Summit lake Dr, Angwin; 707 965-2488 open by appointment suttER hoME WinERy 277 St. helena hwy S, St. helena; 707 963-3104 open daily 10-5 Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Food Pairings Swanson Vineyards 1271 Manley ln, rutherford; 707 967-3500 open by appointment Tallulah Wines 1043 Vallejo St, napa; 707 843-1823 open by appointment Tamber Bey Vnyds 1234 Adams St, St. helena; 707 968-5345 open daily 10-6 tastE at oXBoW 708 first Street, napa/ 707 265-9600 Sun, Mon, Wed, thu, Sat 12-6, fri 12-8 Tasting Room, The at the napa Wine co, 40 St. helena hwy, oakville; 707 848-9630 open daily 10-4:30 Taylor Family Vineyards 5991 Silverado trail, napa; 707 255-3593 open by appointment Tayson Pierce Estate Wines 699 S. St. helena hwy, St. helena; 707 968-9780 By appointment only Teachworth 4451 St. helena hwy, calistoga; 707 942-8432 open by appointment Tedeschi Family Winery 2779 grant St. calistoga; 707 337-5526 tue-Sun 12-4:30 by appointment only Terra Valentine 3787 Spring Mountain rd, St. helena; 707 967-8340 open by appointment The Terraces 1450 Silverado trail, St. helena; 707 963-1707 open by appointment Tofanelli Family 1212 Pine St, calistoga; 707 942-6504 open by appointment only Tom Eddy 3870 hwy 128, calistoga; 707 942-4267 open by appointment Toolbox Wine Co. 1021 McKinstry St, napa; 707 257-6796 open daily 11-7 Tournesol Wine napa; 707 287-7557 open by appointment only Trahan Winery 974 franklin St, napa; 707 257-7477 open daily 11-6 Trefethen Vineyards 1160 oak Knoll Ave, napa; 707 255-7700 open daily 10-4:30 Tres Sabores 1620 S. Whitehall lane, St. helena; 707 967-8027 open by appointment Trespass Vineyard 1859 hillview Place, St. helena; 707 963-0804 open by appointment Trinchero Family Estates 3070 n. St. helena hwy, St. helena; 1-800-473-4454 open daily 10-5 Trinitas Cellars at the Meritage resort, 875 Bordeaux Way, napa; 707 251-3012 open daily 11-7 Tristant 1012 Bale ln, calistoga; 707 942-0600 open by appointment Truchard 3234 old Sonoma rd, napa; 707 253-7153 open by appointment Tudal Winery 1015 Big tree rd, St. helena; 707 963-3947 open by appointment Tulocay 1426 coombsville rd, napa; 707 255-4064 open by appointment tuRnBull WinE CEllaRs 8210 highway 29, oakville; 707 963-5839 open daily 10-5 Twomey Cellars 1183 Dunaweal lane, calistoga; 800-505-4850 open Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 11-5 Ubuntu Annex tasting room, 1130 Main St, napa; 707 251-5656 Mon-Wed 12-6, thu-fri 12-8, Sat-Sun 11-8 by appt Uncorked at Oxbow 605 first St, napa; 707 927-5864 open daily 12-8 Up Valley Vintners 1371 lincoln Ave, calistoga; 707 942-1004 thu-Sat 11-8, Sun, Mon 11-6, tue & Wed 12-5 V Madrone 3169 St. helena hwy n, St. helena; 707 963-3573 open by appointment V Wine Cellars 6525 Washington St, Yountville; 707 531-7053 open daily 10-7 V. sattui WinERy corner hwy 29 & White ln, St. helena; 707 963-7774 open daily 9-6 (Winter hours till 5) Picnic Area, Deli, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK, Cave Tours Van Der Heyden 4057 Silverado trail, napa; 707 257-0130 open daily 10-6 by appointment Varozza Vineyards 514 Pratt Ave, St. helena; 707 963-0331 open by appointment only Velo Vino pour clif Wines, 709 Main St, St. helena; 707 968-0625 open daily 10-6 Venge 4708 Silverado trail, napa; 707 942-9100 Wed-Sun by appointment only Verismo Wines 100 rapp ln, napa; 707 944 Wine (9463) open by appointment only Vermeil 1255 lincoln Ave, calistoga; 877-668-4334 Sun-thu 10-5:30, fri-Sat 10-8 Viader Winery 1120 Deer Park rd, Deer Park; 707 963-3816 ext. 110 open by advance appointment Vinoce & Twenty Rows 880 Vallejo Street, napa; 707 265-7750 tue-Sat 11-5, Sun & Mon by appt Vincent Arroyo Winery 2361 greenwood Ave, calistoga; 707 942-6995 open daily 10-4:30 by appointment Vine Cliff Winery 7400 Silverado trail, Yountville; 707 944-1364 open daily 10-5 by appointment


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WinE CountRy this WEEK | WinERy listings

Vineyard 29 2929 St helena hwy, St. helena; 707 963-9292 open by appointment Vineyard 7 & 8 4028 Spring Mountain road, St. helena; 707 963.9425 Mon-fri 10-2 by appointment VinRoc napa; 707 265-0943 open by appointment Vintners Collective 1245 Main St, napa; 707 255-7150 open daily 11-6 Volker Eisele Family 3080 lower chiles Valley rd, St. helena; 707 965-9485 open by appointment only Volta Wine 3108 Silverado trail, Yountville; 707 501-4060 open by appointment only Von Strasser 1510 Diamond Mtn. rd, calistoga; 707 942-0930 open by appointment 10:30-4:30 W. H. Smith 1307 lincoln Avenue, Suite B, calistoga; 707 942-1194 Sun, Mon, tue, thu 10-5, fri-Sat 10-6:30 WatERstonE taste at oxbow, 708 first St, napa; 707 265-9600 Sun-thu 12-7, fri-Sat 12-9 Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children OK Waugh Cellars napa; 888-883-Wine (9463) open by appointment only Wermuth Winery 3942 Silverado trail, calistoga; 707 942-5924 open ralph is there Whetstone Wine Cellars tasted at Ubuntu Annex 1130 Main Street, napa; 707 254-0600 open by appointment White Cottage Ranch 555 college Ave, Angwin; 707 965-0516 open by appointment 10-5 WhitEhall lanE 1563 St. helena hwy S. (hwy 29), St. helena; 800-963-9454 x 19 open daily 10-5:45 Gift Items, Art Exhibits, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Barrel Tasting Tours White Rock Vineyard napa open by appointment only William Cole Vnyds 2849 Saint helena hwy north, St. helena; 707 963-6100 open by appointment only William Harrison Vnyrds 1443 Silverado trail, St. helena; 707 963-8310 open daily 11-5 WilliaM hill EstatE WinERy 1761 Atlas Peak road, napa; 707 265-3024 open daily 10-5 by appt Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Vineyard Tours, Educational Programs Wine Garage 1020 foothill Blvd (hwy 29), calistoga; 707 942-5332 open Wed-Sat 11-6 Wineries of Napa Valley 1285 napa town center, napa; 707 253-9450 Mon-tue 11-7, Wed-thu 11-6, fri-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-7 Wing Canyon Vineyard 3100 Mt. Veeder rd, napa; 707 265-8798 open by appointment only Witt Estate 1500 Whitehall ln, St. helena; 707 967-8046 open by appointment X Winery 1405 2nd Street, napa; 707 204-9522 open by appointment only Yates Family Vineyard 3104 redwood rd, napa; 707-226-1800 open daily by appointment only Young Ridge Estate 1200 thompson Ave, napa; 707 265-8400 open by appointment only Z-52 Poured at taste at oxbow, 708 first St, napa; 707 265-9600 Sun-thu 11-6, fri-Sat 11-9 Zahtila Vineyards 2250 lake county hwy; calistoga; 707 942-9251 Daily 10-4:30 Zd WinEs 8383 Silverado trail, rutherford; 707 963-5188 open daily 10-4:30 Gift items, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Wine Pairings Audelssa Estate Winery 13750 Arnold Dr, glen ellen; 707 933-8514 open daily 11-5 Balletto 5700 occidental rd, Santa rosa; 707 568-2455 open daily 10-5 B. R. Cohn WinERy 15000 Sonoma hwy 12, glen ellen; 800-330-4064 open daily 10-5 Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for: Tours, Educational Programs, Wine Pairings B Wise Vnyds 9077 Sonoma highway, Kenwood; 707 282-9169 Wed-Sun 10:30-5 Bartholomew Park 1000 Vineyard ln., Sonoma; 707 935-9511 open daily 11-4:30 Battaglini Wines 2948 Piner rd, Santa rosa; 707 578-4091 open by appointment only Bedarra Vineyards Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 Bella Vnyds & Wine Caves 9711 West Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 473-9171 open daily 11-4:30 Benovia Winery 3339 hartman rd, Santa rosa; 707 526-4441 open by appointment only Benziger Family Winery 1883 london ranch rd, glen ellen; 888 490-2739 open daily 10-5 Bluenose Wines Poured at hudson Street Wineries, 428 hudson Street, healdsburg; 707 433-2364 open daily 11-5 Blue Rock Vineyards cloverdale; 707 481-0867 open by appointment only Bonneau Family carneros Deli, 23001 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 800-996-0420 open daily 11-6:30 (5 in winter) Branham Estate Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, healdsburg; 707 473-0337 thu 11-6, fri-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-5 Brutocao Cellars Poured at Sonoma enoteca: 35 e napa St; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6, tue seasonal BRYTER Estates 25 east napa St, Suite e, Sonoma; 707 501-8272 tues-Sun 11-6 Bucklin Old Hill Ranch 8 old hill ranch rd; glen ellen 707 933-1726 open by appointment only Buena Vista Winery 18000 old Winery rd, Sonoma; 707 265-1472 open daily 10-5 C. Donatiello Poured at Vin couture: 322 healdsburg Ave c, healdsburg; 707 431-1011 open by appointment only Cahill Winery 4950 ross rd, Sebastopol; 707 823-1335 Mon-fri 9-4, Sat-Sun 10-5 Camellia Cellars 57 front St., healdsburg; 707 433-1290 open daily 11-6 Captre healdsburg; 707 395-0457 open by appointment only Carol Shelton 3354-B coffey ln, Santa rosa; 707 575-3441 open by appointment, 11-4 Cass Winery Poured at family Wineries Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma hwy 12; 888-433-6555 open daily 10:30-5 CEllaR dooR 1395 Broadway, Sonoma; 707 938-4466 thu-Mon 11-6, tue-Wed 4-6 CEllaRs oF sonoMa 133 fourth Street, Santa rosa; 707 578-1826 Sun-Wed 10-8:30, thu-Sat 10-10 Chalk Hill 10300 chalk hill rd, healdsburg; 707 657-4837 open daily 10-4 ChandEllE WinERy at the cellar Door: 1395 Broadway, Sonoma; 707 938-4466 thu-Mon 11-6, tue & Wed 4-6 ChaRlEs CREEK VinEyaRd 483 first St. W., Sonoma; 707 935-3848 open daily 11-6 Charles Heintz Sebastopol; 877 874-3852 open by appointment only Chasseur Sebastopol; 707 829-1941 open by appointment fri 10 & 2 Chateau Diana 6195 Dry creek road, healdsburg; 707 431-8161 open daily 11-5 Chateau Felice 322 healdsburg Avenue, healdsburg; 707 431-8161 thu-Sun 11-10 ChatEau st. JEan WinERy

sonoMa County
A. Rafanelli Winery 4685 W. Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-1385 open by appointment only Acorn Winery 12040 old redwood hwy, healdsburg; 707 433-6440 open by appointment only Adobe Road Winery 1995 S. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma; 707 939-7967 open by appointment only 481 1st Street, Sonoma; 707 939-9099 Daily 11-7 Adrian Fog healdsburg; 707 431-1174 open by appointment only Akoma Zoume 3030 cavedale rd, glen ellen; 707 996-1787 open by appointment only Albini Family Vineyards 886 Jensen ln, Windsor; 707 838-9249 open by appointment only aldERBRooK WinERy 2306 Magnolia, healdsburg; 800 405-5987 open daily 10-5 Gift items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibits, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Food Pairings Alexander Valley Vineyards 8644 hwy 128, healdsburg; 707 433-7209 open daily 10-5 Amista Vineyards 3320 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 431-9200 open daily 11-4:30 aMoRosa BElla at cellars of Sonoma: 133 4th St, Santa rosa; 707 578-1826 Sun-Wed 10-8:30, thu-Sat 10-10 Amphora Wines 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 431-7767 open daily 11-4:30 Anaba Wines 60 Bonneau rd, Sonoma; 707 996-4188 open daily 10:30-5:30 Arbios/Praxis Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 Archipel 4611 thomas rd, healdsburg; 800-273-0177 open by appointment Mon-Sat 10-5 Arista Winery 7015 Westside rd, healdsburg; 707 473-0606 open daily 11-5 aRMida WinERy 2201 Westside road, healdsburg; 707 433-2222 open daily 11-5 Gift items, Children OK; Call ahead for Food Pairings Arnot-Roberts healdsburg; 707 433-2400 open by appointment only Arrowood Vineyards & Winery 14347 Sonoma hwy 12, glen ellen; 707 935-2600 open daily 10-4:30 Atascadero Creek 4114 ross road, Sebastopol; 707 824-8204 open by appointment only

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8555 Sonoma highway, Kenwood | 800-543-7572 Christie Vineyards 851 limerick lane, healdsburg; 707 431-0662 open by appointment only ChRistoPhER CREEK 641 limerick ln, healdsburg; 707 433-2001 open daily 11-5 Picnic Area Clarbec 19368 orange Ave, Sonoma; 707 996-4012 open by appointment only Clary Ranch 3461 Middle two rock rd, Petaluma; 707 766-7466 open by appointment only Claypool Cellars 6761 Sebastopol Ave, Ste 500 , Sebastopol; 707 861-9358 Sat-Sun 1-5 or by appt ClinE CEllaRs 24737 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 940-4000 open daily 10-6 Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours at 11, 1, 3 or Food Pairings Clos du Bois 19410 geyserville Ave, geyserville; 707 857-3100 open daily 10-4:30 Clouds Rest Vineyards Petuluma; 707 765-0841 open by appointment only Collier Falls Poured at family Wineries Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma hwy 12,Kenwood; 888-433-6555 open daily 10:30-5 Poured at family Wineries Dry creek Valley: 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30 CoMPass Wines Poured at Sonoma enoteca: 35 e napa St; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6, tue seasonal Copain Wines 7800 eastside rd, healdsburg; 707 836-8822 open thu-Sun 11-5 or by appt

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WinERy listings | WinE CountRy this WEEK

Corda 845 chileno Valley rd, Petaluma; 707 781-9310 open by appointment only Coturri Winery 6725 enterprise rd, geln ellen; 707 525-9125 open by appointment only D & L Carinalli Vineyards 2900 llano rd, Santa rose; 707 795-7052 open by appointment only DArgenzio 1301 clevelend Ave, Ste A, Santa rosa; 707 280-4658 open daily 11-5 Dashe Cellars Poured at family Wineries Dry creek Valley: 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30 Da Vero 766 Westside rd, healdsburg; 707 431-8000 Wed-Mon 10-5 David Coffaro 7485 Dry creek rd, geyserville; 707 433-9715 open daily 11-4 David Noyes Poured at family Wineries Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma hwy 12; 888-433-6555 open daily 10:30-5 Davis Family Vnyds 52 front St, healdsburg; 707 433-3858 thu-Sun 11-4:30 Deerfield Ranch 10200 Sonoma highway, Kenwood; 707 833-5215 open daily 10:30-4:30 Dehlinger 4101 Vine hill rd, Sebastopol; 707 823-2378 Jan-Aug by appointment, fridays only De La Montanya 999 foreman ln., healdsburg; 707 433-3711 open daily 11-4:30t Del Carlo 4939 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 484-2430 open by appointment only dE loaCh Vnyds 1791 olivet road, Santa rosa; 707 526-9111 open daily 10-5 dE loRiMiER WinERy (formerly Mosaic) 2001 hwy 128, geyserville; 800 546-7718 open daily 10:30-5 Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK Deux Amis 602 limerick ln, healdsburg; 707 431-7945 open by appointment only Downtown Wine Cellars 132 Plaza St, healdsburg; 707 473-0337 thu 11-6, fri-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-5 Draxton Wines 4001 hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-3300 open daily 10:30-5 dREyER WinE Poured at Sonoma enoteca: 35 e napa St, Sonoma; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6, tue seasonal Dry Creek Vineyards 3770 lambert Bridge rd, healdsburg; 707 433-1000 open daily 10:30-4:30 Duchamp Estate 280 chiquita rd, healdsburg; 707 433-6665 open by appointment only dunah VinEyaRds at cellars of Sonoma: 133 4th St, Santa rosa; 707 578-1876 Sun-Wed 10-8:30, thu-Sat 10-10 Dutch Bill Creek Sebastopol; 877 874-3852 open by appointment only dutChER CRossing 8533 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 431-2700 open daily 11-5 Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for Winery Tours Dutton Estate 8757 green Valley rd; Sebastopol; 707 829-9463 open daily 10-5 Dutton-Goldfield 3100 grevenstein highway north, Sebastopol; 707-827-3600 open daily 10-4:30 Edmeades Tasting Room 20 Matheson St, healdsburg; 800 994-2454 open daily 10:30-5:30 Ehret Winery Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 Enkidu Wine 8910 Sonoma hwy. 12, Kenwood; 707 833-6100 open daily 12-6 Eric K. James 452 first Street e, Sonoma Plaza; 707 996-1364 Wed-Sun 11-5 or by appointment Eric Kent Wine Cellars Santa rosa ; 707 527-9700 nov 15 -Aug 15 by appt ERiC Ross 14300 Arnold Dr, glen ellen; 707 939-8525 open daily 11-5 Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 Everett Ridge 435 W. Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-1637 open daily 10-5 Family Wineries of Dry Creek Valley 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-0100 open daily 10:30-4:30 Family Wineries Kenwood 9380 Sonoma hwy. 12; 888 433-6555 Mar-Dec 10:30-5, Jan-feb closed tu-We FaVERo Vnyds 3939 lovall Valley rd, Sonoma; 707 935-3939 open by appointment only Poured at Sonoma enoteca: 35 e napa St; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6, tue seasonal FERRaRi-CaRano
VinEyaRds and WinERy Taste World-Class Wines Stroll Acres of Lush Gardens Tours and Private Tastings by Appointment 2 for 1 Classic Wines Tasting with this ad 8761 Dry creek road, healdsburg 707-433-6700

Forth Vnyds Poured at family Wineries Dry creek Valley: 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30 Foyt FaMily WinEs Poured at Meadowcroft Wine:, 23574 Arnold Dr/hwy 121, Sonoma; 707 934-4090 open daily 11-6 Francis Ford Coppola 300 Via Archimedes, geyserville; 707 857-1400 open daily 11-6 Freeman Winery 1300 Montgomery rd, Sebastopol; 707 823-6937 open by appointment only Freestone Vineyards 12747 el camino Bodega, freestone; 707 874-1010 Daily 11-5 Frick 23072 Walling road, geyserville; 707 857-1980 Sat-Sun 12-4:30 (Summers fri) FRitZ WinERy 24691 Dutcher creek rd, cloverdale; 707 894-3389 open daily 10:30-4:30 Gift items, Picnic Area, Children OK; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Wine Pairings Gann Family Poured at cellars of Sonoma: 133 4th St, Santa rosa; 707 578-1876 Sun-Wed 10-8:30, thu-Sat 10-10 Garden Creek Ranch 2335 geysers rd, geyserville; 707 433-8345 open by appointment only Gary Farrell Wines 10701 Westside rd, healdsburg;707 473-2909 open daily 10:30-4:30 Geyser Peak Winery At canyon rd, 22281 chianti rd, geyserville; 707 857-2500 open daily 10-5 Glen Lyon Vineyards Sonoma; 707 833-0032 open daily 11-6 gloRia FERRER CaVEs & Vnyds 23555 hwy 121, Sonoma; 707 996-7256 open daily 10-5 Gift items, Picnic Area, Art Exhibit; Call ahead for: Winery Tours, Educational Programs, Food Pairings Gofessel Vineyards 20838 Burndale road, Sonoma; 415 225-6801 open by appointment only Gpfrich 7564 W. Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-1645 open by appointment only Gourmet Au Bay 913 hwy 1, Bodega Bay; 707 875-9875 fri-Sat 11-8, Sun-thu 11-7 Graton Ridge 3561 gravenstein hwy n, Sebastopol; 707 823-3040 fri-Mon 10-4:30 Gunfighter Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 Gundlach Bundschu 2000 Denmark St, Sonoma; 707 938-5277 open daily 11-4:30 guERRERo FERnandEZ at cellar Door: 1395 Broadway, Sonoma; 707 938-4466 thu-Mon 11-6, tue & Wed 4-6 Gustafson Family 9100 Stewarts Point Skaggs Springs road, geyserville; 707 433-2371 Sat 10-4 or by appt Hanna Winery 9280 hwy 128, healdsburg; 707 431-4310 open daily 10-4 5353 occidental rd, Santa rosa; 707 575-3371 open daily 10-4 Hanzell Vineyards 18596 lomita Avenue, Sonoma; 707 996-3860 open by appointment only Hartford Family Winery 8075 Martinelli road, forestville; 707 887-8011 open daily 10-4:30 Harts Desire Poured at Waterfront tasting rm: 53 front St, healdsburg; 707 433-3097 thu-Mon 11-5 Harvest Moon Estate 2192 olivet rd, Santa rosa; 707 573-8711 open daily 10-5 Hauck Cellars 223 center St, healdsbug; 707 473-9065 Mon-thu 11:30-4:30, fi-Sun 11:30-5, closed Wed Hawkes Wine 6734 hwy. 128, healdsburg; 707 433-4295 open daily 10-5 Hawkes Wine Tasting Rm 383 1st Street West, Sonoma; 707 938-7620 open daily 12-6 Hawley Wines 6387 W Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 431-2705 open by appointment only Haywood Winery 25 east napa St, Ste c; 707 933-3001 open daily 11-6 Highway 12 Winery 498 first St. e, Sonoma; 707 938-8091 open daily 10:30-5:30 hKg EstatE WinEs 13647 Arnold Drive, glen ellen; 707 938-7622 thu-Sun 11-6 Hobo Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, healdsburg; 707 473-0337 thu 11-6, fri-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-5 Holdredge 51 front St, healdsburg; 707 431-1424 Sat-Sun 11-4:30 or by appt Homewood Winery 23120 Burndale rd, Sonoma; 707 996-6353 open daily 10-4 Hook and Ladder 2134 olivet rd, Santa rosa; 707 526-2255 open daily 10-4:30 hoP Kiln WinERy hKg EstatE WinEs honoring the Past, handcrafting the future
2 for 1 wine tasting offer with this ad

6050 Westside road, healdsburg (707) 433-6491, Hudson Street Wineries 428 hudson Street, healdsburg; 707 433-2364 open daily 11-5 Icaria Creek Winery 27750 Asti rd, cloverdale; 707 486-9623 open by appointment only il CuoRE Poured at Sonoma enoteca: 35 e napa St; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6, tue seasonal Imagery Estate 14355 hwy 12, glen ellen; 707 935-4515 Weekdays 10-4:30, Weekends 10-5:30 Inman Family 3900 Piner road, Santa rosa; 707 293-9576 fri -Sun 11-4 or by appt. Inspiration Vnyds & Winery 3360 coffey ln Suite e, Santa rosa; 707 237-4980 open daily 11-4:30 Iron Horse 9786 ross Station rd, Sebastopol; 707 887-1507 open daily 10-4:30 J Keverson Poured at Waterfront tasting rm: 53 front St, healdsburg; 707 433-3097 thu-Mon 11-5 J Lynne Wines Poured at Vine tastings: 9058 Windsor rd, Windsor; 707 620-0833 Mon-fri 12-8pm, late weekends

FERRaRi-CaRano sEasons oF thE VinEyaRd 113 Plaza St, healdsburg; 707 431-2222 tue-Sun 11-6 Field Stone Winery 10075 hwy 128, healdsburg; 707 433-7266 open daily 10-5 Fisher Vineyards 6200 St.helena rd; 707 539-7511 open by appointment only Flowers Vineyard & Winery 28500 Seaview rd, cazadero; 707 847-3661x32 open by appointment Foggy Valley Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 Folk Machine Poured at Downtown Wine: 132 Plaza St, healdsburg; 707 473-0337 thu 11-6, fri-Sat 11-7, Sun 11-5 Foppiano Vineyards 12707 old redwood hwy, healdsburg; 707 433-7272 open daily 11-5 Forchini Vineyards 5141 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 431-8886 fri-Sun 11-4:30, Mon-thur by appt


WinE CountRy this WEEK | WinERy listings

J Rickards Winery 24505 chianti rd, cloverdale; 707 758-3441 tue-Sat 11-4 J Vineyard & Winery 11447 old redwood hwy, healdsburg; 707 431-3646 open daily 11-5 JaCuZZi VinEyaRds 24724 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 931-7575 open daily 10-5:30 JaMEs FaMily Poured at cellars of Sonoma: 133 4th St, Santa rosa; 707 578-1876 Sun-Wed 10-8:30, thu-Sat 10-10 JaQK CEllaRs Poured at Sonoma enoteca: 35 e napa St; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6, tue seasonal JCB tasting RooM & WinE BaR 320 center St, healdsburg; 707 473-9707 Sun-Wed 10:30-5:30, thu-Sat 10:30-9 Johnsons Alexander Valley Wines 8333 hwy 128, healdsburg; 707 433-2319 open daily 11-4 John Tyler Wines 4353 Westside rd, healdsburg; 707 473-0123 open daily 10:30-5 Jordan 1474 Alexander Valley rd, healdsburg; 707 431-5250 open by appointment only JosEPh JEWEll Poured at cellars of Sonoma: 133 4th St, Santa rosa; 707 578-1876 Sun-Wed 10-8:30, thu-Sat 10-10 Joseph Swan Winery 2916 laguna rd, forestville; 707 573-3747 Sat, Sun & some holidays, 11-4:30 Kachina 4551 Dry creek road, healdsburg; 707 332-7917 open by appointment only Kamen Estate 21692 8th Street e, Suite 300, Sonoma; 707 833-1700 open by appointment only Kastania Vineyards 4415 Kastania rd, Petaluma; 707 763-6348 Sat Sun 11-4 or by appt Kaz Winery 233 Adobe canyon rd, Kenwood; 707 833-2536 fri-Mon 11-5 Keating 23564 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 707 939-6510 open daily 10-5 Keller Estate 5875 lakeville hwy, Petaluma; 707 765-2117 thu-Sun 11- 4:30 Kelley & Young Poured at hudson Street Wineries, 428 hudson Street, healdsburg; 707 433-2364 open daily 11-5 KEndall-JaCKson WinE CtR 5007 fulton rd, fulton; 707 571-8100 open daily 10-5 Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for: Educational Programs, Food Pairings KEndall-JaCKson tasting RooM 337 healdsburg Ave, healdsburg; 707 433-7102 open daily 10-5 Children & Pets OK Kenwood Vineyards 9592 Sonoma hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-5891 open daily 10-4:30 Kings Hill Cellars 3404 Kings hill rd, Santa rosa; 707 538-0704 open by appointment only Kokomo 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-0200 open daily 11-4:30 Korbel Champagne Cellars 13250 river rd, guerneville; 707 824-7000 open daily 10-5 Krutz Family Cellars 1301 cleveland Ave, Santa rosa; 707 536-1532 open by appointment only Kunde 9825 Sonoma hwy 12, Kenwood; 707 833-5501 open daily 10:30-5 La Crema 235 healdsburg Ave, healdsburg; 800 314-1762 open daily 10:30-5:30 La Czar Vineyards 7870 giusti rd, forestville; 707 887-3400 open by appointment only Lago di Merlo at family Wineries Dry creek Valley: 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30 Lake Sonoma Winery Poured at Valley of the Moon: 777 Madrone rd, glen ellen; 800 750-9463 open daily 10-4:30 Lambert Bridge 4085 W. Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 431-9600 open daily 10:30-4:30 Lancaster Estate 15001 chalk hill rd, healdsburg; 707 433-8178x209 open by appointment only Landmark 101 Adobe canyon rd, Kenwood; 707 833-0053 open daily 10-4:30 Larson Family 23355 Millerick rd, Sonoma; 707 938-3031 open daily 10-5 la siREna Poured at cellars of Sonoma: 133 4th St, Santa rosa; 707 578-1876 Sun-Wed 10-8:30, thu-Sat 10-10 Lasseter Family 1 Vintage Way, glen ellen; 707 933-2814 fri-Mon 11 & 2 by appt only Laurel Glen 14301 Arnold Dr Suite 5, glen ellen; 707 933-9877 open by appointment only lEdson WinERy 7335 Sonoma hwy, Kenwood; 707 537-3810 open daily 10-5 Gift items, Deli, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for: Educational Programs, Food Pairings Leonhardt Vnyds 8500 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 954 401-0096 Apr 15- Sep 1, Daily 1-5 by appt Limerick Lane Vineyards 1023 limerick ln, healdsburg; 707 433-9211 open daily 10-5 Little Vineyards Family Winery 15188 Sonoma hwy, glen ellen; 707 996-2750 thu-Mon 11-4:30 Littorai Wines 788 gold ridge rd. Sebastopol; 707 823-9586 open by appointment only Locals Tasting Room corner of geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707-857-4900 open daily 11-6 Longboard Vineyards 5 fitch St, healdsburg; 707 433-3473 open daily 11-6 loXton CEllaRs 11466 Dunbar rd, glen ellen; 707 935-7221 open daily 11-5 by appt Picnic Area; Call ahead for Vineyard and Winery Tours Lynmar Estate 3909 frei rd, Sebastopol; 707 829-3374 open daily 11-4 MacLeod Family Vnyd Kenwood; 707 833-4312 open by appointment only MacPhail Family 851 Magnolia Dr, healdsburg; 707 433-4780 open by appointment only Macrae Family Poured at family Wineries Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma hwy 12; 888-433-6555 open daily 10:30-5 MacRostie Winery 21481 eighth St e, Suite 25, Sonoma; 707 996-4480 Sat 11-4:30 or by appointment MadRonE RidgE WinERy Poured at Sonoma enoteca: 35 e napa St; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6 ManZanita CREEK 1441 A&B grove St, healdsburg; 707 433-4052 fri-Sat 11-4:30, Sun-thur by appt Poured at Sonoma enoteca: 35 e napa St; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6 Marimar Estate 11400 graton road, Sebastopol; 707 823-4365 open daily 11-4 Martinelli Vineyards 3360 river rd, Windsor; 707 525-0570 open daily 10-5 MaRtin Ray 2191 laguna road, Santa rosa; 707 823-2404 open daily 11-5 Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery Tours Martorana Family Winery 5956 West Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-1909 open by appointment only Matanzas Creek Winery 6097 Bennett Valley rd, Santa rosa; 707 528-6464 open daily 10-4:30 MatRiX 3291 Westside rd, healdsburg; 707 433-1911 open daily 11-5 Gift items, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery Tours Mauritson Family Winery 2859 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 431-0804 open daily 10-5 Mayo FaMily 13101 Arnold Drive at highway 12, glen ellen; 707 938-9401 open daily 10:30-6:30 Mayo FaMily REsERVE RooM 9200 Sonoma hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-5504 open daily 10:30-6:30 Mayo FaMily Poured at the cellar Door: 1395 Broadway, Sonoma; 707 938-4466 thu-Mon 11-6, tue & Wed 4-6 MaZZoCCo sonoMa 1400 lytton Springs rd, healdsburg; 707 431-8159 open daily 11-5 Gift items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK

MEadoWCRoFt WinEs
Catch the Buzz
Located in CornerStone Gardens, an extraordinary destination spot that features a festival of gardens, as well as unique shops and galleries.

open Daily 11-5 23574 Arnold Dr/hwy 121, Sonoma. 707-934-4090 Medlock Ames 3487 Alexander Valley rd, healdsburg; 707 431-8845 open daily 10-5 Meeker Vineyards 21035 geyserville Ave, geyserville; 707 431-2148 open daily 10:30-6 Mercury Winery 21015 geyserville Avenue, geyserville; 707 857-9870 thu-Mon 11-6 Merriam Vnyds 11650 los Amigos rd, healdsburg; 707 433-4032 open daily 10-5 Merry Edwards 2959 gravenstein hwy n, Sebastopol; 888-388-9050 open daily 9:30-4:30, appt recommended Michel-Schlumberger 4155 Wine creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-7427 open by appointment only Mietz Cellars Poured at family Wineries Dry creek Valley: 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-0100 Daily 10:30-4:30 Mill Creek Vineyards 1401 Westside rd; healdsburg; 707 431-2121 open daily 10-5 MoniClaire Vineyards 1750 lytton Springs rd; healdsburg; 707 433-4320 open by appointment only Montemaggiore 2355 West Dry creek rd; healdsburg; 707 433-9499 open by appointment only MoondanCE CEllaRs
Formerly a founding member of The Wine Room in Sonoma Valley, Moondance Cellars produces small lots of award-winning Napa and Sonoma County varietals and blends, often poured by the winemaker. Also pouring Orchard Station Winery and The Friendly Dog Winery. Voted Best Tasting Room of the North Bay (Bohemian)

Jack london Village | 14301 Arnold Drive, glen ellen | 11-5 thursday-Monday 707-938-7550 | the Pup is always welcome Moshin VinEyaRds 10295 Westside rd, healdsburg; 707 433-5499 open daily 11-4:30 Mountain Terraces glen ellen; 707 481-7377 open by appointment only Mounts Family 3901 Wine creek rd, healdsburg; 707 292-8148 Sat 11-5, Sun 12-4:30 or by appt Mueller 6301 Starr rd, Windsor; 707 837-7399 fri-Mon 11-4 Munselle Vineyards 3763 hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-9988 open by appointment only Murphy-Goode 20 Matheson St, healdsburg; 800 499-7644 open daily 10:30-5:30 Muscardini Cellars 8910 Sonoma hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-0526 open daily 11-6 Mutt Lynch Winery 602 limerick ln, healdsburg; 707 942-6180 open by appointment only Nalle 2383 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-1040 Sat 12-5 & by appt Nicholson Ranch 4200 napa rd, Sonoma; 707 938-8822 open daily 10-6 Novy Family 981 Airway ct, Ste e & f, Santa rosa; 707 578-3882 open by appointment daily 10-3 Notables 11020 eastside road, healdsburg; 707 431-8460 open by appointment only Occidental Road Cellars 2064 gravenstein hwy, north, Bldg 7; 707 874-9400 open Sat 1-4 or by appt Old World Winery 850 river rd, fulton; 707 490-6696 open by appointment only Optima Winery 498 Moore ln, Unit c, healdsburg; 707 431-8222 open by appointment only oRChaRd station WinERy at Moondance cellars: 14301 Arnold Dr, glen ellen; 707-938-7550 thu-Mon 11-5

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WinERy listings | WinE CountRy this WEEK

Paint Horse 16510 Arnold Drive, Sonoma; 707 935-0148 open by appointment only Palmeri Poured at terroirs Artisan Wines: 21002 geyserville Ave, geyserville; 707 857-4101 thu-Mon 11:30-6:30 Papapietro Perry 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-0422 open daily 11-4:30 PaRadisE RidgE WinERy 4545 thomas lake harris Dr, Santa rosa; 707 528-Wine open daily 11-5 Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call ahead for Winery Tours PaRadisE RidgE tasting RooM 8860 Sonoma hwy, Kenwood; 707 282-9020 open daily 11-6 Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK Parmelee Hill 1695 Sperring rd, Sonoma; 707 933-8905 open by appointment only Passalacqua Vnyds 3805 lambert Bridge rd, healdsburg; 877-825-5547 open daily 11-5 Pasterick Vnyd 3491 West Dry creek road, healdsburg; 707 433-4655 open by appointment only Paul Hobbs Sebastopol; 707 824-9879 open by appointment only Pedroncelli Vineyards 1220 canyon rd, geyserville; 707 857-3531 open daily 10-4:30 Pellegrini Family 4055 West olivet rd, Santa rosa; 800-891-0244 open by appointment only Pendleton Estate 35100 hwy 128, cloverdale; 707 894-3732 open by appointment only Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 Peters Family 2064 hwy. 116 n, Suite 102, Sebastopol; 707 829-3111 open by appointment only Peterson 4791 Dry creek rd Bldg 7, healdsburg; 707-431-7568 By appointment Sat-Sun 11-4:30 Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 Petroni Vineyards 990 cavedale road, Sonoma; 707 935-8311 open by appointment Pezzi King Vnyds 3225 W Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 431-9388 open by appointment only Philip Staley at family Wineries Dry creek Valley: 4791 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-0100 10:30-4:30 Portalupi 107 north Street, healdsburg; 707 395-0960 open daily 10:30-7 Porter Bass Winery 11750 Mays canyon rd, guerneville; 707 869-1475 open by appointment only Porter Creek 8735 Westside rd, healdsburg; 707 433-6321 open daily 10:30-4:30 Preston of Dry Creek 9282 W. Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-3372 open daily 11-4:30 Quivira Vineyards 4900 W. Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 431-8333 open daily 11-5 R2 Wine Co 654 Broadway, Sonoma; 707 933-1330 open daily 11-6 Ramazzotti Wines Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 Rams Gate 28700 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 707 721-8700 thur-Mon 10-6 Ramey Wine Cellars 25 healdsburg Ave, healdsburg; 707 433-0870 open by appointment only Ravenswood 18701 gehricke rd, Sonoma; 707 938-1960 open daily 10-4:30 Raymond Burr 8339 W. Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-8559 open daily 11-5 Red Car Wine Co 8400 graton rd, Sebastopol; 707 829-8500 open daily 10-4:30 RH Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 RiChaRdson WinERy Poured at cellar Door in Sonoma: 1395 Broadway; 707 938-4466 open daily 11-6 Ridge Vnyds/Lytton Springs 650 lytton Springs rd, healdsburg; 707 433-7721 open daily 11-4; Summer fri-Sun till 5 River Road Vnyds 5220 ross rd, Sebastopol; 707 887-8130 open by appointment only Roadhouse Winery 240 center St, healdsburg; 707 922-6362 tue-thu 12-6, fri-Sun 12-7 Robert Hunter 15655 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 707 328-0173 open by appointment only Robert Rue Vnyd 1406 Wood rd, fulton; 707 578-1601 fri-Sun 10-5, thu-Mon by appt Robert Young Estate 4960 red Winery rd, geyserville; 707 431-4811 open daily 10-4:30 Robledo Family Winery 21901 Bonness rd, Sonoma; 707 939-6903 By appt Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-4 Roche 122 West Spain St, Sonoma; 707 935-7115 open daily 11-6 Rochioli 6192 Westside rd, healdsburg; 707 433-2305 thu-Mon 11-4, tue-Wed by appt Rocking Z Poured at hudson Street Wineries: 428 hudson Street, healdsburg; 707 433-2364 open daily 11-5 RodnEy stRong VinEyaRds 11455 old redwood hwy, healdsburg; 707 431-1533 Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK open daily 10-5 Roessler 380 first St W, Sonoma; 707 933-4440 open daily 11-6 Route 128 Winery 21079 geyserville Ave, geyserville; 707 696-0004 thur-Sun 11-6 Rued 3850 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-3261 open daily 11-4:30 Russian Hill Estate 4525 Slusser rd, Windsor; 707 575-9428 open daily 10-4 Russian River Vineyards 5700 gravenstein hwy n, forestville; 707 887-3344 open daily 11-5 Sable Ridge Winery 6320 Jamison rd; Santa rosa; 707 542-3138 open by appointment only Sadler-Wells Winery Poured at hudson Street Wineries: 428 hudson Street, healdsburg; 707 433-2364 open daily 11-5 Saini Vineyards 918 ridge View Dr; healdsburg; 707 799-0272 open by appointment only Sapphire Hill 55 front Street, healdsburg; 707 431-1888 thurs-Mon 11-4:30 Saracina/Atrea Poured at locals: geyserville Ave & hwy 128, geyserville; 707 857-4900 open daily 11-6 sausal WinERy 7370 hwy 128, healdsburg; 707 433-2285 open daily 10-4 Gift items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK Sbragia Family 9990 Dry creek road, geyserville; 707 473-2992 open daily 11-5 sChug CaRnERos EstatE 602 Bonneau road, Sonoma; 800-966-9365 open daily 10-5 Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children Welcomed, Picnic Area Scribe Winery 2300 napa rd, Sonoma; 707 939-1858 open by appointment only sEaBisCuit RanCh Poured at Sonoma enoteca: 35 e napa St; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6, tue seasonal sEBastiani VinEyaRds 389 fourth St. east, Sonoma; 707 933-3230 open daily 11-5 Complimentary Tours, Gift Items, Picnic Area & Supplies, Children & Pets Welcomed Seghesio Winery 700 grove St, healdsburg; 707 433-3579 open daily 105 Selby Winery 215 center St, healdsburg; 707 431-1288 open daily 11-5 Shane Wine Cellars novato; 415 342-7926 open by appointment only Sheldon 1301 cleveland Ave, Santa rosa; 707 865-6755 thu 4-8 or by appt Siduri Wines 981 Airway court, Santa rosa; 707 578-3882 By appointment daily 10-3 Silver Oak Cellars 24625 chianti road, geyserville; 707 942-7082 Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 11-5, tours by appt Simi Winery 16275 healdsburg Ave, healdsburg; 707 473-3232 open daily 10-5 Simoncini Vineyards 2303 West Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-8811 open by appointment only Skewis Wines 57 front St, healdsburg; 707 431-2160 fri-Mon 11-4 SL Cellars Poured at family Wineries Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma hwy 12; 888-433-6555 open daily 10:30-5 Small Vines Wines 2160 green hill rd, Sebastopol; 707 823-0886 open by appointment only soda RoCK WinERy 8015 highway 128, healdsburg; 707 433-3303 open daily 11-5 Sojourn Cellars 141 e. napa Street, Sonoma; 707 933-7212 Daily 10-5 by appointment Sonoma-Cutrer 4401 Slusser rd, Windsor, 877 797-3489 Appointments recommended, thu-Mon 10-4 sonoMa EnotECa 35 e napa St, Sonoma; 707 935-1200 Wed-Mon 11-6, tue hours seasonal Sonoma Valley Portworks 613 2nd St, Petaluma; 707 769-5203 Mon-Sat 12-5 Spann Vineyards 111 east napa Street , Sonoma; 707 933-8343 Daily 12-6 st. FRanCis VinEyaRds 100 Pythian rd, Santa rosa; 888-675-Wine open daily 10-5 Gift Items, Children & Pets OK; Call for Food Pairings, Winery Tours St. Helena Road Winery 6995 St. helena road; Santa rosa; 707 538-8674 open daily 9-5 by appointment Starlite Vineyards 5511 highway 128, geyserville; 707 431-1102 Sat & Sun 11-5 or by appt Stephen & Walker 243 healdsburg Ave, healdsburg; 707 431-8749 open daily 11-7 Stone Edge Farm Sonoma; 707 935-6520 open by appointment only Stonestreet Alexander Mtn 7111 highway 128, healdsburg; 800 355-8008 fri-Mon 11-4:30 or by appt Stryker Sonoma 5110 highway 128; geyserville; 707 433-1944 open daily 10:30-5 Stuhlmuller 4951 West Soda rock ln, healdsburg; 707 431-7745 fri-Mon 10-4:30, appts recommended sunCE WinERy 1839 olivet rd, Santa rosa; 707 526-9463 open daily 10:30-5 Taft Street Winery 2030 Barlow lane, Sebastopol; 707 823-2049 Sat-Sun 11-4:30, Mon-fri 11-4 Talty 7127 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-8438 fri-Mon 12-4 or by appt Tara Bella 3701 Viking rd, Santa rosa; 707 544-9049 open by appointment only Teira Wines Poured at hudson Street Wineries: 428 hudson Street, healdsburg; 707 433-2364 open daily 11-5 Teldeschi Winery 3555 Dry creek road, healdsburg; 707 433-6626 open daily 12-5 Terroirs Artisan Wines 21001 geyserville Ave, Ste 101, geyserville; 707 857-4101 thu-Mon 11:30-6:30 Thomas George Estates 8075 Westside road, healdsburg; 707 431-8031 open daily 11-5 Three Alarm Poured at Vine tastings: 9058 Windsor rd, Windsor; 707 620-0833 Mon-fri 12-8, later on weekends Thumbprint Cellars 102 Matheson, healdsburg; 707 433-2393 open daily 11-6. fri & Sat 11-7 Tin Barn 21692 eighth St e. #340, Sonoma; 707 938-5430 fri-Mon 12-5 Toad Hollow 409A healdsburg Ave, healdsburg; 707 431-8667 open daily 10:30-5:30 toPEl
Exquisite wines handcrafted from grapes grown to exacting organic and biodynamic standards

Visit the tasting room, located just steps off Healdsburg Plaza.

open Daily 11-7 125 Matheson Street, healdsburg (707) 433-4116 tR Elliot Poured at cellars of Sonoma: 133 4th St, Santa rosa; 707 578-1876 Sun-Wed 10-8:30, thu-Sat 10-10


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WinE CountRy this WEEK | WinERy listings

Trecini Cellars 441 Beaver St, Santa rosa; 707 525-9400 open by appointment only tREntaduE 19170 geyserville Ave, geyserville; 707 433-3104 open daily 10-5 Tres Hermanas Poured at family Wineries Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma hwy 12; 888-433-6555 open daily 10:30-5 Trione Winery 19550 geyserville Ave, geyserville; 707 814-8100 thur-Sun 10-5 Truett Hurst 5610 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-9545 open daily 11-5 Two Amigos 25 east napa St, Sonoma open daily 11-6 Twomey Cellars 3000 Westside rd, healdsburg; 800-505-4850 Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-5 Ty Caton Vineyards 8910 Sonoma hwy, Kenwood; 707 833-0526 open daily 11-6 Unti Vineyards 4202 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-5590 open by appointment only UPTick Vineyards 9050 Windsor rd, Windsor; 707 566-9153 tue-Sat 11-6, Sun-Mon by appt Valdez Family Wines 595 Santana Dr, cloverdale; 707 894-3710 Sat 11-4, fri & Sun by appt Valley of the Moon 777 Madrone rd, glen ellen; 707 939-4500 open daily 10-4:30 Vrit 4611 thomas rd, healdsburg; 800 273-0177 open by appointment only Viansa WinERy 25200 Arnold Dr, Sonoma; 707 935-4726 open daily 10-5 Vin Couture Lounge 322 healdsburg Ave, healdsburg; 707 431-8161 thu-Sun 11-10 VJB VinEyaRds & CEllaRs
Our wines are sold exclusively from our Tasting Room or through our Wine Club Enoteca. We invite you to experience for yourself our family charm.

9077 Sonoma hwy, Kenwood open Daily 10am-5pm 707-833-2300 VML Russian River Winery 4035 Westside rd, healdsburg; 707 431-4404 open daily 11-5 Wattle Creek Winery 25510 river rd, cloverdale; 707 894-5166 open by appointment only Wellington Vineyards 11600 Dunbar rd, glen ellen; 707 939-0708 open daily 11-5 Westwood Winery 11 e. napa St, Suite 3, Sonoma; 707 935-3246 Mon-fri 11-3, Sat-Sun 11-5 White Oak Vineyards 7505 hwy 128, healdsburg; 707 433-8429 open daily 10-5 Williamson 134 Matheson St, healdsburg; 707 433-1500 open daily 11-7 Williams Selyem 7227 Westside rd, healdsburg; 707 433-6425 open by appointment only Willowbrook Poured at hudson Street Wineries: 428 hudson Street, healdsburg; 707 433-2364 open daily 11-5 Wilson 1960 Dry creek road, healdsburg; 707 433-4355 open daily 11-5 Gift Items, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK Wind Gap Wines forestville; 707 887-9100 open by appointment only Windsor Oaks Vineyards 10810 hillview rd, Windsor; 707 433-4050 open by appointment only Windsor Vineyards Poured at Vintage Wine estates: 308B center St, healdsburg; 707 921-2893 open daily 11-7 Wine Tree Farm Poured at family Wineries Kenwood: 9380 Sonoma hwy 12; 888-433-6555 open daily 10:30-5 Woodenhead 5700 river rd, Santa rosa; 707 887-2703 open thu-Mon 10:30-4:30 XYZin Poured at geyser Peak: 22281 chianti rd, healdsburg; 707 857-9400 open daily 10-5 Yoakim Bridge 7209 Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-8511 fri-Sun 11-4 or by appointment Zichichi Family 8626 W. Dry creek rd, healdsburg; 707 433-4410 open daily 11-4:30

Calera 11300 cienega road, hollister; 831 637-9170 open daily 11-4:30 Casa De Fruta 6680 Pacheco Pass hwy, hollister; 800 543-1702 Mon-fri 9-5, Sat-Sun 8-7:30 Castillos Hillside Shire 2215 liberta Drive, Morgan hill; 408 776-8200 Sat 1-7, Sun 12-5 Cava Wine Bar 115 San Jose Ave, capitola; 831 476-2282 tue-thu 4-11, fri-Sat 12-12, Sun 3-9 Chaine dOr 140 Sunrise Drive, Woodside; 650 851 8977 open by appointment only Cinnabar 14612 Big Basin Way, Saratoga; 408 867-1012 open daily 11-5, fri 11-8 Clos LaChance 1 hummingbird ln, San Martin; 800 itS-Wine open daily 11-5 Clos Tita 4 Kendall lane, Santa cruz; 831 439-9235 open by appointment only Cooper-Garrod 22645 garrod rd, Saratoga; 408 867-7116 Mon-fri 12-5 Sat-Sun 11-5 Copious Winery 427 Swift Street, A, Santa cruz; 831 425-Wine fri 12-5, Sat & Sun 12-6 Creekview Vineyards 12467 creekview ct, San Martin; 408 686-0534 3rd weekend 11-5 Creekview Vnyds & Sherman Cellars Tasting Rm 40 Post St, San Jose; 408 288-Wine Wed-Sun 11-5 David Bruce Winery 21439 Bear creek rd, los gatos; 408 354-4214 Mon-fri 12-5, Sat-Sun 11-5 DeRose Vineyards 9970 cienega Valley road, hollister; 831 636-9143 Sat-Sun 11-4 or or by appointment Domenico Wines 1697 industrial rd, San carlos; 650 593-2335 open daily 12-5 Enz 1781 limekiln road, hollister; 831 637-6443 By appointment only Equinox Champagne Cellar 427-c Swift St, Santa cruz; 831 338-2646; 831 423-3000 fri-Sun 12-5 Fernwood Cellars 7137 redwood retreat, gilroy; 408 848-0611 3rd weekend of the month, 12-5 Flint Wine Cellars 13160 cienega road, hollister; 831 636-8986 open by appointment only Fortino Winery 4525 hecker Pass hwy, gilroy; 408 842-3305 tue-Sat 10-5, Sun 11-5 Guerra Cellars 500 John Smith rd, hollister; 831 902-9106 Weekends July thru Sept gugliElMo WinERy
With three generations of grape growing and wine making, we continue to produce a family of award-winning wines.

Daily 10-5, closed major holidays 1480 east Main Avenue, Morgan hill 408-779-2145 Hallcrest Vineyards 379 felton empire rd, felton; 831 335-4441 open daily 12-5 Heart o the Mountain 5610 Scotts Valley Dr, Scotts Valley; 831 345-6133 open by appointment only Hecker Pass Winery 4605 hecker Pass hwy, gilroy; 408 842-8755 open daily 10-5 Hillcrest Terrace 429B ingalls Street, Santa cruz; 831 426-1500 Sat 12-5, Sun 2-5 & by appointment Hunter Hill 7099 glen haven rd, Soquel; 831 465-9294 Sat-Sun 11-4 or by appt J. lohR VinEyaRds & WinE 1000 lenzen Ave, San Jose; 408 918-2160 open daily 10-5 Jason-Stephens 11775 Watsonville rd, gilroy; 408 846-8463 thur-Mon 12-5 Kirigin Cellars 11550 Watsonville rd, gilroy; 408 847-8827 (3855 Day rd for events) open daily 10-5 Kings Mountain 187 Kings Mountain road, Woodside; 650 851-7551 open by appointment only La Honda 2645 fair oaks Ave, redwood city; 650 366-4104 Sat 11-5 or by appt La Nebbia 12341 San Mateo road, half Moon Bay; 650 726-9463 open daily 10-5 Lal Vineyards 300 Maranatha Drive, hollister; 831 636-1023 open daily 11-5 loMa PRiEta WinERy 26985 loma Prieta Way, los gatos; 408 353-2950 Sat-Sun 12-5 or by appt Martin Ranch 6675 redwood retreat road, gilroy; 408 842-9197 open third weekend of each month 12-4 Mesa Del Sol Esate 45803 Arroyo Seco rd, greenfield; 831 624-8527 open by appointment only Michael Martella 17287 Box 103 Skyline Blvd, Woodside; 650 851-6777 open by appointment only MJa VinEyaRds 328A ingalls St, Santa cruz; 831 421-9380 Mon-thu 12-6, fri-Sun 12-8 MJa VinEyaRds 24900 highland Way, los gatos (Sta cruz Mtns); 408 353-6000 thur-Sun 12-6 Morgan Hill Cellars 1645 San Pedro Ave, Morgan hill; 408 779-7389 tue-Sun 10-5 Mountain Winery 14831 Pierce road, Saratoga; 408 741-2822 Sat-Sun 12-5 Muccigrosso 21450 Bear creek rd, los gatos; 408 354-0821 open by appointment only Muns Vineyard los gatos; 408 515-2663 open by appointment only Naumann Vnyds 16505 Montebello rd, cupertino; 408 867-7871 Special events & by appointment Nicholson Vnyds 2800 Pleasant Valley rd, Aptos; 831 724-7071 Sat 12-4 Odonata 334A ingalls Street, Santa cruz; 831 566-5147 1st Sat of the month 12-5 Organic Wine Works 379 felton empire rd, felton; 800-oWW-Wine open daily 12-5 Osocalis Distillery 5579 old San Jose rd, Soquel; 831 477-1718 open by appointment only

MontEREy, santa CRuZ, santa ClaRa CountiEs

Ahlgren Vineyard 20320 hwy 9, Boulder creek; 800 338-6071 Sat 12-4 or by appointment Alfaro Family Vnyd & Winery 420 hames road, corralitos; 831 728-5172 Sat 12-5 or by appointment Aptos Creek 520 nisene Meadws ct, Aptos; 831 684-1680 open by appointment only Armida Winery 103 Stockton Avenue, capitola; 831 462-1065 Sat-Sun 11-6, M-f 12-6 Bargetto Winery 3535 n. Main St, Soquel; 831 475-2258 ext 14 open daily 12-5 Beauregard 10 Pine flat road, Bonny Doon; 831 458-Wine nov-April: open daily 11-5, May-oct: closed tue Big Basin 830 Memory lane, Boulder creek; 831 621-8028 open by appointment only Big Basin Tasting Room 14598 Big Basin Way, Suite B, Saratoga; 408 564-7346 Mon-thu 11-5, fri-Sat 11-7 Black Ridge 18550 Black rd, los gatos; 408 399-6396 open 3rd weekend 11-5 & by appointment Bonny Doon Vineyard 328 ingalls Street, Santa cruz; 888 819-6789 open daily 12-5, summer till 6 Bruzzone 433 Sunridge Drive, Scotts Valley; 831 438-3120 open by appointment only BuRREll sChool 24060 Summit rd, los gatos; 408 353-6290 open thu-Sun 11-5 Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK Byington Winery 21850 Bear creek road, los gatos; 408 354-1111 tue-Sun 11-5, Winter: Wed-Sun 11-5


WinERy listings | WinE CountRy this WEEK

P&M Staiger Vineyard 1300 hopkins gulch rd, Boulder creek; 831 338-0172 open by appointment only Pietra Santa 10034 cienega road, hollister; 831 636-1991 Wed-Sun 11-5 or by appointment Pelican Ranch 100 Kennedy Drive, #102, capitola; 831 426-6911 fri-Sun 12-5 Picchetti Winery 13100 Montebello rd, cupertino; 408 741-1310 open daily 11-5 Pinder 165 cristich lane, campbell; 877-684-2601 Sat 11-4 or by appointment Pleasant Valley 600 Pleasant Valley rd, Aptos; 831 728-2826 Summer Apr-oct, Sat 12-4 or by appointment PoEtiC CEllaRs 5000 rodeo gulch road, Soquel; 831 462-3478 fri-Sun 12-5 or by appt Rapazzini Winery 4350 S. Monterey hwy, gilroy; 800 842-6262 Mon-fri 9-5, Sat 9-6, Sun 10-6 Regale Winery 24040 Summit road, los gatos; 408 353-2500 fri 2-6, Sat-Sun 12-5 Ridge Vineyards 17100 Montebello road, cupertino; 408 867-3233 Sat-Sun 11-4 & by appt River Run 65 rogge lane, Watsonville; 831 726-3112 open by appointment only Roudon -Smith 18 hanger Way Ste B-c, Watsonville; 831 438-1244 Sat 12-5 or by appointment Santa Cruz Mtn Vnyd 334A ingalls Street, Santa cruz; 831 426-6209 Wed-Sun 12-5 Sarahs Vineyard 4005 hecker Pass hwy, gilroy; 408 847-1947 open daily 12-5 Satori Cellars 2100 Buena Vista Avenue, gilroy; 408 848-5823 Sat-Sun 12-5 Savannah-Chanelle Vnyds 23600 congress Springs rd, Saratoga; 408 741-2934 open daily 11-5 Silver Mountain Silver Mountain rd, Miller cutoff; 408 353-2278 Sat 12-5 Silver Mountain 402 ingalls St, Ste 29, Santa cruz; 831 466-0559 thu-Sun 12-5 Solis 3920 hecker Pass hwy, gilroy; 408 847-6306 open daily 12-5 Sones Cellars 334 B ingalls St, Santa cruz; 831 420-1552 fri-Sun 12-5 or by appt Soquel Vineyards 8063 glen haven, Soquel; 831 462-9045 Sat-Sun 11-4 Storrs Winery 303 Potrero St. #35, Santa cruz; 831 458-5030 open daily 12-5 Summerayne 770 limekiln road, hollister; 831 902-5638 open by appointment only Sycamore Creek 12775 Uvas road, Morgan hill; 408 779-4738 thu, fri, Mon 12-5, Sat & Sun 11-5 Team Zin 830-3 Jury court, San Jose; 408 445-2508 1st Sun of the month Testarossa Winery 300-A college Ave, los gatos; 408 354-6150 open daily 11-5 Thomas Fogarty Winery 19501 Skyline Blvd, Woodside; 650 851-6777 Wed-Sun 11-5 Thomas Kruse Winery 3200 Dryden Ave, gilroy; 408 842-7016 tue-Sun 12-5 Travieso Winery 165 cristich lane, #f, campbell; 650 248-5641 Saturdays 11-4 & by appt, 3rd Sat 11-5 Trout Gulch 427 Swift St, Ste c, Santa cruz; 831 471-2705 open by appointment only Villa del Monte Winery 23076 Summit rd, los gatos; 888 788-4583 open one weekend/month or by appt Vinocruz 725 front St, #101, Santa cruz; 831 426-8466 Mon-thu 11-7, fri-Sat 11-8, Sun 12-6 VinE hill 2300 Jarvis road, Santa cruz; 831 427-0436 open third weekend each month 12-5 & special events Vino Prima 55 Municipal Wharf, Ste B, Santa cruz; 831 426-0750 Mon-tue 2-8, Wed-fri 2-10, Sat 12-10, Sun 12-8 Vino Tabi 334c ingalls Street, Santa cruz; 831 426 1809 Wed-thu 12-6, fri-Sat 12-9, Sun 12-6 Windy Oaks Estate 550 hazel Dell rd, corralitos; 831 786-9463 Sat 12-5 & by appt Woodside Vineyards 205 constitution Dr, Menlo Park; 650 851-3144 open by appointment only Zayante Vineyards 420 old Mount rd; felton; 831 335-7992 Special events & by appointment CaRMEl VallEy Bernardus 5 W. carmel Valley road, carmel Valley; 800 223-2533 open daily 11-5 Boekenoogen 24 West carmel Valley road, carmel Valley; 831 659-4215 open daily 11-5 Bot Vineyards 7156 carmel Valley rd, carmel Valley; 831 625-5040 open daily 12-5 Carmel Hills 12 Del fino Place, carmel Valley; 831 659-0750 thur-tue 12-6 Caraccioli Cellars Dolores, between ocean & 7th; carmel Valley; 831 622-7722 Mon-thu 2-7, fri-Sat 11-10, Sun 11-7 Chateau Julien Wine Estate 8940 carmel Valley road, carmel Valley; 831 624-2600 Mon-fri 8-5 Sat-Sun 11-5 Chateau Sinnet 13746 center Street, carmel Valley; 831 659-2244 open daily 12-6 Chesebro Wines 19 east carmel Valley rd, carmel Valley; 831-659-2125 fri-Mon 12-5 Chock Rock Vnyd 1 Del fino Place, carmel Valley; 831 659-7625 thu-Mon 11:30-5:30 Cima Collina San carlos, between ocean & 7th, carmel Valley; 831 620-0645 open daily 12- 6 Figge Cellars at Winefield gallery: Dolores St between 7th & ocean, carmel Valley; 831 384-4149 Wed-Sun 2-8 Galante Vineyards Dolores, between ocean & 7th; carmel Valley; 831 624-3800 open daily 12-6 (closed until spring) Georis Winery 4 Pilot road, carmel Valley; 831 659-1050 Mon-thu 11-4:30, fri-Sun 11-6 Heller Estate Organic Vineyards 69 W. carmel Valley road, carmel Valley; 800-625-8466 open daily 11-5 Holman Ranch 19 east carmel Valley rd, carmel Valley; 831-659-2640 fri-Sun 11-6 Joullian Vineyards 2 Village Drive Suite A, carmel Valley; 866 659-8101 Joyce Vineyards 19 east carmel Valley rd, carmel Valley; 831-659-2885 open daily 11-5 fri-Sun 11-5

tastE MoRgan Featuring the Wines of Morgan Winery and Lee Family Farm in the crossroads carmel, rio road at highway 1 / carmel open 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (831) 626-3700 / Otter Cove Wines at terra nove Wine Bar: 315 calle Principal, carmel Valley; 831 320-3050 open daily 12-5 Parsonage Village Vineyard 19 east carmel Valley road, carmel Valley; 831 659-7322 open daily 11-5 Robert Talbott Vineyards 53 West carmel Valley rd, carmel Valley; 831 659-3500 Mon-fri 11-4:30, Sat-Sun 11-5 Scheid Vineyards Wine Lounge 7th & San carlos, carmel; 831-656-9463 open daily 11-7 Silvestri Vnyds (opening March 1) 19 east carmel Valley road, carmel Valley; 831 659-1700 thu-Sun 11-5 Southern Latitudes Wines - lincoln St. between ocean & 6th, carmel Valley; 831-622-7652 Wed-Sun 11-6 Tudor Wines - in Andre Bouchee, Between ocean & 7th, carmel by the Sea; 831-224-2116 fri-Sun 12-5 Wrath Wines carmel Plaza, corner of ocean Ave. and Mission St, carmel; 831 678-2212 Mon-Sat 10-6, Sun 11-5 MontEREy WinERiEs A Taste of Monterey 700 cannery row, Ste KK, Monterey; 831 646-5446 open daily 10-6 Bargetto Winery 700 cannery row Suite g, Monterey; 831 373-4053 Mon-fri 11-6, Sat & Sun 11-7 Baywood Cellars 381 cannery row Suite c, Monterey; 831 645-9035 open daily 12-6 Chateau Sinnet 1184 Broadway, Seaside; 831 394-6090 open by appointment only Figge Cellars 3348 Paul Davis Drive Suite 101, Marina; 831 384-4149 Mon-fri by appointment only McIntyre Vineyards in hyatt regency: 1 old golf course rd Ste 1, Monterey; 831 649-9463 Mon-Wed 9-7, thu-Sun 8-8 Pierce Ranch 499 Wave Street, Monterey; 831 372-8900 thu-Mon 12-6:30, fri-Sat 12-8 Ventana Vineyards 2999 Monterey-Salinas hwy, Monterey; 831 372-7415 open daily 11-5 Wine from the Heart Tasting Rm 241 Alvarado St, Monterey; 831 641-9463 open daily 12-8 salinas VallEy A Taste of Monterey 127 Main Street, Salinas; 831 751-1980 Mon-Wed 11-5, thur-Sat 11-6, closed Sun Boekenoogen Santa lucia highlands, Salinas; 831 675-3549 Sat-Sun 12-4 De Tierra 740 Airport Blvd, Salinas; 831 754-3176 open by appointment only hahn slh EstatEs 37700 foothill road, Soledad; 831 678-4555 Mon-fri 11-4 Gift Items, Art Exhibit, Picnic Area, Children & Pets OK; Call for Winery Tours Sat-Sun 11-5 Hammond Vnyds 655 river road, Salinas; 831 455-8173 Sat-Sun 11-5 Manzoni Estate 30981 river road, Soledad; 831 675-3398 fri-Sun 11-5 Marilyn Remark 645 river road, Salinas; 831 455-9310 Sat-Sun, holidays 11-5 Mesa Del Sol Vineyards & Retreat 45803 Arroyo Seco rd,greenfield; 831 624-8527 open by appt only Paraiso Vineyards 38060 Paraiso Springs road, Soledad; 831 678-0300 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-fri 12-4 Pessagno Winery 1645 river road, Salinas; 831 675-9463 Mon-thu 11-4, fri-Sun 11-5 Ray Franscioni 132720 river road; gonzales; 831 455-1096 open by appointment only Robert Talbott Vineyards 1380 river road, Salinas; 831 675-0942 thu-Mon 11-5 Scheid Vineyards 1972 hobson Avenue, greenfield; 831 386-0316 open daily 11-5 Sycamore Cellars 45185 Arroyo Seco road, greenfield; 831 674-5768 Sat- Sun 11-5 Ventana Vineyards 38740 los coches road, Soledad; 831 678-2900 Weekends & Most holidays 11-5 Wrath Wines 35801 foothill road, Soledad; 831 678-2212 thu-Mon 11-5

laKE/MEndoCino CountiEs
Albertina Wine Cellars 4601 road 110, hopland; 707 744-1475 Barra of Mendocino 7051 n. State Street, redwood Valley; 707 485-0322 Beaver Creek Vnyds 22000 hwy 29, Middletown; 707 987-1069 Bell Hill Vineyards 6725 Jacobsen, Kelseyville; 707 490-4400 Brassfield Estate 10915 high Valley rd, clearlake oaks; 707 998-1895 Breggo Cellars 11001 highway 128, Boonville; 707 895-9589 Brutocao Cellars 7000 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2152 Brutocao Cellars 13500 hwy 101, hopland; 707 744-1664 open by appointment open daily 10-5 open daily11-8 thurs-Sun, Winter 12-6, Summer 1-7 Daily 10-5, Weekends by appt. in Winter open daily 11-5 open daily 10-5 open daily Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5


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Campovida 13601 old river road, hopland; 707 744-8797 open by appointment Ceago Vinegarden 5115 e. hwy 20, nice; 707 274-1462 open daily 10-5 Cesar Toxqui Cellars 821 n. Bush St, Ukiah; 707 462-1054 Wed-Sun 11-5:30 Chiarito Vineyards 2651 Mill creek rd, Ukiah; 707 462-7146 open by appointment only Claudia Springs 1810 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3993 fri-Mon 11-5 Cougars Leap 9300 Seigler Springs rd. n., Kelseyville; 707 279-0651 May-oct, fri-Sun 11-5pm or by appt Demuth Winery 16125 Deer Meadows rd, Booneville; 707 895-3729 open by appointment Dogwood Cellars 13500 hwy 101, Ste h, hopland; 707 743-0301 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-fri by appt Drew Family 9000 hwy 128, Philo; 707 877-1771 thu-Mon 11-5 Duncan Peak Vineyards 14500 Mtn. house road, hopland; 707 744-1493 open by appointment Dunwood Vineyards 2399 n. State St, Ukiah; 707 462-2985 open by appointment Eden Crest Vineyards & Winery 2550 Big Valley road, Kelseyville; 707 279-2987 open by appointment Elke Vineyards 12351 hwy 128, Booneville; 707 246-7045 fri-Mon 11-5 Esterlina 1200 holmes ranch road, Philo; 707 895-2920 open by appointment only Foursight Wines 14475 highway 128, Boonville; 707 898-2889 fri-Mon 10-4:30 Frey 14000 tomki rd, redwood Valley; 707 485-5177 Mon-fri 10-5, by appointment Germain-Robin P. o. Box 1059, Ukiah; 707 462-0314 open by appointment only Mon-frid Giuseppe Wines, Neese Vnyds 401 School Way, redwood Valley; 707 485-8458 open by appointment only Goldeneye Winery 9200 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3202 open daily 11-4 Graziano Family of Wines 13251 S.hwy 101; Suite 3, hopland; 707 744-8466 open daily 10-5 Greenwood Ridge Vineyards 5501 hwy 128; Philo, 707 895-2002 open daily 10-5 Gregory Graham Wines 13633 Point lakeview road, lower lake; 707 995-3500 Sat & Sun 11-5 Handley Cellars 3151 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3876 Summer 10-6, Winter 10-5 Harmonique Wines 1810 hwy 128, near mile marker 16, Philo; 707 895-3993 fri-Mon 11-5 Hawk and Horse 13048 highway 29, lower lake; 707 994-0910 open by appointment only High Valley Estate Vnyds 13151 e. State highway 20, clearlake oaks; 707 998-9400 tue-Sat 11-5 Husch Vineyards 4400 hwy 128, Philo; 1-800-544-8724 open daily 10-5 JaXon KEys 10400 S. hwy 101, hopland; 877-462-0666 open daily 10-5 Jeriko Estate 12141 hewlitt & Sturtevant rd, hopland; 707 744-1140 Sum 10-5, Win 11-4 Jim Ball Vineyards 4741 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3623 open daily 11-5 Kelseyville Wine Co. 5627 gaddy lane, Kelseyville; 707 279-2995 By appointment Lake Country Wine Studio 9505 Main St, #1, Upper lake; 707 275-8030 thu-Sun, Sum 1-7, Win 12-6 Langtry Estate 21000 Butts canyon rd, Middletown; 707 987-2385 open daily 11-5 Lazy Creek Vineyards 4741 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3623 fri-Mon 10:30-4:30 Le Vin Winery 33151 hwy. 128, Yorkville; 707 894-2304 open by appointment only Londer Vineyards 14051 highway 128, Boonville; 707 895-9001 thu-Mon 11-5 Manoir Girard Cellars 12601 ell river rd; Potter Valley; 707 391 Wine (9463) open by appointment only Maple Creek Winery 20799 hwy 128; Yorkville; 707 895-3001 open daily 10:30-5 Mariah Vineyards 33525 Mountain View rd, Point Arena; 707 882-2243 open by appointment Mast Vnyd & Winery 1301 reeves canyon rd, redwood Valley; 707 485-5466 open by appointment McDowell Valley 13380 S. hwy 101, hopland 707 744-8911 Mon-fri 11-5, Sat-Sun 10-5 McFadden Vineyard 13275 S. hwy 101 Suite #5, hopland; 707 744-8463 open daily 10-5 McNab Ridge Winery 13441 S. hwy 101; hopland; 707 744-1986 open daily 10-5 Meyer Family Cellars 19750 hwy 128, Yorkville; 707 895-2341 open daily 10-5 Milano Family Winery 14594 S. hwy 101, hopland; 707 744-1396 open daily10-5 Moore Family Winery 11990 Bottle rock road, Kelseyville; 707 279-9279 fri - Sun 11-5 Mt. Konocti Growers Winery 2550 Big Valley road, Kelseyville; 707 279-4213 open by appointment Navarro Vineyards 5601 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-3686 open daily 10-5 Nelson Family 550 nelson ranch road; Ukiah open daily 10-5 Noggle Vnyds & Winery 700 old long Valley road, clearlake oaks; 707 998-0319 Sat-Sun 11-5 or by appt Oster 13501 tomki road, redwood Valley; 707 485-5257 open by appointment Pacific Star 33000 north highway 1, fort Bragg; 707 964-1155 open daily 11-5 Parducci Wine Cellars 501 Parducci rd, Ukiah; 1-888-362-9463 open daily 10-5 Paul Dolan Vnyds 501 Parducci rd, Ukiah; 1-888-362-9463 open daily 10-5 Phillips Hill Estates 8627 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2209 open daily 11-5 Philo Ridge 14125 hwy 128, Philo; 707 489-2303 Sat-Sun by appointment Ployez Winery 11171 highway 29, lower lake; 707 994-2106 open daily 11-5 Rivino 4101 cox Schrader rd, Ukiah; 707 293-4262 tue-Sun 1-5 Robledo 2040 Soda Bay rd, lakeport; 707 263-0100 fri-Sun 10-5 Roederer Estate 4501 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2288 open daily 11-5 Rosa DOro 3915 Main Street, Kelseyville; 707 279-0483 Wed-Sun 11-5 Rosati Family Wines 21500 South highway 101, hopland; 707 894-3683 open daily 10-5 Saracina Vineyards 11684 South hwy 101, hopland; 707 744-1671 open daily 11-5 Scharffenberger Cellars 8501 hwy 128, Philo; 707 895-2957 open daily 11-5 Shannon Ridge 12599 e. hwy 20, clearlake oaks; 707 998-9656 Daily 10:30-5 Shed Horn Cellars 21108 calistoga St, Middletown; 707 291-3629 thu-Sat 11-5 or by appt Silversmith Vnyds 3700 A rd J, redwood Valley; 707 485-1196 Sum: fri-Sun, Win: Sat-Sun, 11-5 or by appointment SIP! Mendocino Wine Bar 13420 South hwy 101, hopland; 707 744-8375 open daily 11-5 Six Sigma Ranch and Winery 13372 Spruce grove road, lower lake; 707 994-4068 Daily 11-4:30 Sketchbook Wines 501 Parducci rd, Ukiah; 1-888-362-9463 open daily 10-5 Snows Lake Vnyd lower lake; 707 994-9444 open by appointment Sol Rouge P.o. Box 859, Kelseyville; 707 279-9000 open by appointment Standish Wine Co. 5101 hwy 128, Philo707 895-9213 Daily 10-5 Steele Wines 4350 thomas Drive, at hwy 29, Kelseyille; 707 279-9475 Mon-Sat 11-5 Terra Svia 14160 Mountain house rd, hopland; 707 744-1114 tue-Sun 10-5 Terrill Cellars 16175 Main Street, lower lake; 707 252-8444 Wed, fri-Sun 11-5 Testa Vineyards 6400 north State Street, calpella; 707 485-7051 open by appointment Toulouse Vineyards 8001 hwy 128, 707 895-2828; Philo open daily 11-5 Tulip Hill Winery 4900 Bartlett Springs rd, nice; 707 274-9373 open daily 10-5 Villa La Brenta 1780 highway 53, clearlake; 707 994-4000 tue-Sun 10-5 Vin de Tevis 51161 covelo rd, Dos rios; 707 983-8433 open by appointment only Weibel Winery 13275 So hwy 101, Ste 1, hopland; 707 744-2200 open Daily 10-5 Whaler Vineyards 6200 e Side capella rd, Ukiah; 707 462-6355 open by appointment only Wildhurst Vineyards 3855 Main St, Kelseyville; 800 279-4302 open daily 10-5 Yorkville Cellars 25701 hwy 128, Yorkville; 707 894-9177 open daily, Winter 11-5, Summmer 11-6 Zina hydE CunninghaM 14077 hwy 128, Boonville; 707 895-9462 open Daily 10-5

suisun VallEy
Blacksmith Cellars poured at Suisun Valley Wine coop thu-Sun 12-5 Blue Victorian Vineyards 5071 Suisun Valley Blvd., fairfield; 707 422-8025 Mon-fri 10-5, Sat & Sun 10-6 Green Valley Cellars 1635 Mason rd, green Valley; 707 864-2089 thu-Sun 11-5 or by appointment King Andrews Vnyd poured at Suisun Valley Wine coop thu-Sun 12-5 Ledgewood Creek Winery 4589 Abernathy road, Suisun city; 707 426-4424 Daily 10-5 Mangels Vineyards poured at Suisun Valley Wine coop thu-Sun 12-5 Mankas Hills Vineyards 4185 chadbourne road, Suisun Valley; 707 480-7334 open by appointment only Tenbrink Vineyards 1793 rockville rd, Suisun Valley; 800-692-0723 open by appointment only Rock Creek Vineyard 4610 green Valley rd, green Valley; 707 864-2471 open by appointment only Suisun Valley Wine Coop 4495 Suisun Valley road, Suisun Valley; 707 864-3135 thu-Sun 12-5 Sunset Cellars poured at Suisun Valley Wine coop thu-Sun 12-5 Vezer Family tasting Rm 2522 Suite V Mankas corner road, fairfield; 707 429-3958 Mon-fri 10-5, Sat-Sun 10-6 Vezer Family Private Ranch 707 422-8025 tours & tasting by appointment only Winterhawk Winery poured at Suisun Valley Wine coop thu-Sun 12-5 Wooden Valley Winery 4756 Suisun Valley road, Suisun Valley; 707 864-0730 Daily 11-5

yolo County
Berryessa Gap 27260 hwy 128, Winters; 530 795-3201 Berryessa Gap 15 Main Street, Winters; 530 795-3201 Bogle Vineyards 37783 county rd, clarksburg; 916 744-1139 tue-fri 12-4 or by appointment thurs 4:30-8:30, fri 12-8:30, Sat 11-8:30, Sun 11-4 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-fri 10-

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WinERy listings | WinE CountRy this WEEK

California Cellars 15511 isleton road, isleton; 916 777-5747 open by appointment only Capay Valley Vineyards 13757 hwy 16, Brooks; 530 796-4110 open Sat-Sun 12-5, Weekdays by appointment Carvalho Family poured at the old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, clarksburg; 916 744-1625 Wed-Sun 11-5 Heringer Estates poured at the old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, clarksburg; 916 744-1227 thu-Sun 11-5 Purple Pearl Vineyards 9177 currey rd, Dixon; 707 693-1607 thu-Sun 12-5 River Grove Winery 52183 clarksburg rd, clarksburg; 916 744-9000 open by appointment only Rominger West 4602 Second Street, Davis; 530 747-2044 Mon-Sat 10-6 Scribner Bend Vnyds 9051 river rd, Sacramento; 916 7441803 fri-Sun 11-4:30 Six Hands Winery 13783 isleton rd, Walnut grove; 916 776-2053 open by appointment only Solomon Wine Co. poured at the old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, clarksburg; 916 744 1131 fri 1-5, Sat-Sun 11-5 Three Wine Company poured at the old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, clarksburg; 707 933-9752 fri-Sun 11-5 Todd Taylor Wines poured at the old Sugar Mill, 35265 Willow Ave, clarksburg; 916 744-1120 Sat & Sun 11-5 Turkovich Family Wines 304 railroad Ave, Winters; 530 795-3842 thu 12-6, fri & Sat 12-9,Sun 12-5 Wilson Vineyards clarksburg; 916 744-1456 open by appointment only Mitchell Katz Winery 1188 Vineyard Ave; Pleasanton; 925 931-0744 thu-Sun 12-5 Muriettas Well 3005 Mines rd; livermore; 925 456-2390 May-oct open daily 11-4:30, nov-Apr Wed-Sun 11-4:30 Nottingham Cellars 2245 South Vasco rd, livermore; 925 294-8647 fri 2-6, Sat-Sun 12-4:30 oCCasio 2245B South Vasco road, livermore; 925 371-1987 fri-Sun 12 to 5 Page Mill 1960 S. livermore Ave, livermore; 925 456-7676 12-4:30 fri-Sunday & by appointment Red Feather 5700 greenville rd, livermore; 925 449-1871 Sat-Sun 11-5, Mon-fri 12-4 Retzlaff Vineyards 1356 S. livermore Ave, livermore; 925 447-8941 tue-fri 12-2, Sat-Sun 12-4:30 Rios Lovell Estate Winery 6500 tesla rd, livermore; 925 443-0434 Wed-fri 11-3, Sat-Sun 11-5 Rodrigue Molyneaux 3053 Marina Ave, livermore; 925 447-4280 Sat-Sun 12:30-5 Ruby Hill Winery 400 Vineyard Ave, Pleasanton; 925 931-Wine open daily 11-5:30 Ryhan Estate Vineyards 5385 east Ave, livermore; 408-209-9498 fri-Sun 12-5 Singing Winemaker (The ) poured at tesla Vintners, 5143 tesla rd, livermore; 925 606-Wine fri-Sun 12-5 Steven Kent 5443 tesla rd, livermore; 925 243-6440 open daily 12-4:30 Stony Ridge Winery 4948 tesla rd, livermore; 925 449-0458 Mon-Sat 11-4:30, Sun 12-4:30 Tamas Estate 5565 tesla rd, livermore; 925 456-2380 open daily 12-4:30 Tenuta Vineyards 633 Kalthoff common, livermore; 925 960-1006 fri-Sun 12-5 Tesla Vintners 5143 tesla rd, livermore; 925 606-Wine fri-Sun 12-5 Thomas Coyne Winery 51 e. Vallecitos rd (hwy 84), livermore; 925 373-6541 Sat-Sun 12-5 Wente Vineyards Estate Tasting Room 5565 tesla rd, livermore; 925 456-2305 open daily 11-4:30 Wente Vineyards Tasting Room 5050 Arroyo rd, livermore; 925 456-2405 open daily 11-6:30 Westover Vineyards 34329 Palomares rd, castro Valley; 925 537-3932 Sat-Sun 12-5 White Crane Winery 5405 greenville rd, livermore; 925 455-8085 thu-Mon 12-4:30 Wood Family Winery 7702 cedar Mountain rd, livermore; 925 606-7411 open by appointment

Bay aREa/liVERMoRE
Bent Creek Winery 5455 greenville rd, livermore; 925 455-6320 fri-Sun 12-4:30 Big White House 6800 greenville rd, livermore; 925 449-1976 Sat-Sun 12-4:30 Bodegas Aguirre 8580 tesla rd, livermore; 925 606-0554 Sat-Sun 12-4 Cedar Mountain 7000 tesla rd, livermore; 925 373-6636 Sat-Sun 12-4 Charles R Vnyds 8195 crane ridge rd, livermore; 925 454-3040 fri-Sun 12-4:30 Chouinard Vnyds 33853 Palomares rd, castro Vly; 510 582-9900 Sat-Sun 12-5 (and most holidays) Concannon 4590 tesla rd, livermore; 925 456-2505 open daily 11-4:30 Crooked Vine 4948 tesla rd, livermore; 925 449-0458 Mon-Sat 11-4:30, Sun 12-4:30 Cuda Ridge Wines 5385 east Ave, livermore; 510 304-0914 fri-Sun 12-4:30 & by appointment Dashe Cellars 55 4th St, oakland; 510 452-1800 thu-Sun 12-6, Mon by appt Eagle Ridge Vineyard 10017 tesla rd, livermore; 925 443-3375 Sat-Sun 12-4:30 Eckert Estate 2400 Arroyo road, livermore; 925 584-6494 Sat-Sun 12 -5 & by appointment el Sol 8626 lupine Way, livermore; 925 606-1827 fri-Sun 12-5 Elliston Vineyards 463 Kilkare, Sunol; 925 862-2377 Sat-Sun 11-5 or by appt Fenestra Winery 83 Vallecitos rd (hwy 84), livermore; 925 447-5246 fri-Sun 12-5 Garr Vineyard & Winery 7986 tesla rd, livermore; 925 371-8200 fri-Sun 11:30-5 Hidden Creek 5937 graham ct, Suite B, livermore; 925 371-2424 Sat-Sun 12-4:30 John Christopher 25 So. livermore Ave, Ste 103, livermore; 925-456-Wine thu-Sun 12-6 La Rochelle 5443 tesla rd, livermore; 925 243-6442 open daily 12-4:30 Las Positas Vineyards 1828 Wetmore rd, livermore; 925 449-9463 fri-Sun 12-5 Lavish Laines Winery 2481 Buena Vista Ave, livermore; 925 321-0373 fri-Sun 11-7 Les Chenes 5562 Victoria lane, livermore; 925 373-1662 Weekends 12-4:30 Little Valley Winery 739 Main St, Pleasanton thu-Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5 Livermore Valley Cellars 2838 cellars Dr, livermore; 925 454-9463 Sat-Sun 12-5 Longevity Wines 2271 South Vasco rd, Ste B, livermore, 925-443-Wine fri-Sat-Sun 12-5 Marr Cellars poured at tesla Vintners, 5143 tesla rd, livermore; 925 606-Wine fri-Sun 12-5 McgRail VinEyaRds 5600 greenville rd, livermore; 925 373-6214 fri-Mon 12-4:30 & by appointment Miramont Estate poured at tesla Vintners, 5143 tesla rd, livermore; 925 606-Wine fri-Sun 12-5 24837 e. Milton rd, linden; 209 887-3178 By appointment only

tREasuRE island
BodEga WinE EstatEs 751 13th St at Ave M, treasure island, San francisco fri, Sat & Sun from 1-6pm Fat Grape Winery 1080 Avenue M, treasure island, San francisco; 415-388-8318 tue-Sun 12-5:30 pm Hoffman Family Cellars 751 13th Street at Avenue M, treasure island, San francisco opening Soon Just Joshin 751 13th Street at Avenue M, treasure island, San francisco fri, Sat, Sun from 1-6pm KnightsWood 751 13th Street at Avenue M, treasure island, San francisco fri, Sat, Sun 1-6pm stEin FaMily WinEs 751 13th Street at Avenue M, treasure island, San francisco fri, Sat, Sun 1-6pm Treasure Island Wines 95 9th Street and Ave i, treasure island, Sf; 415-394-9463 Mon-fri 9am-5pm, Sat 12-4pm WinERy sF 200 california Ave, Bldg 180 no, treasure island, Sf, 415-Sf -JUice open daily 12-5, tours by appointment VIE 200 california Ave, Bldg 180 no, treasure island, Sf, 415-Sf -JUice open daily 12-5, tours by appointment Sol Rouge 200 california Ave, Bldg 180 no, treasure island, Sf, 415-Sf -JUice open daily 12-5, tours by appointment

ContRa Costa County

Bloomfield Vnyd 633 first Street, Brentwood; 925 634-9463 Wed-thu 4-8pm, fri 4-11pm, Sat 11am-11pm Captain Vineyards 1969 Joseph Drive, Moraga; 925 631-0714 open by appointment Enos Wines 9000 Brentwood Blvd., Brentwood; 925 634-3900 open by appointment Hannah Nicole Vnyds 6740 Balfour road, Brentwood; 925 513-0769 fri 11-3, Sat-Sun 1-5 Happy Valley Cellars 1223 Upper happy Valley road, lafayette; 925 283-1245 open by appointment Lolonis Vnyds Tasting Room 1930 tice Valley Blvd, Walnut creek; 925-456-Wine Mon-fri 1-4 New Departures Wine Co. 6140 Alhambra Valley road, Martinez; 925 366-8463 open by appointment Odisea Wine Co. 963 redwood Drive, Danville; 925 915-1662 open by appointment Olin Wines 975 Detroit Ave., Unit B, concord; 925 771-7107 Sat 12-4 or by appt. Palomares Vineyards 34329 Palomares road, castro Valley Sat-Sun 12-5 Parkmon Vineyards 55 laird Drive, Moraga; 925 631-7980 open by appointment Shadowbrook Winery 3739 Shadowbrook court, Walnut creek; 925-988-9463 open by appointment Sterling Albert Winery 150 Mason circle, Suite J, concord; 925 219-2279 Sat 12-5pm, Sun by appt. Tamayo Family Vnyds 2155 elkins Way, Brentwood; 925 513-8463 open by appointment Viano Vineyards 150 Morello Avenue, Martinez; 925 228-6465 Wed-Mon 9-5pm Wedl Wine Cellars 400 tate lane, oakley; 925 360-9677 open by appointment only

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