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IR RD and The Co oca‐Cola Afric ca Foundatio on Team m to  Increase e Water Secur rity in S Somali ia

ARLIN NGTON, VA – Internationa Relief & De al evelopment (I IRD), a major r implem menter of U.S. foreign assist tance and a le eader in the in nternational sta abilization and dev velopment com mmunity, tod announced a partnership with The Co day d p oca-Cola Africa Foundation (T F TCCAF) to in ncrease the wa security o thousands o people ater of of in Som malia. Somalia and neighbo oring countrie are still reco es overing from the most seve ere t xperienced in 6 years. In a 60 addition, analy with ysts drought the Horn of Africa has ex the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) Fa S. t amine Early W Warning System have warned that drought conditions co m d ould resume in the next 90 days. n There is a lasting nee for long-ter solutions t build resilie ed rm to ence to future crises. e F e his ugh ruction of com mmunity TCCAF and IRD are addressing th need throu the constr water storage tanks in Somalia’s G i Gedo region. In addition, t grant from TCCAF the m able rovide hygien and sanitati training to vulnerable p ne ion o people in will ena IRD to pr the regi ion. as nding to the cr risis in Somal for more th six month and has lia han hs IRD ha been respon helped build addition in-ground, cemented wa storage re nal , ater eservoirs in th Gedo he a plies to hospita in Gedo an Mogadishu als nd u. region and provided medical supp eeds in Somal are great, a will be for years to com said Dr. A lia and r me," Arthur "The ne

Com mmunity membe ers dig large hole es in  orde er to build water r storage system ms      for t their village.  

  Keys, IRD President and CEO. “T Coca-Cola Africa Fou I t The undation has a long-

term vision to help in ncrease droug resilience a prevent su ght and uffering. IRD is proud D to work with such a committed pr k c rivate sector p partner.”


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About The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation (TCCAF): The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s mission is to enable African communities to improve the quality of their lives and fulfill their potential. It focuses on three key areas of community investment: water, preventive health, and youth development. Additionally, The Coca- Cola Africa Foundation is involved in humanitarian assistance in Africa, for disaster relief and emergency assistance. Please visit www.tccaf.org for more information. About International Relief & Development: IRD is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization responsible for implementing relief, stabilization, and development programs worldwide. IRD's mission is to reduce the suffering of the world's most vulnerable groups and provide the tools and resources needed to increase their self-sufficiency. Specializing in meeting the needs of communities emerging from conflict or natural disaster, IRD partners with donors, local organizations, and many others to deliver sustainable services in agriculture, governance, health, and infrastructure. For more information on IRD, visit www.ird.org, and visit the IRD Voices blog to read first-hand accounts from IRD staff in the field. You can also stay up-todate on IRD’s latest news by following us on Facebook, Twitter (@ird_voices), Flickr, or YouTube.


INTERNATIONAL  RELIEF & DEVELOPMENT   |  1621 NORTH KENT STREET, 4TH FLOOR  |  ARLINGTON,  VA 22209  T  703.248.0161   |  F  703.248.0194   |  WWW.IRD.ORG 


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