Meeting Dates for 2012

The Encourager
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April 19 May 3

We only have two meetings left and then it will almost be summer! If you were gone from the last meeting, here are some of the things you missed. We enjoyed our brunch and then had our WOW Panel come speak and answer our many questions on parenting and marriage. We learned lots of good information!! Today we will have Nick Pannone speak to us about Easter. Check the screen to see where to sit today. We are also still in big need of MOPPETS workers, so please if you know someone send them Lisa’s way. We also need a MOPPETS coordinator. Please help Sarah out so she doesn’t have to continue to do this on top what she already does. We have many available positions for next year, so please get in touch with Tamara or Sarah to see what positions are available and how you can help. Also make sure to get your semester dues to Rebecca asap if you haven’t yet!

Contact Us  
Derby FCC: (316)788 -5551 Sarah Slayton: sarah slayton @hotmail. com Tamara McKee: tmckee99@

Getting to Know You
Today we will get to know a little more about April Unruh and Lindsey Glasscock... April grew up in Douglass, Kansas. She has been married to her husband, Max, for almost 7 years. They have two kids, Graham (2) and Tessa (1). Her favorite thing about being a Mom is the knowledge that God has given her their children as gifts for the time being and the unconditional love He allows her to have for them, just has He has for us. As a family, they love to be out together at the zoo, park or getting ice cream. Something not many people know about her is she studied abroad in Australia for 6 months. Her favorite bible verses are Psalm 100:3 and Colossians 3:12-17.

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is April 19th. We will be making Busy Kid Kits for the summer. If you are in Laura or Rebecca’s discussion group, it will be your turn to bring brunch that morning.

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Upcoming Birthdays  Sarah Slayton — April 3rd  Audrey Martin — April 4th
Please feel free to wish them a belated Happy Birthday!

Getting to know you cont.
Lindsey grew up right here in Derby, Kansas. She and her husband, Kelly, have been married for 7 years and have 2 kids: Lily (4) and Adelynn (1). Her favorite thing about being a mom is the smiles, kisses, hugs and cuddles. As a family they love to play outside and also have dance parties. Her favorite bible verse 1 Corinthians 13:4. Something many people might not know about her is that she designed the front page of the Wichita Eagle for 5 years and she now works there part time.

Expecting Mothers  Jessica Dahman is due in September.  Jen Logan is due in October.  Lisa Johnson is due in October.  Katie Perry is due in October.  Aubrey Gabbard is due in October.
Let us know if you are expecting or if we missed your birthday, so we can get you marked down.

Make a Resurrection Set
What you need to make your own resurrection set:

     

10 cardboard tissue tubes 1 empty (square) tissue box for tomb Glue or a stapler Something to color them with (optional) Resurrection Set Printables Scissors

Ask Jen for a copy of the printables or print them at: religious-easter-craft-for-kids-make/

Birth Announcement  Arya Rachel Rebecca Mallya was born on March 27 and was 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 18 inches. Congratulations Narda!

Leadership Committee
    
Sarah Slayton - Coordinator Tamara McKee - Coordinator Kara Bilbo -Hospitality Crafts - Katie Perry Publicity/Photography - Jen Logan

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Rebecca Beatty - Finance Team Shannon Robinson – Care Team Leader Amie Jones - Discussion Group Leader Lisa Johnson - MOPPETS Coordinator TBD - MOPPETS Curriculum


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