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Onicra Credit Rating Agency

Onicra Credit Rating Agency is an individual rating agency in India based in Gurgaon. It is affiliated to the National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC), and the National Association of Profesional Background Screening (NAPBS). editBusiness


Onicra operates as a financial services organisation. Its products and services include Individual Credit Rating, SME rating, Employee Background Screening, Customer Profiling & Rating (CPR), Associate Rating and IT solutions, across the telecom, banking, health, insurance, education and auto sectors. The company has been acknowledged as pioneers in this field by the Ministry of Finance in the Economic Survey (19931994). It is recognised and empanelled by the likes of NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation Ltd., and the IBA (Indian Banks Association), for performance and financial ratings. The Employee Background Screening division is certified by NASSCOM and NDMA. The company operates with a network of over 147 branches, covering more than 500 locations panIndia with the help of over 2500 Fleet on Street personnel. [edit]History Onicra was established in 1993, by Mr. Sonu Mirchandani, who at the time, promoted consumer durables major, Onida. Mr. Mirchandani observed a transparency vacuum, in terms of lack of credible information on individuals and corporations. Unlike the West, India did not have a credible system to screen financial profiles. Operations began with one office that conducted 10 cases per month. The company now operates with a network of over 148 branches, covering more than 500 locations pan-India, and touches over 30,000 unique case everyday.

Onicra Credit Rating Agency of India Limited

Onicra Credit Rating Agency of India Ltd is recognized as the pioneers of the concept of individual Credit rating in India. After being the first to introduce the concept, Onicra has been continuously conducting in-depth research into all aspects of the behavior of credit seekers and has developed a comprehensive rating system for various types of credit extensions. Onicra provides a platform to credit seekers and granters build long lasting relationship.

Specialties SME Credit Rating, Risk Management, CAF management, AV/CV, Investigations


Onicra Credit

Rating Agency is a path breaking innovative organization that analyzes data and provides rating solutions for Individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs). This rating enables the lender or service provider to take a valued judgment on the Individual or SME based on its Financial, Background and Productivity analysis. Onicra facilitates over 200,000 transactions per day through a single window clearance on a national basis in the Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Health, Education and Automobile sectors. Over the years, Onicra has developed a long list of esteemed clients. This includes some of India Inc's top 100 companies: Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance, Volkswagen, HDFC and Genpact. Onicra has been acknowledged as pioneers in the field of credit rating by the Ministry of Finance in the Economic Survey (1993-1994). It is also recognized and empanelled by the likes of NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) for SSI (Small Scale Industry) assessment. Our rating has also been accepted by the IBA(Indian Banks Association). We deliver services from a national network of 150 operation centers. Our integrated network also comprises of 4000 FOS (Fleet on Street) personnel located at various strategic locations nationwide. Our presence in 400 locations coupled with multilingual capabilities lends us a competitive advantage to manage complex processes in multiple geographic regions. The operations architecture allows for business and services to be conducted in the lowest turnaround time using our revolutionary PRTS (Performance Rating & Tracking System) technology. Operations not only run round the clock but also meet customer needs for proximity, language and cultural compatibility without hampering productivity.