SilkWorm® 3800 Fan Tray FRU Procedure

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Publication Number #53-0001581-02


Fans #1 and #2 are in the fan tray that is on the left when viewing the switch from the front. P/N 60-0001005 Procedure Power Supply (2x) Fan Tray containing fans #3 and 4 Fan Tray containing fans #1 and 2 Spring Latch (2x) Figure 1 The SilkWorm 3800 with one fan tray installed and one uninstalled. Note: The fan trays are identical and fit into either fan tray slot. There are no user-serviceable parts inside the fan tray. #3. #2. Each fan tray contains two fans. Inc. Once the fan trays are installed. and #4. The switch can continue operating if the other fan tray is operating during the replacement and the replacement is completed within 8 minutes. Replacing a Fan Tray Use this procedure to replace a fan tray for the SilkWorm 3800. and fans #3 and #4 are in the fan tray on the right. Items required: • • The SilkWorm 3800 The new fan tray. the fans inside the trays are identified by the Fabric OS as fans #1.SilkWorm 3800 Fan Tray FRU Procedure Brocade Communications Systems. Time required: Less than 5 minutes. Publication Number 53-0001581-02 Page 2 of 3 . Caution Disassembling any part of the fan tray voids the part warranty and regulatory certifications.

Publication Number 53-0001581-02 Page 3 of 3 . ensure it is properly oriented before continuing with the installation. Remove the fan tray from the chassis: a. Figure 2 Removing and replacing the fan tray with the correct orientation. Do not force the installation. to prevent overheating of the switch.SilkWorm 3800 Fan Tray FRU Procedure Brocade Communications Systems. Do not leave either of the fan tray slots empty longer than 8 minutes while the switch is operating. the other fan tray must continue to operate during the replacement and the replacement fan tray must be installed and operating within 8 minutes. If the fan tray does not slide in easily. Slide the fan tray into the chassis until the spring latch snaps into the slot and the fan tray is firmly seated The fan tray begins operating as soon as it is seated. Pull the fan tray from the switch chassis. 1. a. 2. Orient the new fan tray so that the spring latch is towards the center of the back panel and the spring latch lines up with the slot in the chassis. Install the new fan tray. because the cooling system is pressurized. Press the spring latch on the side of the fan tray towards the center of the fan tray. Inc. the switch should be turned off until both fan trays are replaced. b. Caution b. If the second fan tray is not operating. This illustration is also provided in a label on the fan tray. Caution If a fan tray is replaced while the switch is operating.

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