ISE 527- Quality Management for Engineers Course Outline

Professor Office Phone Office hours Email Thomas C. Booth, PhD SSC 101 213 740 0867 Tu & Th: 9AM to 12 PM Teaching assistant TA email Dong-Kyun Yim

Text: Evans and Lindsay, Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence, Edition 8 Course objectives: In this course, the student will learn how to develop, deploy and maintain quality practices that assure marketplace acceptance of the products and services provided by a company. We will compare and contrast the philosophical frameworks advocated by celebrated quality experts such as Deming, Juran, and Crosby. We will examine the role of leadership and strategic planning in quality improvement, and how the use of measurements will lead to quality and business performance improvements. We will learn the basics of quality tools and methods from the perspective of a manager, which will include six sigma, statistical thinking, tools for process improvement, and statistical process control. The intent is to provide a knowledge base such that the student will be comfortable with modern quality practices in a company and able to effectively apply quality principles as a manager or high-performing contributor. Pre-requisites: Basic statistics Assignments  Each student will either present a short case study (from the text) to the class or write a short paper on a quality-related topic.  Each student will participate on a project team. The teams will envision a small business and create a quality manual for the business. The manual will be based on the ISO standard. The deliverables from the project will include a written document and a presentation to the class.  Quiz: there will be a quiz after completing some of the chapters. The quizzes are not announced in advance.  Mid-term exam: there will be a closed-book mid-term exam.  There will be a two-part final examination.  The first part will be a take-home exam, in which the student will solve one or more problems based on techniques described in the text. These may include SPC, sample size, gage R&R, etc. The second part, in class, will be comprehensive. Students may bring a single sheet of paper with crib notes on both sides. Grading: The grade will be determined on the basis of the recitation, mid-term, project, and final examination. Grading is based on a curve. Assignments may not be turned in past the deadline unless there is a prior agreement with the professor. Grading is as follows: Campus students DEN students Mid-term exam 22% 25 % Class presentation 22% 25% Class project 22% 25% Class participation and quizzes 12% Final exam* -Take home 11% 12.5% - Classroom 11% 12.5%

Academic integrity: The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering adheres to the University’s policies and procedures governing academic integrity as described in SCampus. Students are expected to be aware of and to observe the academic integrity standards described in SCampus. Students should expect those standards to be enforced in this course.

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Monday through Friday. A letter of verification for approved accommodations can be obtained from DSP.ISE 527.Quality Management for Engineers Course Outline Accommodations for Disabilities: Any student requesting academic accommodations based on a disability is required to register with Disability Services and Programs (DSP) each semester. The phone number for DSP is 213-714-0776. File: Document1. Please be sure the letter is delivered to the instructor as early in the semester as possible. DSP is located in STU 301 and is open 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.doc Page 2 of 2 .

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