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Sunday / April 1, 2012

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PM’s Address at the inaugural function of the 7th Asia Gas Partnership Summit

My Government will Fulfill all Promises made in Manifesto of Samajwadi Party: Akhilesh Yadav
Lucknow Enumerating the priorities of his government, the newly appointed chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Akhilesh Yadav said that his government would fully implement the promises made in the manifesto of Samajwadi Party. He asserted that his government would make all out efforts to take Uttar Pradesh on the road of development and prosperity. The dispensation of ‘Janata Darbar’ would be restored soon, he added. The chief minister was addressing his first press conference at his official residence, 5Kalidas Marg, here today after taking the oath of office. Thanking the people of the State for giving full majority to the Samajwadi Party in the recently concluded Vidhan Sabha General Elections, he said that his government would soon take important decisions to fulfill all the promises made during these elections. Replying to a question regarding the coffers of the State being empty, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav said that the rampant corruption prevalent during the regime of 2 outgoing government had caused this situation. He said if corruption was fully checked, there would be no paucity funds for development schemes. On the issue of giving laptops and tablets to the students, unemployment allowance to the unemployed and facilities to farmers, he assured that a decision would soon be taken after deliberations in this regard. He said when thousands of crores could be raised for parks and memorials, then there would be no problem in arranging funds for development schemes. Describing the need of bringing about broad improvement on the law and order front as his priority, the chief minister said that democratic values would be fully protected and the officers, who would ignore the interest of the people and do injustice, would be punished. Replying to a question, he said that corruption in construction of parks would be inquired into and the persons, who had misappropriated the government money, would be brought to the book.

New Delhi The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, addressed the inaugural function of the 7th Asia Gas Partnership Summit, in New Delhi today. Following is the text of the Prime Minister’s address: “I am truly happy to participate in this inaugural function of the 7th Asia Gas Partnership Summit 2012. I compliment the Gas Authority of India Limited and FICCI for taking the initiative to organize this very important conference. The use of natural gas offers greater supply security through diversification of the energy basket and also helps in promoting sustainable economic growth and development. Compared to other hydrocarbons, the use of gas is not only price-competitive but also environmentally benign for a number of user-industries. Gas is an efficient fuel for power generation, a better feedstock for fertilizer production and a cleaner alternative for vehicular transport. The emerging economies of Asia are rapidly increasing their use of natural gas. As an illustration, in the last five years, natural gas consumption in India and China has witnessed compound annual growth rates of 14% and 18%, respectively. The remarkable growth in the use of gas in the Asian economies underscores the greater role that this region is poised to play in the future development of gas markets in the world. The Asia-Pacific region, particularly Australia and the Middle-East, has already emerged as a principal source of gas supply. The Asian region, led by China and India, is also emerging as a major destination for that supply. Asia Pacific accounts for about 60% of world’s total LNG imports.

AIMA President, Rajiv Vastupal, joints IIM Banglore Board of Governors
Ahmedabad Mr. Rajiv Vastupal, the President of the All India Management Association (AIMA) has achieved another rare distinction for a businessman from Gujarat – he has joined the board of governors of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIM-B). In October 2011, Mr. Vastupal took over as the President of AIMA, the apex body of professional management it was after a gap of 20 years that someone from Gujarat became the president of A I M A . M r . V a s t u p a l received an invitation to join the Society and Board of Governors of IIM Bangalore from the Ministry of Human Resource D e v e l o p m e n t , Government of India. Prior to his.


Shri Bimal Julka. Mumbai.01. Director (Techincal) and Dr.CitiesCases R e g i s t e r e d 2 0 0 9 2 0 1 0 1 . New Delhi Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL) has repaid the whole amount of loan to the Central Government in four yearly equal installments starting from the year 2008-09 and the last installment of Rs. 2011.S. non-judicial stamp papers and other security documents and security paper were transferred to the Company on 10. 1923crores. In addition. A total number of 429. Forensic labs and judiciary on the procedures and methodology of collecting. passport.2006.as per the cyber crime data maintained by National Crime Records Bureau. is a wholly owned Schedule ‘A’ Company of Govt.45 crores to Government of India. of India engaged in minting of coins and printing of banknotes.Giving details Shri Pilot said .2009. NASSCOM. particularly police and judicial officers in use of this tool to collect and analyse the digital evidence and present them in Court. Bengaluru. Nagaland. Arunachal Pradesh. Chennai and Bangaluru for the year 2011 is not available with National Crime Records Bureau. of India. SPMCIL has proved to be the best example of corporatisation of Government departments/unit www. SPMCIL. 115. though both are not related and the nature of work also varies. No. The Minister informed that a total of 154. the reserves of the Company stood at Rs. technical and administrative steps : The Information Technology Act. analysing and presenting digital evidence. Director (HR) of SPMCIL were also present.thecapitalpost. The Company has achieved ever highest production of coins of 6 billion pieces and banknotes of 7billion pieces respectively. 2009 and 2010 respectively. But the notification will be subject to the outcome of the Special Leave to Appeal pending before the Supreme Court. Shri Shaktikanta Das on 23.2012 thus making SPMCIL a debt-free Company. Also. judiciary and Public prosecutors have been trained through theseprogrammes. Sl. The net profit of the Company was Rs.02. the wage rate for Karnataka has now been fixed at Rs 155 per day as opposed to the existing Rs 125 per day for the unskilled manual workers. after interministerial consultations. SPMCIL has the Capital Expenditure Plan of Rs. 2000 during 2007.2009. 700 crores to SPMCIL in 200708. a total of 217. Sunday / April 1. A major programme has been initiated on development of cyber forensics specifically cyber forensic tools.Chennai2104. setting up of infrastructure for investigation and training of the users. Director General. Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL). 2009. A notification to this effect is being issued for the period April1 . D e l h i City5412.01. 176. Pune and Kolkata.10. In collaboration with Data Security Council of India (DSCI). 2500 crores to be spent in five years starting from 2009-10. the Ministry of Rural Development issued a notification revising MGNREGA wage rates by linking it to the CPIAL.03. which directed that the notified minimum wage prevailing on 01.2006 and all nine units of Govt. a Miniratna Category-I CPSE. It is to be recalled that in his budget speech on July 6. Shri Ramesh informed that the MGNREGA Act will be amended in the budget session of Parliament.03. The Act provides legal framework to address various types of cyber crimes and prescribes punishment also for such crimes.2 New Delhi The wage rates for the MGNREGA works have been revised upwards for all the States and Union Territories and is now linked with the Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labour( CPIAL).in . 420 and 966 Cyber Crime cases were registered under Information Technology Act. Shri M. On that occasion. Moreover. 2009 and 2010 respectively.2011. The Company was incorporated on 13. Cyber Forensic Labs have been se up at Mumbai. The number of Cyber Crimes reported in Delhi. 178. the employee strength of the Company has been reduced to half and production has been doubled. Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) and Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC) are involved in providing basic and advanced training of Law Enforcement Agencies.2012 to March 31. it was decided that the revision indexed to CPIAL would be done annually and the revision would become effective on April 1 each year.Bangaluru9740 The number of Cyber Crimes reported from Delhi. As on 31. which is 20% ofits post tax profit for that year. 276 and 356 cases were registered under Cyber Crime related Sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) during 2007. a total of 328. 288. MGNREGA workers are entitled to some other benefits like Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana and transportation allowance among others. 577 crores in FY 2010-11 and SPMCIL has paid a maiden dividend of Rs. Cyber forensic training lab has been set up at Training Academy of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to impart basic and advanced training in Cyber Forensics and Investigation of Cyber Crimes to Police Officers associated with CBI. SPMCIL becomes a debt-free company postal stationery.2009 for agricultural labourers in the state should be the notified wage rate under MGNREGA on 01. DSCI has organized 112 training programmes on Cyber Crime Investigation and awareness and a total of 3680 Police officials.01. Subsequently in March 2011. The Government of India has given an interest free working capital loan of Rs. Chennai and Bangaluru for the years 2009 and 2010 are given in the following table. Earlier. Ministry of Finance and Shri Ashwini Kumar. 175 crores was paid by CMD. Since incorporation. which will pave the way for the end of disparity between the MGNREGA wage rate and the minimum wage rate for agricultural labourers. Meghalaya. Manoranjan Dash. Tripura. 2008 has been enforced on 27.Mumbai483. Rana to Additional Secretary (Budget). Assam. 195. 2011. Pradeep Rao. 2000 as amended by the Information Technology (Amendment) Act. The next date of hearing is on 9th of April. 263 and 294 persons were arrested under Cyber Crime related Sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC) during 20072010. Manipur and Jammu & Kashmir. Mumbai. Joint Secretary and Financial Advisor. He said in order to address the growing threat of Cyber Crimes in the country. Government has set up cyber forensic training and investigation labs in Kerala. 288 and 799 persons were arrested under Information Technology Act 2000 during 20072010. the Finance Minister had said that the Government is committed to providing a real wage of Rs 100 per day as an entitlement under MGNREGA and on January 14. Directorate of Currency and Shri H.The statement said that taking into consideration the Karnataka High Court order dated 23rd September. 2012 Revision of MGNREGA wage rates Cyber Crimes on the Rise New Delhi The Minister of State for Communications & Information Technology Sh Sachin Pilot yesterday informed the RajyaSabha that cyber crimes are on the rise in the country. 2008. SPMCIL has registered growth in terms of production and profitability since its incorporation.2013 and a Statement in this regard was laid in the Lok Sabha today by the Union Rural Development Minister Shri Jairam Ramesh. the Government has evolved an integrated approach with the following legal. Mizoram. 2008.

We strongly believe that our employees are passionate about their work. there were others who initially had some reservations in joining the same. 2011 and subsequently to Kolkata in January. He said that steps should be taken for securing the National interests in view of the enhanced Chinese threats besides construction of a world class communication i. roads. for interested candidates by providing various optionslike parttime employment.in . Mumbai-165. Chief Minister said that long range missiles on the Tibetan soil was also a constant threat. product engineering and IT consulting partner to global manufacturing corporations.thecapitalpost. Hyderabad. Chief Minister in a letter written to the Prime Minister of India. in Border areas. Learn and Grow into a Global Career will improve the predictability of employment of the people and ensure a steady stream of employable talent pool.. Chennai-125. NSE: KPIT). India. Prof. New Delhi expected to begin in the [24]7 Pune KPIT Cummins (BSE: 532400. Ambala & Mohali) in May. He said that on the Tibetan soil.” www. The success achieved in these four cities encouraged the PSGICs to extend the initiative to Ahmedabad. Joseph’s Community College. Wadhwani Foundation and St. Chief Delivery Officer. 2012 had also expressed concern over it. This is a remarkable initiative to ensure industry-ready workforce as the curriculum is integrated with the industry requirements and will be constantly updated. to deploy their patentpending software product. he added. it is vital for students to proactively develop relevant employability skills like business communication. Kishor Patil. The Hyderabad initiative is July quarter with an academic partner from the state. etc. 2012 3 928 Hospitals join the Chinese incursions into Indian Territory a matter of concern:Prof. is the industry and knowledge partner for Career@ITWorld and we will provide internship and placement support. students will become a full time employee with [24]7 Inc. Ahemdabad-91. will facilitate higher education. “Companies so far have focused on hiring talented people to get the best work output. education loan. The bitter lesson of 1962 should have uptill now resulted in the effective deterrent mechanism. Learn and Grow into a Global Career – targets to train 500 students in the first year in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Preferred Provider Network (PPN) to Prem Kumar Dhumal provide cashless facility Shimla Prof. construction of broad gauging of P a t h a n k o t Jogindernagar railway line and also a strategically world class air field on the India side in Himachal Pradesh. on this side also. Josephs Community College and 3 months of paid internship at [24]7 Inc. Ambala and Mohali)-87 and Kolkata-63. Hyderabad-87. The first pilot batch in Bengaluru is open for enrollment and begins in April 2012. The objective of the initiative was rationalization of empanelment of hospitals and standardization of rates for specified procedures. loyalty incentives. This information was given by the Minister of State for Finance. “KPIT Cummins is committed to ensuring customer delight through outstanding delivery practices measured on well-defined metrics. Prem Kumar Dhumal. Shri Namo Narain Meena in written reply to a question in Lok Sabha. Students who have passed II PUC / Class 12 are eligible to qualify for the program through an entrance test and will get a conditional offer letter. Bangalore-122. after negotiations all issues were sorted out. Prem Kumar Dhumal reiterated that he had repeatedly been taking up the issue of having a rail network upto Leh-Laddakh in the last two. 928 hospitals have joined the PPN Network in the country viz: Delhi-188. “Sapience”. Sapience the highly automated productivity management solution is designed to help organizations boost work output by over 20%. Commenting on the selection of Sapience. Joseph’s Community College have signed an MOU to set up a unique program for industry focused skills development among undergraduates targeted to improve potential employability.three years in the National interest on one hand and also from tourism development point of view in Himachal Pradesh.e. said. Though many hospitals agreed to join the Network to provide cashless facility. bridges etc. Career@ITworld: A unique Industry-Academia KPIT Cummins selects “Sapience” to boost productivity partnership to create industry-ready workforce Inc. Managing Director and CEO.” According to Shirish Deodhar. We believe that Career@ITworld Earn. Chinese soldiers had forced the stoppage of road construction in Leh Laddakh area. Animesh Jain. However. The same team can perform even better if their time is used efficiently by leveraging right engagement tools/ solutions. [24]7 Inc. The talent within the organization is a key element in ensuring this aspect. and will continue to improve their effectiveness and output if equipped with the right tools and processes.The initial launch of PPN was in the four major cities of Delhi. Manmohan Singh for construction of Bhanupalli-BilaspurMandi-Kullu-ManaliLeh-Laddakh rail link at the earliest. the Preferred Provider Network (PPN) was an initiative launched by the four Public Sector General Insurance Companies (PSGICs) on 1st July. today announced a ‘Priority Customer’ agreement with Pune based InnovizeTech Software. and will receive a diploma certificate from St. Prem Kumar Dhumal said that it was understood that the strategically important massive installations have come up on the other side of the border. He said that the State Assembly in its Sitting on 22nd March. The competition for jobs being intense. [24]7 Inc. Chief Minister urged the Prime Minister of India Dr. Presently. In addition. China has commissioned an ultra modern Air-field apart from a State of Art railways network which could not be taken lightly.Sunday / April 1. China disputes the sovereign integrity of India by protesting against your visit to the State of Arunachal Pradesh which was a matter of concern. KPIT Cummins said. The solution will be initially implemented in key business units by roles within KPIT Cummins.. Manmohan Singh today conveyed his concern towards the repeated Chinese incursions into the Indian territory. [24]7 Inc. 2012. Co-founder and CEO of InnovizeTech. On successful completion of 3 months training at St. He said that of late large number of Chinese troops have been spotted in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK). Mumbai Chennai & Bangalore. Chandigarh (including Jallandar. profitability and customer satisfaction through resource optimization. “Employability skills are the most important attributes that businesses look for in new recruits. The program – Career@ITworld: Earn. New Delhi With a view to provide quality health care at an affordable cost and at the same time help the insured to optimally utilize the Sum Insured under their Insurance Policies. Prof. 2010. orientation to customer service and good command of spoken and written English. Chandigarh (including Jallandar. Dr. thereby directly impacting revenue. basics of computing.

" a government spokesman said. computer hardware and electronic markets in the state. An apex court bench of Justices A K Ganguly and J S Khehar had on January 6 upheld the trial court decision. statements of former ministers IK Jadeja and Gordhan Zadaphia. Akhilesh said there was also a need to educate larger numbers of youth and give them jobs in this industry.145 cases. The commission. Laying emphasis on making the e-Suvidha facility available across urban and rural regions of the state. cough and fever. Over time. has tested positive for swine flu on Monday. The state government has already spent nearly Rs 7 crore in the process. house tax. It's for the first time in the past seven years that the state government is posting a direct IPS as Betul district SP. SC notice to CBI on Nupur's plea for Arushi case verdict review New Delhi Eighty days after asking Rajesh and Nupur Talwar to face trial in the Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case. www. More people-friendly services.While giving a ray of hope to the Talwars in the rollercoaster ride of the case in which they have been exonerated and indirectly implicated. DySP Satish Chandra Mishra. this is the first such positive case reported in Gujarat. 2008. Ahmedabad A decade on and 18 extensions later. Officials have started administering tamiflu to the family members as a precautionary measure. "SP B S Chouhan has been transferred to the police headquarters as assistant inspector general. said the next date of hearing before the trial court was on April 11 and sought an interim stay on the trial. IT-enabled services. a day after the State Women's Commission slammed the police for its 'inaction leading to a tribal woman's murder' for refusing to withdraw a complaint against her minor daughter's rapist. wireless landline. suspended a deputy SP and two other policemen. Let us hear the other side. The health officials have already given prophylactic treatment to the patient's wife and his parents." In the May 16. Akhilesh instructed the electronics and IT department to set up e-Suvidha centres on a public-private partnership model. Later. The Narendra Modi government had appointed Justice (retired) KG Shah to head the commission in May Sunday / April 1. which was formed to probe the Godhra train carnage and consequent riots. were recorded. After the private hospital officials informed Anand district health officer S B Shah about symptoms of swine flu in the patient. 2011. the Nanavati Commission. senior advocates Harish Salve and Pinaki Misra." Shah told TOI on Monday. a bench of Justices A K Patnaik and J S Khehar said: "Let it go on as it is not going to end immediately. Currently. PCO and mobile bills. Instructing the state government mechanism to set up IT and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) units in Lucknow and Agra. sub-inspector R Bisare and head constable Surendra Shukla were suspended pending an inquiry against them. 2012 Swine flu case detected in Gujarat Nanavati commission to finally wind up riots inquiry 2002 as a "fact-finding" body with no power to enforce or implement its recommendations. water and sewer tax. Since cases of influenza H1N1 virus commonly known as swine flu . Three judges. After the previous nationwide outbreak of swine flu. was admitted in a private hospital in Anand on Thursday. The chief minister also said that a consolidated IT education policy was also needed for more employment in UP. the services are expected to extend to at least six more heads. needed to be covered under the model. double murder in Noida. the CBI had filed a closure report before a Ghaziabad court. the apex court. is in the process of finalizing its report on the violence that rocked Gujarat between February 27. Saying that the IT and affiliated industries had the potential to generate large-scale employment opportunities. deputy SP suspended Bhopal The Madhya Pradesh government on Monday transferred the Betul district SP. NGO representatives and politicians. Justice AH Mehta became a part of the body following the death of Justice Shah.When her counsel. 2012.thecapitalpost. a resident of Rampura in Bakrol area of Anand town.had come to light in neighbouring states of Rajasthan and Maharashtra. Rathod has been on ventilator over the past five days but his condition is stable. Lalit Shakyawar has been appointed in his place. senior police officers. retired Supreme Court Justice GT Nanavati was also appointed to the commission. who said the trial court judge ignored "conclusive evidence" against the servants and erred by summoning parents as accused. he was admitted to the hospital in Anand. In Lucknow. Cover more services under e-Suvidha: CM Lucknow The Information Technology and Electronics industry in the state got a shot in the arm on Monday after chief minister Akhilesh Yadav ordered the formation of a new IT policy. BSNL basic phone. the Supreme Court on Friday issued notice to the CBI on a review plea by the slain girl's mother. the government had submitted a letter written by the judicial body. have sifted through thousands of pages of testimonies while handling 4. Gujarat health department was already on high alert. Betul SP shifted. Asking for an expansion of the eSuvidha services in Lucknow. who was admitted in a private hospital in Anand. the CM said there was a need to increase the ambit of the services available under the e-Suvidha facility." said Shah. which was constituted in May 2002. Hospital staff have also been given preventive medicines. Akhilesh said there was a need to promote IT. took into account alleged circumstantial evidence against Talwars and had summoned them to face trial. will wind up its inquiry this month-end. 2002 and May 31. that is March 31. the commission had recorded statements of top bureaucrats. When he did not recover despite medication. residents also have the facility to pay EMIs to LDA and reserve normal and tatkal railway tickets. who were part of the judicial body at different times. including new applications for passports. RTO road tax and Lucknow University and school fee. Until the end of February. 2002. Ghanshyam Rathod. refused to entertain Nupur's plea for a stay of the ongoing trial during the pendency of her review plea. Earlier. Last month. who was minister of state for home during the riots. Rathod got married on March 12 but since the time of his marriage he was suffering from cold. however. the state government offers facilities for online payment of electricity bills. health officials collected his saliva and blood samples on Sunday and sent them to Ahmedabad for further tests. the trial Judge on February 9. saying it was likely to submit the report by end of its extended term. "His condition is much better now.in . he said.4 Anand A 26-year-old youth. "The reports have arrived and the patient has tested positive for swine flu. But.

indirect taxes to check tax evasion: FM Budget to provide Rs.208 crore: FM Target for Agri Credit increased to Rs. Income Tax exemption of up to Rs. GST to be operational by August 2012: FM 26. Development in external trade encouraging: FM 15.232 cr to UID project.000 is tax free Service Tax raised to 12% from 10% for FY13 Excise duty upped to 12% from 10% 1. 52.p l a n expenditure for FY13 to grow 18% to Rs. N o n . Central subsidies to be kept under 2% of GDP in FY13: FM 20. 69. 1.555 cr for Right to Education in FY13: FM 75. Headline inflation to moderate in next few months: FM 10. 50.800 km national highways to be developed by NHDP: FM IPO equity offer above Rs. 44. Need to address the problem of Black Money: FM 7. STT reduced by 20% on delivery based transactions: FM 84. M a n u f a c t u r i n g appears to be at the cusp of a revival: FM 9. 61.000 cr for FY13:FM To allocate Rs. 43.6% in FY13 25. 5-10 lakh: 20%. Indian economy is now turning around: FM 13.000 cr has been allocated for the defence sector 79. 48. 47. 65. 34.000 in savings scheme named after Rajiv Gandhi ECB funding for working capital needs of airline FDI in aviation under active consideration Infrastructure taxfree bond limit enhanced to Rs. Slowdown in FY12 can be attributed to weakness in industrial sector: FM 3. imports grew by 29%: FM 16. 59. FM targets Rs. 3884 cr for weavers: FM FM proposes National Mission for food processing Rs. Pilot project for direct transfer of subsidiary for kerosene initiated in Alwar. Agriculture and serivces continued to perform well: FM Income Tax slabs for individuals: Rs. 2 lakh.88bn for recapitalisation of PSU banks. Govt will continue to hold 51% stake in state owned companies: FM 32. Decided to fully provide for food subsidy in the budget: FM 22. 64.9% of GDP in FY12: FM 77. Deduction of up to Rs. 5 lakh to Rs10 lakh will be 20%: FM 87. 14. 600bn: FM Civil aviation cos can borrow up to US$1bn via ECBs for working capital requirements 8. 56.123 crore to Rs. 10 lakh 30% 88. 158.5-10 lakh Income tax 30% for above Rs.000 schools in 12th five year plan 53.Sunday / April 1. 15 lakh: FM FDI in aviation is under active consideration: FM Outlay for Agriculture for FY13 up 18% from Rs. mainly due to subsidies: FM 83. Now at a juncture where we have to take tough decisions to boost growth: FM 28. 63. 40.000 crore: FM Rs. 14000 crore for rural drinking and sanitation in FY13: FM FM proposes to set up 6. 38. 39. 11. Rs. Recovery is also seen in core sectors: FM 14. 10. Fiscal deficit at 5. FM: We will be misled if we ignore the realities of the world 5. Rs. 67. 54. 1 lakh 93.000 in FY12 76. 45.937 cr: FM Rs. India needs credible road map for growth: FM 8. FM targets GDP growth at 7. Current account deficit to be at 3. Income Tax on income of Rs.7% of GDP over next 3 years 27. it was a year of recovery interrupted 4. Direct tax collection down by Rs. 46. Revenue deficit for FY13 projected at Rs. 57.thecapitalpost. and above Rs. RRBs: FM Govt to include advance pricing in Finance Bill 2012: FM To roll out computerized scheme for fertilizer subsidy transfer: FM I-T deduction of 50% on investments of up to Rs. 10 lakh 30% 12. 37. 60. FM proposes credit guarantee fund for education loans 72. Expect current account deficit to decrease next year: FM 17. Total expenditure outlay for FY13 at Rs. No change in Corporate Tax rate Withholding tax on ECBs reduced to 5% from 20%: FM 80. 9.85. 2012 5 New Delhi The FM says that personal tax exemption limit has been enhanced to Rs. DTC rates introduced for personal income tax. Exports grew by 23%.75. scheme for retail investors: FM PAN identity for direct. 41. FY13 mid-day meal scheme outlay at Rs.69 lakh crore. FM: For Indian economy. Rs. 20.000 cr tax free bonds for power sector Civil aviation cos can borrow up to US$1bn via ECBs for working capital requirements Share of manufacturing in GDP will be increased: FM Tax exemption on individual share investment below Rs. 10. 10. 50. 10. 5-10 lakh: 20%. 11. We have to accelerate pace of reforms and improve supply-side management: FM 11. Need to raise taxGDP ratio for fiscal consolidation: FM 21. 80bn established: FM Rs.937 cr: FM 71. No room for complacency or excuses for poor GDP growth in FY12 2. 25. 32.115 crore: FM 73. 58. 55. India’s GDP is estimated to grow at 6. Efforts on to arrive at consensus with states over FDI in retail: FM 24. 5000 crore venture fund for MSME sector: FM FY13 mid-day meal scheme outlay at Rs. 49. 62.822 crore for National Rural Health Mission vs Rs. FM aims to lower subsidy spend to 1. To implement DTC at the earliest: FM 30. The new tax slabs stand at: Income tax at 10 % for Rs. 17. Rs.in . 42.000 crores allocated to NABARD to fund RRBs: FM Govt to allow Qualified Foreign Investors in Indian corporate debt markets: FM Rural road projects allocation to Rs24. 36. 68. To introduce Rajiv Gandhi equity 33. and above Rs. Rajasthan: FM 29. 100mn to be made electronically: FM First infrastructure debt fund worth Rs. make India self sufficient in urea in 5 years: FM To become selfsufficient in urea in 5 years New urea policy to make India self sufficient in urea in 5 years: FM 1% interest subvention on home loans up to Rs. Income Tax slabs for individuals: Rs. 66. 2 lakh for individual tax payers: FM 81. 35.1% of GDP in FY13: FM 78.000 on interest on Savings Bank Accounts: FM 82. 193. Food Security Act will be fully provided for: FM 31. Just words not enough. 300bn through PSU divestment in FY13 23.232 cr to UID project:FM Debt waiver package of Rs. 10 lakh Savings accounts get 10% tax deduction Securities transaction tax (STT) cut to 0. up 13% in FY13: FM Govt to set up Rs.1% Interest income from savings up to Rs. 2 lakh-5 lakh: 10%. 2 lakh-5 lakh: 10%.407 cr provision made for defence services: FM 85. 242 crore project with World Bank aid to improve dairy production: FM Telecom towers made eligible for viability gap funding: FM To allocate Rs14. 15 lakh crore: FM 86. 70. FM says India will have to accelerate economic reforms 6.6% of GDP in FY12: FM 19. Rs. 5. the FM says.752 crore: FM www. To submit white paper on Black Money in Parliament: FM 74.2-5 lakh Income tax 20% for Rs. 10 lakh: FM To allow ECB to part finance power rupee debt: FM New urea policy to 51. Fiscal deficit estimated at 5. 18.9% in FY12: FM 18. 20.

EILs CMD Mr. #49.6 Sunday / April 1. ” commented Richard Brown. 31 st March 2012 from 10:00 am till 2:00pm at Samskrithi Montessori School. Ltd holds “The Healthy Family” free health camp on 31st March 2012 1st Cross. Ansal API project has approx. where speed and time is of the essence. sprawled over 60. VP International Marketing. New Delhi Wishtel today announced the launch of the world’s first tablet computer to feature support for native Indian languages. succesfully executed a project for a leadng real estate major of India. CEO. said. making them ideal solutions for a wide variety of home. yet highly durable device powered by the market-leading VIA WonderMedia PRIZM WM8650 ARM SoC. WORLD’S FIRST INDIAN LANGUAGE TABLET PCs Wishtel IRA and IRA Thing available nation-wide at prices between INR 4. and entertainment apps. These include an innovative eBook reader app that will allow users to enjoy eBooks in Hindi and other Indian languages on their device. adverse weather conditions. comprising of three large modules with over 40 rooms in a record 90 days. restaurants. versatile use and ease of expansion are reasons why these buildings are preferred. Buildings can be manufactured based on customer specifications.to INR 5. By enabling support for Indian languages. one of India’s fastest growing building solutions companies. and many other things instant. Ltd (NationWide). CBSE and state boards plus engineering. termites and fire. ”The potential for these devices is breathtaking. and corporate uses. White Field. Wishtel.5m with 2. medical.” The tablets also come with a rich set of personal productivity. organises a free health camp themed “The Healthy Family” on Saturday. social media.5m wide corridors. a pioneering chain of Primary Care clinics. Wishtel is leading the way in driving tablet innovation i n I n d i a . Growth Milestones and Vaccination status. The Healthy Family camp includes Comprehensive Paediatric and Adult Check-up. Everest having pioneered the roofing industry in India. HopeFarm. as well as a growing range of course content for ICSE. Prashanth Layout. communications. Low maintenance costs. The Ansal Institute of Technology is one such example. 5350 sq m of floor area comprising 3 Modules and 43 rooms of 8. and other higher education offerings. is now working towards providing complete building solutions to its customers. it’s not surprising that the need of the hour is for constructing instant buildings. random blood sugar test.000/. Bangalore. stringent quality controls are in place and this helps maintain the consistency of the construction. Ansal API (Ansal Properties and Infrastructure Ltd) in the shortest span of time. Since These buildings are manufactured inside the plant. following the rise of instant fast food. we are providing the opportunity for hundreds of millions of Indians to join the tablet revolution that is sweeping the globe today. particularly in areas such as education. We also hope to reach out to those brilliant minds in India that are inhibited for the lack of proper resources. Everest provided Ansal with Smart steel buildings. and computing capabilities with a rich feature set in a sleek.500/- NationWide Primary Healthcare Services Pvt. The use of prefabricated structures is now becoming increasingly commonplace. site offices. NationWide’s Family Physicians will conduct basic screening. diabetic screening. the opportunity to enjoy a rich computing.in . Everest Smart steel buildings are 100% customized buildings and are resistant to moisture. entertainment. Nutrition. The Paediatric Check-up will focus on General Physical Examination. Inc.In today’s fast paced world. and internet experience in their own native language for the first time. connectivity. roof top extensions are made from factory-made components that are shipped and assembled on site. Everest has been able to achieve this feat using the revolutionary Smart Steel technology. have been tailored to meet the specific needs of the Indian user and combine advanced multimedia. and solutions to complete the project in phenomenal time. building projects on time is imperative to sustain business growth. www. Manish Sanghi shared with us that Everest Smart steel is a technological innovation that moves the conventional construction industry to the next level. Milind Shah. hypertension. diet counselling and consultation for adults.thecapitalpost. Designed and manufactured in India. Everest was able to complete the Ansal Institute of Management in Lucknow. earthquakes. Fibre Cement boards.000 sq ft.” “With the introduction of the IRA and IRA Thing. providing millions of Indians. educational. light. After all. Commercial buildings. Everest Smart steel offer’s a great deal of flexibility and custom computer aided designing. VIA Technologies. Wishtel ‘IRA’ and ‘IRA Thing’. “This launch is the first step in our long term vision of bringing people closer to technology by creating gadgets that truly touch their lives. instant messaging. 2012 EVEREST SUCCESSFULLY EXECUTES ANSAL API PROJECT AT LUCKNOW IN 90 DAYS New Delhi Everest Industries Limited. Bangalore NationWide Primary Healthcare Services Pvt. reducing the time up to 1/ 3 rd of the traditional construction.

Bold usage of colour. Shri Kapil Sibal addressing the NBA WOSA said that the “Government is “confident” that the National Accreditation Regulatory Authority for Higher Educational Institutions Bill. Krishidhan Seeds said. India will soon overtake China and become the largest wheat growing country in the World. casual and sport tees. Keeping the trend of always offering the latest designs and maintaining global standards. “Seeds like Amber-28 has surely come a long way and contributed to the overall production of Wheat in the country at large. it is one of the fastest growing and amongst the top five seed companies in India with National and International presence. Dr Dinesh Paliwal – Member Secretary. Today. About Krishidhan Seeds:Krishidhan Seeds was founded in 1980 before getting incorporated in the year 1996 under the leadership of its MD. They insisted on using scientific methods. recently unveiled their Spring Summer Collection for 2012. we at Krishidhan always encourage farmers to use research/improved seeds. formal trousers. jackets. the seed has given record • Highly tolerant to rust disease a major rodent for Wheat produce productivity per acre of land Mumbai Amber-28 developed by Krishidhan Seeds Pvt Ltd has given record breaking productivity to farmers across the country in the recent times. Generally.” Mr Sushil Karwa. Engineering Session: Process Re-engineering through Accreditation. 80’s popular art imbibed with Andy Warhol or Jackson Pollock’s work was been an inspiration for this collection comprising of slim fit shirts.” Currently India ranks second in the World in the overall production of Wheat after China. Recently Farmer Jagadish Kabadagi of Terdaal village in Bagalkot District (Karnataka) achieved a record breaking productivity of 38 quintals of wheat in an acre and was honoured by the Govt. 2012 7 Kapil Sibal Inaugurated First World Summit of Accreditation Organized by NBA New Delhi Shri Kapil Sibal. a new record for the highest yield in Wheat produce has been set a feat achieved by the use of Amber28.. an i n d e p e n d e n t a c c r e d i t a t i o n organization under the Ministry of Human Resource Development. right from sowing the seeds. Turtle presents a completely new and fresh collection for your wardrobe to breeze through this spring in style and comfort. The most important part is “self-assessment” and institutes should do regular “Introspection” on improving their quality as they seek to embrace the global standard.30 quintals. Without their help and guidance Turtle brings to you the most fashionable Summer of your Life unveils Spring Summer Collection 2012 Kolkata Turtle. Ltd. The average yield of wheat in India is very low because only about 22% of the farmers use high yielding popular varietal seeds and rest use stored seeds from their own farms. tend to get contaminated as they are born and reproduced in the same family over and over again resulting in low productivity. Dr. Ms Rekha SethiDirector General – AIMA. Other officials present were G.Sushil Karwa. The colour scale plays with the green and its mid tones to add the style quotient of their spring summer collection for this year. usually.” He further said that. “Quality Assurance & Accreditation – in Engineering Education”. this miracle would not have been possible. The 80’s popular art teamed with the wallpaper look of the 70’s defines the collection which has been threaded together to recreate the magic of the yesteryears with a touch of modernity enhancing its designs and making it a perfect fit for the year’s style. These seeds are developed keeping in mind the different agroclimatic conditions in the country. “Quality Assurance & Accreditation in Management Education” and Management Session:Assessment Tools for Quality Assurance of Programmes in Technical and Professional Education. a semi plastic pop art feel of the 80’s mixed with modern witty styling creates a certain twist which depicts the collection’s unique approach. He further added “If farmers continue to cultivate such record productivity seeds. NBA. out of whichIndia produces 85 million metric tons. The summit is b e i n g organized by National Board of Accreditation. “Washington Accord on UG Engineering E d u c a t i o n ” . Jagadish Kabadagi said. and guided me on the use of proper irrigation methods and encouraged me to use fertilizers from the beginning. The Bill seeks to maintain academic quality.” With 38 quintals of wheat in an acre produced by the farmer Mr Kabadagi. Hu Hanarahan – Chair. Minister of Human Resource Development and Telecommunication today inaugurated the First World Summit on Accreditation (WOSA 2012). Amber-28 seed gives multifold increase in Wheat production to farmers • Developed by Krishidhan Seeds Pvt. “International Accreditation of M a n a g e m e n t P r o g r a m m e s ” . The latter. “The importance of the accreditation of the institutes of higher education will also help corporate to identify the quality people for their specialized interest. More than 1000 delegates were present on this occasion. These include “Corporate Perspective on Accreditation”. Washington Accord. the area of wheat world over is 222 million hectares that produces 689 million metric tons.in . The main objective of the Summit is to bring India amongst the world leaders of accreditation which can make India’s journey in the world smoother in terms of educational and professional areas. one of India’s finest men’s lifestyle brand. Prabhakar – The Institution of Engineers. of Karnataka for creating a record for high yielding wheat produce. and makes it mandatory for every higher educational institution (other than institutions engaged in agricultural education) to be accredited by an i n d e p e n d e n t accreditation agency.Sunday / April 1. linen suits.thecapitalpost. It is a high yielding wheat seed which is highly tolerant to 'Rust Disease' one of the major reasons for low wheat produce. party suits and gilets. The duration of cultivar in general is between 100 to 120 days. “I am extremely thankful to the team of Krishidhan Seeds who advised me to use Amber-28. Hence.” The summit had following sessions presented by experts and practioners. Mr. Managing Director. The collection that oozes style and comfort has been inspired from the ‘Pop Culture’ of the 70s and 80s. which is in the parliament will be passed in this session or by the end of the year. www. spread across 29 million hectares with an average yield of 28.

Chanchan Devi. However. is set to appeal against the libel case he lost to former New Zealand allrounder Chris Cairns on Monday. of Britain celebrates his win in the Qualifying session for the Malaysian Formula One Grand Prix at Sepang.No.II .Gautam Budh Nagar. Cairns was the captain of Chandigarh Lions in the Indian Cricket League but his contract was terminated Serena and Sharapova move into Key Biscayne quarters Florida Serena Williams produced 20 aces and blasted her way into the quarter-finals of the Sony Ericsson Open with a 7-5. This was also construed to be a reason for his contract termination with ICL. Defenders: Th. Australia. The first leg will be played at North H a r b o u r Hockey Centre.thecapitalpost. Squad: Goalkeepers: Yogita Bali.110068 and Printed by him at H. 6-3 win over Australian Samantha Stosur on Monday. Selection trials for the team were conducted at SAI Centre. Sukhmani Virk. The official reason given was that Cairns had breached the terms of his contract by failing to disclose an ankle injury. Kiran Dahiya. while the second one will be played at Lloyd Elsmore Reserve. Sushila Chanu. Lalit Modi. Bhopal on March 23 and 24. during the third edition of the tournament in 2008. Mohalla – UK. need to work on. Pinky Devi. Malaysia. who lost her first service game of the match but came back to grind out the set in the first meeting between the two players since Stosur beat the American in the 2011 U. Vandana Katariya. New Delhi Midfielder Ritu Rani will lead an 18-member senior women hockey Ritu Rani to lead Indian women team in Four-Nation tourney team to participate in the double leg four-nation Tournament to be held at Auckland. Gautam for the Proprietors. witnessed by Hockey India Selectors Col Balbir Singh. Modi will have to cough up a part of the damages within the next 28 days and has until April 20 to file an appeal. Kirandeep Kaur. Open final. Joydeep Kaur (VC). Lucia West Indies Australian stand-in captain Shane Watson has described his side’s performance in the drawn one-day series against the West Indies as ``very disappointing. The tournament shall be played in two phases in Auckland. Chris Cairns was awarded 90.8 Sunday / April 1. Ritu Rani (C). appeared finished when captain Darren Sammy arrived at the crease with the score 7118.S. But skipper Sammy smashed 84 off 50 balls. Gautam ( Responsible for selection of News under PRB Act.Drishti Media & Communications. Denying the claims of fixing. The hosts. however. media reports have indicated that Modi has been denied the permission to appeal against the verdict but can contest the quantum of damages. That`s happened since I`ve come back into the Australian team over the last 10 games. especially when in a number of those games we were at a stage where we should have buried the West Indies.000 pounds in damages by a London court for match-fixing allegations made by Modi against him in a tweet in 2010. Cairns sued Modi for defamation. Deepika. Navneet Kaur. To tie the series.`` and warned that his side needs to rekindle its ruthlessness.) www. Ritu Rani. BP Govinda and Syed Ali. Following this. had enough runs on the board to neutralize Sammy`s blitz. then IPL commissioner Lalit Modi had tweeted that Chris Cairns had been removed from the 2010 IPL auction list because of his involvement with match-fixing during the Indian Cricket League. who were chasing a 282-run target. India. who has 125 International caps under her belt. Australia let the West Indies make a comeback in the match when victory seemed assured.New Delhi .in .” a leading daily quoted Watson. New Zealand from April 12 to 22. Watson was reflecting on his side’s performance after claiming a 30-run win in the final match to level the series two all. Rani. as he and Andre Russell scored 101 of 59 deliveries for the eighth wicket to put the Windies back in the match. Editor : Dinesh Kr. – 201. It`s something we certainly Lalit Modi to appeal against libel verdict London Former IPL commissioner. along with Government Observer Harbinder Singh.Ecotech – 3. New Zealand and USA. centre.207-A. Midfielders: P McLaren Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. Forwards: Poonam Rani. as saying. 2012 Disappointed Watson says Australia’s ruthlessness has been lost St. will have defender Joydeep Kaur as her deputy.Rajpur Khurd Extension.Greater Noida. it`s probably very disappointing. Anupa Barla. Asunta Lakra. Joydeep has featured in 87 international matches for India. Th Anuradha Devi. Mukta Prava Barla. It was not all plain sailing for Williams. The four-nation tournament will feature Australia. Published by Dinesh Kr. ``We`re at a stage where things look like we`re cruising OK and change quite quickly.

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