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Interactive Advertising Directory launches BETA during #NYTechDay!

New York, NY, April 17, 2012 - NY Tech Day put out a call for 200 of NYC’s most innovative, progressive and determined startups and MIDAS made the cut! MIDAS or The Media Interactive Directory and Advertising System, an interactive advertising directory that provides information, marketing and brand support for shoppers, retailers and mall operators alike, will launch their BETA OS for Android on April 19th at NY Tech Day 2012! Bootstrapping since inception in 2011, MIDAS and a very ambitious CEO, Yemi Orogbemi, former Senior Media Analyst for Macy’s and Christie’s Auction House, has gotten the attention of Mall of America and the Simon Mall chain with its unique digital advertising directory software and advertising model. MIDAS uses multi-touch technology, wifi connectivity, mobile platform integration, and an intuitive user interface to help shoppers explore every corner of the mall in much the same way they have become accustomed to doing online and on their mobile devices.

MIDAS’ Features Include

Content Management MIDAS is powered by a robust content management system that allows for the easy creation, editing, and update of all content areas. Sales and coupons, retailer contact information, job listings and product information are all managed through an intuitive content management interface. The system can be configured by on-site personnel or, a member of Front Street Media’s technical staff to support localized languages, multiple mall building layouts, and various mall security systems Enterprise Cloud MIDAS manages all system administration through a centralized and secure enterprise cloud environment that allows retailers remote access to manage content from any location. WIFI and Mobile Access MIDAS is always connected to the internet which allows shoppers to find information and send it to emails. MIDAS content can also be sent via SMS messages to any mobile device. MIDAS Online Front Street Media provides the option of a complete listing of all MIDAS information through a central database website. Website visitors can search the nearest mall location with a MIDAS installed as well as access retailers, available sales, and mall information. Analytics With MIDAS, retailers gain access to a powerful suite of analytics that measure shopper response and behaviors over time. Enterprise-class analytics solution that gives retailers rich insights into mall traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features lets retailers and mall see and analyze traffic data in an entirely new way. With Analytics, retailers will be able to develop better-targeted ads, strengthen marketing initiatives and create higher converting promotions.

MIDAS’ mission, to be a leading provider of innovative technological tools that deliver long term benefits through platforms and strategies that are economical, efficient, durable, flexible, and that will allow clients to respond rapidly to both market and customer needs, drives their proactive growth in the multi-touch, and retail marketing/ brand support markets.

MIDAS is excited to showcase at NY Tech Day 2012!

Learn more about MIDAS: Watch the Video

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About NY Tech Day 2012

NY Tech Day was created to celebrate New York's startup ecosystem. According to the NY Tech Day Team, “The Expo is our way of giving exhibiting startups some much needed spotlight - enabling them to set up a cool booth to expose their hard work to thousands of early adopters, supporters, prospective employees and investors.”

What: NY’s Inaugural Tech Day When: April 19, 2012 Where: The Lexington Armory Time: 10-4 Startup Showcase, 6-8 Award’s Ceremony

Coming to NY Tech Day? Vote for MIDAS!

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