Surviving the Exams

Firstly, let me make it very clear that if you are aiming to top in your class or get an 8.5-9 GPA, this WO N'T help you. If your internal marks are averaging 40 per subject, reading this will be a total waste of tim e. However, if you pride in being a part of the general populace, like I do, then it's more about weathering the storm than showing your brilliance. And there.... There I might be of help! So here's what I think would help you in living through the horrors of the next month and a half... 1. Rely only on notes made solely by girls. They tend to listen in class. They write notes. We guys have ot her things to do in class! 2. Power naps are a stuff of myth and legend. You will never wake up after those 30 minutes as you had p lanned. 3. The Friday between 2 papers should actually be regarded as a bonus day for studying and not for visitin g Dee Tee or Enigma. You will regret it both the next morning and then much later, when the results are a nnounced. 4. Going to Venugopal Temple and pleading to God to pass you this time and making solemn promises to yourself on how you will henceforth become a changed man... Futile! 5. Gatorade and Red Bull don't really help in warding off sleep. (And on top of that Red Bull even tastes l ike crap) 6. Don't try to read and imitate your roommate's study pattern. Immaterial of his study prowess, you will c ertainly end up looking like a donkey! Try to carve out your own schedule and stick to it. 7. That 10 minutes Facebook break you decided to take was the riskiest thing you ever did! You might jus t find a childhood friend, a crush or some other idler just like you, and start chatting... ... ... ... And that's how you lose we all end up losing precious hours! Of course you'll want to burn your laptop after all this but you can't do that either as it contains half your s tudy material! 8. Skipping meals and trying to add that extra hour to your study schedule doesn’t really help. Usually yo u end up famished later at night, and order food from some totally random outlet, ending up wasting muc h more time than you had actually saved.. 9. Trying to study when you’re high doesn’t work. Don’t EVER try that. Period. 10. It is always safer to leave your laptop in the room when leaving for the library. The fast connection ov er there really tempts the mind and soon study is forgotten for more worthwhile pursuits on the net! 11. Finally, you should never give up hope. Often, empty minds, full of confidence and vigour, using all t he means available to them, manage to secure a decent grade in the papers! So whether you know anything or not, before leaving for the paper, look at the mirror, place your hand on

your heart and confidently tell yourself.. "All Is Well"! It usually is.. :) .

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