WHEN: April15, 2012 8:00PM WHERE: Reena's house AGENDA: 1. Finalize committee organization 2. Identify immediate activities 3. Identify agenda for next meeting ATIENDEES: Arnold Rillorta Joseph Cabungcal Janette Paderes-Mendoza Girlie Cruz-de Guzman Shoji Meris Rizza Jacob Aida Corrales Reena Feliciano-Aideguer Ethel de Borja ITEMS DISCUSSED:

Following are the final list of committees that will be responsible for the detailed planning and execution of activities related to GAH
Commit tee Head/Co-Head Responsibilit ies

Over-all Committee Head Secretariat Committee

Joseph Cabungcal

- High-level management of batch activities - Function as Batch President and Auditor - Manage contact details and other information about the following 0 Batchmates 0 C C C Alumni Officers 0 C C C batch leaders and representatives (1960-2012) 0 Suppliers - Coordinate with section representatives regarding information about the batchmates - Release internal and external communications - Committee Head to function as Batch Secretary - Manage batch funds - which will include, but not limited to the following: 0 Budgeting 0 Disbursement 0 Basic accounting - Provide regular Financial report to Batch - Committee Head to function as Batch Treasurer - "Sell" all activities to target participants

Head: Janette Paderes-Mendoza Co-Head: Herbert Catalan June Francisco

Finance Committee

Head: Aida Corrales Co-Head: Buday Oro




Logistics Committee

Reena Feliciano-Aideguer Co-Head: Pinkee Venus-delas Alas Head: Arnold Rillorta Co-Head: Francis Aguinaldo


Developing "marketin g materials" like invitations and announcements

- Handle all activities related to physical arrangements of activity venue - Manage technical mobilization - Scout for suppliers of products and services needed by all batch activities - Scout/Find all batch mentors 0 Priority: HS teachers 0 Optional: Elementary teachers - Develop GAH programme- shall include the following: 0 Programme for pre-GAH activities like motorcade ,etc. 0 Programme for actual GAH - Manage all activities related to GAH 0 Scouting for entertainers 0 Scouting for guest speaker(s) 0 Developing artworks - Develop and manage activities that will sustain batchmate attendance to batch activities /projects - Identify other outreach activities and beneficiaries - Find as many classmates as possible (target at least 20 persons per class) - Get contact details and other relevant information and provide to Secretariat for updating of batch database

Program Committee

Head: Shoji Meris Co-Head: Girlie Cruz-de Guzman Lani Mil o-Lacson

Social Responsibility Committee

Head: Ethel de Borja Co-Head: Jhunne Chavez

Corinto- Arnold Rlllorta Efeso -Jhunne Chavez Filipos - Shoji Meris Galacia - Herbert Catalan Leviticus - Ethel de Borja Tesalonica Girlie Cruz The persons specified shall be convening regularly to ensure all activities are running smoothly and still in sync with the over-all batch plans and targets. Special Group: Section Representatives
) ; :> Donation to CC C Scholarship Fund

Php 5,000.00 will be donated to the C C CScholarship Fund within April 2012 in response to the solicitation letter given by Mrs. Vinluan ) ; :> Batch Shirt • This activity includes design and production of Batch shirt • Arnold Rillorta shall be the lead person for this activity • TARGETS: • Shirts will be sold at cost • 100 shirts to be produced in the first run • Design to be finalized by Friday, April 20 • Invitation to pre-order will be released immediately to get the sizes • Invitation to be prepared by Marketing and released by Secretariat ) ; :> Preparation of Detailed Responsibilities. Plans and Activities of each Committee

Heads of each committee shall in charge the following: • Inviting batchmates to join their committee • Lead the development of Plans and Activities of the Committee, including target dates and estimated budget ) ;> Clarify certain funds generation concerns with CC C Alumni • Arnold Rillorta shall discuss with Crispino Pablo, current C CC Alumni Office President, the followin g concerns: • Activities that Alumni usually do to generate funds for GAH • GAH expenses that Alumni will/can cover • Amount that Alumni will provide for GAH expenses • Specific procedures for preparing and releasing of letters requesting for sponsorship of GAH activities ) ;> Scouting of classmates by Section Representatives • Each section representative shall start scouting for "missing" classmates • Contact details and other relevant information shall be requested from each found classmate and turned over to the Secretariat Committee for posting to the batch database 3. O THE RS ITEMS DIS CU SS ED ) ;> Section Grouping • Section representatives are responsible only for the encouraging and invitin g classmates and updating of contact info • All other activities will be done as one batch 88. No distinction between sections shall be done to promote camaraderie within the whole batch ) ;> Batch 88 Legacy • To simplify ,the Batch 88 Legacy to CC C will be in the form of donation to C C CScholarship Fund • Actual amount of donation will be identified later ) ;> Creation of Separate Bank Account for Batch 88 Fund • A Joint AND Passbook account shall be created under the followin g persons: • Joseph Cabungcal- Batch 88 President • Aida Corrales- Batch 88 Treasurer • Creating an account under the Batch 88 name is not feasible due to the following: • Creation of account under the batch name requires S E Cregistration • S E Cregistration requires documentations prior to registration as well as after registration ,which includes detailed articles of incorporation and detailed financial reports • Preparation of these documents are not feasible at this time • Account creation shall be considered after the GAH NEXT MEETING WHEN: May 6, 2012 6PM WHERE: Tentative: Ritchie's house (to be confirmed by Joseph) Alternative: Jun Ramos' house AGENDA : ) ;> Presentation of committee responsibilities and plan of activities • Each committee head will present their specific plans for review and validation with the other committees ) ;> Updates of Section Rep on invited members



Each section representative shall report on the count of "found" members to date and provide contact details and other information to the Secretariat committee • Optional agenda: Share plans or concerns on how to look for the rest of their classmates Result of Meeting with Crispino Pablo • Arnold to share results of meeting with Crispino Pablo

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