Brand Development For Health Bridge Pharmacy
Unveiling the Distinct Brand Qualities (DBQs)

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.. The BI is therefore the centre of the BE and of utmost importance.NovelDRAW BRANDS The Brand Identity (BI) “This BI shall be defined by the character. hopes and good intensions of the business.” .

NovelDRAW BRANDS HealthBridge PHARMACY Be.Alive .

It also means learning. the pharmacy is saying ìdonít just be alive. growth and harmony. Green symbolizes the master healer and the life force.Alive Colour Yellow The Bridge The pharmacy Brand Promise . “The Bridge” The letters “healthBridge” is positioned between the family icon (above) and the pharmacy beneath. fertility and life. enjoy the state of being in health. By this. The Brand Promise (BP) After much deliberation. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. This bright yellow thus suggests. we came up with the Brand Promise: “Be. The Colour green Green is the color of nature. The Family icon Embedded in the cross is the family Icon. yellow brings clarity and awareness. Implying that the health and wellbeing of the entire family is central to the pharmacy Colour Yellow Like the energy of a bright sunny day. wellness and happinessî The Cross The Family Icon Colour Green HealthBridge PHARMACY Be. Green is the color of balance. This is to suggest that Health Bridge bridges the gap between the entire family and good and accessible pharmacy.NovelDRAW BRANDS The Cross This is the universal sign for medicare. This is created to represent the entire family. radiance and an awareness of one’s health matters.Alive” These are two different words meaning different things but also working together to give a different meaning. Grass green is the most restful color.

NovelDRAW BRANDS Outlet Ambience “We reccommend an ambience that makes the visit useful. secure (for users and hosts) and accessible” . An ambience that is functional. aesthetic. fulfiling and easy for all entrants.

NovelDRAW BRANDS Be.Alive TM .

Alive TM Outlet Doorman/Security Outlet Entrance .NovelDRAW BRANDS Outlet Signage Be.

“Her Offerings” in this sense does not refer to the products and services but her Unique Selling Propositions(USPs) as detailed in the business plan” Customer Service .NovelDRAW BRANDS “This will reflect the way HealthBridge chooses to communicate her offerings to the target audience as well as manage the audience’s responces.

Resident Pharmacist Trained Attendant Doorman/Security HealthBridge HealthBridge PHARMACY Be.NovelDRAW BRANDS Outlet Officials At every point in time. it is expectd that these three persons be at the outlet. Their comportment is of utmost importance as it improves the confidence the visitor has in the system.Alive .Alive NAME NAME HealthBridge PHARMACY Be.Alive PHARMACY Be.

NovelDRAW BRANDS Appendix .

NovelDRAW BRANDS Different brands around the world that shares the name: “Health Bridge” .

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