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Kalhora Dynasty or Kalhoro Dynasty (Urdu: ????? ??????) ruled Sindh, Pakistan. T his dynasty was founded by Kalhora tribe.

Kalhora dynasty ruled certain other parts of Pakistan from 1701 to 1783 AD. Kalh oras ruled Sindh for 85 years and there were twelve Kalhora rulers during this t ime. By the late 1600s, the Mughal dynasty became very weak and the governor Yar Muhammad Khan Kalhora became virtual ruler of Sindh. Miya Yaar Mohammed Kalhora , when he was in power, around 1710, with the help of his followers, won over Kh ud-Abad from the Panohar Muslims. They called it Khudábád and fixed it as their Capi tal for Sindh. From this centre, parties were sent in different directions, till , they recovered Khárí and Kadiárah* and dispossessed Malak Alah Baksh brother to Bakhtáw ar Khán of Ládkánah. Earlier, the Khudabadi Sindhi Swarankar had developed the empty l and and had called the city as Khud-Abad (Self-Developed) before Miya Yaar Moham med took over from Panohar. After Nadir Shah Afshar of Iran and invaded and occu pied the Mughal capital in 1739 the Kalhora became rulers of Sindh. The territor y of Kalhora dynasty extended from Multan to Thatta. This period is known as the golden period of Sindhi literature. Poets like Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal Sarmast, and Sami wrote their works in this era. Talpur army defeated Kalhora d ynasty in the battle of Halani in 1783 to become rulers of Sindh.