Mordor Battle Company

The orcs of Sauron are an ancient race, twisted creatures created in a mockery of the Elves by the evil Morgoth, the master of Sauron. On occasion, the Orcs and their dark masters have suffered shattering defeats which have scattered them to the four corners of the world, where they fight and bicker amongst themselves. The Third Age is not such a time! Since Sauron began to regain his strength, the Orcs have been multiplying in number. Now, he has returned to his black tower in Mordor and the armies of this foul maggot-breed seem numberless. Though they are cowardly and fearful of sunlight, in large numbers, the Orcs can be deadly opponents. There are many different kinds of Orc, from the weak and puny Snaga and Goblins to the might Uruks. Though they vary in strength, their willingness to do Evil remains the same no matter what their size. A Battle Company of Orcs represents a roving band, perhaps a patrol on the marches for Mordor, or a band of reavers out to burn and destroy the lands of Men.

Mordor Starting Force 3x Orc Warriors with Shield 3x Orc Warriors with Spear 3x Orc Warriors with Two-Handed Weapons 2x Orc Warriors with Orc Bows

Mordor Equipment Options Shield Orc Bow Spear Two-Handed Weapon Throwing Spear (Warg Rider only) Warg (Orc Heroes & Trackers only)

1 1 1 1 1 2

Troop Type Orc with Orc Bow Orc with Shield Orc with Spear Orc with Two-Hander

Mordor Promotion Table Promotion Option Orc Tracker. All equipment/statistics are exchanged for that of an Orc Tracker. Warg Rider. All equipment/statistics are exchanged for that of a Warg Rider. Morannon Orc. All equipment/statistics are exchanged for that of a Morannon Orc. Morgul Stalker. All equipment/statistics are exchanged for that of a Morgul Stalker.

Mordor Influence Table 1...No Effect 2...Orc Warrior with Shield 3...Orc Warrior with Spear 4...Orc Warrior with Two-Handed Weapon 5...Orc Warrior with Orc Bow 6...Roll again on the table below. 1...Orc Tracker 2...Morannon Orc 3...Mordor Uruk-hai 4...Morgul Stalker 5-6...Warg Rider

Shaman. The Hero has started down the path of dark power to learn the Evil magic ways of Sauron. A Hero that selects this skill may not have any Special Rules from the Fighting or Shooting categories (nor may they select any at a later date). The first time a Hero selects this skill, it gains the Magical Power Transfix, which is cast on a 5+. If it selects it a second time, it gains the power Fury, cast on a 3+. See the main rulebook for details on these spells. Only Orc Warrior Heroes may select this special rule instead of rolling a new special rule on one of the existing tables.

v1.1, April 27,2008

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