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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions that are asked about JackFrostFoam™ are as
follows. Please find the answers to these questions as follows.

Q: What is the cost of the foam and how much foam can a gallon of ready to use product
A: The price of the foam on an acre or area bases will depend on the amount of coverage
that is being applied. The foam price is based on a cubic foot and the grower price is
US $0.06-$0.08/cubic foot, depending on package size. One gallon of ready to use
product in a tank can make approximately 450 + gallons of foam. Four hundred and fifty
gallons of foam is equal to 60 cubic foot of foam.

Q: What is the cost of covering an area or acre?

A: To calculate the number of cubic feet needed to cover an acre or area, use the
following formula. Count the number of plants in an acre and measuring the size of the
plants to be covered. A plant needs to have 3 + inches of insulating foam around it. This
will provide a good insulating barrier. From this information the number of cubic feet can
be calculated and a price can be estimated.

Formula to follow (in inches):

Height x Width x length, = answer divide answer by 1728 (cubic inches in cubic foot) =
cubic foot.
To figure price multiply cubic foot by prices provided above.
Example, for 3100 plants per acre with a plant size of 10 inches tall and around, formula
is H (6”) x W (16”) x L (16”) = 1536 cubic inches divide by 1728 = 0.89 cubic foot per
plant. Plant count/acre is 3100 x 0.88 cubic foot = 2759 cubic foot. Multiply by the price
given ex, $0.06/cubic foot = $165.54/ acre

Q: What is the foam material made up of?

A: The material that makes up the foam consist of three parts 1) Formula A: plant safe
foaming base. 2) Formual B: foam stabilizer. 3) Ph Activator: an activator
NOTE the correct volume of activator should be used to raise tank mix ph to between
7.4-7.8 ph). When all components of Jack Frost Foam is combined in the tank at their
proper rates and following all label directions, the end result will be a foam that. A) An
insulating-foam that will not harm the crop, being covered. B) An insulating-foam that
will last during the freeze period. C) An insulating-foam that will give plants a protective
barrier against a freeze.
Q: How do I know when I reach a ph of 7.4-7.8.
A: Frost Services recommends a digital liquid ph meter to test the ph of the tank mix.
Frost Services does not endorse any brand but has used successfully a meter from Fisher
Scientific product called Oakton* Waterproof pH Tester* BNC catalog number 13-301-
04. At a minimum, pH strips can be used to get a general indication of pH range

Q: Can I use a regular soap to produce the foam?

A: A regular soap will not accomplish the same end result, as Jack Frost Foam™. Using
another product as a substitute can result in A) crop kill (entire crop will suffer a burn
effect with possible total plant kill to follow. B) The foam will not last very long (foam
will breakdown in 1-25 minutes). C) The crop will freeze due to an inferior product being
used that is not designed to insulate a crop against a killer freeze.

Q: What crops can be covered with Jack Frost Foam™?

A: The crops that Jack Frost foam™ has been tested on can be found on the Efficacy of
Cryo-Protectant Material for Frost Protection located on the bottom home page of our
web site. A crop compatibility test is always recommended and required on other
crops not listed, before actual use of Jack Frost Foam™ begins.

Q: How many times can you use Jack Frost Foam™ on the same crop?
A: Jack Frost Foam™ can be applied several times during freeze events on the same

Q: How do you get rid of the foam the next morning?

A: Frost Services recommends to spray down Jack Frost Foam™ with water after the
freeze event when the temperature is at 40º F and climbing. Washing down the surface of
the foam will weaken the surface foam membrane, allowing the foam to break down
quicker. This is recommended in southern states, where temperatures after a freeze event
will increase during the day.
This is also recommended for the following reasons: 1) prevents plant overheating
(overheating can damage plants) within the foam due to the insulating abilities that the
foam blanket exhibits. 2) Washing will help to eliminate foam residue that is a natural
occurrence of foam breakdown on the plant surface.

Q: Can Jack Frost Foam be used by a certified organic grower.

A: No, Jack Frost Foam is not a product that is or can be used by a Certified Organic

Q: How long will the JackFrostFoam™ last?

A: The foam will form a surface barrier or skin as the temperature begins to drop. The
faster the temperature drops the faster the foam will set, after it is formed from the
cannon tip. Two ideal conditions before applying the foam need to occur. 1) When the
temperature is below 60 º F and also dropping at a rate of 2 degrees every15 minutes. 2)
The sun is starting to go down (in the South ideal times are around 4:00-5:00pm). Foam
can be applied right up to the point of frost damage. This means that foam can be placed
on the crop until the portion of the crop that is not covered is damaged by the freezing
temperatures. Jack Frost foam™ will begin to breakdown the next day when the
temperature begins to climb above 45-50 º F or is washed down as mentioned above.

Q: Can Jack Frost Foam™ be applied during hail, freezing rain, or sleet.
A: The answer is no, Jack Frost Foam™ is not recommended to be applied during hail,
sleet, or freezing rain events. These events will breakdown the protective foam barrier in
a short period of time. In conditions where moisture is present on the plant surface,
moisture will not affect Jack Frost Foam™ ability to last.

Q: Will wind effect Jack Frost Foam™ when applied in the field?
A: Jack Frost Foam™ can stand wind speeds of 6 MPH with little surface sheering
occurring. In tested areas Jack Frost Foam™ holds better, on bare ground compared to a
smooth surface such as row plastic. On ground plastic wind speed of 6 mph or lower is
recommended before applying Jack Frost Foam™ to your crop.

Q: Can I use my sprayer equipment to apply the foam?

A: The answer is no. The foam is generated using a patented foam cannon and air
generating system. Also, residual chemistry from spray applications will inhibit the
proper formation of foam.

Q: How fast can you cover the crop?

A: The current machines that produce the foam can generate approximately 500+ gallons
of foam a minute per cannon. This is equal to 66.84 cubic foot of foam produced per
minute. The Frost Protector tank units come in various sizes for specific markets. A Frost
Protector tank can range from a small 15 gallon nursery model, to a 100 gallon truck bed
or trailer mount unit, to a commercial 600 gallon large scale nursery or farm operation.
The number of cannons that are available range in number from 1-12 nozzles attached to
the main tanks.

Q: Can I return any portion of Jack Frost Foam materials that I do not use.
A: Frost Services does not take back returns of any portion of sold material. All Sales are

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