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Purchase Quotation through Price Level

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Purchase Quotation through Price Level

Quality Purchase on comparable purchase price is main motive of a unit to compete the progressive market. Every industry has to collect different quotations from the market to purchase its raw material or trading goods to be stand in the market. Still now, we have to maintain manual records of such quotations, while we are preparing our all accounts through Tally.ERP9. All purchase are done through a process making Purchase order - getting goods through Receipt Note then finalizing its purchases through Purchase invoice in Tally.ERP9.

Now, you need not to maintain manual records of a quoted price list of a supplier, with this module of Price Level at Purchase order Receipt Note Purchase voucher, User can maintain supplier wise quoted price lists through Price Level in Tally.ERP9 and can raise Purchase orders raise Receipt Note or Purchase. User may use of process of Purchase order to Purchase voucher or may opt for directly purchase voucher with List of Quoted Price List at Purchase Vouchers

Set up Guide:1. Activate the Add-on For Tally.ERP 9 versions lower than Series A, Release 3.2 Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > Inventory Features Set Yes to the options Enable Purchase Quotation through Price Level For Tally.ERP 9 version Series A, Release 3.2 and above Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > Add-on Features Set Yes to the options Enable Purchase Quotation through Price Level

2. Press F11 press F2 inventory features Set use Multiple Quotations or Price Level to YES

3. Fill up company Quotations or price level as :-

The above level using as quotation rate , name it as supplier name 4. Go to inventory Info Quotation/Price List - Stock Group select name of supplier:-

5. Fill the quoted Rate by the Supplier ABC and Co.

6. so on with supplier def and co.

In this way, you may fill quotations of all suppliers and may place Purchase order using these level at Purchase order or may compare rate at Purchase voucher,

If you are not used Purchase Order. It will make sequence as:-

1. The above snaps are Quotations of ABC and co and DEF and co . 2. fill the purchase order 3. Select Quoted Price : -

4. Quoted Price will be auto filled in purchase order. Accept the order and make another order for def co. 5. If you are using Receipt Note for your record. It will work on Receipt note also as.

6. At purchase voucher, it appears as :

For ABC & Co.

For DEF & Co.

Which version/releases of Tally.ERP 9 does the add-on support?
This add-on will work only with Tally.ERP 9 Series A, release 2.1 3.3.

How will I get support for this add-on?

For any functional support requirements please do write to us on or call us at +91-9813501438, +91-9991428000 and +91-9896482704.

If I need some enhancement / changes to be incorporated for the add-on, whom should I contact?
Please to write to us on with your additional requirements and we will revert to you in 24 hours.

Will new features added be available to us?

We offer one year availability of all support and new features free of cost. After one year, nominal subscription cost will be applicable to you to continue to get free support and updates.

What will happen after one year?

20% of the then MRP will be charged for one year of email support and versions (minor & major).