Special Report

5 mistakes that keep churches stuck!
by Bob Franquiz

swing over them to new heights. One of the things to avoid was the quicksand. The key is in identifying these mistakes and not allowing them to swallow you whole. It starts to envelope you until you’re totally swallowed by it. A church getting stuck is much like quicksand. is 78 people and has been in decline over the last 5 years. This report is designed to show you the most common mistakes churches make that actually keep them stuck.outreachninja. it was game over. but you feel you haven’t hit your full potential.com ! . common reality of what I’ve seen in too many churches. then the answer is yes. If you hit the quicksand.000 more churches in that time and what I’m going to share with you isn’t theory. Thankfully.S. The average church in the U. Maybe your church is doing better. I’ve personally coached more than 250 churches in the last 3 years and resourced more than 3. hard. it’s the cold. The first step to getting unstuck is to learn these 5 mistakes and just like the guy in the Pitfall game. Do you remember playing Pitfall on the Atari 2600? It is my all-time favorite game on the Atari system. Here’s the good news: all of these mistakes are 100% avoidable.Are you stuck? I want to ask you a question: “Are you stuck?” If you’re like most churches in America. © Bob Franquiz 2 www. people have found ways of getting out of quicksand and churches get found ways to get unstuck. Instead.

We need people speaking into our lives.” It may not happen overnight. your church stops growing. Churches and leaders who don’t take personal development seriously sooner or later get stuck. and sadly some never bounce back. but it will happen. I have a friend whose staff won’t let him get out of participating in coaching networks because they have told him that when he’s in a network. It’s as simple as that. I have found a solid connection between the development of the Senior Pastor and the growth of the church they lead. the church begins to stall. the church grows. If there are no new people attending. you are stuck. In my experience as a Senior Pastor and a Pastor to Pastors.outreachninja.com ! . but it bears repeating: “The day you stop growing. © Bob Franquiz 3 www. new information to stimulate our minds and personal challenges to keep us from slowing down in our leadership.. Mistake #2: There is no Culture of Evangelism Churches grow because new people show up.Mistake #1: The Leader isn’t Growing It’s an old saying.. When he’s out of a network. The connection this intuitive staff made is absolutely right.

© Bob Franquiz 4 www. How does the entrance look? Do the bathrooms need to be spruced up? Do the signs still look good? Take the time to notice the details of your facility (whether you own or rent) and make sure you’re giving the best presentation possible. we tend to focus on the auditorium. but the truth is. We need to be conscious of the state of our facility as well. If your services are engaging and your follow up systems are effective.com ! .outreachninja. most churches run out of parking and children’s ministry space long before they run out of seats in the auditorium. Mistake #3: There are Inadequate Facilities As Pastors. Through the natural attrition that happens to every church over the course of a year.A church with an evangelistic culture experiences an influx of newcomers every week. those guests will become regulars and growth will be the result. This means we have to count everything: cars in the parking lot. the number of kids in each classroom. A culture where people love to invite their friends is vital for overcoming growth barriers and getting unstuck. Yet when the congregation feels no need to invite friends. and the number of people in the auditorium. the church gets stalled. your church could start to decline without an influx of first time guests.

outreachninja. You’ll need to take a good long look at the ethos of your church and get to the heart of what’s wrong. You’ll have to look at your processes and figure out why they aren’t working. We update the website. then you need to tweak or even overhaul certain systems to get your church unstuck. Too often we focus only on cosmetic changes. a new series isn’t going to be the cure-all you’ve been looking for. The question is. The longer you’ve been stuck. If you’ve been stalled for a year or longer. © Bob Franquiz 5 www. or taking bold initiative. do you like the results your current systems are giving you? If you don’t.Mistake #4: There are Ineffective Systems Every church has systems. We buy a new sign. We paint the room. closing a ministry down for a season. You’re going to have to look at your leaders and decide if everyone is where they’re supposed to be.com ! . Yet we neglect to do the hard work of having the tough conversations. the more radical the action needed to get unstuck. then take radical action to change it.

It’s counterintuitive. here’s what happens: you will see a huge spike in attendance on the day of your big outreach. However. Instead. You won’t get out of the quicksand doing the same things that got you into it. Here’s the bottom line: Take radical Action. in my experience. the larger the structure that can be built upon it. Why? Because you can’t grow beyond your base. but it’s the truth. if you don’t increase your base. more leaders equal more growth. Then the church will come back to the same level of previous attendance. Take some bold steps and you’ll see the barrier that’s stopping you become a thing of the past. When the leadership base isn’t enlarged.outreachninja. the churches ability to grow is stunted. © Bob Franquiz 6 www. Increase your volunteers and leaders and your church will increase in size. Simply because it isn’t obvious. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that simply adding more people will get you unstuck and get that growth barrier in the rear view mirror.Mistake #5: There is No Process for LEadership Development This is the most overlooked mistake in overcoming barriers to growth.com ! . The larger the foundation.

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