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The Sims Medieval Hero List

Information on Heroes' Professions and Class Comparison

This is a list of all Hero jobs in The Sims Medieval. The list links to all hero strategy guides and provides a quick summary of what the class can do. You'll also see how much their career's daily salary is at levels 1-10. This pay range is helpful as a comparison tool, and may direct you toward creating your next hero.

Patch 1.3.13 - Heroes can Level past 10 The Hero leveling system in Medieval has seen a hefty update. Now, when pursuing Free Time Quests at the end of an Ambition, Heroes can continue to gain experience and reach level 10. Also, when playing a Hero that is already maxed out, the system will work much like Careers in The Sims 3. They will gain bonus levels, which will raise their daily income (the money they make when not being played). This will contribute loads to Kingdom wealth. Additionally, they'll get better success rates on any Hero interactions that are focus-driven. So your Wizard will fail less often at spellcasting, Spies will pickpocket successfully, Priests will succeed in conversions, etc. etc. Monarch Pay Range Levels 1-10: $28-$1133+ Job Description: Your Kingdom's King or Queen. Their job is to pass edicts to improve relations with foreign lands, hear the petitions of the people, and rule on high from the Castle. Monarchs can hunt and skillfully engage in swordplay, much like the Medieval rulers they represent. They are involved in many quests and frequently play a supporting role to another primary Hero. Bard Pay Range Levels 1-10: $22-$411 Job Description: Bards are the entertainers of The Sims Medieval. They can write poems, sing songs, and even perform plays. They gain their inspiration by talking to other Sims and surveying their surroundings. They are quite capable of making good money and will be one of the easiest hero types to level because of their lute-playing. Blacksmith Pay Range Levels 1-10: $25-$478 Job Description: A Blacksmith's job is to supply your Kingdom with Armor and Weaponry. They possess the most extensive crafting options of any class in The Sims Medieval. They're able to mine gems and metals to meet this end. Having a high level blacksmith in the Kingdom will allow your fighting heroes to purchase better gear. They can even be used to pass on to your champions the best gear available in the game. Jacoban Priest Pay Range Levels 1-10: $30-$563 Job Description: Jacobans take the fire and brimstone approach to preaching about

the Watcher. They make a profession of absolving sins, deliver fearful sermons and cast Watcher's Touch and Watcher's Blessing. Their cathedral and quests can bring a hefty cultural boost to the Kingdom.

Knight Pay Range Levels 1-10: $30-$587 Job Description: Knights are the career guardians of your Kingdom. They can sword fight and equip weapons and armor. They're a very straightforward class that isn't very challenging to master. They are able to go on patrols that will aid your Kingdom in maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations. Bringing in a Barracks and doing Knight quests early can help soldiers to do their sole job: to keep your citizens safe from bandits. Merchant Pay Range Levels 1-10: $32-$611 Job Description: Merchants are the expert traders of the Sims Medieval land. They have a unique leveling feature that increases their profession's profit margin when selling items. They can sell anything through the market stall, butter up customers, and corner them into a sale. They make gobs of XP for sales. Read this guide to see just how much dough a Merchant can make. Peteran Priest Pay Range Levels 1-10: $19-$365 Job Description: Bring the Watcher to your people with the peace and love approach. Their sermons are more complicated than that of the Jacoban, and can earn good money by pleasing their patrons with just the right type of lecture. They can grant the Blessing of the Watcher and Watcher's Touch. They can sell their religious writings unlike the Jacobans, which gives them an extra way to make money. Physician Pay Range Levels 1-10: $29-$537 Job Description: Physicians provide healing when grave injury or illness has stricken your other Heroes. They're capable of making decent money and getting one early will help your other heroes throughout the lifetime of your Kingdom. Physician quests generally offer Well-being aspect rewards, which can give you bigger Simole payouts for completing quests. Spy Pay Range Levels 1-10: $27-$537 Job Description: Spies are the sneaky agents of the Monarch, and make a career of doing nasty things to other Sims. They can affect diplomatic relations by patroling roads and seaways. You cannot get a Spy Hero in your Kingdom until you've made 60 renown, as the Spy Quarters requires the Reception Hall to be in place to appear as a construction option. Spies can earn money by pickpocketing an crafting poisons. This guide features a list of poisons they can create, along with the required ingredients. Spies can collect ingredients from bushes to brew up some very unique drinks.

Wizard Pay Range Levels 1-10: $28-$529 Job Description: Wizards are the spellcasters of The Sims Medieval. They can memorize spells and cast them on themselves and other Sims. They're required to input a combination of runes and can only memorize so many spells. Learn all about the Wizard in this guide and unlock some spells that aren't in your list! The Wizard Hero's job in the Kingdom is to gather herbs and supply potions to any customers.

The Sims Medieval Monarch Hero Class Guide

Reign over your Kingdom with your King or Queen
Hero Overview Monarchs are very fun to play in The Sims Medieval. He's the Hero you'll play in the ingame Quest tutorial (First Steps), so chances are, he'll be your first Hero and it's a golden opportunity to learn some of the core game concepts. In this Guide to the Monarch, you'll learn some tips on overcoming the lack of funds in the beginning, Trait/Fatal Flaw choice, as well as unique Monarch interactions. Leveling the Monarch As Monarchs gain level, they'll enjoy greater income from their profession, an increased chance of Sims voting favorably on proposed Edicts (a level 10 Monarch's vote counts will be done!), and they'll also gain new combat moves. Practicing military strategy at the Tactical Map and Writing New Laws at the Scribe Table will earn some nice early XP when there's nothing else to do. Stretch out those Quests to gain XP and assure yourself a Platinum medal. Tax Rate At level 10, Monarchs have the ability to set the tax rate. This is done through the Archive. This only seems to take effect when you are playing a quest with the Monarch and other Hero Sims. The Monarch's earnings will change dependent on its setting, and you are not required to collect taxes. They come in automatically at noon each day. Setting the Kingdom's tax rate to low will reduce the Monarch's daily income, while high will increase it. Low taxes are recommended as other Heroes often have more to do with Money than the Monarch. High taxes will take about 20% of each Sim's daily income at high level, while giving them an additional 20% at a low rate. Normal is the default, and stays that way until you first set it.

Earning Money as a Monarch Like all professions at early levels, a Monarch will be scraping by just to make ends meet. Try and capFocus and then send the Monarch off into the forest to Hunt. It may provide some valuable meat you can sell. Whittling is always an option, but what are you going to whittle? A wooden Monarch bobblehead that sells for 7 Simoles? There's just no getting

around the fact that income is low in the beginning - so level your Monarch as quickly as possible. Choose a Quest that has a lot of XP as loot and do tons of Daily Responsibilities anything to shoot up his level. High level Monarchs will bring in a tidy sum.

Throne Room Every time you begin a 'New Game' Kingdom or continue Questing in a current Ambition you're first taken to Kingdom Mode and will be staring straight at the Throne Room. The Throne Room/Castle is the building associated with the Monarch. On the first floor you have the actual Throne Room where you hear Petitions, an adjoining work area that holds the Scribe Table and Tactical Map, and an opposing area that holds a card table and bookshelf. After you hit 60 Renown, a Reception area will be added on to the Castle at no charge. The 2nd floor has sleeping quarters, a bathing room, and an cooking/eating room that also has a barrel for wines/ales to mentally prepare you for Ye Olde Daily Responsibilities.
Good Traits and Fatal Flaws for a Monarch I really like the Scholarly and Dedicated traits for Monarchs. In fact, they're some of my all-around favorite traits for all Heroes. Scholarly Heroes can receive a nice buff from reading a book (about an hour of work) or examining various objects in the game world which yield a 2-hour +15 to Focus Fascinated Buff. Just keep clicking the set of armor on the 2nd floor for your Monarch to examine and he'll be Fascinated every day! "Hmmmm...where did this come from?" Dedicated Heroes are sometimes hit with a 3rd Daily Responsibility - a chance for more XP and to keep Focus high with extended buffs. A Dedicated Hero that completes 3 Daily Responsibilities in a timely manner is awarded a powerful 13-Hour +50 to Focus Job Well Done Buff. As far as Fatal Flaws go, choose Cruel for the win! Makes sense for a Monarch, right? Your Monarch is dealt a -20 to Focus Pent-up Anger Buff-nearly every day it seems. But, it's not a big deal because there always seems to be plenty of Sims roaming about the Throne Room. Just click on the nearest victim and choose from the various Mean options. The Fight options will eliminate the Buff as well, but hey, time is money and you're a busy Monarch. Just let a little spit fly in their face to show them who's boss. No need to break their jaw too.

Monarch Activities The Monarch carries the biggest stick in the Kingdom, and as such, he has a few truly unique activities. Click on another Sim and you'll see Monarch options. They are:

Threaten For Money. This is really funny to watch and allows your Monarch to employ the Al Capone "you better pay me or else" method of leadership. Need some extra Simoles for that more expensive bed? Just whip out your sword and go find some unlucky peasants. Send to Stocks. Did a peasant just dare to look at you the wrong way? You're the Monarch! Send them to the stocks and throw an egg at their face for good measure.

Send to Pit The ultimate penalty. Yes, you can walk around your Kingdom and randomly invoke your own method of population control by sending Sims to the Pit of Judgment. However, if certain Sims are required for completing Quests, then the Send to Pit option will be grayed out. Otherwise, you can feed the beast! Patrol Road or Seaway: Monarchs can select the road by the Forest or Village Shoppe to go on patrols. They can also patrol from the dock. This will allow them to move the relationship bar with aForeign Alliance into the positive. See the Edicts page for more details.

Swordplay Options Also under the Monarch list of interactions with other Sims is the possibility of swordplaySpar, Challenge to Duel, and Challenge to Duel to the Death. But, like the Send to Pit option is not available for everyone - swordfight options are also limited. For example, your Monarch can spar and duel with guards, but not common peasants...
Once your opponent accepts the challenge to spar or duel, the fight cues pops up on the top left of the screen and you then have the option to tailor your attacks, for example Balanced Stance vs. Furious Onslaught or Steeled Defense. The various stances offer different benefits and weaknesses. Health and Stamina bars are tracked as the fight progresses. Practicing on the Training Dummy in the Training Yard will yield more experience and add to the hidden skill of swordfighting. Higher level Heroes unlock special combat moves. And success in fights net you positive Buffs like Combat Ready (+10 Focus) and Victorious (+15 Focus). A lot goes into the outcome of a swordfight-the main components are the hidden skill level of both opponents, Focus, and equipped gear (armor and sword). Of course, once you acquire better gear, don't forget to actually click on the items to equip them or else you may be taking a long nap like Lord Vincent...

Daily Responsibilities Like all Heroes in the game, the Monarch will be tasked with 2 Daily Responsibilities at 9 am. Completing one quickly is always a good idea for that sweet +20 Job Well Done buff. If your Monarch is already at the Focus cap, then you might want to direct his attention to completing Quest components; but, if he's still not capped and your medal meter is not at triple speed, then knocking out the 2nd Responsibility pumps the Job Well Done buff to +35. Here are the various Monarch Daily Responsibilities:

Write 2 New Laws. Simply click on the Burdley Revival Oak Scribe Table and cue up 2 separate Write New Law interactions. Write Treaty of Ongoing Peace. Same deal as writing new laws-click on the Scribe Table. "Dear Lord Buttisimo of Aarbyville. You love war. I love war. But, what the heck...Let's keep chillin' for now." Pass an Edict. Is this some secret chamber pot interaction? No. Passing Edicts is done at the Tactical Map and is not too difficult. The key to remember is simply voting on the Edict that is favorable. Here's what you do: Click on the Tactical Map

and select Propose Edict. Make a choice, then click Propose. Click the Tactical Map again and select Monitor Edict Support. Then you'll see which Edict is being favored. Finally, Click the Map again and Call for Vote. Simply vote on the favorable Edict - chances are it will not be the one you proposed, but that's okay. You're simply trying to get something to pass to fulfill your Daily Responsibility. Passing an Edict has the nice benefit of a +15 3-hour buff. Hear 3 Petitions. Just click on the Throne to Hold Court. Locals will be summoned in front of the Monarch and make their petition. You'll then see a brief description of the petition and can either grant it or deny it. Your decisions affect your popularity. Hunt for Great Bear Click the forest and select this focus-driven activity. This will often result in a tidy quantity of Bear Meat, which is used in some of the best recipes. Ask 2 Citizens About Life in Kingdom I like to befriend a couple of the guards or Royal Advisor. Then, when this one comes up, you don't have to worry about getting close to some peasant to pull off the social interaction.

The Sims Medieval Bard Hero Class Guide

Poems, Lute Playing, Inpsiration, and Earning Money with the Profession
Hero Overview The Bard is the entertainer of your kingdom. His profession becomes unlocked after you place the Tavern. He's a poet and performer, like a Jimi Hendrix with a lute. But, he's also a playwright, like a William Shakespeare...sort of a groovy, trippy, tragic character all rolled into one. So I'm calling my Hero Jimi Shakespeare. Leveling the Bard As Bards gain levels, the main thing that happens is new songs unlock for them to perform on their lute. At level 5 the ability to write Tragic Plays and Epic Poems also unlocks. Finally, at lvl 10, a Bard can write a Legendary Play.
Since Bards have a nice mix of Daily Responsibilities, performing all of them on a regular basis will give your Bard good early XP. But, the main thing I would focus on is simply practicing on the most expensive lute you can afford. The cheaper the lute, the less XP gained. And the strings break on the cheap lute all the time as well. When this happens, simply click the Lute in the inventory and get it restrung for $10.

Earning Money as a Bard Performing a song, Reciting a Poem, and Performing a Play is kind of like Playing for Tips in Sims 3. You choose the interaction your Bard is to do and then you'll see the Simole amount float up the screen towards the end of the interaction. Writing plays and poems and turning around to immediately sell them them is a definite money maker. In fact, that may be the smartest route because for some crazy reason poems and plays in your inventory depreciate in value just like objects purchased in Furnish Mode!

In the beginning, I would do a combination of selling plays/poems, but also performing them for XP. Once you sell something, it's gone and you can't perform it or recite it again. But, the lute is the one constant that's always there ready to earn money for your Bard. Simply choose Perform Song and your Bard will pick from a list of available songs. As far as I can tell, 3 main things influence how much you are paid for a song - the quality of the lute, the level of your Bard, and the number of patrons watching you. Oh, and make sure it's been 2 or 3 hours since your last performance. If you perform a song right after finishing another song, then your pay is greatly reduced. I suppose that cooldown period is necessary to avoid the obviously exploit of just playing songs all day. Not that I would do that. Ahem... Now...ready for some surprising information? All of the various "Themes" gained from Inspiration - to the best of my knowledge - how zero impact on poem and play value no matter how you mix them up. Not only that, but Epic Poems sell for the same amount as regular Poems ($35), and Comedic, Tragic, and Legendary Plays all sell for the same amount as well ($95). But, I thought about this a bit and realized that it just makes sense for EA to do it this way for Medieval. It's not a complicated game like Sims 3 where various ingredient combinations have a huge impact on nectar value, for example. So, all of that said, what kind of money can be made from playing a Bard? Plenty. When Jimi Shakespeare finally hit the profession cap and was using a Heavy Metal Lute he saw some payments in the $500 range for individual song performances. That was when there were 5 or 6 patrons dancing and watching. Play performances are not as attractive - they take longer to set up with the recruiting of another person and then there's the recruiting fee too. But, Jimi did see a couple play performances bring in the neighborhood of $400 Simoles. As far as payments for reciting Poems, it's pretty low - less than $40. I would opt for that only when your Bard needs to do it for a Daily Responsibility or during a cooldown period for lute playing. There's plenty of money to be made. You just need to be patient and push your Bard all the way to the top and use the best lute available.

Tavern Like most kingdom buildings, the Tavern's building cost will depend on how many other buildings you have placed. It adds 1 Well-Being, 2 Culture, and 1 Knowledge aspect capacity. The Tavern is in the general vicinity of the town square. It's a small, 2-story building right on the edge of the road heading to the Village Shoppe. On the lower level you have the stage where your Bard can put on plays, tables for patrons, a cauldron, and some casks. Upstairs is a bed and the Bard's Archive where he can write Poems and Plays.
A Barmaid NPC comes with the Tavern. The Barmaid will replenish the casks, so don't bother wasting the money to brew your own drinks. At any rate, the term "drinks are on the house" is definitely appropriate for the Bard when drinking at the Tavern. The Tavern can get very cramped with that massive stage. You can remove some of the tables to make more room, and even consider moving the chamberpot downstairs (like under the stairs) to keep Sims from getting blocked all the time heading to the Bard's private area.

Good Traits and Fatal Flaws for a Bard I chose the Eloquent and Fun-loving traits for Jimi Shakespeare. Eloquent certainly seemed appropriate since Jimi is sort of a Frankenstein version of William Shakespeare. Fun-Loving Sims get more powerfulbuffs from fun interactions, such as playing the Lute (+50 Focus vs. +40 after hitting the fun cap).
The Drunkard Fatal Flaw just makes sense. The casks are right there in the Tavern and they "refresh" on their own, saving your Bard the Brewing expense.

Bard Interactions The Bard has quite an assortment of possible interactions from performing on a stage to gathering inspiration from his surroundings to writing memorable plays and poems at his Archives.

Gather Inspiration Click on the ground -- pretty much anywhere -- and your Bard will Gather Inspiration. This takes about an hour and your Bard will whip out a scroll and quill and jot down his thoughts while some "Themes" will be added to his inventory - Sports, Art, Food and Drink, Love, etc. There's most definitely a connection between the area a Bard Gathers Inspiration from and the types of Themes dumped into his inventory. Ask For Inspiration This is accomplished by clicking on another Sim: Bard > Ask for Inspiration. It's a lot quicker than the Gather Inspiration interaction, but you'll also only gain 1 Theme as opposed to 5 or 6 from the Gather interaction. The nice thing with this social is there's apparently no relationship requirement. You can Ask for Inspiration on complete strangers. Write Comedic Play (click on Archive) Comedic Plays require 3 Themes and are available at lvl 1. Select your Themes and then your Bard writes the play. Write Tragic Play (click on Archive) Tragic Plays require 4 Themes and unlock at lvl 5. Write Legendary Play (click on Archive) Legendary Plays require 5 Themes and unlock at lvl 10. Perform Play So long as you have a play in your inventory, click on the Tavern stage and then Recruit a nearby Sim to perform in the Play with you. Click on the Sim: Bard > Recruit. You pay a small fee (approximately $40 Simoles), and then the actor goes up to the stage. Click the stage again to begin the Play. Your Bard and the recruit go through some short amusing animations and you'll be paid towards the end. Write Poem (click on Archive) Poems require 2 Themes. Select your 2 Themes and then your Bard can write the poem. Write Epic Poem (click on Archive) Requires 3 Themes and unlocks at lvl 5. Recite Poem This can be accomplished by clicking the Tavern stage (your Bard needs to have a poem in inventory) and choosing Recite Poem or by clicking a Sim: Bard > Recite Poem. At the end of the recital, your Bard is paid a fee. Perform Song (click on lute) Just select the lute in inventory and then choose from the list of available songs. At level 10, a Bard will receive a +20 Buff for 2 hours while all nearby Sims will benefit at +35.

Practice (click on lute) This is a nice XP booster in the early stages of the profession.

Bard Daily Responsibilities

Here's a complete list of the various daily responsibilities you'll have as a Bard:

Pay Taxes No Hero is immune from this Daily Responsibility. Just find the nearest Messenger Post and you're done. Perform a Lute Song Click the lute in your Bard's inventory and select Perform Song and you can choose from a selection of available songs. Practice Lute for 2 Hours Click on the lute in the Bard's inventory and select Practice. XP will generate nicely while practicing. But, be ready for lots of string replacements on the very cheapest model. Gather Inspiration for 2 h Simply click on the ground wherever your Bard happens to be and they can Gather Inspiration from the surrounding area. You'll need to cue this up twice to fulfill the 2 hour requirement. Be Inspired by 3 People Click on a Sim - Bard > Ask for Inspiration and you'll receive 1 Theme. Finish Writing a Play You do not need to write a play in its entirety in one sitting although doing so also accomplishes this task. Perform a Poem You can tackle this on the Tavern Stage, but this can also be done anywhere in the kingdom provided you have a poem in your inventory. Just click on a Sim > Bard > Recite Poem. Write 2 Poems Done at the Archive.

The Sims Medieval Blacksmith Hero Class Guide

Armor and Weapon Crafting List, Leveling, and Earning Money with the Profession
Hero Overview Blacksmiths supply the Knights, Spies, and King or Queen of Kingdom with better weapons and armor. They're one of the only Hero Professions that can mine minerals and gems from exposed rocks throughout the land. The Blacksmith class offers the most extensive range of crafting recipes available to the player. They can make weapons, armor, hammers, kingball paddles, and staves. In this Guide to the Blacksmith, I'll teach you about crafting gear for your other Heroes and making money through the Smithy. Leveling the Blacksmith Blacksmiths will gain experience rapidly through quests like all other Heroes. However, their profession allows them the chance to gain xp while crafting equipment. While using the Forge and Anvil, a steady stream of experience will come in. They also gain levels while mining for metals throughout the Kingdom. Gaining levels allows smiths to learn

new weapon and armor recipes, and unlocks special crafting manuals that can be found throughout your adventure. Hammers in general require fewer resources than other Crafted items, so they're a good choice for raising your level. See below for a little information about using the Market stall. For each sale you make through this method, the Blacksmith will earn 150 experience.

Earning Money as a Blacksmith Blacksmiths are one of the more limited hero professions in their means of money making. They don't get any exploration options other than to take a stroll through the forest. That's not to say they're poor at it. In fact, Blacksmith can be one of the most profitable classes in the game. If you sell a piece of crafted equipment through the inventory, it's often worth more than the materials used in the recipe to make it.
Blacksmiths can sell items through the market stalloutside the Smithy much like the Merchant. While they don't benefit from huge profit margins like the Merchant, it is a decent way to make money. Use the Butter Up and Hustle interactions to improve the odds of making a sale, then click Convince to buy to seal the deal. It works best when convince is green. Having traits like Eloquent on your Sim which provide a social boost can help with making these sales. You'll earn money and 150XP per sale!

The Smithy Adding a Smithy building to your Kingdom will increase Security capacity by +3. Completing Quests and filling that out will reduce the number of muggings in the Kingdom, while simultaneously making purchases of goods at the Village Shoppe and elsewhere more affordable due to decreased caravan security requirements. The Smithy itself houses the required Forge and Anvil a Blacksmith needs to get the job done. There's a basic bed and cooking pot as well. It's not a bad idea to add some decor to the main room, so that your Sim will be in a better mood while Blacksmithing.

Transferring Gear to Heroes and Materials to Blacksmith If you make a powerful weapon, like the Legendary Doomsword, you can pass it to your other Hero while controlling the Blacksmith. The target Hero does not have to be active at the time. They'll have the weapon or armor in their inventory later. To do this, drag the gear from your Blacksmith's inventory on top of another Sim. Likewise, to give Blacksmiths materials like Mystic Metal fragments, or the Doomsword blade or hilt, drag from the Hero's inventory to the Blacksmith. If you need to find the Sim, keep an eye out in their area. For example, a Knight will eventually return to the Barracks. Good Traits for Blacksmiths Earthy is a great Trait for any collector, including the Blacksmith. It will give them better mining finds, and provides a focus buff when outdoors that does include the time spent outside selling goods. Adventurous might be a good idea for allowing another method of getting Mystical Metal Fragments. Those are only obtainable through random encounters

while doing rabbit hole exploration like adventuring in the forest or sailing. Excitable and Natural Cook are also good selections for most Sims. For a Fatal Flaw, do not select Hubris. Your Sim will be full of himself and take a mood hit almost every time he picks something up. Weak Constitution is a horrible idea as well , as the physical exertion will quickly tank the Blacksmith.

Forging Equipment Forging gear is a fairly simple affair. When you select the Forge option, a list of all known recipes will appear, with those you have ingredients for appearing first. Select an item, and the Smith will head off to the forge to heat the item. You can save some time and potential errors by stocking the Forge with coal before you begin. One click of 'Stock with Coal' will usually be enough to see a piece of equipment through to the end. There are three mechanics you need to know about for successfully smithing.
The first important thing is your Smithing Hammer. A Blacksmith with a powerful hammer will benefit from a faster progress bar. It will also increase the size of the error range when crafting. Upgrade your Hammer as soon as you're able to improve results and get better-quality gear, which sells at a higher price. Some gear will require the best hammer available to you for it to be forged successfully. Shoot for Excellent or Legendary quality hammers, especially with the high level ones. This will increase the number of errors you're allowed before an item loses quality. During the Forging Process, you'll see a Heat bar. This bar should never hit the blue or red regions. You can prevent items from overheating or getting too cool. During the initial heating process, click the anvil and select "Hammer Metal" just before the bar enters the red zone. Likewise, you can manually tell the Smith to apply heat by clicking the forge. I've taken a screenshot of the sweet spot for getting too cold to show this point. Avoid hitting the cold spot (the metal is too cool) by clicking "Heat Metal" once the bar has dipped one lower than the H in Heat. The ability to heat and stop heating items on the fly is the reason it's impossible to queue actions after selecting forge. The Smith will cancel the forging. During the crafting process, when the heat bar hits red or blue, the quality of the item will drop by just a little bit. The red area of the quality bar gives you legendary items, while dark grey will provide Excellent. For some items, such as Mana's Edge, getting Legendary Quality requires making no errors during the forging process (note the red zone in the shot above).

Smithing Apprentice He's supposed to be there to help you, but the Apprentice will often get in the way. You can't really get rid of him, so it's better to just buy another forge and anvil to keep him from getting in the way. You're working your way to forging an Angel's Talon and the stupid Apprentice pops up to cause you a hit in quality from the item going cool. It's really unavoidable. I think in my future games, I might skip the Apprentice Quest entirely.

Blacksmith Daily Responsibilities


Successfully Mine 3 Times: Mine or Die might as well be the Blacksmith's motto. There are about four just around the house which can be gathered. If you save these spawners for when the responsibility comes up, they'll always be there to allow you to knock it out quickly. They aren't high grade minerals by any means. Check the beach far from the Port for one of the sweetest spots in the land. Craft and Deliver a Crude Longsword, Crude Platemail, or Basic Staff: You may lack ingredients at first. If time is pressing, head to the Village Shoppe to get what you need. This will usually pay for itself. These are good objects to craft when raising your Blacksmithing level. When the responsibility comes up, if you have some on hand, all you need do is deliver them to complete it. Fix and Deliver Broken Sword: Go to the Forge and select the Fixed Sword from the list of available recipes Pay Taxes: Level 1-4 $100, 5-9 $250, 10 $500

Armor List
Higher defense is good, but you may find your Hero running out of stamina more if you have a heavy weapon AND heavy armor. Note that the best gear available gives high defense without much weight. I would never use a Plate Mail (Crude or regular).

Armor Name Crude Platemail Chainmail Bear Hide Armor Ramshackle Chestguard Plate Mail Steel Plate Mail Advortonian Scale Knight's Plate Lord's Plate Adamantle Battleplate Darkstone Bulwark Doomplate Angelsguard

Smith Level 1 1 1 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 10

Metals Needed 4 cruddium, 5 ferrous 7 ferrous 2 bear meat 7 cruddium 3 cruddium, 8 ferrous 7 ferrous, 3 phosphorous 4 electrum, 5 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 6 ferrous, 2 mithral, 3 phosphorous 2 azurite, 4 ferrous, 2 mithral, 2 phosphorous 4 adamantle, 4 electrum, 6 mithral 2 azurite, 7 mana stones, 7 mithral 4 adamantle, 4 mithral, 2 mysterious metal fragments, 1 unicorn horn

Armor Stat 4 3 2 1 5 5 4 5 6 6 7 10

Weight Stat 9 3 2 5 8 7 2 6 6 4 5 5 1

3 electrum, 5 mana stones, 8 mithral, 4 mystic metal 9 fragments

Weapon List

Weight makes weapons harder to swing, so you'll get more hits in with a light weapon. Try to find a nice balance between power and weight. All of the normal weapons, like Steel Longsword and Precise Scimitars, can be upgraded with the fiery enchantment, which will increase attack power by one. This is helpful but somewhat costly. You can buy Flame Sword Enchantments from the Wizard.

Weapon Name Crude Longsword Longsword Greatsword Steel Longsword Embossed Longsword Precise Scimitar Watcher's Blade

Smith Level 1 1 2 4 5 6 6, recipe

Metals Needed 5 cruddium 2 cruddium, 3 ferrous 5 ferrous 3 cruddium, 6 ferrous 5 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4 ferrous, 2 mithral, 2 phosphorous

Attack Power 0 1 3 5 4 3

Weight Stat 8 6 5 10 5 4 1 5 6 4 4 0

Untempered Longsword 1

2 adamantle, 2 electrum, 3 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 4 1 adamantle, 2 consecrated well water, 7 ferrous, 5 2 phosphorous 7 ferrous, 1 mana stone, 3 phosphorous 3 adamantle, 5 mithral 5 mana stones, 7 mithral 6 5 6 10 1 Sword, 1 Flame Sword Enchantment +1

Sword of the Chinchilla 6, recipe Mithral Longsword Mana's Edge Angel's Talon Doomsword Fiery (Sword) 8 10 10 10, recipe 2

Smithing Hammer List

All Blacksmiths need to use the best hammer available to them. This will increase the number of errors they can make before an item falls in quality, essential for getting those Legendary items.

Hammer Name

Smith Level 1 3 8

Metals Needed 5 cruddium 2 cruddium, 5 ferrous 5 ferrous, 3 phosphorous 3 adamantle, 3 electrum, 4 mithral 2 adamantle, 2 azurite, 3 mana stones, 5 mithral, 1 mystic metal fragment

Hammer Power 1 2 4 6 10

Cruddium Hammer 1 Ferrous Hammer Steel Hammer Angelshammer

Watcher's Hammer 5


Kingball Paddles List

Higher-power Kingball Paddles will improve your win rate in games.

Paddle Name Smith Level Rustic Paddle 1 Expert Paddle 2 Excalipaddle 5

Metals Needed 3 ferrous 2 electrum, 2 ferrous, 2 phosphorous 2 adamantle, 3 mithral

Paddle Power 1 4 8

Stave List
While Blacksmiths can make these Staves, they cannot forge an item of Legendary Quality. Have your Wizard forge his own staves for best effect. However, a Doomstaff will always have 10 power regardless of Quality. Higher power on staves will improve your Wizard's success when casting spells.

Stave Name Basic Staff Staff of the Watcher Magical Staff Doomstaff

Smith Level 1 3 6 9

Metals Needed 1 cruddium 3 electrum, 3 ferrous, 1 wizard's staff core 4 mithral, 2 phosphorous, 1 wizard's staff core 3 adamantle, 4 mithral, 2 wizard's staff cores

Stave Power 1 3 5 7

Staff of Indeterminate Evil 5

3 adamantle, 1 arcane edge, 2 mana stones, 7 soul shards, 2 10 wizard's staff cores

The Sims Medieval Jacoban Priest Hero Class Guide

Fear, Leveling, and Earning Money with the Profession
Hero Overview Jacoban Priests preach fire and brimstone to disbelievers and control their church through fear. In thisGuide to the Jacoban Priest, I'll teach you how to get just the right amount of fear and earn money with the Profession. This class has few money-making opportunities, but they are powerful. They can aid other Heroes on Quests by giving them a pair of helpful blessings. Leveling the Jacoban Priest Your options for gaining XP are limited, but there are some great options. First and foremost are the Sermons. It's the single best way for a Jacoban to make money, and will increase XP throughout the session. They can also write on the watcher at the Archive, which gives comparatively small XP gains. Any time the church is packed, and you aren't

giving a sermon, use the Absolve option at the pulpit to have Sims come up seeking Absolution. Each success here nets 100 XP. Having high focus when doing this is important, as it can fail. Gaining levels will increase the success rate of conversions, sermons, and granting absolution whilst increasing the Priest's daily income up to a maximum of about $540 Simoles per day.

Earning Money as a Jacoban Priest In order to make money, you'll have to deliver Sermons. The amount gained here is usually in the 200s. Jacobans don't have to worry about which sermon type like thePeteran. Give sermons any time your Sim has high focus. Doing at least two per day is ideal, such as the 8AM then 1PM. You can work on your daily responsibilities during the down time. Other than that, there's no real way for them to make cash short of fishing and random events while taking a stroll in the woods. Complete quests at platinum to get a massive reward, which will be helpful to upgrade the Priest's living quarters. The Jacoban Cathedral The Jacoban Cathedral is my favorite building aesthetically in The Sims Medieval. It's absolutely beautiful, and makes a great statement of the church's power. Placing this building in your Kingdom will grant a +1 security and +3 culture capacity increase. The building comes with the basic ameneties your Priest will need to live their life. There's a poor quality bed, cooking pot, chamber pot, and dining area. You'll want to upgrade the bed as soon as possible to improve your Priest's Focus and energy regeneration while sleeping. The cooking pot is great, but I upgraded mine to a spit. The Cathedral is not too far from some decent fishing spots by the river and the mill. Of course, this building also houses the required objects you'll need for the Priest. There's an Archive for writing on the watcher, pulpit for giving sermons and absolving the sins of Sims. Outside is a board for posting proclamations which will make an impact on the Jacoban Fear rating, as well. Jacoban Fear Instead of Popularity, Jacobans use fear to direct the faith of their followers. When looking at the fear meter, you'll see the sweet spot in light purple. It's important not to have too much fear, or fewer people will attend sermons and your Priest's income will drop. You can post proclamations on the board outside the cathedral to increase or decrease fear. The proclamation will let you know what effect it will have just under the description when your Priest hits level 5. Fear is heavily influenced by sermons. Good Traits for a Jacoban Priest As far as Trait choice goes, I like Dedicated for the Jacoban. His daily responsibilities are easy to clear, and he'll be able to quickly score a massive focus buff when he does three of them. Scholarly is good, as are the Greedy, Good, and Vain traits. For picking a Fatal Flaw, I go with those that are least annoying for someone like the priest: Insecure, Puny, or Weak Constitution. Licentious isn't hard to deal with because of the attendant always being around. Sermons Jacoban Sermons are much simpler than those of their Peteran counterparts. They are given at 8AM, 1PM, 6PM, and 11PM and you choose which time. You are given the choice between calm and intense while the Sim is giving a sermon. Calm will lower the fear

meter, while intense will increase it. You don't need to watch the crowd to see how they are reacting. They'll like it either way as long as your Priest's focus is high. At first, you'll want to preach with intensity and post proclamations outside until fear is in the sweet spot. At that point, swtiching between calm and intense will keep it in the purple zone you're looking for. Converting lots of Jacobans and keeping fear in the right place will increase the amount of money your Sim receives for a sermon. Too high, and it will drop dramatically due to church attendance being down. The Sims of the Kingdom will fear the watcher's wrath a little too much.

Jacoban Priest Activities Let's have a look at the special actions Jacoban Priests receive:

Sermon is detailed above Reflect on the Watcher Click your Priest to see this ability. Doing so will give them a positive 'Watcher's Gaze' buff which increases in duration the longer they do this. It is required for casting Watcher's Blessing, but has little use other than that. Watcher's Blessing consumes the Watcher's Gaze buff and heals a Sim of all injury. Watcher's Touch will remove disease from the targeted Sim. Also gives a 24 hour +5 focus buff Convert to Jacoban Faith this will bring a Sim over to your side. It's very focus and level-dependent but works most of the time. Bless Well Water click the Well in town to consecrate the water and give Sims drinking it a small positive buff. Write on the Watcher click the Archives to get this option. It's an XP generating activity, but Jacobans can't sell their writings like a Peteran can. Post Proclamation is done on the board outside. It's hard to gauge how helpful this will be until you reach level 5 and can see the effect.

Jacoban Priest Daily Responsibilities

None of these are particularly hard, but I'll give some hints to people who happen to get stuck.

Pay Taxes based on level to determine how much you'll pay. From $100 to $250 to a whopping $500. Post a Proclamation is done on the board outside the Jacoban Cathedral Give a Sermon Select the sermon time that will come up next, then click again when the time is right. Heal a Sim with Watcher's Touch This is the easiest of all. The interaction is found under the Jacoban Priest menu when clicking a Sim Absolve for 2 Hours Click the pulpit then stand about waiting for Sims to come for absolution. Works best when plenty of Sims are around, like before a sermon Convert 2 New Jacobans Find Sims that haven't been converted yet. Under the Jacoban Priest menu


Discuss the Watcher with 2 Jacobans This interaction is on the base menu if the Sim is already a Jacoban Cast Watcher's Blessing on a Sim You'll need to get the watcher's gaze buff by clicking your priest and reflecting on the watcher for an hour or two. The buff is used to cast the blessing

The Sims Medieval Knight Hero Class Guide

Fighting, Leveling, and Earning Money with the Profession
Hero Overview Knights are skilled with the sword, and help to protect the Kingdom. Quests that involve the Knight will generally improve the security Kingdom Aspect, which will help to reduce costs in shops, and eventually eliminate muggings altogether. They are a very straightforward hero Profession to play, but it can be challenging to make money at lower levels. This Guide to the Knight in The Sims Medieval will help you get started. Leveling the Knight Knights are pretty easy to level. Like every other Hero type, they will get the bulk of their experience from Quests. Their repeatable XP options are training on dummies at the Training Yard or upstairs in the Barracks, and strategizing at the War Table there. Practicing War Strategy actually gives a great xp-hour ratio. They'll also gain XP while hunting, patrolling, and dueling other Sims. Sticking their blade to someone's throat to jack their money will also earn some XP. I recommend you upgrade the Knight's cooking pot to a Spit as early as you can. This will give them longer duration buffs and is a great way to use that expensive Boar meat they can pick up by hunting. Even better, get some ingredients at the Village Shoppe. Venison + Spices + Salt = filling Jerky which doesn't rot! Decorate their Quarters to improve their mood while sleeping, and of course upgrade their bed. With each level gained, a Knight becomes more proficient in combat. Making Money as a Knight Knights have more limited options for making money than other Hero Professions. However, that's not to say they're particularly bad at it. The easiest way to make cash is to head into the forest and hunt. Keep some of the meat to cook, and sell the excess. Upgrade your gear to improve your Knight's chances of making it through a hunt without getting wounded, and always go with decent focus. Complete Quests to raise their experience level and up their daily salary. Another option is to bully other Sims by selecting the Knight - Threaten for Money interaction. This can yield some big bucks, but sometimes Sims will fight back. Still, it's quick and dirty money. Another means is to perform the various rabbit-hole tasks Knights can take up. Patrol the High Seas or roads to foreign lands and choose carefully when a random opportunity presents itself.
Good Traits and Fatal Flaws for a Knight Many fights take place outdoors and Knights can train and hunt in the wilderness, so why not take the Earthy trait for a +20 focus buff when outdoors? Adventurous is also a good

trait choice. It will allow them to go on an Adventure any time they could be hunting. This will give them a nice focus buff and should be done once a day when you have time. Bloodthirsty is up in the air as a Fatal Flaw. It can get annoying being forced to duel so often, especially if the Knight is already injured. Unless your Kingdom has a great Physician around, I'd avoid it. Go with Cruel or Insecure instead. They can be solved by simply talking to another Sim without risk of injury.

The Barracks Placing a Barracks in your Kingdom will increase security aspect capacity by +4. The Barracks attaches to the western side of the castle and comes with a Training Yard (near the Pit of Judgment) to give them more room to practice sword fighting. The Knight's Quarters are cramped with a shoddy bed and cooking pot. Upstairs is a training dummy and war table for gaining experience. If you should spend any money upgrading the Training Yard, note that the funds come from the Monarch, so you can probably make it a better place to practice if your Monarch has the funds. Sword Fighting Knights are one of three classes that can engage in melee combat in The Sims Medieval, along with theSpy and Monarch. They get the same intractions as the others: Spar, Duel, and Duel to the Death. Sparring is friendly, Duel is generally insulting, and Duel to the Death is dangerous and really does result in a Sim's demise. Knights grow to be masters of swordplay, and that's no surprise since it's just about the only thing they do. They'll pick up several skills and combat tones as they rise to power. You should start each day by practicing on a training dummy to get the +10 focus buff and XP for doing that, which will also help your Knight in combat. Here are the various unlocks as the Knight gains levels:

Level 1: Balanced Stance: A stance with no particular strengths or weaknesses Level 1: Hilt Smash: Get the other fighter to the ground and smash them with your sword hilt. Click the target Sim in combat. Level 2: Resetful Dance: If you're planning to fight multiple battles, this can conserve stamina. It's rather defensive, and sometimes ends in the other guy giving up out of sheer exhaustion. Good if you have particularly a particularly heavy set of gear Level 3: Whirling Takedown: Click the other Sim in combat. This will take them down to the ground, but can only be used so often. It doesn't deliver much damage but is an extra attack. Level 4: Steeled Defense: Be a true tank using this stance, which will focus on mitigating damage. Good if your health is low Level 5: Mortal Blow: The most powerful special combat move. Has a fairly long cooldown but can deliver big damage if your Sim pulls it off. Use it early and you might get a second shot before combat's over Level 5: Furious Onslaught: Focus on attack, but with a weakened defense. Overpower the other fighter and end the fight quickly, but you'll likely take damage in the process and get wounded


Level 7: True Striking: Great if you have a high power sword. Weakens damage a bit but hits the opponent more often.

Seek out weapon and armor upgrades to increase your Knight's prowess in combat. Getting a Blacksmith in your Kingdom is the best way, but you can at least check the Village Shoppe and Merchant's Market for worthwhile upgrades. Weight will cost you more stamina in combat and is never a good thing, but you have to take the hit early on if you want the defense as the best gear will weight a lot. One of the trends of higher level gear is to have the same defense or attack as a lower item, but greatly reduced weight (Lord's Plate 6 def 6 weight, Adamantle Battleplate 6/4). More weight on a weapon seems to reduce its attack rate. So a weapon like the Precise Scimitar (3 attack, 1 weight) is better than it seems, because it can be swung very often and has a good chance of landing hits. Be sure to sharpen your sword by clicking it in the Knight's inventory before you engage in combat. Warming up for an hour on the training dummy will also help in combat as it gives +10 to focus for 12 hours. Swordplay is very dependent on focus. Unfocused Knights face upsets. If you have a Blacksmith, you can transfer gear to the Knight after it's been crafted whether the Knight is active in that Quest or not. Simply find the Knight and drag the object out of the Blacksmith's inventory on top of the Knight. This is essential to transfer That Watcher's Blade and Angelsguard you made! The Knight can also pass over that Mystic Metal Fragment they found while patrolling the seaway to Gastrobury. It's a good idea to have a Physician in the realm for the purpose of getting stiched up after combat. In most fights, your Knight's going to get at least a scratch. With a Grievous wound, they'll be in horrible shape and will lose most every fight. Minor Healing Kits can be bought for not too much. They will lower the level of the debuff for a wound by 1 with each use. The higher level your Kingdom's Physician, the better off you'll be.

Patrolling Roads and Seaways Knights have a special role in your Kingdom. They can patrol roads to foreign lands, or do so at sea. Doing this for a nation will improve your relations. It's also likely to generate random events. It's important to do this from time to time in order to keep the bonuses you have from allying with other Kingdoms. The two roads are off of the Forest and Village Shoppe, while you use the Ship to get to other lands. Each is only accessible through one of these three routes. This is better than passing edicts for keeping up your foreign relations as there is no loyalty hit with the other Kingdoms for doing it often. You'll also gain XP!

Knight Daily Responsibilities

Discuss Foreign Affairs with a Territory Leader: Pay Taxes: Use the post box outside the castle. Level 1-4 $100, 5-9 $250, 10 $500 Hunt in the Forest: Click the Forest to the left of the castle (facing it) Feed the Beast: The Beast in the Pit of Judgment prefers red meat, so get to hunting! Duel the Challenger: You seem to face tougher challengers

Guard Forest Entrance: Click the Forest to the left of the castle Train a Sim for 2 Hours: Placing a dummy in the Castle's Throne Room will make it very easy for the Knight to have a training partner at any hour of the day. Sharpen Sword: Click the sword in the inventory. Easy +1 Attack! Practice Military Strategy with Someone Else: Use the war table in the castle. There are more likely to be Sims around to play with.

The Sims Medieval Merchant Hero Class Guide

Trading, Leveling, and Earning Money with the Profession
Hero Overview Merchants buy and sell goods for the Sims in your Kingdom and they can earn a great deal of money in the process. That's their gig. Period. A lvl 10 Merchant has incredible profit margins, and he's the only Hero that has the unique ability to trade with foreign territories via the boat at the docks. In this Guide I'll show you why leveling the Merchant is easier than other Heroes, and I'll give you the list of items which will give you the best return on investment. So, let's open for business! Leveling the Merchant Admittedly, the Merchant seemed harder to bring up to speed in the beginning than some other Heroes. Part of the problem is keeping Focus very high at the outset when you don't have good ingredients to cookwith and are only sleeping on a cheap bed. If Focus is just average or in the red, then you'll have great difficulty getting customers to buy your goods.
The Merchant can Balance the Books at a scribe table, which can be bought in build mode, or found at the Castle. But, balancing gives very slow XP gain, so I had Ron do this once just to check for verification and then that was it. Ron stinks at accounting anyway. He's a people person and needs to be on the sales floor. Of the Heroes I've played extensively to date (Monarch, Peteran, Merchant, Knight, Physician, and the Spy) - the Merchant is the hands down winner for the Hero to reach level 10 the fastest. It's that 150 XP for each sale that's just fantastic. 1000+ XP in a day is not unusual if your Market is well stocked and you make lots of sales. I intentionally stretched out Meat Quest IV to make sure I'd get maximum XP for a Platinum performance. I leveled Ron to 9 and knew the Quest was almost over at that point. I wrapped it up and the experience gained from the Quest capped him to 10. With only the standard starting $1k Simoles, I went for broke and bought a Staff of the Watcher on Ron's first day. That set him back $600, but he turned right around and sold it for $701. That was a nice profit for a single sale, and it just snowballed from there. The more profit Ron made - the more capital he had to buy more objects at the Village Shoppe = more sales. Stick with the big ticket items - items you can only buy one of in a given day.

Merchant Interactions (Market) Investigate Today's Market. This is one of the unique Merchant interactions which is accomplished by clicking on the Village Shoppe. Here's the problem - yes, you may see a slightly higher profit return on those items listed in the info popup, but if the items are cheap to begin with (i.e. grapes or barley), then who cares? Another issue that's a bit maddening is your Merchant needs to finish the Investigation cue completely before you'd be able to have him buy those "hot" items to sell at the Market. That means he walks all the way back to the beginning of the road to the Village Shoppe! Way too long. So, I quickly took a "Thanks, but no thanks" approach to Investigate Today's Market and simply stuck with the same high ticket items all the time. Merchant Interactions (Boat) Merchants are the only Heroes that can trade with foreign territories. For more info on how to do this, see Daily Responsibilities. Merchant Interactions (Customer) Assuming your Merchant is in the immediate Market area and stalls are open for business you have 5 customer interactions from the Merchant category: Ask to Buy Goods, Bribe $100, Butter Up, Compliment Taste, and Hustle. You'll quickly discover that you need to establish a certain rapport with a customer before Ask to Buy Goods is an Option. The funny thing is you can actually be Friends with a regular recurring customer, but you'll still need to jump through the hoops time and again of establishing that pre-sale rapport - "Goody Anna! I haven't seen you since...yesterday. Loveth the dress, girlfriend. Okay, enough buttering up. Ready to buy now?"
So, the bottom line is you want someone to get to the point of buying something from your carts-choosing Hustle or Butter Up is the perfect set up. Hustle earns you 20 XP vs 15 XP for a Butter Up. Typically, you'll need to cue up 2 of those interactions before you'll see the Ask Customer to Buy. The Bribe $100 interaction? I don't know...I did it once just to check things out, but it seems like an awfully steep price to pay just to get someone to buy something. Good Traits and Fatal Flaws for a Merchant Compared to other Sims Medieval Heroes where you can make numerous traits work, for the Merchant-at least for me-it's quite obvious that Friendly and Haggler are the two standout no-brainers. You can't even ask a Sim to buy from the cart unless the Sim has a minor rapport with your Merchant, so the Friendly trait will save you gobs of time in the long run and will require less work to get to that point. The Haggler trait is your most important choice because you'll save yourself literally thousands of Simoles over the course of playing a Merchant for weeks. How much of a discount does a Haggler receive at the Village Shoppe? Well, for the average Hero without the Haggler trait, Whaling Harpoons cost an even $100 at the Village Shoppe. Ron was able to snag one for $80, so that's a 20% discount. Needless to say, when you're talking about really significant purchases like the Staff of the Watcher, the Whaling boat, and the foreign territory maps, that 20% discount results in quite a huge savings.


I think a great Fatal Flaw for the Merchant Puny because the Merchant cannot engage in swordfighting anyway. Assuming you do not seek out Mean socials and fights, you should see absolutely no ill effects from that trait with a Merchant. No red buffs - score!

Earning Money as a Merchant Things are quite a bit easier in the money department for a Merchant. Take my advice and purchase one or two expensive items from the Village Shoppe on Day 1 and put them in your stall. Go to bed, get a nice meal, do anything to cap your Focus and then open those stalls for business. Butter Up customers twice and then you should have the Ask Customer to Buy option - make sure it's green for a high chance of success. You make a nice initial profit and then you'll have more money to buy more items at the Village Shoppe the next time you go. It's really important you keep the most expensive items you can afford in the Stall. A cheap sale is a wasted sale where they could have bought something more profitable from you. Sort the shoppe's item list by price by clicking at the top to spot the most expensive things you can afford.
One of the nice benefits of your Merchant selling at the Market is a Made a Few Simoles buff which is long-lasting...+15 Focus for 11 hours. As your Merchant gains levels, the profit margin increases. Again, if we're talking about low cost items like grapes, etc, then you might not even notice a difference. But, for big ticket items like the Map to Effenmont, then the profit difference between a lvl 1 and a lvl 10 Hero is pretty steep. Push those Market sales every day for that 150 XP per sale and you'll gain fast levels and the profits will soon escalate.

Ye Olde Village Shoppe Bling Bling Items*: Item Treemancer's Staff Sturdy Lute Staff of the Watcher Whaler's Whaleboat Masterwork Lute Map to Gastrobury Map to Effenmont Total Cost $200 $540 $600 $640 $920 $1200 $2520 Total Cost = $6620 Profit = $3136 * Numbers are based on a lvl 10 Merchant with the Haggler trait. Note: I'm already aware that the most expensive items in the game are high end armor and weapons from the Blacksmith. These can be easily passed to a Merchant for sale. But, I did not have a Smith Sell Value $293 $792 $880 $939 $1350 $2400 $3142 Total Sales = $9796


in my Kingdom when writing this and I wanted to make this Guide as simple as possible and without multiple steps/Heroes involved. Additionally, I'm leaving it to the player to discover very profitable trades with foreign territories. Again, the list above is simple and will at least get you started with objects you can buy right off the shelf in your local Kingdom. But, there are many profitable trades you can learn of after spending some RP and aligning some territories. Have fun and set sail for the cha-ching.

The Market The Market butts up against the Town Square area and is perfectly located for the Merchant given his frequent trips to the Village Shoppe. Like all Heroes' quarters, the Market comes complete with all necessary objects to sustain your Hero-a cheap bed (replace asap for a better Well Rested buff), a cauldron, and an eating table. There isn't much else so I'd suggest adding some decor to boost Focus and maybe a wine cask to top off the tank after a meal and receive an additional buff. Daily Responsibilities The Merchant has a wide assortment of Daily Responsibilities and nearly all of them are performed right at the Market:

Open Stall for Business Are you kidding me? How about a bit more of a challenge? Well, at least your Sim still can't get experience from "Getting out of Bed" or "Breathing." Just click on one of your market carts outside and Open for Business. Assuming your Hero has not lost his arms from the Pit beast you're then good to go. All the coverings in front of the carts magically disappear and customers will start showing up - no matter if it's 3pm or 3am. Pay Taxes There's a Messenger Box conveniently located right in front of the market, ready to accept your contribution to the well being of the Kingdom. Compliment the Taste of Two Customers This is a Merchant specific interaction. Click on a customer and select the Merchant > Compliment the Taste social. "Wow, I love that new Caste Comfort Snuggie you're wearing!" Acquire 1 Wood Via Trading and Deliver to Carpenter Click on the boat at the docks > Open Cargo Hold. Add the items necessary for trading-in this case, you need cheese or mushroom to exchange for Crafthole's wood. Now click Sail to Trade. The Territory Map comes up...Click Crafthole, then Send Ship and off you go. Your Merchant Hero gains a small amount of XP during the trip. Open the Cargo Hold upon returning and move the wood to your Hero's inventory and deliver to the Sim that needs the item (look for a map icon). Note that for trading gems or wood you cannot stock up on the item to fill this responsibility later. Making the trade is a part of the Daily Responsibility. Acquire Gems Via Trading and Deliver to Jeweler The identical steps as above, but you'll be taking barley to Tredony for the gems. Butter Up Two Customers This is another Merchant social. Ask 2 Customers to Buy This can be tough in the beginning when you're getting your bearings straight with your Merchant. But, once you get a handle on things and his Focus is capped, the 1-2 punch of Butter Up and Ask Customer to Buy is

like taking candy from a baby. Remember the interactions should all be green which result in a guaranteed sale.

More on Trading Merchants are the only Heroes capable of exporting goods to other Kingdoms. They can earn more money than an item is worth by loading it into the ship's cargo hold and sending it off. Have a look at the Foreign Alliances page to see what countries import for Simoles, and a list of all the items they'll trade.

I got an email from Dennis Matthews, who had some interesting information to add about Merchants: "First of all a big thanks for all the info. This was my first time playing a Sims game and your site has helped me tremendously. I have recently made a ton of money with my Merchant and in the process I made my Spy, Doc, Smith and Wiz wealthy too. For example I bought 200 bottles of Pestilence from my spy for a few grand and sold them for $150,000. Then 200 strong health from the Doc for $133,000. You can also sell Mystic Grog from the Wiz but the returns are not as high. You can't however keep flooding the market with these items and get the same returns. On my second voyage I doubled to 400 but got less money then on my first trip. You have to be your own Sams Club to make big money by selling in bulk. Caution: I did the same thing with the Smith and bought 200 each of swords and armor to sell. Made a ton of money at the cost of queing up each sword and armor individually into the cargo bay. This was very time consuming. Thanks to your suggestion of sharing the wealth, my whale angry sim gave my merchant a ton of whale meat which she traded to get the starter money to buy the potions. Since the merchant is the richest and has the most yard space I had her buy all the cooking equipment, best chairs and tables. And with 600,000 bucks she can easily keep the town larder's stocked with every item. So there is always a place for my sims to get the best food. I've noticed sims take food from the castle larder so I only stock the market, wiz tower, spy room and barracks. After I finished my game I then sent my merchant to start a new kingdom - hoping she'd take her 600,000 bucks with her. No such luck - but she can trade unlike regular monarchs so she'll be wealthy in no time. So get on that ship and make some money!"


The Sims Medieval Peteran Priest Hero Class Guide

Popularity, Leveling, and Earning Money with the Profession
Hero Overview The Peteran Priest Hero Profession provides religion to your Kingdom in The Sims Medieval. The Peteran approach to faith is preaching salvation through love and kindness and is much different from that of theJacoban. Peterans confer with the Watcher and bring his will to the Kingdom. In this Guide to the Peteran Priest, I'll teach my fellow Watchers of the benefits Priests bring to your town, income generation through religion, and the special abilities of the Priest profession. Leveling the Priest With each level, Peteran Priests get a higher success rate in converting Sims through Sermons, Evangelism, and the Convert Sim to Peteran Faith social action. They'll also earn more money per day from their base salary. You will receive income at noon on all days but Sunday. While daily earnings start quite low, they will eventually rise to the hundreds of Simoles per day, giving the Priest plenty of money to spend on luxuries and food. One idea for spending his money in the later levels is to beautify the Monastery's main hall, improving the mood of Sims who visit and worship there. Earning Money as a Peteran Priest Priests can actually do quite well for themselves but need to keep up the work to make money. They can't hunt like the Knight, or collect ores like a Blacksmith. Their money comes from their followers, salary, and writing. It's especially important to seek more income in the early levels when salary is low.The primary method of making money is to give good Sermons. See the section on Sermons below for tips at gauging mood. During the off hours, they can also Write with the Watcher to create scrolls to sell which can be quite valuable. Unfortunately, selling at the Village Shoppe does not give more profit from writing. Either option will also generate XP, which in turn leads to salary hikes. Peteran Faith Popularity During Sermons or while Evangelizing, you will see a Popularity bar. This is a measure of how far the faith has spread throughout the Kingdom. Priests take an active role in converting souls and may accomplish this goal in a variety of ways. All are impacted heavily by level.
The most direct way of increasing popularity is to go about converting Sims one at a time. It actually makes a big impact, and is perhaps the most efficient method. We discovered this during a Quest that required the Priest to generate enough popularity to produce a miracle. it's generally very easy to do thanks to the constant stream of Sims into the Monastery. Evangelizing outside the Monastery can also convert Sims. Be sure your Priest's focus is high to improve his success rate. It is quite unreliable however, as only some of the attending Sims will be agnostic. The final way is to deliver good Sermons. Sims may be converted this way, but more importantly, Sims will not like it if the Priest doesn't attend

the scheduled Sermon. You may find some luck avoiding a popularity hit by scheduling sermons well into the future and continually doing so. That way, the Monastery is never flooded by disappointed Sims expecting to hear the word of the Watcher.

Peteran Monastery Your Kingdom cannot have the Peteran Priest until you've built the monastery. The building will bring +3 Culture capacity and +1 Knowledge Aspect Capacity to the Kingdom. The building comes with a Scribe Table, Podium, and Evangelism Platform which are all used for Priestly duties. Of course, they are also given basic amenities as well.
The Monastery will be frequented by Sims seeking religion and guidance. Often, you'll notice they act as though they own the place, even coming into the Priest's bedchamber to stand about and talk while he sleeps. This does get annoying, but when it comes to completing Priestly tasks, it's nice that they come to you.

Good Traits and Fatal Flaws for Peteran Priests Scholarly is good here, as it will give the Priest incentive to read the books that are available to him. I like Good for the Peteran as well. He's a holy man, and doesn't have a lot of room for ameneties in the monastery. He can get a buff donating some cash to the poor. I found Drunkard to be Ok as a Fatal Flaw, but it was very annoying how many people came to drink his stash. Putting it in his room begs for Sims to get blocked near the entrance. Cowardly is not a bad fatal flaw choice for the priest, nor Puny. Weak Constitution will also make a minimal impact on his daily duties. Priestly Activities Priests can do several different activities that are quite different from those of other Sim Heroes. This is a list of all the things unique to Priests of the Peteran faith.

Pray Click the Priest, and tell him to Pray. This will give the Priest the Watcher's Smile focus buffgranting +10 focus for 7 hours and give some XP. Sermons are delivered at the Pulpit in the Monastery's main hall. Click it to set a time in the future. Sermons can be given at 8am, 1pm, 6pm, and 11pm. If it is 8:01am, selecting to do a Sermon at 8 will have to wait until the next day, so your next option would be 1pm. During a Sermon, you will be able to select a tone. There are four total options: casual, humorous, somber, and insightful. The latter can only be performed if the priest has Studied with the Watcher in the hours before the Sermon. Level 10 priests are able to give Insightful Sermons without this study. Set the game speed to normal during the Sermon. If the crowd is booing, they're unhappy with the Priest's tone and it should be changed. Their mood seems to be random. Insightful seems to be the most effective. Laughter, even at somber Sermons will indicate a positive result. After the Sermon is over, the Priest will get some cash if it was well-received. Pray with Sim Clicking a Sim will allow this interaction. It will help to build the relationship between Priest and follower and grants XP. Convert Sim to Peteran Faith only appears if the Sim is not already a Peteran. This will help to raise popularity, which can result in better, more profitable

Sermons. Also, Sims of a similar faith seem to get along better. You should try to convert as many Sims as possible. The XP is great for such a fast action. Convert is heavily based on focus, so be sure to get some good buffs -- shoot for a little into the green so that the rating of the action is at least yellow. Don't even bother if it's red. Blessing of the Watcher This action isn't really helpful for most Sims, but is very helpful to fighters before they go into combat. If they should happen to lose with the Watcher's Blessing having been cast on them, they'll be revived when health drops to 0 and come back to the fight. Study the Watcher Studying the Watcher is done at the Archive in the Priest's quarters. Doing this before a Sermon will allow them to use the Insightful tone, which Sims are often very receptive to. A great way to ensure a good worship session for Sims in attendance. Write with the Watcher This action is also found at the Archive, and can actually generate some money for the Priest. It takes a couple of hours, but will result in a scroll that can be sold by dragging to the Simole box to the left of the inventory. I have seen several scrolls worth over 100 Simoles. It's a decent way to earn XP and make money when the Peteran isn't giving Sermons.

Daily Responsibilities As with all Medieval Heroes, Peteran Priests have two tasks each day, which appear at 9am. You're given plenty of time to complete them if you stay on task although it's not a bad idea to put them off for later if you have something more pressing to do. These activities provide good XP, but not nearly as good as delivering Sermons and finishing Quests. Completing them will prevent your Sim from being hit with a powerful shirked responsibilities buff which delivers a major blow to focus.

Pray with 2 Peterans They have to be peterans, so make sure the convert action isn't there. You could always convert them, then pray! Pray for 2 Hours total. Click the Priest to begin praying Write With the Watcher accomplished with the Scribe Table in the Priest's Quarters Convert 2 New Peterans Look for the interaction to Convert other Sims by clicking them, under the Priest menu. If it's not there, the Sim is already a Peteran. Evangelize for 2 Hours The Evangelism Platform is outside the church Study the Watcher for 2 Hours You'll need to perform this action twice on the Scribe Table, as it defaults to one hour. Deliver a Sermon This one is important to get to fairly early, as you are only able to deliver Sermons at certain hours and have to schedule the time for a point in the future. Do this at the Podium in the Church's main hall. Bestow Blessing of the Watcher on Another Sim Found under the Priest menu when clicking another Sim, this is an easy responsibility to complete. Reflect on the Watcher for 2 Hours Click the Priest himself to do this. While it may end early, just keep repeating the action until it's done. The time impact is cumulative.


Pay Taxes The fastest to complete by far, as there is a post just outside the Peteran Monastery. If you can't afford it, look for buffs to improve focus to minimize the impact of shirked responsibility. The price is based on your Priest's current Simoles and seems to range from 100 to 500. A hundred Simoles is a lot for a starting Hero. Just buy some boar meat instead to get a +30 good meal buff to offset the -20 of the shirked responsibility.

The Sims Medieval Doctor Hero Class Guide

Perform Surgery, Make Potions, and Earn a Living as a Doctor
Hero Overview The Sims Medieval Physician cures Sims of sickness and disease, and mends the many combat injuries that cripple the Kingdom. Their methods of healing are the stuff of nightmares, from the operating table that looks like a torture rack to the leech-on-yourface therapy. Like the Wizard, they can collect herbs from the land and use them to craft potions. The Physician will often perform Quests that can improve theWell-being of your Kingdom and eventually eliminate disease entirely from the realm. Leveling the Physician You'll get plenty of experience while operating on Sims, crafting potions, and researching at the Archive. However, the greatest amount of XP for a physician comes from the Diagnose interaction. It's fast, and nets a set amount of XP. What's more, you can use it on the same Sim over and over again to earn gobs of experience and make a friend at the same time. It's boring, sure, but if you want to provide your Kingdom with a high level practitioner early, this is the best way to do it. The Apply First Aid interaction works similarly. As they gain more experience, the odds that you'll successfully cure a patient dramatically increase. You can sometimes cure them without ever actually going to the operating table this way, but there's less money to be made that way. However, when it comes down to it, the operating table should never fail to cure the Sim if you do things just right. Earning Money as a Physician Doctors have no trouble making money in Medieval. They only need to perform surgeries to make some pretty good dough. Their living quarters don't exactly preclude a lot of luxury, so this will generally suffice. Another option is to collect herbs and sell weak curative tonics. I found salves to be a little less profitable. You aren't required to diagnose Sims in the waiting room. It's more efficient to select the operating table. Sometimes, if no one is available on the list there, you can diagnose and find an undetected illness to work on. The Clinic Building a Clinic will give your kingdom +4 Well-being capacity. The Clinic is one of the most cramped buildings in all of Medieval, and given the number of Sims who will visit daily seeking checkups and major surgery, it can get to be a bit of a headache. Relocating

the Archive to the operating room or upstairs is a good idea to give just a little more floor space to get around. It's also annoying when your Doc gets blocked in the doorway while trying to get there with only 2 hours left to do 2 hours of research. Inside this building are the aforementioend archive, an operating table, and crafting table. All three of these are required for a Physician to perform their duties in practicing medicine.

Good Traits for Physicians The Delicious buff from the Creative Cook trait can go a long way toward improving your Physician's focus for crafting potions (especially those that come up in tough Quests. Earthy will give them a buff while outdoors collecting herbs, which can go a long way toward moving that Quest progress bar. For a Fatal Flaw, Puny and Liscentious come to mind. I never had a drawback with Puny, and there is a Nurse in the office that could come in handy for satisfying the desire to kiss and woohoo all the time. Performing Surgery Once a Sim has been diagnosed, they will either have an injury or illness. Injuries require surgery and Illness/sicknesses require medication and bloodletting. Your patient will be put on to the frightening operating table and a small task will be presented to you: placing the right amount of leeches or delivering anesthesia.
Your goal here is to apply leeches or anesthesia until the arrow is in the gold region of the patient's blood or pain chart. Overdoing it can kill the patient in either case. You'll have a pair of options at first. Either one leech, or a few -- or mild/moderate anesthesia. Picking minor will move the bar down just a tick. Usually, you'll want to start with moderate. At level 5, you can use a gob of leeches or deliver major anesthesia. These are good choices if the bar has to move a lot to reach the gold zone. If it's just a little off after your first application, put one more leech. You'll develop a feel for just how much you need. Once it's in the gold zone, you can click medicate or perform surgery. Either one will result in the Sim being cured, at least partially. It all depends how messed up they were before they got there.

Heaven forbid you should fail and apply too many leeches -- the patient can die on the operating table, leaving the Physician suffering with guilt over the mishap. Worse, he'll have no malpractice insurance.

Collecting Leeches and Herbs Your Physician needs these two items to carry on their duties. Herbs and leeches are both used at the operating table. You can find leeches in ponds and streams. They'll appear as murky green bubbly areas. Bushes hold herbs, which must be discovered inititally, then can be picked daily as they replenish. There are about 9 herb spawners just around the clinic alone. You can find several Sagewort and Angelweed near the churches, and Sagewort and Lordleaf down by the beach where the lighthouse goes in.


Crafting Potions Each Potion the Physician makes requires ingredients found from herb collecting. We're working to make a list of all harvestable plants in the game. For now, here's a list of all potions and what level the physician needs to be to make them. Also listed are the ingredients required and a brief description of what it does. Potion Name Level Ingredients Weak Curative Tonic 1 3 Grassweed, 1 Valoroot, 2 Wildflowers 3 Bloodmoss, 2 Valoroot, 1 Wildflower 3 Bloodmoss, 1 Eaglewood, 2 Sagewort 1 Angelweed, 3 Grassweed, 2 Lordleaf, 3 Valoroot, 2 Wildflower 1 Angelweed, 4 Bloodmoss, 2 Lordleaf, 3 Valoroot ? Value Description $72 Reduces minor illness by a degree

Weak Health 1 Salve Drunk-MeNot Strong Curative Tonic 5 5


Reduces minor wounds by a degree

$120 Removes all negative effects of alcohol and delivers a powerful +30 for 16 hour focus buff $240 Reduces major illness by a degree

Strong Health 5 Salve Potion of Energy Sleeping Draught ?

$240 Reduces major wounds by a degree ? Restores about half a bar of energy and can perpetuate well rested buff. Requires Effenmont Loyalty


3 Belladonna, 4 Grassweed, 2 Nightshade, 1 Wildflower

$240 Sim falls to the floor but recovers no energy! May allow insomniacs to sleep...

When you have some medicine like a Tonic or Drunk-Me-Not, you can medicate the town well by clicking it. Drinking medicated water will give a Sim a permanent Cured buff for +5 Focus

Physician Daily Responsibilities

Diagnose 2 Sims - Click and Diagnose is under the Physician menu. They don't have to be sick, and you'll get the XP! Medicate 2 Sims on the Operating Table - You can usually click the table and a list of any Sims nearby with sicknesses will come up, without diagnosing them first. Successfully Catch Leeches 3 Times - I prefer a spot down by the mill. Don't bother searching the beach. Successfully Gather Herbs 5 Times - As I said, there are 9 herbs outside the Clinic. If they're gone, there are at least 10 around the castle grounds Pay Taxes - $100 Level 1-4, $250 5-9, $500 Level 10 Craft and Deliver a Weak Curative Tonic - Make these ahead of time and you'll only have to deliver them, easily completing this responsibility Craft and Deliver a Weak Health Salve - as above

Research Symptoms for 2 Hours - The interaction gives poor XP but is done at the Archive. Give First Aid to 2 Sims - Quick and easy, just click 2 Sims and find First Aid in the Physician Menu

The Sims Medieval Spy Hero Class Guide

Poisons, Leveling, and Earning Money With the Spy Profession
Hero Overview Spies are very unique Heroes in Sims Medieval. In this Guide to the Spy, you'll learn that the Spy has a unique ability to help offset early money problems, solid Trait/Fatal Flaw choices, as well as mastering the interactions the make the Spy a fun Hero to play. Leveling the Spy Venturing out into the game world early on to collect the necessary ingredients for potions isn't a bad idea and will yield experience. You can also sell extra ingredients that are not needed. Training on the Spy Quarters Training Dummy, crafting, pickpocketing, writing secret documents at the scribe table-all of these things will assist your Spy in leveling. Of course, the most important thing is to gun for that shiny Platinum Medal while using the Spy as a Hero.
The only unique ability/unlock worth mentioning comes at level 5 when a Spy can steal from a Messenger Box. How cool is that? James Bond netted $237 from his first attempt on the Messenger Box outside theThrone Room... So, aside from stealing from Messenger Boxes, increased Spy levels bring the typical benefits you'd expect - more combat moves and combat stances, increased chance of successful pickpocketing, better chance at crafting poisons, etc.

Earning Money as a Spy While most Sims Medieval Heroes are scraping by at the beginning, Spies have some nice abilities to make things easier. At the get-go, Spies have a unique interaction with other Sims - pickpocket. And the interaction is hilarious (well, the first couple of times it is) with the Spy swiping a large bag of money right from the unlucky sap on the receiving end. This is unquestionably your quickest way to offset low funds at the beginning as a Spy. Quite often you'll receive pickpocket amounts in the $120 to $150 range. Be careful with Pickpocket if the target is yellow. If you fail, there's a high chance you'll go off to the stocks. Raise that focus through good buffs and you'll improve your chances.
Another great income source is making one of the many available poisons and simply selling them if they're not needed for a Quest or Daily Responsibility. Like the Monarch, the Spy has Threaten for Money and Hunting options too.


Spy Quarters The Spy Quarters are not available until a Reception Hall has been added to the Throne Room (60 Renown required for that). So, if you're just starting your Kingdom, you'll need to knock out a couple Quests before you even have the Renown necessary to add the Spy Quarters. Once you do have the Renown and place the Spy Quarters, it will be tacked on to the right of the Reception Hall...
Your Spy walks all the way through the Throne Room and Reception Hall to his living area-kind of a time killer. But, as opposed to other Heroes' living quarters, one upside for the spy is he begins with a really nice bed that provides a better Well Rested Buff. There are 2 levels for the Spy - the cauldron and bed are on level 1 while the crafting table, scribe table and wine barrel are on level 2. Good Traits and Fatal Flaws for a Spy I chose Scholarly and Adventurous for my James Bond. Scholarly Heroes get nice Buffs from reading books and examining objects, netting the Read a Great Book and Fascinated Buffs. Adventurous Sims love to go on adventures, so it just seemed appropriate for a Spy. I sent James on a couple Adventures (making sure to do so when his Focus was already capped, so the option was green) and it resulted in a What a Great Adventure! +20 Focus 11-hr Buff. As far as Fatal Flaws go for a Spy, Drunkard isn't too bad. I mean the wine barrel is right there in the Spy Quarters, so let's get lots of use from it, right? (Hic...braaap) When I played the Monarch and chose Cruel he constantly was hit with Pent-Up Anger, but the Drunkard's Needs a Drink negative Buff does not seem to fire as often as Pent-Up Anger. I just made it a routine to have James Take a Drink before heading out and that prevented that Buff from even happening.

A Spy's Role in Diplomacy Spies can patrol seaways and roads to help improve diplomacy with the various Foreign Kingdoms. See theEdicts page for more information. Spy Activities and Interactions In the Spy Quarters you have a Scribe Table which you can click to Write Secret Documents, and the Crafting Table where you craft poisons. Here are the various poisons available

Vomicious Venom - A dialed down poison. Belladonna (3), Lordleaf (1), Seeds (2) Truth Tonic - When you've got to have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Belladonna (2), Grassweed (4), Sagewort (3) Pestilence Poison - Want to give a Sim something similar to the plague? Here you go. Belladonna (3), Bloodmoss (4), Nightshade (2), Sagewort (1) Preparation Potion - Leave the training dummy for the other dummies. Get Combat Ready from a bottle. Belladonna (1), Eagewood (2), Wildflowers (2) Rejuvenating Reagent - Too many swordfights resulting in fatigue? Get rejuvenated. Angelwood (1), Bloodmoss (2), Nightshade (1), Valoroot (2) Coagulating Compound - Instantly stops bleeding. Bloodmoss (3), Nightshade (1), Sagewort (2) Combustion Cordial - Give Sims that sought after singed look! Englewood (2), Grassweed (2), Seeds (2)

The Spy can also use the Tactical Map in the Throne Room and Pass Edicts. Here are some additional Spy Interactions:

Pickpocket Click on a Sim and you'll see the Pickpocket interaction in the list of Spy options. Try and make sure it's green or you run the risk of being thrown in the stocks. Eavesdrop This is only available if you click a Sim having a conversation with another Sim. You'll have good success at the Town Square and in the Throne Room where there always seems to be plenty of Sims talking. Swordplay Options Like the Monarch and Knight, the Spy has swordplay options, but again, depending on who the target is - you may or may not see those options.
After you choose a "combat stance" and the health and stamina bars pop up in the top left, you can click on your opponent and also choose a special "combat move" such as Mortal Blow (unlocked when a Spy hits level 5).

Daily Responsibilities The Spy has quite a list of Daily Responsibilities that the game chooses from:

Pay Taxes Just find a Messenger Post and drop your money inside. Feed the Beast The beast in the Pit of Judgment likes red meat, so hunt to get food for it. Make a Secret Drop Click the mail post box. Pickpocket Traveling Merchant This is another simple one to accomplish, just make sure your Spy's Focus is capped so the interaction has a green bubble resulting in a high chance of success. Break Someone Out of Stocks Prepare for frustration. You can be given this Daily Responsibility, have Focus completely maxed out, and even be at level 5 or 6 of the Spy profession and you'll still only have a Medium chance of success (yellow bubble). So, to be honest, I'm not quite sure why that's the case. It can be really tough because your want to avoid the Shirked Responsibility buff and if you do not successfully pick the lock, then the constable shows up and puts your Spy in the stocks! Eavesdrop on a Conversation As I mentioned above, the Town Square and Throne Room are good areas to accomplish this Daily Responsibility. Just click on a Sim that's having a conversation with someone. Pass an Edict This one is a bit odd. You'd think it would be a Monarch-only activity, but the Spy is also capable of passing Edicts. Click on the Tactical Map in the Throne Room and go through the steps outlined in the Monarch Guide. Craft and Deliver a Vomicious Venom On the 2nd floor of the Spy Quarters is the crafting table. Click on craft and you'll see the various potions a spy can make with the ingredients listed as well. As always, Focus is key - the higher the focus (and the higher the level of the Spy) the greater chance crafting a potion will be successful. Sail to Foreign Territory Click the ship at port and off you go. Press 3 Adults for Information Another funny interaction with your Spy whipping out his blade and putting it to the throat of a Sim -33

The Sims Medieval Wizard Hero Class Guide

Spell List, Runes, and Preparing, Memorizing and Casting Spells as a Wizard
Hero Overview Wizards in The Sims Medieval can cast spells and craft objects, while providing a magical means of approaching quests. They can make a wide array of potions and staves with collectibles they gather from herb and mineral nodes throughout the Kingdom. In this guide to the Wizard hero profession in the Sims Medieval, I'll provide step by step instructions for preparing and memorizing spells to cast later. You'll also find a handy Spell List that shows the rune combinations to all spells in the game. Even low level Wizards can cast the Flare spell, and high levels who did not do a specific Quest< can still get access to Beacon of Hope. I'll also explain the purpose and effects of the more mysterious magic in the spell book. Leveling the Wizard Scrying and Research are the Wizard's repeatable means of earning XP. Preparing spells will also give them XP -- perhaps the most per minute spent in an activity -- but it's the most tedious method. They earn ample experience from crafting potions and staves as well. Collecting herbs and minerals will also net them 10xp each. Increasing your Wizard's level will unlock new spells and craftables, while increasing their daily income. A level 10 Wizard will earn a salary of $529 per day. Levels 5 and 10 will increase the number of spells that can be memorized at once to a maximum of eight, while also granting additional runes that will unlock more powerful combinations. Quests provide the largest amount of XP, which is true for all Heroes. Earning Money as a Wizard Wizards can earn money by crafting potions and selling them through the inventory. Crafted items come with a higher price tag than the ingredients used to make them in most cases. Collect herbs and metals, turn those items into goods, and sell your excess materials. It's one of the easier means of making money in The Sims Medieval, and will earn you gobs of experience to boot. Collection points in the game do not change, so if you find a great spot, head there and collect everything, then cast growth to do it all over again. Mithral nodes will give you a lot of bang for your buck. Meditation, the Wizard's Sleep Wizards do not need to sleep in a bed to recover energy. Simply click the Sim and select Meditate. They won't wake up automatically when they've fully recharged, so keep an eye on them. It's not a bad idea to buy at least a cheap bed anyway, as just a few winks of sleep in a bed will provide the Well Rested buff, which will increase their focus. What is more, you can Meditate to regenerate the Well Rested buff and have it until your energy finally slips too low. Good Traits for Wizards Because of all the time spent outdoors collecting herbs and metals, the Earthy trait will help their mood whilst improving the rate that they get rare collectibles. They start with

a book shelf and can perform research, so Scholarly can provide powerful buffs to improve focus. Solitary is also helpful. The Wizard's Tower is one of the few buildings that Sims don't run in and out of all day, so they can get plenty of time to themselves. When tackling a Quest solo, they'll also get a positive buff for doing it all on their own. If you don't mind being wicked, give the Wizard the Evil trait and watch him cackle with glee as other Sims suffer for his pleasure. I find Misanthrope to be a good Fatal Flaw for the Wizard as they don't have to socialize very often. Uncouth is not bad either, and will rarely impact the Wizard. Most of their Quests don't involve a lot of socializing, anyway.

The Wizard's Tower The Wizard's Tower building will bring 4 Knowledge capacity to the Kingdom. Heroes visiting the Wizard's Tower will have the ability to buy several potions from the Wizard, including the potent Drunk-Me-Not. For the Wizard Hero himself, it comes furnished with their required objects: The Archives, Tome, and Crafting Table. It does not come with a bed, but should be furnished with one later. At first, your hero is expected to meditate to recover energy. Later, you'll want to invest in a bed to get the Well Rested buff. The tower features 3 floors, with the Tome and Crafting table on 1st, Living Quarters on 2nd, and Library with Archives on the third. There's not a lot of room to play with here, but you won't need to worry about a stream of Sims clogging up your rooms as the Tower is rarely visited. Spells Spells can be learned as soon as you know the rune combination, so I've provided a list of all spells in The Sims Medieval. You can look at a list of spells your Wizard already knows by clicking the Magnum Mysterium Tome in the Wizard's Tower, then selecting Study Spells. After you know the combo, click Prepare Spells to input the rune sequence, which must come in the exact order listed. At first, your Wizard can only memorize three spells. At level 5, this number jumps to 5. A level 10 Wizard can memorize 8 spells.Here are the recipes you'll need along with descriptions of each spell.Chaos Runes are unlocked automatically at level 10, and Order level 5. All Wizards start with Energy, Force, Light, Dark, Fire, and Air Runes. Runes are not something you have to find or will ever run out of. Runes are a magic combination to allow your wizard to prepare a spell for casting when they need it.
All spells cost energy, which is the replacement for Mana, a common gaming magical reserve. Be sure to input the Flare rune combination early. The spell provides a very helpful buff for improving a low level Wizard's focus, and isn't automatically unlocked with level progression so you can snag it at level 1.

Step by Step to Prepare, Learn, and Cast a Spell: 1. Click the Tome in the Wizard's tower and select Study Spells. This is just your reference list 2. Make note of the rune combination you need for the spell 3. Click Prepare Spell in that window or directly on the tome 4. Enter the runes in the exact order stated. If you have the runes for a spell below, such

as Flare or Beacon of Hope, you can use it! 5. If successful, the spell will be memorized. 6. Click Forget Spell to free up space when you want to replace it. You can only cast spells that are currently memorized. 7. Cast the Spell by clicking the appropriate target, be it ground, your Sim or a targeted Sim


Spell Name

Runes Required

Spell Description

Beacon of Hope Light, Energy, Chaos Beacon of Hope gives the target a +40 buff for 24 hours and clears all daily responsibilities. You'll learn the rune combo for this spell by freeing the genie in the 'Contents: Genie' Quest with a Wizard's approach. However, you can input this rune combo without freeing the genie. Your Wizard just has to be level 10 to have access to the Chaos rune. Beacon of Hope has a long, 24 hour cooldown so in multi-hero Quests, only one can get out of those Daily Responsibilities. Curse Energy, Dark, Force


Energy, Fire, Light

The Flare spell targets the casting Sim only. Flare will dazzle all Sims around with a positive buff, which also affects the Sim casting it. The Dazzled buff lasts five hours and gives 15 focus. Sims leaving the spell's area of effect will still have their buff until it expires. Flare appears in a Quest but doesn't require its completion to be memorized.


Air, Force, Order

Ghostly Music

Air, Energy, Order


Light, Energy, Air

Castable every 2 hours, Growth will bring back allplants and rocks in the area, allowing them to be collected all over again. Great for the valuable nodes like Angelweed, Mithral, and Sagewort.



Fire, Energy, Chaos

Magic Arrow

Energy, Air, Light


Energy, Order, Light


Dark, Order, Fire


Dark, Chaos, Force

Spirit Thief

Dark, Force, Air

The Spirit Thief spell will grant the caster one Soul Fragment. Soul Fragments are used in crafting new staffs, and the Sorcerer will often be called upon to cast this as a Daily Responsibility. The affected Sim will be hit with a -10 Focus Soulless Buff for 24 hours. The Telepathy spell will give a Sim a 4 hour Clairvoyant buff that delivers +20 focus. Handy, indeed. Teleport can be helpful to get from one place to another in minutes, however, due to the energy cost, you won't want to use this unless speed is important. Meditating afterward helps, but negates the travel time reduction. Another way to Teleport in The Sims Medieval is to Cheat.


Light, Energy, Order


Air, Light, Chaos


Dark, Order, Energy

Wizard Activities Wizards can perform a number of activities, which can help them to earn experience to unlock more spells and craftable objects. Two easy XP-generating abilities are Scry, from the Tome on the first floor, and Research at the Archives on the top floor of the Tower. Wizards receive a great buff from doing research, "Research Rampage" which gives +10 focus for 7 hours after studying for an hour. If they're scholarly, they'll occasionally get the Finished a Book buff which is even better. Scrying can generate random events that

will produce a buff when completed, positive or negative. Scrying itself will give the Sim a Prognosticating buff which lasts a couple of hours and gives +15. As Wizards need well water to craft some potions, they can cast the Overflow spell on the town's well to increase the Kingdom's water supply. They are not able to voyage on the seas or go on patrols like other Heroes, but can find valuable items while taking a Stroll through the Forest. Wizards can craft at the Smithy's forge, and may install one in the Wizard's Tower if you can make room. They can increase their power by forging better staffs.

Wizard Daily Responsibilities

Gather Plants or Herbs 5 Times - Gather these just outside the Tower. Don't forget Growth to help with this! Research for 2 Hours - Queue up 2 research at archives actions. Each should be one hour Pay Taxes Based on Hero level. $100 Level 1-4, $250 Level 5-9, and $500 at Level 10. Craft and Deliver Potion or Elixir - This one can be tough if you don't have the ingredients you need. The shop is always an option, but will likely destroy your profit for making the delivery. Cast Spirit Thief - It's not a bad idea to keep this spell memorized just because of how often this comes up Prepare two Spells - You can simply forget two spells, then prepare them all over again. If you know a combination, preparing spells that are already memorized will work as well. It's really easy and nets some XP.


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