Yashwanth Gutha

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PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY     Having 5 year 4 months of experience in developing web application using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and Photoshop. Exposed to develop the projects in SCRUM methodology. Excellent problem solving skills with good interpersonal skills. Quick learner having ability to meet tight dead lines and work under pressure.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  Working as Programmer Analyst for Congnizant Technology Solutions from September 2010 to till date working in AMEX project.  Worked as Sr. web developer for W3 Offshore development center pvt Ltd from October 2006 to September 2010.

QUALIFICATIONS Qualification BSC(Computers) Intermediate SSC TECHNOLOGY Operating Technologies Designing tools Markup Languages Web Designing Tools Scripting Languages Version Controls Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP,MAC OSx. Photoshop XHTML, XML Dream Weaver, Espresso, Zend studio, Aptana studio JavaScript, jQuery Sub version (SVN) University/Board Kakatiya Degree college, Nalgonda. Alpha junior college, nalgonda A.P.R.S, Nagarjuna Sagar Year of passing 2006 2003 2000 % Obtained 56 60 72

PROJECTS: 1. The dylan (CMS) Project : Content Management System. Client


Mendo, Nederland Web developer

echteverhalen Project : Client Role Url Description: : : : This site a intranet site to add stories which includes movies.nl This is about a professional training program for girls. image gallery with different sliding effects. Responsibilities:  Developed WebPages with XHTML. Responsibilities:   Developed WebPages with XHTML. echteverhalen Borish Web developer www.Yashwanth Gutha . makes the user to customize their website and created the pages dynamically by themselves which reduces the cost and time of the user to create his own website.yashwanth. Developed JavaScript effects using jQuery and core JavaScript.com  . Involved in UI testing. CSS.  . This CMS developed based on the regions and blocks concepts for this I used flexible CSS to change the content to any region or block. When it comes to development part it is having image mapping with a hover effects. Nederland Web developer www.echteverhalen.09666688735 Description: This is customized CMS. CSS and Jquery Involved in UI testing. we can post reactions to the story from front end. and I implemented different styles for themes. used tiny CMS developed by W3 Industries.nl  3. Responsibilities:  Developed webpage with XHTML.gutha@gmail. Intigrated and customized jQuery plug-ins. 2. Involved in UI testing. CSS.mae-twente. A CMS gives you direct control over the content on your web site. mae-twente Project : mae-twente Client Role Url Description:   : : : Haai.

gutha@gmail. Linc Project Client Url : : : : : : 8. CSS. ABN AMRO Project Client Url . Sliding menu.nl This site is about Open University Nederland. Involved in UI testing. Express Manager : : : Web order Kappa courier service.ou.nl ABN AMRO (Template) ABN AMRO.nl Linc Linc. Project Client Role  5. linc.com 7. Naderland www. wow-rotterdam Project Client Url : wow-rotterdam : : wow.wow-rotterdam.com  . Naderland. OU Project Client Role Url Description: : : : : OU OU Web developer www.Yashwanth Gutha .09666688735 4. Integrated and customized jQuery & mootools plug-ins. Naderland. Responsibilities:   Developed WebPages with XHTML. N level Horizontal sub menu with CSS. Web developer 6. abnamro.yashwanth. In this I Implemented jcarousel effect.

Estimation for project development time. tmr. vanrietontwerpers. Giving training to the trainee web developers.nl 14.com  .nl 19.Yashwanth Gutha . interpersonal. Web developer.yashwanth. was responsible for      Analysis of the Specifications and Design provided by the Clients.com 10.nl RESPONSIBILITIES As a Sr. learning & organising skills matched with the ability to manage tasks effectively.gutha@gmail. ethicalclassics.nl 15.nl 16.   Fast learner & having ability to work under pressure. hertogvangelre. eerontwerp. STRENGTHS  Strong communication.nl 20. cygnet-ecm. Good developing skills LANGUAGES KNOWN    English Telugu Hindi Age : 23 years PERSONAL PARTICULARS .nl 17.nl 12. architect-bna. paddockprinting. perfotube. perfoplug.nl 18. tapasmiro. Learning new technologies in Web Development as a member of W3 KRD(knowledge resource and development) and training other members.nl 13.09666688735 9. kappa. Maintaining a web developers blog internally.nl 11.

H. Vanasthalipuram.Yashwanth.com  . Hyderabad – 500070. Medical & Health colony. S/O: G.No: 5-2-123.gutha@gmail. Plot No: 17. Permanent Residence: India ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE . Ravindranath.09666688735 Date of Birth Gender Marital Status Nationality : 29th Aug 1986 : Male : Married : Indian G.yashwanth.Yashwanth Gutha .

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