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YEAR—NO. 11,420..

was in charge of an oflieer. 1 saw he he was not in control of her. Hg sang out that he had only one. seaman, so I had to manoeuvre a little to get him alongside. . By the time we had got the. lirst lot on board it was making day, and then I eaw about! me the rest, of the ooats. ( In the neighborhood also were /'about twenty icebergs, ranging from 150 to 200 feet high, with numer ous smaller ones, of the kind we call 'growlers,' running up to ten or twelve feet in height. We had all the people from the boats on board by 8.30. We were then verj- close to where the Titanic had gone down,- where .a .lot of wreckage, broken up stuff, but nothing large, was floating about." "How many lifeboats were there"


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Harry Thurlow V/ill Probably Lose His Eyesight as Result of Powder Explosion. •



Young Ladies' Awarded Prizes For Theip Admirable Efforts of Last Evening.

The, oratorical contest among mem- Councils' Fire Committee and ExWell Known Chester "Woman, DeHarry Thurlow, of 5355 Webster Proposed New Bulkhead, Pierhead bers of the Senior Class Of the Chester street, Philadelphia, and Albert Manperts" on Tour. and Range Lines. High School attracted a largo audi" clares Titaaic's Equipment Poor. uel, of 929 Madisou street, this city

Star Line Questioned in New York.


Life-Saving Facilities Were Grossly Inadequate—Crew Did Not . "We had fifteen boats.alongside ,of us Know How to Row. with passengers in I saw-one Say Sunken Sfaip Was Best That lifeboat close to the them. .which had ship been abandoned, because it .was in a Gould Be Built and Was Graphic, descriptions of the wreck of sinking condition. The occupants had been taken out by another boat. Two the White Star Liner Titanic are given Thoroughly Tested.,.
-v»W Torlr April -0.—A government inoulry into ,the circumstances attending t h a Titanic disaster, with a view of hx ns the responsibility for the greatest Urine tragedy in tho history of. the v-orld was begun 111 the TValdovf-Astrria Hotel yesterday forenoon and was rot concluded at s. late hour last night icted The inquiry, which is being competed bv Senator William Alden fannth. of jitchigan, ar.<I Senator Francis W Ij"ewJ.,ni1 of Nevada, is the beginning of _.. effort not only to establish responsibility -„ tU case under consideration, but ;Vto insure the safety of others- who n,av Have occasion to cross-the Atlantic, it the same time that the hearing.^ in rro-ress in New York. Isidor Ray»er! the eloquent and brilliant. Senator from Maryland, was delivering an - imm slo-^t philippic °n the floor o£ tha t'«.naie -rhamber in which he flayed the offers <>r tho White Star Line for their ftllure t» provide cnougn lifeboats to 11 •are lor all. their j^ei"j^"o-— in caso' of -. care ,for a..,d ineir passengers-,„.„.,,. Bruce iui - , . declared that James -Rrnca rat ; I-may *I'S manager director of the comranv wlm V.-HS on board the liner when rhe"foundered, was both a coward and i liai 31t> declared that Ismay found ! 'See o£ safety in one of the, lifeboats thi'» paid passengers on a ship of which L was an officer, superior in rank to tho certain, remained to die because t he rescal pnuipment o£ tiie steamship into provide succor for more of her passengers. Senof the'i>?teeni boats were of the collapsible kind, low fiat rafts with collapsible sides. -Each'" would hold from sixty .to'seventy-five comfor tibly.' We found one collapsible boat capsized among, the wreckage. We " "took the boats on.board, leaving some of them on our davits." Capt. Roslrom said that all the boats were marked "Titanic" and that they conformed to the regulations of the British Board of Trade. He did not know personally, .but he had heard that a.ll.the people on tha Titanic had been, supplied with life , belts. The depth o f / t h e - w a t e r at that point, he -would say, was over S.OOO fathoms. The last' message he received from, the Titanic • was that her engine room was filling. '. '

Steamer Arrives at Marcu,s Hook After Preceding Ill-Fated Titanic . • 43 Hours, After, having passed through the same 'field of ice .and sighting perhaps the very iceberg "upon 'which".-. the gigantic •steamship Titanic foundered just 4! hours later, the British steamer. ^Servla an oil tanker' from Liverpool, England, docked .at the wharf of the Pure Oil Company, ) Marcus Hook yesterday under the command <of .Captain Starck. Upon arriving In this port and being told of the distastrous accident that had befallen the Titanic, the commander -expressed surprise and astonishment: and' Stated 'that his vessel expperienced considerable difficulty in effecting a paseast. through'the same:ice field. An, excerpt, from the ship's logbook reads: ' ' "On April 12, at 7 o'clock A-, M., in latitude 41 degrees and1 58 minutes North, and 50 degrees 15 mlnutes'TVest, on "West bound track, r saw and passe'd through heavy field of ice that seemed to extend well south.'- Also saw, number of icebergs, large,and small, all around, and very dangerous to -shipping. When in the vicinity the temperature kept about 82-degrees for about .12'hours, or for a distance of 100 miles.. :Previous .to entering1 'this zone the temperature registered 64 degrees, and alter leaving it rose to 65 dgrees." . 'The figures and:date disclose the facl ..that the - 'steamer' successfully ^navigated ithe same- Icy -sea -that;,'proyed fajal :_to .thft, Iarge,st.r,steam5hip bailing ..jthe.Wh 'seaa?;" "WhilO- passing • through', • the • .-field Captain Starolc' sighted -the German steamship President:'Ciricoln, the British -steamship. Blbomfield and one of the Allan Line vessels, all bound eastward. His craft not-being, equipped-with tho wipsjess ho. was. entirely ignorant of the catastrophe until ho reached port. . Thinks Brother Was Lost. It is believed by John Canavan, a resident of Marcus Hook, that his brother, Patrick, .perished'when the Titanic foundered., 'Ho received a. letter from tho brother, informing ..him of his Intention to sail on the ill-fated liner and left for New Tork, yesterday to ascertain for himself: the fate of his relative. 'a,, Ganavan, wnu \ViiS a native or Queenstown, Ireland, was on his way to this country and; was to have resided with his brother at Marcus Hook,-who received a letter several , weeks- ago stating that Patrick would sail for-this country on the Titanic. upon learning of the great disaster, Canavan refused to be comforted, the news of the sinking of the vessel causing him to lose control of himself for a time and it was feared that he would not recover from the shock. Despite the fact that ,he,is ill, he left-Chester late last .evening for. New York. RUNAWAY BOY WRITES POLICE. Baltimore Lad Thanks Local "Cops" for Kindness to Him. . Chief of Police Vance received a souvenir post card this morning from William W. Carlisle, the youth who was -picked -up" in this city last week after he had run away from-his home in Baltimore, Md , and, who was subsequently turned over to his father, S. W.. Carlisle, the latter coming'to Chester for his son. The card is'graced with a ."picture of the Baltimore and Ohio building, a skyscraper in the Monumental City. Young Carlisle writes that he has resumed his position as a messenger in the. employ of the'B. & O. Railroad, and expresses gratitude for the hospitality show^i him by the, police authorities during his several days'.stay in this ,city.: The youth also wrote a pleasant letter, to Patrolman Ryan, who -took him. into custody and who entertained him at his home. HEARING IN BANKRUPTCY HELD. William E. Headley Elected Trustee in Wetherill Brothers Case. Tiie first hearing In bankruptcy in the estate of Isaac-Wetherill as an individual and as surviving partner;of .the Wetherill Brothers Machine - Company, was held recently before George E. Darlington, referee in bankrutpey. The creditors appeared to prove their claims. William B. Headley was elected trustee in order to glvo in the sum of JS.OOO., Joseph H.M-limuon represents^ receiver and Trustee." J. DeHaven Led-, ward is counsel for the bankrupt. Albert Dutton MacDade represents.a number of the creditors.. Another meeting - b0for« Referee'Darlington will be held on Dnday. May 3. '-. • • :' -.'. j^., SAILOR FELL DOWN HATCHWAY.

An "ricaa ii.rispniacncc,. a verdict, of fnurrtir -/.-a Icust manslaughter, would Tho l aet"^i number of survivors shrunk , v™t-ni«y »"* thc number;of those ^ in,, thHr lives was correspondingly , 'crPH-il Tlir revised figures given out vln^Jv' wrr. ; 703 saved and 1635. dead. ' Th,. v i'ln-«cs yesterday included James JWHL-O J.snra.-. 0. H. Lightoller^second officf-r o.i Hie Titanic; Captahi Eostron, nt tho rescue liner Carpathia: Thomas rotwiii. -Marconi operator on the ;"><! Signor ilarcoul, whose wire«s invcnllon made it possible for the Tltanio to send a call for .assistance over the watery waste.---General TJhler, rhiet of steamboat Inspectors, /acted as consulting expert..;' •'-.'."S;-: V »£i.-^-.^1s-i« Mr Ismay told .tho commlttBS oruio rare'that was taken in building the TItanlo to make -her absolutely safe.,. He des'-ril'-d tho tcsls that were made before nhe put Jn commission and said that , l h o nmniier in whk-h she lioliaved .on Ihat occasion bad exceedml all expectallons. Ho said lie had given no orders to Captain Hmilli 1o keep the ship at full FpeoJ. that ho Old not know she was In tho proximity ot icebergs and that he was asleep -when the collision occurred; Jle'was of Hie opinion that Titanic was (i-Hvoling «t a rate of about. "1 knots (3-1 mili'si ;in liour when the collision occurvcil, J l " uaiil that he remained on the liner until nil the women and children had. loft and that ho wag taken off in Ihe List boat. Second Officer Lightoller also described the trial tests that were made of the Titanic cfter she had been completed saitl that she was thoroughly in!-prdcd hy Captain Clark, of the Britl?li Board of Trade. He said that Capt a i n Clark insisted -upon seeing every 1'it u[ hfc-saving apparatus and all the liti'ljolis and -other equipment were liroujlR on deck and exhibited. The lifeboats worn also manned and lowered during the inspection and Captain Clark Jiad expressed his entire satisfaction "with r.verytliiiig. Mr. l^Khtollcr said lie had been advised that icebergs were In the vicinity and lh=t lie had so reported to First Officer Muivloek when tiie latter came on the bridge to take charge of the vessel. The remainder of his testimony was devoted for the most part to his personal experiences from the time the Titanic struck until slip, sank four hours later. , Captain Kostrom, of tiie Oarpo.tnia, told t'f receiving the wireless call of aid from. tiie Titanic, and of starting at once 10 ofsist her. He said in part: "As soon, as I recuHsu tin;, Tilanic's 'neijsase, I immediately save orders to '"rn the ship. "I asked our operator "wka if lie was absolutely certain as to 'he origin of the distress message^ and "Don receiving assurances picked up a J'Qiiit on. our course and set a course 10 north f>2 degrees west, true fifty"Jisht miles from my position. "
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by Mrs. Emma Ward Bucknell. for many years a resident of Seventeen!! and Walnu't streets, this city, who was> a passenger on the ill-fated ship. Mrs Eucknell is the widow of the late Wll Ham Bucknell, founder of Bucknell College, and a. sister-in-law of Garnett Pendleton, president of the Cambridge Trust Company, Fifth and Marke: streets, this city. Mrs. Bucknell was seen at the hom< of her son-in-law, Samuel Wetherjll Twenty-third and Spruce streets. She told her "story in a collected fashion, b'm with arii occasional nervous movemen: of her" hands across her eyes as though trying to £lot from her, vision some o: the terrible scene's through which she passed. She was one of the first to get into 'a lifeboat and leave the doomed Titani and one of the last to be. drawn aboarc the Carpathia. She and her companions had rowed over a wind-tossed sea ii freezing air for hours and were ten miles away from the spot whero th HneV sank before llic Carpathia was, . sighted. . • •"I was asleep in my cabin when the crash came," "said Mrs. Bucknell. cannot explain just what the. noise was like,, except that it was horrible ant sounded like a mixture ;of .thunder and explosions. "In a moment there was a .roaring sound'and I knew that something seri bus was the matter. The corridors filled jrapidly with : frightened * passen gers and then the stewards and" officers came, reassuring us .with^the announce ment that everything was'all right and that-'only'a small hole had been stove in the bo w.' "As I stepped out o£ my-stateroom I saw'lying before me on'the floor a nuro .ber of fragments of ice-as,big ; as my fists.' More was crumbled about the porthole,'and it flashed over me at once just what had happened. "'We have hit an iceberg,' I said to my maid, 'get dressed at once.' - We hurried 'into our clothes and I took the precaution to.get:fully dressed.'.'. So did. my maid. I even though to wrap myself in my warm .'fur coat, for even then I felt sure we would- hav'i to take to the lifeboats. Something : told' mo ^ the damage was greater than we ha'dibeen told. ' '

<jry kind. The purser and the stewIs were deputed .to assist with the •.-^Ption of survivors on. board and jncir disposition, a.nd orders were issued '" Hecp our Kter.rage passengers ctear -•--1' ""i ,-,Lt;i-.i«hc pH.Hscngers c*a "t the docks $„ that they would not 'W .'" tiie xvay when the survivors wcr0 ^">vea. .The chief steward was also ordered to have coffee, tea and soup • ea «> m the dining .saloons, and also Austrian Aboard Steamor Franconia 'o nave, blankets there and on deck. My Injured and Hurried to Hospital. give* n"d aU the offlcers cabins were An Austrian sailor : on board the up, 'witn. 'tli& ' ti)Tiin{£ TOOTH tind steamer Franconia, docked 'at' the Fay•-omi "S r°°m' t0 the use of tnosc 'ette Manufacturing/Company's plant at the foot of -Welsh street; was seriously .v - the fifty-eight miles in Injured ' this morning by falling; down a Ilalf hours thi - T t was at 2.40 the hatchway. He was hastily "moved lnad<> on iiT"6port - a flare a-1*0"! half a point to, the Chester! Hospital in the ambun. tne bow, which we lance. iiff) T1 T tanlc Uself " Th° "Sl't ' f" i *as almost sure the FUNERAL •QF__MRS. JENKINS. must still ha afloat. It was a, l(ttle aftWe ma de out a our -P iceberg on West End Wo'man Will Be Buried from "ov.: Between 2.4S and 4 we VI* Late Home Monday. 4 The funeral of Gertrude, wito of K. wa, '!?nI?e,Srst b°at f ™ m the .TitanleV aWc b t Just h6fori5 snUln ^n "t TT - <" K S. Jenkins, who died Thursday, will tako place Monday afternoon from her residence, 1808 West Second street InterBergrs. ment will bo mado in Cheater Kural inc. tiratiiboat, which I picked Cemtcry. , i
*^'f th» I^Pfl.-o t:,* thof *V.«.. ...A..I-J _. •- , „ ..


'utes.aater when a 'steward walkei .briskly down the .corridor, ..calling to. tin passengers who had retired again tt hurry into their-clothes and get on deck at once. I could see by -this mail's drawn and haggard -face.that something dreadful had happened.. ' Cowards Driven. Sack. . "There .was very little confusion on the deck. . Once a group of men shouted that they would not be separated from their wives if it became necessary to take to lifeboats and made a rush to find, accommodations for "themselves The. captain seemed to straighten -out his shoulders and his face was set .with determination. , "'Get back there, you. cowards,' he roared. 'Behave yourselves, like men. Look at these women. Can you not be as brave as they?' "The men fell back and from that moment there seemed to be a spirit of resignation all over the ship. Husbands and wives clasped each other and burst Into tears. Then a few minutes later came tho order for the women and children to take to the boats.. ."I did not hear an outcry from the women or men. Wives left their husbands' sides and without a word were led to the boats. One little Spanish girl/ a bride, was the only exception. She. wept bitterly and it was almost necessary to drag 'her into the boat. Her husband went-down with ."the ship. "Right here I want to.sajr something about the utter unpreparedness -of. the Titanic for a shipwreck. The lifeboats were so bungllngly .fastened to the davits in the first place that it was hard work to get them free.. Half the" collapsible boats were so stiff that they could not be opened and were useless. Those that were not already-opened and ready for use were unavailable also for none on board seemed to understand how they worked. ,' "Hundreds more could have been saved if these collapsible boats had worked properly. "One of,the lifeboats had a big hole in the bottom. A plug had fallen out,.I believe. -When it was loaded and .lowered over the side into the sea it began to fill at once. At this point the fifth iifficer proved "himself a hero. .-Women in the leaking boat were screaming with fright and tearing off their clothing in wild and fruitless efforts, to, plug up the hole. ' , -. "The boat filled to the gunwales before any'were saved." The. brave fifth officer to my knowledge rescued 19 of the women in this boat, some of whom had fallen over the side into the sea. It was finally hauled alongside and -eplugged, loaded and relaunched. "Nothing impressed mo more about the whole terrible affair than tho absolute absence of panic. They tell mo that something of a panic ensued after out .boat bad pulled away, but I do not know anything about it . "We rowed all night. I took an oar and sat beside the Countess Do Bothe. Her maid had an oar and so did mine. The air was freezing cold, and it was not long'before the only man that appeared to know anything about rowing commenced to complain ;that, his hands were freezing. A wcima.n back of him handed him a shawl from about, her shoulders. ... • *•-.'• , "I took It, sat beside-him-and wrapped my hands with his, and we pulled together. . ' - - ' . - , - • ' ' - • • • • • • Saw The Titanic Sink.-• "As-we rowed we looked ;'back-at the lights of-the-Titanic.-..There'• was. nota sound'from her, only the.lights ;began get lower and lower, arid finally she <=anl*. Then we heard 8. muffled explosion and a dull roar caused by the great suction of .water. As we passed over the spot where the. Titanic had gone down we saw nothing but a sheet'of yellow scum and a.solitarv log. There was not a body, not a thing to indicate that there had been a'wreck. TUe sun-was shining brightly then and wo were near to th» Carpathia. ' i

ence last evening to the assembly room of the school on West Ninth street The prizes wore'handsome silver cupr DEFECTS WERE SOUGHT awarded by the Spectrum, the Hlgr School paper, to tho winners. The firs Board of Trade Active in Endeavor- prize way awarded to Miss Ludwig Examination of Fire Alarm Telegraph Made to Assure More whoso subject was "Socialism," and ting to Secure Improvement for tho second prize was secured by Mis? Efficient Service. Ruth Spencer, whoso topic was. "What City of Chester. Is Literature?" The other speakers and .their SubAn ofhcial inspection, of. the GameAt the recent meeting of tho Board jects wore: Miss Catherine Wolfe •-'The Ba«n of Universal Arbitration;' well lire alarm system was made yesof. Trade, Samuel J. Coohran. formerly Presecretary of the organization, gave Miss Eliza Ulrich. "College Girls "Thoterday afternoon by members of tha. ferred;" Miss Ivathryn Walker. some valuable information reUitivo to Funeral of the Maine;" Miss Daisj Firo Committee of City Councils, ex^ the proposed changes to bo made in Srnedley. 'Arbitration Treaties of In- ports sent here fcy tha Gamewell comtha bulkhead, pierhead ancl range lines ternational Peace." The judges were- pany, representatives of '. tho Beacon Iha Rev. Frank along the Delaware river between 13d- thoMrst Baptist MacDonald, pastor o Light Company and City Solicitor A. ' Church; Mrs. Edward dy'stone and Marcus Hook> He stated C. Burton and School Director Frank A. Coohran, the delegation being accompanied by City Clerk Charles B. .that several nicotines wero held in this L. Campbell. •. •;.•"'•The prizes were presented by Schoo Mould. The test wag made In accordcity under the auspices of the governmentengineers.-/'but as far us he was Director Frank L. Campbell, who in ance with the arrangements formed referring to the diniculty.of selecting able to learn, no report had been made the winners, stated that Miss Smedley by the Fire Committee last -week for concerning the navigation project by was. deserving: of special, mention tha purpose- of ascertaining tha real Major Deakyne. He believed that i Professor .T. G. E. Smedley. prlnclpa cause of the defects shown In the HEW was one of the- most serious questions of the. High School. pressed and In- system, and with tha view of gaining troduced the speakers. the which faced Chester and asked tha judges were deciding- on the While win- n. clear Insight In tho workings of prize something be done to have a report 01 ners, Miss Marcaret Crowther. of Up- the electric method of sounding /ire tho project filed as speedily as. pos- land, rendered several vocal solos, with alarnis. The committee, headed ty Cralrmau , chorus by members of the Junior Class sible. John K. Hagerty and accompanied by 1 This city, he added, is so far remov500 ATTEND ANNIVERSARY. Theodore Torrey. chief sales agent ot ed from the, channel that the- cost of extending the piers of the local indus- Forty-fir<st Yearly Celebration of Moo the Gamewell company and one of the company's engineers, Honry Held, met I trial, plants to deep water line by the oponaca Tribs a Success. manufacturers is almost prohibitive Nearly five hundred persons attended at tho City Hall shortly bpfora 2 o'clock « The various industries Located, along the forty-first anniversary of tho Moco and after a, brief conference, went to FRAUDS ATTEMPT TO the Rranklln Fire Company's" headthe river front,, he sajd. asked for com-, the of the bulkhead line .200 ponaca Tribe, No. 140. Improved Orde: COLLECT FOR CHURCH 'feet extension the• river and that tho of Red Men, in their headquarters. Cut- quarters, where, according to a sonicplaint which had been made, "out'into pierhead line be extended 600 feet by ler's Hall, Third and'Kerlin streets, las* thing- was wrong with tfco Instrument ^ Alleged Impostor's Sought Prey Upon the -overmnent. If these two im- evening. The rendition of several vo which records the alarm.*' Chief Engiprovements are. made Chester will U cal and instrumental selections, reclta neer Slater of the Fire Department had Fifth Ward People Yesterdayplaced on tho deep water channel line tions and brief addresses by the mem- been instructed to notify the fire com- J , No Arrests Made. ponies of the test and to send in two J.--.Craig,, Jr.i president of tha board bers .were features. * informed the members that Major James M. Smith, Past Sachem, dc taps by hand from box 12, located at Catholic residents in various parts Deakyne had told him and severa livered. the, opening, address, and spolti Third and Market Streets. This was" of the Fifth ward were solicited by other citizens of Chester that the mat- of tlio rapid growth of tho tribe, stating done, the test being recorded correctly a couple of clever Individuals :yester. ter was delayed on account ot his that forty-one years ago last eveninf all over tha city with tne exception of day,;who sought funds for the exten right-hand -man bein<-. removed from it had been organized with six pas at tho Franklin engine house, ^whoro sion oC.the Diocesan Missionary cause his office, having been transferred to sachems three chief degree members am the song troublo was located, and will ' Th« whlstlo~ at tho^ " one of them claiming- to be a valet to Philadelphia. His new assistant was forty pale faces, and that the presen be remedied. thsiRev. AIv'ahrH. Doran, who recent- not intelligently acquainted with the membership Is now listed at 178 mem- Beacon Light Company's riiant blew ly conducted the Lenten Retreat ii proposedi improvements to be made .in bers in good standing. The lodge, is ir two blasts correctly and-the same testt this section and It was necessary for excellent,financial condition, there bo was made a second time, Chairman' St. Michael's Catholic church. Among those -who -were approached . him to study the project, thoroughly foi ing- the snug Bum of $4903.74, in thi Hagerty calling up each, engine house " by the men were Mrs. John Ounion, a several weeks before starting to work treasury, an Increase of $1388.47 during in the city and" Inquiring whether tho various instruments had recorded, tho " widow of-627 East Ninth street, an( on the .preparation of the :blue prints. test again. Ho learned-that they hadr > A resolution, presented by Mr. Coch- tho .last 11 years. ' Mrs. Eugene A. Glenny, of 625 -Eas The (CONTINUED ON SDCTK PAGE.), ." *~ Ninth street. Mrs.-Dunlon -described ran, authorizing President Craig to In- dered: following program was ably ren solo, Thomas Knowles; remarks the man as a' dark-complexioned In terview the proper representatives : chief of K. P. S., George E.-Wright; re- SEWERS CLOGGED ~*" ' • ' dividual about . 30 years, of aga at from this district for the purpose o:" tired In a black suit. He appeared to agitating the project and keep up thi citation, Miss Mabel Roan;' cornet and be a stranger. .Later, in tiie day, it agitation until the river improvements trombone duet, Lawton and Walters 'WITH REFUSE * was learned " that another individual proposed are completed, was adopted solo, Benjamin Price; recitation. Mis; President Craig will request State Mabol Roari; solo, B. Montgomery; soloi also'idark-complexioned.-but wearing a Cans, Boxer, Sofa and Roll of Cmrpet light suit, nad been working the same Senator'William C. Sproul and Con- T. J. McFadden. Following: tho entertainment refresh Found By Workmen—Boya \ game among residents on Green street gressman Thomas S. Butler, on behalf-, of, the Bcwrd,. to use their, influ- merits consisting of Ico cream and calti It. is believed that they did not flnfl many Blamed, ence Iii furthering the, were served. •victims,"- as • the parishioners had recently .-been warned by the missionary pletion. Workmen. In the employ of tho City, from rSt Michael's pulpi t ot the, actOBJECTS TO FREE ADVERTISING Highway .Department, who were!en- TEACHERS' INSTITUTE MET. ivity of one or more men, who, It was gaged in cleaning out, tho catch-basin , suspected,' were working a similar .Traction Company Dislikes Methods o sewer In the First and Second w^rds game. Father Timmins pronounced the Chester Public School Instructors Helc ,.*„..-..'»'.•• •-yesterday and the day before, expert-^ .Patrons.- »,t-,i.,men impostors.^ j v, ;;, ^ ,;»_j<~;--('-i.'>»* In consequence o f ' t h e boldness o cnced considerable trouble In handling ' The monthly business meeting of th the refuse owing to the large quanWEST "THIRD STREET PAVING Chester City Teachers' :; Institute ' was the committee members of certain so tity of foreign debris wjih which, the cial organizations in this city In pastlnj sewers were clogged. Cans, paper and 'Property Owners Between the Square held'yesterday afternoon in tho Larkln stickers advertising- dances and.othe: wooden boxea, rags and old shoes Grammar School, ' Broad and Crosbj functions on the windows of the loca and various other obstacles prevented and Concord Avenue Interested. streets, and was attended by most of the sediment conveyed-by the street Property owners and i residents o: the teachers of the local public schools trolley cars, the management of th water from settling nroperly, with tiie West Third'street between Market Southern Pennsylvania Traction ,Coin result that the traps wero filled up Superintendent Thomas S. Cole pro Square and Concord avenuei are very sided, and addressed the teachers on pany lias issued orders to the conduo nearly to the cover. Highway Commissioner Robert "Wat-. anxious to sea that part of the main a variety of, subjects pertaining to tors to maintain a watch for the offendThe objectionable matter rovealed thoroughfare paved with wood blocli their work. The report of the last an- ers. identity of tho parties publishing It, son stated, to a reporter for tho Times the that this unnecessary congestion, or somo other good material to cor- nual Institute was reviewed and dis- nut they disclaimed all knowledge <s\ caused by tho mischlevousness and respond with the rest of the street. In cussed, and the reading of «-n inter- the matter.; In other cases, it was no- carelessness of Young America, had its present condition the street la ir, esting essay on history followed. ticed when the care were being inspect- necessitated emptying the:catch-baslns a bad condition and the improvement ' Mr. Cole also gave a talk on tho ed in the car barns, Fourteenth street at least alx times In tho past few would bs one of the best that could teaching of gebgraphv and history, ex- and Edgmont avenue, that cards adver- weeks to avoid the ovenlows that the be • made from a business and prog- plaining in detail the most important tising various entertainments had been recent heavy rains would have caused ressive standpoint, according to their points of both studies.; A. feautre.of inserted in sleight-of-hana fashion un- on account of this "condition/ Mr..Wat r way of thinking. Many of tho proper- the meeting was singing t>y a. chorus der the metal strips that hold thd rail- son said a roll of carpet was recently ty owners,are so. anxious to see the of sixty voices of the junloz_c,lass of way advertising cards on the arch, of found In one of .the inlets, and that street paved that they are willing • to the High School under the'directlon of tho. car walls. everything from a baboball to the ; pay their share of' the', expense. As Miss VIda St. Clair Smith, supervisor wreck of a sofa has been found at; difit now stands the street has an un- of music in the public schools. ferent times in cleaning out tho. mains. TRACTION CO. ENLARGE SCHOOL. finished' appearance. AWNING AFLAME LAST NIGHT. TWO RUNAWAYS IN NORTH END. ^ MAY BE PRIVATE DETECTIVE. Many Attracted By Small Fire, on Place of Learning Will Be Also Adapted to Lecture Room, . No Serious Results. Occurred Pursuant" Market Street. ' to Actions of Frigliltned Animals. Tenth and Madison Streets People Owing to numerous requests from Although the fire was small, the ex- scientific organizations In various parts Suspicious of Man. Pedestrians : ln the upper section, of Residents in the neighborhood of citement , was Intense in front of of the city and county, which desire tho city .witnessed two runaways.ThursTenth and Hadison streets In the Sec- Smith Brothers' shoe store, 602 Market to Inspect the new- electrical operating day afternoon that might have resulted ond ward, are auspicious- of the pres- street, about 9.45 o'clock last night laboratory in the carbarns of the mora seriously than they did if at had I ence and actions of,a strange individual A pedestrian discovered that awning Southern Pennsylvania Traction Com- not been for the presence of. good horsc; , flames. alarm was that has been loitering in that yiciriltj was in City Hall An Night Desk sent pany. Fourteenth street and Edgmont men on the scene of the attempts. Ttf ^ by Serfor the past flve evenings. The man ia at the Murphy. The firemen promptly avenue, which was described in detail first took place on Bast Flftfienth. streei. geant described' as an individual of about 30 responded to the alarm, but did not in the Times of Thursday, the manage- front of the parsonage,of ^tlie , years of age; dark complected, and fair- go into service as the blaze was ex- ment o£ that company is contemplating ly well dressed. Sinoe he "does not ap- tinguished when they arrived. Heat the enlargement of the school for this Hmmanuel Baptist Church, when a. pear to be a. desparado exactly, some purpose. While the accommodations of horse attached to a wagon flf Charles people hava preferred " the ' suggestion from the high-power gas light in front the new school are ample for instruction P. Cass, a butcher, of Tenth and Upland of the storei it is thought by the austreets, took fright at a car of the Philthat he, may be a prlvato detective. thorities, fire. Patrolmen ,rarposes, no provision was mad» for The Incident was reported to the police Ryan and caused he kept the crowds the accommodation of lecture parties. adelphia Rapid'Transit Company. SkilDonaldson ful handling on the part of the driver yesterday afternoon,, however. of curious people from blocking the Superintendent Hailman said that the broke tile speed of .the steed before hia sidewalk during the excitement Tho work of enlargement would . b» . com- antics became eventful. TO L2CTURE TO SCIENCE CLUB. awning was destroyed. menced in the course of a few weelca. In the other case, a horse attached to Prof. Kaissr, of University of Penn- CITY HALL LOCK-UP FUMIGATED. TO OBSERVE '<FEDE:RATION DAY." a huckster's wagon?. said to balong to Charles Clark, , of SOG Uplaud. street, sylvania, Will Speak. took fright in th'e absence of tho driver George B. Kaiser of the University Health Officer McDowell Superintended New Century Club Will ObseiV» Event at one of the freight moguls of the' Work Don* Yesterday. Next Thursday. of PeniislyvanJa, will, deliver a scientific Baltimore &. Ohio Eatlroaa Company, "Federation Day" will be observed which was. passing the local station, The city lockup was thoroughly fumdiscourse on '<Wifd. Flowers • and Their Haunts", before the members of the igated yesterday morning under t by the members of tho New Century juat before . 4 o'clock. Tho animal.; "Afternoons With Science" - -club, In personal supervision of Health Officer Club in their headquarters, Library started on 11 -run up Edgmont avenue, i their headquarters in Edgmont Hall, MacDowell. After an unavoidable de- Hall, East Broad street, next Thursday DUf was-headed of£ before. any damage | above Welsh street. Monday afternoon lay in securing a plumber to do the liad resulted when it had run-a. few I. at 3.30 o'clock. The lecture will be Il- work the closets in the lockup wero all afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mi's. Samuel squares. Fortunately,, there wero no j lustrated with stereoptlcon slides, and repaired recently. The interior of the Semple, president of the Pennslyvania children in the ro,id, and no accldenla | State Federation; Mrs. Howard Warren, actual botanical specimens. local jail was. cleaned in a thorough of Fed- marUeU the episode. / manner Wy Janitor Frank Green before presidentand the New Jersey Statepresieration; Mrs. John Robinson, LIBRARY DIRECTORATE MET, fumigating process began. the dent of the Delaware State Federation, WAS ARRESTED ON RETURN, j ' will the principal speakers the West End,Institution Manifests Girow- HEARING IN HANNA WILL CASE. day. beThe Literary Committee of the Wife Has Hotel Clerk Arraigned on ' of ing and Healthy Condition. Club lias arranged a munlcal postludc, Non-Support Charge, A regular meeting of the Board of John M. Broomall Hears Testimony at following which, there will be a general Joseph JUichacl, formerly, a. clerk at O. B. Dickinson's Office. reception in charge of Mrs. W. S. Grant Directors of the West End Free Library, the Swan Hotel, Fourth' and Market and Mrs. Charles R. Long-. Fourth and Jeffrey streets, was held in .Another hearing was held yesterday streets, who left this city suddenly tho auditorium last evening. The re- in tho contested will case of the late SCARLET FEVER DEVELOPES. several weeks ago. was gix'en .a hearport of i tho librarian disclosed that the Elizabeth Hanna, of this city, before ng Thursday night before:. Alderman month was a very successful one from the examiner, John M. Broomall, in tfie Vliss Ida Helms, of Ninth and Jeffrey Smith, of tlic Third Ward, on. the charge the standpoint of book circulation, there office of O. B. Dickinson, in the Gibson of deMCrtlon siiifl non-support, preferred Streets, the Victim. having been 2,217 volumes, while 200 julldlng, who represents the proponents Owing to a. case of scarlet fever in >y his wife. Jlrs. Florence Michael, of. new books were addud to the shelves. ' and George M. Booth, the! executor. AlWelsh street, near • Fourth. He .was bert Dutton MacDadc was present at the family of one of the pupils of the held under 5300 bail,for court; Michael; the hearing as the representative of Dewey School. Third and Morton was taken into custody shortly afterDischarged With Reprimand. • Charged with, driving a team without the contestants. streets, the building .was closed yester- returning to Chester. a, light, William Jackson, a negro, was day and lhe\healtli officer commenced arraigned before. Police Magistrate El- HELD QUARTERLY CONFERENCE, early this morning to fumigate tho THOMAS A. RILEY BURIED, liott this morning.. He was taken into rooms. 'Miss Ida'Helms, of Ninth and ;ustody by Patrolman Padget Tho ev- Th» Rev. Burriss, District Superinten- Engle streets, contracted ' the disease West End Young Man Buried at t-awn idence showed that Jackson drove a and the home was immediately nuarandent, Presided at Trinity. Croft Yesterday. team belonging to R. R. Millbourn. The , The'first quarterly conference ot the tined. The funeral of Thomas A. Rlley, the accused, man was'discharged with a repnew year was held last eventes; at rimand. TURNER APPOINTED INSPECTOR. youns man who died Monday at the Trinity M. 'E. Church, of which Rev. home of Martin Ford, 223 Engle street, Samuel Mcwllliams is the pastor. The -ormer Mayor Made Inspector of occurred yesterday morning." High Death of Mrs. Ellen Slevin. Rev. B. B. Burriss. D. D., district presiEllen Slevin, widow of Lawilass of Reauicm, was said In the Curbing and Paving. rence Slevin, died this ;rnorningr at: her dent, was in, attendance and conducted Scir.uel B. Turner,'former,Mayor »nd Church of the Resurrection, Nnith itreet 'and Highland avenue, at 8~>o ijome, 730 West Sixth strtet. The fu- ;he business., Reports tv^re received neral will take place Tuesday morning rorii the .various organizations of the resident of Select Council, has secured j'clock. Interment was made in- St. ,t 8.30 o'clock High MMS will be cel- church and' Sunday school,.'and -they a. position as. inspector of curbing and Anthony's Cemetery, AJler, Pa. The ebrated at the Immaculate Heart Church wet-o of an encouraging- character. >avlng, a-, new appointment recently ore- rip from this city, xvas; made In tho ; at 10 o'clock and interment will be mad« \Iost of the business considered <was of lied. The new inspector has been on arge funeral car of the" Lawncroft , duty for several days and his appoint- Cemetery. routine nature. , " _ . , I n the ImmacuUteiHeart Cemetery, ment will no doubt bo confirmed by;So Hotel ^Improvements. ect Council a t ' t h e next meeting. THE WEATHER. Polish ;Man Held for Court. Patrick McNichoI, who conducts John. Bulka, a.. Polish resident -of ;el ftti Second and'Howell streets,.a ho'conClearing House Report. 'Fall', with slightly lower temperatufe • Hayes Afreet,,.was arraigned before Ald- :empla.tes extensive improvements to The Chester-Clearing House report «s and light westerly winds, ' Sunday: erman, William, Cart«r, - of Eleventh . ward, on the - chargro of;." assault' and his hotel: at that point, among them be- follows:,, ClrnrliiR- fhr week ending Fair, to partly cloudy and ng new bar fixtures and furniture-for April 20, 1313, $n6»,9(i2.32. ' Clearings ight variable winds becoming'"raostly, battery, preferred by Ignutz Kavolski. Ho 'was held under -the cum of • $200 the interior that will add to the general corresponding- week, last year,- J561,- southerly, probably followccl -byf local rains. ' ' v •'* ' '" appearance of the place. > t 362/08.- i Tmtt-,for; court. ., employees of tho DuPont Powder Company at Gibbstown, N. J.. narrowly escaped being killed yesterday afternoon by un explosion of powder Thurlow is a patient in tho Chester Hospital, where his condition, is serious. His injuries consist, of the probable loss o£ his eyesight.' several lingers and his face is burned by powder His right leg is also injured. The men were employed as carpenters in tho engineering department of the plantSind were making repairs tc a. box near the water. Manuel was standing in tho water at the time and Thurlow; the foreman, 'struck a plank with a hammer. A loud explosion followed. Both men were blown into the water, stunned by tho force of the shock, and might have been drowned but the prompt, assistance given them by men employed at the works. Manual quickly recovered, but is still nervous from ' the shock, while Thurlow was assisted to the laboratory of the plant, where he was temporarily treated by the firm's- physician. Dr.. A. M. Comey. . The Chester Hospital authorities were notified to send the ambulance to Hdgmont avenue wharf,' where the injured man was received from, a boai that conveyed him; across the river to this city.. He was recently married and tho greatest sympathy is expressed for him by his fellow workmen. The cause oJLihe accident is attributed to some hidden powder or nitroglycerin in the plank.


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