On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 1:07 AM Zachary Tomaselli wrote: MEDIA RELEASE 4/17/2012 BERNIE FINE CASE This will be my final

media release for obvious reasons. I wasn't going to do this but others deserve the record set straight. On Wednesday the 11th of April, I gave an interview to the Daily Orange's Michael Cohen. Michael misunderstood me and put quotes from me in his story that I asked him not to. This was not on purpose and was a clear misunderstanding. However, with the amount of stress I was feeling that day, I lost control and told him I made up the Bernie Fine thing to make a point so that would trump the story about my sentencing with the quotes I did not like. When he called me to confirm that this was the truth, I denied it and it became clear to him that I was just angry and playing games. The next day I called his cell phone hundreds of times in a row and texted him hundreds of times as well. This was non-stop because I wanted him to answer and explain to me why he used the quotes the way he did. After what I had been through that week, I was losing control. I was harrassing him non-stop. I decided that he was not ever going to answer and I worried he would just go to police to get me to stop. Instead, I figured I would call the Post-Standard that evening to tell THEM that I made up the Bernie Fine stuff so that he would look like an idiot for not picking up his phone and being the first to report a story that would make national headlines. So I went ahead and recanted to the Post-Standard. This was not the only reason I recanted. I was sick of the media following me around and reporting negative stuff about my life. I would read the comments from the people on Syracuse.com who wanted me to die and rot in prison for the rest of my life. I basically told the Post-Standard everything I had heard from people. I wanted to just make everybody happy and move on. I was mad that the feds were moving slow. I felt that I had been let down as detectives seemed optomistic for an arrest of Fine in the winter months yet nothing happened. I told reporters that Bobby told me everything...So let me first clear Bobby Davis: Bobby DID; 1. Tell me to go to police 2. Ask me if Bernie had a pool (I didn't know because it was winter and in Bobby's mind I failed his test. Little did he know that just days later I would describe Fine's house in perfect detail. That is in my affidavit which someday y'all will see) 3. Tell me that Lang had gotten his story proven because of his (Bobby's) help. 4. Not believe I had called police just because it went to an answering machine. As Bobby says "Nobody answered at the police station???!!! This statement really pisses me off because it was a private number that Bobby had given me. I really hated how Bobby acted as if he was Swarz' spy. I was disgusted and I asked Bobby to shut up and give me his detective's personal number and he did so I called Santana for the first time. Bobby DID NOT; 1. Tell me what was in Bernie's house 2. Tell me what to tell detectives 3. Anything else specefic. I refused to answer his calls. I did not realize I would hurt Bobby. I thought that it hurt me when I said that I got my whole story from Bobby, To Bobby I am truly truly truly sorry. He is my hero although

it bothers me that he was doubted so many years and now that I am doubted he has never really helped me with all of this stuff. He seems to be controlled by Swarz. I also hurt Rose Ryan. Yes, sadly I met Rose through Oxycodone. However, Rose has a kid. She wouldn't lie on a police statement for oxycodone. I knew Rose for many years and told her about Bernie many years ago. How can I prove it? Rose was a witness in a case where I won 27,000 in a settlement for being illegally fired. I can't say where I was fired illegally from as part of the settlement deal with the Maine Human Rights agency. Rose signed an affidavit dated 3 years ago. Rose left Lewiston in December after I was accused of allowing her son to ride in the back of my car with her. We got into a fight and I haven't seen her since December. I am truly sorry I said a serious lie about her. I began this case as a honest guy. I took pride in my integrity. I lied to reporters about emails in January. I then had amazing help from victim's advocates like Bob Hoatson. I had a complete psychiatric breakdown last week. I do not remember half of my interviews. I ended up in a suicide situation and police had to come to my house to get me evaluated at the local hospital. I had been halucinating and losing control. Doctor's diagnosed it as Post Cuncussion Syndrome from a beating I took April 10th from someone who recognized me on the news. They also diagnosed me with Post-Traumatic Stress disorder and Panic Disorder. I was released Sunday night. Police are still investigating. I told them before I recanted what I was doing in an email to them and Bob Hoatson. Hoatson has been counseling my grandmother and I and has put a lot of effort into helping me. My friends and family have made my last few days very bearable and at times fun which I am appreciative of. I am very much still suffering psychiatrically but I was told by a few victim's advocates that I needed to set the story straight publically instead of just with detectives before Wednesday. I am very appreciative of the feds and the detectives for remaining steadfast during my rollercoaster media ride. The statements I made were out of a pure breakdown. Any of you reporters who have talked with me know I am not a sociopath. I broke down into tears when I admitted I fabricated the emails. I appreciate those of you who decided not to run stories about my recant after checking with your sources like Hoatson and realizing I was psychologically collapsing. I just want peace. This past week the members of the Tripp Middle School soccer team I coached a few years ago surprised me with a party at Buffalo Wild Wings. They are now 18. They know who I really am. They all pitched in and made jackets comemorating our team and they made me a jacket with my name on it and the word coach by it. They told me that year was the best year of soccer they had ever played. I challenged them individually and as a team. They all came over to my house the other day after the recant story came out and showed their support. One kid said, "Coach, you challenged us by telling us before a game that we were going to get our asses kicked and that we play like shit and we played our best game. It is time we tell you that you are full of shit. You gave up because of what everyone else was saying or thinking about you. We believe in you if nobody else" I want my little 9 and 16 year old cousins who look up to me like I am their hero to know that no matter what the odds, you do the right thing. I have set such a bad example for them. So as I type this to you, they are sitting right here watching me do the right thing before tomorrow morning. Yes, my credibility with the media is shot but I am not going to give up now. Bernie molested me. PERIOD. Leave me alone for me to mourn the many losses I have had. Let me spend time with my cousins

who love me. Stop harassing me with questions. Stop questioning me, the victim. My God people, I am not going to make this all up for shits and giggles (my 9 year old cousin just wrote that last sentence). I don't deserve the pain of having my story questioned. What I did wrong is talk to the media in the first place as all the feds and detectives will say. Once my story was out, Y'all had nothing better to do than to try to tear it down. My school records show I took a test that was given on that day. The records were not electronically kept till 9th grade! So what I said UCONN and not PITT??????? WHO CARES? It was a rivalry game. It was my first months in the Northeast! I am supposed to remember the city, the hotel room, and the names of the bus drivers??? Give me a break. I travelled for hours. That is all I remember. How did I know the team DID NOT travel from SU to PITT and instead they flew in and I met Bernie there? If I was lying I would have easily said I rode with the team not the support staff. Let the feds investigate. I have much better things to worry about. I will comment once the feds arrest him (if that is ok with the feds b/c I need to respect their wishes more). Clark Farry said a comment I won't forget. He said, "If you talk to the media, you could look back on this case and say I wish I didn't fuck it all up". I hope that is not the case. Zach Tomaselli (207) 784-6326- Don't call b/c the answer to your question is in this email!

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