Mark Lawson Shiping at A.S.A.

305, Harlib Drive Rocksville, OH 29014 The Badge Family 102, Ashton Avanue Carnsville, OH 29013

Dear The Badge Family, I am writing this letter personally to say that your son has been accepted in to our Private academy. Attached is your sons test and his results. Since the test is over 30 pages long I have only attached 7 pages of the test. This small excerpt includes the first few pages of each section. These sections includes personal background and interests, English, history, math. Your son has scored a 500/500 on his test and unlike most students he explained most question with excruciating detail. Even though it is most unusual for a child to score a 500/500 your son finished the test in a record braking time. We are anticipating your sons arrival. We here at the Arcane Space Academy believe Jeff will be a great addition to our school. We need more intelligent students. The last step for your son to enter the Academy is to send me a copy of Jeff’s birth certificate and a check made out to The Arcane Space Academy. Please send the check and birth certificate together by January 29, 3023. As soon as we get the birth certificate and check we can accept your son into the academy and we will be able to put him in our data files.

Sincerely, Head Master Larison

Name:(Last, First) Jeff___Badge_________________ Date:__January 5, 3023_______ Address:_102 Ashton Avanue, Carnsville _____ State:_OH_ Zip Code__29013___

Arcane Space Academy Entrance

Name:(Last, First)__________ _______________________ Date:_____________ Address:____________________________________ State:_____ Zip Code_________

Section 1: Personal Background and Interests
1. Write a paragraph about your family’s history and background. (5 pts) My father is in the international air force. He attended the Arcane Space Academy __ when he was 16. He graduated at the top of his class and now leads a fleet in sector __ 12. His father also attended the academy and was a fleet commander of a fleet as ____ well. My mother is a country girl from a small town in Idaho. Her father was a _____ farmer and her mother was a tailor. Bother my parents were the oldest of four ________ children. I have one little brother who has started flight training with my ____________ grandfather.______________________________________________________________ ______________ 2. Please list your previously attended schools. (5 pts) Vacas Elementary, Mt. Henry jr. High, West Carnsville high. _________________________ 3. Why are your interested in attending the Arcane Space Academy? (10 pts) I am only attending this school because my parents want me to follow in my fathers foots steps and become an air force fleet commander. I’d rather join in the special _____ forces and infiltrate bases.______________________________________________________________ 4. What do you do on your spare time? (5 pts) Mostly on the weekends I go out and hang out with my friends. Lots of the time we __ try to break into each others houses and hack each others computers. Most of the time I’m the best at both. I also play a lot of video games most of them simulate ____________ infiltrating bases and the special forces.________________________________________________ 5. Fill in the approximate grade for each subject. (2 pts) History:__A__ English:__A__ Math:__A__ Inter Galactic Language:__A_

Section 2: English
1. Please write an essay about the most important event in your life. (50 pts) Once when I was eight years old I was staying at my grandfather’s house. It was a Sunday afternoon when my grandfather went to the store to get us dinner. About five minutes after he left I heard seven gun shots which were followed by two distinct screams. The screams where as intimidating as Spartan war cries and as painful as a blaster shot to the leg. At the age of eight I was very interested in crime and

investigation. Instinctively I walked in the direction of the screams. I found my way through a patch of bushes. Coming to the end, I slowed down stopping. I slowly used my hands to pry open the bushes and watch the action on the other side. There was a van about 10 meters away. There where two large men hold automatic assault blasters. There were two other men unloading the van. They were unloading very large boxes which appeared to full of very expensive illegal alien technology. There also was a girl tied up to a chair. I watched for about ten minutes when I heard a car door slam shut behind me. I was startled and fell forward into the clearing. The men started screaming in a foreign language, then they before I could stand up I was put in hand cuffs and thrown into a dark room with the girl. I was in the room for about and hour. Girl was asleep and finally woke up. She started freaking out. She started to hyper ventilate then passed out and fell to the floor. The room was damp and cold. Water seeping out of every crack. The giant fan creaking above us. The room was filled with the cargo I saw earlier that day. During school I had just started learning the Inter Galactic Language and could decipher most of the words written on the box. One box had a variation of the words laser and knife.

Thinking of an idea I stumbled over to the box and bashed it open quickly falling back I watched as PSI blades poured out of the opening. I used my foot to drag a single blade over to me. I flipped the blade over and used the manually power button to turn on the blade. The glow of the laser lit the room and blinded me for half a second. I used the blade to cut my hands free then I cut the rest of the rope off me and the girl. I put the blade down and made sure the girl was ok. As soon as I put the blade down there was an explosion that shook the whole building. The fan fell from the ceiling and hit the ground separating us from the boxes of supplies. The whole room burst into flames. I sat in the corner watching the flames sizzle up the supplies. The only thing that was of any use was the blade I used earlier. The flames grew nearer as I heard gun shots and helicopters out side. Voices grew nearer on the other side of the door. The door flew open revealing a special forces operative. He used one of the blades to cut a whole in the fan. He threw it aside and carried the girl as I followed. On our way out he took out the thugs with his free hand we ran towards the bright light at the end of the hall way. When we exited I saw my grandfather standing behind the caution tape. When he saw me he ducked under the tape and ran towards me. After being checked for injuries I went back to the house and washed up for dinner. I then told my Grandparents the whole


Section 3: History
1. What year did World War 3 take place? (5 pts) A. 1918 A.D. B. 2008 A.D. C. 212 B.C. D. 1942 A.D.

2. Who was the War against? (5 pts) A. North Korea B. Iraq C. Afghanistan D. The Middle East

3. Which country started the war? (5 pts) A. Britain B. United States of America C. North Korea D. The Middle East

4. Who was the first man on the moon? (10 pts) A. Michael Collins B. Neil Armstrong C. Edwin Aldrin D. All of the Above

5. What was the name of the first manned mission to the moon? (10 pts) A. Apollo 1 B. Apollo 13 C. NASA D. Apollo 11

Section 2: Math
1. Find X. (5 pts)

X=_32.01 2. Find angle X. (5 pts)

X=_30 degrees 4. Solve for x. (5 pts ea) a. 20-2x=9 +2x +2x 20=2x+9 -9 -9 11=2x 2 2 X=5.5___ B. 32-4x+8=4 +4x +4x 40=4x+4 -4 -4 36=4x 4 4 X=__9___

The Badge Family 102, Ashton Avenue Carnsville, OH 29013 Henry Larison Head Master A.S.A 305, Harlib Drive Rocksville, OH 29014 Dear Henry,

I am so exited to hear that my son is going to your Academy. I haven’t told Jeff about his being accepted into your academy. Even though he was not exited in following his fathers foot steps in becoming an air force officer, I’m sure he’ll be truly excited in his being accepted. Did you know that his father went to the academy, and his father’s father went to the Academy, etc? Attached is the check and the birth certificate. I had one question about the check. I think that I’m speaking for all the parents when I say that one year’s tuition is under priced. I added in an extra 2,000 dollars to the check for all his supplies. I was wondering were all the money goes to and what is it used for. I’m sure that you have to pay for all the teachers, bedroom supplies, food, and class supplies. I hope the extra money will help with Jeff’s school supplies. Please report back on my questions as soon as possible.

Sincerely, Ms. Badge

Henry Larrison Head Master at A.S.A. 305, Harlib Drive Rocksville, OH 29014 The Badge Family 102, Ashton avanue Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Mrs. Badge

Thank you, your son will be enrolled for next year’s classes. There is an orientation on the 7th before class’s starts and it is mandatory for all new coming students also your son has to complete a one year training course before being able to go into space to the academy. Before your son can completely enroll he needs to fill out a class selection sheet. The money you sent the academy is strictly use for paying for equipment and staff at the school. The money is enough. I also want to inform you that all student supplies are donated to us from big international companies. Included in the payment is a dormitory which is to be shared will a student of the same rank, age and sex. All Students get a meal plan which includes three meals a day, breakfast lunch and dinner. Meals consist of a variety of healthy nutritious space food which is served in a large spacious cafeteria. Each student is takes mandatory classes which include History, Math, Science, Language, English, Physical Education and two classes of your son’s choice. Attached is the class sign up sheet and all details about classes and the requirements to take them also attached is a schedule of school events and important dates. All other questions will be answered at the orientation being held on July 7th, 3025 Sincerely, Henry Larrison

Arcane Space Academy
Course Selection

This booklet describes all of the course given at the Arcane Space Academy. The courses are listed in alphabetical order. The first six courses listed are mandatory classes taken by all students. Each student is aloud to choose two other classes he/ she wishes to take. Each student is warned that he/ she may not make it into the class or classes chosen. Some classes have special requirements needed to take the class. If a student wishes to join a class he/ she must meet all the requirements. If a student wishes to take more classes he/ she must pay a specified fee for the extra course. If a student fails to turn in this booklet he/ she will not have a choice in the classes he/ she takes and will be put into a class at random. If a student does not get into a class and has not listed a second or third choice he/ she will be put into a class at random. This Booklet will be needs to be turned into the main office of the academy any time before the end of the date July 7th 3024.

Section 1: Mandatory Courses.
History In this class students will learn about to history of the school, War, Alien races and the Earth’s Civilization. Each subject takes up 1 quart. This class is taken every other day. The class has daily homework which the student must complete to pass the class. There will be a quarterly exam which is worth fifty percent of the student’s grade. Each student will get a project every quarter that he/ she will have to complete by the end of the quarter. There will also be a semester group project which consists of a small group of 3-4 students completing a presentation outside of class that will be due at the end of every semester. English Each student is required to keep up on there writing skills and must be able to proper grammar. Students will be given four books to read by the end of the year. Each student must write an essay on the book. Essays are expected to be four pages in length. There will be a weekly vocabulary list which is expected of the students to learn them by the end of the week when a weekly vocabulary quiz will be taken. This class will be taken every day. There will be daily homework which the student is expected to complete and turn in the next day.

Math This math course covers the first year of a four year program. The first year consists of a unit of geometry and algebra. There is no daily homework instead every week students are given a problem of the week which will be completed by the end of the week. Each student is expected to keep tracked of every POW he/ she has done so that he/ she can turn it in with a portfolio at the end of each semester. This class will be taken every other day. Science In this course students will be learning about physical science and astronomy. This class is to be taken every other day. There is daily homework that is to be turned in next class. Every quarter there is to be a test on what the students have learned. Every once in a while students will conduct labs in class. For each lab done students have to write up a lab report. There are several labs planned that are to be held on the moon. Physical Education This class is to be taken every Tuesday and Thursday. This class helps students keep in shape. The grade in this class is based on participation. Near the end of the third quarter there is a mandatory fitness test which helps our school know how fit the students are. Language This class covers inter galactic language. Students are expected to keep a note book full of class notes and complete homework on time. After every unit there will be a test on what the students learned in the class. Each student will also participate in a trip to another planet to help them learn the language better.

Section 2: Optional courses
Tactics Infintry course Mechanics ComputerForeign Weapon Air Force course 1 Communications Bomb control Enemy infiltration Pre-Black Ops Requires: Infantry course 1, Computer, Foreign weapons, and Enemy Infiltration Black Ops Training Requires: Pre-Black Ops, Bomb control, and Tactics

Please write two first choices then a second, third and fourth choice next to the course you want to take. Tactics:___ Mechanics:___ Computer:_1_ Infantry Course 1:_2_ Foreign Weapon:_3_ Air Force Course 1:_1_ Communications:___ Bomb control:___ Enemy infiltration:_4_ Pre-Black Ops:___ Black Ops Training:___

Jeff Badge 102, Ashton Avanue Carnsville, OH 29013

Arthur Badge 523, Haze court Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Grandpa, I have great news I have been accepted into the Arcane Space Academy. Dad wants me to follow in his and your foot steps and become and air force pilot. Dad is really pounding into my head the idea of being in the air force. The problem is being in the air force isn’t what I want to do. Being in the air force is nice and all but I really want to be in the Black Ops. It’s the only dream I have, but every time I mention it to mom or dad they always laugh and say I don’t have the write character build. I ignore them and try to listen to what you said to me that day “You can’t do anything you desire, all you have to do is try hard and work hard.” The only people that believe I can become a Black Ops are you and my best friend Tomas. All my other friends say “You can barely brake into our houses, with only one person in the house.”

I’m leaving to go to training camp in three weeks. The last past week has been the best. All my friends have been playing and fooling around all week. We have done everything we used to do in our childhood when we used to play at your house on Saturday afternoons under the sparkling sun shining over the lake leaving the water as clear as a brand new glass window. My friends are throwing me a party the weekend before I go of to training camp and I was wondering if you wanted to and stay at our

house that weekend. We would go to the amusement park and ride rides all day then we could go home and watch the fire burn out, letting in the orange warmth. When I get back from training camp I have a week to pack them I’m off to school. I haven’t gotten my class schedule yet but I’m hoping that I get all my first choice classes. I heard that the courses are spectacular and that the dormitories are amazing. I hope that I get paired up with a nice Dorm buddy that I’ll feel comfortable around and that will be my friend at school. I promise you that when go off to school I write to you as often as possible.

Sincerely your Favorite Grandson Jeff

Arthur Badge 523, Haze Court Carnsville, OH 29013 Jeff Badge 102, Ashton Avanue Carnsville, OH 29013

Dear Jeff I am glad you have been accepted to the academy. It is an honor to be accepted. You should be grateful for what you have. If you want to become in the Black Ops then all you have to do is try you’re hardest. It doesn’t matter who you are it is how hard you try. Don’t listen to people when they put you down. Do what you want and try you’re hardest.

I am glad to say that I will be able to stay with you at your house next weekend. We will go to the Park. I have something special planned for that day. Were going to have fun and celebrate your being accepted. The only bad news is I have to leave early to do some work, so I won’t be able to attend the party with your friends. Will you please tell Tomas that I said hello. I hope you follow your dreams and don’t ever listen to people when they’re just talking to you to put you down.

Your Best Grandfather Arthur

Tomas Garse 709, Daron ave. Carnsville, OH 29013 Jeff Badge 102, Ashton Avenue Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Tomas, Hey Tomas I don’t know if you’ve heard man but I have been accepted to The Arcane Space Academy. It’s a total bummer dude. I really hate the idea of following in my fathers foot steps. It’s so stupid he’s always like I was the best in my class and now you can like follow in my foot steps and like become a stupid air force commander. The only dream I have is to become a Black Ops agent and infiltrate enemy bases. The only problem is, is that there is like 20 billion other classes you have to take just to get into pre-Black Ops. I’m gunna be like a billion years old before I get out of the academy. Not only is there like a billion classes u have to like be selected from your pre-Black Ops class to go into Black Ops training, that means like I have to be the head of my like class. School is gunna be a pain in the butt. The only cool thing about the school is in like space. Well, im leaving to go to training camp for three weeks. It starts the second week of summer. After camp I get a week before I’m sent to the Academy in space. The only time I’ll get to come home from the academy is during the summer. That’s the only time I have to spend time with you. You’re my best friend and I don’t want to be separated for life. I need you to promise me that no matter how long I’m up at the academy and how long I haven’t seen you you’ll still be my best friend. I leave in five weeks. I want to

spend as much time as I can with you and the boys before I leave and I go my separate way. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

Ur best friend Jeff

Dude that’s a huge bummer I can’t believe im only gunna see u every summer. Dude the boys are gunna be bummed even more, I mean u plan all are events and get together. Dude I promise I’ll always be ur frend no matter wat happens or how long I wont see u. I’m gunna spend every day with u until youleave for training camp. Were gunna do everything we’ve ever wanted to do in our lifes. And maybe will also be able to the most fun thing in our child hood. Like we’ll play ganna tag, and laser ball. I’m also gunna through u the biggest party in like the whole universe its gunna have all ar frends. We’ll celebrate ur being accepted and goin away party. Dude u also have to write me every day. Mabye not every day cuz that might be to much reading for me and lots of writing for u. ull probably be to buisy to write every day so maybe write as much as possible.

Ur best frend tomas

Jeff Badge 102, Ashton Avanue Carnsville, OH 29013

Arthur Badge 523, Haze court Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Grandfather Thank you for coming to my house. I had the best time in my life at the park. The fire works at the top of the roller coaster was the best ever. After we ate those gigantic hot dogs with every toping known to man I had to take the longest bathroom braking in the history of mankind. You missed the best part of that day. We had the biggest party in the world. We had millions of balloons and everybody in town was there. The party went on until 1:00 in the morning so you probably wouldn’t have been able to make it to the best part. At 12:30 they brought out a huge cake. It was as tall as me and as wide as the table. The cake was shaped like the academy. It was so detailed you could even see students in the academy taking classes. The very end was the best part. I got hundreds of gifts. Most of them were gift certificates. But my dad game me his old academy uniform. He said that he was proud of me and wanted me to be happy. The best gift was the one from you. I still can’t believe that you gave me the same laser blade that I used on that day to free my self from the ropes. It means so much to me. Every time I look at it I reminds me of you and how I can do anything I dream of. I put I next to my bed in a glass case that my father gave to me 3 years ago. I wake up every morning and look at it and I gives me the best feeling I could ever ask for.

Well I’m leaving in 4 days to travel have way across the country to go to training camp. I am as nervous as can be. I was just informed that I am not allowed to write to any friends of family while at camp. I think that that’s outrageous but they say that it helps the students focus on training. They want us to be as focused as possible, were supposed to be secluded from the out side world and have no communications with any body except for the other students at the camp and the teachers. I can’t stand the feeling of not being able to write to you. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stay focused and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to pass the test and get into the school. Were also not allowed to bring anything with us except for the clothes were wearing there. Well I’ll just think about what you always say, “Work for your dreams and try you’re hardest.” Well I write to you as soon as I get back. I’ll tell you how camp was, but I will probably be to busy to see you, seeing that I will be packing for school.

Your Grandson Jeff

Tomas Garse 709, Daron ave. Carnsville, OH 29013 Jeff Badge 102, Ashton Avenue Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Tomas Dude Camp was the hardest every. Just wanted to tell you that I won’t be able to talk to you because I’m to tired to get out of bed. At camp we had none stop training from 6:00 to 6:00 the only brake we had was lunch. But it was this nasty stuff that looked like it came out of a garbage can. We played this really cool game that I have to show you and the guys. Tell the boys I say hello and that I’m of to school in five days. You better wish me luck because I heard it is hard for freshman to make new friends and they get beat up all the time. I hope you’re happy and I’ll write to you to tell you how schools going Your friend Jeff

Dear Jeff Dude that sucks. I hope you don’t get beat up all the time, and I defiantly hope you make a new friend. Learning a new game sounds like fun. I have bad news and like good news. First the bad news is the boys broke up and don’t want to be your friend cuz its just like to hard reading and writing to you, and only being able to like see you every summer they said its just like not worth it to them. But the good news is that im still ur

best frend and I will never thing its not worth it to only see you every summer and have to read ur letters and write to you I do it because I like to talk to my best frend.

Best Friend Forever Tomas

Arthur Badge 523, Haze Court Carnsvill, OH 29013 Jeff Badge 102, Ashton avanue Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Grandpa, Camp was the hardest most tiring training I’ve ever done. We ate the worst food in the world. It looked like it was a meal all ground up into a disgusting goop that they took out of the trash. We had to go through training courses every day. By the end of the day we were covered in mud and sweat. The best part was near the end of camp we started playing games. We played games that had the weirdest names. But in the end it paid of we took the test and I had one of the highest score in the whole camp. We were bunked up in a small room with 3 other boys. The other boys didn’t talk much and didn’t look like they had any enthusiasm at all. In the end I think they failed the test. It must be a bummer because now they have to go through training camp again. There parents must also be furious because they spent all there time trying to get there child into the academy then there kid failed a test and they can’t go to school until the next camp starts up. Well this letter took me all my energy so I probably won’t be able to write much more until I go to school and have gotten the rest I need. I still haven’t heard about what classes I’m in but I hope to get my schedule at the Orientation.

Sincerely, Jeff

Tomas Garse 709, Daron ave. Carnsville, OH 29013 Mark lawson (Jeff Badge) Shiping at A.S.A. 305, Harlib Drive Rocksville, OH 29014 Dear Tomas, It’s May 3rd and it’s been three months since school started and I’ve talked to you. The school didn’t allow letters to friends or family for three months. They never reveal the real purpose of it all they said was it would help us study. I like all my classes except for the flight training part. It sucks it’s so much work and studying. It’s also real boring I can’t even pay attention for more then five minutes.

Something really weird is going on at the school. First I walk by the forbidden room and hear then end of and argument between to council men, I think they were suspicious about me standing near the door when they exited. And since then every were I go there seems to be guards and it always seems like someone is following me. I caught two of there discussions on tape and I’m sending it to you, and could you also send it to my grandpa while you have it and tell him to look over it and tell me what he thinks. It would be grate if you got it to him as soon as possible.

Your friend, Jeff

Tape 1 Council Member 1: What are you talking about you can’t do that, it will ruin our whole plan. We have to use the new members because there are more of them. Council member2: You aren’t listening to me. We should use the older students because they have more experience, they also have paid the most to come here and there most likely going to die so then we won’t have to pay for there graduation or pay them to work in the army. Council member 1: Yes but once we follow through we will be rich. I still don’t understand you tactics you know there left flank is blocked by Felchers whom we have a treaty with. You wouldn’t want to brake that would you now. I say we should go through the north. Council member 2: I see know if we go through the left the Felchers will fight back and Government will have a warning. Now if we go through the north we will have a direct access to the main chamber and we won’t have to break our treaty with the Felchers. Council member 1: Shhhhhhhh some ones coming.

Tape 2: Council member 1: I think that Jeff kid is suspicious of us. We need to take him out. Council member 2: I’ve assigned some of our guards to keep an eye on him. Council member 1: We need to check his mail just incase he is sending information to earth. Council member 2: Yes I will get on it right away.

Mark Lawson (Jeff Badge) Shiping at A.S.A. 305, Harlib Drive Rocksville, OH 29014 Arthur Badge 523, Haze Court Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Jeff, Some thing was wrong with you letter it was burnt when it arrived and looked like it was opened. I think the person who opened it assumed the tapes where ruined. I think that the letter when through a crash. Maybe the carrier ship crashed and one of the academy officers came down to check the sight and look through your letter. I believe they might be real suspicious about you. Your grandpa says you should stay careful. He also wants you to look through the room they were in and see if there were any papers or maps in the room they had there discussion in. The tapes sound like there planning some attack on some government and there goal might be to make money seeing as there plans were to use older students to save money. And they implied that it will make them rich. This next part of the letter was written by you grandpa: Jeff I wanted to tell you to be real careful and not to get into any trouble. I will try to help you as much as possible but I’m getting old and need to rest more than usual. Your family misses you very much and wishes you well. That’s all I have to say be careful and remember to get a lot of sleep and study. If you could get us some maps or papers that would be grate send them to use and we’ll see if we can follow there plans. Your friend, Tomas

Tomas Garse 709, Daron ave. Carnsville, OH 29013 Mark lawson (Jeff Badge) Shiping at A.S.A. 305, Harlib Drive Rocksville, OH 29014 Dear Tomas, Two nights ago I slipped away from my dorm and snuck into the room I heard them talking in. I found only two things other wise it’s a blank room with a table, lamp and empty book shelf. The two pieces include an unclear map and a riddle on a piece of paper. It wasn’t that hard to brake in seeing that we’ve been doing it our whole lives and this was easier because there were no people any were near by. The only hard part was picking the lock and getting by the dorm guard.

For two days I’ve been trying to decipher the riddle and the map but I’ve had no luck so I’ve sent it to you so you and my grandpa can look over it. I don’t know maybe you guys will have better luck then I have.

Your friend, Jeff

In the center of the Map is where you’ll find the key ingredient which will be used behind the dead library.

Mark Lawson (Jeff Badge) Shiping at A.S.A. 305, Harlib Drive Rocksville, OH 29014 The Badge Family 102, Ashton Avanue Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Jeff, Last night grandpa died due to violent murder. He was stabbed to death with a laser blade. The murderer left the razor blade stuck in an eye socked on his. Dangling loosely from the burnt handle of the blade was a small tattered note, made out of a ripped piece of paper from a withered map on his desk. Attached below is the note.

Investigators are looking for Grandpa’s murderer, and we will not spot until we find him. The school is letting you come home for one week to attend his funeral and relieve the stress. We miss you here at home Jeff and await you arrival.

You Mother,

Tomas Garse 709, Daron ave. Carnsville, OH 29013 Jeff Badge 102, Ashton Avenue Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Tomas, I’m coming home for one week to attend his funeral. I also plan on getting the map and his notes. I don’t know if I will feel up to it seeing on the situation at hand so I will want you to do it before I get there so we can have more time to over look it. I believe that the one who killed my grandpa is working for the Council members. The letter my parents sent me mentioned a laser blade with a burnt handle and a note that came from a piece of a map. I think that the laser blade is the missing one my grandpa gave to me for my birthday and the map is the one I sent to you. I think they know were on to there plans and there here to take us out. I don’t know who there going after next but I don’t think they know you’re in on it so I’m going to try to keep it that way Your Best Friend, Jeff

Incoming Message… -.. . .- .-. / .--- . ..-. ..-. --..-- / .. ? -- / ... - ..- -.-. -.- / .. -. / -.-- --- ..- .-. / --. .-. .- -. -.. .--. .- ? ... / .... --- ..- ... . .-.-.- / - .... . -.-- .----. ...- . / ... ..- .-. .-. --- ..- -. -.. . -.. / - .... . / .... --- ..- ... . / .- -. -.. / .- .-. . / - .-. -.-- .. -. --. / - --- / --. . - / - .... . / -- .- .--. .-.-.- / .. / -.. ---. .----. - / - .... .. -. --. / - .... . -.-- / -.- -. --- .-- / .. ? -- / .... . .- .-. / ... --- / - .... . .-. . ? ... / ... - .. .-.. .-.. / .- / -.-. .... .- -. -.-. . / - --- / --. . - / --- ..- - / --- ..-. / .... . .-. . / .-- .. - .... --- ..- - / - .... . -- / .... .- ...- .. -. --. / .- -. -.-- / ... ..- ... .--. .. -.-. .. --- -. .-.-.- / .. / ... - .- ... .... . -.. / - .... . / -- .- .--. / ..- -. -.. . .-. / - .... . / -... . -.. / ... --- / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. --- ..- .-.. -.. / --. . - / .. - / .--- ..- ... - / .. -. -.-. .- ... . / .. / -.. --- -. ? - / -- .- -.- . / .. - / --- ..- - / .- .-.. .. ...- . .-.-.- / --- .... / -. --- / - .... . -.-- .----. ...- . / -... .-. --- -.- . -. / - .... . / -.. --- --- .-. / - .... . .-. . ? / .... . .-.. .--. ? ? ? ? Translation… Dear Jeff, I’m stuck in your grandpa’s house. They've surrounded the house and are trying to get the map. I don't thing they know I’m hear so there’s still a chance to get out of here without them having any suspicion. I stashed the map under the bed so you could get it just incase I don’t make it out alive. Oh no they've broken the door there… HELP!!!!

In the center of the map??

The building? IN the map? there’s a key in the map for a dead library A library with nobody in it or a library about the dead

Dead library?

A library with no books.

In the room with the Council members is an empty book shelf so its a library that is dead. there must be a a safe with all the plans behind the book shelf!!

Dear Jeff, Anonymous has your friend Tomas. Anonymous doesn’t want to hurt your friend Tomas, but will go to any expense to get that map back. The map is very important to anonymous and he wants it back. If you give him back the map then you will be included in the plans and he will pay you rightfully. The world as you know it is going to come to an end, ooh anonymous likes cliché sayings, as I was saying our plans to take over the earth and make a treaty with the neighboring aliens his well on its way you can join as soon as you give us the map. Meet Anonymous on top of Gray Wolf Mountain by yourself with the map at 3:00 Sunday to get your friend back. Anonymous will be pleased if you do this correctly.



Jeff Anonymous cannot speak with you in person so he will speak with you through small notes that will be sent back and forth through the mail slot in the door do you understand?

Yes I do understand but where’s my friend I want to see him do YOU understand?

Anonymous won’t let you see Tomas until the

conversation is over, the map is handed over and all map.

deals are done. Now first things first hand over the
I don’t give the map till I see Tomas, so if that’s how it works lets save the map for last. Now what do you mean by deals.

map will be of more indulgence to you instead of his plans to take over the world. He offers a one

Anonymous wants to ensure that handing over the getting Tomas back, so he wants to include you in

thousand dollar offer and will allow you to live you the map and follow all of his restrictions. life in peace. This offer only comes if you give him
I want to hear the restrictions before I get my self into this mess!! So first you’ll tell me the restrictions I think over them and tell you what I think before giving you the map.

must not tell anyone about our plans, second of all

Ok Anonymous say’s the first restriction is that you if he needs any help you help no questions ask, third you tell anonymous everything you know about the another offer in return of you help Anonymous will
Uhhhm I don’t know about this I don’t think I should get in suck trouble.

plan our learn about the plan. And he says not bother you unless needed for help.

Anonymous say’s if you don’t accept you friend Tomas will be killed more brutally than you grandfather was.

Uhhh well guess I have no choice I accept you offer but first you have to come out in person with Tomas and I’ll give you the map.

Well if Anonymous is going to work with you then out with Tomas in return of the Map.

you mind as well meet him. Anonymous will come

Dear Jeff, It’s too late Anonymous knows you took the key from the map you’re a smart boy. But it’s only a matter of time before one of them gets into the place the key is used for. Luckily anonymous already knows were the key is use all he has to do is brake down the door. You will never get the plans. Anonymous will get them before you will ever set eyes on them. Anonymous is always one step ahead of his enemies. Anonymous


Tomas Garse 709, Daron ave. Carnsville, OH 29013 Jeff Badge 102, Ashton Avenue Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Tomas, Attached to this letter is CD that I found in the safe. The computers up hear can’t handle the software but I know your computer can probably crack the codes and find out the plans. Send the printed plans back to me so we can stop these maniacs, save the world and avenge my Grandfather. This is a short note but it explains everything clearly. I think there after me there are more guards following me and I have to dodge them. I’ve locked myself in the closet of my dorm and if you don’t hear back from me send for help and tell the police about the plans. Your best friend, Jeff

Jeff Badge 102, Ashton Avenue Carnsville, OH 29013 Tomas Garse 709, Daron ave. Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Jeff, It’s been three weeks since you sent me the CD. I’ve finally cracked the code and found the files. There plans are outrageous. The CD includes blue prints for a machine to control the minds of the students at the Academy I’ll send them right away. I just hope that it’s not too late and you’re already a mindless Zombie. If you are just read the Blue word on the bottom of the blueprint and you should snap back into it, other wise I have no other ideas once everybody is brainwashed its all down the drain.

Still your friend, Tomas

1. Build mind controlling machine. 2. Gather half the students in the assembly room, start up the machine and brain wash them. 3. Gather the rest of the students and follow step two. 4. At 12:00 on Saturday split the students into squads A, B C and D. 5. Squad A is going to be made up of Air Force students. 6. Squad B and C are going to be made up of infantry and Air Force students. 7. Squad D is going to be made up of Black Ops. 8. At exactly 12:45 the students take of for earth and the Earths Political Chambers. 9. At 2:45 the students land in the rally points according to there squad. 10. At 3:00 the Squad D goes under cover as students taking a tour in the chamber building. 11. At 3:10 squads B and C should be making there way to the Main Chamber. 12. At 3:20 squad A should take off and find there way to the secret Chamber. 13. At 4:00 Squad D is going to brake apart, half of them are going to shut off the alarm and the other half are going to open emergency exit doors to let squads B and C in. Squad A should be landing on the mountain side landing strip. 14. At 4:20 Squads B and C await the call from Squad D Before entering the building. 15. At 4:30 Squad A will get the signal and infiltrate the secret chamber. 16. By 4:45 Squad B and C should Gather all valuables should start bringing them back to there ships 17. At 5:00 Squad D should bring all Hostages back to the ship. 18. At 5:05 Squad A will gather all Files and fly back to the Base. 19. After that we send in the army and take out all Main points in the government. If anything goes Wrong with the Brain wash speak the word Morice!

Tomas Garse 709, Daron ave. Carnsville, OH 29013 Dear Tomas, What are you talking about? You shouldn’t be butting into other peoples business. You wouldn’t want to get in trouble would you? I think I should tell the Council Members what you have discovered. I better do it quickly because we are going on an important mission. I don’t want to say this but you are going to get killed because of your misbehavior. I’m on my way to report my findings and there is nothing you can do to stop me. I’m sorry but this has to happen, it was good knowing you my good friend.

You Acquaintance Jeff

Capture of Council Chambers
Yesterday around 3:00 the Earths political chambers was infiltrated by the students at the Arcane Space Academy. The students successfully infiltrated the chambers. They have also taken hostages back to the academy. The police have checked the security cameras and have concluded that the students are under some unnatural control. They believe that they are under some sort of brain wash that strips them of all there self control and only follow the orders of there captain who is believed to be an Morice Conrad. We have received a video from the academy. It says “Beware of the academy and be prepared to be over run by the awesome Morice Conrad”. Also found at the site was a rock with the words “Help -Jeff Badge To stop them Say Morice”. We believe that this boy is stuck in the mountains and knows the secret to stopping the brain washed students.

Tragic Story
The boy Jeff Badge was found dead in the cliff next to his broken down plane and his best friend Tomas was killed by the brain washed students for trying to stop Morice in his tracks. He was found with a sheet of paper stating the plan of Morice Conrad. If only we found the plans earlier, because earlier this week Morice and his Army of brain washed students took over all the Political Chambers around the world. Morice has claimed himself Ruler of the world and his his army of students have been permanently brain washed and they cannot snap out of it. This is a sad time for earth and we want to comemorate Jeff Badge, his Grandfather, and his best friend Tomas for trying to save the earth by risking there lives and getting into a mess they new they weren’t going to make it out of.

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