COMP6481 Systems Requirements Specifications

Dept. of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Syllabus - summer 2008

Concordia University

Instructor: Dr. Olga Ormandjieva

Office: EV3.165 Tel.: 848-2424 x7810 Office hours: Fridays 12pm-1pm or by appointment

Course Content
Topics to be covered in this course will be selected from the following (among others): techniques for identification of requirements, classification of requirements, user-centered requirements analysis and definition, traceability; formal models and representations for specifying requirements; formal techniques and tools for requirements specification support; assessment of a specification for attributes such as correctness, consistency and completeness. Case studies will be taken up for an in-depth discussion of safety-critical issues, their specifications, and validation; introduction to formal verification techniques.

General Information
Generally, lecture slides will be made available from the course web site (when possible, before the lecture). Note that slides are not “lecture notes”; you are responsible for creating your own notes. Copies of the textbook and reference book (1) will be available at the Concordia Library, 3-hour reserve, from week 2.

Textbook (recommended):
V.S.Alagar, K.Periyasamy. "Specification of Software Systems", 1998. ISBN 0 387 98430 5

Reference books:
1. D. Leffingwell, D. Widrig. Managing Software Requirements 2/e: A Use Case Approach. ISBN 0 321 12247 X 2. Edmund Clarke, Jr., Orna Grumberg, and Doron A. Peled. “Model Checking”. 4th printing, 2002. ISBN 0 262 03270 8.

• • • • Midterm: 20% Final exam: 40% Project (groups of 5 students): 20% o Topic will be posted on the course web page o Presentations Assignments (Groups/Individual): 4 X 5%

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COMP6481 Systems Requirements Specifications
Dept. of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Syllabus - summer 2008

Concordia University

Lab/Software for the Course
Software: Rational Rose, Larch, Z-EVES, PVS Additional lab time (preferably after the class) will be scheduled in support for the assignments.

In order to pass the course you must perform satisfactorily in each of the evaluation categories listed above. Assignment work will help prepare you for the tests. Unless noted otherwise, all assignments are to be submitted electronically by midnight on the due date. The course web site will provide details concerning the submission process. Late submissions will not be accepted. Should you fail to write the midterm exam, and you have valid justification (e.g. doctor’s note) then the weight of that test will be added to the final exam weight. Notes: • • It is your responsibility to adhere to the university’s code of conduct as detailed in the calendar (e.g. Section 16.3.14). There is no standard relationship between percentages and letter grades assigned for this course.

Course web site and mailing list
Amendments to this syllabus, if any, as well as other important information (e.g. detailed course schedule, assignment due dates) will be made available from the COMP6481 web site
Ensure that you register to the course mailing list so as to be notified of updates to the course web site, exam dates etc. Instructions for doing so will be given on the course web site.

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