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Let Me Ask You Some Very Important Questions: • • • • • • Are you suffering from chronic physical pain that won’t go away? Have you been thoroughly checked out by your doctor who has ruled out serious disease but your symptoms persist? Have you tried so many different treatments for months or even years and yet nothing helps for long or at all? Is chronic pain ruining your life? Does this lack of effective treatment have you feeling trapped, angry, sad, confused, and out-of-control? Are you afraid that you’ll never feel good again?

If the answers to the above questions are YES, then this report is for you! I understand what you are going through because I’ve been there. I am not a doctor. For that matter, I am not a healthcare professional of any kind. But I have suffered through chronic back pain and other horrible symptoms for many years. I’ve tried so many treatments for my condition and… (here’s why you really want to listen to what I have to say) Finally, I found something that REALLY WORKS! And there’s a good chance it will work for you, too. It has taken me a long time to gain the understanding that I have. So read on and I will share with you what I have learned. Just as it was for me, let this be the beginning of the END of your pain, too!

--Ken Malloy

In fact. So I asked myself a key question: With today’s advanced medical technology. All great stuff. pharmaceutical and insurance companies have gained enormous influence on the practice of medicine. I know. Childhood save countless lives and spare countless others from infectious diseases. . • Nineteen million doctor visits are made for back pain annually. • Back pain is the leading cause of work-related disability. But let’s look at the other side of what’s going on with modern medicine today.that’s not exactly a consolation for your suffering. But it did make me VERY curious. • Back problems are the most common ailment in America. they’ve totally altered the field. • Eight million new cases of back pain occur every year. Our country is actually in the midst of a back pain epidemic. millions of people are suffering with chronic back pain. why are so many people still suffering? I took a good look at what’s going on and discovered some very interesting facts about modern medicine. second only to sore throat. you’d think chronic pain would be a thing of the past. hearts. Amazing. What Western Medicine Doesn’t Know the Cause of Most Common Pain and Why You’re Still Hurting: In the last fifty years. Here are the facts: • Eight out of ten adults suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. This isn’t so.Why So Many People Are in Pain and What This Means For You: With all the amazing advances today in medical science. Transplanted kidneys. Polio’s been relegated to history books. just like you. In the past fifty years. • Treatment for back pain costs $26 billion annually and currently accounts for 2. Let me share my discoveries with you. and bone marrow all extend the lives of millions. there have been great advances in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. livers. isn’t it? As you’re reading this.5% of our country’s total health-care spending.

doctors once relied on the skill of deductive reasoning for the diagnosis and treatment of illness. or if it does not fit a diagnostic code—and if there is no known surgical or drug treatment for the symptom. confused or helpless. doctors are doing the best that they can to help these kids who have behavioral problems.As a result. too. The epidemic of chronic pain persists because Western medicine and complementary medicine fail to understand the true cause of the most common . The reason is simple. Drugs and surgery are usually the only solutions offered by today’s physicians. these drugs have been found to actually make the child’s symptoms worse!. how doctors are trained and what kinds of illnesses they focus on has changed radically. And. So. simply as a matter of self-preservation. most practicing doctors defer to lab tests and a catalog of diagnoses allowable by insurance plans. doctors don’t do much real thinking anymorethey’re not rewarded for it. In fact. then the doctor will often treat the problem like it doesn’t exist. To give you an example. The fact is. if an illness does not show up clearly on a lab test. doctors have become more conservative. even when they are inappropriate and potentially harmful to the patient. Yet they too often fail to provide the results many pain-sufferers like you are looking for. Perhaps you’ve seen articles recently about the over-prescription of antidepressant for emotionally dysfunctional children? Sure. Today. Because of the ever-present threat of malpractice. if you’ve been going from doctor to doctor. what does this all mean to you? Well. Since managed health care took over Western medicine. sometimes called “complementary medicine. the entire practice has been forced to restrict itself to pre-approved codes for both the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions. they are frequently punished for thinking outside the box. in many cases. I understand your frustration because I’ve been there. however.” may not be restricted by the limitations and influences I’ve mentioned. Not anymore. Treatments that are considered alternative. looking for answers to your back pain and you’re still feeling empty-handed.

The idea that the mind can affect how you feel is probably not a totally new idea to you. Incredibly enough. And this failure actually CONTRIBUTES to the epidemic! Let me be clear: Your pain persists because traditional and complementary medicine have completely failed to recognize the true cause of your pain! When I was in pain and desperately searching for answers. however. I wanted a diagnosis that was accurate and specific. health. . I continued my search. We know. “psychosomatic” is NOT a whacko condition meaning that it’s “all in your head. They demand proof that a treatment is effective. most doctors are too cautious to apply the mindbody connection to their own practice of medicine. So. In Western medicine. Its basic premise is this: your emotional state has a tremendous impact on sickness. Or a frightening situation increases your heartbeat and may make you sweat. most doctors today agree that the mind can have a powerful effect on the body. Traditional doctors speak the language of hard science. and well-being. they weren’t talking to me about it! Mindbody Medicine and the Future of Medical Science: That practice is called Mindbody medicine. Mindbody medicine is about integrating the relationship between the mind and body into the practice of health care. with lasting results and no side effects. I knew exactly what I was looking for: a doctor who could look me in the eye and explain the cause of my pain with certainty and clarity. musculoskeletal pain. I wanted a treatment for my pain that was safe and effective.” The Webster dictionary defines it as “involving both mind and body.” In fact. that a stressful situation causes your body to release adrenaline. Contrary to what many people think.persistent. for instance. Or if they knew about it. it is called psychosomatic illness. and I discovered a practice that none of the traditional doctors nor complementary practitioners knew about.

Dr. I just wanted to become pain free. Sarno made the bold but reasonable conclusion that those treatments were useless. Like most doctors. Sarno. and attending physician at the Howard A. When they didn’t get better. Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at the New York University Medical Center. The idea that my physical pain could be caused by my emotions was a fascinating. he began his career with a conventional approach to medicine. When it comes to understanding the relationship between emotions and physical pain.” became my doctor and helped me become completely pain-free in just nine weeks! You might be surprised to know that he’s professor of Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University School of Medicine. Dr.” Thankfully. it’s hard to measure the precise effect of emotions on the human body! When I heard about the mind-body connection.D. but practically as old as time itself. Many years ago. I was ready to do something that actually WORKED. I approached it without bias or preconceived ideas. His name is John E. . using your mind to heal your body was considered a radical idea. Sarno is leading the way. One such pioneer. There is now solid science behind the relationship between stress and disease. our world has been changing.Admittedly. And I wasn’t surprised to discover that the idea of integrating the mind and body into heathcare was nothing new. who many call “The Mindbody Prophet. Sarno has been practicing medicine since 1950. Just a decade ago. between unhealthy emotions and poor health conditions such as heart disease and obesity. M. Plato said on the subject over two thousand years ago: “The great error of our day in treatment of humans is that some physicians separate treatment of psyche from treatment of body. a new breed of pioneering doctors and researchers are slowly moving the Mindbody connection into the mainstream and changing heath care as we know it. Today. Here’s what the Greek philosopher. Dr. After taking pain relievers and going to chiropractors. he treated patients with severe back pain using traditional tools like injections and strengthening exercises.

emotional. and a safe. My own back pain was so severe that I often struggled to get out of bed. then was causing the pain? If nothing was wrong with the body. He clearly explains how the pain occurs in the body and how specific emotions trigger that pain. In all my trials and errors to cure my back pain. or even the root cause. What. Dr. What I wanted—what I urgently needed—was an accurate diagnosis. Dr. The only problem was… it didn’t go away! Many of Dr.And so. Mindbody medicine promotes a healthy balance between the physical. he has developed a revolutionary treatment program to eliminate common musculoskeletal pain—including debilitating lower back pain—as well as other conditions. Sarno delivered. Dr. Sarno contends that it’s this condition that causes much of the chronic physical pain which many people experience today. and spiritual aspects of human experience. of many symptoms and disease. . persistent muscle pain is due to a harmless condition in the body which has its basis in the mind. effective treatment for my pain. From this diagnosis. Fix the problem or abnormality and the pain goes away. mental. Sarno’s work so powerful and practical: His diagnosis is accurate and specific. here’s what makes Dr. Sarno! And. no one had been able to help me to make a connection between the pain and my emotions – until I met Dr. Sarno’s treatment program is based on the understanding that most common. Let me put that another way: Emotions cause a physical reaction in the body. he began to question a fundamental assumption of modern medicine: that body pain is a response to a structural problem or abnormality. which can be severely painful and yet harmless. Sarno’s patients continued to experience debilitating pain even after their structural problems were “fixed”. Sarno had his epiphany: Chronic back pain has its root cause in the mind! This is consistent with the belief held by today’s Mindbody practitioners: emotions are a contributing factor. where did the pain come from? Why were healthy people hurting? This is when Dr.

they begin to overflow and . below our awareness and where the brain buries undesirable or “dangerous” thoughts and feelings. The pain is NOT in your head – it’s very real and yet totally harmless! It was a great relief to me to learn that the cause of my back pain was harmless. For specific reasons which Dr. Here is how TMS works: Tiny blood vessels in muscles. TMS is just one of many Mindbody disorders. according to Dr. It takes a little time to explain and truly understand. undesirable feelings that are just below our awareness rise to the surface. But I still wanted to know: why was this happening to my body? Revealing the other half of his Mindbody equation. Sarno describes. Sarno’s program freed me from chronic back pain! Dr. This causes restricted blood flow. Suffice it to say that an essential part of our psychology maintains a fundamental need for our brain to keep certain threatening emotions safely tucked away in our unconscious mind. “Knowledge and information are the cure. tendons and nerves constrict. or TMS for short. This is part of our psyche. You actually learn to become pain-free! As he puts it. and restricted blood flow causes less oxygen. The Unconscious Mind and the Cause of Chronic Pain: We all have a part of our mind that is called the unconscious. Dr. Sarno specifies how unconscious emotions are at the root cause of pain.” If you’re a little skeptical so far. Sarno explains the emotional-physical disorder. understanding is the first and most important step in becoming pain-free. A little less oxygen to the tissue is not harmful. I was too—until Dr. Sarno’s program.Don’t worry if you don’t completely understand this. Dr. which he calls The Tension Myoneural* Syndrome. Much has been written and spoken about the unconscious and how it may influence our lives and our health. The point here is that TMS is a Mindbody disorder that is truly physical. In fact. and yet mild oxygen deprivation is what causes the pain. That’s a critical distinction. That is. I don’t blame you. Sarno’s program is one of education—not invasive or useless treatment.

It means you must accept that your symptoms are emotionally induced. This requires your complete belief in the TMS diagnosis. . that’s just what they blame for most pain symptoms— even when the pattern of the pain shows no correlation to a physical cause! And. Sarno’s research shows that. carpal tunnel syndrome. spine degeneration. that there is no structural basis for the pain. as we now know. tendonitis and so on is in reality an area of soft tissue suffering from mild oxygen deprivation. getting better begins with understanding the true reason for your pain: to distract your attention away from unacceptable emotions. we feel physical pain rather than experience what the brain considers to be threatening feelings. It’s a perfect distraction mechanism that keeps us from feeling unpleasant emotions as we go about our day! Getting Better through the Acquisition of Knowledge: Over the past four decades. And when they do. Dr. Or. For others. attending his lecture. in vast majority of cases. But since doctors are trained to think in terms of structural. Dr. Dr. physical abnormalities. bone spurs. Sarno has had tremendous success helping thousands of people to get rid of their pain. such as a herniated disc. So. fasciitis. take the frequently cited herniated disc. these so-called abnormalities DON’T cause pain. Like me. TMS. Most people who are willing and able to apply Dr. This is hard for some to believe and harder for many to accept. The pain is a means to distract the conscious mind away from the unconscious emotions. that is. but independent studies actually support this claim. the brain responds by creating physical pain. Sarno’s teachings to their pain and their lives experience relief from symptoms that conventional medicine could not treat effectively.emerge into the conscious mind. Perhaps it’s been attributed to structural abnormalities. In TMS theory. what is often diagnosed as sciatica. your pain has probably been diagnosed in more ways than one. For example. bursitis. Many people eliminate their symptoms simply by reading one his best-selling books. or watching the lecture on video or DVD has provided the knowledge they needed to become pain-free. In other words. it causes no pain.” In most patients. Sarno revealed that disc herniation is a relatively “normal abnormality. and other conditions that people are quick to name.

And. Sarno’s discovery that more nerve tissue is involved in TMS than muscle tissue. Sarno teaches has its challenges and demands but it’s worth the effort. then. the additional work in finding and feeling intense emotions may mean engaging the support and guidance of someone trained to do this work such as a for more information about his educational materials. This content is not meant to diagnose and medical condition or to be considered as treatment. the focus of Dr. Sarno’s books and DVD lecture provide the next steps in learning to become pain-free. Be persistent in your learning.healingbackpain. this deeper work can be done alone. you’re may be about to start your journey back home. Learning what Dr. Sarno’s books and DVD program provide the information on how to do it. In the case of any pain or other symptoms be sure to have yourself thoroughly checked out by your doctor to rule out serious disease. be patient and kind to yourself! Best. For others. deeper work may be required. The program outlined in Dr. For others. Visit www.” This change of terminology refers to Dr. Disclaimer: The information contained in this report is solely intended as reference material only and not as medical or professional advice. For some. endorsed or sponsored by any doctor or medical practice. I encourage you to jump in with both feet. . Dr. If you’re suffering from chronic pain and this report is resonating with you. then you’re familiar with the term and will notice the change: “myositis” has become “myoneural.Beyond understanding and accepting the diagnosis. Ken * Footnote: If you’ve already read one of Dr. Many people get better simply by acknowledging that emotions are the cause of their pain. This information is not affiliated. Sarno’s books. Sarno’s treatment program is in addressing the psychological issues.

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