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IX Round 1: Asia/Pacific rim

1. Does China pose a threat to the United States national security by becoming the world`s second largest economy? 2. Will any new leader of Taiwan be able to effectivly deter China? 3. Is Japan in a state of polical instability? 4. Will Chinas increasing military expenditures spark an Aisan arms race? 5. Should Governments posses an internet kill switch? 6. Is Chinas economic growth good for the rest of the world? 7. Will there be a crisis over North Korean succession? 8. Is a lethal brew of high oil prices and inflation stirring in an Asian economic story? 9. Is Japan fully recovered from the recent earthquakes? 10. In light of the reactor problems Japan has recently had, is nuclear energy the answer for growing economies? 11. Will North Korea respond favorably to the proposed food aid deal? 12. Why are more women in India voting? 13. Is North Koreas new leader going to increase relations with the US? 14. Are the Nuclear accidents in Japan the fault of the government? 15. Will Asia be the next region to attempt to embrace democracy?

IX Round 2 :World economy

1. Is the global gap between the rich and poor growing? 2. Should Europe strengthen economic ties with Russia? 3. Does the IMF play any benificial economic role in the 21th century? 4. Does the world economy need and overhaul? 5. Is the European debt crisis intensifying? 6. Is Middle Eastern turmoil to blame for the United States oil woes? 7. Is the Greek economy headed toward a better future? 8. Can the European Centeral Bank ensure equal benefits in a bailout? 9. Can Iran join the ranks of first world nations by obtaining nuclear energy? 10. Can China maintain its economic strength? 11. Has the US destroyed the world economy? 12. Should the US help bail Greece out? 13. Why has Extreme Poverty decreased during the Global Recession? 14. Will the economic collapse of Greece result in the collapse of Spain, Portugal, and Italy as well?

IX Round 3: Europe/CCCP/USSR/Soviet Union/The Evil Empire

1. Does Russia have the poitical and social stability required to host the 2014 Winter Olympics 2. Will the European Union be able to sever its dependence on Russian energy supply? 3. Is Britian heading for an Irish-style economic implosion? 4. Does Russia have the ability to curb terrorism within its borders? 5. Is Greece causing European instability? 6. Will Putins election victory negatively affect Russia? 7. Were the Russian elections rigged? 8. Should the authorities in London have the power to break-up Occupy protests? 9. How will the Popes appointing 22 new Cardinals affect the political climate of Europe? 10. How Germany respond to the resignation of their president? 11. Should Germany be required to help bail Greece out? 12. Should Greece give up the Euro? 13. Are France and Germany strong enough economically to save Greece?

IX Finals: Middle East

1. Will Israel strike Iran? 2. Should the UN intervene in Syria? 3. Is Afghanistan becoming more stable? 4. Will the Iraqi government collapse after the US withdraws? 5. Is Iran producing nuclear or biological weapons? 6. Is Egypts new found democracy safe? 7. Will Libya be able to transition into a democracy? 8. Has the death of Osama bin-Laden made the world a safer place? 9. Is Pakistan a valuble asset in the War on Terror? 10. Is there a solution to the Israeli-Iranian conflict that does not involve violence? 11. Is Iran the greatest threat to Middle East security? 12. Will Iran cost Obama the Presidency? 13. Is Syria becoming an international concern? 14. Has the Middle East responded appropriately to the Syrian conflict? 15. Has the US burning Korans irreparably hurt relations with the Middle East?