FYI 2007-1

The principles of reconciliation revealed by Dr. Moon are the fruits of his own research in both the spiritual and material worlds, and were presented to and confirmed by God. They are unique and unprecedented. They have resonance with other great systems of truth and wisdom, but they do not exist in their entirety elsewhere.
For this reason the Universal Peace Federation, (UPF) and the Oceanic Clergy Leadership Conference, (OCLC) can bring peace even though the world has never known a day of peace in all its history. It is also the reason why these principles must be studied repeatedly and ever more deeply by anyone devoted to the pursuit of peace. The principles of reconciliation (namely how to correct things which have gone wrong), are integrally tied to the principles of creation (namely how to do things right in the first place.) which together make up a larger scheme of guidance for human life. Dr. Moon conducts his affairs ONLY in stringent obedience to these principles. He never chooses a course or an activity as a matter of “strategy” or in response to changing circumstances. Everything that Reverend Moon does reflect the application of these teachings and principles.

What is Peace?
Peace is the world God originally envisioned when He decided to create. God created for the sake of Love, and for no other purpose. The ideal and originally intended family embodies the fullness of Love, and guarantees that Love will unfold in infinite wonder forever. That family is the home of 4 great Loves, from which Godly citizens of the world are to be born and raised up.

What is Conflict?
Until now conflict tends to be only half understood. This is one of the reasons why peace has never been achieved. There are in fact two forms of conflict. These are: a. Conflict at the level of Parents. b. Conflict at the level of Children. The path to peace requires repair on both planes. Due to the ignorance of these two realities traditional efforts for peace approach the task in a lopsided way. Wars are sibling bickering writ large. Of equal or greater disorder is conflict at the parental level (which by definition is gender disorder). Dr. Moon knows that peace is achieved only when all levels of conflict are healed and reconciled.


What is the Root of Conflict?
Conflict is not natural. It is created deliberately by the enemy of God, who works through spiritual processes. Conflict is not natural, nor is it random or accidental. For this reason principles of reconciliation requires spiritual as well as secular programs that proceed along precise and accurate programs led by people knowledgeable in both spheres.

What is the Process and Progression of Conflict?
First, let’s look at the process and progression of creating love and peace. Love and Peace result from a mature and responsible men and women devoting themselves unconditionally to one another, bearing, raising and educating children in an environment of unconditional love, where young people learn personal responsibility before God and before others, and become experts at harmonizing through love with people and ways that differ often substantially from themselves. Conflict unfolds in precisely the opposite direction. Immature Men and women form conjugal bonds characterized by immaturity and selfishness. They fail to care for and support one another establishing bad spiritual conditions, ultimately evil forces can invade their relationship through lust, infidelity, and interpersonal violence. This is the conflict on the Parent Level. Children learn patterns of conflict and abuse from their parents and the cultures thusly created, and grow up to become leaders who bring detriment, conflict and war to their people.

What is the Process and Progression of Reconciliation?
Peace as the antidote to the pattern of perpetuating conflict should proceed on two fronts simultaneously: a) Recreating and educating individuals so that we stop giving birth to, and raising and educating leaders who are experts at how to make conflict. b) Applying the model of family recreation at larger levels of social relations, even for example in international levels.

I t is on these two fronts that Dr. Moon leads his efforts for peace.
1. Stop Being Bad Parents, and Stop Raising Intolerant, Selfish, and Abusive Children Who Grow Up and Make the World into an Incurable Mess This is a harsh way of describing the lifelong Blessing and Family movement of Dr. and Mrs. Moon. It is a mistake to see this as somehow a distinct, particular activity of Dr. Moon’s own religion,

which he somehow ALSO does in addition to his wonderful, global efforts for peace. It is a central and integral part of Dr. Moon’s global efforts for peace. It is the family-by-family application of specific and systematic principles for peace and reconciliation. Recall that this must be the precise opposite path of the progression of evil. a. Men and Women grow to be mature and responsible. b. Create conjugal bonds impervious to attacks by the enemy of God. c. Raise children who are experts in love and harmony. This is the Blessing Movement, without which even the most brilliant peace effort has zero chance of genuine and enduring success. 2. Every Occasion of Conflict Regardless of how Grand or Complex is in Reality a Manifestation of this Simple Pattern of Family Reconciliation As mentioned earlier people tend to think of conflict only as that type of clash that occurs on the children’s level. Virtually all conflict, be it internal (like civil war), regional among neighboring nations, and even international conflict involving blocs and alliances is a version of children bickering. Within this paradigm each side in the conflict necessarily represents one of two classic types. There is the aggressor, and the attacked. The attacked is on the side of relative good, and the aggressor is on the side of relative evil. Once we understand that all conflict follows the pattern of family writ large, we can immediately grasp the matrix of any given conflict. All conflicts can be solved by following the original pattern of peace, and reversing the pattern of conflict described above. In each conflict pursuit there is a side representing the aggressor son and one representing the attacked son. Also, there are very likely players in the parents’ position as well. For each position there is exact behavior that can lead to peace and reconciliation (as well as one of course which can intensify conflict). Dr. Moon’s peace teaching delineates with great precision the unique behavior required for each position in any given conflict. This is not a clever or creative schema. It is related to God’s original ideal of peace. Time does not permit on this occasion to expound more fully on the details and nuances to apply this format, but now that you know this, you can listen to Father Moon’s talks more easily. In them you will find constant elaboration on these themes, which will give you great expertise to bring about reconciliation in any situation. In closing, only by following the way of True Love centered on God, creating True Parents and True Families can humanity recreate the original ideal envisioned by our Heavenly Father- the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.


Please contact your local UPF or OCLC representatives as to how to both study and apply of these Principals of Reconciliation.
Rev. Steve Evans (613) 877-22633 0422 707 181 Melbourne, Australia ________________________ Adapted from a presentation by: Dr. Frank Kaufmann Director, Office for Interreligious Relations Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace A branch of the Universal Peace Federation, (UPF)