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NOTE: The application deadline for starting the IDDCP in 2013/14 is June 1, 2012.

The admission process is divided into two phases. Phase 1 consists of an evaluation of academic credentials, work experience, an English Proficiency Examination (either TOEFL or IELTS), letters of reference, letter of intent and an Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge. From all of the eligible Phase 1 applicants, short-listed applicants will be invited to Phase 2. Phase 2 consists of a 3-day assessment including a personal interview, an oral communication test by the English Language Institute at UBC, a psychomotor skills assessment on dental mannequins, and evaluation of participation in a PBL orientation session. Applicants will also meet some faculty members, be given a tour of the Faculty, and have an opportunity to meet the IDDCP students currently in 3rd and 4th year. Not all short-listed applicants will be offered a place in the class.

Applicants must:
1. Official Transcripts - Official transcripts of all post-secondary education and English translation, if required, to be received in the issuing institution's official, sealed and endorsed envelopes from source. 2. Official Degree Certificate(s) - Degree Certificate(s) and English translations, if required, to be received in issuing instituion's official, sealed and endorsed envelopes. 3. Proof of Citizenship/Permanent Resident - Submit proof of citizenship. Permanent Residents must provide a photocopy of both sides of their Record of Landing as proof of immigration. 4. Letters of Reference - Three letters of reference to be received directly from source in sealed and endorsed official envelopes. Printable reference request forms are available in PDF format. Reference letters are valid for up to 24 months and can be submitted for a maximum of two admission cycles. If applicants send more than three letters, only reference letters from the three referees listed in your application will be evaluated. 5. Letter of Good Standing - Submit a letter of good standing from the licensing authority, or its equivalent, of the region in which the applicant last practiced. The letter of good standing must be sent directly from source in a sealed and endorsed official envelope. 6. Official NDEB, Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Examination Result Submit the National Dental Examining Board of Canada's Assessment of the Fundamental Knowledge examination. A minimum of 75% is required on the Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge examination. Our office must receive an original score sheet sent directly from the NDEB. 7. English Proficiency Requirements - Applicants who received their qualifying degree from a country in which English is not the primary language, must provide evidence of English proficiency. One of the following is required: • TOEFL - The minimum TOEFL score required is 580 paper-based, or 93 internetbased, taken within twenty-four (24) months prior to the application deadline. TOEFL score sheets must be sent directly from source in sealed and official envelopes. Photocopies of test score sheets are not accepted. • IELTS - An overall score of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 on each academic component (not general) of the IELTS Exam is required. Applicants are required to complete all four modules - Listening, Speaking, Academic Reading and Academic Writing of the Academic Test. Our office must receive an original IELTS Score Sheet directly from source. Photocopies of test score sheets are not accepted. • Alternatively, applicants with five years of full-time education in English in Canada or the equivalent in another country where English is the principal language may be exempt from writing the English proficiency exam.


This requirement is in addition to the English Language admissions standard. http://www. 2.asp 3/30/2012 . a 60 minute practice session. an orientation to the clinic. 2. 4. undertake the Oral Language Proficiency Interview at UBC to demonstrate competence in spoken English. PHASE 2 Applicants must: 1. work experience. an introduction to the clinic computer system. Class III composite resin preparation on the distal surface of a maxillary left central incisor with a rubber dam in place. a 75 minute evaluation session to perform and be evaluated on the three tasks outlined below and a 15 minute self-evaluation session. BC V6T 1Z3 CANADA Selection for Phase 2 Applicants will be selected for Phase 2 based on their academic credentials. participate in a PBL orientation session. The application is available by clicking on the "Apply Online" button located on the menu on the left side of this page.IDDCP Faculty of Dentistry The University of British Columbia 2199 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver. As spaces are limited. Applicants must achieve a level of 5 or higher. On-line Applicatiion . letters of reference and letter of intent.g. Phase 2 participants will be given a Faculty tour. Eye protection is mandatory in the clinic environment. and participation in the UBC problem based learning curriculum. Criteria for each of three evaluated tasks will be provided to the candidate prior to their arrival at UBC for the Phase 2 assessment. 9. All standard hand and rotary instruments and materials and supplies will be provided. In addition to the personal interview. Phase 2 will normally occur over a three-day period in October. Class II amalgam preparation on a maxillary left first molar with a rubber dam in place. English speaking and listening skills assessment. English is the medium of instruction in Dentistry and strong communication skills are necessary to function effectively in the clinical setting. psychomotor skills assessment. As part of the Phase 2 admissions assessment. Phase 2 applicants are required to bring their own clinic attire for clothing protection (e.dentistry. not all applicants will be invited to participate in Phase 2 of the admissions process.. 3. 5. lab coat. Submit a $1. MOD amalgam restoration on a supplied pre-cut maxillary right first molar with a rubber dam in place and utilizing a dental matrix band.000 CAD assessment fee. The three evaluated tasks will consist of: 1. smock or gown) and their own safety glasses or surgical magnification (e.ubc. Applicants can attend no more than two Phase 2 invitations of the application process. Your application for admission and all supporting documents listed above MUST be received by our office on or before the specified deadline to be considered for admission in June of the following year. telescopes or loupes). a 30 minute orientation to the clinic workstation. Application Fee (non-refundable) . Applicants can pay online before submitting the online application or send a cheque made payable to the "The Unviersity of British Columbia". Dental Degree Completion Page 2 of 3 8.g.IDDCP Program . All supporting documents and the application fee payment should be sent to: Admissions Office . and have an opportunity to meet informally with the IDDCP students currently in 3rd and 4th year. The psychomotor assessment will consist of a 30 minute overview of the assessment process.Submit a $400 CAD non-refundable application fee. undertake a personal interview at UBC. Application fee must be received by the application deadline date. meet some faculty members. each invited candidate will undergo a psychomotor skills assessment on dental mannequins in a standard clinical environment. undergo a psychomotor skills assessment on dental mannequins at UBC (see detailed description below).. the results of the NDEB Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge Examination.Submit the completed on-line application.

Students will be registered as 2nd year students for one month and. Candidates will be competing with other applicants from which the final selection will be made. As spaces are limited. followed by four weeks of the 2nd year dental course. the psychomotor skills assessment and the PBL case will be provided to applicants selected to Phase 2. the verbal communication skills test. will then be registered as 3rd year students. Orientation will be held in late August preceding the normal commencement of the third year of the DMD program. and the policies. DENT Program .ubc. the structure of the interview. ACCEPTANCE/ORIENTATION Successful applicants to the program will join the Faculty in mid-May of the following year for a 5 . practices and procedures of the Dental Clinic.International Dental Degree Completion Page 3 of 3 More detailed information on the orientation. http://www. successful completion alone will not guarantee admissions.7 day orientation.dentistry.asp 3/30/2012 . Attendance at this course is mandatory in order to advance to 3rd year Dentistry. It will consist of an orientation to the UBC dental curriculum. after completion of this course.

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