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Kunti Devi

Age – 53 years Location – Danyavan Village, Patna District Number of Children – five daughters and two sons Monthly Income – around 1000 rupees Abstract – 1 2 3 Detail – 6 A.M in the morning, during the summer season in the year 1993, a boy came running and told Kunti that Nijala (her elder daughter) was found dead. She rushed to the spot with the villagers only to meet the blood laden corpse of her dear daughter and that too close to a machine at her daughters in laws house. Her head was banged by a huge wheel that was connected with a belt. This might be an accident but it is certainly not, what the villagers believe. Nijala was married to Dharmendra Singh three years back from her death. Kunti and the villagers believe that Dharmenda had killed Nijala. At the time of their marriage Nijala’s in laws demanded for a sum of 6000 rupees. Kunti is below the poverty line (BPL); she somehow managed to give them cloths, some jewellery and utensils. Soon few months after Kunti came to know that her daughter is facing hard times at her in laws. After enquiring she came to know that her daughter is not happy in her in laws. They used to bash her by the groom. According to Kunti, Nijala’s sister in law, brother in law and mother in law used to mistreat and often beat her by the coconut broom. Kunti’s daughter was very obedient and patient. When Kunti asked her to come back home she replied if her husband stay in water then I will stay with him in water or if he stay in fire then I’ll do the same. Here is a best example of Indian women trammelled by rituals. To Nirjala, Dharmendra was like God and she cannot leave her. She used to wear shabby cloths and never accepted the cloths send by her mother. She believed that it is better to live naked than to ask for cloths from poor parents, who have three daughters left to marry. She became pregnant just before six months of her death. She was not provided proper medication and nutrition by her in laws. She would be treated well only if her parents pay some cash to her in laws to satisfy their covetous demand. Elder daughter undergone domestic violence and killed by in laws Younger daughter was rapped by bother in law of the elder daughter She was flailed thrice by the in laws of the elder daughter

However, Nijala’s detestable life came to an end one day and was carrying six months old foetus in her womb. Parents and Villagers took the body of Nijala to a school near by. They believe she was thrown inside the belt area by her in laws. Nijala’s father is a simple man and belongs to labour class. He did not lodge any complaint against Nijala’s in laws. His daughter faced harassment throughout her married life and he didn’t want the body to undergo post-mortem as she was pregnant too. They preferred to keep mum because they had more daughters to marry. They somehow marry their second daughter without giving dowry. But there last daughter retrieved the pain of first daughter. Same sorrowful morning visited them once again in 2004 summers when Kunti’s youngest daughter, who was just 14 years old, was brutally rapped by Nijala’s brother in law. Kunti was not ready to keep mum this time. She wanted justice by punishing the criminal. She lodged a complaint against him. For this courage she paid a price and on 23rd July 2005, she was viciously flailed by the criminal and some local bullies. She was bashed up thrice by them. One day Kunti got opportunity to meet a social activist, Neelu, of Mahila Jagaran Kendra (MJK). She narrated her atrocious life. Nijala’s in laws also started threatening the NGO. But after they together filed a case in court against the Nijila’s bother in law. They offered them money to take back the case. The legal trial started in the early month of the year 2006 and after 24 dates court called the victim to testify. Rapist is financially sound and therefore prolonged the case by offering bribes to the advocates of both the parties. And of course the speed of the judiciary added few more months. Till date Dharmendra’s family threaten Kunti’s family. But now it is hard nut to crack Kunti’s and Pinky’s courage and confidence. Kunti has full faith on judiciary. She believes that she will get justice because they had mentioned everything in front of the judge. And whatever she had mentioned is not manipulative but truth, therefore court will make judgement in their favour. But Pinky is not dependant on the court she would kill Dharmenrda’s family if judiciary fails to impart justice.