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Dadi Janki 6th February 2012 Gyan Sarovar I have to burn all that is old

Accounts of the past, the present storms of maya, bad omens and their influence come in such a way that they toss the soul about and then finally leave. Then there are obstacles: sometimes one obstacle seems to follow another. We have to remove these things from a distance with deep understanding. If you dont remove these from a distance then they will come closer and closer and finally influence you. For this you need to be cautious, clever and alert. What is effort actually? It is to switch on my awareness and keep it switched on. In fact, when I switch on the awareness that this is the most auspicious Confluence then these things cannot influence me. Yes, they will definitely try to come but by paying attention we can move through this life easily. Morning, noon and night I have to check myself to see if I am remembering Baba. To be in true remembrance means that nothing else is remembered. We are receiving attainments from that One and when one has attainment there is no time or interest to get involved in anything else. Many have the interest in getting involved in other things and as individuals we need to realise where else we allow ourselves to get busy. Once the soul is engrossed it becomes difficult to extract the self. Many get influenced by anothers sanskaras or nature. Either one is attracted or there is subtle dislike. Have feelings of dislike and who are you at that moment? If you want to become like Baba then you have to forgive. By forgiving one becomes a real teacher. Think of how Baba is. Think of what Baba would do in every situation that comes to you. Even in front of one who defamed Baba totally, he showed such a merciful form. In the whole world I have not seen anyone with such a personality as Baba. Even after having a big operation he walked a few days later. And he walked with great intoxication! Some come in front of Baba with great ego. This is why Baba tells us to be soul conscious; I have move into soul consciousness to be able remove arrogance. I have to kill ego and arrogance through soul consciousness. Only then can go beyond the influence of the body Then tests may come, storms may come, accounts may emerge but they wont be able to shake you; they wont influence you inside. Where the Father is the situation cannot influence. Where you allow the influence of situations then the Father cannot help you. These are things to understand deeply. If you dont deeply understand then the word Baba wont be able to emerge from inside you. Yoga means the connection and true yaad is such remembrance that nothing else is remembered. If there is anything else in your heart you wont be able to hold or sustain Babas remembrance. No-one can keep both Baba and other situations and people in their heart. There is either soul consciousness or body consciousness. You may not be grossly body conscious but most still have bodily awareness. Sometimes situations come and there is not soul consciousness or body consciousness there is unconsciousness confusion, fear In fact, we have to not only kill all that is old but we have to burn it. Only kill the old things and the ghosts may still emerge. It is the subtle connections of the past that pull the soul. This is why Baba tells us to live as though we have died: so that the subtle threads of inter-personal connections dont pull. This is the soul conscious stage. It is like being dead. There should not even be the slight awareness of anything old: I am this ones child, I have this money, this position. To hold onto them is like carrying a handbag around with you. Ask yourself: Am I still hanging on to anything even slightly? Look at Baba, look at Mama. The tendency in body consciousness is to look at another and think, Well, if you are doing it, I will do it too. Dadi pays a great deal of attention to this. In fact, if you do as Baba does you will experience unlimited happiness. How does he sleep, wake up, move around, look at others All of you around the world are sitting with Baba because of his elevated attitude and awareness. There should be nothing in my awareness but the self, Baba and service. Service is to see the self with Baba and to use time in a worthwhile way naturally. Then whoever comes into your company will also learn to use their time in a worthwhile way. When you came you felt, didnt you, that you have come here to help Baba create the new world. Why should any of us move from this position of sitting with Baba? Out of all the children let me become Babas best. Realise that wherever you are there is benefit. If you really want to make Baba happy then just do what He says. Questions of who, why and what arise from body consciousness and as soon as you even think them your face will wilt. All I have to think is who I am and who I belong to. We are yogis in action. Are you that or are you simply lost in your own thoughts? When you have real yoga there is the feeling of just performing actions for the sake of it. What do I have to speak? Just that which Baba has spoken to me through the Murli. Avyakt BapDada has told us to make our touching and catching power very good. When you make deep effort then you will catch what you have to do. You will feel that you have to do this or that right now. You will catch Babas vibration. You will not even think of how to do it it will happen easily. This occurs when the soul has true bhavna. Remember: when the child has courage the Father helps. Dadi has never let go of courage despite challenges of the body and sometimes not having even a rupee. If you let go of courage you will experience defeat. With courage you can maintain the connection and through that connection you receive thousand upon thousand fold help from Baba. Secondly, the Lord is pleased with an honest heart so much that He finishes all your old accounts. Nowadays many dont pay attention to finish the past and they continue to create new accounts. That deep love hasnt woken yet. Many are still trapped in accounts of sicknesses, greed, being influenced, being suppressed, being attached and so these are the things that keep coming in front of them. But the soul was free and has to become so again See yourself with Baba, let yourself be His toy on service and you will have wonderful experiences. Om Shanti