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Ranked sixth amongst the top Indian Business Houses in terms of assets Group today is a US $ 12 Billion conglomerate broad

product portfolio

Products Rails : JSPL has pioneered the manufacturing of 121 metre long track rails in the Indian sub-continent

Parallel Flange Beams :JSPL pioneered the production of medium and large size Hot Rolled Parallel Flang e Beams and Column Sections in India. The beams are cost-effective and provide d esign flexibility. These Parallel Flange Beams & Columns enable complex fabrications in high volume s due to inherent functional advantages of these sections. When used under bendi ng load, steel savings between 10-25% are achieved, as beams of lower sectional weight can be used. Locations: Raigarh, Chhattisgarh Medium & Light Structural Mill : USED IN: Power Sector, Infrastructure constructions, Steel & Cement plant construction, T ransmission Line Tower/Telecom Line Towers, Fabrication, Bus/Truck bodies, Elect rical Towers (SEB / Railways), Industrial Sheds, Commercial & Individual houses. Product Specifications EQUAL ANGLES (ISA) 100 200 mm CHANNELS (ISMC) 75 300 mm BEAMS - NPB / IPE 100 300 mm BEAMS - WPB / HE 100 200 mm FLATS 50 300 mm RAILS 30 lb/yd & 24 kg/m.

Plates & Coils Current production and distribution of plates and coils in various segments: General engineering & structural fabrication Pressure vessel & boilers Bridges & Flyovers

Railway Wagons Oil & Gas pipelines Shipbuilding

Semi-Finished Products : Billets: 130 mm, 150 mm, 165 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm squares. Length - upto 13 metres ; Rhomboidity 5 mm (max) Blooms: 285 mm x 390 mm and 280 mm x 320 mm rectangle Beam Blanks: 140 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm, 220 mm, 255 mm, 280 mm, 305 mm, 355 mm diameter rounds Rounds: 140 mm, 160 mm, 200 mm, 220 mm, 255 mm, 280 mm, 305 mm, 355 mm diameter rounds Slabs: Width 1500 mm to 2600 mm ; Thickness 215 mm, 250 mm & 280 mm ; Length - 3.0metre to 8 metre Rhomboidity 5 mm max; Bulging - 2.5 mm max; Camber 2 mm per Metre; Normal cast surface Wire Rods TMT Bars Power Ferro Chrome Silico Manganese Sponge Iron

Key Dymanic Indicators : Construction : growth rate of 12%-14% Automobile: The Indian automobile sector is the second fastest growing market after China an d has emerged as a prime demand driver for alloy steel. Auto components Industry: During the last five years, auto components market has grown at 19% CAGR. Infrastructure: The sector wise anticipated investment are $200bn in power, $80bn in railways, $ 48bn in roads, $13bn in ports and $9bn in airports. Consumer Durables : It has grown at an average of 10% per annum.The domestic appliances market which

includes spin driers of washing machine, almirahs, thermo ware, water filters, dishwashers,microwave ovens, catering equipments, cutlery, furniture etc have op ened new opportunities for steel consumption, thus ensuring a steadily growing t rend of steel off take.

Factory/plant City:Angul District State:Orissa

City:Raigarh State:Chattisgarh City:Raipur State:Chattisgarh City:Sundergarh State:Orissa the BDI (Baltic Dry Index), the cost of iron ore coking coal scrap electricity prices auto sales housing starts the Architecture Billing Index (ABI) building permits