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When I got back, I learned that the replicator is in the same spot where a fridge would be, as opposed to Azuka’s, which was in an awkward place. I had stripped down to my Hedy and waited by the replicator for some ice cream. I previously had a tuna sandwich because... well, that was the only thing I could think of that was quick. My tropical flavored ice cream came like my cereal did, which was odd, but also very cool. I grabbed the bowl, which had accurate weight that blew me away, and sat on my bed looking outside at Terra. I can’t really get over this blanket. It looks like silver aluminum foil, but when touched, it feels, well, to the best of my feeling abilities through the Hedy, like satin, and reacts like it too. Johnny & I had a problem with it last night. The sun messed with us and the blanket reflected the light into our eyes. Maybe we should close our windows from now on. Leaving the blanket and looking out at Terra, I saw the ocean on the surface and quadrillions of stars and Aquarius the constellation... whoa, another random fact. I saw some beige... fat lines, and some more of them succeeding. I went closer to the window and leaned against it. The force field acts like translucent rubber when touched. I stretched it farther out, and saw more of the fat lines. They seemed to be wrapped in a ribbon leading around Terra... Were they the rings...? I guess so… I looked at my ice cream pondering for several minutes, and eating it too, because it was melting, Terra and her rings... Now that I think of it, how did it happen? Why does Terra have rings, when I also know that she used to have a moon? My Aexom told me that the Rings were an art project from Haldis Juno O Ragnhild, eighty years ago. She wanted Terra to be less bland. Therefore, she gathered tons 1

and tons of space dust, and cast it off the planet for us to enjoy, though they had problems. Twenty-five years ago, Terra’s moon, Luna, was being drawn in because of the rings gravity. Luna was being destroyed and we weren’t about to let a population of six thousand die, so Luna was being planned to be transferred to Venus, where it still resides. Both Mars and Venus are a smidge zero point one two one AU closer to Terra and have become terraformed. I wish I could have asked Azuka about it. Seems kind of stupid to school because it eliminates conversation. I turned away, still looking outside, and soon headed toward my bed. I finished my ice cream, disposed of my used bowl, and climbed into bed. Johnny comes about an hour from now; I guess I’ll see him then, or tomorrow. I layed down on my bed and started to fall asleep...