My time with Hamza Andreas Tzortzis !!!

First of all, i`d like to make everyone clear, the intend of this note. It`s primarily written for everyone who attended his talks in Pakistan, and got a little bit of motivation. Secondly, this title, " How to become Hamza Andreas tzortzis", is confined to his orating skills, and passion for Preaching.. and has nothing to do other than this.. Since, we all know, our role model has to be Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) .. but one should never miss the opporunity to learn from others, by their experience.. thereby, i`d show something of the things i noticed in him, based on my observations after a day`s encounter, few of which will be uploaded on youtube too.. inshallah ! Hamza Andreas Tzortzis, is extremely a genteel person, possed with sense of humour, and intelligence. I was suppose to interview him, with bunch of other guys.. so i grabbed this opporunity to spend a little time with him in personal, and asked him several questions, few were even personal, which i won`t share.. the rest i`ll.. I use to always wonder, how could one read all the books, and quote all these western philophers, in his debates, taking in account that he has accepted Islam just 10 yrs ago.. I asked him, how do u manage it ? Do you read books day and night ? It seems like, you read them even in your dreams :P Listening to my queries, and interest, he smiled, and cracked a joke in his normal way, followed by a serious answer, "I don`t read books 24/7.. Well i have read the Quran deeply, as in tafsirs and stuff.. but with western books, and work . You don`t have to read everything of every books by every author, read only those things in a book, that should be read, which are important.. because, there`s so much written, what is useless to read.. So I just read, what I feel need of, .. in this way. i manage to read more valuable stuff, in less time".. After listening to his answer, I thought, okay nice .. Ahhhhhhhhhh ! You don`t have to read everyone of every book by every author. .. You just need to read stuff, which helps you in Dawah purposes... - That`s a nice thing to do .. ! easy and less time consuming.. .. I further proceeded on, asking him, how did he manage to become such an affect speaker.. " Since how long have you been delievering talks, why did you start addressing public ? " , I asked. The reply was very surprising, I was expecting him to say, it has been 3-4 years now.. but it was, since my conversion.. and I was like.. hain!!! since your conversion .. woh kaisey ?? he said : " Well, as soon, as I explored Islam, as much as I would learn, i`d convey.. if I knew any one haadith, I would quote that since haadith in my public talks.. I started off with the students at University.. and in different places.. so it has been more like 10 years of my coversion, and at the same time ten years of my Public talks.. anyone can do that.. you just need to try.. make sure, u know the right stuff.. try to grab the chance to speaker that stuff infront of public.. don`t speak on things you don`t know.. the next question, I asked was about, give me some tips, how to debate well.. whose full answer, I`ll be uploading in video format, but precisely, he said,You don`t need to debate with everyone, you just need to debate with people to cut down the wrong intellectual roots, which deviate people.. I work on the style of Surah Naba.. ( how ? for that you need to watch the video ) .. I asked him, were you good at debating before, he replied : Never in my life ! ...My arguments were extremely bad in the begginning.. It`s all that comes with practice.. for that you need to do practice with people.. it takes time..there`s no short cut to it.. Then i asked him, Well I kind of feel scary at times, sometimes, i feel i overdo things, things, i shouldn`t have said or used in an argument, and somethings.. people get offended.. so i sort of lack Hikmah in it.. with response to that he replied, : Well the Ulemas.. Some of them have said, " If You haven`t done Mistakes while doing Dawah in your life.. you probably haven`t ever done Dawah then " - for me, that was a thought provoking sentence.. which someone, drilled in my

he`s really very fast in observations... in span of his 1 hour talk. a girl nobbed her head. mashallah ! . : See even Mariam knows it ! which brought wide smiles on everyone`s face. He engages the audiences. which is very loud . I didn`t say that.. which is different i guess or maybe it was the first time i`m attending any of such talks by International orators. ! and stuff like that. while was debating. Hamza. .... I realized.. he keeps on walking on the stage.... thereby it manages to retain audience attention. is that he engage everyone in his talk. raise their hands.. makes u completed get absorbed in the context. arguing .heart.His live talks... he said... these questions. by asking them questions.. he`d look at you atleast 6-7 times. disconnects u from the surrondings. by his eye contact. and sort of witty... and said. in his debate at LUMS.. and on that. are simply just awesome... asked for her name.. his voice. I said so and so . and his flow of talk. that`s so true .. Other than.. asking them to stand up. . even if the audience large.. what makes him a good speaker. looked at her.