LET Exam 2012 Application Requirements

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Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) in security paper Original and photocopy of Marriage Certificate issued by NSO in security paper (for married female applicants) 1. For NON-AVAILABILITY OF RECORDS – Negative Certification issued by NSO and Certificate of Live Birth/Marriage from the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) duly authenticated by authorized NSO Statistician 2. For NON-READABLE entries in NSO Birth/Marriage Certificate – A clear copy of LCR Form 102 or Form 1A duly signed/certified by the Local Civil Registrar FOR EDUCATION GRADUATES: Original and photocopy of the Official Transcript of Records with SCANNED PICTURE, remarks “FOR BOARD EXAMINATION PURPOSES ONLY”, bearing the exact date of graduation and Special Order Number Original and photocopy of College Diploma if exact date of graduation is not indicated on the Official Transcript of Records CHED recognition or permit to operate for graduates of new schools/programs Three (3) recent identical copies of passport size pictures in plain white background with complete name tag One (1) piece window envelope with metered postage stamp for ordinary mail (for Report of Rating) Examination fee of PhP900.00 Current Community Tax Certificate (Cedula) LET Exam Application Instructions 1. Secure Teachers Application Form (TAF) from the PRC Public Assistance Unit (PAU) at the ground floor. 2. Present duly accomplished TAF and required documents to processor at OPTApplication Windows for evaluation and issuance of Permanent Examination and Registration Record Card (PERRC). 3. Proceed to PRC Customer Service Center for documentary stamp and window envelope with metered postage stamps. 4. Pay examination fee at the Cashier. Get Official Receipt. 5. Submit ALL DOCUMENTS to Issuing Officer at OPT-Application Windows or other designated windows for issuance of Application Stub and Program of Examination. 6. Keep Application Stub and Official Receipt and present them to proctors on examination day. 7. Verify from the PRC Website at www.prc.gov.ph or Masterlist posted at the various filing centers two to three days before the examination day, for the Room Assignments.

use the following: a. 1 or 2). one piece long brown envelope.Filling Up the Codes 1. Failure to come on your scheduled examination will mean forfeiture of examination fee. Refer to the MASTERLIST OF COURSE CODES for the Course Code 4.ph or Masterlist posted at the various filing centers two to three days before the examination day. ballpen ( with black ink only). 4. EX CODE – Examination Type Code Print “1” for Complete/First Timer and “2” for Repeaters b. this stub and Official Receipt with you in the examination room. one long transparent plastic envelope. Bring pencils (No. Late examinees will not be admitted. NX CODE – Number of Times Taken Print “0” for None Print “1” for Once Print “2” for Twice…and so on Important instructions 1. For STATUS CODES. City or Province of your Residence and Postal Address and Place of Birth (This is different from the ZIP CODE) 2. Verify from the PRC Website at www. . These LET Exam 2012 application requirements and instructions were taken from PRC forms.gov. for the Room Assignments. Refer to the MASTERLIST OF SCHOOL CODES also posted at the filing center for the School/College/University and Location 3. Application Number will be used when you fill out the Identification Sheet on the day of examination (present this stub when you verify your test results/apply for registration). Keep this stub with you. 3. 2. Refer to the MASTERLIST OF ADDRESS /RURBAN CODES posted at the premises of the filing center for the CODES of the Town.prc. Report to your school assignment before 6:30 am on examination day.

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