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Welding Basics, Welding for Certification or Welding Technology
A good fit for you… • enjoy hands-on work • have good eyesight and concentration • have ability to work with heat and sparks • have interest in building and repairing

Over 50 current openings in Garfield County
Wages: $16 per hour average* • High: $40 or more per hour Work schedule • Most work 40+ hours per week • Overtime is common Work environment • Manufacturing, oilfield services, fabrication or self-employed • May work indoors or outdoors Want to know more? Contact the Enid Regional Development Alliance at 877.233.4232 for current list of welding opportunities.


Highlights • Gas, arc, MIG, pipe welding and TIG • Units assembly • Use automated welding equipment Questions and Enrollment Autry Technology Center 1201 W. Willow Road | Enid, OK 73703 580.242.2750 | autrytech.edu

Autry Corporate Survey, January 2012

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