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Thomas Kissane ADV300 Fall 2007 Andrea Kroeger

Client: National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum

1. What is the situation? Over the past few years, the Museum has been bombarded with many challenges.
The museum is a not-for-profit organization. It has struggled to raise funding to bring in new artists and support continuing costs. It relies solely on ticket sales to relieve any debt that is incurred. A rise in ticket sales and donations is desperately needed. This month the museum will be having a special photography exhibition entitled, “A Concrete of Images: Back From Iraq.” The exhibition runs until to the end of December. The photographs are visually arresting and personal.

2. Who is our Target? Adults and college students with an interest in art, warfare, and opposition to the
current War in Iraqi. Specifically, families with relatives that are war veterans or currently serving in the Iraqi War.

3. Where is our competition in the mind of this person? The local competition is the Art Institute of
Chicago. This museum is viewed as high culture art. It contains a plethora of artwork from around the world. Viewers can travel from room to room and experience specific genres of artwork. Prior knowledge of artists and their work are not necessary but important in understanding the significance of their artwork. The Art Institute of Chicago has paintings by renowned artists Dali, Picasso, and Monet. The museum is predominantly older art. The museum only has a small section dedicated to contemporary art. The target audience views the Art Institute as a classical tourist destination. The museum offers free admission on certain days. It is located in a very touristy part of the city. Mostly commercial restaurants are walking distance from the museum.

4. Where would we like to be in the mind of this person? The National Vietnam Veteran Art Museum is
relatively unknown even to locals. We would like to be considered a powerful, resourceful, and timely alternative to the Art Institute. Despite the Art Institute’s classical paintings, the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Museum contains an assortment of artwork. These include: sculptures, photography, art installations, video, relics, and paintings. We want visitors to feel the admission fee is contributing to a greater good. The museum is an opportunity for visitors to connect and acknowledge the honesty and horrors of warfare. Lastly, the neighborhood of the museum contains a lot of great Chicago restaurants. This can be an ideal tourist destination for individuals that want to experience the authentic Chicago.

5. What is the consumer promise, the “big idea”? See how a mistakes repeat themselves: “A Concrete of
Images: Back From Iraq” a photography exhibition at the Vietnam Veterans Art Museum.

6. What is the supporting evidence? The museum creates a strong parallel between the Vietnam War and the
Iraq War. War veterans and active military personnel create the artwork for the museum. The museum has a strong anti-war sentiment. 7. What is the tone of voice for the advertising? Educational, anti-war, artistic, and eccentric.