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dq Transformations





= angle between dq and reference frames

A space vector at the speed

and its time rate of change

are attached to an coordinate system where .

rotating at the speed

. The transformation to a dq coordinate system rotating is performed using the rotating matrix

Specifically, in terms of Space vectors and Rotating matrix,

the transformation of variables takes the form or the reverse The time rate of change of the initial space vector = + so that, after cancelling +( Note that and , the time derivative in the k frame becomes is

A matter of scale in 32 and 23 phase transformations:


Pseudo-inverse conversion: where Quadratic form conversion: where Magnitude conversion: where Common conventions: a 2/3 1 3/2 1 1 b c 1 2/3 2/3 3/2 1/ 3 d /3 and

a : Equal magnitude of 2- and 3-phase balanced sinusoidal signals b : Equal 2- and 3-phase power (power invariant) c : 2-phase amplitude equals 3/2 3-phase amplitude d : 2-phase amplitude equals rms of 3-phase signal