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Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2012

SUNDAY 29 th APRIL 2012 6.30PM

St Johns Church, Harborne Annual Report for APCM on Sunday 29th April 2012 CONTENTS
PCC & DIOCESE .................................................................................................. 2 Chairmans Report .......................................................................................................................... 2 Wardens Report ............................................................................................................................. 4 PCC Secretarys Report ............................................................................................................... 10 Role of the PCC (Parochial Church Council) ......................................................................... 10 Membership of the PCC from APCM 2011 ............................................................................ 10 Electoral Roll Report .................................................................................................................... 13 Deanery Synod ............................................................................................................................... 14 Diocesan Synod .............................................................................................................................. 15 Churches Together - Harborne ................................................................................................. 17 Fabric & Building Development .................................................................................................. 18 Living Stones ................................................................................................................................... 19 LIFE IN ST JOHNS ............................................................................................ 21 CAMEO ........................................................................................................................................... 21 City Pastors ..................................................................................................................................... 22 Childrens Work ............................................................................................................................ 23 Digging Deeper............................................................................................................................... 24 Discipleship & Small Groups (including Fire Starters) ........................................................... 25 Girl Guiding at St Johns ............................................................................................................... 26 Green Group .................................................................................................................................. 29 Harborne Mens Group ................................................................................................................ 30 International Students ................................................................................................................... 31 MNET ............................................................................................................................................... 32 Marriage Preparation .................................................................................................................... 33 Midway ............................................................................................................................................. 34 Outreach.......................................................................................................................................... 35 Pastoral Care, Structures & Courses ........................................................................................ 36 St Johns Women ........................................................................................................................... 37 Students @ St Johns .................................................................................................................... 38 Synergy ............................................................................................................................................. 39 The Crossway................................................................................................................................. 40 Who let the Dads Out?................................................................................................................ 42 Worship ........................................................................................................................................... 43 Youth Work ................................................................................................................................... 45 FINANCE ............................................................................................................ 48 Mutual Care Fund .......................................................................................................................... 48 Treasurers Report ........................................................................................................................ 49 Annual Report and Accounts ...................................................................................................... 50


Chairmans Report
Revd Nigel di Castiglione It is a pleasure to open this Report by acknowledging the significant support and input of the staff team, and the support and input of so many volunteers who make up the fellowship of St Johns. In February Rob Bewley began a well-earned sabbatical, in the course of which he secured his appointment as Vicar of Christ the King, Kettering. After 7 memorable and challenging years back at St Johns, he and Anushka moved to Northamptonshire in August, where a good number of the church family were present to celebrate Robs induction on September 3rd 2011. Mair Owen fell ill in late January. Subsequently, in April, she decided to resign her position at St Johns to return to Wales where she sensed God was calling her. I am deeply indebted to Emma Sargeant who stepped ably into the gap between March and July, to support the Childrens Ministry Department. Fran Varley, happily, went on maternity leave at the start of the summer and brought Theo into the world in late August. At the same time Diane Milford decided that it was time to move on from her role as one of the office team and Child Protection Coordinator. We were pleased to secure input from Sue Clegg to take on the important role of Child Protection Coordinator for St Johns. Meanwhile it was a great joy to agree (due to Rob moving on) with the Bishop and the PCC, to the appointment of Antony Spencer as Associate Vicar. He was formally licensed by Bishop David on Sunday 4th September, at the start of the fifth year he and Pat have been part of the St Johns family. This provided the opportunity to create a new role, and so secure the appointment of Ruth Hassall as Pastor for Transforming Discipleship. Ruth brings significant parish-based ministry experience, as well as her specialist skills honed latterly at CPAS. During the year Tim pioneered the idea of Communion on the Streets as part of our Easter celebrations. Meanwhile, in addition to everything else, he and Kate have held the reins of overseeing the Childrens Ministry during the autumn. At the start of 2011, the PCC took the bold step of the opportunity to take over excellent office space at 5a Greenfield Road. This became (another) significant project for Steve Foster to manage, in addition to everything else he does so well, and the benefits have been much appreciated. This highlighted the need to reshape the Facilities roles based at the main site. This resulted in Chris King applying successfully for the new role of Facilities Supervisor; and a part-time role was taken on by Nic Pagnam. This also, sadly, meant having to say farewell to Ray Quigley. Meanwhile Anne Horder has continued to ensure the smooth running of the ministry strands working out of The Crossway. In the mean time Sue Mulholland and Stella Jennings have both, effortlessly it seems, taken on more responsibilities amid the heat of the normal week in the office. Meanwhile we have rejoiced in the enlargement of Catriona Fosters role as Pastor for Older People yes, Prime Time was another high point in the year, but just a small example of her substantial input. Annie and I enjoyed especially the day we were able to join Jon Tattersall and the group at Soul Survivor one of the features of another year of enlargement in the vital ministry among young people, both within the church family and also in terms of outreach through the Friday night Youth Club. I have rejoiced, also, at the way Marcus Pagnam is steering the development of our corporate worship and has a wonderful way of affirming and encouraging people into this service among us who otherwise may not be so emboldened. This time last year I was commending to you Revival, Resourcing and Releasing as 3 words that might encapsulate what the Lord wants to do with us moving forward. One outworking of that, entails working with the senior team of the diocese in seeking opportunities to re-ignite growth and confidence in other parishes, by means of grafting and/or planting groups of people into them. As I write, having explored some interesting and challenging possibilities, we are in active discussions with one parish and have identified some viable targets to move forward this sense of Gods calling on us. I have become increasingly convinced that part of this calling is to find new ways to strengthen 2

and enhance some great work being done in the heart of the city; but what this means is still unclear! Space and pressure on our well-used premises remains a challenge. The opportunity to relocate the main office has opened up another space for use by childrens groups on Sundays. At the same time we have taken a fresh look at alternative possibilities that would both enhance our space provision and keep us at the heart of our parish. There are no easy solutions but I am grateful to be working with a PCC that is ready to look at bold solutions that would galvanise the commitment and support of the church family. Throughout the year there has been a real and healthy sense of the church getting to know me, and vice-versa! The challenge of change is very real whether we love it, hate it or just put up with it; what we cant do is ignore it. It is probably true to say we do not always pay enough attention to how much of this is down to or being provoked by the Holy Spirit. We can all agree that the Spirit effects change (2 Cor.3v17-18) and invites us to work with all the demands associated (Romans 12v1-2). That is not to assume I/we get it right first time all the time which is why the call to love one another at each step of the way is so important (1 Cor.13). One of the highlights for me was the biennial weekend at Swanwick my first with St Johns. Those who were able to go in addition to the ministry of Kenny Borthwick with the added plus of the fine weather commented on it being one of the best they had known. This was the more so in that we were able to live and function in a different way as one family unit, as well as benefit from the memorable talk from Steve Foster on the Sunday morning. One of the benefits I have appreciated is the input and careful critique of Pat Brydon and Kenneth Reid, as two highly respected and deeply devoted Churchwardens. This years APCM marks a time of change for them. This time last year Pat kindly agreed to a one year extension to the normal six year term, and Kenneth was happy (in this his second period in office) to continue for at least this past year whilst I found my feet in St Johns. I pay tribute to them, as well as the significant sacrifice their service to us all has required of Howard and Becky, and Fiona respectively. I cannot properly finish this Report without acknowledging Annies input and support. The challenge of vacating her teaching job in Stoke-on-Trent meant finding a new focus for her ministry and the calling we share together. As well as being a (volunteer) member of the Staff Team, Annie has stepped into the need to upgrade our investment in undergraduate students who sojourn with us during their studies at the major universities and colleges in the city. I am excited by the fruit this is already starting to bear, as I see how this can relate to the significant impact mission and ministry St Johns has long exercised far beyond our local borders.

Wardens Report
Pat Brydon and Kenneth Reid The duties and responsibilities of Churchwarden are numerous and varied, but as the following statistics show, the task can be achieved only with the generous support of an army of volunteers. In addition to providing the statistical information for the past year, we have this opportunity formally to thank the multitude of people who, inspired by the love of Jesus and prompted by the Holy Spirit, have made our task possible. Much of the work of the Churchwardens is visible and public, but we have been humbled by the number of people who have chosen to trust us and confide in us privately and confidentially, through a year of significant change. This aspect of our work, not always easy, nor comfortable, by its very nature goes unrecorded, but we are thankful that we know that all things work together for good to them that love God ... (Rom 8:28).

Statistical Information 2011

Occasional Offices The chart reflects the number of Occasional Offices, marking the passage of life as performed by the Clergy team over the last five years. In 2011, five Renewal of Baptism vows were made at the confirmation service, not shown on the graph.
Note: In 2007 data for funerals was only reliably recorded the first 8mths of the year. In 2009 no confirmations were performed.
Occasional Offices: last 5 years (Jan - Dec)
25 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011




0 Thanksgivings Baptisms Confirmations Weddings Funerals

Statistics for Mission Church attendance figures are taken from all churches/parishes during the month of October (The Count), forming part of the annual Statistics for Mission. In 2011 the figures showed that 742 people (adults aged 16yrs and over and all aged <15yrs) attended St Johns on average, each week during the month of October. 673 (91%) considered themselves to be regular members. Information, when collected over a period of years, can give a useful insight into the continuing life of the parish as shown below. 5yr comparison of weekly attendance trends
9.15am Service 16 & over 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 134 155 156 169 192 15 & under 96 96 95 126 132 Total 230 251 251 295 324 11am Service 16 & over 174 184 139 143 140 15 & under 5 17 12 5 5 Total 179 201 151 148 145 6.30pm Service 16 & over 309 265 309 289 254 15 & under 11 17 19 30 19 Total 320 282 328 319 273 729 734 730 762 742 All Services

Sunday Services The graph only reflects those who receive communion and not the total number who attend the services, showing no significant change. Some receive a prayer of blessing e.g. many of the children and youth. In June, a new short service of Holy Communion was introduced at 3pm, occurring on the first Sunday of the month, of a more traditional format. On average, 26 people attend.
Sunday Services: 10yr Communicant Trends
9.15am 300 271 250 Numbers 259 251 11am 6.30pm

200 188 169 150 151 134 165 139 169 139

100 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Years 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

In 2011 the count showed that approximately 10.4% of our congregation (including service leaders / worship team members) attend more than one service on a Sunday. This is a slight increase as reported in 2009 (9.3%) and 2010 (8.8%), but lower than as reported in 2007 (10.9%) and 2008 (11.0%). Festive Services The chart depicts the total communicant numbers for each of the main Festive Services in each calendar year. Each year there has been a difference in the number of communion services offered on Easter Day** - an average is given for the number of communicants.

Festive Services - last 5 years (Jan to Dec)

2007 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 130 112 218 2008 2009 2010 2011 404

Maundy Thursday Easter Day ** Christmas Eve Christmas Day In 2011, only one morning service was held on Christmas Day, a family service with Holy Communion (526 attended, 404 took communion). In previous years, communion was held at a second service (an average of 153 communicants).

Christingle Services: This has been an immensely popular service, attracting a lot of families and visitors from our local community.

Christingle Services
800 597 600 465

In recent years we commenced 352 400 offering post-service refreshments. 245 In view of reaching our maximum 200 seating capacity in 2010, it was 0 decided to hold two Christingle 2010 2011 2011: 2.30pm 2011: 4pm services in 2011, which were held at 2.30pm and 4pm in 2011; approximately, an extra 132 adults and children attended in comparison with 2010. Where possible, we have only counted people once for both services (i.e. discounting service leaders, orchestra, welcome team and wardens on duty). Growing attendance during the year at the Toddler 5

Group, as well as the established and extremely successful annual Christmas Tour, have been key factors in attracting so many. The challenge for us to consider is how to develop and provide creative ways of reaching out, which will encourage those people to join us once again at more regular events, within the life of our church and not just at our one off special seasonal activities! Monthly Thursday Communion Service Catriona Foster, our Support Worker for Older People, coordinates and enables a more traditional service to take place on the 3rd Thursday each month at 10.30am. This is followed by an opportunity to meet other people during a time of refreshments. These short services are particularly suitable for older people, and the availability of transport enables those who are less mobile, to attend. The services are also greatly appreciated by those in our community who have valued Prime Time and other similar events. Welcome Team Ministry (2011/12) True welcome comes from the whole community! All those who consider themselves to be members of St Johns have a role to play in welcoming others. St Johns has a reputation for being a friendly church. It has been said elsewhere, following a service after coffee, I dont want a friendly church. I want a church where I can make friends. Being such a large church has many challenges for us, in helping people find a way to belong. The Welcome Teams each Sunday are involved in providing that first initial welcome as family members, newcomers and visitors arrive. Their duties include assisting the Churchwardens in maintaining order and decency during the services, taking up the offering and in guiding people to receive communion or a prayer of blessing. After each service they ensure the main worship area is clean and tidy, in preparation for worship at the next service. There are currently 92 people who serve on one of the three Welcome Teams; 9.15am, 11am & 6.30pm services. They arrive 30 minutes before the services to pray briefly together and prepare the information leaflets given out with the Bibles each Sunday. They play a vital role, offering a warm and friendly greeting to everyone as they arrive, helping people to join our times of worship. At each service the designated Welcome Team Leader coordinates the duties undertaken by those involved within this area of ministry each week. We greatly appreciate and express our immense gratitude to all Welcome Team Leaders and Welcome Team Members, for all they undertake to provide and enhance the Welcome Ministry each week. Welcome Team Leaders

Monthly Midweek Communion

60 50 Numbers 40 30 20 10 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 45 35 56 54 55

Welcome Team Members


Paul BATTERBEE Bob & Carolyn BILLINGHAM Barry BLAKEMORE Jonathan BRYANT John CATCHPOLE John & Adele CHEATLE Adrian COLLINGS Richard CORNISH Brian & Sarah DARBY John & Carol DAVIS

Will & Jo DREVER Jim FORD Charles & Lesley FOWLER Nick & Andrea HARDEN Denis HENNIGAN Tony HENRY Geoff HEYES Mary HUDSON Wendy INGRAM Marilyn JONES

Caroline KINGS Margaret KNILL Iain KNOX Carolyn LEWIS John LOWE Doris MACDONALD Manickam MAYANDITHEVAR Gill McILWAINE Dwight & Sandy MCLEOD David & Lucy MOBLEY


It is important to release people to explore fresh opportunities when they sense God is calling them into new areas of ministry. We thank to those named below who have served on the Welcome Teams and have stepped down over the last year.
Sandra Hemus, Julia Hocking, Jo Lancaster, Tamsin Rees-Jones, Alan and Elizabeth Richards, Jennie Tattersall and Chukwuyem Usifo

If you are interested in joining any of the Welcome Teams please contact one of the churchwardens. We congratulate four members of our Welcome Teams, Tim & Laura Wright and Bob & Carolyn Billingham, who were married during the last twelve months. Newcomer Link Position (N.L.P.) In October we saw an average of 69 people attending each week, who did not consider St Johns to be their regular place of worship; indicating they were either a Visitor or a Newcomer - similar numbers in 2010. The largest number attended the 6.30pm service. It takes 3-5 visits on average before a person makes up their mind to keep coming to a church. Those first 3-5 visits are therefore crucial!

Newcomers / Visitors: Average Service Attendance 9.15 15 11am 21 6.30pm 33 Total 69

The purpose of this role is to provide a second welcome in the Main Worship Area to all newcomers and visitors, following on from the greeting they receive as they arrive. A second welcomer, a N.L.P. takes the opportunity to say hello to those thought to be fairly new to the church, offering them a card which allows them to indicate if they are just visiting or if they would like to receive more details. An invitation card to a Welcome Tea is also given. Opportunities arise to link new people with other church family members, with whom they may have something in common. The N.L.P. is also available after the service at the Welcome Point to chat over refreshments, to offer further details regarding the life of the church which may be of interest (Way-In, Alpha, Small Group networks etc). They extend our welcome and hospitality, with the aim to provide everyone with a positive experience. We greatly appreciate and express our immense gratitude to the team.

We thank Chris Midgley who has recently moved on from serving as a N.L.P. at the 6.30pm service, to serve as a Welcome Team Leader. Thank you to those below who have served as N.L.Ps and have stepped down over the last year. We greatly appreciate all you gave in this essential role
Linda Baillie, Issy Bartram, Anushka Bewley, Christine Potter, Elizabeth Richards and Ansley Stenning

Welcome Tea All newcomers are warmly invited to attend a welcome event, held on the second Sunday of the month. Personal invitations are offered via the Church Office or by a Welcome Team / church member. Opportunities exist for new people to sign up to attend a Welcome Tea event at the Welcome Point. Some just simply turn up! These occasions allow for a more relaxed atmosphere with light refreshments, allowing new people to meet other newcomers, clergy and church members. Many thanks to the hospitality team (Liz Campbell, Esther Campion and Jane Fletcher), who have helped to re-establish Welcome Teas. Fellowship and Refreshments after the Sunday Services We are grateful to all who serve refreshments each week, providing a warm welcome to everyone: your hard work and enthusiasm whilst serving are greatly appreciated. Twice a month at the morning services, a wonderful variety of home made cakes and preserves are greatly enjoyed by many. They have been lovingly prepared the previous day by Pam & Bob Kimmins, Val & Keith Nield and their team of helpers, (supporting the work of the Bulgarian Orphanage Project which started in 1996, raising over 35,000 to date!). To continue supporting Bob and Pam in this cause, there are opportunities for more bakers and helpers - if you can bake a batch of small cakes for the table please do contact them! It is important to recognise and thank everyone for their flexibility and cooperation, as different ministries overlap due to pressures on space in our building and in limited time between services. Serving refreshments between the morning services and after the evening service is considered an essential characteristic in being a welcoming church giving opportunity to deepen our fellowship and friendships, as well as providing a structure to enable others to interact and belong to our church community. The aim is to "Provide an environment which is welcoming and safe where everyone belongs and enjoys true friendship." Did you know that in most churches it is suggested that the strength of relationships between regular members may be so strong that it is virtually impossible for the stranger to break in! (Everybody Welcome Bob Jackson). Having refreshments and a Welcome Point is not enough on its own: it is so important to be a church of welcoming people, who will reach out to others and not just our friends! Dan and Mandy Hughes coordinate the morning refreshment teams, (taking over from Kate Stone, who helped establish morning refreshments). Fiona Reid continues to coordinate the evening refreshment teams. We are immensely grateful to them all. If you would like more information about joining one of the refreshment teams please contact them or alternatively speak with one of the Churchwardens. Service Reading Teams We are very grateful to those who take time to prepare and read the Bible readings each week. Collectively, there are 41 people who participate in the service reading rota. There are teams for each of the services including the 3pm monthly Holy Communion service on the first Sunday of the month. If you would like more information or would like the opportunity to read please speak with one of the Churchwardens. Sacristan Duties The duty of the Sacristan(s) is to look after the sacred vessels and vestments, prepare the 8

Communion Table for a service of Holy Communion, and clean and tidy away after the service. We are very grateful to Ann Anderson, Guy and Ann Morse-Brown who undertake this role each week and to Sheila Brinkley and Enid Jordan who clean and tidy away after the 11am services. Fiona Reid assists and together with Ann undertakes to wash all the linen clothes (purificators) to ensure they are available each week. Deputy Warden The role of Deputy Warden is not seen as a precursor to the role of Churchwarden itself. We express our gratitude to Daphne and Janet Ryland (9.15am service), Dave Atkins (11am service) and David Dixie (6.30pm service) who once a month fill the role of warden. Opportunities to Serve There are approximately 750 people who gather to worship at one or more of our Sunday services. A great way to get to know one another and become more a part of our church family is to join one of the many weekly small groups available during the daytime or evening, as outlined in greater detail within this report.
1 Peter 4 v 8-10 encourages us to serve for Gods glory, above all things have fervent love for one another. Be hospitable to one another as each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

It takes all sorts of gifts and talents to support the life of the Church in our community. There are many opportunities to become more involved in the life of St Johns. Please speak with one of the ministry leads or a Churchwarden for more details.

PCC Secretarys Report

Libby Hubbard In 2011/12 the PCC held five meetings. During the course of these meetings we sought both as members of St John's and also as Trustees of the St John's charity, to discern God's will in the decisions before us and to exercise our legal duties. One of the important issues facing us is how we function as a larger church which welcomes its visitors, but also disciples and nurtures existing church members. To this end, in September, the PCC welcomed Bishop Andrew to facilitate an Away Day to address these issues. This was a very useful time collating our thoughts and confirming what, as a church, we did well and where our weaknesses lay. Other issues we addressed throughout the years meetings were: To welcome Ruth Hassall as Pastor of Transforming Discipleship and, following our farewell to Rob Bewley, approving the appointment of Anthony Spencer to the role of Associate Vicar. To consider and approve repair of upper room roof following theft of materials in May 2011. To review the important responsibilities placed upon all PCC members under the Charities legislation. To discuss alternative church buildings in light of space pressures on current Vivian Road site. To review and discuss future of church weekend away at Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick. This discussion followed a relatively low attendance at 2011 weekend and addressed the benefits of such a weekend in view of the size of the church. To approve new intern programme as a way of training up young leaders and freeing up the working capacity of certain members of staff.

Role of the PCC (Parochial Church Council)

To work with the Vicar in promoting the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. To consider the financial affairs of the Church, including the setting of the annual budget and accredited accounts. The acquisition, management and disposing of property. To be a good employer of church staff. To consider and discuss matters concerning the Church of England or any other matters of religious or public interest (not including the declaration of doctrine). To work in partnership with the Diocesan and Deanery Synod, putting into effect any provisions and providing advice. The Standing Committee meets between meetings of the PCC to deal with management issues on behalf of the PCC and to prepare guidance, papers and agendas for the PPC meetings.

Membership of the PCC from APCM 2011

PCC Members (elected at APCM in 2011) Ray Buick (Vice Chairman) Libby Hubbard (Secretary) David Harvey (Treasurer) Christopher Chiswell Diana Copplestone 10

Olly Du Croz Martin Graham Marcus Knell Patty McCulloch Karl Mcllwaine Lionel Mills Becky Pearson Michael Rivett Janet Ryland Katherine Tatton Phil Varley Steve Ward The Church Wardens Kenneth Reid Pat Brydon Clergy who are ex-officio members of PCC Nigel di Castiglione Rob Bewley (until 31 July 2011) Tim Meathrel Anthony Spencer (since September 2011) Diocesan Synod Members (not elected by St Johns, ex officio members of the PCC) Ray Buick Lesley Osborn Deanery Synod Isobel Bartram Poe Chinery Sue Clegg Carol Dealey Libby Hubbard Helen Nixon The following staff have attended as part of their job description but do not vote; 11

Steve Foster Antony Spencer (until September 2011)


Electoral Roll Report

Steve Foster

Removed: Added:

71 14 553

Total on Electoral Roll 2012:


Deanery Synod
Helen Nixon Deanery Synod representatives: Lesley Osborn, Issy Bartram, Ray Buick, Poe Chinery, Sue Clegg, Carol Dealey, Helen Nixon. The Deanery is the link between St Johns Parish and the Diocesan and General Synods in the structure of the Church of England. It offers opportunities to raise and discuss issues and questions affecting the wider church, and to better get to know, interact with and be blessed by Christians from neighbouring parishes. There are times to worship, celebrate and pray together, with a Communion service in June to inaugurate the new Synod, and prayer meetings held in alternate months in different member churches which give a flavour of the variety of worship styles across our churches. Deanery members have been invited to join in and pray for the Citywide open air Pentecost celebration, the celebration of St Marys Selly Oak 150th anniversary in September, and the induction of Revd Jenny Arnold as Rector of Christ Church the Quinton in March. There have been three full Synod meetings during the year. In June, Rhiannon Jones updated us on the Transforming Church process, with advice on how to benefit from the wisdom of our Church consultants, giving encouraging news of initiatives in churches across the Diocese, details of conferences and courses, with a reminder that funds are available for initiatives supporting the Transforming Church objectives, in the areas of worship, relationships, discipleship, leadership, presence, outreach and partnerships. Further details are available here: In November, Synod discussed ideas for future working together, with suggestions for more debate of hot issues, more communication between churches, with prayer points for current initiatives, and sharing of new ideas such as the Job Shop at St Marys Selly Oak. Advice was received from Diocesan Synod regarding PCCs and the Charity Commission. There was also a discussion of the Anglican Covenant, proposed within the Anglican Communion in a desire to maintain unity, to be debated in Diocesan Synod. It was clear from the range of observations that we need to pray for wisdom for Diocesan representatives and the wider denomination to attain the proper balance between the claims of truth, unity and love. In February, Barbara Hayes, team leader of the Churches and Industry Group, challenged us on the role of the church in the world of work: how best to support people in the workplace; how the church might use its prophetic voice to condemn and change unethical and oppressive practices; how, also, to balance the needs for volunteers in the church with increasing workplace pressures. In all these situations hearing and listening is vital. We ended the meeting glad that we are justified by faith and not by works God does not demand from us what our employers do! For the coming year, please pray for the right people to be elected by Deanery Synod to serve on Diocesan Synod. The ability to ask questions at Diocesan Synod is very helpful and can stimulate discussion. We are trusting that Deanery will increasingly recognise the Lords vision, and explore new ways for congregations to meet, encourage each other and share resources together in the work of the Kingdom.


Diocesan Synod
Raymond Buick Diocesan Synod representatives: Lesley Osborne and Raymond Buick Birmingham Diocesan Synod met three times a year. Revd Martin Stephenson is the newly elected House of Clergy Chair; Revd Kate Stowe has recently taken up the post of Bishops Chaplain. Andrew Halstead has (relatively) recently taken over as Diocesan Secretary Some of the proceedings are less than riveting but some of the more engaging items included the following. Revd Jackie Hughes, Diocesan Director of Education, gave a presentation on The Future of Religious Education in Schools in Birmingham. She spoke about some of the issues facing the teaching of religious education both locally and nationally. She introduced Mr Paul Davies from Television Junction, who has been working very closely with Birmingham Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) and its Chair, Mr Guy Hordern, to produce an innovative ground-breaking approach to teaching religious education in a diverse society. Concern was expressed about the increasing emphasis on the PCC's role as a charitable Trust, with the result that, for example, the Charity Commission are advising that the Annual Report of a parish should be much more tied in with the Financial Statements, and be written for the consumption of outsiders rather than for the Annual Meeting. The Diocesan Board of Finance Chair responded by saying that a parochial church council is a body corporate and that like a company and other corporations it exists as a legal entity that is distinct from its individual members. He pointed out that, particularly with larger charities (but also smaller ones) the expectations of the Charity Commissioners are that you can evidence why you should retain your charity status. The whole question of public benefit is something which, right across the charity sector, has come to the fore over the last two to three years. There is therefore some expectation that in the annual report aspects of public benefit are addressed. One of the best debates I have heard at Diocesan Synod was on the topic of The Anglican Communion Covenant The Anglican Communion Covenant is complex, and I include below the opening statement which introduced the paper to the Synod. We belong to a worldwide part of the Church of God that has grown up in its governance arrangements. It is now at a point in its maturity, where the grown up parts of the Church, autonomous and semi-autonomous, have far outgrown the family guidelines that were in place. Many decisions have been made without the structures and guidelines being adequate to keep the family likeness or the family arrangements. By using a model of your own extended family life you can see how families have developed over 250 years in this country; how families organise themselves; and how each generation make up rules as to how families relations should be organised. This Anglican Communion is no different. In England, people have given very little thought, in their discipleship or their Church life, to the Anglican Communion. They have related to the World Church in particular ways, such as missionary connections and diocesan links. Therefore, having thought about it and lived it over the last ten years, both in terms of power and structures and family arrangements, the church goes to the other extent of becoming intensely involved in very difficult relationships which in many cases have become completely fractured and broken. 15

The paper then goes on to discuss the family dispute over human sexuality. It seemed to me that this was an attempt to introduce a new dimension to Anglican Church government to try to address the increasingly diverging views within the communion. The debate was lively and well informed. A vote for support for the motion was defeated by the House of Laity (25/12); the House of Clergy couldnt decide (12/12) and the house of Bishops voted in favour (1/0)! I voted in favour, because of the strength of argument on that side, but also because no one who opposed it put forward any alternative. It was also noted that Church House was to move to rented offices opposite Birmingham Cathedral. Some concern was expressed about this, especially by those who work in the Harborne Offices. This was not voted on as the decision had already been taken.

The Bishop gave some excellent Presidential Addresses.


Churches Together - Harborne

Helen Nixon Acting Chairperson - Ms Frances Pond (St Marys) The aims and vision of Churches Together in Harborne, of which St Johns is a member, reflect Jesus' prayer that unity and love would characterise His disciples, so that the world may believe that He was sent from the Father. CTH seeks to develop growing relationships across the local Churches, to encourage worship, prayer and reflection together, to enable the Churches to respond to the needs of society, to witness to the Gospel together and to take further steps towards fuller unity. Last year we welcomed Fountain of Grace Church, now included on the Christmas card; and said farewell to Doreen Hare in July 2011 and Philip Taylor in December. There are various regular events when the Harborne churches are seen to be working and witnessing together. The annual Good Friday Walks converging at the open air service on the High Street were well attended in 2011, and you will know when you read this whether prayers have been answered for 2012! The local churches have joined in collecting for Christian Aid, supporting the Peoples Bible Scribe Stations in October, and distributing Christmas cards. Many thanks to all who helped with any of these. Although the churches had a lower profile at the Carnival last year, there was a united open air service on the main stage. A city wide Pentecost celebration was held, with a broad range of churches represented despite very wet weather. We also meet for worship, prayer and fellowship, and the introduction of worship together as part of Forum meetings has been much appreciated. There was a United Service at St Marys in October; the next one will be with Harborne Baptist Church at 4.30pm on Sunday 13 May. The Unity Bring and Share lunch at St Johns in the Week of Prayer was well attended, although fewer people have found it possible to join regular events at other churches, promoted particularly during special seasons such as Advent, Lent and the Week of Prayer. Several events are planned between the writing of this report and the APCM, namely the Womens World Day of Prayer service at Harborne Baptist Church, Ecumenical Lent groups; a Taiz evening at St Marys, Good Friday witness, and another Musical in a Day Saints Alive. St Marys Church is arranging talks during April and May on the relevance of Christianity to everyday life. The Christmas card design for 2012 will be considered in July if anyone would like to submit a drawing please do so by the end of June (contact Helen for details). For the future, we hope to develop ideas and issues which emerged through the recent CTH review. Much of what CTH does is highly valued by those who are involved, but we can find it hard to introduce others from our congregations into planning and participating. We aim to continue a pattern of taking turns with joint events, to carry on a handed on agenda, to coordinate our vision, to value memory, e.g. building on positive past foundations and, with the Lords guidance, to offer strategic oversight and planning.


Fabric & Building Development

Alastair Baillie The purpose of the Fabric Committee is to assist with maintaining the existing church property and houses on behalf of the PCC, and to assist practically in facilitating the vision and mission of the church. Over the previous year, the church office has relocated to 5a Greenfield Rd which provides excellent office space and has released the rooms to be available for alternative uses. The heating system replaced last year to the main worship area has had some initial teething issues although it is now settling into effective use and is making significant savings on energy use compared with the previous system. The diocesan 5 yearly (quinqennial) inspection to the main church building is still outstanding. With reference to the church houses, limited ongoing maintenance work has been carried out over the year (33 Margaret Road, 55 Albert Road, 1 Milford Copse). 55 Albert Rd and 1 Milford Copse have been retained and let to provide an income, and the PCC continue to keep these under review. The Crossway continues to see the ongoing development of the various strands of community work from this space. Early in 2011, Nigel set out some of the limitations with our church building and outlined a vision for taking forward future developments to support the future ministry of the church. A small team has been prayerfully considering this matter further and will be sharing details in the future with the congregation once an appropriate strategy is developed. We would encourage your prayerful support as we all seek the Lords direction in moving forward.


Living Stones
Nigel di Castiglione The natural place to begin is to acknowledge the changes to the membership of the Living Stones Support Team. Having signalled some time previously her desire to step down as Chair, Ansley Stenning was able to do this over the summer. In addition, Dave Stone handed over the role of Treasurer for Living Stones to John Cheatle, and (as envisaged in this report last year) Jess Poyner took on responsibility for the Short-Term work which had been relinquished by Liz Knell. I am deeply grateful for all the careful and dedicated work done by those retiring and the enthusiasm as well as prayerful care and skill brought in by their successors. Having found replacing Ansley a difficult task, I took on the role of Chair on a temporary basis and will relinquish this in the course of 2012. Meanwhile Patty McCulloch remains the lead for long term MPs, Jo Jowett coordinates input to weekend worship services; Daphne Ryland continues as the most longstanding member of the Team the repository of knowledge and historical perspective; whilst Di Copplestone is a most effective Secretary. Once again Living Stones has been able to spend a substantial amount of money and achieve a great deal in the course of 2011. Just over 50,000 was given for the support of 9 overseas-based Mission Partners and respective families working with CMS, Operation Mobilisation, OMF, and Wycliffe Bible Translators. These MPs are scattered all around the world including Pakistan, Paraguay, the Philippines, Cambodia, Central Asia, Lebanon, Peru and West Africa. In a similar way we have supported, to the tune of nearly 77,000, a further 21 UK-based MPs and their respective families some of whose work is in support of overseas mission under the auspices of BRF, CPAS, Agape, Global Connections, Pioneers UK, Friends International, Restore, Church Army, YFC and other bespoke projects. In addition we were able to support a number of medical students undertaking short-term electives in Christian mission hospital settings, a variety of short-term and vacation projects done by some of our younger adults, and give to the ongoing needs of a number of Christian organizations represented locally and in the nation. Further details of the distribution of almost 160,000 in total can be found as part of the accounts published elsewhere in this report. This large sum is the result of sacrificial giving from the church family given specifically to the work of Living Stones supplemented by a generous top-up allocated out of the General Funds of the church by the PCC. The significance of this ministry is that the budget for this arm of mission alone significantly exceeds the total annual spend of many churches in the UK. Of course finance is only one part of the support given by the Living Stones Team, which is ably supported by many other volunteers and praying partners in the church family. One of the particular strengths of Living Stones is the quality of the expertise and experience we can draw on from within St Johns in helping people consider both long-term vocations and finding suitable short-term projects, as well as continuing prayer support and review processes that are part of the regular work of the Team. One feature developed in 2011 was the introduction of a new monthly Prayer Letter made available to the church family to foster both greater awareness of our MPs and their situations and to promote prayer on their behalf. We are grateful for the work done by Jude Smith in drawing the material together for this and Stella Jennings in bringing this so successfully to press each month. During 2011 we were pleased to welcome within weekend worship Caroline Gilmore-White (CMS, Paraguay) both to give a report in a service and to join one of the childrens groups at another. We also welcomed Helen and Adrian Harrod with their children, as they were in transition from South Africa to a new calling in the Philippines with OM and also the Pollards moving to new roles in Switzerland. A separate report is given elsewhere in this Report about the vision for and launch of City Pastors for Birmingham this initiative was profiled on several occasions, as was one of the programmes we support through the local work of BYFC. 19

As we move into 2012 I am pleased to announce, that, consequent upon a wide-ranging review of how we do our work, accompanied by a clearly stated desire, (as part of the St Johns Treasurers annual Giving Review), to increase the level of dedicated giving to Living Stones, Jonny Pearson has agreed to take over as Chair. Also work is close to completion both on production of a new DVD and also a replacement POSTER; both items are designed to foster increased prayer, interest and active support of this vital arm of St Johns mission locally, within the UK and around the world.


Adele Cheatle Leaders: Lesley Robertson, Val Philp, Chris Midgley, Eun Sim Yong, Sandy Macleod, Fran Varley, Emmi Langeveldt, Chunmei Zhang and Adele Cheatle CAMEO (Come And Meet Each Other) is a group of international women and their young children. Our desire is to offer friendship, help them to feel more at home in our culture, enable them to practise their English and introduce them to Jesus. We meet on Thursday mornings in term time and alternate a Bible discussion with a social activity. Our Bible discussions cover in the Autumn term, Who God is, What sort of a world we would like to live in, What has gone wrong and What God does about it, leading through prophecy up to the Christmas story. From January we look at how Jesus related to people during His life and showed The Fathers love, culminating in His death and resurrection. And in the Summer term we look at What happened next through Acts as the gospel reaches out to the ends of the earth. We have also begun to use the Jesus of Nazareth DVD to illustrate some of our Bible readings. We have had invaluable help from Gill and Karl McIlwaine and Ron and Patty McCulloch in giving direction, ideas and study materials too. Lots of members of the church have helped with activities and crafts including Ann Morse-Brown who made Advent calendars with us and Jude Smith and Jo Lancaster who showed us how to make beautiful greetings cards. Lesley Robertson makes delicious cakes every week and demonstrates baking and cooking once each term. And we have had fun reading classic childrens stories or playing word board games. Each term we try to go for a visit and these have included the National Trust 19th century back-to- back houses, Winterbourne Gardens and picnics in parks and leaders gardens. We fluctuate in numbers quite considerably between 5 and 10 women present. Over the past year we have enjoyed the company of seven Japanese women, two Koreans, about 4 from China, two Indian and a student from Cameroon and at present we also have Mexican and Spanish women. During the year a Japanese and Chinese woman we had contact with returned to their homes and are continuing to worship the Lord. It is a great privilege to share with them that Jesus is for everyone, women and men from all nations and backgrounds. And we pray their time in CAMEO will be a significant part of their journey into a new relationship with Him.


City Pastors
Jo Jowett City Pastors is an initiative involving volunteers from local churches working in partnership with the Broad Street BID (Business Improvement District) to ensure that Broad Street is a safe, vibrant environment for everyone who visits. Our volunteers provide an essential pastoral bridge between the street wardens, business owners, door staff, Police, taxi marshals and the general public. City Pastors help clubbers, diners, concert go-ers, homeless people, tourists and anyone else we encounter on the street. We also work with vulnerable or marginalised people, providing a caring face and signposting support to other agencies. St Johns is one of the main partner churches among nine others now providing volunteers for the project, which has trebled numerically in the last year to 46 volunteers. We praise God for the favour we have received on Broad Street and for meaningful relationships established with many key people in the city. City Pastors from St Johns are as follows: Mark & Jo Jowett (Leadership Team) Vinod Bhatia Micky Drever Jim Ford Naomi Johnson Jo Marshall Hannah Miller Jon Mould Sue Simkin Volunteers from St Johns among 13 new volunteers in training: Dave Allen Claire James Louise Roper Ruth Whitehorn Please pray for us as we continue this vital ministry in the city.


Childrens Work
Tim & Kate Meathrel Background Tim and I took over overseeing the childrens ministry in September 2011in the absence of a fulltime Childrens and Families pastor Highlights of the year Swanwick 2011 we had approaching 50 children from 0-11 worshipping God and engaging in dynamic activities for the weekend, with help from a team from Big Ministries. October 2011- we undertook a revamp of the childrens groups, changed the names of the groups and restructured the age groups including creating a new group IGNITE for Years 5 &6. These were launched in October 2011 with record numbers: we now have over 100 children at 9.15 every week. Movers & Shakers (0-2s) have increased their craft sessions, now taking place every week, with the help of additional leaders to help the younger children meet with God. We have increased the childrens group leaders at 9.15 by 20 leaders! Praise God for His provision of these wonderful people to minister to our children. Libby Hubbard & Becky Pearson with Olly Du Croz ran a very successful daytime parenting course in the Autumn term. Many of those attending were Toddler Group parents. We undertook a re-registration of all the toddlers parents/carers which enabled us to have their details on a database so we can contact them more easily. During this process many requested information on Alpha, parenting, WLTDO (Who Let The Dads Out) and baptism. Toddler Group has gone from strength to strength and regularly has 80 adults and 100 children each day! A great Christmas party was enjoyed by all. We are also delighted that Beccy Allen has been appointed as the Toddlers Pastor from Jan 2012. Another fantastic Christmas tour took place (Dec 2011), with new schools coming along, record numbers attending and being touched by the Christmas story. Our thanks are due to Alex Robertson. We ran two Christingle services for the first time this year and had over 600 people attending many not from the church family- we gave away many WHY Christmas booklets. Prayers for 2012 For the right appointment to be made for a new childrens pastor For Beccy as she leads the ministry to Toddlers forward into a new and exciting season. For all the ministries to go forward, for vision and Gods blessing.


Digging Deeper
Patty McCulloch So what was going on when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his long-awaited, much-loved son, Isaac? What kind of God would make this request - even if He was planning to provide an alternative sacrifice? Dare we ask this kind of question as we look at passages in Holy Scripture? How do we help each other find answers to such questions? The dozen or so women who meet together fortnightly in the Digging Deeper group have recently completed studies of the life of Abraham, one of the Lifebuilder series. We all come having prepared the studies and attempted to answer the questions in the book. But we also bring our own questions and find that as we seek the Spirits guidance, we usually go away with more light on the passage, a great vision of God, and ideas of how we might implement the teaching in our daily lives. We are currently studying the book of James, confident that it will throw up lots more challenging issues for us to wrestle with and that will build a solid foundation for our faith. Digging Deeper meets on alternate Mondays from 1.30-3pm in the Meeting Room 3 upstairs. Anyone wishing to join the Digging Deeper group should contact Patty McCulloch on 0121 243 9643 or New members very welcome!


Discipleship & Small Groups (including Fire Starters)

Ruth Hassall Small groups comprising C Groups, Talk Togethers, and Mnet remain central in the life and purposes of St Johns as a place of welcome and discipleship. With her arrival on to the staff team in October 2011, Ruth took on the oversight and care and development of C Groups, enabling Antony to focus more on the pastoral side of ministry. We currently have about twenty five C Groups running, spread across a wide area around Harborne. Most of the groups meet on a Wednesday day, but there are a number who meet on Thursdays. Over the last year, a daytime C Group has also been established for those who struggle to get to an evening group. Many people are involved in leading these groups and I would like to express my thanks to them as they give of themselves, faithfully, week after week, leading and caring for their groups members. Over the coming year, our focus for C Groups is twofold: 1) To continue to develop and improve the support that is given to small group leaders through regular e-bulletins and gathering together as leaders for training and encouragement. 2) To increase the number of people connecting with some form of small group. This will also increase the need to identify, recruit and support a number of new leaders for these groups. If you would like to become a member of a small group or would simply like more information about what is involved please contact Ruth Hassall. During November we held the first part of the Firestarters Course (although the student group started it slightly ahead of that). The first part of the course ran for four consecutive weeks and about 150 people attended some coming as a C Group. The themes of those sessions were: 1. God is in a good mood looking at the fact that everything about God is good. 2. Pursuing personal passion exploring how we develop our hunger for God. 3. Drinking and leaking as we experience more of God and His presence, that needs to be shared with those around us. 4. Serving God from passion - looking at how everything we do needs to be fuelled by our passion for God. The course was very well received and the next 2 blocks of 4 sessions shall be rolled out in the coming year.


Girl Guiding at St Johns

OVERALL LEADERS: Guides: Christine Cheel (Mon), Melanie Hurst (Thurs); Brownies: Emma James (Mon), Rachel Fasham (Thurs); Rainbows: Ansley Stenning (Mon and Thurs). At St Johns, sharing faith and developing personal values is an important element in our meetings, activities and residential events where appropriate, and in line with the guiding promise: I promise to do my best to love my God; to serve the Queen and my country; to help other people Commitment to serving in the community and wider world is also a key part of our guiding programme. Church members may be interested in specific events during the year where Guiding has joined in with the life and ministry at St Johns: contributing to the Helping Hands appeal; filling shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child; taking part in The Christmas Tour for Guiding evening, when a total of 111 girls and family members came along; regularly attending Childrens Celebration Services, and the Christingle and other special services. A number of families, friends and girls have been introduced to, and have started attending Sunday services, childrens groups, Pathfinders and other activities at St Johns, as a result of being involved with Guiding. We were involved in the Call to Prayer initiative with some positive outcomes. Guide leaders met on 4 occasions during the month to pray and listen to God for Guiding at St Johns. The recent Lets Celebrate Guiding at St Johns event was one result of this. The evening was for all Rainbows, Brownies and Guides, their families, friends, neighbours and anyone from the church or the community. Tim Meathrel and Nigel di Castiglione took part and welcomed everyone to St Johns. It was decided that further Call to Prayer meetings for leaders from all units will be held during the year, with the aim of working together in greater unity of purpose, and developing a stronger link between St Johns and Guiding. As guide leaders we also look forward to working more closely with other ministries at St Johns and offering our services within the church where appropriate. St Johns regularly receives a number of enquiries about Guiding at our church from the wider community, and many girls enter our guiding units in this way. We provide a valuable service to the community and raise awareness for people to access other ministries and activities of the church. Some facts and figures: St Johns has five Guiding units: one Rainbows (5-7yrs), two Brownies (710yrs) and two Guides (10-14yrs). On average 150 girls and 40 leaders and young leaders (14+) in total are involved in meetings on Mondays and Thursdays. St Johns also has active links with other units in the wider community and further afield, with whom we join with for residentials and larger events. In 2012, there is the opportunity for a Ranger unit to open in Harborne, so that older girls can continue in guiding after 14yrs. There is a good mix of girls from church families and non-church families which provides a cohesive association between the church and the community. Girls invite their friends from school, church, the locality, and other interest areas. Our units are usually full, but please inquire if you would like a place; we operate a waiting list where necessary. Guides The Guiding programme enables us to introduce the girls to a wide range of activities. Girls have achieved badges for many different interests such as deaf awareness, agility, survival, and cooking and they have also taken part in street dancing, indoor rock climbing, archery, walking, camping, games and sports, and various crafts, to name a few. Visits have been made to a fire station and to the city centre. Guides have held an international evening and raised money for guiding in Armenia. Residential events are a highlight of our year. They provide new challenges and foster personal development, and give opportunity away from parents to develop independence and life skills. During the year we have had two camps, a walking weekend and a sleepover and Fun Day. Jon Tattersall visited our summer camp to find out how Guides run a camp, and to share in our Time 26

Out groups, where we looked at the life of Esther and considered how girls can make a difference. This year there have been some significant achievements amongst the Guides. Seven girls have gained the Baden Powell Award; and three the Patrol Leaders Camp Permit. Both these require long term commitment and lots of hard work. Guiding is unusual for a youth organisation today, as it is a girl-only space. This can give a more relaxed environment for the modern girl to enjoy, for a time. As leaders we have an opportunity to share our life values and skills, to help girls deal with the pressures they face. Brownies Our weekly meetings continue to be as fun filled as ever; with a wide variety of activities to suit and challenge each of the girls in our two Brownie packs. There has been a quiz evening, sports activities and the usual array of craft activities. Emma writes: One of our leaders gained her qualification to skipper the Guiding narrow boat and for the first time, we took a group of girls away for 3 nights afloat. With glorious weather, we had a fantastic time and the girls worked incredibly hard working the locks. A sleepover at church before the October Childrens Celebration resulted in 18 girls attending the service. They had fun producing a splendid collage for the rear of church on the theme of Thanks and Praise. Though our links with Catriona Foster we performed our 5th Christmas Concert for residents at Lingfield Court. Rachel writes: A highlight of the year was our Pack Holiday to Trefoil Croft. Our theme was Under the Sea and the girls enjoyed an assortment of activities around this theme. We were also blessed with fabulous weather. We also went on a joint Pack Holiday with the Monday Brownies. This was another great weekend, where new friendships were made and old friendships renewed - for the leaders and girls alike! One of the greatest pleasures is seeing girls you have nurtured for up to 3 years, look forward to moving on, and we have been delighted that so many from both units have confidently moved on to Guides in 2012. The leadership in both Brownie packs has remained stable this year, and with strong core teams we have been able to devote more individual time to the girls; this has been invaluable with full units of over 30 girls. Rainbows: We have had another good year a bit sameish, in the best sense. We have kept the same leaders and young leaders all year (plus passed one leader to St Peters Unit), and nearly all the same girls, with very few moving to Brownies. Our activities have included a treasure trail in the Martineau Gardens and, like many others, we had a Princess Party at one of our meetings, to set the tone for the royal wedding the following day. We held some events jointly with St Peters Rainbows, because it is fun to get together - we had a joint entry in Harborne Carnival, continuing our princess theme! We also joined up with St Peters Unit and put an entry into the St Peters church flower festival, which was good PR for Girl Guiding! In July our sameish year came to an end in big way as we started a second meeting, we are still one unit but we now meet on Monday and Thursday. This has meant that we have been able to take 8 more girls off our waiting list. Needless to say we have had to find a new leader and two new young leaders to make this possible; we are getting to know each other and working together really well. We have not yet all met together as one unit; that is planned for later this year. Ansley Stenning received an award in December 2011 for outstanding services to local guiding. Guiding at St Johns is grateful for all of the support that the church gives to our units in so many different ways. We ask that you continue to pray for all our girls and parents; and for those who attend the all age services on the first Sunday of the month. Girl Guiding UK Statement of Purpose is: To enable girls and young women to develop their potential and to 27

make a difference to the world. Some of its specific objectives are to: Develop personal values which give their lives meaning and direction; Do their best according to their abilities; Seek spiritual development - whatever faith they belong to; Contribute to society.


Green Group
Andrew Schofield The Green Group exists to promote creation care within St Johns: care for the whole of creation in the broadest sense. Our central aim is to increase the churchs awareness of our responsibilities to care for Gods creation. Our specific aims for 2011 were to hold an open conference on creation care issues, to increase recycling facilities in St Johns, complete an energy survey of the Church building and to pursue Ecocongregation status. We were pleased to invite Dave Bookless (A Rocha UK) to lead our May conference God does not do waste. The conference comprised a dynamic mix of activities focussed towards children and adults allowing the whole family to enjoy the day and share in Daves teaching. The event was attended by many St Johns members but also attracted a significant contingent from outside the parish. We are grateful to those organisations that provided stands: Friends of the Earth, Northfield Eco-centre, Birmingham City Council Recycling Service, Transition Birmingham and Ecocongregations. We also thank the stewards for their help setting up the Church and halls and to those who offered crche facilities. We completed our energy survey of the main church building and introduced further recycling facilities. During the year we made a small contribution to the Harvest service, produced a leaflet of Lenten activities and hosted a Lent Lunch with donations totalling 240 divided equally between Tearfund and Helping Hands. We held two prayer sessions within the January call to prayer. Our aim in 2012, is to make contributions to services and other activities marking Rogation, Harvest and Lent and to continue to raise awareness of creation care in St Johns. We remain ready to assist with plans to reconfigure the main building, since this would provide an excellent opportunity to improve energy efficiency.


Harborne Mens Group

Bob Kimmins 1. 2. The Group, founded in February 1972, exists to bring men together in Christian Fellowship. We attempt to achieve this fellowship by several established means of sharing Our meetings, usually on the first Thursday of each month in the Upper Room start with coffee/tea and biscuits at 10.30 am, when we chat informally and get to know one another by sharing news, highlights or points of need. Most men find this helpful and arrive early and regularly no one is under pressure and many make friendships they might not find elsewhere. This more social aspect has been expanded of recent years in that the December meeting has moved out of the church into Keiths home for social games and quizzes, and to make space for the Christmas Tour event in church thank you, Valerie, for being such a good hostess. After coffee, we start more formal proceedings at 11 am with a hymn, a prayer, more sharing (who is not here, or needs prayer) and our study, usually led by a guest speaker. In 2010-1 our studies (two series of five or six sessions) took in some Old Testament characters (Gideon, Samuel and Solomon) and how some of our members and St Johns people had served the Lord in recent years both series of studies proved useful and inspirational. We aim to finish the formal side of the meeting by midday but often some of the earlier conversations between individuals continue ... Our February meeting continues along similar lines, but becomes an Annual Luncheon to celebrate, if you like, the anniversary of our foundation. In February 2012, our 40th birthday, Ruth Hassall stood in for Nigel (on diocesan duties) to brave the subject of the Divinity of Christ and did it very well. In May each year, we have an outing. In recent years we have visited National Trust properties. Last year we went to the University Gardens at Winterbourne and had an interesting, though damp, visit. However attendance has been a little disappointing recently in spite of using members own transport to reduce cost...Is it the entry price? so this time we are hiring a coach [so people wont get lost] for a visit to United Christian Broadcasters in Stoke on Trent and the Potteries Museum (Recently in the news!), at vast expense. This we are aiming to do on 25 May 2012. While we aim to keep track of, and continue to pray for, those of our number who are ill and unable to meet with us regularly, we are always glad to see new members; because time marches on, our average age seems to increase and we would welcome new blood to bring this down. Such new members would bring this average down. Meanwhile Roger Jones and Bill Pooley are in retirement homes, and are visited when possible.

3 The Group will aim to continue to bring men together in Christian Fellowship during 2012/3 as such, we feel we fit in with the Mission Values of St Johns, and that we have a link, somewhat remote perhaps, with the men in M-net. However our hope is to draw in men of whatever age who are available on Thursday mornings.


International Students
Debby Bridge Members; Debby Bridge (Chair), Ron and Patty McCulloch, Harvey Rigby, Bryan Langeveldt, Susie Liu, Adele Cheatle, Mary Hudson. We thank Mike Dixie and Karl McIlwaine who stepped down this year from the group Our vision is to see international students discover Christ, grow in faith within loving Christian community and be equipped for returning home as effective witnesses and servant leaders among their own people. We aim see St Johns members express the love of Christ in many practical ways to Internationals and encourage the sharing of the gospel in appropriate and cross- culturally sensitive ways. To disciple and equip the Christian Internationals. We praise God for the 1000s of international students that God has sent to Birmingham over the past years and for the many different ways we are in contact with them. We have continued to see contact made with Christian people through welcome meals and the hospitality programme, Globe cafes and the wives groups. There have been Easter and Christmas events at Harvey Rigbys home. Friendships have developed and the gospel has been shared in many varied and imaginative ways. We praise God for the spiritual responsiveness of the students and for those who have come to a living faith in our Lord Jesus. There has been 13 years of continuous caf ministry on campus run by teams of committed and dedicated volunteers from many local churches. A new caf opened in October at Harborne Baptist church and a good number are attending. There were over 30 at the Christmas celebration. The wives groups (Cameo) at St Johns and in Selly Oak, and the group at Jill Edgingtons, continue to grow with a wide variety of nations represented. We praise God for gospel opportunities amongst those from non-Christian backgrounds and for the continuing and deepening of friendships with the team members. Some international students have attended the Alpha course at St Johns and many of been part of seekers Bible study groups which run in various homes and venues. Other Christian international students are part of C Groups in the church and have been a blessing to their fellowships. We continue to pray for the students to feel welcomed at St Johns and to grow in their knowledge and love of God, and for opportunities to serve within the congregation. We pray for all of us that we will in no way be a stumbling block to international students who are seeking Christ. We pray for courage to do things differently and for the Holy Spirit to guide us in our outreach to international students in the Harborne area.

We pray for the kingdom of God to grow throughout the world because of St Johns commitment to international students ministry.


Ben de Waal The MNET groups are made up of professing Christian men, mostly married with kids, each facing similar pressures and issues in their Christian walk. We come from a variety of Church backgrounds, but all hold to the core teachings of the gospel, and believe that the Bible is Gods inspired word. Most members of MNET are members of St Johns C Groups, and see the two groups as being complementary. Our main aim is to encourage and support each other in our Christian walk, to stand firm in the face of ever-increasing pressures on our work and home lives. Within the six vision values of St Johns, our particular focus is on Belonging and Growing. Our vision is to see MNET continuing to grow, providing encouragement and support to a widening circle of men, and encompassing a greater variety of mens activities within the church & the city. In 2011 we maintained the three MNET groups with overall numbers growing to over 40 members. Each group still meets monthly and tends to follow a Practical Christianity theme based on a book, the Bible and peoples own experiences. Last years books included Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow and Everybodys Normal Till You Get To Know Them by John Ortberg. Sometimes whole sessions would be dedicated to prayer, often with prophetic words of great encouragement. The groups also supported The Crossway through PAC jobs which provided transformational change to the environments in which people lived, and were a genuinely rewarding experience for all those involved. Ben and Sue de Waal hosted the summer BBQ, for all three groups (and our long-suffering wives), and also kindly hosted our Christmas social where we reviewed the year and discussed the opportunities and challenges for the year ahead for us as individuals, for the MNET Group as a whole and for the Church. The overwhelming feeling was that the potential of the MNET groups and the men of the church is potentially far greater than is currently being realized, and there was a strong sense of needing to align more formally to the Churchs group structure. Following the feedback from last year it was felt that a more outward focussed approach to the groups should be pursued in the coming year, especially around making our faith more real and relevant in our everyday life. There will also be a focus on events or initiatives that encourage greater integration of the groups and which would provide opportunities for other men to get involved. In particular a concerted effort to encourage some younger men, the sort of age the current members used to be when they started! Suggestions included a central prayer theme, men's breakfast, a weekend away for men, building closer links with WLTDO (Who Let The Dads Out), joint working on PAC jobs with Crossway and joint socials. A busy year in other words! If you want to join the ranks of MNET, or feel in need of refreshment do get in touch with Ben de Waal or Richard Kent.


Marriage Preparation
Jonny & Becky Pearson The marriage preparation course has been running annually for the last nine years. The course is based on the course written by Nicky and Sila Lee from Holy Trinity Brompton and its aim is to provide couples with the tools for building healthy marriages that will last a lifetime. The structure of the course is such that following short talks on issues such as laying the right foundations, learning to communicate, developing physical togetherness and creating an equal partnership the couples are given an opportunity to discuss these issues individually and privately so as to start equipping them for their respective marriages. Jonny and Becky Pearson lead the course along with Richard and Jane Lovell, Marcus and Liz Knell and Dan and Ros Tang. Nine couples did the course in 2011, which we ran in March on two Friday evenings in church followed by all day on a Saturday at Selly Park Convent. Marcus and Liz took a break from being involved in 2011 so as to focus on becoming parents for the first time. They are re-joining the team for 2012. Dan and Ros Tang joined the team to run the course in 2011, and they will take a break in 2012 to also focus on becoming parents for the first time. While most of couples who have been on the course are members of St Johns, a number are from outside the church. We receive enquiries from people outside St Johns who have seen our details on the national marriage course database or who have heard of the course through word of mouth. We hope that this course will continue to help build strong marriages that stand apart from worldly relationship models and reflect the couples commitment both to each other and to the Christian faith.


Sheila Brown The group meets at 2pm on the second and fourth Thursdays if the month with longer breaks at Christmas, Easter and in the summer. The aim of these meetings is to provide teaching and fellowship for older ladies in the area; some, but not all, are members of St Johns. At the start of 2011, we took a break from our travels with St. Paul and in the first half of the term heard from three church members with different ministries in the church. In the second half of term we completed our studies of St. Pauls missionary journeys with a final talk in May. In the remainder of the summer term, we heard from three more church members with an involvement in the wider community. We ended the term with an afternoon at Winterbourne Gardens and enjoyed tea in the sunshine on the terrace. In the autumn, we studied 1 Thessalonians and have started 2012 by delving into Proverbs. Some members of the group can be quite isolated during the week and so we organise the occasional buffet lunch which gives a longer time in which to relax with their friends.


Tim Meathrel Christmas Tour This year a team of about 40 actors and actresses, brilliantly organised by Alex Robertson, played to packed houses on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Christmas. We welcomed 450 school children, about 100 Guides, Brownies and Rainbows, as well as 400 people of all ages during the day on Saturday. These numbers are a new record and our grateful thanks goes to all of the team. Alpha Alpha has continued in its usual pattern of meeting twice a year; once in the Spring and once in the Autumn. This year we have welcomed about 40 guests onto our courses. Many of these have come through finding us on the internet and many through seeing the Alpha banners outside of church. This years courses have been great fun and we have enjoyed spending time with our guests, getting to know them and seeing them continue in their journeys of faith, with many becoming Christians. As always, a massive thank you must go to the whole of the Alpha team who make Alpha such a joy to run and such fun to be part of. Alpha Follow Up Alpha follow up has continued to follow our Alpha courses in the Spring and Summer terms. This year we have seen two courses of about 8 participants in each who have wanted to learn more and travel into the future on their journeys of faith. We have continued in the new model of having one team for Alpha and Alpha follow up which has help considerably with continuity. In addition we have planted one new C Group from an Alpha follow up group and have strengthened another. Harborne Carnival This year saw a much scaled down effort from St Johns. Due to a series of circumstances beyond our control, it was necessary for us to do less than has been usual for St Johns. So instead of the usual Carnival activities, we focused more on playing to a particular strength with HotS and offered prayer for healing under two gazebos set up outside the church. We had some fun with those passing by and a number stopped to be prayed for. Other evangelistic events This past year saw our continued involvement in the annual Carols in the City event, now a familiar feature of our Christmas programme. A team of between 20-30 people from St Johns were involved in many different aspects of the day, from singing and performing, to present wrapping and handing out flyers. As usual, this was a great event and a brilliant way to share the good news of the coming of Jesus to the people of Birmingham, whilst working together in unity with other large churches in the city.


Pastoral Care, Structures & Courses

Antony Spencer The aim of the Pastoral Ministry at St Johns is the practical application of Jesus command to Love one another. This involves each of us, as we value, care and encourage one another, but it is also concerned with healing and wholeness, and the promotion of growth in Christian maturity. The vision can be summarised as comforting the challenged and challenging the comfortable. This is accomplished in various formal and informal ways Pastoral Subgroup met periodically to review and support the pastoral structures and approaches on behalf of the PCC. During 2011 the group met to learn about the SOZO prayer approach. Prayer Ministry Team provides prayer ministry after each service but particularly after evening services. Training sessions are held 3 times a year and during 2011 the emphasis was on developing our skills at hearing God for other people. The Freedom Course takes place over the autumn and spring terms and enables participants to learn about their identity, Gods plan for freedom and the things that work against that in their lives. Through teaching and ministry, participants learn to use Kingdom tools to be set free, kept free and close to God. The 2011/12 course which is still on-going has 18 participants. Extended Prayer and Counsel involves a variety of people and aims to help people at particular times in their lives, or facing particular circumstances, by seeking Gods perspective and ministering to them. During 2011 a new approach of extended prayer for those suffering with mental health issues using a team of health professionals and prayer ministers working together, was developed and tried out. In addition to the forgoing there is much practical care undertaken informally and routinely by individuals and groups within the church which in the main remains unseen. Examples include flower distribution to those who are unwell, gifts of meals and hospitality, visiting and friendship. I record the thanks of the whole church community to everyone involved, both formally and informally, in expressing love to one another. In 2012/13 we aim to 1. Undertake enhanced prayer training to equip more extended prayer ministers and establish a Prayer and Healing Centre to develop our skills and capabilities and to bring together a range of prayer approaches. 2. Modify the Freedom Course to bring teaching and ministry (word and spirit) closer together. 3. Establish a new Pastoral Ministry Support Group in accordance with the PCCs revised strategy.


St Johns Women
Pat Brydon & Pat Spencer The aim and vision is to encourage and empower women to flourish in Gods goodness and purpose. Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water .Jeremiah 17: 7 8a (NLT) In 2011 a time of reflection was given, prior to re-launching this ministry once again at St Johns. Women were encouraged to gather together to pray, over a period of four weeks in the spring, giving thanks and recognition for all God has done in previous years, as well as giving opportunity to seek the Lord afresh for the future. All women across the church were encouraged to share their thoughts, dreams and passions. There appeared to be longing for women to get to know other women, to develop and deepen relationships in our community. In June and November groups of women travelled in coaches to Streams in the Desert events in Leamington Spa on Monday evenings for worship, teaching, to meet with God, to receive encouragement and spiritual refreshment. This also created opportunities to make new acquaintances and deepen friendships as SJ women travelled together. Re-commencement of Womens Breakfasts started in November when 100 women gathering together for breakfast, to worship and hear Cristina Hoult from Southgate Family Church, Kings Norton talk about Seeds of Faith; how as a young family how they have planted a small church in a deprived area of Birmingham and are seeing daily how God reveals Himself to the poor in spirit. In 2012 We plan to offer opportunities for women to attend as a group, the New Wine Womens Days held in Harrogate and London Two Womens Breakfast events are scheduled to occur in March and October, with guest speakers Anne Hibbert and Annie Hughes. Further trips to Streams events are planned although the overall aim is to develop and arrange similar events, with a fresh expression here at St Johns in 2012/13. It is hoped that the womens ministry will evolve in new and exciting ways, providing opportunities for all women within our own church grow in their faith and flourish, as well as being a blessing to women in other churches and in our communities.


Students @ St Johns
Annie di Castiglione The year began with Laura and Dave Rogers co-ordinating this work. Over the summer, when the recognition was embraced that we wanted to increase our service to the undergraduate students, Laura and Dave decided it was time to step back and Nigel invited me to take on this work. This report represents the new approach pursued since October 2011. Leader: Annie di Castiglione Team: Charles di Castiglione, Vinod Bhatia, Angie Bhatia, Matt Williams, Philippa Slingsby, Jo Marshall and Jon Mould. It is our aim to encourage students in passionate and uninhibited pursuit of God, thereby discovering purpose and identity, while moving towards the power to be agents of Gods transforming power, as His kingdom advances in our spheres of influence, both now and in the future. Since October 2011, we have been meeting on Wednesday evenings in term time. A simple meal has been provided. This has been essential to group relationship building, as well as enabling those students with hectic schedules to be able to make the meeting. We have been learning to pursue God together with worship, teaching, response and activation in gifts of the Spirit. Students come from the University of Birmingham, City University, Aston University, Birmingham School of Acting and the Birmingham Conservatoire. We are in active contact with about 30 students of whom about 20 attend Wednesday meetings. We are pleased to welcome others, who are with us as part of the Sunday worship services. Weekend away 10th 12th February Twenty students enjoyed a weekend at the Mill in Shipton on Stour. Katie Cooper worked brilliantly in the kitchen making sure we were well-fed! Everyone was wholehearted in worship, in engaging with God and in enjoying fellowship. Other Activities Welcome Tea in October about 50 attended Open invitation to lunch at the Vicarage 30+ attended Regular invitations to lunch with church members All activities involving eating have been well attended and much appreciated!! Several students serve faithfully in Sunday childrens ministries, worship teams, Friday Night Club and Healing on the Streets teams. Some have recently joined the Prayer Ministry Team.


expanding fellowship & discipleship horizons

Going into our fourth year now with over 150 people on our mailing list, Synergy has really developed and grown but still maintains its three basic aims which are to 1. Provide a well organised and well publicised forum for fellowship for people in their 20s & 30s in and around St Johns. 2. Allow fellowship to have a central role in discipleship. 3. Support people in their ministries both inside & outside of church Katherine, Lucy and Laura have recently stepped down, with the result that the team now consists of Ruth Whitehorn, Suzy Robinson and Charles Di Castiglione. As we go forward, the team is looking to grow and really discern Gods heart for those in their 20s and 30s. Synergy continues to run a series of regular events that are informal and open to all those in their 20s & 30s, aiming to make it as easy as possible for people to make friends and integrate into the wider church network. This happens in a number of ways. Firstly Synergy has a sign- up procedure whereby people can sign up for the news letters and e-mails. The information submitted helps the team to see when, for example, someone has come along to church for the first time. The team is set up in a way which allows us to make contact with people before they come to the church, and so be ready and waiting to welcome them when they do arrive. And we are pleased to say that we continue to see many new faces join us, coming in through Way-In, Alpha, and others who are just discovering church for the first time. Synergy meets every Sunday evening after evening services in a reserved area of the Junction pub. This is an opportunity for people to meet with other Christians and therefore new friendship groups are then formed quite naturally. Synergy also holds other events throughout the year. Information on these is posted on our website and circulated by means of the mailing list. Synergy is a forum creating opportunities and building on relationships within the church community, and, as we go into our fourth year, the team will be looking to God to see what His vision is for us and those we serve.


The Crossway
700 people have been welcomed at The Crossway in the last year many by the regular reception volunteers. More people are being seen from B17 and B32 areas. It has been a privilege to witness transformation in some peoples lives and it is also an encouragement that The Crossway has been nominated by Gisela Stewart for a Centre of Social Justice Award and been described as an outstanding organisation by the manager of Childrens Centres in the area. Anne Horder-Coordinator Debt Strand Annual Report For the 46 clients seen in 2011, debts totalled 353,500. About half were referred on to Consumer Credit Counselling (CCCS) for debt advice. PCC has now agreed the extension of the debt service to include debt advice on a pilot basis from January 2012. 5 volunteers have been trained as debt advisors by Community Money Advice (CMA). There is an urgent need for a volunteer administrator to support this extension. The service of the in-house Neighbourhood Office has been. This has left a void for those needing benefit and housing advice. We recognise that prevention is better than providing a cure and Money Management courses have been run for an external youth group, a community run single parents group, the Year 13 C Group and some of our university students. We are keen to extend this work and anyone interested should contact Joan Cartledge. Michael Waters Leader, Debt Strand Practical Assistance in the Community (PAC) Since the last APCM we have done fewer tasks than previously but they have been bigger and more complex, which in itself has enabled team members to get to know better, those whom they are serving. A highlight of this year was the response of some families, for whom we had done jobs, to an invitation to come to the Christmas tour. Our aim for the future is to develop ways in which we can progress the initial contact made when the job was done. Diarmid Campbell- Leader, PAC Crisis Pregnancy Centre We have seen over 30 clients this year. Some have been referred by GPs. We would like to increase this source of referrals to develop stronger links with GPs in the area. The schools work has grown enormously resulting in 300 student contacts in local secondary schools. We have delivered a variety of sessions covering self esteem, friendships, relationships and consequences of unintended pregnancy. Feedback from staff and students has been excellent. We would welcome more volunteers who feel they may be able to offer some time with either lesson planning, preparation or delivery. Demand for post abortion support continues to grow. While involving many hours of volunteer time it has been a joy to see our clients progress from a place of despair to one of hope. A new training course has now started. Our prayer for the coming year is that God will send more people in need of His love and compassion, into the work of the Centre. Ruth Downing- Leader, CPC Older People A number of events have marked the year: our 4th year of Prime Time in August was a huge success, with 45 guests attending each day for a variety of activities, entertainment and good food. We held the annual Christmas lunch for contacts of the Karis Neighbour Scheme in November; and a Prime Time Reunion in February. From the Prime Time group, 28 people are currently attending Pilgrims Progress once a month. Over the course of 9 sessions, we are working our way through John Bunyans well-known classic, using drama, story-telling and small group discussion. This has proved to be both thought-provoking and great fun and is an opportunity to deepen faith. The Monday morning Over-70s Drop In at The Crossway continues as do regular services for older 40

people at Lingfield Court, the Kenrick Centre, Timber Mill Court and the monthly Midweek Communion at Church. There is a large and very committed group of volunteers helping in a variety of ways with this ministry driving, cooking, baking, visiting, praying, befriending, etc. This all helps to ensure that older people are valued and supported. Catriona Foster Pastor- Older People Healing on the Streets This year has been another good year for Healing on the Streets both in Harborne and in Birmingham. On the High Street, many people have come for prayer and a good number have found their way into St Johns following prayer. We have been seeing God working in wonderful ways, touching their lives with His love and healing presence. We have seen a good number of healings but we are continuing to press in for more and greater healings. Tim Meathrel-Curate


Who let the Dads Out?

Phil Varley

What? Who Let The Dads Out? When? Second Saturday of the month, 9 10.30am (see flyers on welcome desk) Where? St Johns. Who? Any male, as long as he is caring for (and brings!) child(ren) up to 5yrs of age. Well over 500 bacon sandwiches later, Who Let the Dads Out? is now into its 5th year and the Dads and Toddlers group is continuing to thrive and have fun meeting once a month. Numbers have grown slightly this year to enable us to move from the crche room to utilise the hall without rattling around too much. This gives us more scope to keep the active ones from squashing the static ones - something the mums are keen on as well! The group continues to be a really good opportunity for dads to meet together, for their kids to play safely and further their friendships and, as importantly for the mums to have a little bit of well earned space on a Saturday morning without the tug of the trouser leg or the shouting from another room (and thats just the Dads!) We have consistently had between 10 and 14 families represented bringing with them upwards of 20 kids per week. A big thank you goes to Ben and Luke De Waal who come and cook the bacon and ensure all are looked after. Do feel free to recommend this group, it is great fun and enables contacts and relationships to be built with Dads both within the church and within the locality.


Marcus Pagnam Looking back over 2011 here are some highlights: Orchestra We aimed to have an orchestra once a month throughout the year, fitting in with the vision that 'all could contribute and all could receive revelation in worship'. It seemed a good, appropriate and natural fit with us as a church - we have many highly gifted classical musicians in our congregation. Some months they were higher in number, others lower, but on the whole it was felt to be positive step forwards in our corporate worship. The 'peak' was probably the Carol services when we had a full orchestra who all did a wonderful job both in preparation and on the day itself. I am hugely indebted to Sarah Mondon and Martin Horder for all their hard work and assistance in making this happen. For 2012 we are planning on having a full orchestra less often in the year, due to people's availability, maybe 4 times in the year, with a smaller ensemble the other months, involving wind, strings, brass, etc. Gospel Choir The gospel choir came about in a very similar way to the orchestra, again that 'all would offer and all would receive in worship'. And similar to the orchestra, the choir aimed to happen approx. once a month and the numbers were up and down throughout the year. A notable highlight was singing on the main stage at the Harborne Carnival in June. Katherine Eldred was a tremendous support in helping organise the choir. The gospel choir joined the main Carol service choir and did a fantastic job at the carol services, alongside the orchestra, under the excellent direction of Jac White. Again, similar to the orchestra, the plan for 2012 is to have the choir less often throughout the year, but with more members when they do sing. Regular Worship Team The regular musicians, singers, pa and visuals operators have continued to meet throughout the year for a mix of fellowship, worship and teaching. We welcomed some new members from the auditions evening in June. Martyn Sargeant took a team on a monthly basis to St Peter's Church, Hall Green to support them as they sought to get a new regular service off the ground. We recently had a Worship Leader Day at Manresa House - time spent sharing stories and seeking the Lord together. Many thanks to Mark Cartledge who came and gave valuable input to the day. Outside St John's I had the privilege of being involved in leading worship at a few other conferences throughout the year, most notably: Jersey Keswick in June and CPAS Larger Churches conference in November. I also have been meeting regularly with other full or part time worship pastors in Birmingham to pray together and seek ways of strengthening unity amongst the churches in the city. As a result of this I joined a team leading worship at an outdoor event on Pentecost Sunday in the city, and have also just this weekend been involved together in 'Grace for the City' at the cathedral as part of the Speak the Word conference. Nigel has invited the staff to a few conferences through the year which have been really helpful. For me in particular, the Bethel Leadership Summit at All Nations Church, Leicester and the Willow Creek Global Summit in Stafford stand out as excellent times. 43

Creative team With the help of Angela Parker, a group of similarly minded artists have met on occasion in the church to listen and attempt to respond/express in a creative way. We hope to develop this and show some fruit from it over the next year or so. Authentic band The Authentic Worship band are a joy to work with and I am committed to seeing them grow as lead worshippers who can and will have a significant impact on the way we worship as a community. Worship leading course From October to Dec I ran a course for those interested in developing the skills needed for leading others in worship. This was attended by 9 people, some of which are starting to lead and co-lead worship more regularly now at St John's. Martyn Sargeant and Ruth Elphinston were a great help to me with this course. Sacred space I have a burden for us to rediscover stillness and quiet before the Lord. Mark Cartledge recently preached and said that God loves us to be so close to Him that He may whisper to us, rather than shout! So the Church building has been opening its doors to all as a place for quiet reflection. The hope is that church members as well as the local community will see this as a place to 'step out of the traffic' - to know ourselves and, more importantly, know God in the quiet. This is continuing throughout Lent - please pray that this will be known as a place where God dwells, with a door that is always open! The future There are a couple of things on my heart for the worship team this year: As a result of the clergy and staff working through the strategic planning process, a phrase has taken root in my mind: to be a people who are committed to the passionate pursuit of the presence of God in worship. This is something that I think will be a priority for the worship team- how do we develop as passionate pursuers together? Also, towards the end of last year, I had the phrase 'atmosphere changers' ringing around my head. That is what we are called to be- to have a positive impact on the atmosphere as God is revealed in us, through us and around us. This is before all the rulers and powers in the heavenly realms and is certainly agreeing to engage in a spiritual battle. So how does the worship team prepare for this and engage in this. And how aware are we of our potential to influence the spiritual atmosphere around us? (Eph 3:10) These are questions I hope to focus on as the year rolls out. I have mentioned a few people in this report, but there are many others whom I offer grateful thanks to, for patience, support and friendship along the way.


Youth Work
Jon Tattersall It has been an absolute belter of a year in the youth ministry. There is much to tell you about and I hope you find the below reports helpful in describing some of the excellent youth ministry that is done here at St Johns. I want to thank every single volunteer who gives sacrificially of their own time to serve these teenagers. I also want to thank the household of faith for showing us support, love and a whole heap of grace as we seek to take this ministry forward into the things God has planned for us. Lastly I would like to thank my wife Jennie, and daughters Bethan and Eden for their continued and incredible love and support for me personally. Friday Night Club Overall Leader of Ministry - Jon Tattersall & Helen Browning The St Johns Sports & Youth Club is held at Bluecoats school on a Friday night during term-time. Our aim is to provide a safe space for young people aged between 11-16 to play sports and to build community. We also seek to bring the young people together at half-time and give them a short talk based on the gospel. Last years report focused on the issue of being at capacity at Bluecoat School, with a shortage of leaders being a real issue. We have lost some key volunteers recently, most of them moving on from Birmingham. However I am pleased to say that we have been able to find new volunteers, and have been able to maintain the numbers we can allow through the doors! The growth in the club has been greatly helped by the wonderful volunteers that help at club. They are sensational and I want to thank them for all they do. A few of the leaders have totally transformed the lounge area of club into an arts & crafts zone. This has been really successful, especially amongst the non-sporty crowd. We have seen some of the young leaders develop too, and some have even given testimonies or spoken during half-time. Other highlights are the talent show, a visit from the YFC Nomad football team and their cage, as well as a Christmas Party with a LOT of mince pies. After our first Alpha Course, we decided to run another one for those who had deeper questions. This took place on Sunday afternoons, and was essential in developing the faith of a few young people. We also allowed some of the young leaders to do the talks, which was tremendously rewarding for them and the youth ministry as a whole. As we head into another year, our aims are to develop the community at Club that is growing steadily and healthily. We are attracting young people from outside of Church, as friends bring friends, and parents talk to one another. We are developing a good name for running a club in the town, as evidenced when the Police emailed me asking if they could visit! Not to arrest anyone, but to run a session on personal safety. We are trying to arrange this for the summer term. The growing numbers wanting to join continue to amaze us, but this brings its own challenges as we try to manage a waiting list that seems to get longer. Another challenge is finding more male leaders to help run the Sports activities. We have a large number of young lads to manage, and that can bring its own unique challenges! Please pray for wisdom as we try and develop ways of reaching all the young people that want to come, for Jesus. Authentic (14s to 18s) Overall Leader of Ministry Jon Tattersall Authentic aims to establish a real, loving and supportive community amongst the youth and amongst the leaders. We also aim to discover who Jesus really was, what he really said and did, and working out how we can follow him in our daily lives. Along the way we want young people to be empowered and filled by the Spirit, to live authentically sold-out lives for Jesus. Authentic Cells 45

Cell groups meet most Thursdays, are well served and cared for by a brilliant and committed leadership team. Each cell group sets a curriculum that is balanced between understanding the Bible, and the issues that come from living as Christians today at school, home and in the world generally. One challenge we continually face is that the teenagers under our care are extremely busy and some have little time to invest in spiritual development. These young people are also walking in a culture that is increasingly hostile to faith in Jesus and the values of Gods kingdom. Please pray for our young people as they seek to navigate their way through it! Authentic: Revolution This is our monthly youth services, where the cell groups come together to worship, listen to Gods word and respond to His call on their lives. This year we have been working through the opening chapters of Acts, challenging the group to consider what the mission of the Church is. Authentic Action As a result of this challenge from Acts, the young people have been engaging with St Marys Hospice, bag packing at Waitrose to raise much needed funds, leading a pub quiz at half term, singing carols around the wards and forming a choir to sing at the Hospices annual fundraiser! It has been wonderful to see our young people serve a part of their community in this way. Ronseal Ronseal is the name for our Bible study group, which now meets on Sunday mornings at 11am. We are currently looking at the book of Titus, and a small group of teenagers are incredibly committed to this. There are many other highlights this past year The Authentic Weekend away was an incredible time of retreating from the busyness of life, listening to God and seeing him move through our group. Our speakers, from Tearfund, were superb and really challenged us with Gods heart for Justice. We are considering a mission trip in 2013 as a direct fruit of this weekend, so watch out for this! Soul Survivor continues to be a highlight for so many; meeting with God, other Christians from around the UK, getting refreshed in our walk with Jesus, singing 80s worship songs around the campfire at night, porta-loos.well maybe not the last bit. Pathfinders (11s to 14s) Overall Leader of Ministry Bev Reynolds & Jon Tattersall Pathfinders aim to give young people of school years 7-9 (age 11-14) encouragement, teaching and support, to explore and more fully understand the beliefs of our faith, and the opportunity to grow in faith and its practical outworking. This is done amongst peers, who are in turn supported by leaders. They meet on most Sunday mornings during the 9:15am service, and many attend a year group cell group on Tuesday or Wednesday. Most also attend Friday Night Youth Club. Sunday Mornings Between 20 and 35 of these young people meet on most Sunday mornings to look at the Bible and its relevance to our lives, have fun and build community. So far this academic year, we have looked at The art of connecting personal evangelism, prayer, Lent and the story of the Cross. They are served by an excellent and committed team of leaders. We aim to make Sundays as fun as possible, making it easy for young people to bring friends or visiting family. A highlight this term is having Nigel come and be interviewed and the Pathfinders praying for him. Cells Pathfinder Cells are the most amazing places. About 30 young people attend them in their respective year groups each week. Whatever is happening, it is done with great enthusiasm, laughter and noise. Not all Sunday morning Pathfinders participate in their cells and there are also some who attend cells who do not come from St Johns families. We endeavour to look at the Bible and talk 46

practically about the issues they are facing. We want each young person to be known and to get to know others in a supportive way. There are some incredible stories that emerge from these cells, from singing carols at a home for the Elderly, to providing hampers for poorer families to answers to prayers and telling friends about Jesus. It is so exciting to see what God is doing amongst these young people. Year 9 meets at the Downings house, and is led by Phil Varley, Mike Down and Kate Collins. Year 8 is hosted by John & Bev Reynolds and is led by the Reynolds along with new leaders Jacqui Williams and Faith Hampson. After losing Nathan and Jenny Burden to Authentic, we were very blessed to have Dennis & Miriam Hennigan join our team, taking on the year 7 cell group, which they run with the help of their daughter Lily. I feel incredibly blessed to work with such an awesome team. Other Activities By the time this is read, we will have had our annual Pathfinder Weekend away at Bell Heath. These weekends are an amazing time where we see God impact the young peoples lives. So much is achieved by being together for that time. There are some incredible stories that emerge from these cells, from singing carols at a home for the Elderly, to providing hampers for poorer families, to answers to prayers and telling friends about Jesus. It is so exciting to see what God is doing amongst these young people. Please pray that this work continues, and that these young people go on in faith in Jesus.


Mutual Care Fund
INCOME AND EXPENDITURE FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2011 2011 Income General gifts Specified gifts 3,458 4,065 7,523 1,755 1,310 3,065 2010

Expenditure Specified gifts Other needs Surplus/(Deficit)

4,065 3,275 7,340 183

1,310 1,575 2,885 180

Balance at 1 January 2011 Balance at 31 December 2011

1,047 1,230

867 1,047

The Mutual Care Fund exists to provide an opportunity for members of St Johns to help other members who may be in financial need, without the donors identity being known. Grants are made either on the specific instructions of the donor, or at the Trustees discretion from gifts received for general purposes. The Trustees during the year were Nigel di Castiglione (Vicar, ex-officio), Fiona Collins and David Dixie.


Treasurers Report
David Harvey The aims of the finance sub group are: To formalise financial policies To prepare and maintain a financial plan and management accounts To prepare and submit to the Charity Commission the statutory annual report and financial accounts Ensure appropriate processes and controls are in place to secure the churchs assets Ensure all payments and banking of receipts are timely and that auditable records are maintained Identify and secure the appropriate staff (employed and volunteer) necessary for the smooth operation of the churchs finances To brief the Standing Committee and Trustees (PCC)

During 2011 the team worked very well with Bill Smith administering the gift aid scheme, Diarmid Campbell organising the counting team, Ruth Downing continuing to process staff salaries and expenses, John Cheatle taking over as Living Stones Treasurer and Marjorie Featherstone preparing management and statutory accounts. We also said a huge thank-you to Bob Kimmins, who, after serving for nearly 40 years administering the envelope scheme decided to retire (Bill Smith has taken over this work). The other change in the team is that Dave Stone decided to move on from supporting the Living Stones executive. I am hugely grateful for the massive amount of work that goes on behind the scenes by these dedicated people who ensure that the finances are handled professionally and with great care. On behalf of the whole Church I want to say thank you for this contribution to the life and ministry of St Johns. The separate Report and Accounts gives the financial summary for 2011. Looking to the year ahead, the finance team usually meets formally 3 or 4 times a year, as necessary, and that pattern will continue through 2012/13. Our main aims and objectives remain unchanged.


Annual Report and Accounts


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