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Investigation Request Form Name (First and Last): _____________________________________ Address: ________________________ City: ___________________________(If your more then

60 miles away we do ask if you could pay for our transportation, but we dont charge any kind of regular fee) Zip/Postal Code: ________________ Valid email address: ______________________________ Home Phone: ( ) __________ Work: ( ) __________ Cell: ( ) ____________ Type of activity being experienced: People who have witnessed unexplainable activity: (Names and contact information) _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Where specifically has the activity taken place? Are there children involved between the ages of newborn and sixteen years? _____ Yes _____ No If the answer to the previous question is yes, please state their names, ages, and genders. Name: _______________ Age: _____ Gender: ___ M ___ F Name: _______________ Age: _____ Gender: ___ M ___ F Name: _______________ Age: _____ Gender: ___ M ___ F Are the children being affected by the activity?: ___ Yes ___ No If yes, please explain: Please give us a general description of home/business: Has there been recent construction or other alterations in the home/business? ___ Yes ___ No If yes, what kind of renovations? Has the home/business ever had exorcisms or blessings performed? _____ Yes __ No If yes, please explain when and why. If no, you may leave this section blank. To your knowledge, has anyone died on the property? ___ Yes ___ No

If Yes do you know any of the history of that death, please explain..... Has your family ever felt threatened by the activity, or just creepy and eerie? If so please explain .... include if there have been any physical attacks, emotional, or oppression. Have you, or the person experiencing the events ever experienced hallucinations or by diagnosed with any serious mental conditions? ___ Yes ___ No If yes, please explain: (Addiction or excessive drinking, in our opinion fits into that category) Do you, or does the person being affected, suffer from nightmares? ___ Yes ___ No If so, please explain (lucid/violent, as if your being attacked?) : How and/or what do you feel in the building concerned? Please check all that apply ___ nervous ___ afraid ___ sad ____suicidal ___ confused ___ angry ___ content _____depressed ___ watched ___ tired ___ oppression _____impatience ___ grief ___ tingly ___ pressure (physical) ___ cold ___ hot ___ safe ___ comforted ___ welcome ______empathetic towards others What have you experienced? Footsteps, Tapping, Voices, Growls, Moving Objects, Physical experiences such as being touched or harmed, Weakness without cause, Cold spots, Hearing Voices, Sounds you can't explain, doors opening or closing, misplaced items? _______________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________please circle all that apply, and if we didn't mention something please include that at the end of this form. Have you ever had another paranormal team conduct a investigation? Have you ever used a Ouija Board, done a Sance, 'opened the door for energy to enter' ghost hunted or exposed yourself to a haunted location without meaning to? We also need to know if you've ever been involved in witchcraft or hard as some of these questions are to answer it is for our safety as well as yours that we know everything. ______________________________________________________(write down any yes answers) What religion, if any do you practice? Just so we know what kind of cleansings to do if need be - as well as prayers or ritualistic processes to remove entities. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ Please use this space to share any other information you feel we need to be aware of that has NOT been asked. DATE Of Inquiry: _______________________________________We will get back to you as soon as possible - depending on the seriousness of the case we will determine how fast we can make it there. When we investigate we like to do it at night - there is just less contamination. Sometimes we do full night investigations, in which case if it's ok we'd like to sleep in your home for the one night, and have as few other people there as possible. It's allowed to have 1 or 2 adults join us but we prefer to not involve children under 15. We'd most likely be there for a few hours, , between the time's of 12-4 AM most often. If follow up investigation is required we will so, and if we need to bring in a priest we will help with arranging that. Hilary and I are educated on how to conduct House Blessings as well - your happiness and safety is our number one concern. Would you have any objections to us using a psychic if need be? Or a minister, pastor, or priest.

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