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For Office Use Only

AL _____ ESL _____

Training Dates: _______ & _______

Total Training Hours: _____

Check if TOA: _____

Application for Volunteer Service

GENERAL INFORMATION (Please print ) Date of Application

First Name Home Address City Home Phone Personal E-mail


Mid. Initial

Last Name State Home Fax Birth Date

Apt./Unit # American Indian Other Zip

Ethnicity (optional, for recording and reporting purposes) : African American Hispanic Caucasian

Employer Name Employer Address Employer City Work Phone Work E-mail State Work Fax Job Title Unit/Suite # Zip

Many companies have matching gift, volunteer incentive, or employee giving programs. Please indicate if youre aware that your employer has such opportunities. Yes, it does No, it does not I dont know I prefer to receive correspondence at (check one): Home Work.

High School Undergraduate Graduate/Professional School Year graduated Degree/Year Degree/Year Concentration Concentration


I am interested in volunteering as a (check all that apply): Tutor Receptionist Intern Database Project Assistant Special Projects Administrative (mailings, filing, etc.) Special Fundraising Events Volunteer Event Committee Member / Lead Volunteer Representative at Outreach Events (Art & Book Fairs)

If you are interested in tutoring, please check your preferences, so we can make the best possible match: English as a Second Language Low-Beginner High-Beginner Low-Intermediate Adult Literacy For both ESL and AL Male student Female student Male or female student GED-level Tutor Math Essay Writing

I might be interested in conducting a special class series or workshop. Some ideas: Health Literacy, Health-related topics Financial Literacy Applying To College, Applying For Financial Aide Computers (Word Processing, the Internet, Typing) Employability Skills (Resumes, Internet Job Searching, Soft Skills) Other

Availability is important when matching you with an appropriate volunteer opportunity, and with a student. My day and time preferences are: Monday from Thursday from It is unlikely possible to to Tuesday from Friday from to to Wednesday from Saturday from to to

likely ... that my ability to volunteer will be limited because of personal, family, or work priorities.

I prefer working in the following areas of the City (indicate 1st and 2nd choices): Literacy Chicago's office I have transportation available: Loop car West side South side North side Other?

public transportation

I can be called at the last minute to help on a project.

Why do you want to volunteer for Literacy Chicago?

How did you learn about Literacy Chicago? Are you, or have you been, involved in any other volunteer activities? Is English your primary language? Yes No If not, what is your primary language?

What other languages have you studied? (Indicate those in which you are fluent) With what cultures are you familiar? (Please elaborate) List any previous teaching experiences (school, church, industry, etc.)

REFERENCES (please list two, other than family)

Name Address Phone Relationship

Name Address Phone Relationship

I hereby apply to be a volunteer for Literacy Chicago. To become a tutor, I will complete the required 12 hour training program. As a tutor, I plan to volunteer for nine months or longer, and to attend two in-service workshops during this time. As a non-tutoring volunteer, I will help with projects/activities when possible. I expect no special benefits or monetary compensation for the services I donate to Literacy Chicago, to its adult learners, or to its activities. Signature Date

Please return to: Development & Communications Manager Literacy Chicago

Phone: 312.870.1100 x101

17 North State Street, Suite 900 Chicago, IL 60602