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Hamiltons: Making inroads into Europe

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No: 453 April 2012

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News from Watford 06 07-16 Industry News - Budget 2012 - HMRC sends out penalty notices - Smartphones now tax free for employees - Johnson steps up HGV safety campaign - Thames Crossing consultation held - Fight on to save TruckPol - Road traffic up - UK migration unchanged - European goods traffic subdued - Scottish government backs down on Isles changes - Roads investment in Northern Ireland - Teesport capacity expansion on track - Transfennica opens Bilbao route - PM in apprenticeship drive - No magic from Merlin - Restore plc buys Harrow Green - Bournes acquires Cooks of Cranleigh - Beckwith of Sussex thinks big for 2012 - Bishops Move trio go the distance - John Mason moves Maestro - AMC Removals exhibit at Working Abroad - ONeil upgrades RS-SQL - Santa Fe opens Chennai office - C. Neale jump for Hospice - 10 years on for Ingrams van - A helping hand in Sierra Leone - Britannia Anchor Removals supports Starlight - Grospiron wins FIDI bronze - Andrews of Kent says farewell to mascot - Stephens Removals invests in customer experience - Housing market shows signs of life BAR News 17-29 - Networking at the BAR Conference - Business Sessions at Windsor - Self Storage Group removes joining fee - BAR Membership criteria - Corporate alliance with Property Overseas Today - New Met welcomes four new Members - BAR invests in brand - Young Mover: Judyta Szyszka - Industry statistics Olympics Monitor BAR Services QSS Update Commercial Moving Group News Overseas Group News NEW! Commercial Moving Apprenticeships Training News European News People News Diary Dates Memberships Competition
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BAR is in a major drive to raise its brand recognition and increase leads generation for our Members.
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- Hamiltons take pole position - Using social media to stay ahead of the pack - Counting down to pension reform - New Member: GW Twilley - New! Member Viewpoint: Geoff Watson on New BAR Membership Criteria - CMG Profile: Monkey Removals - International Associate: Intermovers

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BAR News


he draft revised Criteria for BAR Membership has now been published, and was considered here in Watford recently by the National & European Group Council, the Overseas Group Council, and the Commercial Moving Group Council. This is now out for wide consultation amongst Members, and the revised Criteria can be found in the Members area on the BAR website. Feedback, opinions, and suggestions are actively sought from all BAR Members, either by attendance at Area meetings, through the representatives on the three Councils, to any of the three Directly Elected Directors on the BAR Board, or by expressing a view direct to BAR Headquarters. The Board will consider all feedback at their meeting in June, so everyone is encouraged to take an active part in this important consultation. BAR recently attended a very useful round-table discussion, organised by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), on Government intentions to reduce the impact on businesses of

burdensome regulation, such as the gold-plating of regulations (particularly those coming from Brussels). It was not easy to believe that regulation overall will reduce, but BIS (through the catchily named Better Regulation Delivery Office), appear to see that good regulation can assist business, particularly when it is properly and sympathetically enforced, and that bad or pointless regulation should be identified and rooted out. This was encouraging, but good intentions are all very well, and BAR will take an active part in the on-line consultation which BRDO will soon be launching. The London Olympics will be upon us before long, and there will be inevitable disruption and traffic congestion, particularly around London, as well as excitement. A series of workshops are being organised by Transport for London to help companies to plan ahead for this busy period, and the first of these events was recently held here in Watford, and was well attended. More information on measures being put in place to try and

avoid problems can be found on page 30. BAR has also written to all London local authorities asking that sympathetic consideration be given to requests from Members for out of hours collection and delivery, and parking permits, during the Games period. More details can be found on the TfL 2012 website. A representative from TfL is also amongst the speakers at our Annual Conference in May, participating in an impressive programme of business sessions. There is still time to book your place, and join fellow Members in Windsor, and full details are on pages 17-19.

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Removals & Storage April 2012

Industry News

Budget 2012: fuel increases go ahead

In his Budget intended to help Britain earn its ways in the world, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has cut corporation tax but confirmed that there will be no cuts to fuel duty.

UK migration unchanged

usiness and industry groups have broadly welcomed the cut as from 1 April in corporation tax to 24%. A further reduction of 1% per year will mean that by 2014 it will fall to 22%. Another measure to promote wealth creation in the country is the plan to reduce the top rate of tax to 45p by April 2013.Small businesses are likely to be pleased with the launch of a consultation on how to simplify the tax system for small firms with a turnover of up to 77,000. Under plans announced by the Chancellor in the Budget, more than three million small businesses could potentially pay tax on cash profits rather than full accounts from April 2012. One of the biggest surprises for this years Budget were the dramatic increases in Stamp Duty Land Tax: 7% on homes sold for more than 2m and 15% if the residential property is acquired by companies. VAT on self-storage The Chancellor also announced that he will launch a consultation to apply VAT on selfstorage units as from October to align selfstorage with other forms of storage.

Fuel tax rises Unfortunately it came as no surprise that the Chancellor went ahead with his fuel duty increase. As from 1 August the fixed rate fuel duty will rise by 3.02p a litre to 60.97p per litre. When VAT is added, the rise becomes 3.62p a litre. The Chancellor said fuel duty would not rise faster than inflation unless oil prices were to fall below 45 a barrel. FairFuelUK, the coalition (which includes BAR) campaigning for cuts in fuel and diesel prices, said this decision will cripple the British economy. It ignores the threat of rising global oil prices even the Saudis are trying to pull down the price of crude. And it ignores robust research we gave to the Prime Minister showing that cutting duty will create jobs, improve GDP and cost the Treasury absolutely nothing, said its national spokesperson Quentin Wilson. Road tax (vehicle excise duty) will rise but only in line with inflation. Mr Osborne also said he would welcome private investment in the road industry, signalling his intention to encourage plans for more road charging.

mmigration to the UK remains little changed from a year ago, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics in February. Total long-term immigration to the UK in the year to June 2011 was 593,000, according to the ONS compared to 582,000 in the year to June 2010 and has remained at a similar level since 2004. Estimated total long-term emigration from the UK in the year to June 2011 was 343,000. This is similar to 347,000 in the year to June 2010. Net migration was 250,000 in the year to June 2011. Since the year to June 2010 when net migration was 235,000, it has peaked at 255,000 in the year to September 2010 and remained steady since. Long-term immigration of New Commonwealth citizens has reached 170,000. This is the highest recorded estimate. Two thirds have migrated to the UK to study. New Commonwealth countries include African Commonwealth countries, Indian subcontinent countries and other Commonwealth countries in the Asian, Caribbean and Oceania regions.

Scottish government backs down on Isles changes

cottish Transport Minister, Keith Brown, has announced extra financial help for all hauliers and businesses using ferry routes to the Western Isles, Coll and Tiree. This follows the Governments decision to replace the Road Equivalent Tariff pricing scheme (RET) for commercial vehicles on CalMac ferry routes with a new rebate scheme. According to reports, the new rebate system could have resulted in fare increases of up to 175 per cent for local hauliers. The Government has now said that it will provide an extra 2.5m next year to support new transitional arrangements for all commercial vehicles, and that no haulier will see fare rises of more than 50 per cent in any year. Mr Brown said this arrangement is a more affordable and equitable approach which will help reduce the impact on affected hauliers and businesses.

Teesport capacity expansion on track

than five hectares of the container terminal area. PD Ports has invested over 16m as part of an overall 29m project, which will expand the container terminal capacity from 235,000 to 450,000 TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit) and position Teesport as the second largest container port in the north of the UK.

D Ports has taken a major step forward in its programme to almost double its container handling capacity at Teesport, with the completion of the ground works in January. The works, which began in January 2011, involved the complete reconstruction of more

April 2012 Removals & Storage

Industry News

HMRC sends out penalty notices

Around 900,000 businesses and individuals have received penalty notices for failing to file their 2010/11 Self-Assessment returns on time.
The filing date for returns sent in on paper was 31 October 2011, so the dates at which fines apply are also three months earlier than those filing online. Wellers advise that some recipients may manage to get their fines waived due to reasonable excuse appeals, but most will now receive at least the standard 100 fine. Anyone who has not yet filed their 2010/11 income tax return should do so immediately.

Johnson steps up HGV safety campaign

any of those will be 100 penalties for not sending in returns and this year, for the first time, the 100 penalty will be imposed even though no tax was due. Christina Nawrocki of Wellers Accountants says: Last year many notices were torn up as the tax had actually been paid but the fines will still stand this year as it is the filing of the returns on time that HMRC are cracking down on. In addition, further changes to the penalty structure are: 10 a day fine from 1 May for 90 days a maximum of 900 300 fine on 1 August (or 5% of the tax due if that is more) 300 fine on 1 February the following year (or 5% of the tax due if that is more).

Smartphones now tax free for employees

martphones provided by employers to employees will no longer qualify as a benefit in kind, HMRC has announced. The announcement could mean tax rebates for tax payers and National Insurance refunds for employers supplying handsets not just for business use. Stuart Crook of Wellers Accountants explains that smartphones were originally classified as personal digital assistants (PDAs) and not conventional mobile telephones which can be provided tax free to employees. PDAs, and therefore smartphones up until now, are treated as taxable benefit. HMRC has now acknowledged that smartphones fall under their definition of telephone apparatus and will therefore no longer be subject to tax, he said. It is the larger businesses that could benefit substantially where they have provided smartphones to a number of employees not solely for business use. The employer may have reported the benefit on form P11D and could be eligible for a refund of Class 1A NIC paid. Alternatively the employer may have included it within a PAYE Settlement Agreement and could be eligible for a refund of tax paid. Wellers says it is also worth noting that refunds can now be claimed for the tax years back to 2007/08. People should be mindful that there are time limits however and a claim for the tax year 2007/08 must be made by 31st July 2012, Wellers warns.

he Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has ramped up efforts to make Londons roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians by enhancing the role of a police task force to clamp down on dangerous HGVs and investigate operators of HGVs that are involved in accidents in the capital. Johnson also announced more funding to educate freight companies and drivers on cycle safety, confirming 5,400 commercial drivers have already been trained, with thousands more to do so over the next year. I am determined to improve road safety and demanding the highest standards from freight companies is a key part of this, he said. Some companies are leading the way in showing what can be achieved, but this needs to be reflected across the industry. To play our part, we are providing training for thousands of lorry and truck drivers and investing in more police officers to clamp down on shoddy, illegal drivers.

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The Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) have provided additional funding to strengthen the partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service Commercial Vehicle Task Force, who aim to improve road safety in London through enforcement and educating lorry, van and other commercial vehicle operators across London. Since December, TfL has provided funding for six additional officers in the Commercial Vehicle Task Force. Two further officers have also been funded in the Road Crime Intelligence Unit, which works closely with a number of agencies including Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and the Department for Transport (DfT) to gather information and create operations to help arrest dangerous or unlicensed operators in London. At the same time, TfL and Crossrail are undertaking a programme of commercial driver training to educate drivers of HGVs and other vehicles in how to keep pedestrians and cyclists safe on the roads. More than 5,400 drivers have now received the training.

Industry News

Thames Crossing consultation held

Results of the initial public publication on a proposed package of measures to improve river crossings in east and south-east London are due to be published in the next few weeks.

Fight on to save TruckPol

he public has given feedback on the two proposals on the table: a new road tunnel at Silvertown and a new vehicle ferry crossing at Gallions Reach. The proposed new road tunnel would be located next to Blackwall Tunnel, and run underneath the River Thames connecting Silvertown with the Greenwich Peninsula. If approved, it would transport up to 6,000 additional vehicles per hour relieving pressure on the existing Blackwall and Rotherhithe Tunnels providing a much needed alternative tunnel option in east and south-east London. The prospective vehicle ferry service linking Beckton directly with Thamesmead at Gallions Reach could transport up to 600 vehicles per hour and could replace the ageing existing ferry service at Woolwich, providing a more direct route across the river with increased capacity and frequency of service. Initial studies for the proposed river crossings have found that they could improve traffic flows

in the area and help lead to quicker and more reliable journey times. An additional crossing at Silvertown would help to reduce delays at the Blackwall Tunnel. The full gauge tunnel would also help to alleviate the closures caused by over-height vehicles attempting to use the Blackwall Tunnel. With current crossings such as the Blackwall Tunnel, Rotherhithe Tunnel and Woolwich Ferry already at capacity additional transport solutions are required so that more people, goods and traffic can move around efficiently. Additional infrastructure will also give Londons road network much needed resilience. Subject to planning permission and other consents being granted and funding, construction for these new proposed links could begin as early as 2015 with a new vehicle ferry operational by 2017 and the Silvertown tunnel open by 2021.

Road traffic up
ccording to statistics from the Department for Transport, motor vehicle traffic was 3.6 per cent higher in the fourth quarter of 2011 than in the fourth quarter of 2010. If the effects of heavy snowfall are removed from the fourth quarter of 2010, it is estimated that the increase in traffic between these two quarters would be below 0.5 per cent. Car traffic was 3 per cent higher and light van traffic 5 per cent higher in the fourth quarter of 2011 than in the fourth quarter of 2010, whereas heavy goods vehicle traffic was at around the same level. Traffic was higher in the fourth quarter of 2011 than in the fourth quarter of 2010 on all road types, with the largest increases on minor rural and minor urban roads, which were both 5 per cent higher. In the year ending December 2011, provisional data shows that 83.5 per cent of journeys on the Highways Agency managed network were on time. This is 0.9 percentage points higher than the year ending November 2011. Provisional data shows that 79.1 per cent of journeys on the Highways Agency network during December 2011 were on time, up 10.7 percentage points from December 2010. The DfT said that while the recent increases in reliability will be heavily influenced by the better weather experienced during November and December 2011 than 2010, the percentage of journeys on time has generally been on an upward trend over the last 10 months.

he Road Haulage Association and the Freight Transport Association are working together to help secure the future of TruckPol through the Fight Freight Crime, Save TruckPol campaign. Coventry-based TruckPol is a national Police Intelligence Unit, which forms part of the national ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service that collates and disseminates statistical data and intelligence on road freight crime within the UK. Truck and freight crime is a constant drain on commerce, which is estimated to cost the UK economy up to 250m per year. Following the withdrawal of Government funding in April last year the national Police Intelligence Unit has been funded entirely by private companies who acknowledge the importance of its work. Theo de Pencier, FTA Chief Executive commented: TruckPol plays a key role in the fight against criminal gangs which target a sector that is both vulnerable and attractive to thieves. The fact that the industry it helps to protect has kept it afloat this last year shows how highly regarded it is. Sadly, without government funding, TruckPol is once again facing closure and it is up to industry to save it at the eleventh hour. Peter Quantrill, Director General of the British International Freight Association is calling on the road freight sector to support and finance TruckPol. It costs approximately 120,000 per year to fund TruckPol. However, in these straightened times the collective pot of private sector funding is still some 30,000 short of the mark. For Mr Quantrill: the agency is too important to the safety and wellbeing of the UK trucking industry that it simply cannot be allowed to be closed. Daily, trucks move up and down this country, carrying millions of pounds of cargo. Our membership depends completely not only on their own drivers, but agency drivers and road haulage companies, to deliver their promises. The security of these people, and the cargo they haul, must be paramount and TruckPol remains a vital plank in the fight against road-related crime. For further information about supporting the campaign to secure TruckPols future, contact Chrys Rampley at
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Industry News

Roads investment in Northern Ireland

The Freight Transport Association has welcomed confirmation that funding will be made available to upgrade key infrastructure projects in Northern Ireland, including 105m on the A8 from Larne to Belfast.

he FTA has been a long time and vocal supporter of dualling this heavily trafficked, 14 kilometre stretch of single carriageway, to make safer and slicker one of Northern Irelands most vital trade routes. Sammy Wilson, Minister for Finance, said 330m will also be spent on upgrading the A5, which links the north west of Northern Ireland to Eire.

The A8 has been the unfortunate setting for many fatal road traffic accidents owing to the lack of safe overtaking opportunities along it. The FTA said typically, slower-moving agricultural vehicles do cause long tailbacks on this road and motorists do take risks when overtaking tractors, combine harvesters and the like. Dualling will reduce instances of risky overtaking.

Transfennica opens Bilbao route

European goods traffic subdued

ccording to the Department for Transport, 2.47 million goods vehicles travelled from Great Britain to mainland Europe in 2011, the same level seen in 2010, and 50 per cent higher than in 1996, but 15 per cent lower than the peak in 2007. Of these goods vehicles 1.81 million were powered vehicles, up 1 per cent on 2010. 660 thousand were unaccompanied trailers, down 2 per cent on 2010. 602 thousand goods vehicles travelled from Great Britain to mainland Europe during Q4 2011, down 3 per cent on Q4 2010. 447 thousand of these goods vehicles were powered vehicles and 155 thousand were unaccompanied trailers, down 2 per cent and 4 per cent respectively on Q4 2010.

Road goods vehicles travelling from GB to mainland Europe rolling totals by quarter

ue to increased demand in the market, shipping operator Transfennica has decided to add a weekly direct call to Tilbury from Bilbao that it says will allow road transport companies to avoid weekend driving bans in Europe. Transfennica has added Tilbury to the Iberia schedule and the Friday evening sailings from Bilbao now call at Tilbury on Sundays at 14.00 hrs and after discharging the vessel head for Zeebrugge. The direct connection offers a fast transit time from Spain to the London area. The end of the week is traditionally very busy for export to the UK. Transfennica say that customers can now ship a substantial part of their Thursday and Friday collections during the weekend and deliver all over the UK by Sunday evening / Monday morning. In addition to driver accompanied, unaccompanied and containers, the direct service to Tilbury is also suitable for out of gauge, heavy and hazardous cargo. Transfennica replaced 2 smaller chartered vessels for 2 owned ConRos with a capacity of 195 trailers, 12 drivers and 640 TEU in early January. Michael van den Heuvel, Director of Transfennica, said legislation is an increasing problem for international hauliers and by providing a direct connection to the UK this enables our clients to bypass the weekend driving restrictions. Fuel costs continue to go up and with our solution most companies can save some money.

PM in apprenticeship drive
expected to support up to 40,000 new apprenticeships over the next year. There has been record growth in apprenticeship starts. Over 450,000 young people started an apprenticeship in the 2010/11 academic year, representing a 63.5 per cent increase on 2009/10 figures. Growth took place at all levels of learning, for all age groups, and across all sectors and all regions. According to the National Audit Office, every 1 of public investment in apprenticeships delivers a return of 18 to the wider economy.

rime Minister David Cameron has announced a new round of Government funding to support thousands of apprenticeships up to degree equivalent. The Prime Minister also opened the bidding for the new Employer Ownership pilot, inviting employers in England to apply to access up to 250m of public investment and secure more control over how skills training is designed and delivered. He also said that small firms across the UK will be offered an incentive of 1,500 to hire their first young apprentices. This is
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Industry News

No magic from Merlin

Banks participating in Project Merlin, the Governments initiative to increase lending to the private sector, missed their lending target for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in 2011.

he five major banks, Barclays, HSBC, LBG, RBS and Santander had agreed a target of 76bn of new lending to SMEs under Project Merlin. However, in 2011 new net lending came in short at 74.9 bn. After a decent third quarter, when net lending dropped by 0.1 per cent, net lending slumped by 3 per cent in Q4. From a poll of more than 11,000 members, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) found that only 35 per cent of members used an overdraft in 2011, 11 per cent a secured bank loan and seven per cent an unsecured bank loan. This was a drop of 8, 3 and 4 per cent respectively since 2009. The survey also found that 33 per cent of respondents had used their own savings or inheritance to fund their business. And, the FSBs figures show that new businesses between 1-2 years old could still be finding it hard to access finance as 70 per cent used savings and inheritance to fund their business, 34 per cent received money from friends and family, and only 25 per cent used a bank overdraft. To help small businesses access the finance they need, the FSB is calling for more competition in the high street banking sector, but also better promotion of the alternative finance sources that are available to small and

Bournes acquires Cooks of Cranleigh

he Bourne family is continuing to expand across the UK with another well-timed acquisition. Cooks of Cranleigh is the latest addition to the Bournes Group of companies which also includes UK and international removals company, Bournes Removals and local removals and storage company, Turks (Kent). Cooks of Cranleigh was established in 1945 and has built a strong reputation as a family company offering personal, professional, high quality services in the local removals market. Bournes plan to retain Cooks of Cranleighs separate identity and continue with business as usual following the friendly takeover as a result of the Cook family wishing to retire. The acquisition maintains the familyowned, personal service ethos and increases the capacity and coverage of Bournes into the Surrey and South West London markets as well as providing Cooks of Cranleigh the ability to offer its clients expert International and European removals services. All operational and office staff will be staying with the company and the new owners look forward to working with a highly skilled and experienced team in taking the business forward with support from the Bournes group management team. General Manager and Director of the Bournes Group, Wesley Bourne said: Cooks of Cranleigh have a fantastic local reputation and we look forward to working with the team to develop and continue this reputation of quality services in the future.

growing firms. John Walker, FSB National Chairman said that money is going to bigger businesses and not new and fledgling firms that need it to take advantage of any growth opportunities that exist. Our research in the last two years shows that around a third of businesses are refused credit and this could be reflected in the fact that newer businesses are using more of their own money to fund their business rather than turn to the banks for help, he said. What we need to see is better promotion of the alternatives available and for the Government to put in place their bold credit easing plans, which will help small businesses access finance on better terms.

A helping hand in Sierra Leone

solutions for the re-use of redundant furniture, Chairman Simon Darvall explains. We had heard that Sierra Leone desperately needed furniture and equipment in schools, medical centres and offices. BMG had been shipping furniture to Sierra Leone and providing clients with a full audit trail of how their redundant furniture had been utilised. However providing an audit trail was one thing having 100% certainty that our clients furniture was going where we thought it was, was a completely different matter, he says. As a result, in early 2008, Simon Darvall and Managing Director Rachel Houghton took the decision to visit Sierra Leone and see for themselves. It was a memorable visit for both. For Rachel: The people of Sierra Leone are positive and hard-working, always smiling, singing and dancing, even the children in the St Georges foundation, who for various reasons have been separated from their families and left to fend for themselves on the street, she says. The only way for the people of Sierra Leone to be free is to educate their young.

he Business Moves Group (BMG) is actively involved in helping the children of one of the poorest countries in the world, Sierra Leone, where the average life expectancy is 42 and where one child in five dies before the age of five. BMG is currently carrying out a range of projects in Sierra Leone, including providing the finances to care for, feed and provide healthcare for the 15 children of the St Georges Foundation in Sierra Leone. At the same time, BMG is involved in helping to building the first ever library outside the capital and is slowly filling it with books. This project is called Build of Books which aims to replace the books that were destroyed in the civil war. Over 500,000 books have now been delivered into Sierra Leone, and along with the furniture for class rooms provided by BMG, the library is being built to accommodate the books that are being sent over. The company is also shipping second-hand furniture to the country at its own expense, rather than recycling it in the UK. Back in 2007 BMG were looking at alternative
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Grospiron wins FIDI bronze

rospiron International has been named as a Bronze Supporter of the FIDI Academy, in recognition of its support to the institution. Keeping our staff to a high level knowledge is our aim to always better serve our Agents and Clients, CEO Jean-Luc Haddad said. This award shows that our company is investing in driving and promoting industry knowledge amongst our employees. In recent months, the companys Carla Soares and Morgan Ledoux have both attended FIDI seminars in Brussels and Zurich.

Industry News

Beckwith of Sussex thinks big for 2012

Restore plc buys Harrow Green

eckwith of Sussex moved into new premises in February, as the business prepares for its future under the next generation of family management. The building in Newhaven provides the company with a large container warehouse as well as superb office facilities. Using the warehouse, Beckwith will be able to develop lucrative self-storage and archive storage services for customers.

The consolidation of the relocations market is gaining pace. As of 29th February 2012, Harrow Green has become part of Restore plc.
estore is paying an initial consideration of 6.25m. It will also assume Harrow Greens net debt of 5.6m and pay an additional amount of up to 1.0m in 2015 depending on Harrow Greens performance in 2014. Restore provides workplace change services including Records Management, Document Scanning, Relocation and Recycling services. The company also owns Peter Cox, the market leader in damp proofing and timber treatment throughout the UK. It is listed on AIM.Restore plc and Harrow Green share the same values and the combination of two already impressive skillsets will bring new innovation to the UK marketplace whilst continuing the tradition both companies have for intuitive and collaborative working, designing industry-leading solutions and delivering unrivalled project contribution, Harrow Green MD Nigel Dews said. He confirmed that Harrow Green will continue to operate from its existing locations.This position was echoed by Charles Skinner, Chief Executive of Restore plc, who said: this acquisition of Harrow Green is truly transformational for Restore, and will establish the Company as the UK market leader in office relocations, and the third largest provider of records management services nationwide. Harrow Green is a highly regarded company with a blue chip customer base, and there are strong synergies between the two businesses. For the 12 months to 31 March 2012, Harrow Green is expected to record earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) from continuing operations of 1.4m (2011 adjusted: 1.3m) on a turnover of 29.1m (2011: 26.6m). As of 31 March 2011, Harrow Green had net assets of 2.3m.Restore said its acquisition of Harrow Green will give it an unrivalled position in the UK commercial relocations market and added scale and footprint within records management, with nationwide coverage across both business lines. Commercial relocation has the same channel to market as records management, and both businesses benefit from high levels of customer retention and repeat monthly activity. These characteristics will provide Restore with an expanded base of recurring revenues that it can leverage to deliver further growth, in addition to accelerating the development of other business units such as shredding and digital scanning. Charles Skinner predicts the addition of Harrow Green will broaden the scale and scope of the Companys activities, increase our base of recurring revenues from office relocation and records management, and accelerate the growth of our other businesses such as shredding and digital scanning.

(L-to-R) Simon Clarke, Barry Clarke, John Ballard and Cameron Ballard

(L-to-R) Ben and Daniel of Beckwith

Beckwith of Sussex is one of Brightons oldest removal companies, established in 1927 by Alfred Beckwith and then bought from him on his retirement in 1984 by John and Claire Ballard and Barry Clark. A member of Britannia Movers International since 1986, Beckwith quickly expanded into international removals, especially to France and Spain. Through fires, floods and two nasty recessions, the business has survived and prospered since then, and now Simon, Barrys son, and Johns youngest son Cameron are taking the business forward. John comments that since Spanish work has fallen off in recent years Simon has successfully replaced this with a fortnightly service to Switzerland/Germany and a weekly service to France. With this type of fresh approach to finding opportunities in the business, Beckwith of Sussex is looking to the future with confidence from its sparkling new headquarters.

Santa Fe opens Chennai office

of the warehouse is close to the heart of Chennai and well-connected to Chennai airport and seaport. Santa Fe said its new premises will add fuel to the growth story of Santa Fe in Chennai and help it penetrate this fast-growing and strategically important market.

he Santa Fe Group has opened its new Santa Fe Relocation Services office and warehouse in Chennai, India. Santa Fe Relocation Services Chennai offers combined relocation and moving services throughout the Chennai region. The proximity

AMC Removals exhibit at Working Abroad

MC Removals Ltd in Naas, Co Kildare, exhibited recently at the Working Abroad Expo in Dublin and in Cork. For AMC, their presence at the event, supported by Excess International, was an excellent opportunity to increase their market share in the overseas removals market. The Working Abroad Expo, sponsored by The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, was established over seven years ago, and is the only event of its kind in Ireland for those interested in living, working, studying or starting a business overseas. The two exhibitions in Ireland took place at a time when there is high interest in Ireland to relocate to othercountries which are in better economic shape.
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ONeil upgrades RS-SQL

ecord management software specialists ONeil Software have made a major upgrade to their successful RS-SQL package. Version 4.03 of RS-SQL includes a new image storage method that allows record centres to reference images that are stored on the PaperVision platform from within RS-SQL. These images can, in turn, be delivered to the customer via RSWeb.NET. Its not the big that beats the small...its the fast that beats the slow, notes Ian Thomas, VP of Business Development. Even the largest record centre cannot compete if it is slow to change with the times. And all too often, it is the very technology you rely on to improve efficiency that keeps you from moving at the speed of 21st century business. Thats why we are continually upgrading our existing product line. We dont want our customers wondering whats ahead; we want them to be ready for it. For more information, see

Stephens Removals invests in customer experience

Philip Edwards, Managing Director of Luton-based Stephens Removals, firmly believes that removals companies should be investing more in training.

Andrews of Kent says farewell to Rosie

Philip Edwards with one of Stephens Removals team leaders, Adrian Kedge.

osie the Rottweiler, the company mascot of Andrews of Kent, passed away suddenly from heart failure at her home recently. Rosie the Rottweiler joined the company in July 2002 at just 8 weeks old. She was loved by all the staff and customers alike at Andrews of Kent. She had a lovely life, came to work every day, barked at the post man (but wagged her tail when he gave her a biscuit!) and chased the staff around the warehouse relentlessly, owner Andy Small tells R&S.

s Philip points out, companies in the industry invest enormous sums of money in trucks and spend hours devising forms to measure their performance in health, safety, quality and service standards. But at the end of the day says Philip, its not the truck or the form filling that makes the move a success, its the staff, and it has always surprised me that as an industry we spend tens of thousands of pounds on vehicles yet we baulk at investing in our staff, who ultimately are by far and away our greatest asset or potentially our biggest liability. As well as investing in training staff to wrap, protect, and move virtually anything anywhere, Philip recently decided it was time to employ the services of Executive Playground, a training company that specialises in team building and customer communications. Some of the obstacles faced by our teams are fairly unique, so Anne Wilkinson of the company developed a bespoke training programme with the Stephens Olympics as the theme, Philip told R&S. The programme BAR Training Services set the standards in industry specific training to BAR Members and the industry as a whole. For more information about career development, management training and a full range of progressive skills based training that supports

contained a series of exercises where the difficulties and hurdles that our teams face were identified. Over a three-day period everyone at Stephens took advantage of the coaching and engaged in some inspired problem-solving, culminating in a final lateafternoon session where everyone had an opportunity to put forward their best suggestions for improving the customer experience. Following in true Olympic tradition, participants in the training were awarded bronze, silver and gold medals for the very best ideas, all voted for by the staff themselves. Last year 60 per cent of customers told Stephens Removals that they chose the company because they have been moved by them before or because of a recommendation. Our target is for that figure to increase to 70 per cent during 2012, concludes Philip. We are very proud of the service levels we provide and anything we can do to help the crews maintain and even improve the customer experience is worth its weight in gold. the commitment of BAR members to professional excellence, visit or call 01923 699 484 or email to book a course.

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Bishops Move trio go the distance

Three employees from Bishops Move, the UKs largest privately owned removals company, have been pounding Brightons pavements to take part in the citys half marathon in February.

Britannia Anchor Removals supports Starlight

he Starlight Foundation, dedicated to brightening the lives of seriously and terminally ill children, has issued a certificate of thanks to Britannia Anchor Removals, in acknowledgment of the support from the company. Starlight is one of the companys official charities. Managing Director Chris Smallwood said: I have two young children of my own and like any parent it breaks your heart just thinking about them being ill. But in a past life I worked with an organization who occasionally worked with seriously ill children and I can tell you it is the most difficult thing to come to terms with seeing such wonderful kids in such a heart-breaking situation. That is why we have chosen to support and highlight Starlight. It is one of two charities we support, the other is the Francis House Childrens Hospice.

ishops Move General Manager David Guiel, Group Domestic Sales Manager, James Comley and Brighton Ease the Squeeze Manager, Bob Baines supported each other every mile, as they took part in the popular seaside event in order to raise money for three causes that are close to their hearts. Having participated in similarly gruelling running events in the past including the Great North Run and the London Marathon, 44-yearold David completed the Brighton half marathon in 1hr 55mins and raised 1,084 for the Early Birth Association (EBA). The EBA is a support group for the parents of premature and sick babies in the special baby care unit based at the Trevor Mann Baby Unit at the Royal Sussex

County Hospital in Brighton, where Davids godson Elliot was cared for when first born. David will be taking part in no fewer than five running events this year, including the Angmering Park 10k this month and the Great South Run in October. His colleague James, who is 38, completed the race in 2hr 5mins and raised 240 for disability charity Scope, while 54-year-old Bob, who completed the race in 2hr 7mins raised 210 for Williams Fund, in support of three-year old Worthing boy William Sainsbury who was born with a rare life-limiting illness which requires him to undergo a bone marrow transplant in an attempt to prolong his life.

10 years on for Ingrams lorry

ou can tell that Ingrams Removers and Storers take good care of their vehicles. Apart from a complete respray (in early 2006), the Mercedes van, Sparshatt built, is the same one as appeared new in the April edition of Removals & Storage 1992. The vehicle is still used locally on a daily basis for the same

purpose. The vehicle has been re-registered in line with Ingrams move to give all its Mercedes vehicles private number plates (using the letters MOV). Ingrams Operations Director, Malcolm Ingram confesses I broke the mould with my Audi number plate M11 REM!

John Mason moves maestro

ohn Mason International recently moved some household items for renowned conductor Sir Simon Rattle (pictured) from his old family home in Liverpool to Berlin, Germany. Sir Simon Rattle is currently the principal conductor for the Berlin Philharmonic, one of the worlds most famous orchestras.

C. Neale jump for Hospice

Paul. They cared for my father some years ago who had been in the removal business all his life. The jump also coincides with my 50th birthday this year, so I thought its now or never. Donations can be made directly at . Any amount would be welcome.
April 2012 Removals & Storage 15

aul Freeman of C. Neale Removals and Storage is doing a charity parachute jump on Sunday 17th June (Fathers Day) in aid of St. Francis Hospice, based in Havering Atte Bower, Essex. This Hospice does a fantastic job, and I would be grateful if any BAR Members could make a donation to this worthy cause, says

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Housing market shows signs of life

With the UK economy picking up in the first months of 2012 and a massive injection of cash from the European Central Bank apparently saving the Eurozone from disaster, confidence seems to be coming back to the housing market.

ationwide reported that house prices increased by 0.6 per cent in February 2012. The price of a typical home was 162,712, 0.9 per cent higher than in February 2011. Chief economist Robert Gardner said Measures of activity in the housing market have picked up, with the number of housing transactions rising by 23% y/y in January and the number of UK mortgage approvals a leading indicator of sales up 36%. However, the Nationwide remains cautious as to whether this trend will be sustained. Given the still challenging economic backdrop, this increase in housing market activity may be the result of a temporary rise in first time buyers entering the market to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday before it expired in March. If so, this may continue to support activity and prices in the near term before cooling over summer. Figures from the Land Registry for January showed an annual price decrease of 1.0 per cent which took the average property value in England and Wales to 161,545. The monthly change from December to January was 1.1 per cent. The region in England and Wales which experienced the highest increase in its average property value over the last 12 months was London with a movement of 2.9 per cent. London also experienced the greatest monthly rise with a movement of 2.5 per cent. The North East experienced the greatest annual price fall with a decrease of 4.5 per cent. The North West saw the most significant monthly price fall with a decrease of 2.1 per cent. The most up-to-date figures available show that, during November 2011, the number of completed house sales in England and Wales increased by 3 per cent to 57,967 compared to 56,312 in November 2010. The number of properties sold in England and Wales for over 1m in November 2011 decreased by 4 per cent to 524 from 548 in November 2010. Halifax said that on a monthly basis, house prices fell by 0.5% in February. This followed Januarys 0.6% increase and continues the mixed monthly pattern seen over the past year. The UK average price in February, at 160,118, was similar to that in April 2011 (160,393). Martin Ellis, the Halifaxs housing economist, said this stability in prices was explained by the fact that market conditions changed very little over this period, with demand supported by low interest rates and supply remaining tight. Falling inflation should relieve some of the pressure on household finances over the coming months, he commented. Although economic developments look positive for the housing market, he highlights that events in the Eurozone could have a potential knock-on effect in the UK.

Figures from Communities and Local Government (CLG) for December 2011 showed that UK house prices increased by 0.1 per cent over the year and increased by 0.4 per cent over the month. The average mix-adjusted UK house price was 205,269 (not seasonally adjusted). Average house prices increased by 0.4 per cent over the quarter to December, compared
Price change by region

to an increase of 0.6 per cent over the quarter to September. Average prices decreased during the year in three UK countries; Wales (-1.6 per cent), Scotland (-4.6 per cent) and Northern Ireland (-8.1 per cent). However, there was an increase of 0.5 per cent in average house prices in England.

Source: Land Registry

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BAR Conference BAR News

Countdown to Conference: time to network

Its just two months to go to what is shaping up to be an excellent BAR Annual Conference 2012, with the emphasis on fun as well as a new, improved business sessions and workshops. This years conference, which will be held in the dazzling surroundings of Royal Windsor in the build-up to the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, includes a great mix of attractions, the centrepiece of which is the BAR Gala Dinner and Awards Night on Saturday 19th May.

thers in particular thrillseekers may see the BAR Party Night on Friday 18th May as the highlight of their weekend. The evening kicks off at Thorpe Park, which is one of the leading entertainment parks in the UK and is famed for having some of the most exhilarating roller coasters ever built! Those with a taste for adventure will have exclusive use of three roller coasters for an hour, while those who prefer to keep their feet on terra firma will be able to enjoy a drink in the beautiful surroundings of the Lake View venue. Afterwards people will split into teams to

enjoy a fully interactive game show incorporating favourites such as Catchphrase, A Question of Sport and Countdown, with unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks! For those with a penchant for Golf, the business really begins on Thursday morning (17th May), when the BAR Golf Challenge is held at Lingfield Park Golf course. If you havent played for a while, fear not, there is room for players of all standards. Young Movers evening fun also starts on Thursday 17th May with a very special Windsor and Eton Brewery Tour, including a visit to the plant and, of course, tasting all the

different beers that they produce. There will also be a chance to try three special Diamond Jubilee beers each created using selected ingredients from across the Commonwealth. The first of these Jubilee beers was launched on the anniversary of Princess Elizabeths accession to the throne, when she and the Duke of Edinburgh were staying at the Treetops safari lodge in Kenya. The brewery describes it as a rich, intense Africa Export Stout brewed from a blend of British and African ingredients, including coffee and vanilla and Young Movers owe it to themselves to verify the brewers claims!

The Vehicle Competition at the Beaumont Estate (11am-1pm) on 18th May is set to be a memorable display of vehicles celebrating the classic styles of the past (including Horse/Steam drawn, mechanical and bespoke) as well as modern vehicles highlighting innovation in design and eco-friendly features. There are 4 categories for the Competition and entrance is free of charge to all Conference delegates. Make sure you register your vehicle(s) in advance, by registering online or contact BAR (T: 01923 699 483; E: ).

Dont miss the Drive-by outside the White House on Friday 18th May at Midday. There will be press coverage at this event. And last but by no means least, there will be a Partner and International Associate Walking Tour of Windsor and Eton on Saturday morning, 19th May providing a relaxed environment to see these historic sights followed by lunch.

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BAR News

BAR has removed the annual joining fee for its Self Storage Special Interest Group (SSSIG)
The SSSIG is a small group and as it is still in its early stages of development, it has been agreed by BAR that this group can be run without incurring costs to the Association as a whole.

AR has therefore decided to remove the annual on-going membership fee and is allowing all companies that offer self storage facilities to join the group with a oneoff fee of 209.80 +VAT (fee subject to change as of July 2012). We hope this will encourage other companies to join the BAR Self Storage Special Interest Group and for this to be one less invoice for our current Members to deal with on an annual basis, Reg Hackworthy, BAR President told R&S.

The Self Storage Special Interest Group was established in response to the needs of many Members who now include self storage as an important element in their service offerings. The Group offers a forum for companies to promote and develop their self storage operations and is designed to encourage best practice in the self storage industry. By joining this Group, Members can enjoy many benefits including the use of the BAR self storage logo, licence agreement and terms and conditions. Members will also have their

company profile displayed on the BAR website under a dedicated self storage section as well as the opportunity to network and share ideas with other self storage companies. The benefits of the Self Storage Special Interest Group are that Members operating in the Self Storage sector can have their views represented within BAR so that we can further promote and develop this sector, said Reg Hackworthy.

Special offers currently available exclusively to BAR Self Storage Members:

Self Storage Standard QSS is offering the first five BAR Self Storage Members an exclusive 10% discount on the initial assessment of the BS EN 15696 Standard (offer expires 30 June 2012). For more details, contact QSS on 01923 699480 10% off on all BAR Servicess self storage retail products (offer excludes own print packaging and cartons) For more details, visit

If you would like to apply to join the Group or for more information, please contact the Commercial Department: E: T: 01923 699 483

Corporate alliance with Property Overseas Today

Membership Criteria: your opinion counts!

AR is establishing strategic corporate alliances with major organisations to increase BARs brand awareness and thereby generate more leads for BAR Members via BARs website. The latest alliance is with Property Overseas Today (, a daily news and information site about overseas properties. This alliance will be especially useful for BAR Members carrying out European and international removals. BARs corporate alliances promote BAR through their websites and other advertising and promotional media.

For more information, see consumer/AboutBAR/Partners/ CorporateAlliances.aspx.

he Membership Criteria consultation document is now available on the BAR website for all Members to review. All Members may give comments and, feedback to their own Council representative, one of the Directly Elected Directors or directly to the Director General. A presentation about the Criteria review will be made at the BAR Conference in May. R&S is grateful to Geoff Watson of Doree Bonner who has agreed to publish his abridged approach to the Criteria in this issue of R&S on page 51 as a Member viewpoint. A discussion about the Membership Criteria is also available on the BAR LinkedIn group.

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The BAR Newsletter

s many R&S readers will know, the BAR newsletter was launched in November 2011 and is sent to Members every Friday. The objective of the newsletter is to increase communication between BAR and its Members and to provide the latest business information specific to the removal and storage industry. If you are not receiving the newsletter and would like to, please send an email to BAR would welcome any feedback about the newsletter to make sure it is as useful as possible to Members.

DMotY 2012: mystery shopping exercise completed

he second stage of the DMotY 2012 competition, the mystery shopping exercise, and the onsite inspections have now been completed. Good luck to all of the shortlisted companies! They are: MJ Christopher & Son Reddaways Removals Ltd Richard Healey Removals Ltd Find out who will win the Award at the Gala Dinner and Awards night in Windsor on 19th May 2012.

Andrews of Kent International Removals & Storage Britannia Anchor Removals Ltd Maidmans Removals & Storage Matt Purdie & Sons Ltd, Bathgate Matt Purdie & Sons Ltd, Kilmarnock

New Met Area welcomes new BAR Members

Membership certificates. Ian also facilitated an in-depth discussion amongst the large number of participants at the New Met area meeting about the new BAR Membership criteria. We will cover this and the other interesting topics discussed at the meeting in the May issue of R&S.

our new BAR Members came to the New Met Area meeting held in March. Ian Studd, BAR Vice-President, presented each companys representative with their BAR

Michael Jones of Dynamic International Freight Services Ltd

Samantha Pope of Alexanders Removals & Storage Ltd

Photos: Louise Gale

Paul Loffler and Sonia Murdoch of Brycelands Removal Services Ltd

Stephen and Malcolm Twilley of G W Twilley & Son Ltd

22 Removals & Storage April 2012

The Professional Advisers Panel is a brand new initiative specifically designed to offer members extended support across every aspect of their business. This is a development of our highly successful Insurance Broker Panel scheme whereby BAR members receive unlimited support, guidance and advice from qualified specialist companies within the UK. We are constantly

looking at ways to support our members businesses; therefore, if this initiative proves to be a success, we will develop the Professional Advisers Panel even further into other relevant areas such as Health & Safety and Environmental services.

For any FREE* independent insurance, financial or legal advice, please contact a BAR Professional Adviser partner.

Basil Fry & Co Ltd Reason Global Insurance

Tel: 01372 385 985 Email: Website:

Tel: 01273 739961 Email: Website:


Backhouse Jones Solicitors

Tel: 0207 630 6665 Email: Website:

Tel: 01254 828 300 Email: Website:

in association with
*free for BAR Members

BAR News

BAR invests in brand and leads generation

Caroline Suard at the recent New Met Area meeting

BAR is in a major drive to raise its brand recognition and increase leads generation for our Members, Caroline Suard, BAR Director of Marketing told delegates at the recent New Met Area meeting. The association is investing in its website and marketing campaigns and is sealing new corporate alliances to drive traffic to its home page and hence generate more customers for its members. Caroline believes the two recent partnerships that BAR has established with Re:locate and Property Overseas Today will help raise the associations profile and increase leads with the overseas and national sector of the market. At the same time, BAR has been working hard on new promotional campaigns, such as its co-branded flyer with the National Association

of Estate Agents, and on public relations initiatives, including the BAR Vehicle Exhibition at the Surrey County Show. A new interactive map of BAR Members will also be added to the BAR website. Other investments to the website include new pages dedicated to the Olympics, the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) and funding grants, and more extensive and in-depth pages for each BAR Area. On the online networking and communications side, BARs LinkedIn page has over 170 members. This is a valuable complement to BARs more traditional networking events, such as regular Golf Days, the visit to the European Parliament in March, the Young Movers events and of course the BAR Annual Conference.

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BAR News

April 2012 Removals & Storage 25

BAR News

Young Mover Profile: Judyta Szyszka

Judyta Szyszka: she can stand the heat!

Since Judyta Szyszka moved to London four years ago, shes taken to the world of international removals with enthusiasm and risen rapidly up the ranks. Clearly one of lifes enthusiasts, Judyta brings to removals the same energy and concentration that she devotes to her hobby dancing with fire!.

ike many a teenager, Judyta says that after high school she found her university course disappointing, so she chose to come to London to strike out on her own in the real world of work. London was for me the most diverse and interesting environment. After six months I started with Excess International Movers Ltd whom I knew were a well-known moving company in Wembley. I immediately loved the unique atmosphere of the place and found the work engrossing. Judyta started out as an administrator of European moves. As an ambitious and competitive person by nature, she soon worked her way up through coordination of international moves, supervision of the administration and sales team, and now to a managers position in the Removals Department. This has been a big achievement for me, Judyta told R&S. I am so happy to have the opportunity in this industry, which is so unpredictable and so boundless I am in touch with people from all over the world every day. As part of her increasing international exposure, last year Judyta took part in her first Annual International Association of Movers Conference, in Denver. With close to two thousand attendees, it was an ideal place to connect with our major customers, trade

partners or completely new professionals. It was a great lesson for me and an unforgettable experience as I could divide my time in between networking, educational sessions and scheduled meetings. Training to meet every challenge Judyta takes training seriously. She is combining her full-time employment at Excess International with Business and Management courses at the Open University and short industry courses. I have taken part in seminars and training events organised by BAR Training Services which helped me greatly to understand different aspects of the moving process and the business itself, she says. I know Im very lucky to have the chance to combine work experience with theory. It may be that this extraordinary level of activity goes some way to explain the appeal of Judytas unusual hobby: For the last three years I have been making time to practise dancing with fire. Its a good workout, and also a great way to contemplate and think about all the different events that have occurred in the past weeks! On the networking side, Judyta is a new member of the BAR Young Movers group. The Birmingham Young Movers event in October 2011 was her first event. I loved the concept

of open networking and the unconstrained flow of ideas and discussions in a completely relaxed atmosphere, Judyta says. Its obvious that the young people in this business will play the most important role in shaping tomorrows moving business. In her time at Excess International, she has already witnessed rapid change in the industry. Just a couple of years ago, social media didnt play a big part. Now, almost everyone is making endless efforts to improve their visibility on the Internet. Its such a rapidly changing business that we have to invest in innovation and always be thinking one step ahead. Judyta believes that Young Movers can improve their use of social media by creating an online networking facility, which would help those who cannot always participate in the get-togethers.

I am so happy to have the opportunity in this industry, which is so unpredictable and so boundless I am in touch with people from all over the world every day.

Are we your preferred supplier - if not, why not?

Our companys sole purpose since its inception in 1977 is to serve the membership to supply good quality, innovative packaging products at low prices. This is achieved by buying jointly on your behalf and passing on the discount achieved from this bulk purchasing power! As a member, we should be your preferred supplier but are we? For many of you the answer will be yes but for those of you that say no then we would like to know why? Your feedback is important so please ring us on 01342 870087 or you can simply emai We look forward to hearing from you.

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BAR News

Industry Statistics: February 2012

ccording to the latest figures, the total number of UK domestic moves in February 2012 increased by 3.04% compared to February 2011, revealing positive and encouraging results. It is pleasing to note that the European market has seen a sizeable increase of 16% in the number of moves to European countries in February 2012 compared to February 2011, whilst the Overseas (non-European) market has seen a decrease of 8%. These figures show a similar trend to those reported in January 2012 (2011), where moves to European countries increased by 29% compared to the same month for the previous year and moves to Overseas (non-European) countries decreased by 22%. BAR Members identified the top European removal destinations for February 2011 as France, followed by Spain and then Switzerland. The top European removal destinations for February 2012 were Spain, followed by France, Germany and Italy. BAR Members identified the top Overseas (non-European) removal destinations for February 2011 as Australia, followed by New Zealand and USA. The top Overseas (nonEuropean) removal destinations for February 2012 were USA, followed by Canada and then New Zealand.

The number of vehicles in use for February 2012 compared to February 2011 remains stable and shows no change. The number of staff employed in February 2012 fared better than February 2011 with an increase of 1.34%. To take part in next months industry statistics, look out for the email from the Commercial Department which will contain a link to the online survey. It is important for BAR to receive these statistics from Members as it helps BAR gain a better understanding of the industry and allows BAR to send regular reports to the press and relevant industry bodies. BAR would like inform Members that there will be a completely new redesign and format to the industry statistics following the March 2012 (2011) report. Full details to follow soon.

BAR would like to thank those Members who have participated in the Industry Surveys. Take part in the online industry surveys and automatically be entered into the monthly cash draw to win 100. For more information, please contact the Commercial Department: or call 01923 699 483 Please note all information received is aggregated and treated in the strictest of confidence.

Industry Statistics: February 2012 compared to February 2011

20.00% 15.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% -5.00% -10.00%


+3.04% 0.00% +1.34%







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April 2012 Removals & Storage 29

BAR News Olympics Monitor

>> Olympics monitor

This regular section of R&S is designed to help Members prepare for the transport challenges that we face this Summer as the UK hosts the largest sporting event in its history.

BAR 2012 Games workshop

AR hosted a well-attended workshop in February in Watford run by Transport for London specifically for the removals industry. The workshops are part of TfLs freight awareness programme to offer free travel advice to businesses to ensure their staff, customers and suppliers can get around quickly and make and receive important deliveries during the London 2012 Games. During the workshop, it was announced that anyone looking to relocate within the London area during the summer should take note of the events and traffic management measures used to ensure reliable traffic flow during the Olympic period, as this will have a direct impact on household goods deliveries. It will also affect anyone wishing to move in or around London from 25th July to 14th August and from 27th August to 11th September. Removal companies may also be affected if they receive goods from suppliers. For this reason, BAR is advising Members to contact their suppliers (packaging suppliers, stationery, etc.) to ensure they have a contingency plan in place during that period, to think about how their staff will come to work, inform customers and visitors, and pre order wherever possible. TfL is organising these free workshops, both inside and outside the Capital, to help the transport sector and its customers from across all sectors continue to operate effectively this summer. The workshops will continue until the end of this month and can be booked via uk/2012freight. The seminars offer practical insights into how best to plan for the challenges and commercial opportunities that the Games will bring, and attendees can ask questions directly relevant to particular business sectors. For more information about the Olympics, advice on how to get ready, and to see how Londons roads will be affected day by day visit

Freight awareness campaign launched

reight operators and their customers are being targeted with a major new campaign to ensure supplies keep moving during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The new marketing campaign from Transport for London urges people who make or receive deliveries in Games transport hot spot areas to plan ahead so they can continue to operate effectively and profitably this summer.

Parking restrictions in London

Where there are no parking controls around a venue, a new temporary parking zone will be needed to prioritise parking for residents and local businesses. Residents and businesses within the parking protection area will be entitled to visitor permits so that friends and family can visit during the Games. More information can be found at www. The latest local area plans are available on the member area of the BAR website.

he London 2012 Organising Committee has released details on temporary traffic and parking restrictions across the city. LOCOG says that temporary resident and business parking protection areas will be needed around Games venues. These will prevent spectators from trying to park around the venue and protect parking for residents and local businesses. In other areas the operating hours of controlled parking zones might be temporarily changed to protect resident and business parking spaces while events are being held.
30 Removals & Storage April 2012

The 16-week campaign features advertising in a variety of locations including on petrol station fuel pump nozzles, at motorway service stations, at major ports, and on radio stations and in trade magazines. It encourages businesses which make or receive deliveries to plan for road restrictions, familiarise themselves with the Olympic Route Network (ORN), consider out-ofhours deliveries and allow extra time for their journeys. Peter Hendy, Londons Transport Commissioner (pictured), said Although its called the London 2012 Games, businesses operating in the venue towns and cities across the country may be affected. That means if youre delivering to or based in locations such as Cardiff, Eton Dorney, Manchester or Weymouth and Portland, as well as London, you will also need to plan ahead. Busier roads at peak times and restrictions on parts of the UKs road network mean that deliveries could be disrupted if businesses dont put plans in place now.

BAR Services BAR News

Chris Smallwood on being a BARS Board Director

BAR Services welcomed Chris Smallwood from Anchor Removals on to its Board of Directors in May 2011.

ith an already experienced board, which includes Rob Lane, Anthony Robinson, Matt Purdie, John Luxford, Stephen Vickers and George Sutherland, BAR Services felt that Chriss wealth of knowledge in the removal industry would benefit the company in moving forward. Chriss career in the removal industry began in 1990 with a position as removals porter for Britannia Whitby Oliver of York. This developed into a role of surveyor/ estimator seeing Chris attain his international certificate of professional competence by completing all four BAR training exams. Chris first management role followed with Britannia Devereux in 1994. In 1997, Chris returned to Britannia Whitby Oliver where he spent four successful years as Transport Manager, helping to develop and grow the company. Two further successful managerial roles with Britannia Bradshaws and Britannia Cestrians followed and in March 2008 Chris took over the running and ownership of Anchor Removals Ltd, taking it into the Britannia movement. The business has benefited from Chriss leadership and seen an increase in turnover of 300% in just three years. Chris says his involvement in the BAR began as far back as 1993, but it only really took shape when I became Chairman and Treasurer of the North West area in 2002. This was followed by his appointment as Area National Councillor in 2003 and then National Council Chairman in 2006. He is the longest serving holder of that post to date. Due to commitments of owning my own business I stepped down in 2009, and two years later once my business was

established, I returned to take an active part in the BAR once more as an elected member of the BAR Services board, says Chris. Chris has been in his position as Director of BAR Services for a few months now. It has been highly enjoyable and indeed educational. My arrival coincided with the Board agreeing and implementing a new contract with our management team Contrast UK, he says. My experience so far tells me that Miranda Hyder and her team at Contrast UK retain a strong working relationship with the Board that is reflected in the innovative and proactive way in which the organisation works. Chris mentions that BAR Services always reacts to the needs of BAR Members by exploring new products that may be of benefit. Just recently, General Manager, Miranda Hyder unveiled a new, stronger, higher grade of box (known as RB flute) that because of its advanced technology can save members money. Quality service includes materials Having experienced the deepest recession ever seen by the removal industry, Chris knows all too well the temptation for any company to concentrate purely on cost at the expense of quality, not just in packaging but in all aspects of the business. He is adamant that this may not necessarily be the best way forward. My view is that if you deliver a high quality service (including materials), then your reputation can only be enhanced and you achieve the greatest marketing tool of all which is customer recommendation. For this reason, his company has remained a firm client of BAR Services. Speaking as a client rather than a director, Chris says for

all intents and purposes the company is owned by BAR Members, is for the Members and any success that it has brings benefits back to the Members. This includes reinvestments in products, innovations and, of course, the customer rebate. With his BAR Services Director hat back on, he concludes Our aim will always be to give back to the Members what they are putting into our organisation and this can only be good for everybody. Having secured Contrast UK to oversee the management for the next five years, the Board can now assist Contrast to be dynamic in developing and promoting its ideas, products and prices to not just for the membership as a whole but to other industries. Chris states a strong commitment to his role as Director: as my industry experience grows, I hope I can continue to contribute pro-actively to what the company is trying to achieve.

Product of the Month Flat screen TV box

BAR Services has seen an increase in requests for flat screen TV boxes that can safely move and ship LED, LCD and plasma screens. With these products becoming increasingly more sophisticated, their price has increased as a result. Transporting expensive televisions can prove challenging, particularly on overseas moves and the use of a good quality box can negate costly insurance claims. Shipping or moving these screens requires a heavy duty and robust box BAR Services new flat screen TV box fits this profile perfectly. Manufactured in a heavy duty, double wall corrugated (150k/150TBC) this box will provide the ideal protection. It is currently available in brown and its size is 1200 x 340 x 830mm. (For those who prefer imperial units, this means the box will hold any plasma screen up to 47.) BAR Services is currently exploring which further sizes will be added to the range and these will be available in the near future. The flat screen TV box has been widely used by Britannia Movers for export use. David Aldridge of Britannia Croydon explains Unless the customer has the original box the TV was bought in, the flat screen TV box provides the next best protection. Removal companies can pack the TVs themselves with export wrap and sheets of board but it never provides the same protection. The TV can first be export- wrapped, then put in to the box and padded out, thus providing the optimum in protection. When you look at the cost of the box in relation to the cost of the TV, it makes good business sense to invest in these boxes.

If you would like further information and costs on this product, please contact the BAR Services sales team on 01342 870087 or alternatively email

April 2012 Removals & Storage 31

QSS Update Industry News

The value of Accredited Certification

s a certification company, QSS is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), the sole national accreditation body recognised by government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. In turn, UKAS itself belongs to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), the global association of accreditation bodies. The IAF recently carried out a survey of businesses in 40 different economies aimed to clarify the drivers for seeking certification, asking, among other topics, what was the perceived benefit derived from the certification process. The following extracts from their report are reproduced by kind permission of UKAS: Over 4,000 responses were received from businesses of all sizes operating across a diverse range of industries. While the majority of respondents were responsible for managing quality within their organisation, over a quarter of respondents were either finance directors, marketing managers or other senior management personnel. This indicates that the value of certification is recognised across the spectrum of business functions and not just in the traditional quality management arena Internal business improvement and increased sales: 83% of all respondents reported that certification had added value to their organisation. As a more quantifiable measure, nearly two thirds of UK respondents have seen an increase in sales as a direct result of the certification.Internal business improvement

was given by nearly half of all participants as the main driver for seeking certification, whilst approximately one third said it was a requirement of their customers. However, respondents overwhelmingly stated that certification was important to their customers. Despite only 12% citing it as the main reason for gaining certification, over 80% confirmed that certification had helped them meet national regulatory requirements. Taken together, these figures indicate that certification is something that organisations are choosing to seek primarily to improve internal operations and to provide customer confidence, rather than something that is done begrudgingly merely to tick compliance boxes. Its not just the larger companies that are realising these benefits as nearly 2/3rds of respondents work in small to medium sized businesses, with over half of those coming from companies with less than 50 employees. The IAF has an ongoing initiative to capture feedback from the market in order to deliver value-added outcomes. The findings of this survey confirm that businesses are generating significant benefits and added value from accredited certification. Not

only is it being used as a tool to deliver internal business improvement and regulatory compliance, but businesses confirmed that it has a positive effect on revenue. For further information on QSS and its assessment and certification services, please contact Chris Waymouth, Chief Executive, on 01923 699480 or at

The findings of this survey confirm that businesses are generating significant benefits and added value from accredited certification.

Training for ISO 14001 Environmental Standard

SS is planning to host an auditors training course for ISO 14001. This would be provided by one of the leading quality organisations, LRQA, at the QSS office in Watford. There will be a fixed total cost which would be shared according to the number of delegates (max 10 persons) so the more that attend, the cost per head will reduce. For BAR Members who are interested in achieving ISO 14001, this could be a very cost-effective way of gaining that knowledge (and a valuable training qualification) considerably cheaper than signing up on an individual basis. Additionally, the course content will be more relevant than others as it would be aimed specifically at removals and storage activities.

34 Removals & Storage April 2012

CMG News

The Commercial Moving Group (CMG) is a dedicated group of companies within the British Association of Removers that specialise in all aspects of commercial relocations.

Proudly sponsored by:

Tense times for the fifteen members of BARs Commercial Moving Group who have entered this years Commercial Mover of the Year 2012.

AR is currently evaluating the reports and the scores of the three CMotY 2012 judges, Graham Briscoe, Beth Goodyear and David Bunting. The CMG members who entered CMotY 2012 are (in alphabetical order): BCL Business Moves Group Ltd Company Moves Delivery Services

Edes UK Ltd Greens Removals &Storage Ltd Harrow Green Removals Johnsons Business Moves JT & Sons Relocations Maidmans Removals & Storage P. Fahey & Sons Premier Moves Rose Removals Specialised Movers Xpress Relocations

This years BAR Conference will be set in the wonderful surroundings of Windsor. For more information, please visit: No news or updates will now be communicated until the BAR 2012 Annual Conference in Windsor. The winner will be announced on Saturday 19th May 2012 at the Gala Dinner. To book your table, visit

CMG Golf Day in Chepstow

The 2012 CMG Golf Day will be held at St Pierre Golf Course, Chepstow, on the 2nd October 2012.

he CMG would like to thank Basil Fry for their continued support for this event, which has long been one of the highlights of the CMG year and is an ideal opportunity for socialising and networking. In an innovation for this year, the CMG is inviting commercial moving industry partners to promote their services to the industry. This will be limited to one from each field of expertise and be by CMG invitation only. As usual, there will be plenty of networking time available before and after golf as well as over dinner. This year the after dinner speaker will be John Stiles, an entertaining comedian and brother of famous footballer Nobby Stiles, whom many of you may remember from the 1960s. The day will run as follows (times subject to confirmation) 10.00 Players arrive. Tea, coffee and bacon rolls are served.

11.00 app First players tee off 19.00 Dinner will be served in the Boardroom, where the Competition winners and prizes will be presented and we will be entertained by John Stiles. Prizes will be for 1st, 2nd & 3rd places for CMG Members, depending on numbers. Prizes will be awarded for the best placed non-Members, along with a longest drive prize and a nearest the pin prize, not forgetting the occasional spot prize!! PHS Teacrate and Steel Storage have kindly agreed to support these events. Those unable to take part in the golf are invited to attend the seminar/ exhibition and evening presentation function. As in 2011, the format will be an individual and Stableford Competition, using full handicaps (max 24 for men, 30 for ladies), played within a drawn three-ball. Overnight accommodation is available and rooms have been reserved. The costs below

include the cost of the golf, dinner, prizes and function room. All extras are the responsibility of the individual. Package cost Golf & Dinner - 48 Golf, Dinner B&B - 145 Dinner, B&B - 125 Dinner only - 28 Golf Buggies - 30 The CMG Chairman, CMG National Council and Basil Fry look forward to welcoming you on the day and to seeing as many companies from the group as possible represented, for what promises to be a very enjoyable day for all involved. All cheques to be made payable to B.A.R. Cheques must be received with application. Invoices will be forwarded thereafter. Please send applications and cheques to: Kevin Mack, Company Moves Ltd, 14 Admiralty Way, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3DT

April 2012 Removals & Storage 35

CMG News CMG News

CMG Profile: Monkey Removals:

Family firm with a professional approach
Nicki Sutherland of new BAR Member Monkey Removals explains why the professionals, not the monkeys is the slogan of this thriving Lincoln-based business. The company doubled in size in 2011 and is expanding rapidly in a difficult market, thanks largely to Nickis investment in advertising, standards and training

n these early days, much of the companys emphasis has been on getting its name and brand known in its catchment area, using the company logo wherever possible. Why Monkey Removals is the question we are most regularly asked. Some people love it and some hate it.....but they all remember it .... and that is exactly why we use it, Nicki explains. The company has invested heavily in advertising, especially in developing a strong, user friendly website and local advertising campaigns. The internet is a very powerful tool and as the public adjust to using it more regularly, it gives rise to the necessity to be at the top of your game in both website design and internet advertising, she says. Prior to setting up Monkey Removals, Nicki was involved mainly in the financial side of various businesses and has held several Finance Director positions. She says she chose to move into the removal industry for a number of reasons, but mainly because I felt, with the female perspective on moving home, we might find a gap in the market place. It has to be said that setting up a new business in the middle of a recession is not necessarily the most sensible thing that I could have done, Nicki adds, but we are now two years old and growing ever stronger. Our approach to business strategy, especially in this challenging climate is really to be as competitive as possible and provide a professional, value for money service. Monkey Removals grew by 101 per cent in 2011 and Nicki is budgeting for a 50 per cent increase in 2012. These numbers seem high but it should be remembered that as a relatively new business, growth in real terms is

high in comparison to more established companies and indeed is imperative for success, she says. We have no intention of failing and therefore are looking forward to major growth as the climate allows. We have short, mid and long term goals for the future and are excited to see all of these come to fruition. In its short history so far, Monkey Removals has already established a fast growing portfolio of satisfied customers, including prestigious clients such as the National Trust. The route to future success is to continue to live up to our reputation and look after our clients needs, Nicki says. High standards Standards have played a major role in the companys growth and success; having attained BS 8522, BS 12522, BS 14873 and the Kitemark, Monkey Removals is now the most qualified removal company in Lincoln. We know that our customers are reassured by our adherence to nationally recognised qualifications and our membership of wellknown and well thought of associations such as the BAR, Nicki says. It is our experience that clients place increasing importance in standards as well as membership of professional bodies and we believe it is the way forward for the industry. Nicki believes that it would be a good move for the BAR to transition to a standards-based membership, although the introduction of a tiered system may be needed - perhaps a star system could be employed with no stars for no standards, up to a five star membership for those with all four standards and the Kitemark.

Looking forward, investing in training and career development is another priority for Nicki as she plans for the future growth of Monkey Removals. We have a fabulous team of staff of whom we are very proud, she says. We want to work with them and develop their careers with our company on a long term basis and the best way to do this is by keeping up to date with training and legislation. We have in house training sessions and make use of local training establishments for other training needs. I am fortunate to work with very experienced and seasoned removal and storage professionals who have worked in the industry for the majority of their adult life, Nicki adds. There is currently one apprentice at Monkey Removals, who is now coming to the end of his apprenticeship. When Sean does finish his apprenticeship, we will be seeking another apprentice and the nice thing is that Sean will then be able to help someone else, Nicki says. And she is confident that Monkey Removals and the removals industry as a whole is well placed to meet the challenges of what could be a tough year for us all. It is a difficult time to be in business and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all success and good fortune to all R&S readers for 2012 and beyond.

Monkey Removals Head Office: Vulcan Park, George Street, Lincoln LN5 8LG Tel: 01522 792434

36 Removals & Storage April 2012

Overseas Group News

Welcome drinks and BBQ at Conference 2012

he Overseas Group is sponsoring the welcome drinks and BBQ dinner that starts at 19.00 on the evening of Thursday 18th May to ensure that conference delegates get off to a warm and convivial start on the eve of the first day of the BAR Annual Conference 2012. A cash bar is available from 20.30 and the event is expected to run until 23.00. This event is open to every delegate who books a package that includes the Welcome Night on Thursday.

April 2012 Removals & Storage 37

Commercial CMG News Moving Apprenticeship

The Commercial Moving Apprenticeship is up and running!

In February of this year, BAR signed a landmark agreement with West Herts College to deliver the new Commercial Moving Apprenticeship scheme for BAR Members in England and Wales. This is a significant moment in the history of the Association and for the British removals industry as it will play a key role for Members in providing high-class training to a whole new generation of movers.

he new Commercial Moving Apprenticeship has been developed by BAR Training Services and BARs Commercial Moving Group with support from Skills for Logistics. It is fully funded and applies to both new employees and existing members of staff to gain the Apprenticeship NVQ qualifications. The partnership with West Herts College will give students electronic access to the resources of a top-class educational establishment and will allow BAR and its Members to benefit from tried and tested tools for completing the Apprenticeship. For BAR Director General Stephen Vickers, this is an outstanding achievement by BAR and the Commercial Moving Group to develop and get recognised the first ever Removals-specific Apprenticeship. The interest in employing an Apprentice under this scheme has exceeded our expectations. Take-up in the first few weeks since launch has been excellent and we are looking forward to seeing the beneficial results of this scheme. Its terrific that the scheme is now coming to fruition, says Ian Studd, the Harrow Green Director who as Chairman of the Commercial Moving Group from 2007 to 2009 was instrumental in launching the initiative. Many of us who have been in the industry for a long time have been fortunate to work for companies who are committed to investing in people. Its excellent news that youngsters of today will have the same level of opportunity and see Removals
38 Removals & Storage April 2012

not as transient job, but as a career. Jamie Briggs of Jamie Briggs Removals and Storage in Oxford has also welcomed the launch of the Scheme. He says We think its a very positive way forward for the industry as a whole. His company is keen to take a person on as soon as possible. He told R&S: An individual is being sourced as we speak, and were looking forward to moving on with the process. Win-win The funding for the Scheme is available for Apprenticeships in England and Wales. Further, there is no requirement for Apprentices to attend West Herts College because of the way the Apprenticeship is structured and the electronic resources available. Under the scheme, the funding is drawn down by BAR and is allocated to register and certify the Apprentices. That includes all functional skills costs, all costs involved with the initial comprehensive assessment and all on-going assessments required (including all expenses, whatever the location of the trainee within the funded area), extensive training guides for both managers and students, full student support throughout the training period, employer support and advice, electronic portfolio, functional skills resources and access to West Herts college electronic resources. As part of the agreement there is also a free service to advertise vacancies to attract new apprentices on the Government Apprenticeship

web-site and a CV vetting service, to ensure only relevant applicants details are sent to prospective employers. Quality learning resource This is the first time that West Herts College, which Ofsted rates as outstanding, has worked with a trade association in this way. According to Ofsted, most learners on vocational courses [at West Herts] develop excellent work-related skills that increase their employability prospects. Sambit Sen, Skills for Business Manager at West Herts College in Watford said: we are delighted to be working with the BAR on what is sure to be a big positive for the industry. The College will be the nominated centre for the qualification, which will be awarded nationwide and delivered by the associations experts. We will also be responsible for the quality control, funding arrangements and administration of the course. Loren Webster, Training Manager at BAR Training Services, is extremely positive about the future prospect for attracting fresh people into the industry. Now that there is a clear career path with a full Apprenticeship scheme available, we will aim to encourage more young people to consider the removals industry for their career choice, she told R&S. Full details of the Commercial Moving Apprenticeship scheme and funding arrangements are available on the BAR website and have been circulated to all CMG Members.

Commercial Moving Apprenticeship Overseas Group News

Four years in the making

some crucial contributions to the scheme, and the next two years were a story of many meetings in Watford to fine tune the structure of the apprenticeship. Continued changes in Government legislation did not make the process any easier. However, Kevin, Phil Oram, Neil Rogers, Loren Webster and Martyn Minker persevered and are now celebrating their achievement. We always had in mind that this was going to be a major benefit to the industry; this was the main priority and our main intention, Kevin told R&S. Above all, the aim of the Commercial Moving Apprenticeship is to give companies the tools to improve their service, while at the same time giving staff a career path to follow. Its very exciting to finally see this delivered to BAR membership. With accreditations achieved, funding available and West Herts College on board, were very proud that the CMG Apprenticeship is running, says Kevin. The next step is to add the final two modules in an apprentices career path. Our intention is to provide apprentices with

he partnership with West Herts College marks the culmination of four years of hard work by BAR, BAR Training Services and its Commercial Moving Group. In the very different economic circumstances of 2007, the then CMG Chairman, Ian Studd, first tabled the subject of an apprenticeship with the CMG Council as an ideal way of encouraging more youngsters to join the industry and raise standards across the business. Ian argued that an apprenticeship scheme would be a major benefit to the workforces of each company and to the moving industry as a whole. With the agreement of the Council and the support of membership, the real hard work then began! We quickly realised that we needed assistance at an academic level and also volunteers to research and develop a strategy for assembling the Commercial Moving Apprenticeship, remembers Kevin Mack, the CMG Training Committee Chairperson. The initial team set about developing this strategy with the assistance of Loren Webster and Martyn Minker. Skills for Logistics made

a clear career path, Ian Studd explains. Loren Webster and the BAR Training Services team are now working on the next level of modules, which will take apprentices through to supervisory and administrative roles. We want as many as possible of the intake to flow through to the next tier. Ian Studd sums up the importance of the Scheme: As people retire, a lot of the traditional skillsets are not being replaced at the other end. The apprenticeship scheme gives us all the opportunity to retain and develop these skills in the industry, attract fresh talent to the business and give the youngsters the chance to develop the career path that so many of us have enjoyed.

Specialised Movers says: Youre hired!

8-year old amateur boxer Aaron Gregg (pictured) is one of the first of todays young people to benefit from the Commercial Moving Apprenticeship. This unemployed school leaver has been working at Specialised Movers in Sheffield since the beginning of March. Nigel Shaw, Managing Director of Specialised Movers, says were very happy with how it is working out for us and for Aaron. The apprenticeship is a great way of funding and structuring the training process. The company is the first to use the BAR fully funded Commercial Moving Apprenticeship. Sheffield Council is also funding half of Aarons 104/week wage. BARTS draws down and passes on 1,500 for each apprentice Specialised Movers takes on (750 at the start and 750 after one year, at the end of the apprenticeship). Were making a big commitment to Aaron in terms of time and effort, but its not costing us the earth, Nigel says. This is a major change for removals companies, who generally dont like to invest too much in training young people as many people are concerned that once trained, the young person will move on to a competitor who will get all the benefit. Because of the financial incentives of the scheme, its worth our while to take on Aaron as an apprentice. The apprenticeship is based on distance learning and on-the-job training that is then assessed by BAR. Throughout the year BAR Training Services

Harrow Green to take eight apprentices

will assess Aaron at all the different stages of the apprenticeship, to confirm that he has completed the modules. So far, Aaron has completed all the basic health and safety training and inductions and has been out on jobs, where he is mentored by a foreman. Were giving him a good understanding of all the technical and working terms, and training him in packing and inventories to start with, Nigel explains. Weve gone through all the inductions and manual handling, and he can now identify all the specialist equipment we have such as dollies and piano slippers! Were now actively looking for another apprentice. Its a very helpful way of getting young people to come into the industry, and the industry really needs new people coming through it has to be a very good thing for all of us BAR members.

arrow Green is currently interviewing the first intake of potential apprentices, with a view to starting hiring in the Spring. Director Ian Studd says that the company is looking to take up to eight young people, who will be deployed across the country, except in Scotland which is currently not part of the funding scheme. Interviews are taking place in Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester. A lot of CVs are coming through and Im pleased to say we have a lot of extremely interesting candidates, Ian told R&S. Once hired, Harrow Green will develop the apprentices as a peer group, even though they will be working on separate sites. We want to develop the apprentices together and see them through to the next level, Ian says. Our challenge now as an employer is to pick people who really want to grasp this opportunity in the removals industry and see it through all the way.

April 2012 Removals & Storage 39

Training News

BAR Training Services carries out a range of training courses for removals companies. Peter Walters, BARTS Field Trainer provides a roundup of the Driver CPC Courses recently delivered by BAR Training Services.

Driver CPC Courses

To read the feedback from the large numbers of drivers participating in this course during the months of January and February, please go to

G & R Removals
Participants: the one-day course was delivered to 12 drivers from G&R Removals, Giovaruscio C. Transport (at their premises) and also Mainstream Logistics Ltd. Training modules: Risk Assessment & Emergency Situations. It was good to see in the delegate feedback that they all thought that safety issues were very important from the Emergency situations Module. G & R are piano removal specialists so they found that the Risk Assessment module was extremely helpful. They used their everyday working life as an exercise set for them which was to carry out a risk assessment of their working environment. Peter Hutton of G & R Removals: I learnt a lot from the Driver CPC training; I felt it helped me in my work and driving. Leo Pedone of Giovaruscio C. Transport: Extremely helpful and knowledgeable trainer.

MacQueen Bros Removals & Storage

Participants: To make the one-day course more cost effective to MacQueen Bros, they invited drivers from outside the removals industry to attend the course and acquire 7 hours towards their Driver CPC training. These drivers ranged from farmers, recovery vehicle drivers and van hire drivers. Training modules: Manual handling & Emergency Situations. I personally find this course very enjoyable to deliver as it encourages interactive discussion within the group. As half of the drivers attending were from MacQueen Bros, their stories opened my eyes to the challenges they face carrying out removals on the islands close to Oban. Again the Emergency Situations proved a very informative and well received module amongst the delegates as the module covers topics such what to do in emergency situations, first aid and rules for the motorway. The Manual Handling module was more of a refresher training based module and focuses on prevention of back injuries and included driving ergonomics. Graham MacQueen of MacQueen Bros: BARTS is providing a cost-effective service to meet driver CPC training requirements. Ewan MacKinnon from EDM plant Hirers & Contractors Ltd: Unfortunately, this training course is a necessary evil which needs to be done. In saying that, the trainer was very knowledgeable, helpful and made a long day seem more bearable with his teaching methods, thanks.

Participants: BARTS delivered 2 days of Driver CPC training to 32 drivers (16 different drivers each day). This also included drivers from 3 other different removals companies, Maidmans Removals, Winchester Removals and Johnsons of Shaftesbury. Training modules: Emergency Situations & Manual Handling. Emergency Situations again seemed to be a popular and well-received module with many of the drivers. Many are interested in the topic of first aid and although it is not an actual first aid course, we try to emphasise the fact that an untrained person can save a life. From the feedback I have received, many drivers would like to know more about first aid and are aware of the importance of
40 Removals & Storage April 2012

first aid. Although in general many drivers have some resentment of having to undergo Driver CPC training, the two groups did appreciate the course and took it seriously and were even able to add some humour.

Richard Brown: This is my third course in driver CPC training, I would say this is the best course to date and my tutor was very good and interacted well with the class. Richard Kishere: One of the best courses I have attended. Im 57 now and not too old to learn. The course instructor made listening and learning extremely easy. I felt that the fact that he had come up through the industry gave him a perfect connection with people attending. He also made being stuck in a classroom like fun. Well done!

BAR Training Services

Training from the Removals Experts
BARTS 2012 Training Dates All courses taking place at BAR Watford*
BTEC in Removals Management
The course can now be completed in 5 days meaning less time away from your place of work! Upon completion of the later exam, successful students will be presented with a nationally recognised BTEC qualification.

Introduction to Estimating
Ideal for staff who are new to the role. This 1 day course focuses on teaching students the unit system, methods of estimating, risk assessment, the role of the Estimator and selling services to the customer Quantity Assessment The Role of the Estimator Health & Safety Contract Conditions Communication Techniques Removals Insurance

Course Dates 2012

21-25 May

Course Dates 2012

08 May


for 2012!

1,675 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)

BTEC Award in Practical Estimating
This 2 day course is practically based and is designed to teach students the art of estimating as well as face to face sales techniques, covering topics such as: Quantity Assessment The Role of the Estimator Health & Safety Contract Conditions Communication Techniques Removals Insurance

Just 199 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)

Selling Skills/Promoting the BAR OFT Code of Practice
This 1 day course is designed to enhance sales skills and to demonstrate the most effective way of promoting the BAR OFT Code of Practice to win business, covering topics such as: The Role of the Salesperson Marketing Prospecting & Negotiating Promoting the OFT Code Communication & Presentation Identifying Customer Needs Closing the Sale

Course Dates 2012

09 & 10 May

Course Dates 2012

18 Apr 11 July


545 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)

1 Day (7hours) Driver CPC
*BAR Training Services train you at BAR in Watford, In the BAR areas or at your premises.

Just 99 + VAT p/p (BAR Member)

Course Dates 2012
02 May

129 + VAT per driver (BAR Member)


prices start from as little as 49.25 + vat per driver, delivered on site at your premises

To book Call: 01923 699484 or email:

Training News

Barnes of Lincoln
Participants: One-day Driver CPC training course to 14 drivers from Barnes of Lincoln Training modules: the two 3.5 hour modules delivered were Company Image and Customer Care & Manual Handling. The drivers accepted the contents of the Company Image and Customer care well and even came up with some ideas of their own, which demonstrated that they know the importance of both. They were also refreshed on correct lifting techniques and learnt a few different techniques with the use of lifting aids. David Chapman: Peter was a very knowledgeable chap, friendly and gave us insight into new ideas and refreshed current ideas. David Barnes: We have found Peter to be an experienced tutor and we have really benefitted from the 7 hour course.

Yeates Removals
Participants: BARTS delivered a one-day Driver CPC course to 12 drivers from Yeates Removals and Hobdens Removals in Clevedon, Somerset. Training modules: Customer Care and Company Image & Risk Assessment. The drivers had some strong opinions about the new laws coming into effect in September 2014 regarding the Driver CPC, but nevertheless took the training day seriously and seemed to enjoy both modules. Company Image and Customer Care had topics on how to deal with customers. The drivers were also keen on risk assessment, especially learning about the risk assessment matrix, which is used to calculate the risk rating. Mark Drewitt: Enjoyable day, the trainer did well to keep us all focused on the subject, well done. James Griffin: This is the 3rd year Yeates have hosted this course and although its time consuming, I find it relevant to our commercial activities and I feel it aids us in continually improving our service levels.

UTS Bournes
Participants: The three-day Driver CPC training course was for 13 drivers, Training modules: 2 per day, totalling 6 modules: Safe and Efficient Driving, Customer Image and Customer Care, Emergency Situations, Manual Handling, Prevention of Physical Risk and Risk Assessment. The course was made enjoyable as all of the drivers participated well and shared many views on all of the modules, and as all of the drivers were experienced in the industry, most of them said that they had learnt from each module and that the training was also a useful refresher for them. In my experience in the industry, removal people have a unique sense of humour and this shone through with both groups of drivers from UTS Bournes. Sean Clarke: It was very refreshing to have a training course delivered by someone who has actually done the job and has had firsthand experience of what was being taught. Sheridan Wall: Pete has made this course enjoyable and interesting and has made me more aware of all aspects of driving, lifting and health and safety.

April handy tip

During the quieter periods, make up flyers explaining the benefits of using your company and look for sale and sold boards outside houses and post them through the letterbox, youll be surprised how many people respond and like the initiative.
BARTS Field Trainer, Peter Walters

42 Removals & Storage April 2012

European News

European News R&S is grateful to FEDEMAC for its contribution to this section

News Roundup

European emergency number, 112

The European road transport industry, as represented by the International Road Transport Union (IRU), has thrown its weight behind the European Commission initiative to promote the Single European Emergency Number, 112, Europe-wide to enhance road safety and provide a rapid and effective response in case of a road accident.

Breathalysers to be compulsory in France

rom 1 July this year all drivers visiting France will need to carry a breathalyser kit in their cars. From November there will be a EUR11 fine for not complying with this. With a start date for the new measure of 1 July 2012, the rules will apply for all French drivers and anyone travelling to or through France by car in the summer holiday season, even just for a day trip. Single-use breathalyser kits will satisfy the requirement. The legal limit in France is 50 mg per 100 ml of blood, lower than in the UK (where the limit is 80mg). The kits cost between 1 and 2 and will be available at ferry and tunnel terminals for crossings to France. It is intended that people will be able to test themselves to check whether or not they are over the French limit. The Institute of Advanced Motorists is advising motorists in France to have at least two breathalysers at all times, so that if one is used you still have one to produce for the police if you are stopped. Neil Greig of the IAM said: The new French rule is a genuine attempt to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents. Frances lower limit means its very easy to be over the limit the morning after as well. As always, the best advice for motorists is not to drink and drive at all.

12 can be dialled from fixed and mobile phones free of charge, throughout the EU. 112 calls are answered by an operator who handles the request either directly or by transferring it to the appropriate emergency service (police, ambulance or fire brigade). 112 is now operational in all EU member states alongside existing national emergency numbers (like 999 or 110). Denmark, Finland, Malta, The Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Sweden have decided to make 112 their sole or main national emergency number. 112 is also being used in countries outside the EU, such as in Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey. Many major rail, air and other transport

companies have joined the campaign to raise 112 awareness rates. The European Commission wants to ensure Europeans can access a 112 smartphone app in their own languages. Michael Nielsen of the IRU, said: Raising the awareness of company managers, their drivers and indeed their passengers and clients in the bus, coach, taxi and truck sector, is part of our industry culture. The Single European Emergency Number 112 constitutes a very efficient tool to further improve road safety, security, and the efficiency of response in emergency cases.

Brussels looks to liberalise cabotage

border) transport operations, resulting in a high number of trucks in Europe running partially loaded or even empty. This goes against the objective of a resource-efficient road transport sector, and against the need for an efficient European transport and logistics system, crucial for the competitiveness of the overall European economy. By giving domestic hauliers a competitive advantage on their own markets, it also distorts competition in the internal market, the Commission said. Cabotage still accounts for only a fraction 2 per cent of total road freight transport activities in the EU. However cabotage activities are growing. In 2010, the tonnekm generated by EU hauliers in cabotage operations was 17 per cent higher than in 2009 and 21 per cent higher than in 2008. There is potential for further growth if the regulatory framework were to allow it. A High Level Group looking into the question will present its recommendations to the Commission by May 2012. The Commission will propose new legislative initiatives in 2013.

he European Commission has launched a public consultation to debate new measures to open up the European Union road haulage market to more competition. Although restrictions relating to the provision of international road haulage services have gradually been abandoned, limits to the provision of national road transport operations by hauliers registered in another Member State still exist. According to these rules, an operator may only carry out up to three cabotage operations within seven days after the unloading of an international transport. These rules have been applied since May 2010. In 2010, almost a quarter of all vehicle-km of heavy goods vehicles in the EU involved an empty vehicle. The Commission said that loosening the rules on the internal market for road haulage and for cabotage would allow hauliers to optimise fleet management and loads. The current rules limit hauliers when carrying out certain national (not cross-

Moldova modernises border

oldova has implemented a new online system related to waiting time reduction and border crossing facilitation. This is a joint project between AITA, the Moldovan road hauliers association, and the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova. The system provides real time information on traffic conditions at customs border crossing points, allowing transport operators to decide where to cross the border depending on traffic and waiting times. For more information, see and md

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Feature Pensions IndustryNews

Counting down to pension reform

The biggest shake-up to workplace pensions in our lifetimes will begin to take effect towards the end of 2012. The introduction of automatic enrolment this year is expected to bring about a fundamental change in workplace pensions provision in the UK. Heres a quick guide to the calendar ahead and the role of NEST, the National Employment Savings Trust.

he Government has set out a revised timetable for when employers of all sizes must start enrolling their staff in a workplace pension. The new duties will affect the largest employers from October followed by mediumsized employers over the next couple of years, with small and micro employers being affected last. This follows the announcement in November that small businesses would be given more time to prepare for automatic enrolment to help them out in exceptionally tough economic times. Large employers, those with 250 or more employees, will not face any change in the date they are due to start enrolling their staff, in October 2012. Firms with 50 to 249 members will start in April 2014, from 30 to 49 members in August 2015 and less than 30 members in 2016. All existing firms will have enrolled their staff by April 2017, followed by all new employers by February 2018. The level of pension contributions will be phased in over time to help employers and individuals adjust. Full contributions will have to be paid from 1 October 2018. Introducing NEST Currently many people have no access to workplace pension provision. This could be because they dont meet their employers qualification criteria or because their employer doesnt offer a workplace pension scheme at the moment. According to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), around 835,000 employers currently offer no pension provision to their

workers. NEST has been set up to provide a scheme that any employer can use to meet their new workplace pension duties. NEST will give many organisations and their workers access to a low-charge pension scheme for the first time. The scheme is designed for those workers who arent currently saving in a workplace pension scheme. Like other trust-based workplace pension schemes, NEST is run on a not-for-profit basis. It has no shareholders and it has a legal duty to act in the interests of its members. More information about NEST also available in the members area of the BAR website. Employer contributions The eligibility criteria for automatic enrolment into an employers pension scheme are that a worker must be: aged at least 22 but not yet State Pension age working or ordinarily working in Great Britain or Northern Ireland earning more than 7,475 a year. These people are known as eligible jobholders and their employer will have to make a minimum contribution on their behalf unless the jobholder decides to opt out. Eventually, employers will have to put in a minimum contribution of 3 per cent of a jobholders qualifying earnings. Qualifying earnings are currently defined as those between 5,035 and 33,540 per year in 2008 terms, however these figures will be updated for the 2012/13 tax year. The employer contributions will be added to any tax relief and the jobholders own contributions to give a total

minimum contribution of 8 per cent of qualifying earnings. Contribution levels will start at a lower level in 2012 for both employers and jobholders and will rise gradually over the next few years to a total minimum contribution of 8 per cent. The minimums are intended to set a foundation on which to build saving for the future and both employers and individuals can contribute more if they choose. NEST aims to be an easy-to-use, low-cost pension scheme available to all employers to help them meet their new duties. It has a public service obligation to accept any employer who wants to use the scheme to meet their duties, large or small, as a sole scheme or alongside other provision. For further information about NEST visit:

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Feature Hamiltons IndustryNews

Hamiltons takes pole position

Brian Sawyer, Chairman of Hamiltons Removals spoke to R&S about the rapid growth the company is experiencing, based on its on-going investments in new vehicles, warehouse facilities and European groupage services.

series of investments in new assets and groupage routes have put Hamiltons Removals in a prime position for increasing its share of the removals market, just as the economy shows encouraging signs of picking up speed. In the last few months, the Norfolk-based company has reorganised and expanded its fleet of vehicles, opened new European routes and services and rebuilt its head office in Harleston. Hamiltons has also obtained planning consent for the demolition of its existing warehouse and the construction of a new four-storey facility, part of which will be devoted to self-storage operations. Its all part of Hamiltons drive to grow its business in new markets as the company approaches its 20th anniversary, which it will celebrate in 2013. Over the last nineteen years, Hamiltons has matured into one of the UKs most respected family-owned removals companies, admired by the trade and by consumers alike. Hamiltons is especially strong in the lucrative high-end market, where its focus on quality, reliability and efficiency has seen it evolve into one of the strongest brands in the business. In 2004, the company became a franchisee of Bishops Move for Suffolk, Norfolk and Essex, where it operates a second fleet of vehicles in the distinctive livery of Bishops Move. Brian explains that the agreement with Bishops Move was instrumental in expanding the business in the overseas market. On the eve of the 20th anniversary, he and fellow directors
46 Removals & Storage April 2012

Paul Walsh, Michael Sawyer and Nicholas Sawyer, Brians sons, have been masterminding the next stage of Hamiltons growth plan. Opening up Europe In 2011 and 2012, a real priority for the companys management team has been on further enhancing Hamiltons presence in the European market. Over the last few months, Hamiltons has added nine vehicles to its fleet, leading to a significant surge in European groupage business. Using its extra capacity, the company now takes regular consignments to Scandinavia, in addition to a weekly trip to Paris. Brian says We started these services in the January quiet period, but bookings have been immensely encouraging. During the peak summer months of 2011 Hamiltons moved in excess of 30,000 cubic feet a week to and from Europe, primarily to

Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and to a lesser degree Spain. A major reason for our success in Europe has been the continued development and support of our network of European partners, Brian says. We now have almost 100 per cent capacity for the returning vehicles, which is obviously a vital ingredient for the success of any groupage service. Brian has also been closely involved in the careful reorganisation of the companys fleet of removal vehicles along with Nicholas Sawyer. The emphasis has been on versatility and suitability for all the diverse moves we undertake, he explains. We now have one of the most comprehensive fleets in the business. Recent additions include a Mega Space MAN road train with a smaller prime mover and large tri-axle trailer, a Mega Space Mercedes Actros road train, two Mercedes 18 tonne five door pantechnicons, and two 6.5 tonne low loading vans with 1000 cubic feet capacity, suitable for inter-city moves. The companys final acquisition was of two further seven seater crew vans with 500 cubic feet of load space. Hamiltons is using these two multi-purpose vehicles mainly for advance packing teams covering large domestic moves and deep sea container work both in the UK and Europe. In January, Hamiltons started running a 24hour operational service, with the companys night staff responsible for the unloading and re-loading of European groupage vehicles along with the cleaning and preparing of the

Feature Hamiltons Industry News

domestic fleet for the following days removals. To get the maximum return from their assets, the company has signed a 24-hour vehicle repair and service contract with one of the UKs largest commercial vehicle centres, enabling a smooth and efficient turnaround process. New offices, new capacity Its not only its vehicle fleet that Hamiltons is expanding. In the summer of 2012, the company will demolish its current 25,000 square feet warehouse and replace it with a new structure, 13-metres high. Whereas the current warehouse only accommodates containers two-high, the new structure will allow storage at a height of four containers. Hamiltons plans to use this new capacity to increase its exposure to the fast-growing selfstorage segment; 25 per cent of storage space in the facility has been allocated to a dedicated self-storage operation. A sophisticated heating and sprinkler system with advanced intruder alarms have also been incorporated into the design of the structure, which will be safeguarded by a secure boundary fence and CCTV surveillance. The investment in Hamiltons new warehouse follows the rebuild and reorganisation of the companys Head Office in Harleston in 2011. This process led to the addition of three further sales offices, as well as a transport office with purpose-designed archive facilities. Thats made a big difference to day-to-day operations in the office, Brian says. Quality is key Brian says that the main challenge for Hamiltons in 2012 is to deliver its new services

with the same level of quality that its customers have become accustomed to over the last two decades. As an ISO 9001 certified company, and a Member of BAR, the Road Haulage Association and Fedemac, Hamiltons is committed to differentiating itself based on service excellence in all of its businesses. As it expands into new markets, Brian says that service quality remains the cornerstone of the companys strategy. Weve invested a lot in new vehicles and new routes and weve worked hard to improve our business processes, Brian says. Were very pleased by how our customers have responded to all these initiatives. Hamiltons has come a long way in the last twenty years and in 2012 were all set for a year of strong growth.

A major reason for our success in Europe has been the continued development and support of our network of European partners. We now have almost 100 per cent capacity for the returning vehicles, which is obviously a vital ingredient for the success of any groupage service.

Hamiltons Head Office: Hamilton House, Speedwell Way, Harleston Industrial Estate, Harleston, Norfolk IP20 9EH Tel: 01379 855203 E:

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Feature New IndustryNews Member Profile

G.W. Twilley
Stephen Twilley is part of the fourth generation of G.W. Twilley. He talks to R&S about the history of the business and how he and the rest of his family are determined to create future history for the company.

vidence of trading by G.W. Twilley dates as far back as 1918 and the company was most likely in operation before. George William Twilley started his working life after the First World War as a greengrocer. This would have meant early starts each morning for the market, leaving a vehicle free for the rest of the day. In those days it was standard practice for the greengrocer and local removal company to be one of the same, says Stephen Twilley, Transport Manager at G.W. Twilley. After the Second World War, Stanley Charles Twilley left the royal engineers to focus the business more on furniture removals and haulage. Together with his wife Lorna, they moved the company forward with Removals, Haulage, Storage and Export Packing. Their son, Malcolm George Twilley joined the firm on leaving school to help his father in the removals side of the business. As this grew, so did the staff, the clientele and the companys horizons. However, Stephen says the business still remembers its roots: We only employ local people, believing that local community is important. New business openings The fourth generation of the Twilley family is now actively involved in the successful running and expanding of the first today. Sharon joined first in 1997, Suzanne later in 2001 and Stephen in 2006. The company specialises in local and national household removals, packing, storage, commercial relocation, filing and library system relocation, document and furniture waste management and recycling. Stephen reports that Currently the majority of our business is in the household removal
48 Removals & Storage April 2012

market as there is definitely an upturn in the market. Stephens role currently is to find new business for the company and new ways to make the business unique from the average removal company. I want to give it that edge over our competitors. By building up my links with some of the local areas most influential estate agents I have found that many are seeing us as the trusted removal company we aspire to be. Now having passed my national CPC in road freight transport I am qualified to take greater control of the running of the company on a day-to-day basis. Being a member of BAR gives us the opportunity to network with other companies which can help us win work, especially long distance jobs, says Stephen. In addition, using the BAR lead generator we know that any customer using this wants a quality removals company to do the work and wont mind paying the extra. He also notes that having BARs well-known brand on all stationery is helping the company gain greater volumes of work as the trust and peace of mind is already with the customer that a great job will get done. A quality service We have noticed with the economic downturn that all our clients are trying to save money where they can, Stephen told R&S. This has led to us losing some very longestablished customers which has had an impact on the business. However we are now

focusing on those customers who dont mind paying for the quality service we supply them and we give them a very personal approach which has generated more business from them. Since Stephen joined the industry seven years ago, the biggest change he has noticed is a new focus on price over quality, and it pains him to lose work to companies whose standards are not as high, and that there is a misconception amongst the public that all removal companies are the same. For Stephen, As an industry we need to find a way of stopping the man and van and cheap removals industry as there is no regulation and anyone can call themselves a removal company. Their bad work and pricing is affecting the trade and giving all removal companies a bad name nationwide. Stephens personal opinion is for the removals industry to be regulated on a national scale. He believes that anyone moving home should be required to use a regulated removal company, similar to the Gas Safe and former Corgi registered system for other trades. This will give customers greater peace of mind that work will get done, but more importantly, protection for the customer against man and van outfits who do unacceptable jobs and then leave the customer no one to complain to.

GW Twilley Head Office: 71 Coburg Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6UB. Tel: 020 8888 5156 or 020 8888 1660 Email:

Feature Industry Media Social News

Using Social Media to stay ahead of the pack

Since the emergence of the Internet, the removals industry has adapted rapidly to the challenge of new competition. The social media phenomenon, led by Facebook and LinkedIn, represents one of the best ways for top quality removals and storage companies to differentiate themselves online.

he Internet has revolutionised the removals and storage industry. Its perhaps the biggest technological change in the business since the arrival of containerisation, maybe even since the transition from horsedrawn carts to motorised vehicles began about one hundred years ago. Of course, its not only the removals sector that is feeling the impact of the digital revolution. Travel agencies, record stores and second hand bookshops have all but disappeared from the high street. Losses continue to mount at some of the worlds most famous newspapers, electronics shops are finding they cant resist the e-commerce tsunami, and even the telecoms companies that provide the infrastructure for the Internet are being threatened by the arrival of new ways of communicating, such as Skype and Facebook messaging. Its a challenging environment for any business, especially for consumer and business facing businesses such as removals companies. But the most successful removals businesses are those that are already adapting to this challenge and using the resources of the Internet to fight back. There can be few moving companies out there that dont already devote the bulk of their advertising and marketing budgets to their websites, to search engine optimisation and online advertising. Competing on quality With the emergence of the Internet, it has become much harder for companies to exercise pricing power in their markets. Consumers and businesses now have infinitely more information at hand when comparing prices and making buying decisions. At the same time, barriers to entry have come down dramatically

in the removals and storage business. As such, the removals and storage sector has to make the most of the power of the Internet, and in particular of social media, to lead the fight for high quality services and to preserve the reputation of our sector. No BAR Member wants to compete on price alone. And its a misconception to think that because of the Internet they have to. Thanks in particular to social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, we can compete on quality. How? Companies use these sites to tell the story of their business, establish a close and transparent relationship with the market, and differentiate their services as the quality, premium option. Everyone in the business knows that moving can be a stressful time for our clients. Now, just as the Internet was beginning to threaten the business model of the professional removals company, the emergence of social media provides the ideal channel for winning the trust of clients, building word-of-mouth and turning leads into business. For many people today, the Internet has become first and foremost way of communicating and finding out information. Facebook is now the second most visited site in the UK, after Google. For doing business, professional networking via sites such as LinkedIn makes increasingly good business sense. As of 31st December, 2011, professionals were signing up to join LinkedIn at a rate that is faster than two new members per second. More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages. According to data in February, 2012, LinkedIn operates the worlds largest professional network on the Internet with more than 150 million members in over 200 countries

and territories, with more than 8 million of these in the UK and over 34 million across Europe. The benefits of using social media sites like LinkedIn is that they have more in common with an old-fashioned high street. There is logic and order here. Reputation, professionalism, relationships, quality and loyalty are or can become cherished values again. Not only is a presence on, for example, a Facebook page a companys shop window to the world, it is also its sales office, its customer care line and its direct link to removal companies around the globe. In the fight back against the shoddy operators that are damaging the reputation of the whole industry, social media can be one of the most powerful weapons in the armoury of a BAR Member.

Do you have any news to share with R&S readers?

Send to:

BAR on LinkedIn AR has opened its own LinkedIn group, for Members only, to discuss specific topics relating to the removal and storage industry and to generate more Business-to-Business opportunities between Members. Current discussions on the group include the Draft Membership Criteria and preparations for the Olympics 2012. BAR Members are the most qualified and respected removals businesses in the country, says Caroline Suard, BAR Director of Marketing. Our LinkedIn group was launched in September 2011 to give BAR Members a communication platform to share their expertise, communicate directly with BAR, receive latest BAR and industry news, and discuss thought provoking topics related to the removal and storage. While some of our Members are actively taking part, we encourage all our Members to get involved, share their views and give their own perspective on the subjects they feel strongly about.

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International Associate Profile Industry News

Intermovers: Malaysia
Julien Wilkinson has swapped the West of England for the subtropical sights and sounds of Kuala Lumpur, as international sales specialist for Intermovers Malaysia. He talks to R&S about the rapid growth of the Malaysian market, the challenges of operating in the country and the history of BAR associated Intermovers.

he country of Malaysia is characterised above all by its multicultural people, its work ethic, and its rapid social and economic development. Malaysia is now a key part of the Asian and global economy and is home to an ever increasing population of expatriates and multinationals. BAR International Associate Intermovers, based in the capital Kuala Lumpur, has experienced solid growth since it began trading in 1996. In many ways, the composition of the company reflects Malaysia itself; it is a multicultural firm, with employees from the UK, France, China and India, and has invested heavily in setting up a global network and acquiring state-of-the-art equipment. The companys philosophy is to combine the traditions of good old fashioned customer service and hard work with technological innovation and globalised partnerships, says Julien Wilkinson, who joined Intermovers as international sales specialist in January this year. Were privately owned and the MD has 25 years of experience in removals and relocations, so were not part of some faceless corporation. From its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and offices in Penang, Johor, Sarawak, Sabah & Brunei, Intermovers provides a full range of moving services, from personal moves to corporate moves and even factory or office relocations - within Malaysia, Asia and worldwide. The company has an extensive network of long established partnerships with agents across the world. As a new expatriate in the country, Julien has a unique perspective on the challenges facing new arrivals to Malaysia. I know that finding accommodation and getting settled in is not always easy but with our sister company DSP Relocations Asia-Malaysia nothing is a problem, he explains. Were very well placed in the ever growing expatriate marketplace because of our multicultural team and our partnerships.

Julien joined Intermovers Malaysia after spending the last five years in the Western area region of the BAR covering Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Avon and Somerset. He now has some 25 years in the removals and relocations business.

If a customer is making a move to this part of the world, you have a strong BAR international member to assist with your shipments in Asia, he says. For assistance with any personal shipments/relocations please do not hesitate in dropping me an e-mail at julien.wilkinson@ or look out for me at the BAR Annual Conference in May 2012 I will be more than happy to have a chat at the bar! Julien says that moving household furniture and effects poses its own challenges in Malaysia; in Kuala Lumpur most clients live in apartment blocks of 40+ floors. The crews have to be booked into the complex, building bonds have to be paid in case of any damage, and all of this has to be achieved between the hours of 09:30-17:00 Monday to Friday & 09:30-12:00 on a Saturday. Some items are just too big to fit into a service lift. And yes, the only way is up the stair case, all 40 floors with temperatures in excess of 34c. All relocations are done using smaller vehicles due to access issues with the apartments and within the City centres; there are no full sized pantechnicon vehicles on the roads in Malaysia.

With a sub-tropical climate here in Malaysia every day is a challenge, Julien adds, One minute it can be a beautiful sunny day and then within minutes there can be a monsoon rainfall. Its clearly a market that is challenging to operate in, and one which requires working with a highly experienced local partner such as Intermovers. And Julien says he is relishing the challenge of adapting to his new home, far from the rolling hills and the historic towns of the Cotswolds and the West Country. Living here in a multi-cultural society is never dull, with the fusions and aromas of the foods and spices, the sounds and sights, not to mention the driving. As Malaysia is part of the Commonwealth, driving is on the left just like the UK. They are eight hours in front of UK GMT and English is widely spoken alongside Malay and Chinese, which makes doing business easier. For Julien, This is a nation of varied cultures and traditions. It is a great blend of Malays, Chinese, Indians and the people of Sabah and Sarawak. If you are planning a visit to Malaysia come and give us a visit, you will receive a warm welcome!

The companys philosophy is to combine the traditions of good old fashioned customer service and hard work with technological innovation and globalised partnerships. Julien Wilkinson, Intermovers international sales specialist

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Member Viewpoint Industry News

BAR Membership Criteria: Geoff Watson Joint Managing Director Doree Bonner International
Following my article that appeared in Januarys issue I was heartened to receive the new membership criteria. Having read it, I would conclude that it is a very good starting point but only that. The criteria is still a little vague, not stringent enough and each section certainly needs to be in greater detail ensuring that future auditing is based upon benchmarks that can actually be measured, and therefore the decision to either retain or accept a company into the BAR is absolute.
ere are some areas that could be strengthened: . . . All staff must be LEGALLY employed and BAR should have the right to ask for a companys PAYE records at any time. Employers Liability Insurance must be in place and proof provided. Where Agency staff or another companies staff are hired there must be a signed agreement between the principal and the secondary company that confirms only trained staff can be hired and they are all employed on a PAYE basis. respected or retired ex Owner, board member or Secretary. These suggestions I believe should surely be acceptable... They are sensible, and should be a minimum requirement for any professional Industry. Having discussed this with a friend in a completely different industry he was amazed that BAR Quality based membership criteria did not already exist and thought my suggestions didnt go far enough! If only I had subjected him to some of the exchanges I have witnessed lately on LinkedIn which leads me to believe that what I am suggesting will be looked upon by some Movers as ridiculous, unachievable and in some quarters impossible - Which saddens me. I stopped short of suggesting a minimum Turnover figure knowing this would anger some smaller movers who will believe my suggestions are aimed at isolating them and favouring multibranch operators or the large movers but this could not be further from the truth. However, to provide a professional service to the general public, create an Association the Membership can be proud of and more importantly have an Association that can be proud of each and every member without question, recommending any member to the general public and able to market itself without fear of repercussion must be the way forward. These suggestions are certainly achievable, maybe not immediately by some companies but that gives them something to strive for and once achieved would give them a feeling of attainment and satisfaction. To become a BAR Member has to be difficult, it has to signify something, to both the public and to the Member themselves! I said in my previous article, I found it difficult to understand how BAR can represent such a diverse selection of companies offering such differing levels of service and my opinion has not changed. If Quality Membership Criteria is not introduced I can honestly see the day when there will be a huge split in the Industry that sees those likeminded Companies asking themselves, why are we members? What do we get from being a member and resigning from BAR which would make it difficult for BAR to survive? Those that do not agree with this strategy can always join the Guild where no doubt they would be welcomed! Oh and by the way in my humble opinion I do not believe a BAR member should be allowed to be a member of a rival Association! And just for the hard of hearing this is not BIG v small but Quality and professionally driven v A Man and a Van mentality.
April 2012 Removals & Storage 51

Finance 1. To demonstrate financial resources AUDITED / CERTIFIED Accounts should have to be submitted annually. 2. All member companies should be required, regardless of size to hold a Standard National Operators licence. In my opinion those companies without a licence cannot surely be regarded as a professional mover!! The only exception to this would be an International Moving Company that does not operate in the Domestic Moving Market. Good repute and Insurance Both are fine but they must be tested, documentary evidence must be provided and has to be confirmed as being accurate. Premises I have seen some Premises that can only be described as not fit for purpose - so this section has to go further to reflect a professional Industry. Of course the office cannot be part of a residential property, but this should be extended to include farm premises or part of any other business. It can however, be a separate office within an office building. The customer must always believe they are visiting a professionally managed Business which is a member of a professional Association. The office must be manned 9am to 5pm by a person competent to answer the publics phone calls and offer advice on removals. The premises must display signage displaying the Members name and our Association Badge. Surely the standard should read:- Any BAR Member that does not lease, rent or own premises that meets the required standard as set out in BSEN4873 or FIDI FAIM must store their customers effects with another BAR Member who has achieved these accreditations. This is the only way BAR can hope to get a consistent quality standard throughout the Association. Finally, a physical inspection should be carried out before membership is accepted and every two years following membership being achieved. Staff Additions to this section should include: . At any one time 75% of a Companys staff will be CRB checked. . All staff must wear full uniform including appertaining to the Employers Company.

Vehicles Again the criteria for this section should go further and include . To be a member of BAR you must have an Operators licence. . There should be some detail regarding type and specification of vehicles that are acceptable. . The location where the vehicles are parked must be safe and secure. . All vehicles must be taxed and insured (signed declaration form from Broker with list of vehicles). Packaging, Materials and equipment . Can be plain, BAR branded or branded as per your Company style. . Must be to at least a BAR approved strength and standard. . All cardboard and paper products must be made from recycled materials. Administration . All members must use approved BAR conditions of contract. . All complaints records and customer satisfaction questionnaires must be consistent throughout BAR so the information gained is relevant and can be used as an accurate measurement tool. . You must have a maintained environmental policy and within two years gain ISO14001 Accreditation. Finally and most importantly once the criteria has been agreed each BAR Member has to be audited initially to ensure they meet the required standard, and then every two years at least to ensure standards are maintained. In my opinion audits should be carried out by an external Body fully briefed on the exact criteria and authorised to recommend whether a Company passes or fails. If a section is failed but can be easily corrected, a period of time allowed to rectify any shortcomings. This should not be executed by a

Industry News People News

Australian move for bike-mad Burke

oshua Burke is joining John Ryan International in Melbourne. After completing his A levels, the eighteen year old son of Gary Burke, Managing Director of Burke Bros Moving Group International decided to take time off from education to pursue other interests. He spent some time in London working for a foreign currency exchange company as well as being involved in the family business. He is also a keen road race cyclist and currently the local junior time trial champion for the third year in a row. Also a keen cyclist, Tony Ryan Managing Director of John Ryans in Melbourne was looking to strengthen the relationship between his company and Burke Bros. Both companies are members of FIDI. Joshua fitted well into this plan and has now moved to Melbourne to work with John Ryans. Joshua is transferring his British Cycling Licence and will join either the Carnegie cycling club or St Kildas cycling club in Melbourne where he will be able to train from 5 am each day prior to work. The new placement gives Joshua time to pursue his business interests at an international company along with cycle training in a warmer climate. Joshua will have the choice of staying on for a further period or can return to the UK with fresh ideas on his further education which includes the possibility of attending officer training in the Army at Sandhurst, says father Gary Burke. Due to his age the Army have asked him to get another year out of the way and would like him to get some life experience which is what he is doing, although he may like Australia so much that plans change.

Joshua Burke will do cycling training from 5am each day before work.

New starters at Clockwork Bishops Move boosts international team lockwork Removals Chris Lansbury joined
and Storage have announced two new recruits to their senior team. Neville Towell joined the company at the end of 2011 as Sales Director, and brings with him extensive experience in the relocation and moving industry, with a career spanning 10 years. He is based at Clockworks head office in London and is responsible for the national sales team operating from the Highlands of Scotland to Kent delivering across all sectors, from domestic to overseas. Clockwork in February as the companys National Commercial Business Developer, a newly created role, to help facilitate the growth of the companys commercial arm. Chris has built a strong track record in sales with over 30 years experience in the industry and in particular the commercial sector. Chris will work across the entire company network, to really focus and develop this strong area of business further for Clockwork.

ishops Move has bolstered its international team with three new appointments. A familiar face to Bishops Move, Geoff Cummins, who was previously Branch Manager of the Tunbridge Wells office, has rejoined the company as European Manager. Now based in Wokingham, Geoff is responsible for the implementation of the companys export sales plan, developing new opportunities and looking after existing overseas clients. Bishops Move has also appointed Tom Ambrose, a school leaver, to the companys Chessington office as Import/

Export Co-ordinator. Toms appointment demonstrates Bishops Moves commitment to internal training and promotion. The company is known for taking on new members of staff with little or no experience as trainees, interns or on work placements. This enables them to gain the experience they need in the industry at Bishops Move. Finally, Ingrida Dage joins the company in the role of International Move Specialist. Based at Bishops Moves Chessington offices, Ingrida previously held a similar position at relocation services company Interdean in Aberdeen.

Memories of Bob Hollis

by Kay Hollis

aving had the pleasure of being married to Bob for over 35 Years, I thought it would be a nice idea to give you an insight into the life of my lovely husband. Everybody who knew Bob will have happy memories of something comical he had done or said in the past. Bobs motto in life was it seemed like a good idea at the time and he often used this phrase to get him out of many sticky situations which he always seemed to come out of smelling of roses! His charm and wit seemed to open doors for him and no matter where Bob went, he always got chatting to somebody who turned out to be yet another potential client. Even on a plane coming back from our holiday, Bob got chatting to a couple who sat by us and lo and behold, we had another client to add to our increasing list. Bob was also a big fan of recycling, and could never bring himself to waste or throw away anything useful. If something could be used or saved, he would

bring it home, and at the last count we had 11 sets of step ladders and over 20 stacking chairs in our garage. He always said they would come in handy one day. Well, Im still waiting for that day! Bob was always a grafter and believed in working hard for a living and after working for several service providing companies, he formed Diamond in 1990 together with his business partner, Keith Flippence. As the company grew, Bob and Keith both encouraged other members of their families to join them to help maintain the friendly, caring culture of the company. I myself am also a company Director and I joined Diamond with Bob when the company was founded back in 1990. Our son Neil, is a project manager and has been with Diamond for over 12 years. However, our world was turned upside down on February 10th 2012 when Bob sadly passed away aged 62 after a short illness. We were due to become grandparents for the first time during the next

few weeks, with both our son Neil and our daughter Alex expecting arrivals of their first children. Bob did manage to see the scans and our children know how very proud he was of them both. I have received many lovely tributes from friends, family and clients and all of them share happy memories of Bob which have been of great comfort. Bob will be missed by us all so very much but will always be remembered with a smile. He was a true Diamond who has now been very sadly relocated.

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Channel Islands Ireland

EASYMOVES and UK & UK and Ireland

Weekly Service between Ireland Part Load Specilaists with Competitive rates and fastest times available Tel:00353 9066 23457 or Freephone UK on 0800 3284984 or Ireland on 1850 35 75 75

Memb No:E309


Isle of Man

Space to Hire



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Scotland and Islands


Removals & Storage
Units 5&6, Lower Blackhill Ind. Estate, Lerwick, ZE1 ODG

Regular nationwide service

Tel: 01595 696268 Fax: 01595 693515

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Trade Services
France Space to Hire

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Germany and Austria



Weekly Groupage Service

Full origin and destination services available. German speaking staff Contact Darrel or Justin Tel: 0208 144 0734 Fax: 0844 770 7111 Email:

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Weekly Scheduled Service, Containerised Storage Depots Holder of Spanish Transport Licence for our Tranship vehicles Unrivaled Infrastructure in Mallorca, Menorca & Ibiza Excellent Rates, Payment in Euros or GBP accepted UK Office: 01843 585055, Mallorca Office: 0034 971 693566, Trade website:



GREECEd by Roa
7 day transit time Twice-monthly departures British Crews & Professional Service Highly recommended in Greece
00 44 1733 311 561 |

Weekly Service for the Trade. Call now for best rates Depots in Preston, Chester, Alicante, Malaga Email: Web:

France - Spain - Portugal - Italy PRESTON 01772 651570


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Cyprus and Malta


TEL: 01202 576514 FAX: 01202 574011

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or email:

0117 957 5400

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Regular runs to all areas Full or part loads Receiving depot 10mins from M25 J5 ...or we collect All deliveries and collections carried out by our own crews Phone Paul for advice and genuine delivery/collection times




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Regular Trade Services to UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi
Full & part loads

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TRADE Part or Full Loads Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai Deliveries throughout P.R.C Call: 0845 0580632

Memb No: GO13

01432 377477
fax: 01432 279894 email:
Space to Hire South Africa

Contact Justine or Stuart on

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G&R Advert 60x60mm:Layout 1 Piano Specialists 20/10/08 16 Trade Storage




A family run business, Est. in 1968.


Recommended by the worlds finest piano manufacturers, auctioneers, music colleges & academies.


Mem. No G005

Call BARTS on 01923 699484 or email

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100 BOLLO LANE, CHISWICK, LONDON W4 5LX Tel: +44 (0) 20 8994 9733 Fax: +44 (0) 20 8995 0855

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Course Dates 2012

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For Sale Removals, Storage & Shipping Business for Sale (West London based) Fantastic opportunity to acquire a well established business. Specializes in Domestic, Overseas & car shipping world wide Excellent staff, 6 vehicles, good storage revenue, turnover in excess of 850k/pa Sale due to moving abroad. Contact: 079 0934 8328 250 cubic foot wooden containers for sale Very good condition 70.00 each Tel: 07799616934 To Let


Registration plate R3MVL (removal) Offers over 1,500+vat Contact: John on 01637 873753 Email:

13,841 sq ft Warehouse, plus 1,900 sq ft Office space. Only 3 miles east of Cambridge. Easy access to A11/M11 and A14. Two-storey office space to the front of the premises with open plan warehouse space. Secure parking / loading area to front of unit.

Are You Looking To Sell?

We are looking to buy good quality household moving and storage companies in London and the home counties. Please call 07933 123 123 in full confidence for a quick decision.
Situations Vacant

For further information contact: Stephen Ling Email: Tel: 01223 884702

Situations Vacant

Full Time Operations and Business Web: Manager, Kent 30 - 35,000 per annum plus bonus scheme Simpsons Removals have a vacancy for an Internal International / European Sales Consultant
To work in a growing team, based at our Head Office in Swanscombe, Kent. Involves telephone sales, to direct lead clients, no cold calling. Previous experience in International / European relocations is essential. Candidates with International / European operational experience within the industry, looking to expand their skill set will also be considered. Good rate of pay + commission Please send C.V. to Tel: +44 (0) 1322 386969 Fax: +44 (0) 1322 383467 Email: Web:
Exceptional day-to-day operational management skills with knowledge of sales and marketing to take this well respected removals business to the next level. Accountable for a small team you will be mainly Kent based but some national and European travel may be required. Skills required Tel: +44 (0) 1322 386969 Entrepreneurial vision and flair. Fax: +44 (0) 1322 383467 Email: Excellent communication and people skills. Be comfortableWeb: corporate dealing with customers and staff, large bodies and businesses. Cash flow and project management experience. Flexibility in dealing with ambiguity and adapting to emergent opportunities. Experience in handling B2B and B2C sales and knowledge of service based logistics or haulage would be an advantage. Possession of a HGV licence would be beneficial. Your duties will include: Managing day-to-day business activities and efficiencies. Taking responsibility for company finances. Marketing and sales, developing new business.

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